Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 25, 1969 · Page 15
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 15

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 25, 1969
Page 15
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'Uff-A-DAY HOVfOWNEH* F*UO ·You left out that part about knowing the mayor"' 45-For Sale-Real Eitatt- 45-Fer Sal«-Rtal Estate ?3GKT room E'.x C --i Prime G: fcci^e. Ftont S4?- ch:cken TRUMfiO CO., Inc. REALTORS 5 IEOROOMS · bmtttf oe ITM covet** UBivmity. 3 z bath*. 1 .aTM. UvtfH room, dimnf ina 'and fuEbr *e.uippcd kitchen. Full ail ooditirad »nd mtleaad unit. Thai home tan b«*n ap- ·ravad far an FHA Loan. Lou ot comfortable livmf for only S29.- iM.fJi. Better burr."!! OAXO A lino BIALTOftS CIS 5f. CQilM" Offict Phont 442-5326 Office 4O-42U is pleased to announce th«', laBa later"* ' Jn " option of Mrs. Jim (Marty)I S^aT uSier Heffield to Our wles jtoff. : Herb LaSier Four tent and f)v* !*ocm nwdem hauM. d«fl w«!l water system, electricity, natural 2«, telephone. Imwn. Jhrubbtry, w»U » -«I1 expert in livic mm. Gon«t, tool ·H«d. two small DuiJtfin.*, r*o garden «pot*. on HlfHwiy It. Ttrm* if d*ind. ««·«·, Afk. J. C. (UtrJ, RJl 1. Com OB. Phone S43.M76. CTIT.FY «AS, ESTATE 4 DEVtLOPMETT CO. «l»-5«21 ! Evidential - Commercial - :«t V. Grew U.I-9383. * Block* W«t Holiday Tim KOL'R bedroon*. by i'«:ier. (s:n : y ;o"n:. t replace, wo bath. t;r conditioned. f V f - tr-c ttdien. ft««i! Ne»r Root Sciwi. Msuir.e 5-5"^ ioa-: Sa-17J(. 194 '1 Austin r- v». 40 Acr»« with 5 Room Modern] Home, carpel in living roorr. and! on* bedroom, good cabinets, utiii- 1 ty room, shade trees, good barn. pond. Only I 1 * n\Ue from blacktop road. Price KM.3W Nice 3 Bedroom Brick Home and IB Acres of land located in South part cf Springdale. Good carpet- ir.f. 2 bat^-j. central h«at and air ccnditiorJng. city water, blacktop street on IW.T? wd«. Priced Below appraised value, so call us today. Very Bice A Bedroom Brick Home in South part of Springdale. ?ooc carpet. - baths, large living roorr.. nic* den with fireplace, central heat and air conditioning, nice comer kit with garden. Price $27.500. NEILL REAL ESTATE CO. Inc. SpnrjcslE. Ark. Pho.-c T51-3K2 A Piece In The Country Cute As A Bug's Ear! LINCOLN I New honie. 3 bedroom. 1134 square fcei. all carpeted, birch cabinet*. concrt'te al! panejed. forced air mrnai-e. - r c n t ' b r - . r k veneer, utility room, i-.trport. c:rv water, natural gas. Lot l^o'.-cuo 1 By owner. Phor.e 443-:i3S, :6:-3973. $11.- ; For Sale "The Oaks", m early ··aneh-iype home. Hi-way 53 Wat, ·4 miles east of KJudsnile. and 4 : 2 mi West cf Hur-iavJIe. :! mcd- rm w i t h natural ?aa. 5 Acres more le». 2 Fine :JM w:;h Urje p Qr pro mpt, COUSCOUS oak shade, could be sold at once , r, ^ ' at need price if desirec. Good !a- Call her today! cation. Rcclt face, green :r:ra. lots of Dogwood aitd Oslc shade: jentle «iop»* to front w;;h rail zencmg. ^1^^, A A Lovely view irorc wo larae ccr- .fljf^^H T D l l M u n ff 1 1 1 ner windows :·: ciirJn? sur room |^J0 I K U r l D U 0( UU. ar*a.' k:tcher and santry; ^^H^D good sized utility. GOOD WATEH.. ^^^^H ·«i43'52io Good reighborhcod Pcr-rect work- ^Hf 30TS 5*. Ccilef* inK fir-place, large '-ockaheives: ^-ta.X --uch sxT3^*; rocrr.. Cosiage "an- Ed Torbett 3es. U2-3453 r.ex" and ?aod worScs'r.cp. Stone ^trs. Jim -Ma-y) Ha"':eid »4:--^Ml walks and iO'x20" j'one patio. E-oweil 442-olfiT Idea! for retirerr-.rn^ couple: e?jty -' ··-- d:star:ce ro 3osrcri. Mour.tains, £u- reka Sprinas. Spi~.gdaie. FajBiie- ville S'ave"~oney by *ast " cash purchase. Price will surprise you. "" phcre caUs pieaar Car ' Spatnoua three 'oedrooma. Fam:I : -- room. br:ck fireplace. Caihedni ceilings, ahunnarsce of built-in*. Two ^erarmc baths. Two car garage. Half acr« lot. will b« completed in twn weefcs. Price only $22.300/30. North Of U. of A. Campus On a well landscaped comer lot. AH bricfc. two car fara;e. Attractive kitchen. Wal!-m--A-a. carpet throughout. Covered pa tio--air conditioned. A terr- *ic buy at S22.300.00 -takes S2300.QQ do^-n. «iun tsanf low iatereit loan--No cic«inf ccsdj. Bet^r hurr-" Now I don't know how cut* a bug'i sir can b»! but thi* out- ·tanding brick home i« a char- mer--avocido fixture* -- iati- que Birch cabinets tnd panel- ling. Big two car janfe. Sute! v Oaic tree* -- Urge lot -- S13.500.00. Have A Full House 3 Ker« i room for ev.rj'Qne. £:?r.t roorru--ws!l-to-wan -ir- 3«t excent :h« k:ti.-hep.. Mass- ·.vc na::v. nor.e fireplace. ?-i- :io. iun deck, cer^ra! »:r ccn- ritrcrr. "A-o Mtris. cusicm ^raD- es. Mat-jra (hade -r«s. N"a::v» iione and cedar. Tcp !oca::cn --V.5000.00 dowr,. KENLAZENB 927 North Calleg* Y REAL ESTATE Phon« 442-4062 Phon. 442-4440 GOOD AREA Sin^n thr«« room furnished hon:e in Northwest stfctior. of city. Carport. Larjt. «h«dy lot. 5j«« NEAR CAMPUS N«t two bedrocm hoir.e L^rae livaif roerr. with native stor.c :L-t- plic«. Carp«tfii li\-ingroom hall. Larne kitchen with rr.any i?i-ch cabir.«ts. Builtir. electric cookin? unit*. Carporu with outiide stor- aje. P»to. Price $11.900. 71 N. C O M M E R C I A L Property has about i:l ft hwy frontjge. Suitable for jcvcral typ«m of bujiness. The-e art r.n: too m*r.y sites left thst are close in If vou are jr. the market for bmineM property call us. Price S:«.TM. . s«er. Surria;.- and^ we-ic. i Watrh for 51^:: it mail hex "Th« Oak*" for sale. Sctr.e fifty or ^iors| se^uire aniiques :o ce *oid at private sale a^o. FAUCETTE WATER--On Clear Cr-ek, springs and wells. LAND--130 ceres ~i'h iO ocr-s 'ccffcm, eil fenced c-id ' crass ftnctd. HOME--3 bedrsons. 2 corns, bL : !r-in c^en cnc rsrge. real nice set of living quarters. GARAGE-fcr 2 cars. INCOME--32.000 capacity, ir;s-j ; cted, brciier Houses, s-jto- r-o;ic equipmtrt cli;s irco^e f*em cs^'e. .LOCATION--All routes, F3y*ftev r; * ^eiepncre. Asect 15 i minutes of town. | PRICE-360,000 with terr-s. 'LOOK-Teday. NEWLIN REALTY COMPANY REALTORS 839-2522 WEST FORK, ARKANSAS HELP WANTED Male-Female Production Workers Day and Night Shift · Permanent Job Openings · Excellent Benefits · Become c permanent errclovee of Campbell Souo Compcnv end earn ... SI.87 to $2.36 p«rhour. Apply at Campbell Soup Company 1100 V/est 15th Street, Foyettevili* INTRODUCTION SPECIAL We're Se!l-A-Brating the Maverick by Reduc- ^5 ing the Price of All These Nice Used Cars-- 1968 CHEVROLET Impala 4-Door $2745 · : V-3, Powerglid*, Factor/ Air, Mr* Whitewail Tires, locsl On» 0wn«r. 1968 MUSTANG Hardtop $2675 V-3, Factory Air, Pow«r Steering, Vinyl 3eof, Extra N^ce. 1968 FORD LTD Fordor Hardtop $2975 =actory Air. ?ow«r Steeriig, i New Tires, Local On« Cwrer. 1967 PLYMOUTH Fury III 4-Door $2060 V-3, Automatic, Factor/ Air, Pcw-r Steering, Very Cecn. 1967 FORD Galaxie 500 Fordor Hardtop. .$2145 V-3, Cruiso-O-Matic, Factory Air, ·awtr, Booutifu! Slu«. 1966 VOLKSWAGEN 2-Door S1295 :rgie Just Conpie-ely Rebuilt, Eccrony Specie!. 1966 FORD Fairlane Tudor $1535 V-8, local On« Owner T'neM Very, Ver/ Nice. 1966 MUSTANG Hardtop $1495 Ecorci-v/ 6-Cytina«r, Standard Si-if;, Double Srorp. 1965 FORD Country Sedan $1595 V-8, Power, Air Conditioned, A Reel Nice Wcgcn. 1963 FORD Fairlane 500 Fordor. $1075 y'-5 ferdomatie Cr-ve, :.-gir-e Complete Rebuilt in Our SJ'e. LEWIS FORD 3373 North College Phone 443-3091 Equei Cpecrtvrfty Impleyw . - » VirfinU Bowers Vol G. C. Tauccttl Office Rtl. Rel. Ru. 442-2277 FASHION SALE 1966 GMC '.i Ton Pickup, Short Wheel Bass, Narrow Bed, Bright Red Finish, New beat Covers, West Coast Mir. rors. Heavy Duty Bumpers, 6 Cylinder Engine, Standard Transmission, One Owner, Extra Sharp 1965 BUICK Electro 225 4- Dsor Hardtop, Whitewall Tires, Turbo - Hydromatic Transmission, Power Steering and Brakes, Power Seats and; Windows, Radio, Heater, Factory Air Conditioned, White with Gold Interior. . S1995 1966 RAMBLER 550 --Door Sedan, Whitewall Tires, 6 Cylinder Engine, Autorr.ntic Transmission S I 2 9 5 1966 PONTIAC lemons Convertible, Yellow with Black Top, V-3 Engine, New Whits- wall Tires, Bucket Seats, Automatic Transmission On Center Console, Factory Air Con. ditioned, Heater, AM-FM Radio, New Point, Aiove Average 1963 OLDSM05ILE F-3J J- Door Sedon, V-8 Engine, Whit»wall Tires, Automatic Trontmission, Radio, Heoter, Bucket Seots, Factor/ Conditioned 196J FORD Vi-Ton Pickup, Short Wheel Base, Wide Red, Standard, V-8 Ingine, Extra Good Mechanically . . S50 ° 1964 CHEVROLET Impala 4- Door Hardtop, 2-Tone Blue Finish, V-8 engine. Automatic Transml.sion, Tilt Steering Wheel, Power Steering ano Brakes, Radio, Healer, Factory Air Conditioned SI095 Whitfield Motor Co. Oldimobne-GMC 14-U N. bit Ph. HI At GOFF-McNAIR Motor Co 1963 CHEVROLET Impal ' ' 9 c o MERCURY Colony Park ·rtr W*jcn = cwcr Anil AiT, " i:**a*» ?_»i-ic $2136.00 1967 L I N C O L N Cor.;;ren-c P-w-r ?:effr--j i.-ci Fcwjr Disc ' 1966 M E R C U R Y Corret F-ricr !Vrfir.. 5 A:r C^.-d::: 19*1 OLOSMOSiLE Starf.-e I-Dcrr Hjrd-cc ?·:': Pi-*?.- -\--! A:.- Cjrc:'.:lR- 1967 COM3 'wior Sedan. Pc-^r And A-- '-.'s.t N*-v L : - : ?:-' r-.r.^.-.. Ni'x WSitzwiil T-jra. S::". "-:« i965 COMET Col-er'e V - i r.zine S-.i.-..i,ir^ ?ra.t*Tr.-»:^r.. Cre -r W : n i o - . . Locks. A--.srr.a-.:.: Tr-.-i ?ve.«ir 5J-i'O - r t S-rrto Tic- Play;.-. VL-.;.: "..;·:: Or -·· :: ^f, \ · .1. ? * 4 RA.MS'.E* C'assic 440 ST...-- ~xwr. A . ·-..· A.r S878.00 OL3SMC3IIE Sucer 33 S1063.00 1961 ME9CURY Carre' Sole Ends Mav 3 LIKE NEW Official Chrvsler Factory Outlet Cars i/ » Are Still in Factor\' Warranty-SAVE $$$ BIG DISCOUNTS Low Mileage--Extra Clean--Just Like New NOW AT HOUSTON TAYLOR MOTORS 1963 PLYMOUTH Fl!.?Y MI 2-Ccor -c.-i?cc. White Ext«rior wir 1 ^ Seci V-,i : -'j.-cr. 3 ^ 3 JV-8 er.gir*. Autor-c"'c T-ars.-.sslcr =:-~. er Steering, Factory A-'- C-rc -cred, ' * . - ; C C 3 Actuol Milei. 4 Fu : ' Yeo-i of rsc-sry Wa--cnry Left .......... S:3«i !?43 fOfD RANGER '? ~33 - c x j ; . '.;.-g 'W'c« Bed. V-3 E-g..-«, Au-cr-a-c : · = - » - T^ .Rdd.o, H«c'*r Ve-v C'ec- L:w Miiec^t T.-.-cic. Gree-- a.-d V, 1 - ·» S T - i ' S '1963 PLYMOUTH SATELLITE s-s'-.e- vvso- |sn, 9 Passenflt-. 3 ' 3 V-3 E~.;"e. Au'c- ma"'« Tronsrriss'or. ?ovtr $r»«ri-g ord !Bro'«i, fecrcrv *.r C:rd-"cr«e, Whit« ·Finish with To- T- -. 9 T 4 5 AC-JO' M. ei, 4 Full Yean Fsc-erv W;."s--y Ls'v $3193 '196S DOCGc P C - * ' * T-Oeor Herdrop, 1963 3CCC-S vCN*CO 4-Ccur H'e.-c'op, 333 V-3 £-.; -e. A-.-or-c'-c T-='-sr-;3s:er, ?ac*crv A Co-~cit : creci, Po'-er Sfeerirg 3rd 3r=sj. W'-.-e c: --'s.- ...... $3195 1963 C-EVRCL:* : V'*'.A CL-sfam 3-Cccr ho-C'oc. 'ii : -«e - e r Aj-cr-i"c 7-3,-j- rr!,ji;ci-, s o - t ' S'e«-.-a. 'sc'ory A'.- C3!- r sec i.»ajs«-ce V-3 ;.ic--e. *-'« ra : c '---I.-, Brakes. r ;c-c.--. *.:- Rac», WS-e : - j- · 316 v. es. 4 War-or-/ Lt" . i^c '-o^ed L.gacje ·- ':" '--«'-cr. ' : .?'- : ' Y e s - » c ; c c:-c-^ . . . $ 3 ' « S 318 V.| Enjcn*. *.-cr-2'ic Tror-snissien, Factory Air Csra -y^ta, Steering, 'All Viny! led i.--e'-cr w.ih White Exter- iior, Roaio, W-i'e^a-l T ,-»». Caluxe Wheel Disc. Tinted W3»r.eld. Remote Control Side»''«w Mlrrcr. 4 c -j" Yearn o* Fac'ory Wa--a-"y L«'- HOUSTON TAUOSS PRICE ...... S2J95 1963 CHRYS,:? S;W'Cr C.s-=," : :c«r Harateo. 333 V-3 E-c -«. ':·-*' S'eer -3 and Brakes. : cc-3'v *.,- Csra '· -e.-ec medium Grecf : "'Sn *. "^ v*c*c~ "·; O'te^t Interior, 13.3o4 *c'uc : v 'e. ^ . tl . 1 I Yec.-» of Factory Wsrrar-/ L«" . - $3:9i 1968 PlYMOLTM SAT.. "5 7-Cocr h o -d- rep. 318 V-8 £cg .-e ^J-t- S'ee"-a a«el Brakei, Factory A - Csr-a · cf«ci. vee KTI Green Finish w~ vc'c~ ~-j G-em k'ef- lot, 17,793 Ac-.a ; M.'es. As=ro.v.ix!'rlv 4 Year» FoOe.-v Wj:ran-y lift j:3f J GOFF-MeNAIR MOTOR CO. Oo«n Evenings Until 7:00 M. couiot ···ilia Tntar motori S^'" c I I Hiwejy 71 N. Phone 4«:-4331

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