The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on September 5, 1952 · Page 8
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 8

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 5, 1952
Page 8
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Eight THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, Friday Evening, September 5,1952 NEW LANSING FIRE STATION—The Kansas State Prison is building a brick fire station in Lansing east of the ball park. Inmates are doing the work, and the prison is supplying home-made brick and crushed rock. Warden Robert H. Hudspeth explained that the KSP is building the station and Delaware Township is buying the fire truck. Under an agreement, the township uses the station and the prison uses the truck if the need-arises. W. H. Martin, officer in charge of the work detail, said the building is about 40 by 48 feet, and may be completed by October. Market Report MARKETS AT A GLANCE NEW YORK \Sl . STOCKS—Lower; losses spot major areas. BONDS — Quiet; changes narrow. COTTON — Irregular; week end evening-up. CHICAGO WHEAT—Steady; dull trade. CORN—Easy in slow dealings. OATS —'Steady; small, price changes. HOGS—Steady to 35 cents higher; top $20.65. CATTLE—Unevenly weak to $1.00 lower • " KANSAS CITY W — Produce: eggs extras. 60 per cent A, 48-49; eggs mediums 44-45; eggs stand-* ards and unclassified unchanged: Butter unchanged. Poultry: hens. 4i/ = Ibs up 21; all other poultry prices unchanged. KANSAS CITY IB Wheat 97 cars: linen to l'/ t higher; No. 2 hhard and dark hard 2.36-2.46 : ",i; No. 3 2.34-2.44 ?i; No. 2 red 2.36- 2.3B>i; No. 3 2.35-2.37>,i. Corn 54 cars; »,4 lower to l>4 higher; No. 2 White 2.78; No. 3 2.07i,i-2.70; No. 2 Yellow and mixed 1.831,2-1.881,2; No. 3 l^S^i-l.S? 1 ,-:. Oats 10 cars; Nom Vi lower to 1",4 higher; No. 2 white Sl-SS^i; No. 3 93-98 3 ,4. Milo Maize 3.05^4-3.16 Kafir 3.0612-3.17 Eye 1.87-1.94 Barley 1.43-1.56 Soybeans 3.08-3.21 Bran 54.50-55.25 Shorts 59.50-60.25 Open High Low Close WHEAT: Sep 2.34^ 2.35!'a 2.34% 2.35 Dec 2.37 3 ,4 2.37^a 2.371,4 2.37'Jii Mar 2.40 2.40 2.39:14 2.39% May 2.39?i 2.397i 2-39',z 2.395« CORN: Sep 1.79 Dec 1.68 1.68 1.671.4 1.68 May 174i,4 1741/4 1.73i4 1.741,4 GRAIN SORGHUM: High Low Close Sep 3.15 3.141,4 3.1434 Dec 3.07=4 KANSAS CITY UR (USDA) Cattle 200; calves 50; run Included 2 loads high choice around 825 Ib Nebraska fed heifers bought to arrive at 33.50; otherwise not enough on sale for a test of the market. Hogs 1500; fairly active, steady to 15 higher than Thursday's average; choice 190-240 Ibs 20.25 - 75; latter price for' several lots unsorted for grade; choice 250-310 Ib butchers mostly No. 2 and No. 3s 19.25 - 20.25; sows mostly 15.000 -1 18.25; stags 15.00 down. NEW YORK U) — Mild weak- nesss in several major divisions Friday encouraged a decline in the stock market 'Railroads, steels, and motors were among the most depressed, but at the same time there were several areas of support for the list. Lossses ran to 2 points in leading issues with the bulk of the decline fractional. Gains extended from fractions to between 1 and 2 points. Volume was restricted to an estimated million shares as compared with 1,120,000 shares traded Thursday. Railroads showed the widest losses with steels close behind. Motors were down slightly. Also lower were coppers and golds. NEW YORK IB-Closing stocks: Close Net Cg. Admiral 28',i U 3 ,4 Allied Chem .... 7"i.v, U ii'. AlllisChal 531J D i* Am Airlines 133,4 u 14 Am Cyan .T Sl~!k U ia Am. Stl Fd 32 5 ,i D i'« Am Tel ? Tel ...156!4 U (j, Anacon Cop 4414 D 14 Armour 10 U i' 4 Atchison 9214 D IK •"—•- ----- 15"4 U V, 503.4 D 1,4 26!,;, 42 81?a Beech Airc Beth Stl Case (JI) Celanese Chrysler . ...... Cities Svc ........ 102;'j, Coca Cola ....... lll',4 Cont Can ....... 44=;, Com Oil ......... 63 Deere ........... 33.. Doug Airc ...... G4'i Du Pont ......... 87'j, U D D D U Eagle Pich Eastm Kod Food Mach Gen Bak Gen EJec Gen Foods Gen Mot 22% 45 43 U 14 64 .... 49V 8 601a Gdooy ear . 4434 Gulf Oil .' 52(4 Here Pdr 69". Int Harv 3235 Int P.-per sisj Int Shoe 391;, Kan City Sou ...79':. Kroger Co 3G;£ Lion Oil 3334 Loew's 131;, Martin (GL) 1114 Mid Cont Pet 663J, Mo Kan Tex 6"i Mont Ward 61*1 Nat Dairy 551^ Nat Gypsum 20i» NY Central 19 No Am Avia 16 3 ,t Ohio Oil "543-; Packard .... 47' Penney (JC) 67^ PaER i 9 ,'f Plym Oil 3iif Pure Oil 63=!, Bepub Stl 4Qi,i Heyn Met ."545;, Safeway St 30% St Jos Lead 431^ Schenley Ind 27V; Sears Roeb 58S£ Snelair Oil 4334 Socony Vac 363,;, Std Oil Ind !....81*' s StdOilNJ 78% U Sunray Oil 19T 8 Swift ? Co 32'4 T-:as Co 56. Tide Wat As 22 ! ,4 Un P?c 1133,4 Unit Air Lin 27 Unit Airc 35?.J U S Rubber., 24TJ, U S Steel 393? West Un Tel .... 4334 West Elec 42 Willys Over 10 Woolworth 43 Closing average 60 stocks 1084 down .3. D 1 D D U D D D D D U D D D U D TJ U D U D D D D .. D i,4 D »4 MISS SHIRLEY PRESTOX, 419 Chestnut, will teach first grade at Howard Wilson School. Miss Preston, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Preston of Lawrence, was graduated from Kansas University in June with a B.S. in elementary education. Witnesses Changed Story —Reprieves Texas Boy SAN ANTONIO, Tex. as—An 11- year-old Latin-American boy was free Friday after two witnesses to a reported double torch slaying changed their stories. The boy was taken into custody by juvenile authorities Wednesday for questioning in the fire deaths of Mary Louise Cunningham, 12, and her brother, Lindsey, 8. The two Negro children burned to death in the attic of their home.] A sister, Esther, U, was critically burned when she tried to put out the fire with a pan of water. Thursday, Justice of the Peace B. B. Brotherman returned a verdict of accidental death. He and Juvenile Detective Jack Jumey said two witnesses had changed their stories to say they had not seen the slightly - built boy toss kerosene on the Cunningham children. Tonganoxie Government Leader Sees Big Army for 10-20 Years MT. POCONO, Pa. (ffl — A top government manpower policymaker said Friday the nation may have to keep at least 3,700,000 men under arms for the next 10 to 20 years because of the threat of Communism. Chairman Arthur S. Flemmingj of the Defense Mobilization Man-] power Committee said. that to maintain the armed forces at this level it will be necesssary for alii qualified men between 18% to 26? years of age to be liable for two years of service. Via. William Simiion Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Vollentine and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Vollentine and son of Litchfield, 111., were week-end guests at the home of Mrs. J.B. Vollintine. Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Hampton of Fort Scott were Sunday guests ol Mr. and Mrs. Matt Babcock. Bobby Gallagher joined the U.S. Air Force and left Saturday for Parks Air Force Base, Pleasanton, Calif, to begin his basic training. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Petty of Bonner Springs callled on friends liere Sunday. Mrs. Petty, who has been confined to her home with a broken ankle, is getting along nicely and is able to walk with crutch 5. I W.C.T.U. had a very attractive display at the Leavenworth County Fair. It consists of a mechani cal man who turned the pages of a book which had a very timely message. Free mottoes were handed out on Thursday evening. All hree days of the fair they served ce water to everyone and furnished chairs for them to rest. Stanley Hand arrived home Saturday after spending the past year n Germany with the U.S. Air Force. Mrs. Maurine Allen, who has visited the past few months here eft Tuesday for Santa Fe, N. M. "Inroute she will visit a son in Boulder, Colo. Mrs. Herbert Rawlings has returned to her home here from the University of Kansas Hospital, Kansas City. Mrs. Tom Gallagher will b e hostess to the Catholic Ladies Club at the Parish Hall Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. John Rumsey and daughters, Mrs. Fern Vanderhoof Lawrence and Mrs. Erma Shank of Topeka were Sunday afternoon guests in the A.L. Knox home. Mr. and Mrs. Rumsey recently returned from a year's stay in California. Installation of the Rev. Clanton Dawson as pastor of the local Baptist Church occurred Sunday, Aug. 24. Out of town visitors who Kansas Taxes Show Increase During August TOPEKA (S> — An upward trend in tax and fee collections by the Kansas Commission of Revenue and Taxation' held good through ihe month of August with receipts 5.89 per cent greater than those in the same month a year ago. Bolstering the upward trend was a 23 per cent increase in sales tax revenues. The increase sales tax receipts indicated a continuing high level of Kansas business but also re lected lower collections in August a year ago due to the 1951 flood disaster. August collections are based on sales made in July. Last month's receipts of $3,585,792 indicated retail sales of ?179,2S9,605 in July compared to' 5145,811,714 in the same month a year-ago. Collections in all categories in August added up to $9,il9,205, jringing the total for the first two months of the' current fiscal year to $18,847,313. This represented an ncrease of 12.11 per cent above the same period a year ago. In the District Court of Leavenworth County, State of Kansas. Bobert E. Holt. Plaintiff, vs. Ruth I. Holt. Defendant. No. 33968 PUBLICATION NOTICE To Ruth I. Holt. Defendant: You, Ruth I. Holt, the above named defendant, are hereby notified that a petition has beeen filed against you by Robert E. Holt, in the above entitled court and cause, and that you have been sued by the plaintiff herein; that you must answer the petition filed by Sum in said court and cause on or before the 20th day of October, 195' or said Petition, will be taken as true and judgment/granting the plaintiff a Decree of Divorce from you, oh the grounds of Gross Neglect of Duty, and Abandonment for one year and more will be rendered against you. Robert E. Holt, „ Plaintiff. Homer Davis, Attorney for Plaintiff. (First insertion Sept. 5th, 1952) (The Leavenworth Times 3t) participated were, the Rev. G. Davs, Kansas City, Mo.," the Rev. J. Robinson and the Rev. P. L. Wilson, both of Topeka. The new \lt. Zion Choir provided music. The Rev. Dawson and his wife, Gladys, are students at the Wes- :ern Baptist Seminary in Kansas City, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Casteel of .awrence and Mrs. Milt Casteel vent to Independence, Mo.'recent- y to visit Mrs. Milton Casteel who s a patient at Independence Sani- arium Hospital. Mrs. Casteel is convalescing from an operation. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Knudson of Kansas City and Leonard's bro- her Staff Sgt. James Kundson who s on furlough from the U.S. Army /isited at the Earl Burrough's lome Sunday. James recently re- urned from Korea. Mrs. Edward Diekman, Mrs. Arthur Young and Mrs. Alfred •Cnox were hostesses to a supper .nd miscellaneous bridal shower Monday evening at the Knox home, given in honor of Miss Zara Zoell- Hull went to the hospital a week ago for treatment for a coronary thrombosis. He is off the criticaj list now, but his case is still classified as serious. LEGAL NOTICES In the Probate Court of Leavenworth County. Kansas. In the Matter of the Estate of William Sommers, deceased. No 131Q NOTICE OF HEARING ' state of Kansas Leavenworth County, ss The State of Kansas to the heirs at •aw of said decedent, and to all persons concerned: You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed in said court by James N. Snyder, administrator of the estate of the above named decedent praying for final settlement herein, determination of the heirs at law of said decedent and discharge of said administrator and you are hereby required to file your written defenses hereto on or before the 17th day of September, A D., 1952, at 1:30 o'clock ?. M; of said day, in said court, in the City of Leavenworth. Kansas, at which tune and place said cause will >e heard. Should you fail therein, udgment and decree will be entered n due course upon said petition. Witness my hand in the City of -eavenworth in said county and state on this 21st day of August. A. D., 1952. James N. Snyder Administrator First National Bank Bldg ATTEST: Leavenwortl1 - Kansas. Senneth Harmon Probate Judge (First insertion August 22. 1952) (The Leavetiworth Times, 3t) LEGAL NOTICES tate of Johnnie E. James, deceased, praying for, final settlement of said estate, approval of his accounts as administrator, allowances for his services, attorney fees «nd expenses, also that the Court determine the heirs of said decedent and assign to them the LEGAL NOTICES file your written defenses thereto on 01 before the 17th day of September, 1952, at 3:30 o'clock p. 'm. of said day in said Court in the City of Leavenworth, at which time and place said cause will be heard. Should you fail therein, judgment and decree will be entered in. due course upon said petition. ! Eric Steeper, McLouth, Kansas. Administrator. Richard A. Swallow, Oskaloosa, Kansas. Attorney for Administrator.' (First insertion August 22, 1952) (The Leavenworth Times 3t) ifications and preliminary estimates i shall be presented to this Board for its approval. Section 4. That the City Clerk shall cause proper publication of this resolution .to be made for six days in The Leavenworth Times, a daily newspaper which is the official newspaper of the City of Leavenworth, Kansas, and that this resolution shall be effective from and after the sixth publication therein. Adopted at • Leavenworth, Kansas, this 2nd day of September. 1952. Ted L. Sexton, Mayor ATTEST: J. C. Walker. City Clerk. (SEAL) Passed' & Approved: Sept. 2, 1952 (First insertion Sept. 5. 1952) (The Leavenworth Times 6t) r_. , «•* ~.--iAk^in>\jkni, m. wiiii:ii nine aiiu ner. The guests Were seated at place said cause will be heard. Should! ix quartet tables and the dining able. The living room and dining oom were decorated with fall lowers. Pastel flowers were used n the tables. After the supper liss Carol Dee Knox escorted the ondred guest to her place and ttiss Janice Knox wheeled in a eautifully decorated tea cart, de- orated in with pink and green, aden with many useful gifts. Miss Catherine Virginia Peason and the Cnox sisters assisted Miss Zoell-1 er in opening her gifts. Mr. and Mrs. Ransley McNulty f San Diego, Calif, announce th irth of a son, Thomas Frank, o August 7. LEGAL NOTICE In the Probate Court of Leaven- vorth County, Kansas. In the Matter of the Estate of Alice Marie James, deceased. No. 3271 NOTICE OP HEARING The State of Kansas to all persons concerned: You are hereby notified that a pet- tion has been filed in said Court by Me Steeper, Administrator of the Estate of Alice Marie James, deceased, praying for final. settlement of said estate, approval of his accounts as administrator.'' allowances for his ser•ices, attorney fees and expenses, al- o that the Court determine the heirs if said decedent and assign to them the personal property remaining in said estate, and you are hereby required to file your written defensesl thereto on or before the 17th day of I September, 1952. at 4 o'clock p. m of I said day in said Court in the City! of Leavenworth, at which time and : RESOLUTION A RESOLUTION DECLARING IT NECESSARY TO CURB. GUTTER, •RADE, PAVE AND OTHERWISE IMPDOVE OTTAWA STREET FROM THE ATCHISON. TOPEKA AND SANTA FE RAILROAD TRACKS, WEST APPROXIMATELY 600 FEET, IN THE CITY OF LEAVENWORTH. KANSAS. AND REQUIRING THE CONSULTING ENGINEER OF THE CITY OF LEAVENWOHTH, KANSAS, TRUMAN SCHLUP, TO PREPARE PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS AND PRELIMINARY ESTIMATES THEREOF TO BE SUBMITTED TO THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF THE CITY FOR ITS APPROVAL. WHEREAS, the petition required by law for such improvement has been submitted to the Board of Commissioners requesting that the aforesaid improvements be made, to-wit: the curbing, guttering, grading, paving and otherwise improving Ottawa Street from the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad tracks west approximately 600 feet. BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF THE CITY OF LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS: Section 1. That it is hereby declared necesssary to curb, gutter, grade, pave and otherwise improve Ottawa Street from the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad tracks west approximately 600 feet, in the City of Leavenworth, Kansas. Section 2. The cost of the improvement described in section one shall be borne by the owners o£ the land liable for special asssessment therefor which special assessments shall be levied to pay the cost of said improvement as by law provided. Section 3. That the Consulting Engineer of the City of Leavenworth, Kansas, Truman Schlup. shall prepare plans and specifications for said improvements and preliminary estimates of the cost thereof, which plans, spec- you fail theiein. judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon said petition. Eric Steeper. McLouth, Kansas. Administrator. Richard A. Swallow. Oskaloosa, Kansas. Attorney for Administrator. (First insertion Aug. 22, 1952i (The Leavenworth Times 3t) In the Probate Court of Leavenworth County. Kansas. ' In the Matter of the Estate ofi Jc-hnnie E. James, deceased. ! No. 32701 NOTICE OF HEARING The State of Kansas to all persons concerned: You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed in said Court by Eric Steeper. Administrator of the Es-i USED CARS 1951 KAISER 19,000 miles. 1949 KAISER Beige color. 1948 PONTIAC Convertible. 1947 CHEVROLET Coupe. 1947 FORD Special Deluxe. 1946 BOICK Excellent contitlon. 1946 DODGE Equipped. Kellison Kaiser-Frazer 106 So. Bdwy. Phone 302 CITY OF LEAVENWORTH. KANSAS NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS INVITATION FOR BIDS Office of the City Clerk, City of ,'eavenworth, Kansas. September 4. 1S52 Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals for the Razing of Buildings at 119-121 North 5th-Street, in the City of Leavenworth. Kansas will be received at the office of the City Clerk, City Hall, at Leavenworth, Kansas until 7:30 P.M. on the 16th day of September, 1952, and publicly opened and read aloud. The proposal. Information for Bidders, General Stipulations, along with Contract Forms, Performance Bo n d and Statutory Bond, may be examined at the office of the City Clerk, Leavenworth, Kansas. Each bid shall be made on the printed proposal form vhich will be provided by the City and shall be sealed and delivered to he City Clerk, endorsed. "Proposal for Razing of Buildings", on the outside of the envelope* Each bid shall be accompanied by a certified check. Cashier's Check on a solvent bank, or a Bid Bond written by a Surety Company acceptable to the " v, in the amount of One Hundred Doillars (S100.00), which may be re- ained by the City until a contract for he work shall have been awarded. Bid Bonds or Checks will be returned to he Unsuccesssful bidders when their bids are rejected: the bid bond or LEGAL NOTICES check of the successful bidder win b* returned when a satisfactory performance bond shall have beeen furnished. Specifications may be obtained from the City Clerk at his office, City Hall. ueavenworth, Kansas. No bidder may' withdraw his bid for at least thirty (30) (lays after the scheduled closing tims for the receipt of bids. The City reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive informalities. The successful bidder shall start work within ten (10) days after being notified to proceed by the owner. City of Leavenworth. Kansas By J. C. Walker. City Cleric 6 (First insertion Sept. 5. 1952) (The Leavenworth Times 3t) Get Our Prices Before U Buy! Zephyr Awnings Residential and commercial. Redwood or aluminum. Wicr A Combination Storm ff UW Windows and Doors. Kitchen Cabinets Made to order. Ornamental Iron Porch and stair rails. "Estimates Without Obligation" GILLESPIE SALES & SERVICE 1812 Cherokee teayenworth Ph. 1280 HULL SHOWS IMPROVEMENT WASHINGTON (St — Forme Secretary of State Cordell Hull 80, was reported Friday to hav ''maintained slow improvement at the Bethesda Naval Hospital Proxy Hopefuls Draw Acres for Plow Speeches KASSON, Minn. ffi-Ike and Adlai will have an "IS-acre audience 1 ' for their Saturday speeches at the National Plowing Contest. Site for the talks by the two presidential candidates is a natural amphitheater of that size- but without any seats for the spectators. "Each person, average that is, will take up a standing spaces two: by two square feet," explained W. N. Roberts of Rochester, director 1 of operations. ''That brings it to: 10,000 standees per acre, or 180,-1 000 for the whole shebang. Could j be." HELP WANTED GAR HOPS To work 3 or more nights a week. $2.50 per night plus tips. Apply In person between 6 and 8 PM tonight. Rounder's Drive-In, 2100 South 4th. PREDICT NEW PARTV CHICAGO W — Col. Robert R.| McCormick, editor and publisher! of the Chicago Tribune, predicts! that another major political parry! will be in the field with a candi-j date campaigning actively for- president four years hence. j THINKiNG ABOUT CHRISTMAS GIFTS? Buy Electrical Appliances NOW on our layaway plan! It's easy. • Toasters. • Food Mixers. • Roasters. • Percolators. • Waffle Bakers. • Sandwich Grills. • Clocks. • Radios. THE MEYER APPLIANCE CO. 217 South 4th St. Phone 1 - For Sale - Cheapies! 40 DeSOTO Was • Now C^^ C 33 CHRYSLER Was Now O^OC S295 . $^9. '40 FORD Was Now C<| CA S250. &1OU. '39 STUBEBAKER CHAMPION Was NowQ^C .$150. 9/O. '38 PLYMOUTH Was Now.04 ^C ?195. "^1^3. '38 BUICK Was $195. Now $125. '41 OLDSMOBILE Was ?395. Now $245. '42 OLDSMOBILE Was $395. Now $295. LEUHRING NEW Used Car Lot •U6-18-20-22 Del. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TOMES Fill Dirt For Sale • Phone 823 or 779 For Sale On Sealeo Bids My 5-Room Fully Modern Home At 400 Garland Street Gas heat, hardwood floors, bath, garage, full basement, chicken house, 81 x ISO-ft. lot. Leaving City—See Sunday afternoon or nights after G:30. Bids will be accepted until 9 P. M., Monday Sept. 15, and the righj is reserved to reject any and all bids. Frank M. Bordy, Owner. Case Corn Pickers have FEWER WORKING PARTS than any other corn picker on the market! t ROLLER BEARING TOO! CASE is the only picker with RECLEANER that sells for LESS THAN ONE- THOUSAND DOLLARS! Get yours now while immediate delivery can be made! Take care of your big corn crop— it's worth money! COLLARD IMPLEMENT CO. 6th and Cherokee Phone 255 Your Best USED CAR Only 12 miles from LevaemvorthI Deal Is In Platte City! '50 Pontiac Convertible with twin spot lights. '50 Chevrolet Convertible—Beautiful green color. '48 Chevrolet Fleetline 4-Door—New tires. '51 Mercury Mercomatic 2-Door—Perfect; low mileage. '48 Pontiac 4-Door—Hydra-Matic. pne of the best buys on our lot. '47 Pontiac 2-Dr.' '40 Plymouth 2-Dr. '48 CMC 1-ton Pickup. '47 International %-ton Pickup. '41 Ford .Convertible. » '51 Pontiac 4-Door with Hydra-Matic—Loaded with extras! The best buy here! $1895.00. * MYERS PONTIAC Open all day Saturday and Sunday. Platte City, Mo. Phone 77 One Block East of the Courthouse "' I've enough to keep track of I" "SHOPPING, coolc- ing> cleaning — theseare|ustafew of my daily tasks. But I must always find time to balance the house* hold budget. "My checking account makes this job easier. A glance at my checkbook tells me how much I've spent, where I've spent it, and how much remains. Cancelled checks are my receipts." Why not open a checking account yourself? It will save you much time and effort. First National Bank Member F. D. I. C. * GOODYEAR For * > Warm Air Conditioning lil—Coal Free Estimates! Phone 165 or 4765 GOODYEAR

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