Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1969 · Page 74
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 74

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1969
Page 74
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F-16--Independent, Preis-Ttlegrtm long Buied Soup for Snacking ExceDent Planning America's eating pattern is changing under pressure of activity. Snacks have entered the routine. There isn't much you can do about this increasing habit except, of course, provide good snacks that will please and also nourish the snacker. Ever try souper-snacks? Canned soups with their protein, vitamins and minerals, plus appetite satisfaction, are an excellent suggestion. Lay in a supply. They heat quickly, can be served in mugs and provide nourishment. And at the same time they fit into the modern snack routine. PEASANT BOWL 1 can (10% oz.) condensed black bean soup 1 can (lO'/i oz. condensed beef broth soup 1 y 2 cups water Sour cream Egg yolk, grated Combine soups arid wa- ter. Heat; stir now and then. Garnish with dollop of sour cream or grated egg yolk. COUNTRY KETTLE I can (11'/i oz.) condensed bean with bacon soup 1 can (10% oz.) condensed vegetable beef soup 2 soup cans water Finely chopped parsley, or dried parsley flakes Combine soups and wa- ter. Heat; stir. Serve with a garnish of parsley. HUNGARIAN WARM-UP 1 can (Mft oz.) eea- densed noodles and ground beef soup 1 can (10^ or.) corn- dented onion soup 2 soup cant water 1 medium tomato cut into pieces /i cup canned mushroom pieces or slices Combine soup and water. Add remaining ingredients. Heat; stir now and then. Main Course Leftovers MUGS OF SOUP FOR SNACKS Leftovers and panty- shelf ingredients make up this quick but nourishing main course. Charlotte's Salmon-rice Patties Creamed Peas Bread Sticks Raspberry Sherbet Beverage CHARLOTTE'S SALMON-RICE PATTIES 2 eggs li/2 cups cooked rice 1 can (1 Ib.) salmon 2 tbsps. minced parsley 1 tbsp. minced chive* Salt and pepper to taste 2 tbsps. butter or mar- garine In a medium mixing bowl beat eggs enough to combine yolks and whites. Stir in rice. Add salmon including liquid in can, parsley, chives, salt arid pepper; mix well, breaking up salmon. ...... Shape into 6 to 8 round, flat patties. In a medium skillet, melt butter; add patties and fry slowly until browned and crisp on both sides. BARBECUED S P A R E RIBS. Use y o u r favorite barbecue sauce, rich with catsup or tomato sauce, to enhance spareribs. Coll Cumberland or Gilbert 3-6181 For location of Store Nearest You. Call Collect if Toll... ITALIAN ROAST LEG OF LAMB Scaeh Independent, Piw-Ttl+ytm F-17 A roast leg of lamb is a welcome item to most good eaters. But give it a ·lightly different accent -Italian in this case -- and it becomes a delightful treat Many young cooks today are discovering how good lamb is when cooked to the medium-done stage, or to 175 degrees on the meat thermometer. At this juicier and just slightly pink. Cook in an open roasting pan without any water. A Teflon roasting pan makes clean-up easy and one fitted with a V-shape rack allows full circulation of heat and therefore creates a better climate for roasting. ITALIAN ROAST LEG W LAMB · to Mb. let of lamb Sak and pepper Grated riad of 1 1 whole garlic dove '/i tsp. dried memaiy 1 tbsp. melted butter Vi cup dry white wine (or water or lemon juice) Wipe lamb with a damp paper towel. Rub surface with salt and pepper and grated lemon rind. Cut the garlic clove into six thin lengthwise slivers. Make six scattered small horizontal slits in the leg of lamb and insert into each slit a slice of garlic and two or three dried rosemary leaves. Place the meat fat side up on a rack in a shallow roasting pan with a V- shaped rack. Insert a meat themometer into the thickest part of the lamb, being careful not to let the bulb rest on bone. Place lamb in a 325-degree oven and roast 3 to 4 hours or until the meat thermometer registers 175 degrees for medium-done or 180 degrees for well-done. Mix together melted butter, olive oil and white wine (or water) and brush lamb frequently with the mixture during roasting. When lamb is cooked, place it on a hot platter and remove rack from pan. Pour off fat hi pan. Add the leftover wine-olive oil mixture to pan and heat, stirring in the browned panicles in the f PIP -you SCBTOW ITALIAN ROAST LEG OF LAMB routine pin. Season with salt ami pepper and serve with lamb without thickening. Did you know that Sloppy "Tex" and 'Tony" have joined the Sloppy Joe family of convenient canned meats? Joining new improved Libby's Sloppy Joe Beef (or pork) as "canned meat cousins" are Sloppy Tex Chili with Beans and Sloppy Tony Spaghetti and Meat Balls. These two products are now being introduced in our market in their new mod-look labels. A vivid red pennant label identifies Sloppy Tex Chili with Beans. Each 15-oz. can contains approximately 2 cups of Libby's popular slick-to-the- ribs. well seasoned meaty chili with beans. The bright green pennant label heralds the new pack of Sloppy Tony. This product is our favorite formula of tender enriched spaghetti, beefy meat balls and seasoned tomato sauce. It is available in the colorful newly labeled 152-o/. cans that contain approximately 2 cups of spaghetti and meat balls. WHILE THEY LAST! SIZES SM-L PARTY HOSE SEAMLESS · 100% NYLON Smartly Fashioned for Dress or Casual Wear. Stylish Beige tfiqd^ f frff Hvpit«p f *'y t ?^ fK * \* "*-TT ^ ·· x v %«...* - * · Sea-/ecfed Sea Food For Lenf · SWORDFISH I WHITIHG :-· STUM QAf, I DRESSED Ol STEAKS CEKTER CUTS 1 DRESSED PAN READY STIAKS AND ROASTS ARE S Rath Black Hawk USDA (CHOICE) \_--v---X BACON BONELESS ROUND OR FAMILY STEAKS OR BONELESS TOP ROUND LINK SAUSAGE ; Gorton's Fish Chips it.oz.nto.73c Gorton's Fish Sticks iwz.wto.69c Mrs. Friday Gourmef Shrimp i«z. KG. $1.69 L Wheatly Smelts HEN TURKEYS TABLE KING OR APPLE VALLEY. FROZEN US. GRADE A, 12-161B.-AVG .... Swift Premium, luKir laH 4 Q* or HonirSwUf. 10-14 lb.Arg.43 -STUFFED HENS SWIPI PREMIUM, wo u. AVG 59c IB. SB" 49 : ;^ffi:L?ff^--f:-;::::^.;..^^ SAVE CASH WITH THESE DELICATESSEN SPECIALS! LEO'S ASSORTED SMOKED Beef, Ham, Salami and introducing new sliced Pastrami. 3-or. pkg. Chicken or Turkey Chuck Steaks Porterhouse Top Sirloin Steaks S '1" _TM_ JUICE ~ Eastern Quality, Western Flavorl Skinless, Seasoned Just Rightl 8-OZ. PKG. | BONELESS HAMS , i Skinless Fully Cooked. Whole $|Nf ;Half ........ $1.29 Ib. l i»-| Florida's Finest FROZEN 6-OZ. CAN OSCAR MAYER WIENERS All-MEAT · THE KIDDIES' FAVORITE MB. VACUUM PKG... Smokies " 1 : 69e 65 WISCONSIN SLICED CHEESE VONS PROCESSED AMERICAN, PIMENTO AND SWISS 8-OZ. PKG VONS SALAD DRESSINGS BLUE CHEESE OR THOUSAND ISLAND 'li^OZ. BTl FRUIT COCKTAIL Perfecf for Desserts or Salads. 303 Can LIQUORS FEATURES FROZEN FOOD BUYS BOURBON Straight Kentucky 8YRS.OLD 86-PROOF Oh Boy Cup Orange Julius Bars Chun King Egg Roll 4-PK REAL CHINESE STYLE 12-PK BIRDSEYE VEGETABLES QUART PEAS, CUT CORN, CHOPPED SPINACH. 10-OZ. PKG. tutler Berry Pi« 4 * TM Downyflak* Pi« Shtlli » in F,oz N Gold Aiperagui Spton » « P..ol Whip Toppin 8 - · · ··«' Banquet Meol Pin (Chicken, leef, Turkey).....! w BUTTER-NUT COFFEE Premium Quality--1-lb. Can " 2 C I A'N $ I 25 BAKERY TREATS FRESH CAKES ·CHOCOLATE · WHITE ·APPLESAUCE · BANANA ·CHOCOUn.MINT 8-Inch Size CHUCK ROAST HEALTH BEAUTY AIDS CREST TOOTH PASTE Boneless Roost Shoulder Clod Fresh Brisket CHOICE CHUCK ROLLED ROAST CHOICE POINT HALF VMS Howe Bake Chocolate BREAD ECLAIRS KRAFT MAYONNAISE Brown i Sen* 2inPkg. REGULAR OR MINT Specie/ EXTRA LARGE TUBE Frozen, Filled mft w/Pur* Whipped/"^* Cream, 3-Pk. EXODRmfcO's . SUAVE HAIR SPRAY tto UVORIS MOUTH WASH tXTKA JTltNGTH .. MIN MUtVH* 'I" SAVE CASH WITH THESE PRODUCE SPECIALS! Plus . . . JL Smooth Velvet Texfure. QUART JARl5y*/2 e | l» uiiruiu^VAll i INCL. 7eOFF NUTATION ICE MI1K Funforall V* GAL. CTH. STOKELY CUT Rich in Flavor and Vitamins... ASPARAGUS 90: AU GREEN TENDER SPEARS. FANCY ww Cherry Tomatoes large Pineapple FARM-FRESH BASKET FANCY HAWAIIAN 4-lB. AVG. WT. JUICE ORANGES 33! ·" ROSARITA MEXICAN DINNERS FBO»N 15OZ PKG ENCHIUDA DINNED 12 OZ PKG fOMOINiTION PLATE 120.' PK BIU IACOS 12 OZ PKG Banquet Cook'ln 8o«l ·* **"" Morton Crwrn Pin ,n ,, "" Oh Boy Ba 9 O Chem Pizza 2? «···· Oh Boy Bog O $0111091 Pizra 2U «.... Oh Bo/Bag O Ptppetoni Pizro 2U ol.... Comet Cleanser Del Monte Drink Zee Toilet Tissue Vons Enchiladas INCLUDES 2c OFF LABEL 14-OZ. SIZE PINEAPPLE-GRAPEFRUIT 46-OZ. CAN ASSORTED £ COLORS ^ ROLL Del Monte Sliced Green Beans FRENCH STYIE, B.OZ. 2/37c Del Monte Whole Kernel Corn FAMILY STYLE, s-oz... 2/39c Del Monte Early Garden Peas s-oz. CAN 2/35c Del Monte Fruit Cocktail s-oz. CAN 19c Del Monte Stewed Tomatoes s.oz. CAN 2/37c BEECH-NUT Food Baby CHOPPED OR JUNIOR 7!i.OZ, JAS 14' CLEANER Spic Span LARGE X ^ ^ SIZE «/ *J Planter's Cocktail Peanuts 13.01.69e «MZ 39c Bissell Rug Shampoo H-OZ. BTL $1.98 Oral B Tooth Brushes »« on *M 79c Idahoan Potato Flakes T.S.OZ, PKO 59c Idahoan Scalloped Potatoes e'.i-oz. SIZE 35c BEEF .OR CHEESE. FROZEN REAL MEXICAN STYLE. 8-OZ. PKG. mmmmstmsmmmsimxwmm Noodle-Roni Romanoff «.OZ.SIZE Noodle-Ron! Chick ri' Almond T/..OZ. SIZE. Noodle-Roni Parmesano or Strogdnoff IS.OZ.SIZE...- Chiffon Margarine NEW SOFT STICK I.LB. CTN.. .. Jif Peanut Butter is-oz. JAK Certi Fresh Salmon Yets Dog Food Jerseymaid Butter Dinners RED. 6'A-OZ. CAN SAVEIOc REGULAR, CHICKEN OR VARIETY. TALL CAN FIRST QUALITY GRADE AA.HB. ( ASSORTED VARIETIES FROZEN. 11-OZ. PKG. PRIMROSE c arly Blooming Flowers... Plant in Your Garden for Springtime Color. 4-inch Pot only ·,;rr Prices Effective Thuri. Thru Sun., Feb. 27-March 2 ^'3K?°^n!KZa2K!3m "S!!fflf« Hunt's Peeled Tomatoes WHCH^JHCAN 33c Hunf* Spinach sn CAN....J?C MO UN 2/39c Hunt's Whole Potatoes wo CAN ~2/35c Nunfs Kidney Beans JOOCAN Tc Hvmfs Pork Beans MCAN 2/33c Skippy Pet Stew TALI CAN 2/29c Hormel Chili with Beans JMLCAN 61e Kem's Grape Jelly wi. JAI lit jn. JAK 55c Kern's Strawberry Preserves 3-11. JAR »i.i» JIBS 75c Planter's Spanish Peanuts n-or. ti «',KZ 33c · LONB IEACH-I01I Unj Buck Blv. it lltk · LONQ BUCH-4480 Atlantic (Blxhy Knclli) · LON8 BEACH-II45 E, Wirdlcw N. it Ncrwilk · UKEWOOD-4200 H. WiMlniff it Cirwi · TORMNBE-^lllS Ptcitic Cent Hwy. · IAN « DRO - 1Jl . Johnson Qoa% Producfj Sun Country Room Deodorizer «z. SIM · Bravo Floor Polish Wax uoi sin *''' Favor Lemon Wax/oz. SIZE · ·' Glory Foqm Rug Cleaner Spray 340L tat $!·« Avi · DOWNIT--Illl PerMHirt Bl». it Flmim · HUNTINITON BUCK--UlR(ir it SirloKili · HARBOR CITT-Jiiil»rti it Virmont AVI. · URDErt QROVE-l!l5llr»kkmt A*t, it dtiimiii · PENINSUU eENTER--PilM VirfM PwlMiill Giant Dreft DETMOENT. . GIANT PKG , 79c Joy Liquid DETERGENT, M-OZ. ITU 85e Ivory Liquid ZJ.OZ-.SIZE Gain Detergent WNCSJIU

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