Independent from Long Beach, California on March 22, 1976 · Page 27
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 27

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 22, 1976
Page 27
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Pearson overcomes tire troubles, wins Atlanta KN, CM.. MOO., M^cn a. it7 [NOEPENDENF (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM)-C5 BEST IS ENOUGH FOR AZTECS, 3-0 ght detour Hubert Green hits out of sand trap on third hole where he took a double bogey 5, one of his rare rough spots en route to ,a two-under-par 70 that was good for win in the $175,000 Greater Jacksonville Open Sunday. - _.,«,*·.* HAMPTON, Ga. UP) D a v i d Pearson, overcoming a lire problem that put him a lap down early in the race, took on a full set of tires with 50 miles to go a n d sped a w a y f r o m Benny Parsons for victory Sunday in the 17th annual Atlanta 500 stock car race. Parsons, who had a decisive l e a d w i t h 100 miles left, got only two tires when the leaders all pitted for the final time. Pearson, who e a r n e d about $16,000 for his victory from the $151,900 purse, quickly made up the difference, thanks to the imp r o v e d t r a c t i o n , a n d moved out to a 1.8-sccond margin at the checkered flag. Parsons, l e a d i n g t h e NASCAR Grand National points standings, was one of the few of the original group of leaders not to encounter problems during the four hour race. Pearson lost a lap with tire troubles early in tlte r a c e , but managed to make it up during caution periods and with the usual speedy work of his Wood brothers crew. Third place C a l e Y a r borough, with his Chevro- let clearly the fastest car on the track, lost four laps midway through the race to change a broken distributor rotor. He managed to make up all but one circuit around the 1.522-mile A t l a n t a I n t e r n a t i o n a l Raceway oval. Lennie Pond came in fourth, another lap back, with a smashed-up rear end on his Chevrolet--the result of a tangle with Bob Burcham late in the race. Fifth place Darrell Wai- trip nearly lost the hood on his Chevrolet early on, when the support brackets j gave out. A long stop to tape up the problem was responsible for part of the three laps he finished be- | hind. Pearson averaged 1 2 8 . - I 90-1 miles per hour for his I second Atlanta 500 victory. He led six limes during t h e race, including the | f i n a l 31 circuits. I. Divld PM/son, Mercurv. J?l laps. 1IS.W rnil« per hour t. Btnn» Persons. Chevrdtl. 1M. 3. Ci« Yarboroixin, Cftevrdtl. £/. I. LtlUlU Pond. ChevroKI, m. i. Darrell Wlltrlp. Chevrolet, JIJ. 4. rx» Coo Merlin. ChevrotM, Mi. ;. Dkk Brookl.Fwd. 3,1 I Nril Bomwll, Chevrolet, 331. vf Slico, CnevrolH, 321. 0. Jack* Rogers. CKvrolet. 331 1. RkrwrrJ CWWreH, Chevrolet. 1. Grant Adccx. Chevro*!, 311 ). Ed N«r«, Oooae. 31». I. Boo B.rctum. Cr*vrolet, 316 1. Frank Wirren, OMB*. 3't 4. Cecil Gordon Chevrolet, 315 I. D-uce KM, Chevrolet. 113 I. Sfclp Manning. Chevrolet, JI3. lv. John Urtmin, Dodae. X». ». Darrfll Brv»«l. Chevrolet. IW. J I . D K . Ulrkh. Chevrolet. ?W. n. Jerry Slico, Chevrolet. JW. J3. Henly Gray. Chevrolet, 3« K Waller Balli/d, Mercury, Hi. n euoay Biker, Ford, la. ?6. Terry Blvlni, Chevrolet. HO V. I D. McDgHie. Chevrolet. If! H. Richard Pcny, Ood9? r 194 Jr. Bobby AIIKon, Mercury, IV 30. Buddy Arrirrfltoo, Dodge. 175 31. Jamet Hyl!on, Chevrolet, liS 3). Oave Wards, Doooe. 101. 33 -Kirtmy Le Carps. Chevrolet, « 3J J'mmv Means, Chevrolet, 61. 15. Tom Gale. Ford. 53 M BW Elliott, Ford, !l. TACOMA (AP) - The Aztecs, led by G e o r g e Best, scored a 3-fl exhibition North American Soccer victory over the Seattle Sounders Sunday. The Aztecs' first goal was set up by Best as he took a corner kick and had it headed in by Bob McAlinden. The Aztecs scored once more in the first half as John Mason headed in a pass from Fishna. Mason and Fisluia teamed up for the game's final goal on almost a carbon copy of their first goal. " Though Best didn't do the scoring, he dominated the game by drawing defenders to him and opening chances for his team. GRAND PRIX -- REPORTS -5:45 P.M. KFOX 1280 "Your Country" NEW BRAKES MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE! IEAST LONG BEACH I BRAKE SERVICE UOI i. ANAHEIM I (rt Xlmerto) IONG BEACH a r»i of hi,, iijti, w,i, GE 8-1658 WHEEL ALIGNMENT I BALANCING Open fcrt., TiJO-U Dolly, 7i3O-S PSA flies to Oakland twice a day (from Long Beach). More green places Tires tone 'Cv ^^ " BRINGS BACK THE Hubert in JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) -- Hubert Green, ,n talkative guy who's rarely at a loss (or words, chatted almost constantly with his big gallery on his way to a gritty, rallying, two- under-par 70 thai slaked him to his second consecutive victory Sunday in the Greater Jacksonville Open Golf Tournament. He traded jokes with his neighbors from Bay Point, Kla., and one-liners with old college f r i e n d s from Garner romps by 11 strokes AUCKLAND, N e w Zealand (AP) -- Joanne Carn- ej of the United States shot a three-unrler-par 70 S u n d a y and won a women's inlernational golf tournament by' 11 strokes with a 213 total. Miss Carner, five times U.S. w o m e n ' s amateur champion and one-time U.S. Open champion, won about J2.260. Australians Jane Lock, a n amateur, a n d R h y s W r i g h t , a professional, lied for second with 224. Miss Lock fired a 77 Sund a y , I wo strokes more than Miss Wright. Cathy Duggan of the United States was next at 227 after a final round 75. A m e r i c a n S h e r r i Wright, who finished with a 72, and Gillian Bannan, (he sole N e w Zealand registered w o m a n p r o , shared fifth place with 228. Marlcnc F l o y d , another American, had a 75 for the ncxlspot at 223. Florida State and an occasional smile w i t h w i f e Judi, lugging young Myatt Green around the course that winds through pines awl lakes. But he looked just a little startled when asked (or a comment about his rare sweep of two tournaments in a row. "I don't know," Hubert saiti. "I don't know how I feel. I've never done il before. Gratified, I guess. It hasn't been done all that often. I'm very pleased about il." G r e e n , a r u n - a w a y , record-setting winner of the Doral Open a week ago and a man rapidly advancing through the ranks of the game's premier performers, claimed his second Jacksonville O p e n title in three years with a 276 t o t a l , a two-stroke margin and 12 under par on the deceptively-tough, * I'utxrt Green. S3S.OOC nW'fb-71 f.fa Bi-ter. ID.yJO IW-M/l-J] Ed Dougherty, 110-331 rJ-fl-fiMJ-Jl M:ke H9I. IW-ES 6Htn-n-!7 Lou Graham, 1^.175 Gar* Player, UJOO Ben Oerohjw, KM Lie Elder, U IS) Pfer Ooitrhu;!. Of Da* Stodrton. i]J77 LVe VrM9aw. QJT? ibnan-x n-nnti-iu class 7,H3 yard Deenvood Club course. But he sent a jolt of apprehension through his big gallery when he hit into a bunker on the first hole and later Ihrcc-putted for a double bogey five on the third hole. II dropped him out of sole possession of the top spot. Hubert, a dark-haired, quick-talking 29-year-old, shrugged it off w i t h a birdie on the next hole, moved two strokes ahead at the turn and all but clinched it with a duece on the llth. The victory, the 10th in five seasons for Green, was worth $35,000 from Ihc total purse of $175,000 and lifted him into fourth place --and ahead of the absent Jack Nicklaus and Johnny Miller--on t h e season's money-winning l i s t with $89.006. * * 1 tJogrv Ma'ftif. J7W · Bob Ourki, \h* 0 Jrn Arbui SB4 1 Tom Kite, S7K " Bob E. Smirti. BoObv Cab, vn Ri'i Rt»m. un Celebrating 76 Years of Honest and Reputable Old-Fashloned Business Dealingl Firestone Wide 78 Series 4-PLY POLYESTER CORD TIRE STEEL-BELTED RADIAL WHITEHALL 40,000 MILE S£ TIRES midt Milt leir Itronj fins ol Polre^ler Cwi It's til lit loath ini °»li ll (0ei«m»l II i! 1 tirt Ibjt nil tfElim lon[ nul[i[E Jr( (,ie)l IlK i IE in ecociraicjr pnce 70 SERIES T»rcstonc STEEL BELTED RADIAL V-1 TIRE Ray Ffcyd. Riv itovrvi't. am OK* tc»7. o.xe G»ry McConj. IJJ« Pny Rorfgea, tt .708 Cal Pw». IJ.M CXiniy Etf*arh. $3.M LJOTY Wadhlrs. CAM TOT, vf,^K', Lirry l*1tr, I7.M Don Jartuanr. c.M W*ri Haytt. 13.M Lronard TTtyn Bob Akrprry. Hit Sllrti. SUi) MOt BaW. II.W Ot 0 4 n ra*7-?is ji n-n-t^-x, mtn-7y-m t nnn-Kv-a* . Bruc» CnmpXf, Andy Beafl. Vlt rry Pit*, ifft SHvt Hf\nt. HC7 Oayf EktHbergrr, vie Rnuixfc. ua OavklGra'Mm, 1*47 Mvry FKdtrtdT. VC1 Lri Ion. «37 LK WAI. aa Kwrrlt Za/l*y, Better WiW, tXt fOXn KkfOl. It!« S'ln LM, CH RanoyCrillne. an John MiMf-t, O» Frrd Varti. U7t . Qfixt Fleiihpr. 11.20 Ij'rv t^ftvjf. ll.K* Alan Taw. H.M . B · Garrttl. IW J C Srwd. 1*7 Twitry. n-n-yt n-- Art* tfcNkkk. OW n-n^-n-n s»eve TI/^/, un n-n-Tvn-a* Rod 01. IT/I T77?-n-H7 WJ-IY Afrnircoq, S7H " QUH neirvn, IT;, ,- W.rti n-ri-n-Tj-a; 77/4 7iitV-m Gan, 1 Ooft ' Giltrfl YOUR CHOICE OF TO SIZES ONE ; LOW PRICE! A7B-13 F78-14 B78-13 Q78-H C7B-14 H7»-1« D7B-14 Q78-15 E7B-14 H78-15 (A-Slii 5 Bib o»l«n) Pl-Ji UH 10 13 65 F t I IDIi! lue Rlltkwills. Plus II 14 lo SHI m I nil lirr · WHIM W»US ICD 1) 0) iu(te6 b«lt, ktli tiex) dm for tout instil rtdim pilrtiltf ccr 1h biltt U |i* eicttlenl ittt SPORT Imported Vehicles PRICE rcstonc YOUR CHOICE OF 12 SIZES! P.Ucr.Jlll Pl.l II 8? II I) U I! 1 I OH hie -WHUrwiUS IMS] CO · SEE THE Hey Kids! Mom and Pop, too . . . m RADIO CONTROLLED · MINI GSlAND PRIX I 1/8 FORMULA ,, R/C RACING : LONG BEACH MEHfl · S« itc Wcrid Boio Co-la 1 dnmrxni: Mb VbmV · sej- (1?75) Sodjw n», JOT Code rjd cAen roa · itc'r r/c formula an crcoxf a xded rtfrodudior of I nV U.S. Graid Prix Wei ramcy in *e »*r o( m tt I 8. Anra. IW COT nmfc ifeedi be^on 4 to M n p h. -- Aio « »wd GronJ Pra Jomfc I rat ear drivm oonffcte oaa'rsl one cr«f» Vrh · fhe« roifixfinrofcd eon ty Ae wrlifi "«o) · oViwr froffy* g Announc«r will b« Sancfy K**d from AKO« toc«way THIS n A CHAtrnr by IONO WACH UONSCLUftS ZOWf "A" MARCH 23 7:30 p.m, TICKETS Oonotion $ 1 5 0 $0 I UKOKT jfc I SO ioca NO KfSfKVATTOHS NfEDED PHONE 436-4259 FOR INFORMATION TICKETS AVAILABLE AT t»ltTy ," tr»i . 1 1 lOO «*O *««* 7717 ST IOV L I DOWNTOWN IONG tlA.CH ASSOCIATtS 3JO PWt MCONO FIOO« · · mm ircstonc STEEL BELTED 40,000 MILE ^ RADIAL CAVAUINO Sizes PRICE! 1 5 5 R I 5 145R IS oiloblr In Blotk wot only . 6 Blottiwol-CtiM SI.47 10 f.l.I. i Tir. ofl your cor. WKITEWAII.5 ADD ?3.00 PniCLS AS SHOWN A l FlflESTONt STOHl'j r.lUCK YCHJH (Illt'.IOI.i D L A I t f l IOR HIS f.OUfi l\ IIVC I TRASH CfJV · L I N E R S ,, ·,,,.., ,,,:. WORLD'S LARGEST BRAKE SPECIALISTS *S3ft^» *£. * Wrxtl Tire-saving Kii 'V. Or Dint* nutli»ir. ttl CJilir. (inker »4 IK « It »ri(iii f I* u ip^iolBiit li It jiivH if 'ii«x r* uniu 1 ALL THIS 5ii ^m88 ·V WEEK $ 10 NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE £ y WITH m« cx^oi a»fin oooo TXIOUOX UI.IUKCHII. Hit LUBE UKKk A Wrixl Abtorb«r» EVotoocIng 1 OIL CHANGE n u; pull if i uiaiiif uil t Itfttt Clillil Imp'Ovo yoiK CM : Arttl tiro W; wiEh Ihi; Mrnnu', Monrn- 4 1 1 fMl fWiarunffBfatvfsrsrsrsiMutiia ^^mwtemiiujiiarararar^^a^rij ^ _ STORES, CHECK YOUR FIRESTONE DEALER CHARGE-IT . . FOR HIS COMPETITIVE PRICE Bellflower I7*t» SdMowcr BW. 867-1713 OftnHcn -Frl »*, 111. t-i Lakewood Center 630-A241 -nAxi. t fn. » 7 : » , Wrt Thuri. »4; 1 1-5; 0«n Vn 9 : Cerfitos 1 ISM Soft! St. 934-5546 OfW 9^ Von , Ttxxt Pri. Horwalk ma E. ifliewui HWY. Jt Narvik Carson Mall Pdmelh Jon«( B7I7 S. Attton Blrf 538-25OO Long Beach TTti JnJ LOORl 436-8229 (Axi-Frl I »S 30 SJH. « »? Downey t HI. 1 861-9238 Long Beach 597-8851 Ol*»n //rxl Fn 5 Si I H San Pedro H7 S. PKiBc Avt. 547-3395 Open Vrto fn 14. TAIiH rh* Tfr« MJn X/» 426-5557 «nW/xi Fri 11 V»t H? Long Beach 111! E. Pxifk Cll. rtwv. 591-5634 Oc«n /tn. Fri f » S » Loi Alamitos niTl L« AUmrt*! B W. 430-7559 M t i Wilmlivglon HuajriTftlt. mE.AiuWm 834-7261

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