Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 22, 1976 · Page 17
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 17

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1976
Page 17
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94--Aparhmnh Far R»n4 UJM1E on, tearoom, J° ^"Si'isS C Now Renting for Summer f~~ CUMM1KGS APTS. 1 arid 2 Bedrooms 4X3-47V :- TAKING APPLICATIONS 1BEDROOM. . , $115 2x-BEDROOM . . $134 _AII_ utilities paid, unfurnish- ·J'id, quiet, family atmosphere. t V $ASHINGTON E1AZA : APTS. . Li :."»N. u«n 37-^MobtUHemMtSFMMM For Rmt New Two and Three Bedroom Homes V"AAAPLE-MANOR h*TM Q«l*t CWaUy U Sdb*rt)»n - Urt Style' MOBILE BOMXS Lease With Option To. Buy. Monthly-Rent Becomes Your Down Payment! 521-8450 Entrance Acros* From Holiday Inn 47--KM) Irtttt* far 3 AdUB, Urt* e*k and rnoMJ? J^-el, WO «iwn. pboo* m-Mra 44 AOU39 br owner, bcwtlftil ta**y. ·on to rmMuvw., *i,m flnan«* BHOILER r»rm, n acre* ou 3 ' ' n home, good , condition. oMlle and matfe 459.0M, 7«1-»IS. 47--«»ol Ettat*--For Sol* BEFORE YOU PAY AnoOwr moothV rent. C*e* thto wnal home at Whwlow, Mod*m, 1 lure utd 2 mull bethtnmB. Lota of outbuildinm inctodlnc tarajK. 9 lots with about =· ot an *cr». Very amafl Aam pftyment and btlMK* lilu rent. Pric* ta a low NEWLIN REALTY co. NEW HOMES BISHOP ADDITION BCV.OIAL VNDOl X Wl bBUvv MIT*. , , tl*o*rlc ran**. twit «r*i Mr. »1] brie*. lir*pl* «* in, w: n^M u. SHENANDOAH VILLA Mobile V · " Rsvy. Ped. laoadfT, pattec, Call Today SZI ' Vlllag« $28,500 to $31,200 v VA LMB--K« itewn p*yrH«t THA Lota-Low tewn pum«n., BUTTERFIEID SCHOOL DISTRICT Turn mat al Sorts «to ol Drill In Tl»- tCT. E«r. n Noctlw U mix w«al tola ddjtle*. · · WADE BISHOP -- BUILDER . 5 2 1 - 6 5 6 ? 38--Moblle Hom^ For 5al» "*» MOBILE home. imtumlskST : A VIEW .PLUS . A xreat WHIM In cut FawUeVBI.I ~ rely brick homa aforda jwtt 3 RR'«. - balhc, a treat timlty room Hth lovely fiivplac* plu* aH Hi* oihw i pect«t ffx«if*s. ATV family *T«M enjoy the beauUfiri *-tew from one ol Ihe mart lastelully lanoacaped yaid* in ' town The tod on IW« yanS la aometWnK to wal* *** Tbt ' ' FOBT "ni» Plan* Btutfl tt JIM D«poclt H*di VotS CALL (501) Wl-TVM DrUi WESTERN 'R| Us ApansrmrAj, 'b*dreonr. furnlrtied Apartment. No ·qiiirt'm Gabbard. or rhnne M FOR HENT :-- Apartment at TERRACE · . ,[£ IT*TM' ^/O*- MIX cavpctod ar shfd. · undented, port*. Portable »7,MO.'Owner v,«i!d consirtVr rnancing buyer. Phong 751.9238, 521-4036. 1370 CONCOHD I bedroom, ah,: can*l slorm window.'.washer/dryer con, small equity. Bxcdlent buy. and you will be ptewtd th« - 2 BEDROOM full carpefed ..... ,,. H has b«« * paiiistakkigly cared ft*A house of rhfs otialfty will not Iwt tor* " " ' " NORTHEAST FOR ONLY - $32,000 . · · · ; , ' · . Beautifully d*oor*(ed, 3 BR,. oorrtei ptwary home, local*-! on a comer lot only l\« Mocks from Root School, tfc nx* exterior pk.c the wefl-plai hrt prior make maSriletiance mimmM. En eilaining will be enhanced by the Jov y rteeor of-tWa home both [rwhfe * out Outdoor" liv KFRKWOOD mobile home, btdroom, ceniral heat. 12*00, a« a «uinnwr temu Ml BLOCK RENTALS flotation* with 1 an A2 Bedroom fur nfahed imlls lo'senv you/ needs 1, 'NETTLISHIP AND FAIRGROUNDS AFT 1S35-1540 Netllejhip qosllly unit! ali electric wth dishw»rtier and dl* pojal.. 2. MOBILE HOMES. Nibloeks Mo- Wie^Horoe Fk. Ali unfit with sir NI Call 521-5323 or 521-3372 or S2I-5510 '35--Duplex For Rerrt 12\52 MOBILE home. Good cwidiUon Central beat and air, 2 bedroom fully rarpeteri. Heasonably priced. Call 443- enee tor prlvscy. C-all Bdbtrj'e, Halbroo b d a y ' t o see thli lovely horn* -- " 2M7, or ottice. CLOSE TO Oof A I16,W1 Vill buy thiB 3 BR borne plus 12x65 FLEETW'OOD 17TO Mctile hoiiw sa!e. (3500. Call or i«t U2-V745. f B H V-rtern Hills Fai«teille way 62. SPACIOUS 1971 CUSTOM EXECUTIVE 12S70 skirled, carpeted, drapec, 't fak washer,' drjvr, estra nice JS Phone 521-3H2. 12x50 COVENTRY mobile home. 2 bed rooms, partly furnished and carpeted ler and dryer, lafce over payments 83.1. Cal] 442-5595 or 443-385*. UNFURMSKFD Lwt) bedroom duplex m (julel icsidcnllaJ localicn \Sashcr/rirjpi rcnnc«Itin*. Fully carpclfd.' AH electric ^1135 per month plus electric utility. 521' '+188 · rriornlutf* or leave nicssagc. AVAILABLE May 1 -- Extra, n5ee two 'bedroom unfurnished duplex. Central hcal/air, carpetNl. drapes, stove, refne- erator and disposal. Walking distance to rafflpus. 514a/mwith, water piid. JlOO de'posit. No pets. Ml 5083 Hs65 MOBO.E Home, two bedroom'. W bath, completely carpeWd, fumlsiV CH/CA washer-dryer, ekirted. lied ilcriv chain UnJc pert, *7,5OO. 443-3064 after 5. QUAI.TTY HuUt 1774, 2 bedroom mohil hunw, central a!r, carpet, .tic down* an anrtiors. porchea. Phor,«· 521-4M7 i noona. M1^51S6 evenings ·DUPLEX lownhotMe, Rwy. « East. New 2-bed room, VA bath, unfurnished witl dishwasher, refrigerator, range, drapei t carpefed. Large deck with view. *M truihlh deposit reqijired 521 33T8 or 531 MOBILE HOME SITE a«re«."Tre* cmered. Paved ·trceta CeolraJ water ty^em. Bwt at ft Wedlajtoo Wood*. 443-2465 1227 SUMXtl I 2 bwlroo-n unfurrtsh fd Cduplex. · $100 rent. Ko utilities. Call Kl 2761. ISHEU 1 bedroom -duplex . Air condiUoned, fwiced yard. Quiet ia elf 16 Wwt, {US mor.lh. Fhooe r.T\TO Swlroom duplex, refltral heat f air r v"asher and dryer connediav. Shot carpet througaout, jarfa«^« diifo Phone 521-4013, r ,FCRNlSHED Ivvo bedroom duplexea. For Rent area has e nice redwood OUR BUY OF THE WEEK »ttw on a bUdrtop ro»d with · wmplelerjr rebuilt. 2 itary, B nwm Irm H. 30 *ere* kvrt wxl «I*ble. Ap- dmflteiy J5 m*«« KUthweM o* Fiy- vl!L«. M9.500.M. . PRACTICALLY NEW rmm, 3 bedroom honw on IM* 100 pjuve.ied den and bwement Plenty wd feature* hef*. AM for fKJ.5W.00. GRAB THIS QUICK! croi of woodland 1 DO YOUR OWN THING Urt your own MMo repair ihop in iWs gar*««i' o r--.with a litUe remod , turn the** 1 chicken houa** (22,000 -city) into a profitable efritefcen o bbit burine** .and Kvi In Ihji nrfnly nrHshed bom* on 5 w-rw ol land Greenland.. Ju* H 1.000 00. JUST A LITTLE TLQ il mate *te t room. 1 s*.ory hooM jaled on 40 *cx« of land, a kr*dy LrMtn horn* for you. Only, 138,500.00. WHAT a looatlonl A quiet, v-dL btniljr n*«l*ortood high on a hi Root Sriwi Asinet, boajtinc « IMC ·q. II. 3 bedroom, VA bath tome- central heai/air, fenced bock j'aTtl, dec ith a viKVf, · green hooae too! " UMB today at MB-OOW. -.. ' SI ACRES-^i atov7 home, 3 of Pnlrie Grove i mlle «oui 2303, M6-2MO or M6-3WO. i hardtop. Pbone 946- ·Sornethmg- Special It's 3 bedroom* and den fir*plar» , IlKhU, lile bathe and t2«d -entry, peted throughout, -chated: ptitfn and ga d«n area, blackop drive, Spanish Da Rer tree*, tremendous" view, certral he and air, W baths, masortfc and brick a lot l«'xS4'. Beside* a Urjje. low lercst, VA lowi Uut'CMi be assammed ^.13,400 ti lh«'prlce^' Your inspection \1tcd. NEWLIN REALTY CO. , he furniture. A investment tor a MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE 1302 N. COLIJOSK OFFICE U2-S351 0 MOBILE honWj 3 bedroom. 2 bath xcrUenl condition, rmurt tee to ap- prcdate, call 521-3S53 after S:00. 39--Offica Span Butldmgt For Ron* FOR L*a»; Bort*i St. Ne-*- 1500 sti. ft. din?. Heat and wr. 16eal tor office. Warehouse or light Ind ustrinl use. Will plete to your spewfjcatk'ns. For ther lnforni«(on'phone, 443-2fi66 . three bedroorar, two tulhs/ Hoot ' . · lease. Refere ~ 'month *!-* dep^wt Yea required, About Mas' s; 4«-8«13 nighta. 60x40 BUSINESS BUILDING Far LMM. m*U«ot toMdea. WMlX«t« SfcoOTlM C»nter,\Wrtt« to BOB F4I e/i NorthwttK Arkaana IDIES, P.O. Drawer D. F^ettcvlUa, Ark nm. For Sale By Owner: 34 acres all zoned R-2 - Frontage on Zion Road, easement to Old Missouri Rd. r approx. v % mile eas! of NW Arkansas Mall. Call 521-4789 or 521-4960 £ BEDROOM unFumr^rted, ftrertace, car 'p*ted, dishwisJier. - fenced back yard. 3 *b!Kfcs from carnpus- S22S per mooth, " biirs paid. Phone 531-S442, 2-STORY 4 bedroom 2 bath, 2 family , central heM * «lr, fenced yard , peel office and fTX) Phone 4O--For Rent or iy Couple or woman wanted [or chJd ar5T and housekeeping Atu* ln« »i rrnnw-s Seiid inquiry to P.O. Box 601, ' -' 2 BR cottage in 0 mtautM in fsmpa* : May 1st 442KS3 ^ 10 ROOM 6 - bedroom hou ' · Rodiier Jewelry, . No phon« celta pl«a B ROOM home., Prairie ,Grove, Commer rial ironed, 100 fool frontage, 237 deep Artt'iqiM r ra mllure, pome dwrry *7in wahiiit. SeJI wilh or Without'lh* fuml lur* iTK»« 8« 38» Country Selling 40 ro Bin* *er« Spacioue 2 vtory, bedroom honw r a ti pi aces, redwood d«c plufl many nwr* (ras. For an appom nwnt ca« Prily 751-7962 or Sfcarl 321-3496. 200 E. Poplar FayeMevill* RtaT tifuU For Sof* 147--«*al trtote Tar Safe TWO bedroom, I bMfli.'terg* lrvir«rnwm, kitchen, enm« furniture, itood oontitinn. J13.7W. , , bedroom*, Z hitthe, newly redec- North*** Arfcantoi TIMCS, Tliurt., April 13, 197* KTTrVTU.E, ARKANSAS 17 47-- Rul EtUt«--For Sal* 47--RM! Etl*t»--For t»\» Thre* bedroom. Z bnth burnt wxfcr cQa *kn. Wooded Hollow E»Ui**. Building L/X -- B*»U*,iM IxrT*rt bww " Canterbury Road. 80 Acres development property, TAtn id and (Xd Mi.sioa.-i Ro*i, 1 nule from Northv.** Ark, P1*M. K paverm Wilnut Unimproved land X ICTM woUi o. Prarrrie Grove .*»** ett Wjrt'.ip.-no.non. nuattire. PrivaU' . _ school bo* and m*. mutt. HO.OOO »*h acTM only Jour. meV* from wort t. TM* kcrove tf only a short *$· i orl Wyroan Ttoad, can b* eJeArarj r and to pdc*4 at only $12,9TA. STROUT REALTY S H R E V E REAL ESTATE After Hour* Gail Burx- D Hairy r»Yfc 2585 North Cell»g« 521-3121 Sis!* Hutlak«r Sue Ciixer . . ' Nancy Huddle*ton U3-2CO! 4424017 44347M ·Hwy. 71 Soolh- Acrws From Th« Airport DARREt. SMTTH, Mantser Telephone 521-7230 NIGtlTS AND WT^KENDS 4U30U -- 4133019 E you veed lots ol space, see th-s 2.WO . ft. bnck'hom*. 3 bedrooms. 2 [ai iths, firepJace In family room, pal rxe double ga ra ge and r^rtia! ba ment. This «ne has all Ihe e-rtraa. Priced t S37.500. Call tor appointment. ]'· 3 hedroom frame and naUve stcrie - . j located in Farminglon. Has cen Ira* hMl and air, fireplace and L-jdudes _ . _ » ar-d carpets. Only JM.500. Cal! Susie at 46-3331 or 521-3121, Excellent 3 bedroom, t haife. brirt home _ . .ilceJy landscaped tot fei Springdale, Oenlral heat and air. dirfwashw, dispos nl and oahinet ranpe. large lot enclosed chatrt-ilnV fence. Priced at 137,000 Please call for an appointment W see Very nk* 2 bedrtwm frame bait* hi uicobi. Fenced MOxZG («,. Thli Iwme In e*«lleM omdition and pcic«l at ly tl7,SOO, C»U Sua« at 846-33JL or A-Fram« cabin m oamei k( tocsted Io aura- Heishti. TKJ cafji is riectric, hw cnly water, t* phone paved atnels on three r!Je*- Cbeclt this mA at cnly n,9W. 2 (PLUS) ACRES and 1 home*. Main rawdence ba* about !,400 tquare feet plus 2-rar atlnd i(jo. Full bflMirwr.t mth lame f; room. 2 bedroom.! with Urje [am\y room. 2 bedroorm. .hd XiLhen aod uUiity room. Main level ha* living room. 3 bedroomi, m balha, tars* dining w«a arvd lilM ktt*ei. Hot-water heai, i*. wadier, diamaal, buik-fnr w(h ceramic lop elfclrlc range. Irts of cfoaetit. Small* I (or 3) bedroom horn* is rented, ^ r jra*,e «orag« builriins or w-ort thw. AH of this lor only J30.WO. LocaUd t« Kwy. 16 Ea* near lh« Bald%v!n Cburcfa cf Oaist For: appointment CALL HEINEY REALTY CO, Hwy. 16 East 4X2-9236 200 E Poplar UNIMPROVED «M Am«, about U mile off biad aom* Brxjd valley land and wortdi umh*r. (102,000 with tf by owner. S3 acrea on 71 ar.i Whil* Rrttr, city ' otilstie* and «onw exeeUent land $«.0!» and terms by owner. IO Acres near Mt. Gatfor. *m« old fi«da and hcxiM nte, apringfl and weito, 133,DOO end ttrma by ovt^er. · WeU 34 att*.on blacktop about 2 mlle W»* Fork ,nwunU!n Mreun, nme ic view sites tor buldinc, S16.XH irm by o-.vner. In Blue Springs blacktop, beautltul -J acre tract on - 521-3900 "SWEETBRIAR" Near «Mnpl*tPd, 3 bedroom. 3 hath. Nil- ttve Stone Kievlaw. and «ptry, and nest door to a park. Call 521-1300 or 521-1333. NORTH EAST 3 bedroom in excellent ioondiUwv Kle* fenced yard with garden Bpnt and Iroi* Irees. Just »23,5«. ror *rp»porotri«nt tfl , tacttop, clow to - by . , , autamatic «pnpn«it, abundant ter and grw*. 5 bedroom brick dweil- in*. * ««n tenant houw. -M M33 1 bwlnxim touM in Fayh waibM ba«em*n(. live in r rental. J10.91D. For amwint- call I^iny Holme*, 756*311. Ar- , , cade Real E«t*« Oarp. 3Zt. Tw-Ti. (WOO, Terma. 40 Acre* OP bUektoP We* ot Win*w, fU.OM. TCTA.A by O*TI r NEWLIK REALTY CO. LART,F- 1 Bedtmto, 1 badi brkfc boma carpeted- Jonnaa · tnln«. **n wi* ftre- pUr* 1»J»» tawed bschjarf fOQ Call for appointment Lairy Holmea T9R K311. Arcade Ke«l Fatale Corp.. 551-9896. Su«e Hulfaker Soft Carter Nancy HuMIej. Raymond Loaue Ted Doke Kill Cotbr 846-3331 44J2988 443-2613 "WEDINGTON WCX)DS" J* one you jnuat ne Io appredate, a stom built home fci mint rood it im lh garden ar«i. plus jwir« In* Uws. house built 'at brick A ced*r. O*v««d PonA and lots ol ah«ie treM, all an «\er 2 acres, For an apvwfUn*rrl Ke ca.J MARY EZTs'A- SCUKA M R 100 or 521-1333. JAMES W. BAKER. ROKDI BAKER ASSOCIATES REALTORS 1618 N. Colles* 5210300 1 6 A Adjoining 521-3900 Fork. Ub 3 bedroom home . large gaztfm apot, 5 HOME WITH ACREAGE 3 bedroom 2 balh 1000 sq It , on ' , . Jreertand riiy FOR LEASE , -- - 40 wvw pasture for e n*ar,Faj-*tevJlI*. Plenty ol wirtec .: PtMne 442^633 . _ 71. Priced mid 40's. Call Allan Bridges at- 52I-WOO or n21-5r«0. FREEMAN 42--Wanted to .Rent or L*at* COUPLE wieiies lo rent 1 bedroom fu-n- [sriet or parually (umufit^ Muse or duplex wilh u-ajher/dryer connectJah beginning June 1. Phooe 442-7381. 37--Mobil* Hornet A Spaces ^ For Rent S BEDROOM nioW« home between Fay. and Springdafe en SutlieriArid Drive. fTS monlli, wnler (iinrJahcd. H* clwn \r WOULD like information on a 2 bedroom houM in victaUy ol Unh^eraity UiM. nil be available lor rent In mid-June o July. Pt«a« write Terry R. Ooopei I602.\ Rrasov Joneeboro, At*. 73401, c ili collect 932-0+M. wants to rtfA anfomfehed icdrbom house or fcr^wt. Prefer fenced yard but not neoeeeary. C«H Ken at 5017700 weekdays ive, ramialied, fo pafd. 442^830 VALLEY VIEW icbile Home Park tARGE LOTS, PATIOS, POOL 12' BLOCKS NORTH OF UofA 1B0 N LEVERETT ST. «!-4347 STOP SEARCHING Tfcis Is tho house you've been looking for. Located at I860 TloUkiff Kill* Drive, it has three bedrooms, (wo nut baths, wl living room uith fireplace PLUS eating a rea off it* Urge kitchen. nail CHdyj Sonnenun '521-4811, nighu 442-6503. R-228 HIS HERS FIREPLACES Thf* beauUCuI home has t«« native «too« fireplace*, oo* In the tunkm .rtlrij rnom and In The famib' room, Wilh ov«r MW Ivti dtrclcj. CaQ tixlay lo AM ttdi beauty in Hylamd Part. Vemon Tan'e 531-9611, nishts 521-3687. K-297 Lindsey Blacktop Large unailarjwtl gar.TKe, Home ta p« rock and B«1w) siding wnlrwl h?M. bedroom, fireplace. Pond. A secluded: aet ( i n g - a n d yet oonvenlent location. Yoa can buy U lor *17.m Wooded 5 Acres with 1969 Barcraft 1 5»tll moWtn home, in Sfri COTiUon v.^fluetar wwd bast and rock wood-box added. Pump hoiBft. You can get fn for minErmim ot dovi-n payment and balance -like rerA- Tie price '·* a»l $9300 NEWLIN REALTY CO. [I 000 DOWN ami Mvame loan of R on this large 3 BR, 2 brth brie* home with oversized thing room am nr«- CalL 751-4X«, or lAiry Hdlroe*, 751JSJ11, §*§ Heal E»UL«. ODTP-. S2t-»96 75 ACRES In Marfison OwKy, ·boot »**· lnm downtwn Fayett«vHl«, afcoot T m-lw i end of H*c«*op road MM* than HEINEY REALTY CO. Hwy. 14 Eoit 442-9S3J NEW home Root S*oo(. 3 bedroom, brk* home, *t«dric fcitc*en with lots ol caWfieU and snack bar Dmmg room Dm v.1lh fireplace and book*en-«, 11V' room, 2 Cull cer*nYc ballw, 3 cat (f*rag», many extras. . Priwd' $39,90S. Amis down, by builder. FOR SALE BY OWNER ived tand. Good road, I wi* oft Hi«*wp*y n StMlL.WHt fMt. d itri«L 9HO *xi«. W« bMtadM iotan^ ;IRA«*) _..-.,, r» j. - »A4UX» do«n. gcpjpar mflBth. t Kama Park urxt ta W Roml watrr and i Donald Weaver .!MEM) ' WE WORK HARDKRi WE GET RESULTS! SUNDAYS ON YOUR OWN DECK White your hMband walk* to ih* *o!T mwM from this b»aot1fuJ new three bedroom two bath contemporary )xm* n-ith ertra n»l!ty in CM erf r«j-*tt»- ville'i moK popular MW aAtlione «wi liviax area vrfth Mtbedral e alone birptao, ftdiy c«p«ie«. m dmpea. t2term«t«ne wicdow* buiU-(n appliances, r*« of lorac*,~ «* tenrive IvxlKapbig and red owtor privacy fence ID Swe«tbnar Additfon br oeaj |47,5M. Call S21-13S5. SALE TRICED tMar UrfA. Ik*r* pfa* Lane,' level lot -- plv »wkap«a pool ecOy 13B.MO, W«l FHA «r VA- Da«|W 2 ACRES FOR SALE BY PRIVATE PARTY Profitable «S »c« bro»l«- ran* t rw aleel lru« tWcien, hoow« O-faflTS 1 ) Ph *{« or trailer ppac* vritfa wtter ga* Well, septic'Unk.- »nd'all teak. Located on Hwy. $2 between Pr«lri SOM*** t#rmc Gall Ron "Burns 846-2183 , 43--Real Es1at» Want*d \VOUU) like to hay 5-10 acre* dose fei to Fayetlevilhe (5 miJei), Northeast North vce«t, on pared ro*d v i i d i w i rvf gas. ReM»naKe price. 521-2S09, 45--loti Tor Sal* FOR SALE -- Larw lex-el lots hi Mea dowlaik Addition. AJI city nulittes avail ihe. Call Harriaoo Da vie (Ioarr SprinWl 534-M83, home eparc on 20 acres, 6 ·dec Cram erruare,- romrti road, twatniwi «ew, BI», jfaKkn epot, qtf«t. Phone 501. r- . ·· . · ------ 2 ACRES oo pevenent with central water !TM co^ ered «nl beet oi term, WedlAftoi Woode.' 443-2465 COMIC SEC OUR VILLAGE. ITS QUIET -- SHADV AND FKIENDLY. WHVATK PARKING . AND WTOE PAVED STREBTS. VERY ATTRACTIVE TO RETIRED FOLKS. :-- COUNTRY LANE ' ^ MOBILE HOME VTIAAGK "';; PHONE 521-466A 46--Forms SO VERY DIFFERENT (f99) B?autiM contemporary dec!* r Warren Sea graces bum en a hill lot ith lake and moontn-tn view. Just WocXs Irom Wa*b:n«ton Medical Cenli ·?! "cjuiel and private, fine walnut p? pjins and oaMnets, «1a.« panrii Io blend interior and ~ exterior Kvfetf areas, i the nice litUe helpers bwk in. You want In see tlrfx before yon nuke yo mo«e L£s(ed by L, L, Stanton. i-21-ffX OUT OF THE CITY BUSTLE M) Own this rmt 3 bdrm and den, Z bath n**r new home « your very own ·es. Carpels and drapes, wash- dry conn, range, cen HtA, carrort with stwsye Mma out row* and pfaM your panlen I isled by Wilitia Ooolidr. 521-SjOT 5317W7 E» 'WHAT A GRAND VIEW (J38) Beautiful · Botcon Ml*, fa Uw dV tance, 3\^ acres of privacy on Hvi-y. 71 ML Gayter. 2M front on'71 lor an tiques or other busine«, S room hfrme ind extra .Wnrvc hu'rCding for small «h ir *ore. Call Austin Filiserald al ^ 8500 /or a ''look Me". GET AWAY FROM IT ALL (8S2 On tins wchitied 1W acres. Ideal for lure krvers, garrfHiing, or ]ugt, " in 1 " yrt only 6 ml. from town. y 5 room home, firepisce, 1 rar«e. peltng and drape*. Owner's Iransf* ard offers (or JUST HL3CW. Listed by Wflma. Ooollck Ml-ajOO, nr 52l-70fl7 B "Developers of Hyland Park" . Gabe] ofi Ta r\ »r B L. Lewis Jo Anne Stantoerry Hat Xodlm Linn Cm« ·Uram BnxAs Gladys Sonrwmao «,000 CAPACITT eWckcfts, newly remod- cJcd home v,-(Ui 40 acres, more If wanted. Oi\ White River, 6 miles out of ElKtu, Phone W1-3W4, r,O. Box 54, Elkfns. I 4424M S210W7 331-5700 +42-9613 52141M 521-7782 «33K5 442-6339 COUNTRY CORNER BA 215 HfireV the chan ' Io own yaat CMTI buefnes* complelely equipped cnn- s(ore with gas pumps on major ._.,,., _ priced In mM 30'*. Can purchased with 20% iowti, Anntui hto vtalemenU can b* romnteri* BA 0 3.53 aore- oned on SkeMc* 9ire«t (Sou* part rf *Uevd1e. All ulAiUM aT*ikatU. L-loc streef.- No impw.'einerM, Prfcvd a only M.3M.OO. CAli HEINEY REALTY CO. Hwy. 16 East LOVELY FAMILY HOME in established Btllhborltood. Lart* HTlaj room, formal dinlnff mem, library/ramUy nxn, i bedroom*. I b*ihj- Larg. f«or- backward. H2.000. Call 443-2510 In The Midst rt on« of the".belter acrM -- pond. Tr is ell -- mne pern ent gTAMJ For an poirrlmenl eail 1 ae*d iu*;«. 200 E, Poplar IN SWEETBR1AR COUNTRYSIIW ln*in« . Art. W« Invita jwi to compart UM and charm ot tide 4 tMdraorn 1 ba e abunAftm* ot ·Ur**e, Mc and huw c»b«xtt TIM ft. Hoor K» nut the «n* da tn« btxyer Son AecX, yard feoe*d rough oak. 30x40 a ortabop and 9 SAX Age. Cmn aMonM a $16.900 note 7% Utera* priced «i $29,900. Ptma 442-TW or 443««. MORE CLASSIFIED ON PAGE 18 Also 3 Daw 3 b«droomf under boy now and *MMM own colon. IN LINCOLN me with J buJroom trallir Good Ccoc«, Pond, Phone Builder GARLAND SMITH 267-3393 521-3900 TO BE MO\TID AhnoA nwr one bed oom house hardvi-ood flonr and pa"3* jrpeled. Priwd ta MU. Phor* «26«8 fler 5. » ACHES adjoinwiff lake Wilson and CSty Part, trta! pri« JM.OOO. Phone 531 ;m OT 839-3Z3J- Colonial Arms 121.1 N. LEVEr\ETT/521-2110 PCX5L LAUNDRIES ' STORAGE ROOMS DISHWASHERS BALCONYS . ' ' ' ; · CARPET AND DRAPES .WATER AND GAS PAID (Heat and Air l Gai) · TENNIS COURTS AVAIIAM.E J2S.OO RESERVATION DOWN PAYMENT Will HOID APARTMENT FOR JUNE 1. . '· Ken Claire 1900 GARLAND/442-8981 521-8500 . 1985 N. 3 YEAR al 3 b^drtwm brick In rf nierrfxrhro1. I'.i bath, pancfo [n«ulat«d jfaraXf, fully carpeted g ar*a. CWercd patio, refrigerator wa*or-dry«r, rfrafMc, CH/CA, 344 Northwjod. Phone 5Z1-1461 Alter 5. highway 11 rreienUy h*j lw» boffhi* on p«n ft* property provfch'nB »»e. monihly income. . . . ' or* tnTormation on th»e Of crfhw 'rclal. Farm, or Residential rrv call £11-1300 or nltei and is-eek' «rx!i can: JAMES W. BAXEB -- SROREK BAKER ' ASSOCIATES REALTORS 1418 N. Colleg* 521-1300 WK WORK HARDER I Km OCT RESUI.TS! COMMERCIAL ACREAGE GREAT, GREAT SITE Tor redd or commerda! bus.ne5i.3M fl. fovnUKe. PRICE HAS JUST BEEN STASHED -- next to Sambo's, now with hlchway accras. Call today 521-3S67 Lindsey ROUND MOUNTAIN to K) aor**, aJI wooded ·rwl Wrly Vh. FayettevEle S«*oo! ri(ricl. »M ot Sl.OOO per »ore, d«pendirf upon an* ol tract desired. DIAL 443-3S36. ATSO, a 2 acre 'tract tbat had · mr*l« home eituated thereon at one lime CALL- HEINEY REALTY CO. Hwy. 16 ED it 442.9236 Associates _,..n cruse Hiram Brooks Gladj-s 9onnenua IT ^'OU WANT A QUALITY HOXB- VOt) WANT A MELTON HOME], 1737 SIOUX CT. BR, "Wrat* ticdng, , extras yon would want, fin^Uoe, catlwd- ral ctiVnts, ciwtom ~*--" CORNER OF SIOUX t CHEROKEE 3 BR. covered perch. carprt*«t, all « Ira i B'jy now i pfcX your own ootore. See wir home.r by Cemacai by *mni th-t diy. or call bcniaer, MELTON HOMES 442-2826 521-3895 ASEELl SCHOOL one Mock, 1W« tXm bfdroom hae kitchen with Bailt-in ooofcn* ttnlu. MW wall to well eftnjwt- Central iftr mndiliordnf--Gcffdm jpot, m« M a pin. Pfi« only $»5WOO, A Great Bay, MOVE IN _. . Tod B«c. Hwe to MI rmm*« a(* three iMdnmn home, both ana riffw»r r Dfnn room, Be»m*d oelln*, Fumiy room, All newly palntM., com. ptrltly frnced yvrl wHh fern " '' m.oM.m. FARMINGTON A R(wl B«t«ly -- BrieJt and rrAnw «m- rtruction on nice level Jot whh fenced av)c yard. Thr?« bfdroonw, two balSi, .Carpeted. ovely hilrhert- Hurry on cWi CM- Prto* if only $23.500.00. FARM . 80 »cr« over ha!f iti Gra», All fwxed. bam. forraTs. [fxidrnK rnulc. Variety of young /ruil trw*. Tiro i*mte- Hne near new home, with certlM] heal plus wood- burning fireplj*ce, all carpeted, abundance ol built-in*. Prtc* only ffi6,OOfl.OO. O¥ier vrrll oonstrter trade lor d(y pro- peny and *iH heir li^n«. Oiil (w ·ppotafmtnt to *e« H. 'Militant ea. EXTRA SPECIAL Buyer needs to sell. This beautiful home is ideally located in the Washington School District, City Park and Washington Regional Hospital District. Approximately 2,000 iq. ft. of living area and more than average built-ins. Carpet, paneling, fir«ploc«, gam« room, den, stereo closet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, patio, fenced-in back yard. Attached gorcg« wilh bulltins. This i truly an exceptional home and need* to be »een to be appreciated. Please call us now, and let u» show it to you. YANCEY REALTY P.O. Box 231 Hwy. 62 Downtown - Prairie Grove, Ark. OTFKK THONTi M JIM Br 1 * "· icpy RM-3259 Make history.come alive lor a child wjth this lovely doll. Enchanting doll is an loeal birthday remembrance or gift. Fun to make,, thrifty, too. Pattern 629; pattern pieces, face transfer, directions for doll.'clothes. ' {1.00 For each pattern. Add 3» cents each pattern for firsl- class airmail and handling. Send to: Laura Wheeler' Needlecrafl. Dept. 450 Northwest Arkansas'TIMES Box 161. Old Chelsea Ste., New York, NY 10011. Print Name, Address, Zip, Pallern Number. NEW'. 200 designs to knit. crochet, FREE quilt, inside sew. p! NEW us 3 1976 442-6UQ 521-6700 NEEDLECRAFT CATALOG. Send 75 cents. Crochet with Squares .. Crochet a Wardrobe ...... $1.00 Nitty Fifty Quilts $1.00 Ripple Crochet Sew plus Knit Book . .{1.00 ,.{1.25 Needlepoint Book {1.00 Flower Crochel " "" $1.00 Hairpin Croclie! Book ..... $1.00 Instant Crochcl Book ..... {1.00 Instant Money Book Instant Macrame Book · . -51.00 Complete Gift Book ....... Sl.OO Complete Afghans No. 14 .$1.00 12 Prize Afghans No. 12 50 cents Book of 15 Quilts No. 1 50 cents Museum Quilt Book No. 2 . . - . S O cents 15 Quilts (or Today No. 1 .. .50 cents Book of 16 Jilfy Rugs ..50 cents Long, lean, ; alluring all the .i'ay -- no "waist seam Interrupts- this INCHES SLIMMER jump! Add vibrant lie. tasy jacket and-or belt. Printed Pattern 478«i Miises' Sizes 8. 10. 1Z, 14, 16, 18. Size 12 (bust S4) pmpsuit likes 3?i yds. 45-inch fabric. Sl.OO for each pattern. Add 35 cents for each pattern for first- class airmail and handling. Send to: Anne Adams ' Pattern Dept. 433 Northwest Arkansas TIMES 243 West IT St. New York. NY 10011. Print NAME. ADDRESS ZIP. SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. Get a H.OO pattern free -choose it from NEW SPRING- SUMMER CATALOG! PKked with hundreds of great sun, sport, city, travel "styles. Send 75 cents for Catalog Now I Sew plus Knit Book ........$1.25 Instant ^^0!wy Crafts ,...'.»I.M Instant Sewing Book .v.. 11.00 Instant Fashion BooV (1.M

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