Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 7, 1968 · Page 49
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 49

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1968
Page 49
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f AGE 52 1 WITH SGI MIKE Lv PHONOSPAPH,.. 1GUES S * For Valuation ; PHOENIX (UPI) - The timetable for taxpayers who want to appeal their property tax valuation has been announced by Arlo; Wookiry,' director of the Department of Property Valuation. ."· '·Itis:' ' . " - ' · ' . · . \* March .1. to, April 10 -- Tax- p'ayers may request valuations from: their ^county assessor, either through the mail or in person.. ' . . ' · · . " · (JVfarch 29 -- Deadline for filing claims for veterans or widows exemptions. . April I?--T.Deadline for filing air-appeal with the county as- sjessor to protest valuation .of property,";" ··' : . ' " · "·: j May.'294 Deadline for county .'«5s.9«ajr'^ta; respond in writing tp all appeals.^ rty Tax s Set June 1 -- Deadline, for tax payer to file appeal with the clerk of the County Board of Su peryisors. . Month of June -- .Boards o supervisors of each county wil sit as boards,of equalization to hear protests. Technological Meet Scheduled The problems of technologies growth in the Southwest will be explored during a two-day con ference beginning March 15 at Pioneer International Hotel. , About 200 people are expected to attend the conference for which the University of Arizona received a :$6,444 federal grant tipto 5.25% BONUS INVESTMENT ACCOUNTS These accounts assure a BONUS of '/fc of 1% ABOVE the regular passbook dividend .irate when held for 36 months. Accounts inay be opened for 85,000 or more (in .multiples of 31,000). and withdrawals made prior to the full term earn the regu- jlar passbook savings rate. The above rale "t»f '5.25% is based on current regular passbook rate of 4.75%. 5.25% Certificate Savings Accounts have a minimum of $2,500 (in j*iultiples of §500) and mature in 6 tnonths. They are automatically re- feewable for additional 6 month periods tmfess this plan is discontinued by the jusociation. 4.75% REGULAR Passbook Accounts Paying the highest dividend rate in Ari- !*ona with immediate availability, these Accounts have no minimum balances. Dividends are paid or compounded quarterly. When compounded quarterly, they earn4.83% per annum. G ATALINA AVINGS. avings Building 201 North Stone ·2758 North Campbell 22nd Street Kolb Road Solid as the Catalina Mountains T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 1963 5 things we put in Super Shell to give you good mileage The good mileage you get from Super Shell doesn't depend on Platformate atone. It calls for no fewer than five different ingredients blended in just the right proportions to give you good mileage under all typical driving conditions. Platformate TCP Detergent Butane PentaneMix What it is Platformate is the petroleum industry's technical term for a gasoline ingredient whose molecules have .been torn apart and then reformed with the help of a Platinum catalyst. The result of Platinum reforming is called Platformate. TCP is Shell's trademark for a "unique gasoline additive. Gasoline containing TCP is covered by Shell's U. S. Patent No. 28 89212. In today's Super Shell, the chemical name fpr TCP's phosphorus additive is cresyl-diphenyl-phosphate. It's just what it sounds like--a powerful cleaning agent with chemical properties that are similar to those of a good laundry detergent. Butane is a highly volatile ingredient-which means that it will turn from a liquid to a vapor (like water turning to steam) at very low temperatures. Butane will actually boil on ice. Like Butane, Pentane mix is a volatile ingredient. It helps your engine warm up quickly and smoothly. Its hydrocarbon molecules are small--so they serve as kindling in the Super Shell formula. How it helps mileage Platformate contains 11% more energy per gallon than 100-octane aviationfuel. Extra energy equals extra mileage. Shell pioneered the use of Platformate as a major ingredient in gasoline. Today other good gasolines also contain it. (See note on formulation at bottom of chart.) Nothing can stop deposits from forming on spark plugs. These deposits can cause spark-plug misfire and reduce mileage. TCP combines chemically with certain deposits'to keep spark plugs from misfiring, thus preventing mileage loss. Super Shell's detergent cleans engine parts exposed to the flow of fuel. It prevents deposits from, building up around the carburetor's metering system, which controls the air-f uel mixture. If allowed to build up, deposits could cause an improper air-fuel mixture, reducing mileage. Butane's volatility helps your engine fire up fast hi cold weather.The quicker your start, the less gasoline you use before you get going. A single slow start might not affect your mileage much--but it could really add up over a long winter. Misfiring during warm-up means coughing, bucking--and wasted fuel. Pentane mix works with Butane to prevent that misfiring. With a fast warm-up, your automatic choke can be adjusted to turn off sooner, keeping down the amount of extra fuel it has to send to your engine. Under what driving conditions Platformate helps your mileage most when you're driving at sustained highway speeds-the conditions shown in the Super Shell mileage demonstrations on television. Deposits left untreated are most likely to cause spark-plug misfire and affect mileage when your engine is working hard- accelerating, for example. So that's when TCP helps mileage the most. Super Shell's detergent helps under all driving conditions. (For more information on our detergent, and on other Super Shell ingredients, -watch the Shell Answer Man on TV, and listen to him on radio.) The colder the weather, the moreButane helps. It can be particularly important if you do a lot of short-haul driving, calling for several cold-engine starts every day. NOTE: Butane also helps mileage by working with Pentane mix (see below) to warm up your engine in a hurry. Pentane mix is especially valuable if you often drive only a few miles at a time, virtually warming up your engine the whole way. The cooler the weather, the more gasoline you can waste, during warm-up-and the more Pentane mix helps. No two gasolines are formulated quite the same wav There are few secrets in the making of gasoline. Although Shell has pioneered its share of major improvements-the use of TCP, for example, and of Platformate-the ingredients in Super Shell are known to other oil companies, and are used in one gasoline or another. But the formula varies from gasoline to gasoline. No two oil companies male all of their ingredients quite the same way. They don't blend them in the same proportions. And they don't use all the same ingredients. · There is a certain art to the formulating of gasoline if you are to get good mileage under all driving conditions-no matter what sort of driving you do, no matter where you do it, and no matter what time of yearithappens to be. x The blend must be carefully balanced. And it must be modified from time to time as the seasons viiange, and from place to place as the climate and altitudes change. The right ingredients. The right formulation. Those are the reasons we call Super Shell good mileage gasoline.

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