Independent from Long Beach, California on March 22, 1976 · Page 26
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 26

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 22, 1976
Page 26
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r.J-MFPFNDFNT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) Una much, calil.. Hon.. March V, m. -A.3STIT.A. cK-AJz/rs ^O^vl^ I 1 y^ r -^^=^ Copnithl 1WI By Tr'nptf* PuWkiHwi, Inc. L« AW-M T«rt CIl*. IfK.. Un« AiUU P«rk, Archil, C»IH, Swvdiy. Marxh SI, U7.V-^m day of 7|-d»y winter mwllni. AH llnbhw twvllrmed br ^ stt4-?IBST"R!CE. l lirronn. « y**r oWi I w. ClitaiTn.). Pur* MJftC inlii HoHi ' WL PP Si 14 V, Itr ttn Jod*v 0*h sriEwweuVxx H» J 1 1-fc Vi 1-3 1-2 H**«*Y -W t % OrtftebM^WUi US J } '* *M H 1M PtffW IIW SJMKdMrtKIn 114 1 3 1 l-fl *4 4-1 *·! Umberl 11 M 1,-n secondunr rg ji* i i i ^ i^ MVi jw £££,,, uS SB Recru .1*r *1 tt S 3 I-'* H « '^i Fw w*« 3' » A" ISNJCWenN.ow^ari in 4 4 A-S 7Vi 1 t Mer-i '00 DO- Dhn w 1 1 Fied frcm wttyxl plated fcwlh. Tlmt-.HTT!; .*«. -W l/5.'Uim " ClMf, track fasl. Tfmper*hwt U *t- VCM Start good from sate, won rjrlvln?. EXPRESSION brlk*'on 1w to hoW a il.m lead abound turn, drt-v out m ihe stretch but finished tarn*. SUNLOT r«PWXJ*d n the lar turn to ra^Y alone -t-e iniki* to the upper iirekh. bo/e out iwvrjer left handed ws'^fl to irrpodc Kdsos Kin ind wwl everJr R the end. The slewardi pwfftf tt» i-, cu'rr a-^J dwualHied UNLOT back U (oyrrt for hh kiterterenc*. HOST A V^ltJ ch«kKl at ix breafc, found hn lirll stride and linhhed vtining, Na scratches. Purs* 111,000. IndtJtHon* Wt. PP 51 Ui V WHOWCuvrJ 111 1 3 40 i S38I Pilnc* JC 1W 6 4 I M W17 y SI YWJ IN 7 1 3) iOl Ak AckW* til 1 ? 1-Vi ! $JI7 Prkice Pr«t«fi.,.. Ill J 1 J J I SW Roydl Armor Ill f t frl i . iaiu Mjiflow«t.vt .... in t i si* - iW Sir Ivw'S JOT Ill S ; M7 ! .?·*· WlS Siafty *M1 J » t , Tf'n*-- ,33. .«5 J/S" Ti.11 )/5r I.Mn.W ! l.'SCIejr, track (Ml. i OMOuird S.» 3.14 3.*l « PrlnctJ.C. -« 1JI i ; S I S l Y w j . · 1J3 i . Sla't oood from oate, v«fon driving, v Mulucl Pooi -tJ4I,9S3. Da:iy Dovbte v PooV-l?«^IO. ". ' · OlD GUARD, under * jvnocih rWe, l\ - fac«J ctoso UP Jo 1t» tar (urn, aJiwcd \t Sir Fin JOCRV Ooot -1 5 1'.i J^ 1 ! ?-H» Pancar 3.13 J *^ 7 f'l M Ramter 4 43 -\ IM SI 4 1 Of-wei IIW J'^ 1W 51 5-3 Howard »M 1 H t ? 4M HtYwicY 4JO "j 1? 8 -I'-') 1 1 Uvnttit JIM ftiro««ri SVkfe~ (O~'M« your-d" ard" ticrt«, eased out For room irio the vl/e'ch a ryl came on lo wear down the pate ind hold u1e PRINCE J.C. ft* latter tho-Md no early sp*td- cauflht hi. Ml strkle mrdway vxl rallied to ihe hlsh. SI SI YCHJ saved yound Fjl^ed io rally. No scraithe? BAILYMUMC, H5XPRESSTOH S HMD GUARD, PAHTRUa Prr»|1|,OW. IrtiixKon* Wl. PP SI H V'i ilr Fl» J«tiuy 0*±, Mi NjdTJ 11? 1 ? Jhd l M 1-^ 1-1 y*5m.».v-?f I'M i Sin TiUWcr Lady xll? i 1 )-l V? m J "» Goo/j-tZ 31 JO ( SflS^rpfEncuse IU l 1 *M Sri *s J-m w-wy ?» SOJ Fltr w.. Robnxn 117 1 J t l ' Y 4] 3-tl 4-1 Trxo 460 . n , VB? Twer GO'd Ml S a ^ !-Tn J-r-i 11 Vw«ra «.« u)*. 53C« Spd-*/e 117 1 J 1 1 1 1 Brixz 73 J9 V^ 1 Tfm^.». .45 J/i. 'Jl. l.ll.Ckar, \}" fraek fan. ?r- TallkterLidy UW J.M I^Y · Setrel Excut* l.M ff^J S1aM 9ood irom 9.ile. *vn driving. ^1k!i. MS. HU01NI shared It* lead ·4**-.' arourv] Ih* rvrn ind )nta fh* ilrefch. U-an to kg inward but was liJalsht- ened ind It-en dre* clear. TAILLEF- t« LADY aHenrJed itw pace Vilo rhf jrn From totwetf. 1 horws, walrfd for roo'n at Ihe live s'ltlccnlh pole, k«t 9'ound r)-»d la tied A solid tfoslr.g klcV. SECRET EXCUSE r.'.ll^ C ledr aky,j the aulikle nVowh C^ stretch. ·^^ 571-- FOURTH RACE, 1 I/U mlfci. 1 year i!d c«lh A *IiJLi«. AllawarKftl. " M-; index HOTM ¥rt. PP 51 V* Vi *. Str Fta J«I»T O*h '"**" SO? Smorwfoai'.'.'. .'.'.'.'.'. lit 1 1 1 1 M lid JT.7 !-r.^K^*«v 1.80 ^7,5.. d ia^oon 114 3 t 7 .VM 4-)''l 6? Srfc Vcfwa / »0 ~-n- SW *-Cn«k.p.» 1» 1 7 frl .· / J 7 Toro )» ·* a Fnvckxie Jtryon raced ouptrd. T-* ; 1.4JJ/5 C Cledr.iratkUll. ^· Dr. Krcrfru . ... S.M 3.M 1M aV Jamto Ud .!'..!.!"'.'.....! ! ^ . . XH Stflri oood lor dll but Envelope, * ^' Muluci pool -H\M}. * DK. KRCMiN .vji I^Ven H hand ard a, rxrtilwnod beNnd lite k*J?fi on the b - fir if turn, checked midway on Ihe backiuefcn while maneuvering (or room, finally wenl wMe 'or his ctear wfr, dfcrxned of S POOH WOOD Into Ihe si reldi and wo* a, rf much ihe besl. The tatter txoVc cl-«irJy lo sel rhe pace, uved vound «Tll« busy with Ihe winner 00 The*llnal turn and K-ng. JAMIE UD had nil be« Wd ai ifte Flve-ikreenih pc!e lo irwe the read then llrrd. No scratches. K Irdai H.XV- Wt. PP $1 V« S Str Fin Jodcey Ckkh *.:* S1J9 54 Jdson IW ^ ? frl *1^ J-l l-» V*r»Wfl 1040 i. "" (nSlFaTl'spol . . . " ! . . . " . ' f llf * 3-!i 3rd Ihd 3j P nca/ ^ 160 V ' SWO Big 0«nl . .'.'.'.'.'.'.".'.'.'.... W* S i 7 7 ; irn Kaav'er i *J ·=·' W (L^iikvwT. . .. . 117 7 1 1W 3-M 4-J J W*oa SM ·-YlrBc^.HS/i. ,-UV/i, 1.6? 1/5.' I.U M 2/i Clear, t-;rl (km. :· SlrJiwxi I1.M t.tO 1-H u FaitSrwl 3.4* V St,vt 900d Irom «*o. wondrlvl.ig. ^ FAuiuci pooi-iliJ^li 1 . E^ada pool l ^ SIR JASON broke alerlly to shjn; ^ the rarty lead in between fwws, sl'ip- pfd back, came wide into Ih* tlrelch, rallied iteadNy *fd drew out M^e. MEDICAL MAN checked mktway on. the hillside while (n clote on the raJ, look up *1 1ho q wrier po'e, tound An opening and improved his pcnllbn Inside 1he ludony pole. FAST SPOT ill · ernavd wit* nSo k«tf, became fanned . out and slackened. Motcraicftes. ,j ^^UEWCTATTSlft JAMW 1 t-HCDI^A..MAN, PAID iiiU4 no^oo. Iratex Hori* V*f. PP Si ^ ,1 1« Sir fin lockcy Odih * SIM KinqFVIlJwc . IM j 4 1 1 h-l l-i Mi-j l-i", S»x«milpr .70 ^ iTW Cfimbs m I 7 6 ,, i*» M'n'arjl 171 3 l J l * 57M C*ntflH-i Cholo- . US t S I M . . . . Br(w II . «1K l i 5 1 if J^ HI 4/S. Clear, uack'lait. « K1ngP»Uir.8r« X4* 1 10 1.4Q f RWeOfl 4.M 111 * Crumbt 1^0 ; SUrt good from *a(e, won eaiky. *1 ,. KING PELLINOfiE, liar tooled a *· ; 1hc brcjV, rushed L* on Ih* frrs'-de lo J-M 40 3'i Jm -Ven, Jtt J Hi J-l 4 1 48 Plr-MY » ('1 M 6 yi'i VskTffi ]7M i 4 JI.J * Ar*-j«i UiO with RIDE Of T lo Ihe strc'c'h then drew out mostly on hts own courage. The lather pressed the winner la the vpper stretch then could no] keep up. CRUMDS saved orovnd and Imrxovtd hhPovlio-L Ho scrfliches. $109,300 Santa Anita stake Avatar finds turf to his liking, wins San Luis Rey YACHTS-- Softball win by Cypress AvaUir, t h e 1975 Belmont Slakes winner, but a loser at Santa Anita this winter, switched from the dirt course to the lurf (or the first time Sunday and won a close victory in the $109,300 San L u i s Rey Stakes. J o c k e y Laffit Pincay drove A v a t a r under the wire a head in front of the pace-setting Ga Hai but tlvc latter was disqualified and s h u n t e d b a c k to fourth. The second place finisher was ruled to be Top Crowd. In the shift,/ Tpp Command was given third place. A crowd of 51,688 gathered on a summery day to watch the race, which sets the stage for the $125,000 S a n J u a n C a p i s l r a n o Handicap April 4. Invitations to the Capis- trano will be announced Wednesday. There was no question about Avatar's win, but the stewards held that Ga Hai, ridden by Don Pierce, caused interference in the stretch run, first to Top Crowd, w i t h F r a n k Olivares aboard, ami Top Command, ridden by Bill Shoemaker. ·-· Avatar, a son of Graus- .tark, who a l s o finished second in t h e Kentucky Derby last year and sixth in the Prcakness, is owned by A.A. Seeligson Jr. of San Antonio, Texas. The win was worth $64,300 to go with Avatar's previous lifetime earnings of $319,810. The time for the mile and a half run was 2:24'/s. The stakes and course record of 2:23 was set by Fiddle Isle in 1970. The candidates raced at level weights of 126 pounds w i t h the cxeception of Dahlia, the money winning mare who finished last in the field of seven with an allowance weight of 121 pounds. Ga Hai and Announcer fought for the lead most of t h e w a y , w i t h Avatar never far back. The field was bunched mostof the route. Pincay sent Avatar into a close lead at the top of the stretch and the colt and Ga Hai, along with the other challengers, fought it out to the wire. Avatar, the second belt i n g choice, p a i d $0.80, $5.80 and J3.GO; Top Crowd $5.40 and $3.20; and Top Command $3.40. LOEL SCHRADER (Continued From C-l) NCAA Western Regional at Pauley ravilion. . .John Koblnson will attempt a couple of experiments during spring football practice, which got unaer way Saturday 'nl USC. He's going to work oulside linebacker Mario Celollo and nose guard Harold Steole at inside lineback- iny positions. . .Pro scouts' eyes were popping when Ihcy limed two of the Trojans' outside linebackers, David Lewis and Rod Martin. Lewis, 6-3, 230, was clocked in 4.65 for the 40 while Martin, 6-1, 195, turned in a 4.7. . .Robinson isn't bashful about stating his goal. "Most football players come lo USC aspiring to be champions," says John McKay's successor at Troy. "Our goal is to be champion again. We have a chance to develop into an outstanding learn.". . .It seems like only yesterday that Chuck Ross, Russ McQueen and Tom Lcderer were All-City pitching selections, Ross at Wilson and McQueen and Lederer at l.akewood. All llirce now have Angel connections. Ross was acquired from the Boston lied Sox and is training with the Angels at Holtvillc, McQueen is in the Angel organization after compiling a 6-S record as a reliefer for Salinas of the California League last season, and Lcdcrcr is the son of . George Lcderer, who is promotions and season sales director for the Angels. a recreation supervisor at M a y f a i r Park and a part-time math teacher at St. John Rosco High School. . .USC's Ricky Bell, who ' finished third in Heisman Trophy balloting last fall, has liccn chosen by the NCAA to join a pre-season publicity tour for college football. Along on the trip will be Bell's chief rival for the 1976 Heisman, Tony Dorsett of Pitt. CI'F HARON'S t MONDAY, MaRCKJl, IIH FIRST POST I P.M. nrdrJsMol UnlgMnwImi " TIRST RACE -- Ulla pace. am. Pprse il,i0. Herv Drh«r So^bat Sur. Le^l . PalrkLj P.MirVwefl Tea.' M , Lino!mD« : gn,Sa*wrVj !«*.« Dov. Dp ' Pod'f VanUjqe H*now. Bailey !! S I II 10-1 15-1 1S-I Scralched Sralch«l kJoruLdM, Evar6 ... Loving Lu Lu Palsano A SPUDBAT SUM: »WW1 Blc r-.OSI d«f)endable. PATRICIA P: Hard lolb- ure bit l*o eflorrs. MIXED TEA: Hal loo Dependable. L O H O S H O T -- T E K A S BOY. SECOND RACE - 1 MH« (are. 5^ ytar-oldl and undtr, colh and veld- Int. Pint 11^0;. 1 1-2 1 S-? L)(V AVirtwr. Nftm 1 9-J Poar Hcc, Crane S 6 1 Skeel Ha.-c«f. Shcrren 4 II V-fi'tnvin. Crnr* 3 101 ARMBRO ROGER: Well placed lor a winning efbfl. N A T I V E IIWC: Worklrra extremely »ell. FLAG CALL: MavhoM tftt omen. L O H O S H O T - j K J gTHAHOVER. THIRO"a»CE -'I'MlnTrol. All a»ai. Pucn "He handled the turf course very well," Pincay said of Avatar. "He was l u g g i n g in w i t h me through the stretch, so I had to hand ride him to the wire. But this horse g a v e me everything he had today and rated just beautiful." Olivares (Top Crowd) said he thought he should have won it. "Around the turn, Laffit and I were bumping, and 1 had to stop riding him bc- cuase I couldn't gel outside. He kept me inside where I had no place to run. When I finally got clear, he only got beat about a length." Jets defeat Hawks, 3-1 Jim Knott and G r e g Sepulveda led t h e Lakewood Jets to a 3-1 victory over the Long Beach Nite- hawks in (he finals of the Pico Rivera Softball tournament Sunday night. S h o r t s t o p Sepulveda was selected the tourney most valuable pluyer, col- l e c t i n g t w o h i t s a n d scoring two runs in the championshJp game after going 3-for-l earlier in the day in a 8-3 win over Had- dick'sof West Covina. T h e N i t e h a w k s h a d beaten Pico Rivera 6-1 and Haddick's 6-1 to reach the finals. Hal Joyce doubled home Jerry Flory with the lone Long Beach run in the sixth. Mlronks 0000010- I « Jrt-s ( 1 0 1 0 0 X -- 3 7 Sdmo jnil Ikrnrk. Kr.oll and Murray. (Continued From C-l) Deaver's win marked the llth time in the 12 years of Congressional Cup history that a skipper on the Pacific Coast has won the title. Only one easterner, Bill Ficker of the New York Yacht Club, has had his n a m e engraved on the famous cup. Oddly enough, ti was Poppy Delfour ( Y a c h t Club a'Hyeres of France), who dropped Parker from seven to six wins, making a four-way tie. Delfour had protested Parker's lactics in the sixth series, and he won it. In winning, he put himself fifth in final standings with 5 and 4. Other finishers were Dennis Conner (San Diego YO a n d K o n Y o u n g (U.S. Yacht Racing Union), 4 and 5; Barney Flam (Long Beach Y C ) , H u g h Tre- h a r n e (Australian Yachting Federation) and Marc Hollerbach (Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes), 3 and 6. Pacific Coast League this LBCC-haiita Monica season. Duane Williams pitched the Cypress Hawks to the championship in the second Carson Parks-Recreation/Shakey's Softball tour- n a m e n t Sunday at" Dominguez Park. The young righthander fired a three-hit shutout at Ihe Oceanside Dolphins, 60, and was named most valuable pitcher with a 5-1 m a r k . S h o r t s t o p t e a m mate Al Peters was the most valuable player, batting .412. . : Williams' only loss was a 2-1 decision in eight innings to Oceanside's Jack Amos in the first of two title games 35 Ihe Dophins had roared out of t h e losers' bracket with three wins Sunday before (altering. Manager Bob Styles H a w k s p o u n d e d t h r e e Oceanside hurlers for I hits to win handily.. The Hawks will compete in th volleyball tonight Long Beach C i t y College, w h i c h registered three volleyball wins Last week, hopes to keep the string going t h i s w e e k when it hosts Santa Monica tonight at 7:30, travels to P i e r e Wednesday at 2:30 and is back home against El Camino Thursday at 7:30. Cypms 1330000- Sll OceanskK 000 000 0-- 0 5 Williams and YesflCN ArrKrt. ryV rl'l (1), Brill O) and Lop«i. Cyorm 00000010- I ! 1 Oceansjde 00000011 -- 3 i a Wlllidn-.s and Yeaoerj Amos arvj Loper. HR- Neafberlon (0). S1h. Al,1,-TOUtlNAMENT TEAM C- Tom Hart, Contaeatal. Jo« Burn. U1 Veujs: ]B- Tom lleckcixlrn. Ortsrulde; zR.Tony !iernar.:ier, Sjn [)jn:.^. 3H Gary Fvlers. Cspress. SS- Al Peirrs. Cypress. OF- Rav BatisU. |ji Vfgas, Dan Vpssey, OcfaruiiV L*e A n d e r s o n!. Fred Uera. Glenn Miller; P- Williams. Amol. GET BETTER GAS MILEAGE WITH BERKYMAN B-12CHEMTOOL ADD B - 1 2 T O Y O U R GAS TANK T O C L E A N YOUH FUEL S Y S T E M A N D CARBURETOR COMPLETELY L'rolra Cwaoe. R.Wms. . Big Sijr.ayltu Rdderi Surprise, Ra'cHcrt. ) J-l 1 3 1 7 11 " Hl.opO. Tan claiming prke 1)1.W rnjeniori* WiTPP Sfr Fin Jockiy 5731 \ S3-I QeaJnun . . . . liJUIlGoixJ Rftxxl i)W Rocket Re^ew y» Ocald Boy.."!". .!. 5?« Covcrrttl I'wi.iar Ill i I S H-j 11 }-^ 17 K^'ev 170 US 3 i Ml* J-4 3-J il LMIWWI ,1 » IU 1 i t IVi 4 ? £1 4r* Pkyjiy X I 3 Ml S 3 JM 4-3 41 ^4 O^vdrn L«0 · · - - 1 1 4 1 k n t-r-1 !. J A l Stvrrruker 7 W '.'.'.'. Ml 7 1 41/1 SI* 7KJ ft^R^l'ei »« T:mc-.M 1/5, .-IS, .if, t.W 1/S f iMr. track fait. Sawtooth U.M ».« 4.n Wlllmir US 1.M Reilmin 444 St.ut good ircm gate, won driving. WutuH pool-S!i4.3n. Exaclfl pool SAWTOOTH bioke ilivtlr to hold » sl'medac ft) dv turn, tmrvod btck Re»\ Man Into the Iwn i?vn hod eroucti \e\i ts hcU ufa WLLLMAR. The laMer ULryrit Ms lull stride mkJwjv on the ^rn. rdll.«d wide *o rtw stretih, tfosed lo tne winner bul h^ng in me f'n^r stages. REALM AH pressed itie w'^vner to lte stretch *nd weakp rwd Noscrakhes $100,000 Jddtd. Gross t lliWT How S«i Avarar . S*fl Lui Wt. Pt» tl ^ 1 1-1 1 M t I I iH 3 4 I 4 17 J t t S J-l 7 7 ^ 1 ) 6 ..11* S J-l 7 M 1-1 3 I . 1 7 1 -1 S-l S-n-i J-IVi i J Irom second pt«cei~" . . . .. , I/S, 3 S4 4/5. Clear, turf f r m . . 1.44 141 ).M 1.43 ).M 3.« TopCommirri Stal good from W*, wood'lvtnfl. Wuiuel POC*-IS«.IW. A V A T A R broke In itfWf rtvn wai uVefi In hand »hi'e dbte M Slav wlth^.-v eat) 1 itrivlng dtltirx* ef the kadefi, rtnitilncd In IN? mkWVc o the COVTK fof .1 ('ear pa^ -nio nV i¥ek**, rallied .\fter bc^ng ijnrnxl out !".v itv slrerch ri-xl wore do*n GA HAI during a hi'd drlvo. Th« l*l!er tKO** dearly to ho'^d f dear f.vlY l«jd. SJYK! youotf wMte bulvwilh Annowxer Ihrowh Ihe irtef- mULjt Mages r oo i^ best of thai duel Iho srrekh and krpl Po h t4iX to give war brdduallr white Jriit .«ig iriwjfd^ in mldslrelch. TOP L ~~ ~ wn- TftP claiming prk* 111,000. f rhe was « m'fdwiv on Ihe boc ^stretch ro t* Wotfc ed ber*'«n norws in iraffic, tt^tcked 10 break stride apprcucMng mid streKh. we.-l ouTjkfe and nVn lacked enough o a dosing kkt. TOP COMMAND, In hand tai\r. rjcrd pockefj on Irte rail to 1ht far tvn, begin *o gain groyod r»*en took vp when p'rthed In ihe lire fen on the rail, broke stride and lost hri chjxe Th* sf (wards run! m ihe 'iv.uVv ihefi diVKuilfM GJ Hii baa to fourth For bor%efkr» Top Com- mjnd ONE ON THE A I S L E «M t'tntn ouirun. ANNOUNCES o-«wd ihe Pdcr to the itrvtch and uve war from between fws«. DAHLIA tud Ks be W : nd'0'd*d sevenTy rirdj ircr- tv q.ife 'o be coa^erf into me stjrilfig gjic rf*nv.js never a ihre^l Ihcfcj'iw. K^iT~ !DU FAtaxn« F 1 Hirrivrij, WCpp* Si r» j«ker J 7 » j { J . V , Ui? T«jiot»iOi Frfw ilW 7 ? n SJ» **rr«y K:-^ . lid S I ai MU Prcl'cipn- lu ? ) 'M 53" R(9«id^o U I i '! I -THiv=]jj:s. .ii'TnrjTfur ! . ? S. 1 *3. C'Oct'. r r j r k IJM i Fabulous Pip^a . ... I.M 4.U 111 1 ·Klrciimirt . 4rt JJI ! SalchJx S.II S'^rl good Irom gaff. Mgnd'lvln? ' " I pooi-HU.ns. E«atla pi»l fi 5"TMJrf~?nr~ l-|ll I '1 I J I 1« Ov.jrrs J'l r l ] 7^ ) 1 Pr^jy t-J Jhd 1^ JTHarrli J IVj rj J I " t I] ;M » ' ^ 6*ir~ J « SJ M*M l mutuel !l J01 AV FABULOUS PAP?A«I » If* srrelcrt. resro5*d h) urg I r,.!l (Ljrlong .irvj FMId tale VUS Thp lallcr ivesj^ from Ml » IWlh llrorwil. SAT n'l-fdw'-d* Irom Ihe la' turn tr». JOE a good i! EXHfA, ( FilULftUi P»»f * t I HlftOiMU!, Pi IB lil)«» ' Sailing rcsulls W I R M I I ' R . « I E I lilt fklp« Fl«t (Iff l- ., pic IHR R«\l-'. Ill I A=-!ir.'. i!ctm B 8 llftl- rirarAi ill K«nr.». Tr.o ·ImiK (B. ilouV). l.icf.ttool i.\ M-chjrh. V n«i- Irish Wak' J ML'..-.. Blix UJy IB GnN. G»^.n ll) J.-^.n « Plfr- S aapVr* on I :»s'k fix 4 ., i n,» i\\i i Whirl-- 9S angkrs M I SITl'KnVY SAII.ORSSKRIKS Sol Bt.rl Yacbl dub PIIRF *- W i n d * j [ 0 « i S o n Kenaci1v.SI.BYfi PlUtr- R- Kinj O.:n-.i .Jtrry U'alrlljk SI.BYO Calalbi 71-- Vjiijri .iT.uck il RonRwrdiB.SLBVn. Cwauda IS- Sprtv Ttlc (Bob Berj.SUlVO ' Caulba 11- JoJv Bob iBrui ·nlfi.SI.BVCi Cal «- WT iBrook Rofcru. LS)-.. Pro cage briefs TCKRS- Povircl Of«f XcCituil «1II t* out ot Acltcn uyWArjIoL) uilh 4 1 Inx rod. « c.ilK-o b Sfa? Bfirk -VljViii CJL 'i'i PfdrJ -"Ji'irS ngk . l " crt . .11 boailo. lii Auto rn*'in; CiW SPRIMT OARS al SprfJ.i. VA MAIN EVF.YT ill lipil- n ; Haiar'ti^a I F.I Ca,»«ii. Clar\ Terr.plr nan iR«eJiL Bob El![ iBei!n«eri. Iff Jarr.ei trirul. Rick Coo.! ,N,^- walii 8KNI-MAIN Ili llpll- W j l l K r n n e r f * iHafieivij Ke^bui, T a u l Turner \\tf.t Bearh 1 . Bob Mrh ·Trci [^ Oitv, Kerr Snrru iM t Tjonji TRorHV n.\.n a iipii- Kisr^j SPORTS C H A T T E R : Basketball g u a r d Cal Wulfsbcrg, who transferred from Long Beach City College to Iowa two years ago, has been chosen to the Big Ten all-academic team. Wulfsberg established a Big Ten assist record, averaging 7.7 per game in league competition. He had 191 for the entire season. Dan Frost, who went from LBCC to Iowa with Wujfsbcrg, averaged 17.1 points ami nine rebounds for the Hawkeyes, who compiled a 10-10 record under Lute Olson, former coach at LDCC and Long Beach Stale. This was the second highest number of wins in the school's history. Frost was a third-team all-Big Ten selection.. !Dan Salisbury, ro-captain of the Wilson High football team, has signed a national letter of intent with the University of Northern Colorado at Greclcy, Salisbury was a National Football Foundation scholar-athlete.. .Fans will have an opportunity to show their appreciation to Long Beach City College for its stale championship. Coach Bill Fraser has been chosen to coach a California Junior College all-star learn, which will play in the national AAU tournament in Baton Rouge, La. Two of Fraser's standouts, Dean Decker and Guy King, will be among 15 candidates on the team, which begins workouts at the !xng Beach Naval Station on Sunday. Expenses for each player are alwut $300 and donations to help the Viking players should be sent to Fraser at Long Beach City College, 4001 E. Carson, Long Beach, Calif., 90308. Fraser's assistant, Gary Anderson, will serve as trainer and manager for the team. . .Fraser reports t h a t he has lieen busy answering calls from four-year colleges following the Vikings' slate championship triumph. The following are players and schools interested in them: Dean Decker: Ixrag Bench State, Montana, UOP, San Jose Stale, Chapman, Fresno State, Texas Christian, S:in!a Clara, Northern Arizona; Brian I^nzcn: California. Northern Arizona, Fresno Stale; Rort Dallon: Fresno State, Wcstmont, Biola. Alaska. Cal Baptist, Chapman and Cal Poly SLO; Guy King: San Jose Stale, Fresno State, UOP, Texas Christian, Santa Clara, Cal Baptist,'Chapman, Nothcrn Arizona, Loyola and Gonzn- g;i. . .University of San Francisco basketball coach Bob Galliard kept freshman James Hardy from Jordan High on the bench during the Dons' appearance in the National Invitational Tournament. Gaillard said Hardy had to "change his altitude or leave school.". .' .Dr. Arthur Duran, who has been a member of Ixtng Beach City College's physical education deparlment since 10C2, has accepted an appointment as assistant basketball coach for Ihe Brazilian national team. "Most of my efforts will be concentrated on helping them with nian-to-man defense." says Dr. Duran, who is a former high school and junior college coach. . .The Long Beach Trojan Club w i l l hold a "Night at Ihe Races" Thursday at I-os Alamitos. There will be a Trojan ticket window at the gale^ Proceeds from the night will go to the L'SC athletic program. . .Coaching accolades were passed out here last week and another is due this week for Tony Marques, whose teams have won f i v e league championships in five years at St. Anthony High. In 1971-72. his Bee team was 15-3; in 1972-73 his Boes were 20-0; in 197374 his freshmen were 19-1; in 1974-75. his JV club was 157, and this past season, his JV (cam also was 15-7. Marques' five-year record: 84-18. He has been 48-2 in the Angclus League. Tony played under head coach Jack Krrionfrom 1009-71. Tennis results WCT TWRN.IMEYT "I f'H" II JicLtcr,. Min ?IVr,(.ES innjli- VTOII* Ooola A-.»lrj!',a dif R.'ul Ra-iMrl ill'*.," I''' .Ci'iiiim"' (\ « I ' '" '. 1XHBI.KS innal*-- Rjmirei iCaMcrr.a-Hcna Gtrrrjnl . Anr*coPirJ,To*i ............... CanVrtGUI, Ackernvn ........ 1 8-1 Slir SpjnMGIrl, Adam ........ 4 10-1 Cowtt W*. Lona ............. S 15-1 BrlgN Lumber ............. SoatcfW Smo^e Can ................. Scrakhed LINCOLN! COURAGE: Jvsl m:si- ed al even mcnev. BIG S I R : Ouhkte ocM only draotuck. RADERS SURPRISE: Looked 9»d wlnntrg lalt. LONOSHOT - CAMPFIRE OHL. FOURTH RACE _ I Mile fit*, f rtaroJdl and m4er, fllllet lad num. nutttm. Parn IMP*. Ski ToMrtou. Ba/ms .......... ' M D 1 *'* LoWl.J. De«iH ........... i 3-1 »mnBa»/r,llarwr ............ i M Filially Royal. Noble .......... 1 M rkVd FkMIIY, Blactrriar. ...... 1 4-1 Lcnoie Del Sol, BeiKkfl ........ « ·-! Tattwi. tjr wxJv ................ I 19-1 CatHretOaocef.How" .......... 3 in AndylLols ................ Scratched SKIP TO fAYLOU: Just milled as Ihe lawhe. DIXIE IOBELL: Figum rWiMt*ere. ANDYS B A K E R : Lallwas an Improve rp*rJ. L O N O S H O T - LEHHIE OEL SCOTT. ___ __ FIFTH RICE -- 1 MIU Ha. S- year «td and uader. Puna II, 7», NW 1. ___ 3 IS I Scratched Seralcr^d never . He*dr Socrt. Tntvr BrwtScoktiKef, P«e A/ar.Oewmef LKKXi Ha-BVW. PCuetftf Cily Wai Loogd Delhii-tf-J Vov herein STearnent, Harpef Andrt Apollo DREAM DELIGHT: been out of Ihe (-loner. HOWDY SPORT: LooVed flood v,^n : na lafl a even money. 8 R E I S SCOTCH KEY: Way lave a PIM from Ihe Inside LONOSHOT_-£ITY MAM. ___ _ SIXTH RACE - I MHe Mt«. ill i 4 . 1 ll kw. j. Denrtl Steady. Crane Royal York N. DaJwi racor^a. Gordon Rooerr J W . R.WHIkims. Kta L)d. PeHVrg ...... 3 1 - 1 CUJes'ar W. Hir-er .......... t 101 Tkne Stream, Barless ....... t IS 1 B R E T S PIPES: No IflM« how BOOd MOVING STEADY. Srrklly me one ta Deal SOYAL YpaK N: Gels a mwfibe-er ctvive fcnichl. LOKOSHO T - K I M TA IA 0. __ SEVENTH RACE -- l Mile pare. All aiti. Puna ROW. Clilmint ark* Abie Ma:«ty, Thhef .. F'atfCriP^x. Oa-Jlcrt 1 i I I H i 11 I t l ] ( I ; i i _ i 18-1 Ga'lvr'r. FVI ; ng . ... I UI Jwxla ScrafchM BarcflW n . . Sraich«j ABLE M A J E S T Y - OfVy a queilioo cl rc«:iion FLASH ON PICK. Uiua". IY Ukn a pjrt. SUZY SUE: SiKprijt winner in lail. LOMOSHOT- FOR SlZE^.7tV15 pltrs Federal Excisa lax o( $2.42 camper, van, light track tire sale B.F.GOODR1CH Power Express" Slta 6.70-15 ·6.70-15 7.00-15 6.00-16 6.50-16 7.00-16 7.50-16 "7.50-16 8.00-16.5 Salt Price $29 34 36 32 35 40 42 47 45 Ragvlar Prlc* S33.70 37.50 40.30 36.10 38.80 44.10 47.20 52.10 62.70 T.I T. $2.42 2.76 2.83 2.29 2.58 2.91 3.30 3.59 3.23 ' * 8 - f ' y lre body · For campers, vans and pickups. · Wide 5-rib tread design for long wear. this week only _ Ortrt M*a Lonoo al WatatnxlH. tVC. SIVOLKS-- IlaroU Sotomoo (Vary- bixl' drl Onny Tjnji fN» Zetlj^i 11.11 IWl'BIW (fioail- iMcniMi EA!» H^Si iMiiMi Sejehi iW Mark Cox J'l fclan^Clilf [rnij'e iS Afncai 4 MO rovvni T.V BRIVKCR TOWN.OIENT . KCT HIAliESCK OT II KriilorKiu. Fa«aa SIM'.UXS- Artbur Aihe iS Cjn l u . J e l B;or»B«riiS»e-icni8-4.7-«. S- 1PTA TOI.TINAHENT ilfarliM DntRUS irinil- Mam- F*-" l!!o-..-ii -Rjs\v TlMer iTen-irurr' . C O U N T P A * E E : 5fX)y'c1 "fver nm »/1 ijll trirxl LOCAL PRINCE: Fin wel' her*. SCOTT R * O E E t . Wx« bt no lurfiM LpHpSHOT - BOLD LC*|IR, "'HLHTH RACE'- T MIU net"' AM ...... DtAMOSTE DUTCHESS: MJV lx*d ry tHB*i M9f BOSCO FRANK: SMr M " e a wri o(t t-eit, PtlSNY SUE: CM Hnnlin's Hotline IT i os vuwrnvs M O S T rROrMBLE W I V V E R - C*ofil?irr* la t*k. BEST BET-AWt Ma)n» al J4. B!-T MONTY PSOSPECI-nai CintilKl WIN PARI-VY-Si* T» M)ki la 4la la rrrnai Dflkkl b . ION (.SHOT SPECIAL-- Ulan UI halla. SHOW BET Sn « hi SPFfUI. EKACTA - imiLr [taubfti aed Raicvf Fraii a ilk four wheel brake overhaul sale brake overhaul SQV6 , AM American Cars. Good one week only at Long Beach B. F. Goodrich store. OH, Mas'or avci.aeJe . . . . . . Ai/owM sif.x:tiTcmf't ^-j» -51 .-·-.-.».. r i.. ...... 5c"VArpenca'd. Amoncon Express D.nofsClub.CoMo BJorx^rx?. local f RFGoodrich we're the other guys * LONG BEACH B. F. Goodrich Store 1310 LonQ Beach Blvd. at Anaholm 5W-2i360P£NMON.-FRI. 800*00 Sol. 8-12

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