Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 23, 1976 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, April 23, 1976
Page 2
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· Northwest Arkontai TIMES, Friday, April 23, FATGTTEV1I.LG. A R K A N S A S 1976 Campaign {CONTINUED FROM PAQE ONE) Jackson and Vice President Kelson .A, Rockefeller escalat ed. Jackson: told a Detroit'news conference that remarks the vice president allegedly mado about members of Jackson's campaign staff were the work 'of a guUess kind of man. If tliey were not so serious, it would be ludicrous. Published reports said Rockefeller told a private OOP meeting in Atlanta . that Jack jon's slaEf had been infiltrated by Communists. I imnK \ tr\ all ongly thai the burden is on the vice presi denl lo name names, to be specific ' said Jackson 'If he is any man at all, he would stand up and lay it on the line." Jackson demanded an apolo gv. from Rockefeller and re ccived a telegram ^ajing the vice president regretted ' that public interpretations of eon ver=alions in a pru Ue meeting caused you, and your "associates embarrassment NO CHARGES But, Rockefeller .said, made no charges and therefore there are none to be with dra\yn.' Jackson, in a return telegram Thursday, lold Rockefeller -the allegations,, "so sadly reminir cent of McCarlhyism, bring dis honor to your reputation ah( that 'Of the \\1iite House." H again urged Rockefeller t repudiate (he remarks atlribut ed to him. There were these .other politi cal developments Thursday: --Reagan campaigned in A!T bama, where he said busing "has failed colossally" an should be abolished. Reaga; called busing, "a ; 'social e penmen t using our children a guinea pigs and said it ha 'created .more bitterness thai it has oh ed " --Sen Huh ert H Humphre: said in Minneapolis lhat he stl is not ^a -candidate for , the Democratic nomination wili not enter any of the lat primaries but he said he wi recalculate his position afte the last of the primaries June 8 ( j --Wallace said in Louisville K. that he pl-uis (o stay in II Democratic 'presirientiaK race';1 influence the parly platform He said poUs faken after th Florida primary showed voter .were · concerned ,,about h health, adding, ."I.hope to wear this health Issue out. --Church - said in . Nor Platte, Neb./that he would . cept"the'; second spot-, o n - tl Democratic .ticket if he f e l t - t l presidential candidate was, . ceptable.,. ChurcH. the latest _ Uy in the Democratic race 7 wi face . his first primary in PS braska on May 11. -- 'I'll come in first or . sec ond, and if the turnont is hi; I've got-an excellenf'chahce" corne in first,' Carter sa while campaigning for ne week's primary in Penhsylv nia. Udall, also slumping in Pen sylyaniaj said a second-pla finish would he good enough I him. "In a long distance ru second isn't a bad place to be can keep coming in second Soviet Ships Spy On Saratoga ABOARD THE USS SARAGA (AP) --' A pack of Soviet ips.are spyiirg on the aircraft rricr Saratoga as she manett- rs ' in the · Mediterranean a v away from Lebanon. U,S, leers report! The officers" say tliey liavo ott ed at least five SovJ ct vy ships keeping tabs since e" Saratoga steamed from IK, Yugoslavia, in early April r operations cast of Crete. On Thursday, a Soviet, in- hip rra\cd within 300. yards of the 80. ·0-ton carrier. 'That's the closest' we've en one in a long while," said car Adm. Eugene J.. Carroll Malik Indicates Indonesia Will Annex Timer J A K A R T A , Indonesia (AP) -Foreign' Minister Adam' Malik indicated today [tint Indonesia will · aiiivJx tiie former Portuguese colony ot East Timor by August. Malik told reporters after a meeting with President Suharto that the regional council ol East Timor would incet to decide oh Ihc integration of ttie eastern' hair of the island with the western half, which is Indonesian territory 1 The sit tint ion o v er T im or will become clearer by August in accordance with the wish' of Ihe people of j- asl Timor ' he said. Malik also indicated that people ot 1- ast Timor ma take part in the-Indonesian 'general connuandcr ot the 6th P i oc tjon in 1977 ·t carrier (ask force He s ^ Indonesia welcomes The Soviet ship looked like a c United Nations' decision to gboat except for its electronic .... Dwarfed by the carrier, it ept pace for about an hour be- rc changing-', course. At 'the me time, a Soviet destroyer nuld be seen on the horizon. Carroll asserted that a long aimed joint exercise with the urkish navy brought the Saraga to the area 400 · miles'from ar-\vracked Lebanon, But the ovict -Communist party-news aper Pravda has linked Iht .S. naval presence 'with the elA»ncse civil war and warned gainst any U.S military inter entton in the crisis. Both the United States and he Soviet Union have a eonsid rabte naval presence in the leditcrranean. Each · fleet eeps a close wfetch on the oth: one. Officials aboard the Saratoga eported the 6th Fleet had i]ps in the Mediterranean! this eek while the Soviets were op- rating 61 Houe\er the Rus .ans have no aircraft carriers. Major Partner SAN FRANCISCO (AP) 'he Bechtel Corp., a m . arlner 'in': Uranium" Enrich ment Associates \ibich is pro ig a prh ate ennchmen lant, says I wo ; former Whit louse officials, now Bechtel 'd: ectors had no role in negoha ions with the government tie project. Becbtel -' issued a statemcn commenting on an Associate ress :report .on the uraniui (nrichment plan, which-note hat George F..ShuIlz-and Gas par W Weinberger both hudi. ^t directors under former. Pres dent Richard .M. ; Nixon; are on Bechtel's board of direc :ors. Gustaff Ends Tour DETROIT (AP) -ri King Ca XVI Gu tat of Sweden cor pletcd a 40-hour visit to the ^1 tor City with a tour^ of a ca assembly phint and a prna luncheon with Henry Ford II " The-ft year old monarch fie to Houston for an evening r c option hosted by the Swedi: trade commissioner and a toi today of the Lyndon B. Johnso Space Center, The king is on a 27da tou of the United States in honor the Bicentennial. He. returns Sweden . from New Yorlt Wednesday nd envoy .VEUoria-.Winspeare uicciardi .011 a "sccpnd trip to mor and supports l he U N f o r ; self-determination by ast' Timor. Winspeare said urmg his pre\ lous \ isit that donesian officials , would not t him visit areas of Kasl Tim- controlled by the Fretilin in penrtenc0' movement, Malik made no comment on e U.N. Security Couticil vote lursday calling on Indonesia withdraw its troops from ast Timor '.'without further elay, Indonesia ignored a previous uncil call for immediate \\ith ra\\al issued shorty after In onesian forces -invaded Eas ·mor Dec. 22 to support a pro idonesian · faction afiains retihn. forces" The Indonesian overnmenl contends it ; ha nly. volunteers in the territory ho were sent at the ( request o eal government officials, Portugal abandoned the colo y ;\yhen civil- war broke ou ast r August between the riva atiohallst groups Store Vandalized Someone knocked R hole I he front door of the Poole Fur iiture Store sometime Wedne la night or early Thursday Vashington Counts sheriff eputies. said toda^ Thej sai he \ andalism was reporte 'hursdaj by the owner of th Hisiness. Princess Doing Well ·LONDON'.-AP) --. Prince* Anne can resume her hors ack riding once "alt pairi'fror a riding accident injury h; ceased according to her mot er's doctor, Dr. Richard^ Bayliss. phys clan to Queen Elizabeth II, sa Thursda the print-ess w; making 'excellent progrew " Of tlie back injury he sai A faint hairline crack In bone off Ihe main vertebra the. small of the back is of consequence,' ,, «,, He said "there were no me ca! reasons to prevent An from .resuming -,her tevon sport. She hopes to be a, member, of k the British equestrian earn for the Olympic games In July in Montreal. Her-accident came Wednesday when her horse hit a fence, fell and rolled on top of the 25- year-old princess. Supplemental Security Income Program Suffers WAS HI NO TON* (AW , --/..The mbled Suppleniejttal Security conv? program, \vliich has crpahl at,least $547 million in e past 27 months,'Is suffering oin a . communications · piob- n with tlie elderly, blind and sablcd persons Jt aids, Hie vermuent says: A Social Security- Adminis J ation report issued Thursday aiuwi : most of ilie oYer- .yments .. on ..the . recipients' ilure to report changes m oir financial circumstances, An SSA official said t h a t be. use the recipients are .impov ishnd, aged ' and disabled, onrmunlcallon's w i t h ' m a n y of ?iii are at:best difficult.'V 'Obtaining correct and .-corn- ele information u a serious oblein." he added. ''In/adrii on. ttie law mandates comple e p o r I ] n g requirements in anges of ciiciinislanccs The SSA .previously reveatec 5 estimate o[ $547- million; in ·erpaymehts · s i n c e - J a n . 74. when Hie federal govern ent took oier slate welfan n.s»s of the a g e d , - b l i n d * and sabled; There are 4.4 .-million person iceiving benefits. and;the SSA nd mans are still gcttini lore or less tban they should ut it claimed the situation' Tha report estimates' 1 the: as an m c r a l l payment crro ate of 23.7 per cent- last July o December compared uitti 4 4 per cent In. the previous six nonths and 24 8 per cent in the ast halt of 1974. In the last half of 1575. "more ban one half of incorrect pay nents resulted from the ecipients giung incomplete nd wrong information or thrir allure to report changes m cir instances Hie report said Of She 211 per cent errors .lade in the sH months 7 8 per ent imohed payments to per ons who «ere ineligible 85 er cent Involved ov er av ments and 6 1 oer cent were underpayments. lUimillWIHIftW Obituary MRS CYNTHIA STUFFLEBEAM Cynthia C. Slufflebcam.- 73,.of 'ayctleville.'died Wednesday'»t a local nursing home. Born Oct. 7, 1902 at Bonanza. 1 she was he daughter of Will fyxne and Mary Stufflebeam.' S u r\ i v o r s inUudf ti, msbarid.-Carl C: Stlittlebcam of he home: one son, Richard E. Combs of * aycltev i'e our t r o t h e r, Jack ^ Boone 4 of Sprmgdale, three sislers Mis Katie Ferguson _of Amarillo Texas, Mrs. Maggie Manning of North Glen, Colo., and .Mrs, _illie Isgate of Rusk. Texas; 11 grandchildren-and 18 great grandchildren. The funeral at' 10 a.m Saturday in Nc^lon s Chaw ivith burial :ih . Patrick, Cenw tefy DAVE RACHEL Corpus Chnsti Texas Dave C. Rachel. 74, of.Corpus Christ! Texas died Thursdav in a Texas hospital He « as born the son of Dynus Odem'Rachel and Elizabeth He is sunned bj 10 brother and sisters including Jule (Joe Rachel of Winslow. The funeral will be h e 1 Saturdaj mominK m C o r p u Christ!. Texas. MRS. LF.NA ELSIE .CARTER Rogers -- Mrs Lena E 1 s i Carter^ 75. of Route 1, Rogers died Wednesday at,. Roger M e m o r i a l ; Hospital.- , Bor J a n u a r y '13, 1301 BurkesMllP, Ky the daughter of Buries and lulia Arron she vns a member of the Methodist Three Car Accident Injures One SPRINGDALE -- A Springdale teenager was injured in two wrecks Hint occurred wilhii mmnles of each other on West 1 Court to charges ot. breaking gurnet Avenue Thursday after- Man Sentenced Two Years For Stealing Hal .7Robert Andrew Westlin. 1A, oi Aintsulle pleaded guill Wed esda\ in Washington Circuit I NEW YORK STOCKS [ I ^ and entering and failure loj noon One other woman was appear in cojr* April 1 for his injured in the first car accident rial Circuit Judge Maupin Cum ' mings sentenced 'Westlin to two ,'ears in prison on each charge. Ic said the sentences would run concurrently. Westlin was arrested in Feb- but neither she nor the 17 ear old teenager received treat inent, Ark -Bosl Corp Amer Tel £ Tel Ark La Gas Baldwin Campbell Soup Central S W Dei iMonlc Dillards; , Kasco A G Kdwnrds Emerson Frontier Air Gen Growth Police said the first accldenti Gordon Jewelry involved three cars, all east- Intl Harv bound oh West Sunset.'The first I-T-E Imperial car :was driven-'Jby :Gonnie K ruary along \Mth David Claudel Da\is, 27. of Route 5 who Strode 21 of Fayettevilie for recened minor injuries, and the breaking into a pickup truck car behind her was driven by . _ _ w h i c h v w a s parked at a r m n i e r A m o s H Enderlm 61. of Tonti Pizza H ut Kresge Levl Strauss Marcor Pchneys theatre on North College A\c nvie,; A black:cowboy hat was stolen in the break-In. Strode appeared for trial and \sas found guilty breaking and entering April 1 of the charge by a Washington Circuit Court Jury.' :He -was ; sentenced to two years in prison, Westlin failed^to'ap'pear with These two cars were stopped f or, tra f f ic when End erlin's car was struck by a car driven by Mildra Lee Mitchell. 17, of Route Z, police said Miss Mitchell,': who was. injured m this accident said she could not stop in time to avoid hitting the Bnderlin car which Strode for trial The Washington then hit the Da\Js vehicle Miss County prosecutor's office then filed the additional-failure appear charge. Police Mitchell was cited by police for following too!closely. White Miss Mitchell was sitting in .her ;car,'her vehicle was struck : in' the rear by a' car driven by.. Noel Gene Mc- do'niel. 21. of Newark, who was also eastbo'jnd on Sunset, Church. She To Sell Jail SHREVEPORT La (AD - is survued b her husband Clarence W Carter of lie home three sons Lester F of Ashland Ore M Sgt Robert Howard of Fort Hood Texas, and M Sgl Harold Phillip of Mmot S Dakola, two daughters Mrs Helen Clojd of Siloam Springs and Mrs Dian Lo\eall ol Bakersullc Ctolif one brother Lonas Carter of Lamar Colo three sisters Mrs Cora Lou Parrish of In (66N-WNUED FKOM PACE OS*1 i n t e r i m . ' i p o l l c t chief. The Council went on record as being unanimously in support of th" appointment and T commended the job done b acting pol ce chief Bill Pelz, since Himes suspension Stinnett has b e e n an Oklahoma , Highway Patrol Trooper for the past five years. The protest i resignation came from: Steve , Tisdale.. He had been on the police force o n e year. Tisdale told, the Council he was resigning from" the department because ."I believe the people are behind Tommy Local Candidates : Attend Luncheon W a s h i n g t o n C o u n t y Republican candidates who are runninfg for county and stale offices in . the May Primary Election were formally in roduced Thursday «t an 11 30 i m luncheon of the Counry Republican men's and women's Ralston" Purina Raytheon Sambo's Scolt Paper Scars Shakespeare Union Carbide Victor Wal-Mart Ark West Gas Kearney Natl Minute Man Pioneer Foods H K Porter Std Reg Tyson.Foodg Averages nds 'rans Utlls' /olumc 8 '.4 57 2o',i 10W 31 'a 15-, 20!i IB;, 1831 17'/8 25!i 24", 36 »4 -'30 -51) 51H 17 2 Hi 73 S 1414 20'-, 21 H i m e s dnnapolis Bunch of Ind Mrs Nederland, Beulah Texas; The Cadoo Parish Police, Jury IBS agreed to offer to sell the Caddo Correctional Institute t" he state for use as a mm mum security prison under certain conditions r One condition is a base price of $4.2 million dollars. In addition, the'-state would, not be entitled to 'take over the facility for at least ·;two. years afle'r the sate to allow the par- and Mrs Amelia Richards ot Burkesv ille Kj U g r a n d children and 10 great grand Councilman, Bil children. the 1 i trouble Funeral services will be held him Monday at, 10 30 at Burns funeral Chapel m Rogers Burial will be in Benton County Memorial Park Cemetery. Foreman .then a -s k e d Mayor Knrght ' Do we need 'c gratefully accept this?" Knighl said .it h a d : already been accepted Asked about ths resignation after the meeting, Knight said it had "saved ' us terminating ish ample time lo huild jail closer to Shreveport -The CCI is about JO miles from town. CB Stolen SPRINGDALE-A citizen band radio was stolen from a car owned by Mark, Nelson, 608 Harve, Wednesday night Thursday . morning. Harve told Key In Payoff ROME '(AP) --' Allegations [hat a Christian Democratic prime minister during the late 1960s was the key man in the 51 6 million Lockheed payoff gave the Italian Communist party's ,election,'j prospects other boost today Press, radio and television reports said secret American documents furnished the parlia m e n t a r y commission In vestigating the Lockheed scan dal made clear.lhat a-leader,o ruling party who heade government between 1965 Six .(CONTOiUED PACK' ONE) SW-5% 37-38 17W48 1G-16V5 down 5.7,4 down .67 down 15 2,920,000 Commodity. Openings ,lay corn 369 V4 May soybeans" 1 48S .lay eggs - 42 95 Ma pork bellies W 2r heat 348 clubs Special c h e b n guests held the lun Bowen's Hesturanl in. the Northwesl Arkansas Plaza, were Dr. BoV Luther, executive,- director o :he Republican Stale Party, tine L.eon : .Griffith.' o n , ' o f - .the R'ei p.u b l i c a n candidates for g o v e r n o r About. 100 R e pu '.h 1 i c a h s attended the luncheon which lasted uhti about l.p.m; Candidates-'running-for stal offices ....were-': introduced, b; Walter Ellis, the immediat past president of the County Republican Men's Club Justice of the peace candidates were introduced by Marjone Reed vice president of the County Republican Women's Club. Carburetors Stolen SPH1NGDALE Tv,o car jurelors were stolen from a car owned by T mda E\ans some time since Tuesd as M i s s E \ a n s said the car was parked at D and H Garage where it was being repaired at the lime of 1hc theft. One. carburetor was taken frpm the niotor, and (he olher was the rear floorboard 4 TV, Stereo Stolen , The thcfl of a p o r t a b l s teleusion set and a slereo taps deck from a camping tr i -i it the War Eagle Boit Dock Campground on Beiver Lake was reported Thursdaj evening to the Washington County sheriff 3 office The burglary was reported by a campground employe. paternal grandmother. Mrs. Ruby Eastey of Hope and the maternal : grandparents.- '-'Mr. and Mrs J M Dillard of Iprihgdale. Funeral arrangements will : be announced by Sisco Chapel Brezhnev Returns MOSCOW (AP) -- : Communist party 'chief Leonid I, Brezhnev ' returned lo public view after a 46 daj absence, looking in robust health as he attended the annual celebration of Lenin's birthday The 69-year-old Brezhnev, who apparently had been :vacn- lioning in Ihe Crimea, did nol address Ihc 6,000 foreign a n d Soviel ·guests at Ihe Kremlin Palace of Congresses. HOMES FOR AMERICANS STUFFLEBEAM, Mrs. CynlhlH C. -- Saturday, 10:00 a.m. Chapel of Nelson's Funeral Homo. Rev, Basil Ledford officiating. Interment,. Patrick Cemetery. MISSED YOUR PAPER? WE'RE SORRY! If you rannot reach your TIMES carrier i . . ' PHONE 442-6242 . . Daily 5 to 6:30 p.m. Saturday 4:30 to 6 p.m. Sunday 8 lo 9:30 a.m. u Fournlrf 13*0 212 N. EaJl Ave. Fajcttevaie, Art 72701 Pobllihed dJlfy and Sunday except January I. July 4, Thankisfvlni azxS Chrlttm**. Second Clirt Poflaw Paid at Faymevlll*. Ark. . M E M B E R AMOC1ATKD PRESK Tb* As»oc1ated Pre-a li entJtJt^ ex* elrwfvel- to U» o*e (or r*pob[lc». HOD of all local newi prtntM fn ti!t 1 newspaper » nfl «i JU AP otvst diipatchet. Frr awnti fry c«nl« - CJL M«fi In WjfWnfton, Beolon, Mitdina Ue«. Art., Adalr Co., OUa.r « tnonthfl · month* 1 YEAR , f ATASLK Ot UTfJMCm FABRIC MART EVELYN HILLS SHOPPING CENTER Loan Director LITTLE i ROCK (AP) -- Gary M Greene, '28, of Conway, an accountant at'the-University of Cenlral'Arkansas,': will i become director i, of : i the i Student Loan Guarantee Foundation of Arkansas-on May 15. The. foundation president, Bert Mullens, ' : o f ' Searcy announced the appointment of Greene today in a satlement delivered by the current director, James 0. Morris, M j ' - ' o f OPEN HOUSE For Students and Their Parents Interested In Enrolling In Subiaco Academy Siibioco, Ark. Sunday, April 25 10:00 a.m. -6:00 p.m. Telephone: 934-2061 NOTICE f l r r t flow . ,, _ *»«»/» A DRAMATIC HOME FOR A VACATION AREA, this house features · Urge, hill-timbered gable with eight windows aad truncated overhang. Other exterior features include a long, itooe wail, and a huge brick-turret. Inside, there Is a large living area with a cathedral type ceiling. There are two first floor bedroom*, while the iccond floor hai a master suite and a railed balcony ; room which could be used as g studio. Plan HA92MC has 1,062 square feet on the first floor and 62S on the second. It wa« deigned by Rudolph A. Matern, and those wishing more information may write to WE. Jericho Tpfce., Mineola, N.Y., 11501, enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope. - Shoe® Tree Tom HerxJricks ·*» VII Cannon -- Evelyn Hills Shopping Center -CAMANDER KEDS Will Be At Our Store From 11:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. Saturday, April 24th · Bring Your Camera and Join the Fun · FREE Pepsi-Cola and Pop Com · Register for a FREE KEDS T-Shirt and Pair of Shoes · Receive $1.00 per pair trade-in on any old canvas shoe on your purchase of a new par of KEDS (Limit one trade-in per pair bought) · No purchase necessary, you do not have to be present 'to win. , Th* City of F»yert»vlll« will raqueil th* R*|eas* of Funds under th* Community Development Block Grant Program from HUD for tha projects that appear In No/ 3 below i 1 Tne Request for R*l*ate of Funds and th* accompanying Certification will be »ubm!rt.d to HUD en May 4, 1976 v 2. Thii Request for Re1*a«* of Fundi it a part of the Community Development Block Grant Application submitted under Grant No. B-76MC 05-0001. List of Project!; Public Works, Facilities, Site Improvements Sidewalks Streets Stone Cost +.--$15,008 + $61,200 4, Environmental Review Record; An Environmental Review Record is available in the Offica of the Community Development Program Administrator where the same -may be examined by the public and copies obtained at 10 cents per sheet If so desired 5. Applicant and Chief Executive Officer City of Fayettevill* P. 0. Drawer F Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701 Marion ^Orton, Mayor P. O. Drawer F Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701 6. Text of: : ' · ' .-.'. - · ' ' : · ' - " · · '·-. '· The City of Fayetteville will undertake the projects described above with Block Grant funds from the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), under Title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, The City of Fayettevill* and Marion . Ortofi, Chief Executive Officer, in her official:capacity as Mayor,! consent to accept the jurisdiction of-the Federal courts if an action is brought to enforce responsibilities in relation to environmental review, decision-making, and action; and that these responsibilities have been satisfied. The legal effect of the certification is that upon fts approval, the City of Fayetteville may use the Block Grant funds, and HUD will have satisfied Iti responsibilities.under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969. HUD will accept an objection to its approval of the Releate.of Funds and acceptance of th* certification only If ft is on one of the following bases: (a) That tha certification was not in fact executed by the Chief Executive Officer of the Aoplicent; or (b) that applicant's Environmental Review Record for the oroiect indicates omission of a required decision, findino, or steo ·pplicaMe to the prelect In the environmental review erocess. Obiec- tiom mvst be nronar'ed and submitted In accordance with th* required procedure (24 CFR Part 581 and m*v be addressed to HUH at Department of HUD, Area Offire, Union National B«nk Building, On* Union National Plaia Llttl* R«ck, Arkansas 72701: W Department of HUD, Denver R*«lenal Office^ Federal Building, T91 Stout Street, Donver. Colorado 80202. Objection* to the Release of Funds on baftt other than those stated above will not be · consider** 1 bv HUH. No obfection received after May 24, 1976, will be considered by HUD.

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