Independent from Long Beach, California on March 15, 1966 · Page 15
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 15

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1966
Page 15
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My best friends eof Itrl KMft, CXK., Tim., Mtr. II, 1N4 INDEPENDENT--Page B-7 by Ellen Krec Popeye contributed more to my disinterest in spinach than our bovine Barbie doll, Elsie, the cow, did in milk. I lriv£ 'milk hut the very idea of a sexy covv i . . really! Popeye eating CANNED SPINACH! Have you ever tried canned spinach? Oysters were immediately delightful, escargots required maturity and a martini. But canned spinach--ughl ' My taste for spinach was reactivated when my husband took me to a very posh, and supposedly gourmet, restau- EHeii Krec will speak on "Food and Entertaining" at J p.m. Wednesday meeting of St. Barnabas Parish Council at (lie church. She wilt discuss menu planning and basic rules /or organizing n dinner patty for a variety of occasions. rant for dinner. Highly louted was a spinach salad a n d , being in a proper and mellow mood, we decided to try it- After all, any salad listed at $1.50 per serving can'l be all bad. · I revived my husband's waning spirits after he bad paid the tab by telling him I could duplicate the salad, so that must be worth something. EACH TIME T serv-j it we deduct $3 plus tips from the total check for that evening. 1 expect, lo have it fully paid for by May of 1967. Wash thoroughly 1 bunch of spinach for each 4 persons or 2 hunches if you like salad. Remove stems arid cut leaves into bile size. This can be done in advance. Be sure to dry well, -lust before serving, fry 6 slices of bacon for each hunch of spinach. Remove crisp hacon from the pan, drain on paper towels and crumble. To the hacon fat in the pan add vinegar, 2 parts of fat to 1 part of vinegar. Add salt and pepper and heat together. H is better if you do not have the spinach too cold. I suggest you remove it from the refrigerator about 20 minutes before serving. Toss the heated mix- · lure with the spinach and serve each portion with the crumbled bacon. ANOTHER SPINACH SALAD: Wash 1 pound fresh spinach and chop coarsely. Mix this wilh 1 small minced onion and conk covered without moisture for I d minutes, tossing occasionally. Drain and arid 1 tablespoon olive oil and cook 3 minutes longer. Mix wilh 1 clove'garlic and 1 cup yogurt. Put into dish you plan to serve from nnrf sprinkle with 4 lable- spons chopped, toasted walnuts. Serve cold to 4 persons. If you still hate spinach, try raw cauli- Jlower salad: Chop 1 head cauliflower with '/i pound blue cheese, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, ! /z teaspoon salt, V? teaspoon sugar. -Moisten with mayonnaise. Mix, blend and chill. So you hate cauliflower AND spinach? Try sliced tomatoes! Panhellemc notes lecture, program Author, theologian, illustrator and teacher Mrs. Suna Richards will be guest speaker at a Wednesday luncheon meeting of Long Reach City Panhellenic. An 11:30 a.m. social hour will launch the eve.nt at the Silver Saddle. 7119 E. Florence St.. Downey. "My Search for the Disciples" will be topic of Mrs. Richards' talk which she will illustrate wilh her photo-oil! paintings. : Additional infonnalion niayj he obtained from Mrs, Ernest Malizia or Mrs. E d g a r Hamer. JIMI'S REDUCING SALON; 25 Visits -- $35.00 · NO CONTHACTJ Sltndercft*, Statrfftr, Fiquroma "Mat o«J Sl«nrf«rf««" ' THE ZEIGLER '' FACIAL EXERCISER "fir ink Kit nl flllll" AtNTUS, S»US, SALON VISITS Fret Dm«i»lii1lin--FIM lullil 59 AlinllM »vin««--HC S-SS1I Oswald Jacoby Iron duke has lost once more Kappas cut kapers Ready to welcome guests to the Kappa Kampus Kapers at UCLA Tuesday, March 22, are Linda Olson (seated), Sue Arnold (left) and Cheryl Crowley, all of the Long Beach area. The Kappa Kappa Gamma Mother's Club Annual Tea and Fashion Show will he held in the chapter house, 744 Hilgard. The show will feature, campus clothes for all occasions coordinated by Amanda Levant. Proceeds from the tea will he used for the Mother's Cluh Scholarship Fund and for improvements on the chapter house. When some bridge players capture an adverse king with the ace they feel a glow of pride and will comment on it. The two favorite WILLBANKS- DRAPERIES . . . fa«He«.i I* taPfnlwJ decorator work areas . . . S E L E C T I O N MATERIALS to Uo [0-iiienilnul* eaulwnmt . . . s . . . snaclwa . THE WIDEST OF OUALITY Kill vrtitre . PLUS SENSIBLE TRICES AMD THOROUGHLY RELIABLE SERVICE . »ll Kfrt I:D to customer sntllfKtro^. Call ftr Httnt ApMtnrnum WILUANK5 DUPERIES -- CMPIT1NE GE 4-0901 M*i c«jnry CaH JA 7.«111 . FKGEMAN SIGNAL HILL remarks are "Acer, were made to lake kings" and "No better place for it." We have no quarrel with either remark although they are both rather shopworn by now, but we have a substantial quarrel with a man who is so anxious to talk that he doesn't see the wisdom of saving his ace until it will really be worthwhile. West opened the king of diamonds and the suit was continued until South ruffed the third lead. Then South pbyed out his king nf spades. West had learned a different remark to go wilh the play of the ace on the king and was so anxious lo use it that he slapped on his ace with the comment, "Nor through the Iron Duke!" WEST got off his remark and South got off the hook. Once West played that ace of .spades South was able to lake the rest of the tricks since he could r u f f a fourth diamond West have lei the king of spades hold. South would continue with another spade and Beta Sigma Phi council to meet Southern California Council of Beta Sigma Phi will have a Champagne and Citrus Breakfast Sunday in the Empire Room of the Nation- ' 'Advermernenn Shoulders and Legs Ache? LONG BEACH -- Fnnr rircuUtion, joint ,%aini. varicose vein*, hardener! irleries, phlehlti.1, m u ' t l r sp-isms Drxtnr nnrirulizes the systems nt the bodr by his natural application (it treatment, assists pains to Ic jnint.s. muscles relax, cirruljliwi removes congestion, nerves q u dovin, bellct slrcp. Desire IP wort again. For appointment, rail GF R.MO». Dr. Duncan. D.C, O f f i c e i;rn P.. Biojilwat. NORTH IS 4 Q 1 0 8 V K Q . 4 7 6 4 + K Q 10 7 2 WEST EAST 4 A 6 5 3 *2 «? 862 V 10 8 7 5 4 3 4 K Q J 3 4 A 10 9 2 + 4 3 + 8 S SOUTH (D) * K J 8 7 4 4 8 5 + A J 9 S East-West vulnerable We it North East South 1* Pass 2 + Pass 3 + Pass 4 4 Pass Pass Pass Opening 1«5-- * K. To benefit foundation The public is invited to a pancake breakfast to benefit Long Beach Retarded Children's Foundation Sundayl from 7 a.m. lo 2 p.m. at the foundation quarters, 45IB F. Stearns SI. Child care wi be available. Tickets at SO c.enls tach may he obtained from the chairman, Mrs. Richard Rad loff, 3719 Fairiman St., or at the foundation office. West should hold up a second time. At this point South would n o t be able to afford another trump play but would have lo go a f l e r clubs and give Wesl a chance to make his small trump. The combination of a 4-1 t r u m p would have been too much for poor South. This is the year of the tiger... are you ready to r-r-r-r-roar? Enough already! Animals roar for us-compulers think for us--super Bonds romance for us. Tired of watching all the fun? Ar« you ready to get your share ... to cut.loose and put a littla fun in your life? Dancing will do it and you can learn so quickly and inexpensively with the world famous Arthur Murray way! It's fun even while you're learning! Ballroom, Islin discotheque ... you can master them all in no timei and become a social success almost overnight. Don't put it off any longer . . . be a tigar starting right now! a diamond bracelet that g - r - o - w - s Link hy link, on every gift occasion, nur diamond bracelet grows inorc precious year a f t e r ycnr. IS K w h i t e gold link and chased ornamcnls with f u l l t u t diamond, gold f i l l e d bracelet 110.00 Each added diamond and ornament 00.04) Completed bracelet 8GO.OO Fine Jewrlry Downtown J-ong Beach, Santa Ana, Pomona USH BUFFUM.V CREDIT TRRMS ; UP TO 24 MONTHS TO PAY al Orangs Show ResUuranl in San Bernardino. More than 1,0(10 members and guesls will attend. Mrs. Edwin Larson of Tustin will preside at the 10 a.m. meeting. The Rialto City Council will be the hostess group. Executive board officers will be elected anrl judges will he appointed for the annual civi defense, achievement and scraphook contests. "Arthur Murray teaches dancing in a hurry" so I'HOXE FOU SPKCIAb INTRODUCTORY COURSK NOW! FRANCHISES STUDIO JH array dramatic headliues by-liued leslie James A brilliant spring collection reveals the designing genius of Leslie James. With daring, originality and a sure sense of l i n e and color, thoosc the hat t h a t says with subtlety . . . "this is mine." 2.OO to 73.01) Mr. Leslie James will be in B u f f u r m ' ry.untnwn I-onjc Bench Thursday. Mjrch 17 to assist you in your selection of yout new hats for spring. Millinery Salon Downtown Long Beach, Santa Ana, Pomona, Pjlos Verdcs, Lake-wood ; 1 *· V*" '·,*· ll.r link -- Wk-.:r :' :·. 217 EAST 5»h STREST Of-n 10 o.m. 'lit II r.m, J. fort Mon*\*i ·! rtf Tlir '«!' II" ' "' H« 2-W4 S/nA^i ir. A\ Co»A'(raneJ. LONG BEACH Pine t Broacinsj HE 6-3841 Mon, and Fri, 9:30 lill 3;00 Other Days 9:30 till 5:30 SANTA ANA Main alTenlh Kl 2-6262 Mon. and Fri. 9:30 lill 9:00 Other Oays 3:30 till 5:30 POMONA Top of the Mall 623-4321 Man. j«iFrMO:Mtill9:CO O'.h'c Days 10:00 lill 6.00 PALOS VEROES Crensha* al Silver Sour Rd. Penic.sijIjCeiiler 377-6737 Mon. and Fii. 10.00 till 900 OllwO*ys 10:00 till 6.00 MARINA Picific Coast Hwy. at 2nd long Beach 437-0781 Mon. am) Fri. 10:00 till 9:00 Othct Days 10.00 till 5:33 LAKEWOOD Del A ma it CrtftiooA 'LtV-wood Ceol«r HE 4-50*0 Moo.. Thurs . Fti. 10:00 till 9:30 Oth«' Ojyl l O O O h l l 600

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