Independent from Long Beach, California on February 4, 1960 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1960
Page 6
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Page A-6--INDEPENDENT Un » · c « h ' CJIII,.TIOTI., nt. 4. i«« FAMILY CAR Senate Rejects GOP School-Aid Substitute WASHINGTON (UPI)-The Senate Wednesday overwhelmingly rejected a Republican attempt to substitute a federal - s t a t e school-bond-retirement program for a billion-dollar Democratic aid - to - education bill. The roll-call vote was 71 to 18, with Sen. Frank Lausche (D-Ohio), the only Democrat to support the GOP proposal advanced by Sen. Jacob K. Javits (R-NY) and John Sherman Cooper (R-Ky). The Javits-Cooper plan was similar but not identical to President Eisenhower's school proposal The'vote came after Sen-rate Republican Leader Everett M. Dirksen (111) assured tho Senate he would call up the President's proposal for a showdown later. Under the President's plan, the federal government would participate in a long-range program for retiring the bonds local school boards issue to finance school construction. Under the Democratic bill, the federal government would allocate $500,000,000 a year for the next two years in outright grants to help the states reduce the classroom shortage. It was approved last year by the Senate Labor and Public Welfare Committee. The Senate met at 10:30 . a.m. EST, l'/ 2 hours earlier than usual, and held an unusually long session in an effort to expedite consideration of the measure. The bill was expected to reach a vote on passage early next we^k. Sen. Pat McNamara (D- Mich), chief sponsor of the legislation, said beforehand there was an "excellent chance" the Senate would approve his measure, despite the number of alternatives awaiting a formal vot«. Besides rejecting the Javits-Cooper substitute, the Senate turned down a proposal by Sen. Norris Cotton (R-NH) to earmark one cent of the federal tax on each pack of cigarettes for school - construction purposes. It was defeated by voice vote. "Anniversary dinner or dented fender?" Teacher Slayings Haunt Pupils By HOKTENSE MYERS HARTFORD CITY, Ind. (UPI)--Some mothers gave their children sleeping pills. Others let the youngsters crawl in'.o bed with them. But the nightmares couldn't be driven off. Forty children, aged 10 to II years old, were haunted by the sight of school principal Leonard Redden striding Into their classrooms Tuesday and killing their teachers, Miss Harriet Robson, 53, and Mrs. Minnie McFcrren, 57, with two shotgun blasts. Shaken Hartford City officials tried to explain today why Redden, 44, changed from a.gentle, re- spected teacher to a berserk killer. The best clue came from Redden's teacher wife, Hazel, 40. She said her husband had returned from World War II emotionally shaken and a persecution complex had gained possession of him since April. Redden believed he was the victim of small-town gossip and for some reason blamed Miss Robson and Mrs. McFerren, the wife said. Redden was found dead by his own hand in a clump of woods six miles outside of town. Schools remained closed Wednesday, but the school board decided in an emergency meeting to re- open them Thursday. On Friday, the schools . will close again' for the teachers' funerals. The mothers had the hardest task of all--that of quieting their children's fear, excitement and grief. Mrs. Dorothy Markin, a v i c e president of the school's Parent - Teacher Assn., gave her 10-year-old son Doug two sleeping pills prescribed by a physician. Mrs. Robert Fuller, whose daughter, Christine, 10, lost her school teacher, Miss Robson, and her Sunday School teacher, Mrs. McFerren, let the little girl sleep with her "and she hadn't done that for years." INDEPENDENT-Pagr A-T » Btath, Cllll, Thuri, Feb. 4, ItM HEARING FOREMOST IN STYLES YOU WILL BE M PROUD TO WEAR i 1 TELEX HEARING CENTER 744'/ : PINE, L.B. 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