Independent from Long Beach, California on January 23, 1975 · Page 43
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 43

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1975
Page 43
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C-$-4NDE?ENDEN! (AW) ' PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) PWMrSrtS 50 ·^DISSOLVE "Your Marriage ^ABORTION ""7",' SflMJ-'V^ErMLE' " 1 "~ STERILIZATION (513) Munjii NEED. MONEY? PLASM DONORS Needed. $6 per MAGtSbLI A PLA5MACE NT E R UQW. ANAHEIM 436-9889 A'IDOW would like to meet anothe lone widow as a friend. To oo places, shop, trips so forth. Do not need Nurse or kitchen drudge Just a pood all around pal. 61 tween .55 65. Advantages. Wrll Box A«79 1( IPT Cl«smed Deoi, 6W FREE PREGNANCY TESTS 1350 PINE AVE. 5994554 Counseling for unwanted pregnan cies. Trained medical personne Lie OVERWEIGHT 34 HR. RECORDED MESSAGE! ATTRACTIVE, active, widow-slim panion 60 to 70 war. . Box A 4fl1fl Class Deri. IPT, 6W Pine LB 90B« LEGAL MARRIAGE 4264SD INTERFA1TH COUNCIL No Blooc Tests. License R, all papers secure by Minister. No Wailing. ITEMS FOR THE PURPL HEART VETERANS TRUCK. 432 7969 WANT A DATE? Single over age 40 Do you like to dine, dance, sports hunt, fish, travel, (ust good times 427-7125, 598-1587 1-8 pm ITS. CO. Auto Insurance To Anyone Trim. 190J Cherry. Lett 439-5065 Latin Amer. 39 vr old wishes meet lady under 39. 699-2553 LOVELY Conference Room, renl b night, week or Month. 434-3367: 434 5759 MINISTER needs Roman Cathol Bible-uuoav Version of the Lai WE BUY, SELL Loan MONEY on diamonds. American Jeweler 35 Pine Ave. 437-354 BUS. man-35-eollege grad seeks tr qirl for dates-child Ok 433-1561 "CHRISTIAN Single Adults" Sat 7:30 p.m. Firsl Bap\jst 10th Pin COMPANIONS live-in, no ties 4' 1 120 before 1 wkdavs-ail wkend DRINKING PROBLEM? Call ALCOHOLICS Anonymous 435-533 DRIVER Lie revoked? SR-M today Insure anyone. Trms Letl 439-2062 ELDERLY Lady." needs a walk badly. Will pickup. 531-9495 FREE-Lse meeting room for vo orpaniiatlon. Call B1H6D-7319 LEARN to DANCE quickly easll No contracts. Sharon 438-7130 line It hrs. Confidential. B31-HEL SINGLE DANCE Wed-Fri-Sat-Sun Eves: LaFavette Hotel 435-43 SPIRITUAL READER i Advisor Card Readings. Ph. B67-4451 SWIPE' Miracle Cleaner. Use il b Ihporop. Call 213 434-4976 . W.I.N. 15 Ballroom Dance Lessons il5. 421 9203 Theatrical and Music 53 PROFESSIONAL Organist Avail 1 Parties Lessons. 925-1691 Social Clubs 5 A FOTO DATING (T.M.) LARGEST 8- MOST RELIABLE AS SEEN ON TV-NO CONTRACT L.B., 426-1122-24 Hrv(?14\ 635-2220 Get More Oul Of Life. Call: Clara Lane Social Club 3115 E. 10th 434-0363 Hrs. 1 DOWNEY SOCIAL CLUB Free Brochure. Box 4314, Downey SINGLE People seeking frlendshi Join Beverly Social Club. P.O. Bo 177BellflowerTO6-7710 Lost Found 7 ANIMAL SHELTER 3001 E. Willow St - Long Beach Open Weekdays 10-5; . weekends holidays 10-4 UNTAGGED DOGS STRAY ANIMALS IMPOUNDED December 21, 1V75 Mix, Male, Blk Whl, 10 Wks. MS E. S2nd St K Brlttaln Spaniel, Male, Bm Wh 5366 E. Broadway St K Shep, Male, Tri, 5 Mos. 1362Lewis Ave K Aust. Shep, Male, Merle-Wht, Bixby Cherry Ave K- Lab, Male, Blk, 1 Yr. Abandoned At Shelter K-l Shep; X, Male, Blk Bm, 11 Mos. 2i50Ga(e Ave K-l Spaniel X, Male, Brlndle, 9 Mos. Ten-ier^Sa^ Blk^ WhtVi'7 Yrs. 500 Rhea St K-l Brussell X, Male, Blk Gray, Yr 400 Wardlow Rd P.C.I Poodle, Male. Whl- i Yrs. SanAnlonio-L.B. B'vd K-25 Shep, X, Male. Btk Wht, 1 Yr. "30? Lime Ave K-30 Shep-Husky, Fe, Blk Wht, ?' Abandoned At Shelter K-J Srtep, Fe, Tan, 2 1 .? Mos. 1362 Lewis Ave K-ii Doxie, Fe, Bm, 2 Yrs. Shep. X, Fe, Tri, 9 Mos. 2300 Pacific Ave K-. Terrier. X, Sex ?., Tri. 7 Mos. Lindbera Jr. Hi. School K-5 Shep, Fe", Blk Tan, 2 Mos 195 W. Plymouth St K.-6 Mop, Fe, Gray Whl, V T Yrs. ^710 Lakewood Blvd K-6 · Beaole. Fe, Tri, 5 Yrs. Spnt.o Si i 605 Frwy . . K- Aust.'Stwo. Fe, Wht Blk. 7 Mos. Navy Housing k-83 Shep, Fe. Btk , Wh1. 6 Wks. 517W.4thSt P.C Shep, Fe. Tan, 2 Mo. lOSJOranoe Ave . . . . Dea Mop.Fe. BuH.9Mos. HUfStE. Delia Aw Dea Sheo.Male, Tan. 1 Yr. 55?S Oranoe Ave Dea Shep, Male, B!k Tan, 7 Mos. T970 Atlantic Ave Dea Labb. X. Fe, BIK Whl, 1 Yr. (v61 Olive Ave . . D-?a AIO check County Poynd, 11255 Gariield. 1-633-X'lO, ScL'th Get 73-2-0113 LOST: KE ESMOND, valuafile Exoensive reward offered tor he sate return. V : vr old, F. Slk fac snort ears, very long gray hair b tiDped. short b?ige lees w-feath?r e . 3 Pomeranian like tali, very fiu*v iace re'-embles fox w-blk munie 43/-27S5; $=7-6C7S eves REWARD $100 Silver Mini Poodle. Black Mark. Inns Btue Collar Vic. 7th St L Wed. (7U) S22-S073 LOST Lady's poia watch injcnpvci Jan 20, San Ppdrc^vic. 5?tb biu* Center) Reward, Call eves. $31-i3C t LOST April '74 tt-.Valmute Stack White, lona Hair, toe Bcsut.hji tXa. LorrlM Art* 3 Srotkt-n Hearled 520-5SS7 REWARD LOST · Go'Oen Labrador retriever Vic Garfield 5. Se^Krarj, Pa-z- r-vcunl. No ID. LARGE REWARD, r..53-473S; 633-5756 LOST: Reddish blonce tcv Fs-r.t-r?.- r-ien Vic Palo VerSo ~r!e;ia Blvd. Answers TO S-andy 925 i^S ov H i '.". Afi D f o r srnl F light L'V.I Cr,;rui-ihu3 vie Ci( Hi!* f. txuM ·CocKie". Davs -£S-3*i3. eves i?i RTWARD: Grey WeirnaraPv' V-;.! ; -- 3'L-e eves. £rcrt hair. § yrs o'c. vc C i « r k BelH Blvd. Belli. FOUND: 6rov,r,, Slack w-rtM en fellow Schl, NLQ. i24-3fJ FOUND Smal! W . » e 3 F r-ldt-r? DOG V?l Vic. Cerr.tji Cot- ;ege W7-.W3 FOUND- F Irtsn Sf-npr^ = m: olO. Vic Reooixis Anaheim. iJj ."637 FOUUD Boitoo Bijiiasg. bik-A-m. -*.'· 3r-'iMowOr SoLlh 9?i-fri5 1 ; ~D- S4B3 ask for Eve FOUND F Samoyea mi» About 1 vr old vie Imperial H»vv L.B. Btva. Lynwood. 63*?'12fi3 LOST DOG Unqroom«3 white f pro c!!C DisflDPCiircd eve Jan J5 tic collar. Pale Verdo-Stearni 43! /ro *n«1 *rfrt H^, -.kin inff-ctinr. Rr- LOST. White ( V.fllc PcRingcw; Vn {jnuS-wsV .VATCH, vie Simms Pk, Belli W7 RCWARD Lost F. Irish seller. Tan rfi!l/ir. Communifrtble diH'^st, W4- L O S T O R r o U N O A P E T ? PETFINDERS 98W1495 FOUND PUG vie Garfieid In Hdly dale, South Oa'c 630 I3v7 f-OUND M Mixed Sheep dog, 8 mo. nut. orU9U L«F Found 75 low Atlantic 42r-SII7 FOUND; Brown GREAT DANE. Vic rllB. 637-UV7 «lt« $pm FOUND Male white SanwyFd, Lokt -QUND, F. Black Poodle, V c. Bloomdeld 91 Fwv. 531-wn FOUND-lriih Setter M. Palo Verde hoUNO: Yellow ruiJpy. Nr. llh Cherrv. -WU LQST-liold Retriever F. Vlt. Cherrv 1 Arresls. 8S7-2ES LOST M. med Collie features. BtW. brown, vie South Gate S31-612! eve LOST Purse Thur, Jan yth. Betw 10 8, CalH. Reward. «7-176. 1 OST Yorkshire Terrier-mini. BRW. Param BI«1-!8SS aft 5pm REWARD BiW M. cat Amer. Shor- thalr. vie Belli i. Conant in-tm REWARD F. med B8.W Cockapoo, vlt Los Alamitos «I-80I» REWARD White Samoved Male. Vic 7th Rertondo. Pt\ u4-97« REV/ARO Lgi! while 4 black German ShepherO vie N.LB 4H-3123 REWARD M. SHELTIE. Losl V c Lakewood. !13 591-0733 REWARD F. Blond Lab Vic llthi Ohio ELD. Please Call i35-SvO REWARD, F. Irish Seller. Vic. Lkwd South 51. O3 S907 REWARD Lost MRISH SETTERS MJ.F 1-18 Westside Hi-mi REW. Lost Samo/ed M. while, Daisy Pacific, chocker i3!-7093 Health Aids 90 LIMITED TIME ONLY Now Is Trie Time To Come riDn n CDA LIKLLt brA ENJOY YOURSELF OUR ATTRACTIVE GIRLS A FEW BLOCKS WEST OF Long Beach Traffic Circle At 2501E. PAC.CST.HWY. Upstairs- Si rfe Entrance BEAUTIFUL GIRLS S5 DISCOUNT ON OUR DELUXE TREATMEN" includes Roman baths, Saunas Place ol The World with the grea est, wildest atmosphere. EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED 6 Days. 10 A.M. To Midnight 5WS E, Carson Near Bellf lower Blvd. 425-922 PAWIPPD YOIIP^PI P TO THE ULTIMATE IN SOOTH LAS ROSAS STUDIO 4!dO E tth St. Long Beach ARE you getting enough attention Up to the minut? enjoyment at a old tashlon price. Massage Tokyo, 266-iVi W. Lincoln, An by lovely younn chicks. SHADES OF MOTION 75 International Beauties 868-1637; 10913 Orr , Day Rd. FRENCH Massaces, Steam Bath Sauna Baths, French Persona Baths. Enemas, Prostrate Sham poos. 6 New Young Technician 11059 So. Atlantic. Call W6-682V. HE 7-3887 1)25 Atlantic Ave. Long Beac calls (or men women. 714 96( ?164. Orange Co. Lovely masseusses fo home or oHIce. 213-597-9977 MASSAGE by lie. male. 56. APP' 43J-73W. 3202 E. Broadway « 7384. JAN SALON 3137 E. 7th St. LB Open 7 Days MASSAGE BY APP'T. Hospitals, Homes, Sanitariums 9 WILLOW LAKE CONV. HOSPITAL 2615 Grand Ave., L. B. 426-61 Board Guest Homes 100 HAVE 1 SEMI-PVT. rm lor elder lady In guest home. Home-cook« meals across from Bixby Pk 41 8097 245 Charrv. PVT. or Semi-Pvt room lor elder citizen. Xlnt food, spec, diets, D on call. Rossmoor. 430-9358. CARE For elderly cple in my p home. Good food. Reas. 599-1550. food. NLB. 428-1927 WILL care for Elderly Lady in m private home. Reas. 589-1550 Schools Instruction 10 TRAIN FOR CAREERS IN AIR TRAVEL Transportation DAY OR NIGHT CLASSES APPROVED FOR VETERANS FEDERAL AID TO NEEDY STUDENTS For Free Information Call 426-8841 TRANSPORTATION TRAINING CORP. (ESTABLISHED 1W2J J702 Atlantic Ave. Long Boat NIGHT DAY Aytp Mechanics Genera! Office Secty'l Courses EtectronicvT.V. Auto Body £. Paint Combinalion Welding CALIF TRADE TECH Long Beach Bl, Long Beach PHONE 591-5671 EARN GOOD PAY As a DIESEL TRUCK DRIVER Learn at the only School owned and Sponsored by the CALIFORNIA TRUCKING ASSOC Aporovea lor Veterans. 10 Power Units for Trailers Tuition including physical SA15 CTA Truck Driver School 5301 E. Washington B) LA c«MO Call 722-7119 Day or Niaht Compare w-o+her truck driv sch s CESSNAIR AVIATION INC. HAS Protessicicl Flight Training Prtvale Airiine Transport Pilot Also Aircraft Charter L.B. Municipal Airport 3501 Lakewood Blvd. J20-141J CONTRACTORS License Course te3Ch' r i. M ("-ours instruction Tut- tion S5= M 1 vr repeat orivi ! eoe NEW CLASS: r.V-n Jan.}? V.ONRQE INSTITUTE 3J33 E Ar.jhem 507-}7sS Long Beach College Of Business (Fcrmfr'v V.T! Bus Colltce! 2is E. 3rd. 43S-3W ·WELDING SCHOOL Learn In Months ( A r c , T . I G . f.'. 1 G Etc J Pay i3kf s'uCfnt Lojn Plan Test Prop ALLIED SCHOOLS. LYNA'OOD 631-1931 LASSES STARTING NOW lor WEDICAL t. DENTAL ASS'TS LO'.O SEACH COLLEGE iJJJ .Mlinl.c Avi- a:-Qlil DENTAL TECHNICIAN Llo Enro'^vrl-So Lake Cot'Mr 1.V E South St LkvKJ 6»-6t.u EARN SS5SSS f R U C K SCHOOL. Free pi.iCvnH.'.! tHENCYGROb. (713) 6356111 OS ANGLE LfcTTchooi ot WsU»w S Physical ThoraPv t'K Siqnfll H Branch, ?SOl E. P«lt.c COAM M*.. Lona Bcrtcri. Phone ^33-91*4, Ca^ifornift Collwc 01 Comnv-cf Pf-PATlNG ROOM TECHNICIAN AmcritAft VftCAllorial SchooK *067 LONG BEACH BL. SvS-«J6 CALIF Contr,KtW4 Lie. Service UTORING by Twctwr . HI ihru Hh ffllWffilSiu HELP WANTED INDEX Employment Agencies 130 Help Wanted General .... 140 UKIWSIIC i« Financial fi Insurance ... 150 Management 155 Medical 160 Office 165 Professional 170 Restaurants Clubs 175 Retail Stores 180 Sales 183 Technical trades 185 Employment Agencies 130 EMPLOYER PAID FEE FLO BAILEY AGENCIES LONG BEACH OFFICE «70 Long Beach 422-0471 LAKEWOOD OFFICE DOWNEY OFFICE: AND TIRED OF THE GRIND GET ON THE LINE AND -CALL Beverly Johnson Personnel Aoencv FOR MANY FREE FEE JOBS 161IJ Clark. Blfwr. 846-3711 OVER 300 JOBS AVAIL Coll lorJav! 20E AGENCY 17B20 LKWD BL LKWD 925-3702 NEWMARK AGENCY 3S43 E. Imperial Hwv 639-U35 EMPLOYMENT Employment Preparation 135 WOMEN 3WO Trainin« program now starting (or praclical nursing in hospital, clinic or private Outv. Call alt 6. 429-8508 HELP WANTED Help Wanted General 140 ART Models, girls. 18-25, topless pholos. 550 day. No exp. 865-5552 BOYS GIRLS WANTED TO DELIVER EVENING PRESS- TELEGRAM NEWSPAPER ROUTES IN BELMONT SHORE, NAPLES 8, EAST L.B. A R E A . EARN EXTRA CASH, TRIPS, PRIZES ETC. GOOD PAYING ROUTES. CALL O5-1161, EXT. 263. LEAVE NAME ADDRESS 8, YOU WILL BE CONTACTED. BOYS 12 YRS to 17 YRS. OLD IF YOU LIVE IN AREA OF 7th SI north ol SPRING ST REDONDO EAST TO 605 FRWY. YOU CAN EARN AN EXCELLENT COMMISSION SOLICITING FOR NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR THE MORNING INDEPENDENT OR AFTERNOON PRESS-TELE- PRAM. IN ADDITION TRIPS 6. RIZES_ CAN BE EARNED. IF INTERESTED, CALL HE 5-1161, EXT. 220, LEAVE YOUR NAME 8. PHONE NUMBER SO THE CREW MANAGER CAN CONTACT YOU FURNISH MORE INFORMATION. CALL TODAY! HE 5-1161, EXT. 220. CALL BETWEEN 9:00 A.M. TO 5 P.M. BUS DRIVER, lor pvl school. Musi have school bus driver lie. 424-9787 or 434-6338 CARNIVAL RIDE MEN HELP IN ALL DEPTS. For local traveling show. HA 99061. 830-9035 or HA 1-4822 Anytime. CASHIERS WANTED Must be over IB. Neat persona blc. Apply at the theater, 127 Ocean, LB COMPANION M. w-car. 18-30 vrs. To assist yng man In wheelchair Part- tlm«, no exp nee. 437-1850 Includes wkcnds. Apply before noon. Wlnchell's, 4110 Lakewood Blvd. LB DRIVERS-Starl immediately APPLY 8-5 pm Mon thru Fr United Checker Cab EARN GOOD PAY ABOUT $200 PER MONTH DELIV GRAM NEWSPAPER DQOR-TQ- DOOR. COMPACT ROUTES VERY LITTLE GAS REQUIRED HOURS IN AFTERNOON Of WEEK DAYS MORNINGS ON SAT SUN? AREA BETWEEN L.B. BLVD CHERRY, OCEAN TO PAC. CST. HWY. SEE MARK 204 ORANGE AVE, L.B. MON, TUES, WED, OR THURS AT 4:00 P.M. FOR INTERVIEW. Factory-Warehouse WORK TODAY PAID TODAY TEMP UNSKILLED WORK APPLICANTS 6:30-9 A.M. NO FEE-NO FEE.-NO FEE PACIFIC PERSONNEL 314 E. ANAHEIM. L.B. FIGURE MODEL S10 hr. Call 464-6951 9am to 5pm GUARDS AMERICAN PLANT PROTECTION, INC. Harbor Inland Areas TOP AREA BENEFITS Interview Hrs 10am-3prn Tuesday-Wednesday-Thurs 2485-C LB. Bl., L.B. 427-8921 GUARDS WELLS FARGO Security Guard Services 53J7 ATLANTIC AVE. HEAD JANITOR Pref bilingual (Spanish-English). Must have hospital exper. Full time permanent position. Call 591-OS47 for appointment Ask for Mrs Kaplan HOMEWORKERS-S25 per 100 stuff- ng envelopes. Send self -addressed stamped envelope to: 10-HO, 649 No. Brcnson Ave,, L.A., Ca. TO004 INSTRUCTOR MALE FEMALE Must be neal dependable, hard working, gcod appearance friendly. $3.50 Hr minimum, plus commission to start. Applv In person at main office Tues S. Thurs Only Between 1 i S JACK LALANNE'S EUROPEAN HEALTH SPA 53MWILSHIRE BLVO L.A, No Phone Calls Please LABORERS WE HAVE THE JOBS! WE NEED THE WORKERS! WORK Bv Day or- Week, never a Fee CALL or COME IN PROMPT TEMPORARY SERVICE 57S13 Lala'wood Bl, LaVewood 630-1017 LABORERS, with car phore, must Volt Temporary Services MAINTENANCE A ALCOA SPORT PRODUCTS CO. IkOl RESIN PL. SANTE FE SPRINGS MAINTENANCE Elaorly coi 10. cs t'on Gcvxl Acrk.r.n cwiaysai oior- p'eaM* A r i t e fc r interview Box A isJ.MPT O.issilied CK-pl 604 Hire, AAN, General sfxw wc^fc in lighting lixlure ^..v.'oom. Coraav Liahl irm. 3301 E Pic. C!l Hwv. LB }!7- MODELS, 1F,:5. toolrii TOM- lines. i» Mv. No e»per WS iSSJ. NEWSPAPER Delivery PoM tini r.icKs College V.UST have economy van or truck. Pi-one S3MW3 ORDER PULLER $476 Small Pll^l^ c»P in warrh'fe, ctif. GOLDEN WEST AGENCY 110 Pir.e Suiti 1 3CW HE 7-vSOl PART TIME NEWSPAPER DISTRIBUTION N. LONG BEACH t X C E L L E N T OPTORTUNITY TO MAKE THE EARLY MORNING HOURS PROF ITAOLE. Bt PAR] OF OUR NEW PROOPAM FOR ABlllTS TO DEJ.IVF.R COL 1 Ff T fOR MO.'.ll DELIVERV T)F THE VORyiNO INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER. THIS IS AN IDEAL SITUATION fOR HUSBAND t. Wl : E TEAMS. COLLEOU |TU OCNTS, OK WAGE EARNERS TO SUPPLtMENf 1H6IR INME f ALL 4??SJ36 "rwy ' A M TO » A M OR HCS-1161 EXT 3JO. ! AM TO 10 AM HELP WANTED SERVICE STA ATTENDANT Good sjl lo right mon. lull or uarl time Musi have mf-ch «*per. 4001 E. lift SERVICE STATION ATTENDENT E»ptrl rels required. Arco Service. IJ69 Weil Anaheim, LB SERVICE STATION FULL TIME · EXPER. Tune-Ups- Brakes etc. Also References EXXON MB E. Anaheim ceo\/;rc tTA.TION. MAN ' Exper. bays Rcl. Start Service Station Manager- Arco station in Complon area. Days only. Must have local experience. Musi be over 35. Good wages- Commission-Uniform- Profit SERVICE STATION MANAGER EXPER. ONLY Paid Vacations, Insurance I Uniforms Inquire: JH71 Los Alamitos Blvd. Los Alamilos TOW TRUCK OPERATOR Auto Club contract station. EXP pref, local ret. Apply, Pacific Auto Works, -U9 W. Anaheim, L.B. WAREHOUSE-LA BOR-FORKLIFT 11541 S Paramount Bl, DowneV ?23-fl373; 634-1870 WAREHOUSEMAN WANTED Small Paris experience preferred. Chance for advancement. APPLY AT 1721 E Uth St Long Beach WAREHOUSE , $540 (Local Co may take Iralneet PROMPT Employment Agency 17813 Lakewood Bl, Lkwd 630-101 / Window Cleaner Help wanted man. Must be experi enced, APPIY: 869 Walton St. L.B. WOMEN-HOUSEWIVES to demon strate facials, part or lull time Will Irain. PH 4-3M7; 434-975? Trainees 142 Advertising "Laid-Off?" Need 6 Sharp trainees, Earn lo S5 Hr. 3 Shirts. College Students may apply: 213-BA3-1010 wed or Thurs Asst To Credit Mgr $644 To Start COMPANY PAYS FEE Xlnt. local llrm is seeking perma nent employee to grow w-company Lite typing, calculator. Ability, fo train for A-R, figuring production bonuses, sales inventory etc Substantial raise In 3 months. O'NEAL EMPL. AGENCY DOWNEY 7B08E. Florence 927-44M HUNTINGTON PARK 6217' : Pacific Bl. 582-814 Aulomoliye APPRENTICE MECHANIC Apply in person, ask for Virgi Hlrshal... SUNSET FORD 5440 Garden Grove Blvd. Westminister CUSTOMER REALTIONS TRAINEE We need 2 sharp, bright girls that want to meet the public in Ihe business equipment field. If vou are aggressive energectic, we will train you to service sell to new t* present accounts, Very good earnings. For interview call: SHARON (213) 776-7700 ATTENTION! Far (lung, multi-national Corp. is secklnq a strong take charge per son lo fill Inls important position. I you think, your future is importan then call: ANCO Personnel Agency 3711 Long Beach Bl Suite 20 595-4481 ' MANAGER TRAINEE CAREER FOR YOU This Co. offers a full mgmt Iraln ing program For aggressive success oriented person. If you are looking for a future then call: ANCO Personnel Agency 3711 Long Beach Bl Suite 20 WILLTRAIN 3 PEOPLE To market live Tropical Fish on a wholesale level. $645 per month while in training. Prefer some Knowledge of Tropical Fish and-or some sales background. Gooc . opportunity. Steady employment Excellent working conditions. No traveling involved. Call 433^6823 Ask for Greg Domestic 145 BABYSITTER dependable lor 5 yr BABYSITTER 8, Hsekpr, lo Live in 1 child, Pwl rm t sal. B6B-1B43 BABYSITTER. My home. 2 children Seal Beach area. Live in OK. 1 :30 to Midnight. 7U-59S-7424 BABYSITTER-My home. 6:30am-4 pm. 3 sml. girls, aft 6:30 424-0065 BABYSITTER NEEDED my home occasional eves.-wkends Ref. a must! Own Transp. Call 862-3009 BABYSITTER Wanted, Spanish speaking. $30 wk before 3 438-2773 434-6647 aft 6 BABYSITTER Wanted. Full time, nites, F studenl pref. 213 424-3277 CLEANING COUPLE needed for Lge apt. complex. COMPANION Housekeeper, live in. Light cooking. Elderly lady w- working son. Lenient arrangement for time off. NO smoking or drinking, E. J4th Nr Orange. Refs required. Position avail, in 2 or 2 wtcs. Driver preferred. Write sal request to Box A3777 I.P.T. Class Dept, «4 Pine Ave, LB, Cal, 908i4 invalid, No.Smoke-Drink 430-1772 HOUSEKEEPER-Babysitter, Live- in, room board, sml. salary. For 2 yrs old boy. J2-.1537 aft J;30 HOUSEKEEPER For small Guest Home, in Rossmoor. Live-in. Musi be able to cook. Full time. 430-9353. HOUSEKEEPER FOR small guest home. GOOD salary, LIVE in. 439-1113 or 660-2929 Aide to handicapped man. Live in HOUSEKEEPER, permanent, 5 . days, w-reis. Mon-Frt. 35 Hrs. * must be xlnt driver. Good pay. Benefits. General cleaning child care. Non-smoker. Vic Cal Slate. HOUSEKEEPER, Reliable, Live-In. Weekends Off. 531-75J9 HSEKPR COOK Live-in pvt room. Lge Do-ivncv home S200 mo Call sure Wo fid widow. Live in, pvt rm, must have: own car. good health, -CfS. $300 mo. i37171 HSKPR S, COOK assistant. 2--J day ir\k or full time. Live in small guest r=m. (or 5 aged. No nursing, xlnt. oppor. (or right lady -U3-9077 -iSKPR For Semi Invalid Man. Live In Own Transp CaM i3J-0501 HSKPR. Live-in, lovely home, can nave outside io, no smoKO. i97- -ADY to live ir. and care for elderly couple 955-3173 JTE Housekeeper lor Elder ley Lady- Livp-ln. Must Drive. Refs. Call from 10 to J. J23-1321 Financial Insurance 150 \CCOUNTANT (Bi Lmcuat) 5SOO. JJOCE. ItnSt. -O3-5761 Cxi 17 LOAN PROCESSOR Excellent opportunity to ioin a nrowinq assc-ciation individual mu'.t tijve woe. prior experience in Est.ito Loan Prott'SSinn Aith .1 bank or 5 f, L, goner A! (trancing, crpoit row's, typing of M v,pm excellent phone s, public contact. CALL FOR APPOINTMENT Personnel 'Dcpt CITIZENS SAVINGS LOAN COLLECTOR To" tim-.\ insioo only. Sonv e x - rvrnTK-p m-c $700 Per mo · alt Company Ivnetits. C. Thorns. 597-tMS NSURAfJCF., CareerQpooi tonity wiihMutiwI of Omi'iv Prefer license Lite (L Disability Aoent, Call M,in,v*r, V.r Pfiwn, *JJ-?/*W INSURANCE SECRETARY Cnvrienced Salary open. · HELP WANTED V,5-.S5£mSnt US ' FOOD MANAGER immediate opening lor exper Fa»t Food Manager. Mexican Food Cham. Exper Pref. TOP Salary rlut Incentive Insurance Send resume in confidence , to: Cleblr Pacific, 660 New- '· port Center Dr. Suite 820, Newport Ben, Ca. 92660 MANAGER Real Estate Office 5 Years Exper Nee. 21 Desks. Xtnt Orange County Area. AsVfor Mary 714-531-5210 XRAYTECH Donilnouei Valley Hospital PHONE 639-5151. CXI. 516 Medical 160 A REHABILITATION FACILITY """RNorLVN^HH? 3 ' 11 MRS HAMMOND 434-8421 Alamitos Belmont Conv Hospital 3901 E Fourth St. Long Beach A.B.C. HOSPITAL NURSES AIDES 3T011PM Mrs. Hammond 434-8421 AIDE'S S3OUP LVN'S S42-UP Cerritos Nurses Reg.' 921-0357 SILLER-COLLECTOR For medical facility. Good benefits, start immediately. Exper necessary. 426-8151 ask for Bob COOK Apply Man thru Fri Mrs LeBrun EMPRESS CONV HOSPITAL 1020 Termino, LB COOK Experienced in modified diets WILLOW LAKE CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL 2615 Grand Ave, L.B. -J26-6141 Cook Supervisor Full knowledge ol all diets. Experience . in supervision, ordering staffing. Convalescent hospital experience. Contact Miss Hunter. 42661 dl DENTAL ASSISTANT 2 Yrs Exper Necessary Chairslde Office Call 213 591-3369 DENTAL ASSISTANT Chairslde. Exper Only Permanent. 5 Day Week 437-1817 LB AREA DENTAL ASSIST ANT For modern, private dental office. Call 926-3354 DENTAL ASSISTANT Full time. Bellf area. Chairside. Xray certified. 4 handed dental exper. Hrs 9 lo 6. 867-5117 Dental Assistant DENTAL BUSINESS OFFICE Exocr. Speak Spanish. 567-1227 DIET COOK 1st cook experience with diet $2.50 hour to start. Apply .Country 4010 Virginia Road, Long Beach. 427-8113. See Mr. Jackson EMPLOYMENT information call 5952462 (24 hr service) Memorial Hospital Medical Center ol L. B. LABRATORY TECHNICIAN Medical Office Scott J Mighell, 6510 E. Spring St. LB. 421-4791 LADY Needed for Ophthalmology Of- tice. Exper in Bookkeeping fi. Insurance. Call 424-3839. LVN Full or part-time. Convalescent hospital. 16910 Woodruff Ave., Bellflower (213) 867-1761 LVN FULLTIME-11 to 7 PART TIME 3 to 11 7 to 3 LVN -LPT NIGHTS PSYCHE AIDE EVENINGS PART TIME DAYS NURSE AIDE NIGHTS 8, DAYS COLLEGE HOSPITAL 10802 College PI Cerritos (213) 865-5284 O E U - , L , VEN perpr=,e e d LVN OR RN RELIEF 2 nights per week 11 to 7. Hacienda Conv Hosp 434-4494 LVN PART TIME 3 to 11 S, 11 to 7 Santa Fe Convalescent HOSP 3294 Santa Fe Ave. Long Beach 424-fl757 LVNs Country Club Manor Conv Hosp 4010 Virginia Rd,LB. (213) 426-0394 LVNS Day PM. in s'ate license. Kaiser Permanente Insurance. Beautiful convaiesccnl facility. . RN Assistant Director of Nurses for modern progressive convalescent complex. PALMCREST NORTH 3501 Cedar, Long Beach 595-1731 LVNS Nile shift, lull time. PM, part time. Good pav Xlnt benetits. GOLDEN HAVEN CONV HOSP 260 E. Market St, LB LVN 3 to 11:30 PM SHIFT Part 8, Full Time Available ST CHRISTOPHER Convalescent Hospital I860 Dawson Ave. 133-OJ03 Equal Opportunity Employer MEDICAL ASSISTANT For Ear, Nose Throat Back Office. Experience Helpful. 30-40 Hrs Per Week. Ph 436-0396 MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST Heavy phore work, Exper. MEDICAL Receptionist Fcr Front Office. 2 Doctors. Los Altos Area. Send Resume; IPT Bo* A3775, 604 Pine Ave MEDICAL RECEPTION 1ST Exper. BacK Otc. Somo knowledge ot oen. otficr *ork Salary open. Call Mrs Kingston, 597-3691 ocriy »- MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST SHARP, SPANISH HELPFUL E X P E R 012 YEARS SALARY SS30. Mo. 638-1313 ' Medical X-Ray Transcriber EXPERIENCED Applv .it Personnel SOUTHEAST DOCTOR'S HOSPITAL 5900 Pine Ave. Maywood 582-6131 1EO Ol. lnl '.kills. OMblC Ol ril- M«n. lo WOO Lkwd 531 -MO. HELP WANTED s MEDICAL SECRETARY MEDICAL SECRETARY ars^WiraRir'- NURSE for assisting in General Practice. Exper BacK OHIce Procedures, No Saturdays. Salary Open. Rels. Req. 869-3328 Mrs Neal nlURSCSAIDE Exp. to 12. 50 Gaylord Employment Agency 1834 Atlantic Ave. LB. 599-1M NURSES AIDES All shifts. Apply Mon thru Fri. Mrs. LeBrun EMPRESS CONV HOSPITAL 1020 TerminO; LB NURSES AIDES Experienced CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL 434-0941 NURSES AIDES, LVNS. RNS WE NEED YOUR BODY STAFF BUILDERS 437-0806 NURSES'AIDES ORDERLIES EXPERIENCE PREFERRED DAY SHIFT PM SHIFT WILLOW LAKE CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL 2415 GRAND' AVE., L.B. NURSES AIDES 710 3 PM SHIFT COLONIAL MANOR Convalescent Hospital 1913 E. 5th Equal Opportunity Employer OPERATING ROOM FULLTIME-DAYS Performing 530 surgeries DCr month, mostly maior. Require suitable experience availability for call. 151 bed, private, non-profit, general acute hospital. Attractive salary benefits program; Apply in person: PERSONNEL OFC: · DOWNEY COMMUNITY HOSP 11500 BROOKSHIRE. DOWNEY (Near Firestone 8. Lakewood) NURSES-REGISTERED ' Medical-Surgical NIGHTS Full time position, mator general acute non-profit high integrity hospital. Please contact Mr. Rowe, Personnel Dept: DOWNEY COMMUNITY HOSPITAL 11500 BROOKSHIRE, DOWNEY NURSES RN: day relief, flexible schedule. LVN or. LPT: part lime, days Work with children i'young adults in exciting new program. SEASIDE Long Beach 591-8701 NURSING ATTENDANTS Full time 3 to 11:30 ill to 7:30 Previous acute Hospital experience required. Excellent salary plus fringe benefits. LOS ALTOS HOSPITAL 3340 Los Coyotes Diag . Long Beach 421-9311 Ext 247 9 AM TO 12 NOON PHARMACY CLERK Experienced. Must type. 591-3335 RECEPTIONIST for Orthopedic Office. Fringe Benefits. Exper. Contact Juanita at 597-1338 RESPIRATORY THERAPIST Progressive Respiratory and Cardio Pulmonary Department needs Technicians with good ER, ICU, CPR experience. Will train only in Cardio Pulmonary. Full and part time openings. Good salary and benefits. BAY HARBOR HOSPITAL 325-1 221 Ext 320 RN Day shift. Asst. Director of Nurses Apply Mon thru Fri Mrs. LeBrun EMPRESS CONV HOSPITAL 1020 Termino, LB RN DIRECTOR for 90 Bed Skilled Nursing Facility. Requires knowledge, sympathy t enthusiasm for work with mentally retarded. Exciting, talented training programs in progress. RN w- supervisory experience. Excellent salary, benefits opportunity. Submit Resume to P.O. BOX A 4647 Classified Department Independent Press Telegram 604 Pine Ave. Long Beach 90844 RN Full time days. Good pay Xlnt benefits. GOLDEN HAVEN CONV HOSP 260 E. Market St,LB 42W681 RN FULL TIME DAY SHIFT COLONIAL MANOR Convalescent Hospital » 1913 E,Slh RN ICU -CCU. 11 TO 7 SHIFT J Bed Unit. Busy chalUtnointi position. ICU Differential Shift Good salary bcrx- WOODRUFF GABLES HOSPITAL 17800 S WOODRUFF AVE UKLLFLOWER HELP WANTED Medic*! *M RN Long Beach Hospital . 1725 Pacific Ave. Are you looking for i happy con- eenlal patient, oriented atmosphere? If », you are the nurse we need. Full of part time. 3-11 11-7. ICU background preferred, or will Iraln. 599-3551 Exf 3? RNLVN P. M. shift. Full «. part time. WILLOW LAKE CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL mi Grand Ave, LB. 426-6U! RNORLVN With Emergency Room 173 Bed acute Care Hospital adjacent to Long Beach has full lime position lor Individual with Emergency Room experience. 11 to 7 shift. Contact Nursing 599-1311 Ext 203 LOS ALAMITOS GENERAL HOSPITAL 3751 Kalella Ave. Los Alamilos Equal Opportunity Employer RN P.M. Shift. Exper in Geriatrics. Top Pay! Benefits. An excellent Position for right person. FOUNTAINBLEAU NURSING CENTER (714) 826-8950 RN'S For Medical Doctor group. 40 hour week. Work with 4 other RN's. Excellent salary fringe benefits. Permanent. Norwalk -La Mirada area. 921-3425 RN'S Full Time or Part Time. 3PM-1 1PM shift. Small Hospital. : | EXCELLENT BENEFITS. 1660 W. Broadway, Anaheim 714-776-1660 RNS-LVNS: ALL SHIFTS " California Convalescent 3850 E. Esther. Long Beach NRPCH8.TERWINO RN'S LVN'S · ALL SHIFTS FULL TIME PART TIME Convalescent Hospital, L. B. RNS LVNS Charge, IV, Team Leaders ALL SHIFTS AVAILABLE Xlnt shift differential ICU -CCU -RNS 8. LVNS 3-11:308,11-7:30 Xlnt unit stiift differential PIONEER HOSPITAL 17831 S Pioneer Blvd Artesia 865-4291 Ext. 406 (Nr Cerritos Shopping Center) RNs t, LVNs, full time PM niles St Mary's medical Center 435-1441 RN'S-LVN'S 173 Bed acute care hospital adla- cent to Long Beach has immediate positions available all shifts. Contact Nursing 598-1311 Ext 203 LOS ALAMITOS GENERAL HOSPITAL 3751 Katella Ave. Los Alamitos Equal Opportunity Employer RN SUPERVISORS All shifts, full time. SSO per shift. Clean, new facility. Bell Gardens Convalescent Hosp. 5648 E. Gotham, Bell Gardens 927-241; 771-4448 RN HPMto7AM APPLY BETW » 8. 3. Mon-Fri Twin Palms Sanitarium 11900 E. Artesia Blvd. Artesia 86HI271 RN 7 to 3 Saturday 8. Sunday . Edgewater Convalescent Hosp 2625 E. 4th St. . Long Beach X-RAY TECHNOLOGIST A.A.R.T. C.R.T. ORTHOPEDIC OFFICE, LB Please submit typed resume to include personal data, ref, job salary history. Interview to selected applicants only. IPT Classified Dept. Box A2847, 604 Pine Ave. LB, Ca 90844 Office 165 ACCOUNTS PAYABLE CLERK 2 to 3 years experience in heavy accounts payable. Machine posting helpful. Good ell around bookkeeping knowledge a plus. Excellent · fringe benefits. . MCKESSON CHEMICAL Call 869-2481 Equal Opportunity Employer Acct'g Supvsr $14,500 Annual COMPANY PAYS FEE J yr degree + 5 yrs Acct'g supervisory exper. Will supervise 16 in Acct'g Dept. Handle all phases assist controller. Many super bene- ' MANY OTHER FREE FEE O'NEAL EMPL AGENCY DOWNEY 7808 E. Florence 927-4466 HUNTINGTON PARK 6217'i Pacific Bl. 582-fllJl We have nice office 8. good pay if you have expar ability. 667-6397 ACCTTAXPREPARER High Volume Tax Office. Highest Earnings. Exper Only. 925-6631 "Active Positions" Telex-PBX-Type-Steno-Keypunch Call Terry At: PACIFIC PERSONNEL 330 E. Anaheim, LB 432-5704 AsstBookprTrne $433-450 Alert, reliable, neat writing, NLB. GOLDEN WEST AGENCY 110 Pine Suite 309 HE 7-0501 4UTO BOOKKEEPER GEN. OFFICE Must have posting fi. auto dealership experience. Qualified appli- csnt will be highly compensated given numerous benefits. 5 day week. Contact Business Mgr. Bill Barry VW 3940 Cherry Ave., L.B. 595-4401 luto SERVICE CASHIER Experienced. Also PBX, Hours 9 to A, 5 day week. Salary open. COLETTO FORD PH. 832-5315 BILUNGCLERK $450 110 Pine Suite 309 HE" 7-0501 ' BOOKKEEPER F.C. Thru T8 PL, acctg Cup pref to S900. M«l PUn. Lkwd. Mi-Mi) BOOKKEEPER F.C. S.700UP FEC NCGC.TIABLt Sml olc-type 40 books thru PL Al A AO ENC Y 4014 LOTS BMCh Blvd 474-07JI BOOKKEEPER, F.C. $750 ALL JOBS m FREE Employment Service Aflcncv 927-3385 HELP WANTED fUfir* ' 16$ ^OOKKEEPER^- M' n !'e l Srjil^bi?llyfTxSllnt Bookkeeper (Full Char*) . Part Time. Hours Flexible. Cypress area, Send, resume, to: ATLAS AMllSEMENT CO. «S8 VlsUroo, Cypress 90430 BOOKKEEPER · Part Time 862-2131. So. Gate Area PemaSSP^KILl store keeper In A-R, A-P, cash receipts, disbursements, general ledoer, T.B. flnandar statements. College dMrM APpWlN PERSON FABRIC KING S511 WOODRUFF AVE, Lakewood BOOKKEEPER- SECRETARY Exper. necessary. LB area. Wholesale Nursery. Send resume 8. salary requirements to: Box R3906 I.P.T. QasslflKl Dept, 604 Pine Ave., L.B. 90944 Book'pr-Gal Fri $7-800 F-Chg thru P L, 1 girl otc. car. CO PAYS FEE (FEE JOBS 60LDEN X WEST AGENCY 110 Pine Suite 309 HE 7-0501 CASHIER liauor store. S150. wk. Downey 862-4512 CLERICAL WE'RE HIRING STENOS.TYPISTS , CLERKS, BOOKKEEPER^ GE^N OFFICE, PBX, ALL CLERICAL JOBS YOUR AREA- NO FEE . ONE TRIP TO APPLY THEN-ON-TO-WORK 5.1. S. TEMPORARY SERVICES CLERK, ACCOUNTING Carson located company. Requires 3 to 5 years in general accounting . experience, type 50 wpm. Are you able to organize perform follow through, like responsibility 8. are you a self starter? Call S. Root 549- CLERK Administrative Carson located company has opening for person with prior accounting, billing or traffic related experience. Type 55 wpm ability to work on own. Like detail compiling statistical data? Call S. CLERK STENO $588 Plus Benefits. Work Sun Thru Thurs Midnight to Sam Federally Funded Program. Must be Unemployed or Under Employed for 30 days to date of Hire. Requirements: Type Minimum 50 WPM, Xlnt knowledge of English Grammar Punctuation, Prior exper in transcribing from Dictation Math is desirable. Apply at Signal Hilt Police Dept; 1600 E. Hilt St Signal CLERK/TRAINEE Carson located company has several openings tor people to handle data control. Data Processing experience or school required. Full time, first shift position part lime 2nd 3rd shift 12 weeks a month). Call S. Root, 549-5511 CLERK TYPIST For pricing, billing some telephone activity. Good pay benefits. CARMENITA 8. SANTA ANA SANTA FE SPRINGS 921-2691 CLERK TYPIST MUST HAVE CAR. BRAINS LITE TYPING NEEDED $2.75 per Hr. 428-2840 LB Area Computer Term Tme to $650 Type 65 -t WPM to qualify-xlnt co. A E A AGENCY 4014 Long Beach Blvd 424-0721 Customer Service Manager Must be able to talk with handle customers by phone . (· correspondence; Exper. Preferred. Good Personality. Use 10 Key Adder Lite Typmo. Good Working Cond. Write Box A5054 IPT Classified Dept. 604 Pine St. LB Ca. 90844 documentation elks to $1000 marina personnel 117 e 8th, 432-8911 EXEC SECRETARY Needed. Good typing. S-H, S700-S800 start. FREE Techn'co 869-4420 rULL CHARGE BKKrR to $750 Free, thru P-L, F-S, taxes, also fee lobs. Jane Allen Professional Agency 4130 ATLANTIC AVE 437-5448 gal friday, posh 1 b ofc, free $700 xlnt raises, also fee marina personnel agcv,n?e 8th 432-8911 GENERAL OFFICE CLERK Monday-Friday. Typing accuracy, dependability a mush Should have own transportation. Apply: 1530 W. Cowles St., L.B. GENERAL OFFICE FITTING MODEL Up to $600 Co Pays Fee, Also Fee Jobs VOGUE AGENCY 4260 Allanfic Aye. LB 427-4277 GENERAL OFFICE Handle busy phones, knowledge of bookkeeping. Lite typing. 10 keys, extra benefits LB Blvd Wardlow 426-2503 GENERAL OFFICE Part time girl for light typing, filing, etc. Sal open. Call 422-2810 or 8M-J050 GENERAL OFFICE Person to work 5 day week, 2 to 6 PM for Westside Project Area Committee Office. Must drive, type. Apply Westside Neighborhooa Center 1372 W. Willow, 595-1613 Mr. Nehri GENERAL OFFICE Sml. Co. needs congenial mature responsible woman for permanent position. Typing Required, Salary Open. Call: 549-4110 GENERAL OFFICE-Typlng, 10 key, phones. FREE Technlco S69-4423 . GENERAL OFFICE $WOO+ Gd typist-bkpg exp. Sharp, car. Co. pays '/ a Fee-Golden West Agency- 110 Plne-HE 7-0501 GIRL FRIDAY BOAT YARD. Exper necessary. GIRL FRIDAY 8. Child Counselor In LB children's program. Hrs l-9pm. S525 ore mo. Gloria. 53H533 GIRL FRIDAY New L.B. Office Need a Mature Person to Run the Office, Bkping Exper Required, Typing Good Phone Personality a Must. Shirley Corwln 596-5458 GIRL FRIDAY Permenant position, typing some bookKeeping skills. Write: Box A3115 IPT Classified Dept 604 Pine Aye; LB 90M4 r GIRL FRIDAY $550 GIRL, voung aggressive In be trained in Adv. Agcy work. Type 60 WPM. Part time 'til trained 4334983 INSURANCE Office, typing, filing, telephone, 10 Key Adding Machine. Full Time. Reply P.O. Box 318 Long Beach, Ca. 90301 INVENTORY CONTROL CLERK Exper. on distribution of products. 10 key by touch a must. Sal based on exper. Beautiful location in Industrial complex. 213537-8600 ' Jr. Clerk Typist $455 noPir-e Suite 309 'HE 7-osoi KEYPUNCH OPERATOR 4:30 PM-liOO AM SHIFT FULLTIME PERMANENT W.INIMUW i YEARS EXPERIENCE Applv in Person 9 AM- 12 NOON, MON-FRI Personnel Department LONG BEACH COMMUNITY HOSPITAL 1720 Terrriino Ave. Long Beach Equal Opportunity Employer HELP WONTED ._ " KEYPUNCH OPERATOR · · \amSof tmnasrton . , aiait wvuwc'f'j-'V '--«·""" ·' KEYPUNCH OPERATORS CALL- TASK FORCCJW JS'lSSsa'" Senior, 436-9)61 KEYPUNCH OPER Terno Law A . Short Term Asslwt TGlrfT-ftan 437-28* '· ' LEGAL SECRETARY LEGAL SECRETARY '" EXPi£ Fl WORKMANS COW- " !n twWftee B S J AlARY a opir]; LEGAL SECRETARY Y LE n GA^SECJYTRAINEE d - Cerrltosarea. Call 213 865-5211 MANAGEMENT LONLWPARIS-ROME The world Is vourxOur client Co needs career minded person to assume fu charge of 1 of their Inl'l offices. Make your decisions count! 3 'ANCO Personnel Agency. 3711 Long BeachBL || Suite 201 OFFICE CLERK EXPER. S3 + PER HR. call Mr. GODRE forappt. ,_ NORWALK ' 921-8663 OFFICE CLERK ··-. to $520 PBX relief-flle-mall clerk . A E A AGENCY - .ORDER DESK CLERK Experienced in air compressors paint spray equipment preferred. Company paid benefits. Call 636-1767 PART TIME HELP. Nick Rader Ins. ' Payroll Clerk - - Typing, filing general office experience required. Use of adding machine calculator. Excellent Company benefits. 833-2411 Equal Opportunity Employer PAYROLL PBX OPERATOR Cord board. Good typist. Call 6380331 between 10 am 5 pm. PBX-TELEX^^^vJoJSSJ 110 Pine Suite 309 HE 7-0501 PSYCHE TECH " FULLTIME 11-7. ' . 1 STANTON COMMUNITY- .. HOSP 7770 Katella, Stanton 893-5051 Ext. 202 RECEPTIONIST For counclllng otc, ' Mon. PM, Tues, Wed. Thurs FrU' AMS, S2.50 hr. 426-6503 RECEPTIONIST Full-time thru April 15. Apply in person 1 to 4 p.m. TRIPLE CHECK 9047 Alondra, Bellflower RECEPTIONIST-Mature woman for- Optometric practice. Gen otc management. Some lab work. Perm. Full time. Cerritos area 860-1330 ' SECRETARIES-- TYPISTS VOLT Temporary Services 3520 Long Beach Blyd L.B. 105 . ,,, 4J6-2140...EOE SECRETARY Advertising Promotion Dept IJ| Expanding company. Fast, accurate typist, varied duties, busy · desk. S-H desirable. Salary commensurate with capab llty. INTERFORMJNC. 18744 So. Reyesi Compton NLB area - · 1213) 537-4063 SECRETARY .- Gal needed for busy two girt oHIce. , Shorthand 100. Type 70. Sharp, quick learner. Much variety duties. » Salary open. - LOS ALAMITOS AREA 213598-5504 SECRETARY LEGAL Exper (or Torrance Trial Firm. Shorthand, stenorette, IBM typewriter, salary open. 530-3990. ' J 'SECRETARY - LEGAL Call Mr Rider 437-7436 SECRETARY No Shorthand, typing 55 wpm. Prior experience in bookkeeping, freight, billing or statistical analysis required. Busy office requires a person who can accept responsibility likes compiling reports on own. CallS. Root, 549-551 1 SECRETARY Our Long Beach Districf office · has an immediate opening for a staff secretary requiring shorthand 80 wpm, typing 60, . plus a minimum 1 vr. experience in general clerical stenographic work. BLUE CROSS 3605 Long Beach Blvd Suite 100 Long Beach PHONE: 595-4611 SECRETARY-TYPE GIRL'FRIDAY Good typist fi. smart. Interesting job In trade shows, TAYLOR SON DEC CO 1501 Oregon 435-5691 SECRETARY 537-3880 SECTY(LAB)- : A San Pedro based Medical Lab is seeking a Sectv for its laboratory son/ices division. This Individual must have a B A degree, type 55 WPM accurately have recent office experience, preferrably with a medical orientation. CALL KAREN RICHEY 548-1473 NICHOLS INSTITUTE SECTY$600Mo Type to wpm. Medical Terminology necessary Medical research setting In Downey area. Contact: Nancy Weideman 922-8111 STENOGRAPHER Bi Lingual S700 2400 E. 7th St. 433-5741 Ext 17 STENO-RECEPT $600 Friendly ofc, lite S-H, varied lob no Pine Suite 309 J HE 7-osoi TEMPORARY JOBS OFFICE OVERLOAD Typist-Gal Fri $500 110 Pine Suite 3W HE 7-0501 Must Type TY w S I Accurate! ' TYPISTS ,- WE HAVE THE JOBS! , · WE NEED THE WORKERS! ' 17813 Ukev^^^ood VAULT TELLER ' ROUTE ACCOUNTANT "' Coin counting experience prcltr- red, 10-key route accounting exper helpful lor Shipyard otficcvil, Nat'l Fpou Service Co. Good salary benefit*. Must be bonoable. For % -.-p; jjji *?j ShurtC St w4 510C betw 9am J2 noon. SERVOMATION CORPORATION An Equal Opportunity EmolOYGr Professional iVo TEACHERS: Enollit; » Jnd LaV QUMC t, Sen Education Bl Usuol ttio"»00?. 7th St. uJ-Sftt Exit)!

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