The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 13, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 13, 1920
Page 2
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS Jfonday Evening, Sarca 15th, 7:00 and 8:45 GOAL TANGLE UrMILSIJIf President Take's Hand In Award of Mine Strike Commission. SIDES NOT •• MUCH'APART iHlllllllllillltilllN •\ . A feature full of Re-i Blood. Every fcot A tKrill. A, picture for your whole family. LET'S GO! ,* Prices 15 and. 33 cents fHE DAILY FREE PRESS /4«lly 1963 Established Weekly 1677 Free Press Publishing Go. MRS. JOHN J. GALBRASTH Editor a Manager ' Telephone - - 218 TERMS .Subscription lo cents-a -week. •Advertising bills due weekly. ..Jot) wort strictly case. ANNUAL, SUBSCRIPTION 57.80. ROBBERS MAKE GREAT HAUL Open Two Safes i.-i .Philadelphia Get Away V/'th $410,003 in r=:ids. and ilii. M;'i- .two s'l'.ff. crs ' uiK ;iml t'itrhth Mooi- building siiid K^cu bonilx. i if \\-hiirh IT 1 ..— SnlVblov- on thf -"oventh of <ne \Y<:ii;litni<iii 't! S'UO.UHO ivorth of KUS.OOO iii'f' nego- Will Try to Compose Differences Between Factions in Soft Coal Board —Reports Not Made Public— Lewis in Washington. Washington, March 18.—An effort-to compose the dilT'.'reinces between .the majority and minority of the bituminous coal strike commission will be i made by President Wilson, it was said/, at the White House. i Officials «ii<l that neither Hie ma-J jority nor'minority report would be.' made public if there \VMK,a probabil-. ity of bringing the members of the com-' mission ti> nn agreement on their principal differences—tlie nmniint of* tlie wage advnnoe nnrt tli« hours of work: John P. White's minority report on_ the bituminous conl strike, settlement was to he submitted to President Wilson." Meantime the president was studying tlie majority report, completed Thursday. Wants Six-Hour Day. Officials said that Mr.,- White, the miners' representative, had held out for a^ six-hour day throughout the negotiations between the commissioners In an effort to reach a unanimous agreement. The "miners originally demanded a six-hour day and five days a week.. Mr. White refused to discuss his recommendations,, but it was understood that he had also asked for an increase In wages of approximately 33 per cent. The majority, Henry M. Robinson, representing" the public, _and Rembrandt Peale, the operators'' representative, j-ecommended a' wage advance of approximately 2ti per cent and no changes in hours and conditions of work. John L. Lewis, president of the United "Mine Workers of America, who hurried here from New York, where he has been attending the anthracite wage conference, conferred with Mr. White 'and William Green. _secret:iry of HIT tiable. r..uul.- vuluoil ;iv .<?;;( MV CM HI w.e stolen f'rciin liic Ocean Poiinty Electric company iinil $110.001) in bonds were taken frnui Hie saTu of tlie Hydro-Elect rir Kiimuci' corporation. The b:in<llts ii'l'i n.> Hut- Entered at the postofflce at Carbon-Illinois,, as second class matter.! j-Taice ID the Free Press Building, ..West Main Street. **_—^«—-_ • : ~March 13 1920 ANNOUNCEMENTS •HIGHWAY COMMISSIONER. " The Free Press is authorized to an- aieuBce GEORGE A. FORE as a candi- <ia*e lor Highway Commissioner of <3artondale township, subject to the JSleeublican Primary- March* !!0. "The Free Press is autnori2;ed to an- -aio«iuie JACOB ETHERTON as a •saadidat* lor Highway Commissioner -at Carbondale township, subject to the Republican Primary TMarch 20. /• \ /ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR. "T&e Free Press Is authorized to an- ,r Bounce WM. M. HOL.I.IDAT as a «aandidate for reelection for Assistant Supervisor of Carbondale township, subject to the Republican Primary Sliareh 20.. , T~he Free Press* is authorized to announce J. W. CRANDBLL as a candi- -data':-for Assistant Supervisor of Car- •i&ondale township, subject to the Re- Primary, March 20. TOWN CLERK. The Free Press is-authorized to an- /jioflnce' WM. M. GAHLEGLY, aa a "candidate for Town Clerk, of Carbon-dale Township subject to. the Republi- "^an Primary March 20. The Free Press is authorized to a'n- •laounce W. J. BROWN, as a candidate -tor Town Clerk, of Carbondale Town- snip subject to the Republican Pri- y, March 20. ASSESSOR. 'The Free Press is authorized to an- 'oeucce Sam Anderson as a candidate SOT reelection for assessor of Carbon.-dale township subject to the Republi- . can primary ' March 20. "Brussels, Jlnrch 12.—During the de'-.bate. in the senate on the special law •whjch is rerfmred for acceptance by -'.Belgium of the sum of money offered '-by Herbert Hoover on behalf of the • .American relief committee for Belgium -v£o be .used for educational purposes. '-the president of the senate was asked --to transmit the thanks of' the senate •*tO Mr. .Hoovor nnd. trie. American *Menda of Bo^r'- i. PUBLIC SALE ON FRIDAY MARCH 191920 On the late Harmon- Hughes farm 2% miles southeast of Carbondale we will -sell the following described property: ^ 3 good broojJ mares. 1 full blood Poland China boar, old enough for service and well marked. 2 full blood Poland China gilts. We have the pedigree for above Poland China pigs. One so-w, 8 pigs 1 month old. One Ford touring car, 1919* model. One binder. One corn planter. One wheat drill. Three mowers.- One disc cultivator. Three shovel cultivators. Two wagons. . Three Rolling Coulters. One set of chain harness. Crae lot of horse dollars. One buggy. .' One set of buggy harness. > One single shovel plow. One double shovel plow. One 1 horse turning plow. Four breaking plows. ' One- sulky plow. -Three disc harrows.. " .-> One, two-section Sparta harrow. One three-.section harrow. One hay rake. Terms o£ s'ale—iSums of '$10.00 or less cash. All., over. $10.00, bankaible note with approved security. 5 per cent discount for cash on sums over $10.00. No property' to 'be removed until settled for. Mr. & Mrs Archie Jones Auctioneer, PRIMARY ELECTION NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Township Republican Primary Election will be held at the City Hall in the City ot Carbondale, Illinois, on Saturday, Alarch 20th, A. D. 1920, for the purpose of nominating candidates •on the Republican ticket for the tal- lowing offices to be voted on at the regular annual election of Carbondale Township to be held on the 6th'day of April A. D. 1920. 1. Assistant Supervisor. 1. Highway Commission. 1. Assessor.^, , • 1. .Town Clerk. 1. School Trustee. 1. Pound Master. The polls will open at 1 o'clock p. p.-m. and will remain open until 6 p. m. of said day. Judges—.Solomon Crawshaw, B.' J. Ingersoll, J. J.. Arnold. Clerks—Addle M. Browne, Catherine Brubaker. A meeting _ of all Republicans ot Carbondale Township Is called for 2 o'clock p. m. at the, polling place for the purpose of electing a Republican Township Committee to serve for the ensuing y,ear. . • DQne at Carbondale, Illinois, this the 16th day of January A. D. 1920. By order of the Republican Township Committee. * A. L. Spiller, Chairman,. Attest: .T. B. F. Smith, Secretary. "Eden" Wash Day NO NEED TO WORRY 'Your laundry troubles permanently solved by the "EDEN" ELECTRIC The greatest time, labor arid money saving device ever b,uilt for use in the home. Call at our shop and see it demonstrated by Mr. R. B. Rutledge, ^pecialrepresentative. A Few of the "Edfen" Features Air metal cylinder -washer. Straight shaft drive. No belts and no chains. Self oiling All moving parts .inclosed. Phone us today for demonstration. STOTLAR & FEDERER Hardware & Furniture Phone 257. . mlners'_ union," famin,irizTng~"h!mseIf with the facts.-Ho still declined to make any.. statement, but It was expected that the full executive committee of the miners would be summoned to consider tlie future action ot the workers. While the commission failed to reach a unanimous decision, asked for by the president, it was said that its labors had not been in vain, and officials generally believed that the two. conflict- Ing reports K could "be used as a basis for an amicable agreement between the operators and miners. "Not Far Apart," Secretary Green said the -majority and Mr. White were not fur apart on the matter of wages nnd He was hopeful that the differences could be smoothed out in direct conferences. The failure of the majority to recommend improved working- conditions proved a disappointment to the .miners, It was said, as this had been one of the chief demands of the men. " Bolshevik 'Forces Clear Hostile Soldiers From Entire Peninsula on the Sea of Asov.'- * London, March 13.—Bolshevik troops have cleared the hostile forces from the entire peninsula of Yeisk.' in Cis- caucasia on the sea of Asov. it is announced in si soviet olllclnl • com- munique received todny'froiu Moscow. _ The town of toisk bus bi>en occnp'ert J by (;lie rods. , FIGHT REOPENING.-OF" CASE Railroads Object to Having Partial Hearing of Mail Pay Matter. Brief Filed. - , Washington. March 13.—Counsel for the railroads filed n hrief-with -the interstate commerce commission opposing partial reopening of the mail pay case, nsked by 'Postmaster General Burleson on the ground'that the commission's decision had granted, the railroads a fate of pay higher than the express companies received for performing, similar service. The riill'nJhds contended that ?the whole case should be reopened If any part were taken up for reconsideration. • BARS UNFORM ON STRIKERS Senator New's Bill Is Favorably Reported by the Senate Military Committee. Washington, March 13.—Senator Neva's bill making it illegal for civilians to wear army or navy uniforms while participating in labor disturbances was ordered favorably reported by the senate~"milirary committee. , The measure was introduced because . of charges that persons wearing army |.J uniforms had participated in riots of i' striking steel workers In Gary, Ind.' Persons violating the bill would, be fined not more than $300 ana impris-)' oned for not more than six months. 1 i::('iiHii;. ; iiiiiiiiii:,'i!i!iiii[iiii!:ii(i!iiiii]iiiiii«|[iiiiiiill!iiiiiii[iii8iii)iii]iniiiiiiiiii!iffli i • - =» • FREE The Facts Regarding Oil investments _ and Activities in The Oil Fields We will send you fieo unon request our independent paper giving ieliable'oil DCWB. AJ§o free oil .map of Texas, showing all oil pools, producing,and drilling wells, and. all activities in all Texas counties. Write for it. Only a limited number of free copies. . : . 812 .ThrockmotfOEuSt. , Fort Worth Texas. = ! I OIL FACTS J. D Farley D WOMEN FOR CARTRIDGE MAKING. THIS WORK IS LIGHT, CLEAN, EASILY LEARNED AND PAYS A MINIMUM WAGE OF 25c PER HOUR, WORKING 55 HOURS AND RECEIVING PAY FOR 60 HOURS.' MOST OF THE WORK, HOWEVER, IS ON A PIECE-WORK BASIS AND PAYS CONSIDERABLY MORE THAN THE HOURLY RATE. PROVISION HAS BEEN MADE FOR TAKING CARE OF'HOUSING. - . . ',..,,,-..>>.,,.* ..-. ' • ';i^.:.y->-.taS' Western Gartrid^e Go. East Alton, Illinois

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