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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 42

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1975
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THE BEST price for things you want most may be in the appliance column of today's Classified Ads. NOTICE OF SALE Nstice Is hereby given punuant lo sections 500, SOI, 501.5, 502, 502.5 and 503 of the Harbors Navigation Code, the undersigned, Audrey Ptachie, 225 Bay- store, long Beach, Ca. will sell at public auction,- at 4225 Donald Douglas Drive, long Beach, California, at 12 Noon on Tuesday, the 4th day. of February, 1915, the following described property, to-wit: Electric Boat Vessel Registration' No. CF 7204 AX, Sticker No. B3J4205. Said sate is for the purpose of satisfying lien of the undersigned for storage together with costs of advertising and expeases of sale. Dated this 21st day of January, 1975. AUDREY PSACWE By NANCY M. LEWIS Pub. Jan. 23,1975 (It) LBI NON-RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE , Notice is hereby, given by the undersigned George William Gentile residing at 5209 Briarcrest St, Lakewood, California, that .after the date of January 23, Ur75 he will not' be responsible for any debts, uabilities, or obhgations incurred by any persons other than himself. . Dated January 22, WI5. GEORGE WILLIAM GENTILE Pub. Jan. 23,24,27,1975 (3t) LBI NON-RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, SCOTT STEVEN HEBT residing at 1715 Cherry Ave., Apt. 5, Long Beach, California, that after the date of January 22,1975, he will not be responsible for any debts, liabilities, or obligations incurred by any persons other than himself. Dated: January 20,1975. SCOTT STEVEN HERT Pub. Jan. 22.23.24,1975 (30 LBI NON-RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE Notice is hereby given by the undersigned WILLIAM H. ELLIS'residing at 13151 Cynthia Drive, Westminster, California, that after the,date of January 22, 1975, he will not be responsible for any debts, liabilities, or obligations incurred by any persons other than himself. Dated: January 21,1975. WILLIAM H.ELLIS Pub. Jan. 22,23, 24,1975 3t) LBI PUBLIC NOTICE FOR O.C.P. PlIBUC KOIKE . NOTICE TO CREBmms , OFBUIXTKANSFEK . . Notice Is hereby given to the Creditors of Plastic Resin Supply; Inc., Transferor. *;»,-,* IWUKU #*!;* U :~ licr.cS Street, City of Industry, County of Los AngcH State of California, that a bulk ransfer Is about to be made lo Diamond Plastics, Inc., Transferee, whose business address Is 6421 Paramount Boulevard, Long Beach, County of Los Angeles, State of California 90805. The property to be transferred Is .ocated at 6421 Paramount Boulevard, Long Beach, County of Los Angeles, State of California. Said property is described in general as: Equipment of that Manufacturing Plant business known as Plastic Resin Supply, !nc. and located at 14322 Bonelli Street, City ol Industry, County of Los Angeles, State of California 90022. . The bulk transfer will be consummated on or after the 3rd day of February, 1975, at 9:00 A.M. at James Jess, 9601 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 340, Beverl Hills, County of Los Angeles, State c California 90212. So far as known to the Transferee, al] business names and addresses used by Transferor' for the three years Jast past, are: Same. Dated: January 17, 1975. DIAMOND PLASTICS, INC. Transferee by JAMES JESS, Attorney JAMES JESS, Atty. 9601 Wilshire Blvd., *340 Beverly Hills, Ca. 90212 Pub. Jan. 23, 1975 (It) LBI NOTICE OF INTENTION TO ENGAGE INTHE SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES : January 21,1975 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Subject to issuance of the license applied for, notice U hereby given tha the undersigned proposes to self alcoholic beverages at the premises, described as follows: 1862 Santa Fe Avenue Long Beach Pursuant to such intention, the under signed is applying to the Department o Alcoholic Beverage Control for issuance of an alcoholic beverage license for these premises as follows: On-Sale Beer 4 Wine Public Premises ELLA M. NEUHART JACKNEUHART Pub. Jan. 23,1975 (It) LSI' ELECTRICAL GOODS. APPLIANCES AND APPARATUS N-OS. ' ' . · ". ' , , · . Packages, psrcu. It or50Ibs 3.0 *?LECTRic LAMPS.DESK TYPE, FLOURESCENT A N D HI-INTENSITY: . ; · · · ' · it) packages, prr cu. it- ut 5u iin 1.9 Now: Applies only lo accounts that receive into , storage 10,000 cartons or more per calendar year. . ' ' - , ten No. 318. ELECTRIC PENCIL SHARPENING MACHINES: la packages, per cu, ft. or 50 Ibs 1.9 Subject to Note Note: Applies only to accounts thai receive into storage 25,088 cartons or more per calendar year. . · . tern No. 32Q. FIBRE, viz.: (See Note) Cotton Motes, Gln'Flue Cleanings or Cotton Sweepings (Cotton Refuse from Gin Flues, Spinning Factories, Knitting Mills or Cotton Seed Oil Mills) -- In Machine Compressed Bales: Cotton Linters other than Bleached or Dyed -- In Machine Compressed Bales; Rags, NOIBN (Old Bags or Bagging Cut or lorn in pieces ana having value only for conversion into fibre) -- In Machine Compressed Bales; Bagging or Cloth, Burlap, Gunny Istle, Jute or Sisal, NOIBN, with or without Paper Lining -- In Machine Compressed Bales or Tightly Wound Rolls; Jute Butts or Cuttings -- Other Than Spinntae Grade; Cotton Piece Goods in the Original Piece, Unfinished -- InRolls; Jute Waste having value for reclamation into fibre -- . In Machine Pressed Bales; Hair, Cattle, Goal or Horse, Washed or nol Washed, nol Curled, NOIBN -- In Machine Pressed Bales; Hair Waste, NOIBN - In Machine Pressed Bales; Percu.ft, '· 2.2 Per 50 Ibs. or per cu. ft. {Whichever yields the greatest REVENUE) : '. '. Minimum Charge Per Package '. 1:1 Note: Rates named herein apply only.lo accounls storing hereunder a minimum of 1000 Tons per month. temNo. 322. . . GLASS, WINDOW, COMMON: Case or Crate, per cut ft or 50 Ibs 2.4 When in assortment in cases or crates, PER cut. ft or 50 Ibs 2.5 tern No. 324. 'GLASS PLATE: (Handled at owner's risk) . PER20001bs NO PUBLIC NOTICE FOR O.C.P. RESOLUTION NO. HD-1054 ' A RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF. HARBOR COMMISSIONERS OF THE CITY OF LONG BEACH AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. HD-1036, ORDINANCES OF THE BOARD OF HARBOR COMMISSIONERS OF THE CITY OF LONG BEACH, BY AMENDING ITEMS NOS. 228, M6, 250, 254, 256, 258, 294,270, 272/276, 300, 302, 304,308. 308,310, 312,314, 316,318, 320, 322, 324,328, 330, 332, 334, 336, 338, 340, 342, 344, 346, 348, 350, 352, 354, 356, 358, AND 360 THEREOF, BY ADDING NEW ITEM NO. '269 THERETO, AND BY REPEALING ITEMS NOS. 248 AND 268 THEREOF, FOR A PERIOD OF SIXTY DAYS, EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 1,1975 WHEREAS, Ordinance No. HD-1036, adopted by the Board of Harbor Commissioners of the City of Long Beach on May 28, 1974, to become operative July 1, 1974, and known as Port of Long Beach Municipal Warehouse Tariff No. 2-A, adopts certain standard 'contract terms and conditions and rules and regulations governing the use of public warehouse facilities operated by the Port of Long Beach, and fixing anc regulating rates for storage and storage handling thereal; and WHEREAS, the Board desires to amend said Ordinance No. HD-1036 by amending and repealing certain items thereof and adding a new item thereto, for t period ofsbrty (60) days, commencing February 1,1975, pursuant lo the provisions ol Section 227c of the Charter of the City of Long Beach; NOW, THEREFORE, tbe Board of Harbor Commissioners of the City of Long Beach resolves as follows: Section 1. That Ordinance No. HD-1036, adopted by the Board of Harbor Commissioners of the City of Ung Beach on May 28, 1974, to become operative July 1, 1974, be, and tbe same is," hereby amended, for a period of sixty (60) days commencing February 1, 1975, pursuant to the. provisions of Section 227c of the Charter of the City of Long Beach, by amending Hems Nos. 228, 246, 250,254, 256,258 284,270,272,276, 300,302, 304,306, 308,310,312,314, 316, 318,320, 322, 324,328, 330, 332 334, 336, 338, 340, 342, 544, 346, 348, 350, 352, 354, 356, 358 and 360 Ihcrcof to read, respectively, as follows: SECTION 2. RULES AND REGULATIONS Item No. 228. COLLECTIONS OF MONEY IN BEHALF OF CUSTOMER When Ibe warehouseman is requested to make collections for the account of the storer, the charge therefor will be six tenths of one percent of the amount collected, subject to. a minimum charge of one hundred forty-two cents for each collection. Where the collection is by check in the name of storer the aforesaid charge wil be applied. Where customers' checks are accepted in lieu of cash, the warehouseman will assume no responsibility for the validity of such checks and shall be reinbursw by storer for any losses sustained from such transactions. Item No. 246. REPORTING MARKED WEIGHTS OR NUMBER OF PACKAGES Where storer requests warehouseman to take and report marked weighls gallonage, or serial numbers, the charge therefore will be 4.9 cents per package minimum charge 49 cents. Item No. 250. STENCILING OR MARKING PACKAGES Except where otherwise specifically named the rate for stenciling, marking or lagging packages will be 3.2 cents per package: minimum charge, 47 cents for each order or shipment, including issuance of bill-of-lading, or shipping receipt on freight express or parcel post shipments. On merchandise shipped in cartons or cases in lots of 250 packages or more using the same shipping mark, the marking charge will be 1.4'.cems per package minimum 783 cents per shipment. Item No. 254. SPACE FOR RECONDITIONING PACKAGES When space is furnished for repacking, coopering, overhauling, repairing strapping or otherwise reconditioning packages in warehouse, the charge for space so uscu wuTbe 1.5 cents per square foot per day, subject lo maximum charge of 30 cents per square foot per month and a minimum charge of 151 cents. A charge will be made for cleaning up or restoring space to original condition as provided in Item 260. , The representatives or workmen of storers will nol be allowedto have access U. warehouse to work on goods in storage except at warehouse ontirm and accompanist by a regular warehouse employee, whose time will be charged for as provided in Item 280. The warehouse employee will, ii requested, assist in the work to be done. Item No. 256. EXCESSIVE ASSORTMENTS When commodities are stored in excessive assortments resulting in use o excessive floor space, the floor space required will be subject to a minimum charge of 16 cents per square foot per month. Item No. 258. UMTTED PILING HEIGHT . ' II limited piling height is required by slorer, a charge of not less than 16 cents per square toot per month of floor space occupied will be made. Item No. 264. RATE FOR DELIVERY BY SERIAL OR PACKAGE NUMBER Where delivery is required by serial number or identifying mark, an extra charge will be made of 16 cents per package, minimum 47 cents per order o shipment. ItemNo. 270. RATE FOR UNLOADING OR LOADING CARS ' (a) Except as otherwise specified in this tariff, for use of tracks, platforms am other loading and unloading areas, and for labor of unloading merchandise from rai cars onto warehouse receiving platform or other unloading area or of loading merchandise from warehouse delivery platform or other loading area onto rail cars (when such merchandise is destined for or is from warehouse storage), a charge shall be made in accordance with the following rates: Merchandise, N.6.S.: Car unloading -- 306 cents per ton of 2000 Ibs. or 40 cu. ft., whichever .produce the greater revenue. Car loading -- 306 cents per ton of 2000 Ibs. or 40 cu. ft., whichever produces the greater revenue. Merchandise, N.O.S., Palletized or Unitized (Subject to Notes): Car unloading -- 237 cents per ton of 2000 Ibs. or 40 cu. ft., whichever produce! the greater revenue. Car loading -- 237 cents per Ion of 2000 Ibs. or 40 cu. ft., whichever produces the greater revenue. Note 1: Car loading or car unloading shall be subject to a minimum charge o 4300 cents per car. Note 2: Rates apply only during straighl time hours (See Hem 260 (d). Note 3: Rates apply only in connection with shipments consisting exclusively o palletizea cargo, i.e., cargo loaded on pallets, platforms or skids forming a single unit; weighing not less than 1000 Ibs., nor exceeing 4000 Ibs. per unit or pallet, which when the lading in cars is such as to permit completi loading or unloading by forkhft or mechanized equipment. (b) In loading out cars, the railroad should furnish a checker and issue a "clean* bill of lading, ana warehouseman will not be responsible for loss or damage because of failure of railroad to do so. (c) A reasonable charge will be made for all dunnage and fastengins used. (d) The warehouseman will not be responsible for additional storage charges which accrue because of inability to load cars before expiring storage date. (e) Demurrage will not be absorbed by the warehouseman, but all possible dih'gence will be used to unload and load cars promptly. Item No. 272. MINIMUM STORAGE AND HANDLING CHARGES The minimum handling charge per lot will be 230 cents; the minimum storage per lot will be 140 cents per month. A lot is considered the quantity of merchandise to be piled and accounted for separately. The minimum monthly charge to one accoun will be 1723 cents for storage which will apply to each account when one customer ha several accounts each requiring separate records and billings. Item No. 276. LINE ITEM CHARGE In addition ot the withdrawal charge provided in Item 269 each line item on a withdrawal ordered will be subject to a charge of 12 cents per line item. SECTION 3. RATES FOR STORAGE AND STORAGE HANDLING COMMODITY RATES IN CENTS Monlhly Handling Sotrage In and Out Item No. 300. AUTOMOBILE STEREO COMPONENTS, m: Radio Receiving Sets, Tape Recorders, Speakers and Related Articles, In packages, per cu. ft or 50 Ibs Note: Applies only to accounts that receive into storage 100,000 cartons or more per calendar year. ItemNo. 302. BATTERIES, ALKALINE OR CARBON ZLNC TYPE, DRY CELL AND RELATED DISPLAY MATERIALS: In packages, per cu. ft or 60 Ibs Subject to Note Note: Applies only to accounts that receive into storage 50,000 cartons or more per calendar year. ItemNo. 304. BICYCLES: Package, 8 cu. ft. or less Larger sizes, per cu. ft, or 50 Ibs ItTM No. 306. CANNED GOODS: Case, nol over \ cu. ft nor 40 Ibs Larger sizes per cu. ft or 50 Ibs llf m No. m. COFFEE, GREEN: Bag, 135 Ibs. or less Bag, 138lo 160 Ibs Bag, 161 lo 195 Ibs , Bag, 1% to 225 Ibs Item No. 310. COPPER. BRASS OR BRONZE: (Sec Item 2201 Sheet: Boxes or Crated per 100 Ibs 'Sheel:Loose.Per2000IIR . . . But not less than 16 cents per sq. ft per monlh. .. ' N.O.S. Including Articles Thereof ' In Packages, per cu. 11. or 50 Ibs.. I It 1*1 No. 312. COTTON WASTE: IS* Item 2201 « Bale, 24 cu. (t. or less ' Bale, 34 cu. ft. or less , Bale, S NI. ft or less . Bale, 8 cu. ft. or Ires · Urfier Sizes, perm, ft- or 50 Ibs. 34 4.8 1.9 2.4 7.3 S.2 9.6 11.3 7 3 96 I? 24 30 S2 13.4 6.8 0.0 23.7 250 (But not I than changes resulting tron j ppl icftlion o Item 260 W 134 PVBUC Nonce FOB ox: J*. 13.4 9.0 8.0 5.4 Note: 16 cents per sq. ft per month or fraction, minimum 717 cents per month per lot. tern. No. 328. - . IBON AND STEEL N.O.S. (acceptance for storage al ware- HOUSE option) Per 2000 Ibs Note: Not less than 16 cents per sq. ft. per month tern No. 330. LIQUORS, ALCOHOLIC viz.: SPIRITS, CORDIALS BITTERS: Subject to State and Federal regulations. Case, IVt gallon or less Case, over }Vt and up to 3 gallon Case, over 3 and up to 4 gallon Case, over"4 and up to 6 gallon Case, over 6 and up to 10 gallon Barrel, 30 gallon or less Barrel, 31 to 55 gallon Larger Sizes -- Per Gallon barrel capacity tern No. 332. MACHTNERY,N.O.S.: Package not over 500 Ibs. nor 10 cu. ft per cu. ft Loose or when in package exceeding 500 Ibs. or 10 cu. ft per cu. fl 1.08 6.1 9.6 12 17 24 36 47 1.2 3.00 Bui nol less lhan changes resulting from application of Hem 260) 2.36 (Bui nol less than changes resulting . from application of Hem 260) 12 21 25 31 47 135 175 4.0 3.0 6.0 3.0 6.0 (Bui nol less than changes resulting from applicalon of Hem 260) Note: But nol less lhan 16 cents per sq. ft. per month, minimum 242 cents per montn. Item No. 334. MERCHANDISE: N.O.S. Stored on covered areas: , Per cubic foot, but not less than 10 cents PERsq. ft 2.-I Storage handling, per 50 Ibs. or per cu. ft, WHICHEVER yields the greater revenue 9.0 Minimum charge per package 1.3 7.5 Stored on uncovered areas: Per cu. It, bul not less than 5.0 cents sq. ft 0.8 (Subject to a minimum storage charge of 80 cents per ton or fracion, per month or fraction.) ' Storage handling, per 50 Ibs. or per cu. ft. whichever yields tne greater revenue 9.0 Mcrchan, Jsc, N.O.S., Palletized or Unitized (Subject to Note): Per 50 Ibs., or per cu. ft, whichever yields THE greater revenue 1.9, 5.7 Note: Applies only to cargo loaded and secured to '. shipper's pallets, platforms or skids forming a single unit that has been prepared by the . shipper elsewhere than at the warehouse premises, weighing not less than 1000 Ibs. nor more than' 4000 Ibs. per unit, which can be handled with mechanical equipmenl and is received and delivered to consignee in unbroken units. Item No. 336. NAILS AND TACKS: Iron or Steel Keg, 50 Ibs. to 80 Ibs 2.4 14.4 Keg, 81 to 111 Ibs 3.4 20 Keg, 112 to 150 Ibs 7.3 27 Larger Sizes, per 100 Ibs: 4.3 17.8 Item No. 338. NUTS, EDIBLE, UNSIIELLED: N.O.S. in packages, per cu. ft. or 50 Ibs 3.0 9.0 ItemNo. 340. PAINT. N.O.S. Case, not over 75 Ibs., nor Hi cu. ft 4.8 14 Case, not over 120 Ibs., nor 214 cu. ft 7.3 22 Case, not over 150 Ibs., nor 3 cu. ft 9.6 32 Larger Sizes per cu. ft. or 50 Ibs. 3.0 8.9 Barrel or Drum: Not over 500 Ibs., nor 12 cu. ft 24 111 Not over 800 Ibs., nor 16 cu. ft 34 15S ! Larger sizes per cu. It or 50 Ibs 2.4 10.4 ItemNo. 342. PAPER. NEWSPRINT: JumboRoll, COOlbs. orless... 30 112 Jumbo Roll, 601 lo 900 Ibs 45 16S Jumbo Roll, 901 to 1200 Ibs 60 224 Jumbo Roll, 1201 to 1400 Ibs 70 2fi2 Larger sizes per 2000 Ibs 100 300 Item No. 344. PIANOS AND ORGANS: Boxed, nol over 80 cu. ft Each 199 620 Larger sizes, per cu. ft or fraction · 2.4 7.4 PIANOS, viz: GRANDS: Legs off: Boxed, up lo 80 cu. ft Each 239 771 Each 317 !C7 Unboxed, (1) Nol less lhan 16 cents per sq. ft... Each (1) . Item 260 Item No. !46. PIPE, LEAD: Per20001bs., but not less lhan 16 cents per .. 118 250 ItemNo. 348. PIPE, CAST OR WROUGHT IRON: Per20001bs., but not less than 16 cents per sq.ft. .. 118 250 ItemNo. 350. RAGS: (See Item 220) In Bales, per cu. ft or 50 Ibs 2.4 8.2 Item No. 352. . SEWING MACHINES: Box or Crate, 8 cu. ft or less 18 74 - Box or Crate, 14 cu. ft. or less B 126 Item No. 354. SUGAR, viz.: CANE OR BEET - REFINED: Bags or bales, cloth or durable paper: Notover261bs 2.4 10 NotoverOSlbs 3.4 21 NoloverlBlbs ,4.8 32 Case or carton: NoloverSOlbs 1.8 10 NoloverOOIbs 4.8 21 Notovcr701bs 5.3 22 Item No. 356. TOBACCO. Cigarettes. Chewing. Leaf, Smoking: Package. 1 cu. ft. or less 2.4 7.4 Package. 2 cu. ft. or less 4.3 IS Package.Scu. ft. orless 7.3 2S Larger Sizes, per cu. ft or 50 Ibs 30 'J.O Item No. 058. TUBES AND TURING, BRASS OR COPPER: PerlOOlbs SO 20 (1) Nol less than 9 cents per cu. ft til Item No. 360. WINE: Subject lo State and Federal Regulations Case, 1 Vt gallon or less 0.1 12 Case, over 1% and up to 3 gallon Sparkling Wine 12 1~ StillWine 9.6 21 Case, over 3 and up to 4 gallon 12 , 25 Case, over 4 and up to 6 gallon 1',' 31 Case, over 6 and up to 10 gallon 2-1 -17 Keg, 10 gallon or less 24 47 Barrel, 30 gallon or less 30 135 Barrel, 31 lo 55 gallon 47 ITS LargcrSizes, pcrcu. ft 73 178 Sec. 2. That Ordinance No. HD-1036, adopted by the Board o{ Harbor Commis sioncrs ol the City of Long Beach on May 28, 1974, to become operative July 1,1974 be, and the same is, hereby amended, for a period of sixty (60) days, commcncin February 1,1975, pursuant lo the provisions of Section 2JIc of the Charter of the Cit of Long Beach, by adding new Item No. 269 thereto, to read as follows: Item No. 289. CLERICAL WITHDRAWAL The handling rates neither include clerical expense incident to making delivery of merchandise from storage, nor costs relating to the issuance of each deliver notice and reporting same to ihc customer. An extra charge of 98 cents will be mad for each shipment from the customer's inventory in addition to all other applicnbl accessorial charges provided in the Tariff. The cost ol all revenue stamps required o bills of lading and warehouse documents will be charged to the customer. Sec. 3. That Ordinance No. HD-1036, adopted by the Board of Harbor Commi sioncrs ol the City of Long Beach on May 28,1974, to become operative July 1,1974 be, and the same is, hereby amended, for a period of sixty (GO) days, commcncin February 1.1975. pursuant lg the provisions of Section 227c of the Charter of the Cit of Long Beach, bv repealing Items Nos. 248 and 2fi8 thereof. Sec. 4. The Secretary of the Board shall certify to the passMC of this resolulio by the Board of Harbor Commissioners of the Cily of Lonu Beach, and U sha Ihercupon take effect. , Sec. 5. The Secretary of the Board shall cause this resolution to be publish* once in the Long Beach Independent the official newspaper ol the City of Lon Beach. I hereby certify that the foregoing resolution was adopted by the Board Harbor Commissioners of the City of Long Beach at its meeting of January SO, IK hy the following vote: Ayes: Commissioners: RIDINGS, CLOCK, WILSON, CRAIG. IIIXBY Noes: Commissioners: NONE Absent; Commissioners: NONE S/ RICHARD 0. WILSON . . . Secretary of the Board ol ?;·· · i Harbor Commissioners Pub. Jan. a. 1975(11)1.81 ' · ci«uf!to_ HI t-m* J* it MKk, ciiii., ·num., lu. », mi ,***- ADAMS, Edith G. Dilay Family Lakewood Mortuary. 421-8411. ALFARO, Victor Manuel, M.D. Rosary Thursay 7:30 p.m., Mottell's Jhapel. Funeral Mass Friday 9:00 a.m., St. Matthew Catholic Jhurch directed by Motell's Mortuary. BODENHAMER, So phia E. White's Funeral tome, Bellflower, 8672741. BOYCOTT, Albert. Of Garden Grove, passed away January 19th. Survived by 2 daughters. Marjorie Hopkins and Joan Clive: 2 sons, Lau- ey Boycott: 1 sister, vlrs. Margaret Wilams; 5 grandchildren; i great grandchildren, ervices were held Wednesday, J a n u a r y 22nd, 2:30 plm.. Peek i'amily Colonial Funeral tome. BROWN. Gertrude L. Service Thursday 1:00 p.m., Dilday Family Chapel, 1250 Pacific Ave. BROWN, G. Robert Bob). Survived by wife, Man; mother, Marguerite Brown; sister, filda McGaha; niece Sharon Balmer; nephew, Jerry Hopson. Serv- ce Friday 2:30 p.m., )ilday Family Chapel, 250 Pacific Ave. BUTLER, Gail S. Survived by nephew. Kenneth Templeton. Service Tiursday 10:00 a.m., Mlday Family Chapel, 1250 Pacific Ave. CARLSON, Agnes. Age 86, passed away Monday. She was a member of Our Saviour's Lutheran Church. Survived by nephews, Morris, Frank and Harvey Warholm; and niece, Mrs. Malena 3 erra. Service Thursay, (today) 1:30 p.m. Patterson Snively Mortuary Chapel, CONTI, Frank. Funeral Mass Thursday 8:30 a.m. at St. Joseph's lin Mortuary in charge of arrangements. COOK, James. Dilday Family Funeral Directors, 436-9024. ' CRUMP, Lucy. Services Thursday 10:30 a.m., Spongberg Mortuary Chapel. EUBANKS, Nellie luth. Passed away Wednesday. Survived by son, Jack; daughter-in- law, Frances Eubanks- sisters, Eunice Simms of ips of Sacramento, Pat rfabe and Pearl Dingey loth of Kansas; brothers, Gradon and Roscoe Bowlin both of Kansas; Iso 2 grandchildren, the was a member of Christian Missionary Aliance Church. Funeral service Friday, 1:30 ).m. in Patterson inively Chapel with lev. Jack Boyd officiating. FROSTMAN, John. Patterson Snively, 4366201. GEARY, Lulu C. Serv- ce Thursday 10:00 a.m., Sheelar/Stricklin Chapel. GREEN, Effie.L. Survived by sons, Nolan R. and Cloman Green; aughter, Mrs. E. Hark; 12 grandchildren and 13 great grandchil- ren. Graveside Service Friday 1:00 p.m., Melrose Abbey. Dilday Family Funeral Directors. 436-9024. HAGUE, Carl. Age 88, assed away Tuesday, lalifornia resident since 911 and a resident of Garden Grove for the past 24 years. Was a Mvil Service Engineer ;eles for over 30 years. Survived by daughter, Mrs. Marjorie B. Emerson; son-in-law, Frank VI. Emerson; also 2 ·randchildren. Service hiday, 11:00 a.m. in Patterson Snively Mortuary Chapel. The family suggests contributions to the Morning Chapel Hour in Paramount, California. HENDRICKSON, Helen K. Sunnyside Mortuary, 424-1631. HOLT, Loren F. Sr Age 64, of Long Beach died Tuesday. Survivw by w i f e , Roberta C. son, Larry Holt; daugh ter, G l a d y c e Cates grandson, Eric Cates granddaughters. Carr Gates, Kimberiy Hoi and J e n n i f e r Holt brother, Paul R. Holt and sister, G r a c Snyder, Service will b Friday, 10:00 a.m. in th Chapel of B.W. Coo Funeral Home, 10th Obisoo, 433-5717. JONAITIS, Craig V. unnyside · Mortuary, 424-1631. KANE, Myrtle 'D. 'assed away Wednes- ay. Survived by sister, rtildred Kitt; brother, .F. Price; niece, Doores Weissker; great ieces, Sandra VanE- mon and Julie Henry, losary and Funeral Mass Friday 7:30 p.m., t. Barnabas Church with private interment heelar/Stricklin Mortu- ry directing. Family uggests donations to St. Gary's Medical Center r Carmelite Nun's Auxiliary. KELLY, Marian lizabeth. (46) Of Long each. Survived by son, aymond P. Kelly; aughters, Rose Ann, Mary Alice and Theresa elly; mother, Ann E. oraitis; brother, [tiomas G. Toraitis; sis- ers, Helen A. Toraitis, 'auline Dodson and legina Hamilton. Visita- on Thursday Noon to ·00 p.m., Luyben Fami- y Mortuary. Rosary 'hursday 7:00 p.m. and funeral Mass Friday :00 a.m., both at Our ,ady Of Refuge Catholic hurch. LARSEN, Christian W. ' Services Thursday :00 p.m., Spongberg Mortuary Chapel. MALMBERG, Axel J. Mlday Family Lakewood Mortuary, 421-8411. McKINLEY, Hazel E. Of Paramount, passed way January 21st, age i. Survived by her son, Charles McKinley; rother, Melvin Petter- on; and 2 grandchil- ren. Service Monday, :00 a.m. Church of Our Bathers. John A. Mies, ·aramount Mortuary, 533-1164 directing. MEO, Alphonso J. Dilay Family Lakewood Mortuary, 421-8411. MILLER, Lenna P. unnyside Mortuary, 424-1631. NAGEL, Steffen W. Of jong Beach, passed way January 2ist, age !1. Survived by his wife, Myrtle; daughter, Mrs. Srma Schmick; 4 grand- hildren; and 3 great- jrandchildren. Service niday, 1:00 p.m. Paramount Methodist Church. John A. Mies, 'aramount Mortuary, 33-1164 directing. NELSON, William, urvived by wife, Ruby; sons, Ward, Dwayne nd Burton; 8 grandchilren: 7 great grandchil- ren. Dr. George Peek will be officiating at ervices on Saturday 0:30 a.m., Hunter Mortuary Chapel. NEWMAN, Sanford. Survived by w i f e , sonnie; sons, Stuart and J e f f ; mother, Rose. Services at Hillside 3:00 p.m. Thursday. PETERSON, Merritt I. Died January 21st. survived by wife, Delia .; son, Richard H.; aughters, Laurel Muray and Margaret Dejong; 7 grandchildren; and 2 great-grandchil- ren. Service Friday, 0:30 a.m. at The East Side Christian Church with Rev. K. Dean Schols officiating. The ""amily suggests memorial gifts to East Side Christian Church, folton Son Mortuary [irecting. REIDER, N o r m a n ?rank. SheelartStricklin Mortuary, 426-3365. ROBINSON, Jeanette Lucille. Age 66, passed away January 19tn. Survived by husband, Wiliam; son, William Jr.; d a u g h t e r , Carol Casares; grandson, Arturo Casares, William. Davic and Michael Robinson; granddaughter, Jennifer Hobinson; and many oving friends. ROOMAN, Daisy Deanne. Services will be field at Eugene Oregon Local arrangements by Mottell's Mortuary. SIRACUSA, Harriet M. Of Lakewood, passw away January 20tn. Sur vived by her daughters Sharon Cromwell am Valerie Rogers: son Donald Dunsworth: am 4 grandchildren: sister J a n e t Sterman: am brother, Robert Cham bcrlin. Funeral service. Thursday 1:00 p.m. While's Funeral Home Bellflower. INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (?M)-C-?; ANNOUNCIMEHTS i «mowtwm*iit Si £ i *"**. LARRY REICHNER^UpIO^ l/t/lJI IJI/VO 8TOPHEF; M a r i n e Age 52 of Long Beach, led Tuesday. Survived y husband, James L,; on, Clyde Towers; aughters, Donna I. lichards and Sandra K. chultz; brothers, Jerell and M.C. Birchum; ister, Pauline Kennedy; nd 4 grandchildren. Member of Eagle Lodge Aerie No. 791 Long Beach. Service Satur- ay, 11:00 a.m. hi the Chapel of B.W. Coon Funeral Home, 10th Obispo, 433-5717:-SZEKELY, Stephen homas. Of Norwalk. 'assed away January 8th at Big Bear. He was born August 12th, 1952. Survived by mother, Mrs. Florence Szekely; rother, Richard Handwork, Air Force in Iceand: and sister, Mrs. andra Jauregvi of Full- rton. Services Saturday :00 p.m. at Chapel of Memories, Norwalk. nterment in Rose Hills Memorial Park. TABER, Laurel )wayne. Sneelar/Strick- 1m Mortuary, 426-3365. WILBUR, Emslie L. ervice Thursday 2:30 .m., Dilday Family hapel, 1250 Pacific Ave. WOOLDRIDGE, Clara Caroline. Of 13561 Casana Ave., Downey, lassed away January 1st. Survived by hus- iand. Euel; and sisters. Charlotte Michael and Alma Hartman. Services Tiursday 2:00 p.m. at Rose'crans Mortuary, nterment at Downey Cemetery. YOUNGWIRTH, Gerrude S. Age 78, passed way Wednesday. Sur- ived by sons, James nd John; brothers, Percy H and Frederick V. Spriggs; sister. Mary Hughes; 9 grandchildren nd 7 great grandchil- ren. Funeral Mass aturday 10:00 a.m., loly Innocents Church. heelar/Stricklin Mortu- ry directing. Funeral Directors 10 7 SUNNYSIDE ^ MEMORIAL GARDENS 1 CEMETERY -MORTUARY CREMATION -CHAPELS FLOWER SHOP 4725 CHERRY AVENUE LONG BEACH, CA 90807 PHONE (213) 424-1631 FAMILY f Funeral Directors. SINCE 1926 LONG BEACH LAKEWOOD 1250 Pacific Ave. 3936 Woodruff 436-9024 HA 1-8411 WESTMINSTER MEMORIAL PARK MORTUARY-CEMETERY In Westminster 431-6577 BELLFLOWER MORTUARY John A. Mies 10333 Alondra HI. BELLFLOWER 867-1778 Luyben Family Mortuary 5161 Arbor Rd. 425-6401 (Lakewood Village) Long Beach Utter-McKinley 537-1911 WHITE'S FUNERAL HOME 9903 E. Flower, Bellfl. B67-2741 BROTHERS MORTUARY (714) 842-7771 (213) 438-1145 B.W. COON F U N E R A L HOME 1017 OBISPO 433-5717 ROSE HILLS MORTUARY 679-0921 723-5391 Florists 15 FLOWERS ALL OCCASIONS FAST SERVICE VICTOR'S FLOWERS 4333 South St., Lakewood 92M676. 4362 Lincoln, Cypress (714) 828-8066 Cemeteries and Mausoleums 20 TWO CHOICE LOTS Space 1 «. 2. Section 596. Block 36. victory Garden. Westminster Memorial Park. Orange County. Owner must sell. For info ask for Vivian (213) 436-9759 47J5 Cherry SUNNYSIDE Mausoleum, Mausoleum, Ave, LB. 1 cryp in tier MOTS, row E. section MP. Seils tor $797.50 incl. endowmen care. Will sell for $700. 423-5162 eves 2 CHOICE Crypts. Angeles Abby, Compton. W. Mezzanine. Main Bids. Openlnq closing incl in asking price. Kearney, BJW813 TWO Crypts in Westminster Memorial Park. Save $800 now. By Owner, Call tor Infor (714) 534-7130 Phone 6SF-W10 Value. Make 6ffer re ri1-59S-3lU SAC' Sal crvpt, Abbey ol Faith. An- Mies Abbey Memorial Pk -.U40 Cremation 23 TELOPHASE SOCIETY NOW serving Orange County The original fcw-O5*l ccmpichj CREMATION SERVICE Lori0e*t established tarscit group not undertaker Anfllate* Dlanltv. Integrity, Ecooqmv For Information or service (714) 9564340 (24 Hrs.) No ale*nwi will call Rry MacqooaW Mgr, 1301 E. Ball Rd. Anaheim CREMATION$250 Complete With Certified Dispos lion ol MlVn. Ask about oyr or need plan. NO Membership Rcqul cd. Day or Nioht. Call (213)867-1770 .-rEIS'WlSS'WEsv ; P ftf!oiS«RATi!) - ' - · ' uiiieniATC lurnuc TAXREFUND"TM IF QUALIFIED TREIGER, SEXTON ASSOC.,INC. ' 213)597-0356 (213)372-7996 714)963-76704 (714) 991-4471- ANUARY SPECIAL FEDERAL STATE Expen Reasonable iS OFF WITH THIS AD NCE'53 Reas Rates Abacus Financial Consultants 19034 NORWALK BL Cerritos (213) 865-5275 JENKINS TAX SERVICE Quick-Confidential-Expert Bkkpng-Cost Acctng-Fln. 11669 Rrestone-'BorwIk 868-1001 Bonded Tax Preparer OHers Computerized Tax Service .ow Rates. Your home or our ol- Ice. Statewide Tax. 598-4403 C. Tax sen/, home-office, days, !ves. Sun. S3 UP-AI AcclB. 424-5832 Icertsed. UR Home. 7 days to 10 PM. Since 949. Federal, Calif all states, tiurteous Reasonable. 835-3751 usiness Services 39 SUMES Typed $12.50 Up All sic'y ServiceTcall PVT. SEC'Y ffion-Frl. 421-9572, 421-4013 HA Required equipment ground- ng M per unit. 433-B247 / r \ reelings 45 ' RE'S to little Susie Green he worst gossip we've ever seen he reads mis column everyday fE'RE WATCHING l YOU-SlJEl y ersonals 50 PROBLEM PREGNANCY Our Trained Counselors listen, understand help. Many alternatives to choose from Male Female Sterilization Birth Control Info available. Pregnancy Testing, A non-profit Agency 213) 235-5123 or (714) 642-4436 714) 95-3600 CAUL COLLECT Se habla espanof LOWEST FEE .'MARITAL , DIFFERENCES ONG BEACVl 439-9007 3104 E. 7th St. FREE BANKRUPTCY MARRIAGE DISSOLUTION Counseling Assistance . Cam Council for Social Services Non-Profit Agency 4264503 LASMA DONORS NEEDED HIGH FEES PAID MONDAY THRU FRIDAY. LONG BEACH PUASfAA CENTER 40 LOCUST 432-5438 Be Married Immediately n Beaut. Chapel. All legal papers tere if living together $20. Certificate 8. tape 437-3333; 435*106. CREDITORS HOUNDING YOU? MARRIAGE GONE BAD? CALL FINAL SOLUTION 331-2259 or 714-835-3705 BLOODPRESSURE 4ave your blood pressure taken at tome. 213 597-3077 8-12 noon. INDEPENDENT PRESS-TELEGRAM mm DIAL DIRECT TO fi°T!3Us£l»Cts Classified Ad Hours 8:00 AM to 5-.30 PM Monday thru Thursday 8:00 AM to 6 PM Fridays CLOSED SATURDAYS t SUNDAYS ionsecutrve Charge Per Iniertioni Line Per DiJ ] Do/ $1.24 2 or 3 Days $1.16 t lo 6 Days 89' 7 to 7 Days 80' 10 more Days 6? (Minimum 1 liixi) Count 31 letters and spaces per inc. Ail ods appear in both newspapers, s t a r l i n g in the morning INDEPENDENT. mm Mini See Classification 265 Funeral Notices, Cards of Thanks, Church, Charities and Greetings 94 line, one day W- line, two or more days. The Independent, Press-Telegram reserves the right to reject, edit or properly classify all advertisements. CHANGES CANCELLATIONS 432-0907 We will moke chonges in your ods, whenever our deadlines allow it between these hours. Monday thru Friday 7:M AM to J:30 PM Saturday and Sunday 1:00 AM lo Noon You may cancel as soon as you lave results and an adiustmen 1 will t» made to a higher rale for number of days your ad appear ed. Cancellations or changes canno be made prior lo the first inser lion. We m a k e every effort to avoid errors in ads. Each ad is carefully checked but we handle thousands of ads anc m i s t a k e s s o m e t i m e s s l i p through. Please check your ad the first day it runs. If you find an error, report if la. o u r C L A S S I F I E D CUS T O M E R S E R V I C E immedi atelv by calling itt-VKl. Wo regret we cannot be responsible for more l h a n one day's incorrect insertion, l ( you do nol call the error lo our attention. Tkllk 111 IM |M C»f«lttM INDIMNDINT Mill TUKMA |04 UNI AVI., IOMO IIACH, C MM4 |

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