Independent from Long Beach, California on February 25, 1964 · Page 20
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 20

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1964
Page 20
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Iitntht! 'Flacks' Kuilt, Up Cassius The numerous flacks thumping tubs to create enthusiasm for tonight's Listoa-Clay match have dispatched thousands of missives to sports departments throughout the country. No matter how the flack messages begin, they all wind up with one theme: ··Liston is champion, but witch out for Clay. NEVER DISCOUNT THE UNDERDOGr The intention is obvious: Make sure the reading public thinks mouthy Cassius has a CHANCE against Sonny, else the closed-circuit TV will b« a colossal flop. Well, the bout (which can be viewed at the Auditorium and West Coast . Theatre here) will not be a ' television flop, thanks not ' to the flacks but to Mr. Clay, who has done everything but join a nudist colony to whet public appetites. I don't see how Cassius has a chance against Liston. for the dour Sonny seems to get better vrith age and is genuinely "ticked-off* at Clay's slanderous remarks. I've an idea this match win last much longer than the one-round affairs to 4 World Champs in L.B. Relays By JOHN DIXON It will b« business 11 usual Saturday at the Long Beach Relays, track and field's version of the day- eight doublebeader. Already there are 54 team entries, more than 1,500 individual entries and 103 events n Jack Rose's 23rd annual marathon at Veterans Stadium. The hammer throw starts the dollar day program at 9-.30 aru and Rose figures the competitors will be. tired enough for a two-mile waft at 4:30. Last year the custodian of the record book had the da/t b i g g e s t headache. Fifty-nine were broken. Chances are good that Saturday's endurance examination win be a duplicate, for outstanding teams from F r e s n o to Arizor-a \riH participate. Four world revord holders grace the roster--Henry Can of Arizona State, 203 220 turn: AdoJph Plummer cf the Striders. 445 440; Dallas Long of the Pasadena AA, 65-lOJi shotput. and Arizona State's mile relay team. 3*45. · · * · FLUMMEK and Carr are Aiigels Saddle Up for Spring Drills By ROSS NEWMAN L r-r SIM writer PALM SPRINGS--The An-j The ride this season will be gels' Sch-win-n or else pro-'even a greater leg condition- gram went into effect, for the low-slung Sting morning. Gene Autry Ray follows ia the tradition was back in of its motorized namesake. JIM BRADDOCK Tacsimile of Clay? the saddle as he led his posse Built close to the ground, the away from the Riviera Hotel wheels are small forcing the hitching post for Angels Sti-[legs to work twice as hard dium. There was no threat of la the past, the Angels used Indians even though the route conventional models. was along Indian Avenue. j The full squad joined in Grooms said there were."Operation Big Wheel," as the tears in Champion's eyes as'addition cf outfielders and in- he watched his master choose[fielders swelled the camp a new Schwinn Sting Ray for roster to 49. the ride, which, in the past Manager Bill Rigney was would have been Champion's on hand to greet the new ar-j expected to compete in two or three relays rather than individual events. The high jump typifies the (ruality field. Amon; the competitors will be Olympian Joe Faust (7-1 ij), who holds the national junior college record; one cf Americans newest 7-footers. Otis Burrell cf Valley JC (7-0). high school record bolder Bob Channel! (S-9^2) and state h i g h school champ Ed Caruthers the Club combine 'xviH be made up of four fellows with Tokyo aspirations. CIKDH SmlAX v . . Tin ilr-oer mile r*av team ran 1:11.1 M H» heat f Vafunuva wanenal AAU meet an* flnliBef i«con« m *» «na» M « We, a cvmmandasle c!*c*cl*f csnuoervB »af *n« ana* urai M «ntf fc» Wetolar* 47.1 k« IB fra saox* M M maw autorv. . fecten WIN M BB. **ie V ' B ier. BYteci ai »t JO adun. am crro tfudenti wim carat. an4 23 renfi for rx unttr-n trow. . , . e«y cMO Jlna In* M*'ew» BIS vant 4toa ftirewer. §01 Neville, will be ewer 300 feet, artf toon. Tioer M!+- *it«r Jea. Peck b fcandieajaceja b* an Bid hiafi school toot miunr and ray not camcere ttfr teason. Wtm president JMaxvea tlil« Bftv- ITB tarter, *f fcMlfterm California Tracfc Wrllpn Assn. t*i*ctrd B» linrf VikesOutlp' Siiap 2-Game Losing Ske^u Hoping to snap a two-game losing streak. Long Beach City College's basketball team travels to Valley tonight for an 8 o'clock game. . . The Vikings, who are 17-10 for the year, haven't- tost Lent B eed El C*nun« tvna Ttnli iSni teica a* veMt!?" Most exciting event may be the mile relay, however. The Striders have yet to beat A r i z o n a State's c h a m p s , who have two ··sure 1 * 1954 Olympians in Carr and Ulis Williams, but afti:e-e si^ti* Metalev BT the imoert «r«t eamea Ka. I runner eff B.» ui felon hurdiev Sternnt Jenkins of ITSC won «ie cot Nroe rvnner awmnf lor B!S f B.B. twa- fniie. JMeMler BUB had a 2*1 ton! *oor 40 VTartt of 9 fjUturoav IBJ He* had cftanc* to rvi on mat ton? teaci track, I liltesr^* 1ne betf rS'^SiVr.j^pjr Mis noM £ DORTE CHRISTIANSEN Que«n of LB. Relays v-hich Listen has been accustomed lately, for two reasons: I. Fans will get tired one of these days of shelling out $$, $S and $10 for two minutes cf ring warfare (thus Listen may be "advised" to let the thing linger on for a few round]). assisnment. THE BICYCLE ritual is novBelinsky and Deaa Chance, a one-day affair, held merely! to satisfy the many camera-) Baseball TV al ^ 73 - 5 M | WASHLNGTON C5V-Major LBCC Spikers in Season Opener Another good track season is expected to start today for Long Beadi City College when the Vikings open their duil meet season on campus against Orange Coast College. Field events start at 230, first race at 3. Two highly-rated freshmen, shotputter Roy Thurman from Western High and pole vaulter Jeff Hendrix, have beea fiver ----- nm dowa ffc , wvrt too *n*nv mln.ninv wjir*. . . P«T Olr.. IM Cjrv CuMr «M.t *ft U« But m Hit AAJ m«T. Tr*ct nut Hit k f B shot M feet nte uasan. Matua, en B MEcmVsrs 1 T»e*mo- " ST l » *·«'"-! ! Dego _J» »Jarta Vanica __I » » , i 1/a'leY '--* I OiaO _ ilatenr.e:« 4 1 mino . - * llast LJL . I.S J more than two games in-a row this season. Any hopes for a first «r even second-place finish were ended last week with back- to-back losses to Cerritos and East L-A, The Vies, however, can't finish lower than third ia the Metropolitan Conference race. San Diego holds a one- game lead over Cerritos as league play enters in its final week of play. LBCC won an easy.965 decision from the Monarch! »'i"SmSl?iS 53 earlier, but the Monarchs. wny-j5;in, D r t i iJ '^5 u «5l*.noiM; though in a three-way tie at i«W«..-! ,,!» .. 4 g for j ast plac ^ fcave in. proved considerably. ' . eracK tt U.S. _ - _ _. ^. kad torr-.t men wim nx knowiecoe rt our cotLeoe tr»dc ceacBe*." ' Fourth Child for Trainer Buhler Mrs. Bill (Barbara) Buhler, L.B. State Tangles JT Wilh Loyola Today Long Beach State's base- miss today's meet. men on hand for the photo'' 1$$%? i, 1 **?*mSirioS.? «Ke' : ii rrtl«d_lVli i it _ ._Th*r-f wer» ngm · 2. Cassius has enough brains to refrain from letting 'day. The six-mile round tnVJSfJtc^ M'i ton ret too close to him in th*. rarlv rainc f\1 th^ t«.-n I«-ITI ·· ^^p, ^.f t** An**?*'. 1 * 1 * hmmfl u ie««ns liiton get too close (o him in the early going. (If the two start mixing toe-totoe immediately, you can bet your wife's grocery money and the mortgage that Clay will be commuting with the angels within minutes ) I've seen both men and I can guarantee that Listen has another thing heavily in hii favor: His appearance. (One close-up glance at Sonny and even a jungle gorilla would wince.) I share the opinion of others that Floyd Patterson lost both his fights against Liston in the first round before the bell clanged. One look across the ring at his opponent and Floyd must have shivered like a surfer in Siberia. be part cf the Angels' i 'league baseball will get morel The Vikings expect to bej .'for television rights in 1964 strong in the distance races, 1 1963, but only $575,-'shotput and pole v a u l t . I the in-Sprints a r e the question achieved by profes-=*"·*- Orange Coast defeated 'sional football although still Mt. San Antonio, --'/j-OT'J in wife of the Dodger trainer.'ball lean goes after its see- gave birth to a girl early'ond win of the young season pitiL Miry Kathleen weighed oU on the Lions' diamond. in at 8 pounds, 12 ounces. I Coach Bob Wuesthoff will ff the Alumni in t hef 'y *»3-p!us million total, 'daily training program. IrK!*""" 1 *' \ -We feel the use cf bikes'.,?.?£,£! S :has cut down tremendcnisly:4rdn'.^. - nV.r^i, 1 SSi er i. b Sl Monda/* i"ue of Broad|on leg inpries." said E«neraJ:JM^*g.*; i »« t | 1 »«*J^ r i,-JfV5, : . 1 , easting Magazine reported the 'manager Fred Haney. iTMrn*n"" ::t! * n ** hi * !t "" *'* B " 5 ^ major league teams have I · sold their individual radio- TV rights for an estimated $13,575,000. compared r SPORTS SHORTS i opener last Friday. Vikes Play Host to Fullerton Mne Today Long Beach City CoHege will try and improve on its record against Junior Haketball Sf. Anttienv CrBmmaf Sctieol Teumer Kariwitv «, Our t»tfy or liHui " St. M^rmew'i 37. *r^n* stai Sea tl 5li ' it l4mabJt"vC*St." jci*Dn'i. 138. SL Pancraflvl vs. t Ajerrs ',34. it. Corel iu» »5. St. Cvorrjn-l ! " 49er Golfers Beaten L.1. STATE IT t n Yi#* CLi) .J. LM D*vi* v . 8«fM (SCI 4, 1ft Waller H; Je-ry ISC) *. D*v» Elder 5-1; Safi ISC) A k.n ·'*awn i-: R ft |SC) «. Kt'Rl Ktfl«n the Sntrman Fifiarr (SO d. Jim tVvcr i 1 r Brow . . (At Virfl;nl.j CO. (L* « A.\^l(O\V, back to the flacks. Here's (me interesting release that illustrates my initial point: There is a familiar old graveyard for boxing experts who discount underdogs in heavyweight championship fights and right now there could be a set cf headstones waiting for those w-ho belittle unbeaten Cassius Clay's chances against Sonny Liston." The flacks even liken Clay to such all-time heavyweight (reals as Gentleman Gene Tunney and James J. Corbett (And isn't that far too absurd for even the simplest fan's imagination:) ! "When Jack Dempsey first met Tunney." began one communication, "all but a few decided the former's slug- ping equipment wuuld be too much for the iiplner-hitting Tunney. "lhe experts forgot, as they rruy be d«ing now on Listen, thit rust ruins even the firitst. Dempsey hadn't had a real fight in three jcars. Sonny is puin; in ajainst Clay with one round a year fur three years. Dsmpsey showed the result of his idleness in the course cf a ruj-^cd struggle v.-hich saw Tunney lite the crown." * * * THEN: "If you want an even richer parallel ar.J will recon- roiter into ancient times, consider John L. S u l l i v a n against Corbett. first of the Quecnsbury heavyweight title fights. "Boxing authorities were certain of Sullivan as a puncher and awtsome strong; man. O'ni'hctt was demeaned as a hitter and lacking experience. BUT THE CHEEKY YOUTH SYSTEMATICALLY BL'ILT HIS CASE OF I R R I TATIN'G THE CHAMP . . . and a f t e r he'd riled h;n beforehand, he proceeded tu dazzle and ot-Mroy him in the ring." The fUcis forgot one thing: John I- wat a heaiy- drinklng, night life gadabout Ht « as a strong man, but he wasn't ia shape to tangle n i l b a chap liVe Corbet! n ho did run htm dizzy. Liston is a stickler for t r a i n i n g . T h e r e is no rich rur.l- lel bttuten Sullivan and Liston al t h i s stage * * * THE BAER BRADDOCK fijht in "3. also is utilized by the flacks for building up » Clay case *Max Baer was viewed as the unbeatable powerhouse puncher of the division. " urole another d r u m beater. "When he was matched w i t h Eraddotk, a \ e t c r a n boxer with a good head for generalship, there were horselaughs the length and breadth of the In-ul The betting price was KM ajainsl Bradduck . . . but the bout went the I Ground limit and Batr't gun na still on hit shoulder . . . and prop"'-} Braddock became (he new champion." No parallel ag.iin, M j x i e w a s a n u t h c r puy-latT like Sullivan. "Obviously," concludes yet anot)iei l l j t k . "tfie smart 'guys have been wrong (jtt tfwyse tombsttmci rc-idy. another surprise may be in the making." But. dear frierd«. ple-ise don'I (et on uf : CITY LI-;A(;UI: IIASKKTKALL Hit t e a m lias won II consecutive games, hasn't been beaten in conference ptay yet coach Pete Peletta doesn't want the University of San Francisco to be doing any thinking ahead. "We're giving no thought to Corvillis and the NCCA tournament," Peletta said Monday. * · « * FORMER Olympic champion skier Andrea Mead Lawrence b l a m e d t h e HASKKTDALK UCLA. 71, C3I 72. VV*, Van'urd M. USC - - . Porfford rs* 45, ftrifyckf 59 4hll ) TV. SI. Lou i St. 13. MenTarm |1 nj ST. n, i*ani« li - t »' M »~ iLO Sf Terrv.?e'*4. Ajbum ·!. Vdiparjiso 74, MjrBueKe »l Viremia Te.'ftljrm Caroln B^Mlir. Creen 104. V*TM Hri'^D5 71 onr»gi 4'. it"?* ^f-i^n n. Kt* v HIGHLIGHTS COTTON KASM ef K«ntuck* ta nirie flOirll ·% Alatjina I tlMNtl PI1T1 pocotd in 31 V*^dc' tt C**4ff Lr* Irt Ttit? Ci So'!-. *itn 71 1X1,01* ·*"« 7! rcboun DICK *NO TDM VH A R S O A L C . ca's disappointing performance on the slopes at Innsbruck, Austria, last month. The winner of two gold medals in the 1943 and '52 Olympics said the U.S. skiers suffered from "exhaustion" caused by overtrain- ing. QUARTERBACK Johnny L'nitas of Baltimore failed to appear for a hearing ca charges he drove his auto at least S3 rriles per hour near Annapolis Feb. 2. * I: · « LEW CAr^nteiv the No. I offensive hands-man of the Green Bay Packers, has rtured is a player to join the Minnesota Vikings as an end uouch. rfi.lilcn BOfT-t-covejrttS' rW um M l*arr - lr*nd WITH an IfiTTM stiTino c*o*cHv of ' w-ju tf btt^lncrcA^i 1 To Maf tCXH. it would hjvi » 3*ror» liiah *jrr* . . . c^u'd tm»s · total pur** «s « | lil.Sd wrum rauid bt «otxi*im**^¥ . S5.00C per |M*y«r . . . **dr« ·rd TV SDWfscif-tf He4 larfter is jrt «wt Em- I pofi», VJ . hO-,0-Ta« «tt«f *r *OD*-'tn* ; ing cama in f dna* , . . Sc*rrv Anrti. | roc* ·(. he % m hri hoirrtcxtn o' j ,The corabuied 1964 take forl Funerttm CoD *8e today on .the National and American 'campus at 230. [Football Leagues is estimated', J** mm S s *** Compton.' at $15.2 million. Summary cf the television ' rights for individual teams for . 1963 and 1964: Kjn.«»l l.ijte-Chicjc,. VOCOCC InT last week after their cpener to Pierce College.! Jim Parks, Metropolitan Conference player of the yeirj in 1963. will share pitching ;*"rci^Sii*i!s!si l chores with Jim Bush today KC *tia t^jv^fjj, nouinjn, «OUV^M« ·,10., . rr-f* V-JCXC. LM AncCes CT and tl'IOF LBCC. Hi,on; tt.iwauke*, U7S.OOD »nff VSOO.IX»;| r* York, il million «nd f. mJilion; . hiladeipti *r MSB. 000 «nii siSD,ODO; p\rr%- turgn, £150.000 «nfl UjO-OOO; Sin Fr«rv cico, two.OOO «Dd tl r.llliofl,- St. Louli. t«asu»-- I , Bo-.Tofi. 900: CTixago. tuo.oc« trx foe.ox: Cleveland. I TO) DOS and 17» Ooo-- Detroit, u?^ 000 Bnd U5a.OC» Karnat Cltv, OXOCO *·» tM.Ue. nn.T«t«; Let Argein. S^S^OO ffia U2S.OGO: Viflnnota. UOO.ODO artf wayn: Nrw Yerh. tT.l million and ' . . T.'4'.hins^n, O XO Bnd Cilv At rrankl-B Jr. M tK -oe^t PresiTe cg-a-n oe' }y4. w-n C » v t l 70M«»T iicn n. \ttin;: la. I ·er 7:BO eaV.e' ATUNTIC HEALTH CLUB Presents SAUNA DRY HEAT BATH Rflaiiif at i nnti[0 Sti ilitit{ is mrcisi S ,FREE, B 2221 ITUUTi: 4]T-llOf The World's Finest Bourbon since 1795 K FIOOF ««TUCK¥ STUlGXT B0URBO* WmS^T PlSTitUO *«O DOmiD" If TH£ JAMES I. BUM OlSTitU*; CO,CUEMONT, BUM. UlTUOtT^ ^ « 133 12 win K O V r v E f t cary* - . f'-ortit.'t, lc.0 1 ed 7» i i 'J inn ev*r llfino'^ r | A Q KC-il) lAVKi 34 po "^ To l*rid TO r. T » O T COLL 1C t S * DOirt ! The 1 .me, nek ' tin vn rn fti* OJ/mici ivfien Itii worl l:8wt h*T.rrtl crun'O-or-^'D* get und* ···/ todjy in Dortmund. C*rrfiainv . . Clurl-* %'**r*. tourirtg prt f^rw l.A *»ifi be tn« f*vor"-« w^en ^1 mrr *n woman tt* «fr «r M,iml *fi ft jnnu fcoi-»-5ouW lou^nr** . . . f or-mer Bfc tall s"V 1t4 WUH*ti» *ctornDl;sht CHEVROLET makes all types of quality trucks AF He-Hires Coacli ' AIR FORCE ACADEMY.; Colo. (AP) -- Ben M a r t i n ' sij-ned a new three-year con-j ^ract Monday as head foot-' ;ball coach at the Air Eorce' Academy. M. fir* Dvot. A X ^ Vert je. C'or n t jt L ft Fvir Crrf^« u OOk^'at 0 Ml · H^nfl'e* Z1. .* ·. (?*r*f K ll ro'.r a ·** I t"»Vi)o.T a' y ^e.Je^T r % ) * » HI taortf *J, lit Liv'rd Pf^^D^e'i* « IB ^ OB* to'vmt e. *-i rw ^ C A M I 1 T O M I C H F B*^efl-tn t » « » i i r . ; *1 L»**eri. » li Srixi»- ' *f reh» T IS Wjr-^w I rn At tKC C*r* Cm 7 IV .V. SCREEN! TUCSDAY.rCBHUAKY25th-7P. «. LONG BEACH ft-AfcR!TM MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM YOUNG MEN WANTED * * * * * * MACHINE TRAINING AND PROGRAMMING OFFERS YOU! Ft*ri · ItTIOI-WlBE riUEMEIT UHY1CI · OYIR («OI CRADUiTEl fUCEO II CALIF. · SHORT COURSES--OIT CR (THUS · HIT I'JOGET TU1TIOI fill PHONE FOR TREE BOOKLET Automation Institute 1C) I. OCUN IUO. · IONO IliCH · J1-1»II Telephone your Chevrolet dealer about any type of truck

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