Independent from Long Beach, California on March 22, 1976 · Page 28
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 28

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 22, 1976
Page 28
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New Cape Turnout I'rinliMl I'altrrii 4799 ,{$?) 8-20 Anycla. Rosary was said 7.: 311 p.m., Sunday at Hunter M o r t u a r y Chanel, M a s s will be sain at 8:00 a.m., Monday morning, St. An- Ilinnasius Catholic Church. BUEHOIN, William P. Survived by wife Ella; son, R a y m o n d G.; .aaughlers, Jeanne Schoonover and Ixuisc Sccgan; sisters. Lucille Buermn and Mrs. William Cadman; 12 grandchildren; and 3 great grandchildren. R o s a r y Monday 7:00 p.m. at the Slicclar/Stricklin Chanel. Funeral Mass Tuesday, 10:00 a.m. at St. Lucy's Church. Interment: All Sftuls Mausoleum. CHAMBERS, Mary K. Mollell's Mortuary. 4362284. CLARK, Joseph Michael, passed away Saturday. Survived by parents, Mr. ft Mrs. Alex W; Clark: brother, Dr. James W. Clark; and mints. Veronica Courson and Cecelia Neary. Rosary and funeral Mass Monday 7:30 p.m. at SI. Barnabas Church. Interment: private. Shcclar/ rcctinR. CUESP1N, Elinor. Sheelar/Stricklin Mortuary 426-3365 DEKFLINGER, A r villa I. Sheclar/Slricklin Mortuary. 426-3365. OADDIS, Ivan. Shec Inr/SIricklin Mortuary 428-3365. · GIBBONS, Margaret Diiduy Family Funera Directors. 430-902-1, {1ILMOUE. Mary C grandchildren. Kuner- il Mass Tuesday, 10:00 )iic' Churcn. Luybcn ' a m i l y M o r t u a r y , Funeral Directors. R O K A V E C , L a r r y . Sheelar/Stricklin Mortuary. 426-3365. IIOSS, Sidney E. Funeral Services Tuesday, 12:00 noon. Dilday Family Lakewood Chapel, 3936 Woodruff Avenue. 421-8411. toll's Mortuary. 436-2284. SMITH, George. Shec- lar/Stricklin Mortuary. 426-3365. STARK, Walter L. Passed away March 9th at age 91. Survived by son, Walter M. Stark of Chicago, Illinois; grandsons, llarold !t. Stark, Jr. of Banning, Calif. Ronald W. Stark and Glenn M. Stark of Illinois; 4 great grandchildren. Two children, liar- old H. Stark, Sr. and M a r i a n Rose Carver proceeded him. No services were held. STEEN. Sorcn H. Memorial s e r v i c e s Wednesday, 4:30 p.m., Dilday Family Lakewood Chapel, 393fi Woodruff Avenue. 421-8411. Funeral Directors 10 Long Bosch Colonial Mortuary Service To All People 591-8708 . 17M California 3 GRAND PRIX RACE TICKETS - SECTION 4 GREAT SEATS VISta. 4JJM71 PIND II FAST IS ncome Tax 38 Service -Gel Grcal Convcr'ente- wilh TAX CORPORATION 0*= "imvj-Tie" (neon-* n « w r v k e . A Ji"*a."ii«" l is'd i £i u 4?uf i "i' INCOME TAX w my o/Ht*. Bin Llrw*' 03 1143 « 0*7»? ACCURATE Compvltrlied Strv'ce- Your Home Of M!rw. Day Or Hlghr- Dy TAX CORP OF AMER · CA Counselor, Rc.ii Rat«, 711 *JJ ',* /VcnfhJ/ book* Wing, linufc dou W t t r l r v . payroll. lflin I N N A T E do vovr feoeril fc itn'e. RraionA- b'e rakrt. n yi*. Ku*r. 671-S9U INCOME TAX AT HOME ShUffliJtiS*'" *'"*" "FEDERAL ALL S T A T E S Lkcni«J, bonded RMWwb'e fn your IKXJI* Of our oHlce-7 davt YOUR Horr.c. J frin to 10 PWl S"r« 19*9. Fctfera', CalH a'l SMtei. RcgHwrM. Bended MS 37il DOWNEY INCOVE TAX SERVICE CDtrnuterTwd Rfh,rm«30W (7i Ha Urn 7U 1W76A1 Business Services 39 WILL p*y p*rl ol oHk* eiwfiw-* in r*lurn 'or handling phon* mev uuci some cfiltr fflVif) It* RIR Seer eld rkl Ewvk«. J*»0 E. PCH, LD, 0*6769 Personals 50 ABORTION-BIRTH CONTROL Free Pic«Mncy Tearing TutJA' L'.aaMon-'VAKl ferry flTfC //% WhAl^Vtr Y Q U r 'ATtlMy [^.Wh-VJ r*«ds. Iheie iwvprHr aflenck-i e l*Cr« k) h*P 1CU- ·Apcare ·Birth Cor.lrol tnslliule -Calif Abortion Council Low CHI CcnfMrmlAi ·14 Hour Servk* ·Blih-ou*i Cownekxi · L o c A l Cerk-rai A i - f U r e i * a*jke or d*kriJ To krwrrtlUilo iishi.« - 'e i in en* eH CtWarrilji'* fhwM Jdtuly pl.wm.ity nBAwriF'Vn f7ww«.vnn Ho bkxx) ion atiiHts living iou«in- er. CerhrkdrC Fdpe given. Beta t,'ui li'AYtMt WtldlraChdp«l. 1« Linden, L.B. Cunh a"to#irf. LO-H rcrtl 4J7-13J1 fx UliOOi MISSING SOMETHING? TRY 1HE GREAT GETAWAY MOTEL C'ovd (Ircu-'l ciAof TF, mirrtxi. PREGNANCY TESTS 1350PINEAVE559-45H Cc'J'WIiro In* un*'.ilk'd pf(* .ltl. Trair«J ^^«J rx-c«tvfff. Lie. WE BUY, SELL Lofln WWJEY Lktnw) Pnvnn flrcker AMERICAN JEWELERS IS Pine Ave. 43/'3M ABORTION COUNSELING W A L E FE^^ALE STERILI7ATION THIEVE'5/MRKET Thp Boot Cjplifil o' rfie WorlJ Tryr, Acme. D'ngo, Da-» PoM. Etc. i?l Leng Orach Bl F R t E Parting 2 GRAND PRIX RACE T1CKE1S - S E C T I O N 4 G R E A l l C A T S -«i*a. 4VtJn DIVORCE V«J i crxr) to-,1, S9 rtTl WEDDINGS $20 ADRIAN'S WEDOING CHAPEL 4KE. Ill 51. LB ilSJJM, 4lt,')W EfAERGEHCY-H«d JC/' Mw- dcr L^w LiA-ver* tlO^OO e.uh c- yoor t'xlv Aricrnocwn ^nd S j t . 1 Sun A Young. 4? i"AaqnoJI-i ^Dl. J. Uw cear tkor, Icny ticach 9(ftj7 BE MARRIED LEGALLY NO BLOOD TTST GET MARRIED LEGALLY HO BLOOD "TEST IF AOULTS uviKiriociiHER fli-»n ADULT MOVIE RENTALS Prn^rky AVAiJ-tb^, We DcUvtry. CdN 1?IT] ir.j}ti for the felalli All 10 INSURANCE TO ANYONE Drurr Lkr R*wiX«J? Sfl « KxJAV L E A R N K «nct FrkntTy. Pafic-vt TfjcNW, 5 prtvite leiioni 113. A\*:«Iy. JW6 Pacify. W-llll Miny«d of ncvnWreJ. LOW COST MERCY CRUSADE INC. ·*!-) iU 1» REWARD 'or mlo kd^Jng lo «: tr^iUkin -n Dgdae Van *Nxl «N t\,s* nic 7v77»;)Ti4r3 »:s A L L S k i A K L E E PrpdycU SOW (,-» Kltvlk^PWi^df jJl^Jlil "CifHiSTIAN Sl-af- AsWii" SAI-* 7:»(m. Pirn JHIHI IClh a Plw DRINKING PROBLEM? CjH ENCYCLOPEDIA B R I T A N N I C * 111 O44SJ9 'ffl.Vtf^^u^^r MANKY-S OArbt-r ILjY ilj-lCvl RCBU Magic TOUCH oners all you have wanted aUne location. Try Our Exlended Servics W.^wpr, b)un«, V/n'rlpod RapS«%'5ns hO» YOUR R f - l A K A H O N 10'M-ICriJ E.WrJttln B:vd. 3 bVi E.islol MJ^ F/v^ «W«I39 w tW 9J?1 WE REALLY REV OUR ENGINES FOR YOU!!! COME UPSTAIRS CIRCLE MASSAGE 2501 E. PAC. CST. HWY, ' 439194 EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED W DISCOUNT WITH THJS AD ON OUR DUCriCMlKGLY EXOTIC MASSAGE. HW ymi'Wlf of 'Awry t n»Mi. RHa« * enhv ihc Ftxt Plate o ir« V/a'kJ ^l*n ine Gf«d · nl.WMJeil A!moirrf»cie I GORGEOUS GIRLS OPtn MKI loFrl IC-tm lo l?pn S*S^ E. Cjrson, Lcr-a Br.Kn NCA/ Bri.lfcs^tr Blvd. J» «3l T I'M DEBBIE Y3 u r honx- w ol'lce PftONE DAY OR NIGHT M.^VrChdrwr (I ClvtV* A«cniil i36-2«4 or 436-M52 MASSAGE The BCi1 S-iixu B.ilh T r y OIK Special 1494? (If-ichfel ItD t4«^'-«in Dfl'ly 10A^ JAM GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS 11QWASSAGE WIIH AO vJ^WWiMWtt SCIENTIFIC fAASSAGE Mineral a bujn*. Herb Bfllr,f. WHkkwl Am ps f . m SL «j7-4JSSd^i^Y Is Tie pm ORIENTAL SAUNA 1 1 1 1 7 S Ivcs Avr, Dt)^-«v «7 88/8 O R I E N T A L OIHCALL PASSAGE CjH Lh4, dOlSJIl Board Guest Homes 100 B E A U T I F U L Gw*si home (f iwo'iMn. Gx1 *ooJ, TV. DT. on*H BOARD. iocn fc l.^,ndry tor e^ji ofnl'cnu". H*d«-rwtJ*. B9Ji*C* Of i« o;oi C A R E I;- tKki'.y, aWfd or d.Vflb'fi) iTi/prTv TVXIW Real SM li» FOR L*Jv Xln't food TV. .Ikmx Eleclronics TV Repair Electro Mech'l Drafting Business Courses Secretarial Medical Records Licensed Vocalional Nurse Approved For Vets Grants Available Calif Trade Tech 1633 Long Beach BLL.B. PHONE 591-5671 MEN WOMCN BUSINESS COMPUTER i CAREERS i DtAlnni At1mtnlsli4lMj-* « SS'urEI.IBMn.rte,. C Wjsi^^i Le»^l Ltcreijr.ji C.Qfnmi'fr frftvfrnfnng , Keypooch K*y.w: ! DdM P/0«ii rg ACCfff. °' ASK ABOUT FEDERAL LOANS GRANTS D*y Evcrvtrg C 1 ai« i APPROVED FOR VETERANS VISA STUDENTS 1 itc Pldterneni S«'vkc AtciedlKd br A l.C.5. EII^DfelnMlluHo^vnCkr F«Jf/a'ly W-MXWJ Lludcnl Lrun Provani 43SWU Long teach College of Susine is 234 E. 3fJ SI, Long Beach Ber*p--n A L B Blvtf. HELPFUL HOWIE HINTS Save Money en Cleininj Prohds ho hf'vxmi kitt.iM.-ri ip-jo«K;s I.^U kmtcf Pul rtK-ni m iho v..«\h:-:T r-^.x^l··i' vulh yfrji b itn triA^K .ntj vf!ll.n«j .iv new Ihc'ri''!* n't w'lh .1 -o*.\a-,l i? ilovCLwsirk-d ..rt Call ary. 426-3365. HEATON, Wendell A. White's Funeral Home, Bclinowcr. 867-2711. JUKFUIES, Emma T-. Sen'ice Monday, 1:00 p . m . . at The Dilday Family Funeral Chapel. 1250 Pacific Avenue. SUNNYSIDE ] MIMORIAl CAKDINS I CEMETERY· MORTUARY CREMATION-CHAPELS FLOWER SHOP ' mc MESHY A V E K U E LQNfi REACH. CA73KI PHONE iJUt m-lWl LOS ANGELES (213)233-5123 RlEr,DLY i'rrvj^plK IfA'e far Sr. C«l Ro JONES, Howard A . , Sr. Survived by his wife, Myrtle; sons, Howard A. J r . , .nnl R o b e r t A . .Iniii's; 7 grandchildren: ami 4 g r e a t grandchild r e n . F u n e r a l M a s s Tuesday, 0:00 a.m. al Si. Mallliews Church. Mr. Jones was active in local business n f f a i r s in automobile and conlrnclion f i e l d s . A resident of Long Reach since 1930. Dilday Kamily Funeral Dircclors. 1250 Pacific Avenue. · JORDAN, Ernest of Downey, passed a w a y March 20, 1076. Survived by sons, Dr. E. Dwight J o r d a n of Bcllflowcr, and Wendell E. Jordan of Iowa; a n d 2 grandchildren. Funeral S c r v J c e Wednesday, 1:30 . . a t While's Funeral omc, nellflBcllflower. CLASSIFIED Advertising 432-5959 P.m. Home KKNNKDY, Marv W. Memorial service M o n day (today), 3:00 p.m. at The D i l d a y K a m i l y Funeral C h a p e l . 1250 Pacific Avenue. KKNT, Robert D. Life lime resident of Long ; Beach. Died Thursday. Survived hy sislcr, Mrs. F r a n c e s K Petcrscn a n d K e n t a n d Gloria 1'etersen of San Jose. P r i v a t e services w e r e h e l d bv Patterson i Snively M o r t u a r y . FAMILY Funeral Directors SINCE m LOW PEACH LAKEWOQD for 4:!i|iHoVil I "UK-1 mottell's 430-0812 436-H84 _WUMrd__ Long geach WESTMINSTER MEMRIALPARK M O R T U A R Y - C C W t r T E R Y J1J-893-242I LIYBEN Family Mortuary WHITE'S FUNERAL HOME LOWEST FEE Oo YCLI Own DIVORCE ilEP P A R t N t ADOPTION av Evtni^o* ijh rdrtv Ap Voc* Iton-e or (X'Oifke Bankruptcy Vrviry InLQ *re.i fll IK Sjtv Lixaikwi foe ovef 3 IT SONG WRITERS SEMINAR! M^rcK n %. ArWtri X } K p m. DcrMlkwi IS* scmxvr GJ^I 1JX-4V crj )r«n Musk Indj^tr, Tk^Cl info.C4ii OJ-C0; Jtto EJM nisi, G R E E K W O O O A E K C t Social Clubs FotoQalircgClub(T.M.) L A R G E N T \ MOST RE1.IAOL.F lltE (WJLY ONE Or I f S Khr C A L L jJt l i n O R [^lOSSfl IMA 3 _ I N T H O O U C I i O f . i ivourtl. W«»ow CALL CLARA LANE Florists LEA. Julia Q. Service Monday (today), 11:00 a . m . a t The D i l d a v F a m i l y Funeral Chapel. 1250 Pacific Avenue. LONG 8EACH FLORIST 435-3-101 Complete Floral Service 1K1 Pacilk Awruc 919 E. 3rd St. Cemeteries and Mausoleums Ort.n- Vfrv · ItJPr, I.EE, Janet M.. age : 61. Services Tuesday. l'0:00 a . m . , Sheelar/ Slricklin C h a p e l w i t h Dr. Frank Kcpncr, of t h e F i r s t B a p t i s t Church, officiating. Private interment. - 439-9007 - VCRCE PHOJE, . ncjr Hetlonito * . K ./ i · II rR SOCIAL CLUPI nuVe ii A aj'ri ro Oc» nil * Lvr'yn WC091 DOWNEY SOCIAL CLUB 1'irv IVcchixp. Do» *1N. Downey Pll (71)1 li?l:l/ 74 Mr V r v i c e Lost Found 75 Abortion Safe Low Cost Procedure Free Pregnancy Test Board Certified Gynecologists 4 Professional Staff. Immediate Care. No Referral Fee. Long Bsach. M 3c"*'/iN:-'' own DIVORCE HO".Jrt UN TAGGED DOGS S T R A Y ANIMALS IMPOUS 19 MAUCH l»'4 . OiV JtVNhl. -1 A'« . . ?)f ' C A \ V Ave Pif BU. V. B f . o Irh Si \ Olivt SN.-P V. EU * r,i nu', rt e n- vn, J*\S r W.iia* St. PcorJk-.M. Crj,. l O Y r * J-UI Mi Kjti Ai.f . . VK. f P NnAWM 1 Vr 1741 E. Ary'vlm Si . Shcn. Fe HH Co.- HOSPITAL TRAINING APPLICATIONS NOW BEING ACCEPTED FOR CLASSES STARTING JULY 1?TH LICENSED VOCATIONAL NURSE [ APPROVED FOE VETEH*KS-f IHAHOAL AIDAVAILAjLEj American Vocational Schools 595-4626 413-3390 4067 long Beoch Blvd. L.B. 198 South Alvarado L.A Schools Inslruction Schools Instruction 105 W.IIX9VI *T.. C^IJF OIVCRC F Q P £ 5 T l I'.!.', cV I.ONfi, William Erby, CO y e a r s of age. Sur vivcd by sisters, Mabel Travallc. father While, antl H e l e n Tortorici; brothers, John and Kenneth I-ong. Services will be.held at Hunter Mortuary Chapel, 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday. MANIEY, Leslie. Dilday Family Lakcwood Mortuary. 421-8-111. ·,'UST SAC G.»'V1 Crrt q' FjiTh r cfttl Lfl* f.» to' J'fll *'r i $W J LOTS i JSI LONG BEACH LOS ANGELES |( « wi Av.-nbcrt tentr Ekrtn«» Bvrtss LCt, .r«ri* Pivpfff LfJav* ABORTION Surgical Procedures Dally » AM S PM A' ON - E A T FREE PREGNANCY TEST lYfv: L«i 3 1 1 Vr vc tnttf P.lhs Vcr.V *rur 4 torn REWARD JVt pC'O lV _ . _ - . ml «r»*'fJ u "*r R E W A R D 3HJ.iM S kV a'l S.V A SUIT Health Care Coor^lor^ MODELING »xsj rw.c lh»- tv'c-'iJi y i,v* i-keo^* 1 Vx:e-,rvo Anjl^ T psoiJ.'jVf^ Y T»'K=o FliKfl rtX3V*'»pN; Trvl I'lh.-rre K,-x:ir T K.KJjr r Klrf-9 9 *^ ef V c ' LOST «?£0 MALE D O B E R M A S I S F E C T C D f v t E D S M E O - C A L A T T E N T I O N UCWARD" ' C A L L C3 M'O LOS I ill Unemployed? Looking for a career? Have a job with no future? Chock Out Tro'npwtaiion Irxknl/y For Men Women in AIRLINES TRAVEL THE CAPE'S the newest cover for town and trips now t h r u summer! Team it with ovcrblouse a n d p a n t s t o m a k e everybody (urn around to admire you. Choose knits. Printed Pattern 4799: ^5isses 1 Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 1R, 20. Yardages n pattern. $1.00 for each pattern Add 35 cents for each l a t t e r n f o r first-class a i r m a i l a n d handling. Send to Anne Adams, Pattern Dept., 74, Inde- p e n d e n t P r e s s - T e l e gram, 243 West 17 St., New .York, N.Y. lOflll. P r i n t N A M E , A D DRESS, ZIP, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. THE MONEY SAVING IDEA IN CLASSIFIED ADS Classes forming now [«N wmt VOU UAKN IEMIM G B A S T S - IOANS DAY iEVtMNG CU'.KS *Pf»OVE[FO«VfIEBANS JO6 PUCCwtNT ASSISTANCE Accred'.tixt member of National Association Trade Technical Schools 426-8841 TRANSPORTATION TRAINING SCHOOL [tSTMtlSMEO ISlt 4202 Atlantic Avenue, long Beach L a y e r t h i s sashed- w r a p (op over shirts or wear alone over pants or skirt. NEW for Spring! Crochet lop pf sports y a r n in 3 colors in an interesting jattcrn stitch. Note cola r , scalloped e d g e s . P a t t e r n 825: Misses' Sizes 8-16 incl. Jl.Ofl for each pattern. Add 35 cents each pattern f o r first-class a i r mail and handling. Send to I.aura Wheeler. Inde- p e n d e n t , P r e s s Telegram, 6 7 , N e e d l e c r a f t Dept.. Box 161. Old C h e l s e a Station. N e w York, N.Y. 10011. Print Pattern Number, Name, Address, Zip. THRIFTIES ARE ADS PLACED BY PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS. ALL ITEMS SHOULD BE PRICED. TOTAL PRICE OF ALL ITEMS IN EACH AD $50 OR LESS. NO LIMIT ON NUMBER OF ADS. INDEPENDENT PRESS-TELEGRAM OLASSiFIED ADVERTISING

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