Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1962 · Page 20
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 20

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1962
Page 20
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Redistrict Committee Bonelli Aim LOS ANGELES (CNSh-Su- pervisor- Frank : G. Bonelli Wednesday urged creation of a special seven-member cos- mlttee.tb map strategy for an Initiative 1 , petition on state Senate reapportionment. Bonelli said he will seek au thoruslMn Tuesday to set up the tdjflevel group which will study.aiJ Initiative petition by the P«?ple to be placed directly ^on the November ballot or a petition to the Legis- lature'to be acted upon at the next regular session in Janu ary 19C3. . Proposed membership woulc Include Los Angeles Mayor Sam Vorty; Steve Billheimer president of the Los Angeles Chamber" of Commerce; Wil liam Bassett, representing the AFL-CIO: Mrs. Mildred Young cr, representing the Demo cratsf Ah'gclo lacoboni," presi dent of the Los Angeles divl sion of'the League of Calif or nia Cities, and Bonelli. · * · · THE SUPERVISOR said Tuesday he was sure that thi rural-dominated Senate would not put any reapportionmen plan or) the ballot this year. The.Assembly has alread voted in favor of a proposa by Speaker Jesse Unruh which would add* eight senators tr populated areas, of "the slat including Los Angeles County Meanwhile, the Los Angclc City, Council, on a motion o Councilman John S. Gibso Jr.. voted to commend Bond! Unruh.ind Yorty for their cf forts jn.the reapportionmen fight. Osteopathy Bills Given Final Action SACRAMENTO (UP1) -The .legislature Wedncsda; pave final approval to rics of bills to allow osteo paths in California to use th medical doctor title. The" bills, introduced b Sen.'Stephen Tcale, D-Wcs Point, brought a charge o the Assembly floor that th American Medical Associa tion and. California Mcdica Association were trying t satisfy a "power urce." Assemblyman Lester Me Millar!. D-Los A n g c 1 c charged that the bills wcr designed "to eliminate an en tire profession . . . althoug California now has a shortag of doctors." Despite McMillan's objec lions, the bills were approvet by an overwhelming margin. The bills extend from Oc 31 to Dec. 31 the time which osteopaths may deck to use the M.D. title, add a osteopath to the 11-mcmbc board of medical examiners and require that no more out- nf-state osteopaths may be licensed-in California. y JOHN MORGANniALER SACRAMENTO, Thursday In ·the most bitter par- 'wrangle in years, the California legislature got set oday for another try at pass- ng a $2.9-biIllon state budg Democratic Gov. B r o w n said he will call a new ipe- ial session to start Monday. The regular budget session. mlted by law to 30 days, nded Tuesday midnight In opeless deadlock. The legislators, continuing work in a nonbudget special State Budget Session Monday session, appeared near conv promise of'a major partisan llspute 'over state bonds, offering a ray of light for an early break in the budget Im passe. The compromise would put five state bond Issue*, totaling $970 million on the June 5 primary ballot. leaders favored the all-June compromise and said they would lead to budget approval. , . ' , H o w e v e r , Assemblyman John A. Busterud of Sin Fran' Cisco, chairman of the As sembly OOP Caucus, insisted that all the bonds, Including a $150-mi!lion issue for park split between June nnd November. Republicans wanted them all in November, when Brown will be facing rc-clec tion. In both houses. Democratic Democrats -wanted them acquisition, must get a two- thirds legislative vote or the deal is off. If a bond Issue passes by a simple majority, it can be put on the November ballet. Bus- tcrud wanted D e m o c r a t i c g u a r a n t e e s that tU park bonds would be dropped if they failed to get .the two- thirds vote required to place them on the June ballot. The all-June bond compromise had failed to come off Tuesday night as the Democrats tried unsuccessfully to use it to sway the needed 10 GOP votes on the budget. Brown, at a news confer ence, charged the Republicans with "political shenanigans" and said the overtime budget session will cost $7,000 a day which could be better used for schools, mental health and other needs. Robert T. Monagan. R- Tracy, called Brown's statement "ill-advised and ridiculous," He said the GOP wants cuts In Brown's "prcpostrous" budget. Assemblyman .Joseph C. Shell. R-Los Angeles, a candi date for governor, said Brown delayed it until Monday for "purely political reasons." · Brown said he wanted the lawmakers to think over the situation over the weekend. The legislators d r o p p e d plans to 'end the nonbudget special session on Thursday, which would cut off their expense accounts. However they were expected to recess for a three-day weekend. . The lawmakers also voted to ask again for a pay raise. The Assembly approved a constitutional amendment to be put on the November bal lot which would raise legislators' pay. from . $0,000 to $11.250 a year. - . Voters have turned down pay raises for the lawmakers at the last two elections. INDEPENDENT-?^. B-5 Jj TtMI. Awl I, INI Exempt Night Schools From Polio Shots SACRAMENTO latlon excluding adult night high school students from the state's ' polio immunization program for schools won final legislative approval Wednesday. The Assembly also approved a bill moving up a vote on an extra month of daylight-saving time from November to June. The earlier vote would allow the extension of DST to the last Sunday in October this year, rather than next. The Day in Sacramento tr THE ASSOCIATED PHESS THE COVEHNOH Antmct* tit »MM »D t*tc»l ImtUtlVI IMIItfl · · bVtfMf HC MM* cn.-KtnH utmMKvn «i -»«ktK«l trwH*.4Mi" In klxkbif ftvditt SM III wU b«« VWttr DlrKltr Wlilum Wariit M tfitMM win S«ult mllKitr ItiMT. . A»*inttd hnmr M«r»f N*rm PMI. tM II HI Aftftln It lut« Wltw OnmltilM, ««rl MMffl" II LH A»t«M M s«u« witiwt Mv«. THE ASSEMtLY ivttUtMt fti lr»m U.Mi l« tIMM · tr»rl ACAl; K»- p»Kt. D-LrnwMd. f«rmlti k»iu»- tut !· Ml tw ultrui tut r«4t«l (Mm » UH i mintiii SCAl, Ihm, IKMlJTM. »u riiiM: TiM-PUn M Int. tutor no. NtitmMr »«Ut. IM willlM «l wMtlt. tr CJiiftnit wM HUM urMM ···· Mttt timt Irtm Ull S«M4Y M *·»' twriMr It Utt Sodir · Octtttrl Att5. IMOT. · S»n mud. . ··Mt-friMn tut ini tMit bint IllXkri tl'l MUM* M »UCt« M JIM k»iuu Aiu. irituMi. R RM»tt4 cur, tttMMtH MM fnMrftl MttK f'Kt- ttm MM. HIM1I TMII. 6-W«l ... »«it« tilt. C«rntT to In «««f mmp«« trim «M«f. t 111. TlMtnllM. *-»*l ·l"- itotMUl AmwtAlwut D*ftlt«4: DnH k«t»liW* a SIN a irwfltli n; ACM. IrMWr. *·»·" J««. THE SENATE ?i"it'.'-"?iWi rtmm, utM ** tiric irmn ixKit ntMU umr «· «m«r WCT »··« rxu»» t»"«« mm to»M mlMTMl KMUI *·!«. "lt- »ir »n» i»H cawtfKt U. *. ttnmt ««·« MJlt MMMWlrim rt*. m*UMI A* l! tmni, « t t r t t t . r»r-CrMtn. MIKI rt MtrliM ll viliri. IM DI«« Ul«i4 ffl Or trull Itll. ritlMr, D-to Ol^. t»M*-rUtt IKt MM HMtt Itll M« n;i moi*«ii *n J*** vrmurr kJ Mil At«4. HilUKl. l|.*ldMM.CIr. p*i*»--Ettflwn »otn wlt*«l tlvtfMft mm !·* . «4r l»t mmrtiluriM All*. CMUIM, Off«uw. HIM I ntfTMl win r~M muni ««»· TM"r " """· r* tl M it tmrrim AJUJ. LK»I, «-SM ; llnil 'Liberation' BUDAPEST W -- Com murfi»r.Hunsary Wednesday ' conlmCBiorated its WorM War IIMibcraiiim by the Sovic army;vjth a Riant military parade in Budapest di^plny blest Russian-made jcU am nukcls. 7-DAYSAWEEK PLUS...10W REGULAR PRICES AND BLUE CHIP STAMPS TOO! Save This Thursday Ad...These Prices Are In Effect All Week AP'S "SUPER-RIGHT" GRAIN FED Fresh Produce Values LARGE RED RIPE TOMATOES SAVE 6clb. 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