Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 5, 1930 · Page 9
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1930
Page 9
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it haft for sort* tltatr that %fl.rhlhtl of trie/year *ou)aTh6w decline eomptre* wltn the ings oii.the seSOhd qua kn advance oh thdie of ter of thftf yW*. > „ ' Of couWwr.JIfeM it H« port at to wtat eecbhd fftgs will fee 1 btrt ihere lK'rf.«ialE« o| clrcutYistantlaf e evtd«flo« Oft .Which to base the fefecast that they will show little It atty impraV««i*nt over tfte first qUart' ''* i ThIA'Will . to those who have' pertnlt selves to be lured .into *' e that a wave or Work«d-Up optimi could chapl 1 * ,the coUrs* of buslf It I* noVjtiles* tb-wany reVl*W«rs w we have been insisting 'Upon slnfc* the beMnninf 6f th« y*ai>; UiSt bifgjneW win begin to buck up in "fli* fall m* not before. This decision, hae b««h reached, apparently, have some inside facts about, Mcond quarter earnings have filtered through from the inside? Th^ disposition Of a lot of people will be to .receive this information When these reports are printed as if It. were «. tbrrlbto blow. There wtll-btf'- no Mtil^m^Mm j.VA..¥ii/iialj-.tuai^-j~.5.J]lfj(tffli- l J«i l iiJt tftta 'j'JWgWilf^i^,*,,^^^ "*••"'' • ISHBUfi]? 7 * *** ,^ilfJMm»JlC»Rl«V' £ . !'«*»'* r irito«fM»Jt«p|» , ., Aw* W&i*t»-U* *'>».» . .Sf| MlSi MwfeiP ^.I*».;*H«**-^* *!•§ tlW * i H -/»;<«.! * n'" ' i* • .a' HOR S ' iii-J tfttfi .. s ..., N, June B.^-Ur*i ?P. C. i*...^, Warm S^rittf s aV«YU*, received s«T*r^ Injuries to th* fao*, 'whlctt re r - tHr«d t*n ^utttrM to titottt la«t «v«<Mug -wTi*n she ^ traitairif with her rtfttrier, SIVA L. B. *>ort ( fad *l*t*f, Ciss'Luktla Pott, add aft.Auftt, Mrt. V> C. WeaVfer, On the state highWA^ t tyrbh«?( «hen a passing car thrtw a pott b«ttl« Into,the window 6f tK« Pott car, striking Mrs.' Lewi«,M the a*e. After* Mturnlng to th«lf IWrne h ttuhtfnfdon^ Mrs. ' Port cOllapira iftd has slftce been confined to het bed. i%e' Identity of the dHVer who threw, he bottle has not beeh learned. IZOXTAL ILAWtaMe MO** of H«pV)tld«t« tfllh. 31 Unit ft 7»rtrit. • Mtrtttltt. «Famous ?! i~ iST* ,o§*ir. ' 11 Inlet. vtetor. . excuse for that. Th«c«arhlng8 Of the second quarter, when they cOme cut, ought' to haVH h« .effect - whatever on anybody's atUtUd«*tbward the mar. ket. N They will .represent^a very ,nattjir4| phase in the move back, toward normal .conditions. :, .;'•••' , ' tiff I wHtw fliis,,now because, these reports , will'' b>gin to appear first by rutnor in «. few weeks and then actually a week or tWo -later;' • -••;.'• (Copyright, 1936, by U. P. C. News Service, . , Inc.-) ; • PRIESTS TOM) TO STO? ; '•"<. ANTl-SEMITid AGITATION 19 Epoch ' 8To ^ eatted? ???*'««: IStl'iateraad BUCHAREST, June fei—The minister of public worship today issued an ordBt to priests o£ the state 'church to ab-' etaln from anti-aemitlc agitation, following the presentation of charges ^by fily Berkowlt'Si banker and president of a Hebrew organization.' ' •• ' There has been, a revival of anti- eeinlUo -agitation in,Rumania, following the election of professor Ouza, an Anti-semitic leader, to parliament. Berkowits charged that apme state church priest* had become ictlve anti- •emltlo agents of Cuza. < :' • A high Bucharest police official named Mllozi has been' fined 60,000 lei (about |3,000) and suspended from the service for three years-joh'charges of maltreating a young Jew. The court also ordered Mllozi to pay the youth 10,000 lei damages. ' , (Copyrilht; 1B30, by N«w York Sun.) TEXAS PATRIOTISM IS PIOHTINO SUBDiyiiSlON . V '.... ', ,':„'V ,it DALLAS, Tex., June'5,—Texas patriotism had evidenced itself today in agitation against the proposal of Representative John N. Garner, minority house leader, to divide .the state into five parts and provide the southwest with added legislative power. , The question o< subdivision ha* Appeared frequently since 1845, when Texas was admitted to the Union. Bach tlihe the ; proposal ha» r 'been 6p- pdsed by public''sentiment an'4 argu- ; mftnts that such subdivisloil would : complicate _the government. : . . ; , Foremost of the arguments for subdivision Is that such action would provide the' southwest With eight additional senators, giving the south the > balance 1 of power in congress over the north and east. Gardner's plan would divide the state into five distinct parts, each of. which would have a popula-i tlon of approximately 1,200,000 and an area of 03,000 tfqtiare miles. OPEN BAKER MANSION MUSEUM ON SATURDAY For the first time this season the museum of the Blair County. .Hlstdri- cal society in the Baker mansion 1 Will be open oh Saturday afternoon from 2 to 5 o'clock. The'jWprk of preparing for the opening has'.been in progress all week and many: exhibits of Interest have been added. ' Mrs. Elizabeth Johnston, chatrma'n of the house committee, will have a corps of hosts and hostesses'to escort visitors through the mansion. The 1 Alleghany Furnace stop for Hollldays- burg and park cars is near the man- lion. . . 14 JS27 *f " \T»TEftDAr8 AXSUEB ' * ""LI" ovaatv.' • ^. • *' g^jfnniM^iM^^MtNsfyvf ' raiicc.- , . rt Blendsttef. -IT to fly. SM Jeopardy. 8il Dined. MPrpmlM., 87 Let* JaU. MCU'« foot. 40 Boa. 81 Our ambassador t« Eflff* land. ' 88 To pulk MM«<aUie '• rock. ' ' > MPai*. - i ' 88 Moccasin. . 80 To p«rf orpi. PRIZE AWAHDS MADE. • HUNTINGDON, June 8.—At the commencement of the. Huntingdon High school the following'prizes-and awards were made: " The Junlata college scholarships, highest awards for high'school seniors, were presented to Josephine Rymer and Richard Llnton; the alternates are Mary Henderson and Charles Swope. This scholarship is J50; per :year for two'J^ari. Josephine Rymer also received the prize of the Standing Stone chapter, Del-, phlan society; for excellency in English. This prize was $10. The $5 English prize 'for a junior was awarded to Wilbur, Bunn. Jean 'Herron was also a.'double prize winner,' belh^ awarded the Camp -fire Girls' mathematics prize and the J. G. .Everard prize for the best marks during four years in history and social sciences. The B. R. Barclay, prize of $5 .for, the freshman who made the best grade In mathematics was presented to Eleanor Wright. The John H. Biddle prize of |5 was awarded to James Cook, who showed the most marked Improvement in his studies by. a comparison of the grades of his first and last years in high school. ' . MAN .TAKEN IN BUFFALO WANTED IN CLEARFIELD CLEARFIELD, June 5.—Ah effort is being made by District Attorney F. Cortez Bell to have .brought back from Buffalo a man plctted up on a charge of being a drug iaddict by New Xork police Saturday and who gave "Jils name as JoelKHng bf Clearfleld; v -tp answer to'charges'of breaking, entering and larceny as a result of drug store robberies here and at Curweni- Vllle, DtiBots and Phlllpsburg. Th police are almost certain they have the right, man, since he disappeared from this place several months ago and hai not been heard Of since until picket up on the drug addict charge. ' While in Jail in New'York he at tempted to commit suicide by hanging himself with his belt, but was dlscov ered before the rash act had ended 'hi life. He was revived and as a resul another charge Was placed agains him, that of outraging, public decency along with the violation of publl health laws. Kling is Said to be want ed for breaking and entering the,Coal port Service , station several month ago when several United States money orders were stolen/ His accomplice ii the last named robbery is now 'serv Ing a two-year term in the Western penitentiary. Should no further serlou charges be placed against him in Nev York -it is believed he will soon b brought back Tiere with the. aid of fed eral narcotic officials.. FALSE TEETH - Can Not Embarra* Moat -wearers of false teeth' have ' fcredi real , embarrassment became . the teeth dropptd or slipped at just the Wron tlirte. , Do not live In fear, of this liappentn to you. , Just eprlhkle a little Fasteeth o your plates. • Makes false teeth stay In'.plar and feel comfortable. Sweetens breath'. Qe Jacteeth 'at Llggett's, Yocum A. Kopp o any other good' drug store. ,' fttu^.t. .W L, 'J" Sc'fa.. t.attl. d. & l,n, . ft :»* ..... ... m.e» ;* &*M» tssr -^•'iaLiiSS.Lh. .i ^ • ^ • tne and dlsirttoaft «to*ttr% VWtt today* road, r^.wy^ Mak+Thlft to b* tntd4 to movement of {rafflfi. ," •*• Between .. . , k«8on, WaghlBftoH counly, ttaltt meats Will b« hahdled twOUgli , < S&ve , Victrola Record* tour choice of all th* numbers '. ^ 10^ eacK ALTOONA RADIO A ELEC. CO. 131S I2th Ate. v . Dial BERMAN f 9 GLASSES R«glster«d Optometrist 1311 Eleventh' Aye., Awnlngi, Window Shwlti and Linoleum • Drcis Up Yo|ir Hrtme This " . -./ WM. W. BABCOCK Horn* Furnlfchlilfs ' 1812 twelfth Avenue Easy CredH Terms . Lkfferty Ftinerial Hpitie BBOABAVteNUE Fbone B7SB ; FURNITURE CO. 9078th Ave. Dial 8-I8M "Ju»t a tittle Out of the Way, But less to Pay? .'.,. ABC Electric Spinner ABC Playmaid Have •>' demonstration of 'these '•- ' ' •• j. E. HEAPS EiEtTRIC CO. 1004 Chest. Av«. Typewriter Desk ':;:•/. Special Bargain' ; The H^ W^ Mc&ttcy Co. 1107 11th Aye. ' Altoona, P». & Tool< Altoona High Graduates Your Diploma Framed Specially designed frame with ,A. H. S. embossed fln. frame. $1.45 1316 Twelfth Ave.,, Altoona Mirror June 5, 1930 ASCO Stores Are Headquarters. For Highest Quality Fresh Country EGGS Kvery Egg Guaranteed Dot, 26 • • • Food Value and Freshness Consider the number of people it is possible for you to serve from, a dozen of fresh eggs— you couldn't possibly feed as many people from one pound of meat, yet a pound of meat costs as much and in many cases more, than a whole dozen ^of egg« — •erve more EGGS, they satisfy the appetite and are "easy" on the purse! Pick of the Neiti' EGGS Carton of Twelve VMPMi^V ^PHI^' Every Gold Seal Egg Is carefully selected for size, quality, and color and cai)dled before leaving the warehouse. Eggs sold iii ASCO Stores are locally produced, being purchased from the beat poultry farms in your own and nearby counties. Your local producer, aa well as you, the con- Croats by this honw» plan of merchandising. EVEN tr GOLE The fastidious lady is as particular about her appearance and comfort as her game. Footwear is an important accessory to Golf. > The Mary, $6.9$ In white calf, black and white, brown and white and tan and smoked elk, with gristle soles and rubber heels..' The Coquette, $5,00 Smoked elk apqrt oxford.with gristle tola. The Martha, $5 In black, and' white and tan and brown calf, with gristle soles. 1402 ELEVENTH AVENUE ALTOONA, FA. <tmtr «*y tat hart or ttot tit lodlw, th* wonderful new fotftae drop ftttwt (time ft)— tit tn« tert » fre«. Soon the corrt ' dries up—and mrt it comes, root and ' itl» «* gefttt* M »• Ifttnb! No cutting— Ine plaster*I Safe, amiseptic-harm- f J«i* to dilicate <W». ' «r> Growing with Altoona since 1884 GABLE'S Forward tilth Altoona through 1930 TELEPHONE 4-1-24 r i Summer Floor Coverings Offering Beauty for ••••--'- • • ** \ Whethef it is a rug (6t the sun roopi, th<?. summer porch; the bedroom .'or living room ypu will find it here in our t Summer Floor Coverings Ejection. *¥M riewest patterns and colors. And, at very moderate prides. < . "'vy Siimirier of Grass and Fibre lillisliil \ •r .-*••?" + 1 to 21 Serviceable rugs for the open porch. Many new patterns and colors. 27x54 to-*9x!2 . sizes, priced according to size. , • • , Art Rugs • 50 fo < Hair Rugs $9-98 Runners f to r>- I. '-,•' LV .^BB* • ""• '•' - v - • ^^^ • Just the kind of rugs for the summer. ( porch. Colorful stenciled rugs, 27x54 to 9x12 sizes.. Priced accdrding-tp size. This is 'an unusually low price for ; Stenciled Grass Runners, 36 inches wiife these India Goat'Hair Rugs. Various $I,and #.5^ ' The Scinch, $1.50 ind colors from .which to choose. . $2. The 72-inch, $2 arid $25{). Lijioleuitts Go ^nywhefe irf tbe Home Linoleums are no)longer an accessory to the kitchen alone. .Choose the patterns to suit your rooms. Have'them ceroeted , decorations everywhere are using them to carpet entire homes, • ' dow/j by our expert workmen. | / . t' Hand-Made Tile phfeossed Flagstone "Noveltyjplaids $ • -A • '•'••'• ,. tf»^% ' fl? ^^ «— • ^^W' ^ /i, •fl' 1 * ; ' 3!> •-./"" f-'.-k «fl> -^ 5< V , w J TO' v v 4t w. •••T-^. ,-iQ. ^7 >rf. ^ li) 12th AVENUE BUIIiDING—FIRST B*LQOR This'heading is your guarantee t,hat this item offers exceptional value in dependable new merchandise. The price is, of course, special for one day only. FRIDAY ONLY! \ , ' A New Shipment of Lovely Parchment Lamp Shades Yollrajh For Electric ' . and Cat * i Refrigerator* \ These.vitalizers prevent drying-out of lettuce, tomatoes, celery and other green goods. Makqs wilted vegetables fresh and crisp. Be sure to purchase one tomorrow. SEVERAL SIZES , Regularly $1 You wiU want several of these attractive parchment shades with inlaid pleated panels for the home or cottage. A variety of colors. llth AVENUE .BUILDINQ—TBJRP FLOOp .85 to .90 See Our Cgmplete Line of Vollrath Refrigerator Dishes, Jugs and Ring Molds i3th AVENUE BUILDING—SECOND FLOOR \ Clip wood Porch Shades to Make Your Porch Shady and Secluded Clipwood Porch Shades, enable you to enjoy * in a refreshing air and breeze, Equiji youi your porch in cpmfort and seclusion. They porch with these shades and you have a place shut out the torrid glare of the sun, but let ' where you can rest or entertain in comfort. STANDARD SIZES AND PRICES III! 3 feet x 7 feet 6 inches .....$3.00 4 feet x 7 feet 6 inches $4,00 5 feet x 7 feet 6 inches $5.00 6 feet K 7 feet 6 inches $5.75 7 feet x 7 feet 6 inches $6.75 8 feet x 7 feet 6 inches $&5Q 9 feet x 7 feet 6 inches $9.50 10 feet x 7 feet 6 inches $10.00 12th AVENUE BUILDING—SECOND FLOOR

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