The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 13, 1920 · Page 1
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Saturday, March 13, 1920
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M AB 15 Carbondale—"Athens of Egypt/ yOLUMElT. CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, MARCH 13,1920. I TIMBER' $6O,OOO In New Walks Here this Germany In Chaos And Eruption as _ / JL . Factions Explode i-T "\f TP 13 A ! CARBONDALE HIGH •*-'-'*- .-»• AV -TTL BEATS HERRIN BULLETIN, 2:35 P. M. LONDON, .(March. 13.—ADijes willi march on Berlin in event of attempt by ' German revolutionists to restore Hoh- enzoller dynasty. German revolutionists have proclaimed monarchy. Members of Ebert government' have left' COUNTY BOARD ADJOURN AFTER BUSY SESSIONiMANY ACTIONS Present Retiring Chairman of Board, Chester Delano of Murphysboro Beautiful Watch Chain and Elks ^Charm—Name Grand Jurors. Lccal Five Play Hard Fought Game Against Herrin and Win by Close Margin, 16 to 14, at Normal . Gym. The county board completed its thre.3 days sesson Thursday morning-, having reports from all committees and the transaction of the regular official business, says the Era. CITY TO WELCOME / 200 SUNDAY SCHOOL DaEGATESNEXT WEEK Committee Urges Response • of Sunday School People and Others to Take Care of Delegates Attending ,Young People's Conference Wednesday and : Thursday. Plans to entertain and welcome more than 200 delegates to the Young People's- Sunday school conference to Alter their regular business was fin- 3?e held here "Wednesday and Thursday ' ' resigned. Special to Free Press: .PARIS, March 13. — Proclamation issued in Berlin today declared, according to Berli.n dispatches, that the Government of the Empire has ceased to exist.. Power of state has passed .into the hands of General Director Knapp, who becomes Chancellor, and has ap- ' pointed General Luettwltz commander s P ain > Subs. .In chief of military forces. National .assembly has dissolved and new government is being formed. Socialist parties have declared a general strike. Knapp and Luettwitz are identified with factions in -favor of restoring monarchy, with relative of Ex-Kaiser Wilhelm on throne. They have been trying to overthrow repub- 'lic and bring about downfall of President Ebert. The Carbondale High School basket ball team bea-t Herein High School • team at (.'he Normal gym last night, 14 to 16 to.a hard fought game. The' local high five were in the game all) the time. Carbondale High team lineup: Joe Hickey, G. Francis Renfro, G. Ernest Coleman, C. Carl Smith, F. Hubert Bagwfll, F. Lynn McCormack amd Delbert* np to its name as a- convention city. less " nerT(te .. -The Sunday school conference is a -m, el- JntellW . . J.ii.ci_ lirLclicvi.uewi uayci'ijii.y. ts, new movement among all the churches agree> eq uals that of the whites. arm TITVUYIIC&C tr\ AmmTn-* :„*... I Rise Seven Feet Over Night—Bottom; Lands Now Flooded in Sections. ish.ed :he board held an informal sov cial session. Many of the supervisors are retiring from office this time, and some- of them are not making the race for ire-election from their various townships. Each of .the retiring members made a short talk thanking the chairman and the remaining members for the -friendly associations of the past year. The board posed for a picture- for the Dagle studio at'tSae court house Wednesday, many of the retiring members desiring a photo of the "bunch" to preserve the memories of their association. Thos. G. Dunn, who was reappointed as county highway engineer, at this meeting also thanked the board, for his appointment and assured them of his cooperation in the- coming year. County Supt of Schools, Otto F. Alten, also made a short talk relative to the schools of Jackson county ,and j ing to do with the Young"people's Specifications Now Ready For 6 K. Of City Coundl CHINA A DARK , CLQUD UPON HORIZON OF CHRISTIANITY The' Christian, church of America and the w.orW >see a.- great problem, in China and the Orient.'They see China awaiting the call of Christianity. China, like a giant, sleeps in Asia. The Chinese are the largest homogeneous 'mass in the world's history, comprising one-fourth fti .the population of the' globe. ' Their civilization is the oldest; their cultural influence the widest."Despite is the darkest cloud on being perfected by the committee and. Sunday school workers of the city The delegates will come from all the tM'sT'chm'a „ ^ „„.. towns in Southern Illinois. Carbondale tbe international horizon. £.°^^rr2j^ one is anxious that Carhondale lives-. Chinese are ' a virile race. fthan: the the They have Caucasians experts and promises to develop into something very influential and beneflcial. ' The committee China awaits the call of Christianity. iThis nation * where- /knowledge is today in an an- - es p eci . all y venerated is almost illiter- Cartoondale to re-1 ate says: j 6igtlt per cent) {OT m6n . and two per The farmers have just closed a very cent £or ^ omfin successful meeting here in Carbon- 1500 teachers; men can be "relied upon to give a royal' welcome who hold Only those who made a profession scholarship could even begin to ., °, meeting here ters. One had to know 2,750 characters to read the New Testament. There are 77,000,000 children', but , Big MluU i v rivev is on its reguia,. . Issuance of proclamation is follow- 1 spring rampage . The river is as reg- ed by occupation of Wilhelm's Trasse u i ar in tllis res p ect a s straw hats. where government buildings are situ- Over night the water rose nearly ated, by troops who had returned from seven feetj accchr ding j to the light Baltic. Troops entered-Berlin thlsj p ] ant gauge. The river kept com- morning. JOBLESS GERMANS RIOT Troops Called in Melee Over Cut in Bread Rations—There Were No Casualties. .Berlin, . March :13.—Troops wore • called out to disperse crowds of. women and'children. tluriBg; tin unemployment demon.strsition at Munich, owing to the issue of ration cards for a reduced ration of 2^ pounds of bread weeklv. .There were no casualties. gauge. ing during today at the rate of 2^4 inches an hour, power house reports eay. Big Muddy is already out of 'bounds and, given more rain, threatens 'to grow some more gray hairs on< the heads of utility officials here. Th stream is rapidly going ovar bottom lands.—Murphysfooro Independent. tlianked the hoard for backing him up in his duties. Circuit Clerk Joe Wells, made a short talk on behalf of the board. County Clerk H. A. Hagler, I f or Wednesday nightTlfyou have not also thanked the hoard for the favors! been solicited TTTT .- ' J.ii&»c cue II,VUU,VUU tjilliui ell', UUL soon, what are the church worker*? e-n- , ,•„„ fr> i -.,. .. ' "* "OTKCIS go only six of every hundred are in school. mg to do with the Young People's conference which meets here Wednes-' day and Thursday, March 17 and-IS? Lodging is needed for 2QQ delegates ' There are 50,000 primary schools, where 1,000,000 are needed for universal education. ( Specifications- calling for' the con— • struction of'more than $60,000 wortb:- 'of side walks in the city,of Carbonolale- th'is summer are.nowl.comple'ted'ancl-: 1 will be.'-submitted', to. thejrfty cmiBcil; this 'week for '.what"final and small: 'changes. that .may he necessary.,- -' Ae-soon as the' council "puts its O K on, the-specifications, bids will, be calletfr far w'itbm.a short time. The sidewalk, plan here calls for 'walks all over the city where gaps • exist and where walks are poor. AH. poor walks will be ^replaced by new ones. A survey has- been made on all', streets -im the city to,.aseertain whore • it is necessary to build new walks. • E. A. Cox has been acting engineer for the city, assisted Iby George Lee/ . The neV walks will all be built ol" concrete perhaps with few exceptions^, and may*be none. The width, thickness •and other specifications for the walks i will vary,depending'upon the-measurements of the old walks which will be linked together by the new ones. It is planned that all the new walks be built this spring andi summer; although contracts will not be let if-bide, run beyond reason in price. Tbe city- says it will withhold construction <ol the walks if contractors seek to boost . prices'."The city'tias- in mind about what the limit will be on bids. The ibuilding program will include • practically every Street, in the city. Pew streets will be found' where nc new walks are necessary to replace.- old ones or vacancies fof new walks- out (right. extended to him and for the co-operation of the board im his office.' At the close of the "ceremonies" Supervisor R. E. Atkins, of Elkville, addressed 't)he chairman of the board, thanking them for what they have done for his township, and his peo-ple. Mir. Atkins, in closing his remarks presented the chairman, Chester Delano, of Murphysboro, a beautiful call aip your - Sunday ' Gospel school superintendent and state how ! many delegates you will take for Wed-! nestlay night. Make it a volunteer service. Confucianism, Taoism Bufl/ v r'gm, • and Mohammedanism confronit • jhe ' :OBJECT TO DRY U. S. ROB CREAMERY SAFE LAST NIGHT Exodus of Aliens Due to Prohibition, Says Solon/ ! Open Safe by Pounding Lock With Hammer—Escape with $30 Cash !—Creamery Robbed jBeforel Big Increase In Emigration Over Im. migration -Is Shown by Ellis Island Records. ! Kew York, March 12.—Prohibition Is causing so many foreign born to leave' the ynited States, according to Con-" gresstnaa Isuac Slegel, n member of the house immigration committee, that .emigration is exceeding immigration. Ellis -Island records- show that immigration since January 1 totaled f>3,- 000, while 61,000 left the country. Most jnf the latter have gone back to Poland and Czecho-Siovakla to stay. From the signing of the armistice un- |til January 1 Immigration and etnigra- taon were about equal, approximating 275,000. In January 23,000 persons landed here from"abroad and 24,000 left the country. In February 22,000 arrived and '25,000 departed. This inonth the excess of emigration is on the increase, 12,000 having left the country and 8,000 having arrived. It Is. estimated that the figures for the •wHole month will be 36,000 departures and 24-.000 arrivals. While^a desire to live in rejuvenated home lands- is a facfbr In emigration, Mr. Siegel believes that, prohibition is ie principal reason. Inability to buy T or wine, he says, has created considerable 111 feeling amone foreign- born residents, particularly in mining dJetrlcte. Burglars were again busy in Car- bo-ndale last night. They entered the office of the iCairhondale Creamery and robbed the safe'of about $30 in money. The safe.was opened by pounding the lock with a hammer. This •makes the second time within the last iew months that the creamery has been burglarized. , They entered the office' by prying back the lock on the door. It is presumed they were familiar with the safe and around the creamery or were . biurjglians exacting -to .make a thig j haul from a safe robbery. The authorities have found no trace of the thieves. WOMAN SLEEPS HER LIFE AWAY Hudelson's Death Declared Accidental BENTON, 111., March 12.—The body! gold watch chain amd an emblem of J of J. H. Hudelson, Royalton mime oper-' the Elks -lodge attached, as a token of. ator, was brought to Benton-today on 'a special train for Interment. Hudelson did! not kill himself as was stated the high esteem of all the board members and county officials for the services he has rendered as chairman of i in a Wednesday publication. "With-an- the Jacksom county board dUTing thej other member of the' Royalto-m Gun past year. | Club he had 1 come for an afternoon's A resolution was. adopted calling on ; shoot. They had gathered in the club- property owners along the state high ] house a few minutes and before start- way through the east part of the ' ing home he reached for iis gun which county to .get in touch with the per- was standing'in a rack, sons securing right of way and to'Co- Evidently in removing the gum the operate in that work. | trigger caught oa something and it was The hoard tabled a resolution from discharged, the full force striking him the Champaign county board opposing ; in the heart, killing him'instantly! abolishing the office of highway com- j The Coroner's jury returned a verdnct missioner The supervisors adopted a that his death was caused'from acci- resolution to appoint a committee to j dental discharge of the gum. draft a resolution asking the state con- . Hudelson was the life of Royalton in a social and .business way He was manager of the big company store, and fetitutional convention to change the law to" provide for three highway commissioners instead of one. Sol Craw-: a heavy stockholder in the'two mines shaw, J. B. Williamson and "W. W. I there,anfi all their vast real estate Lawdev were named as the committee, j holdings, which have just been sold to ARREST ANOTHER IN RAILROAD GAR THEFT IM niDDnuntii: vinno IN uAnuUNUALt TAHUo the . Peaibody ,12,000,000. Coal Company for iMuis. ^ta FeltSj ,• nee Traylor, died at 3 o'clock Friday afternoon of a malady that baffied the physicians and is referred to as the sleeping sickness. She had been -sleeping practically all the time durang the past 1 16 days and' died in "her sleep. She was the daughter of LeRoy Traylor and was porn at Murphys- Iboro 28 years ago. She leaves " no children,—' BIRTHDAY PARTY Mrs.' Gladys Austin of South Normal avenue, entertained at a surprise' day party in honor of her dau j Ruby, it being her birthday. Refresh'• ) ments were served. Jack Sullivan Brought -Onj Candles, place cards and table dec- FrOltl East St. Louis To- oration » w«re in green, reflecting the clay—Ingersoll and Ever- : Irish color tTadlti ° ! i and st. -Patrick's ett Said to Implicate Sulli-; day van — Report Ingersoll: :-." . '"'•. Confessed. j brought to Murphysboro today to an•. i swer to the s'aAe charges for which Another arrest has been made in Ingersoll and Everett are being held 'con-necton with the railroad car roto-. Sullivan was implicated by Ingersoll beries here for which Robert Ingersoll and Everett. '' and a youth by the name of Everett | It is saM this morning that Ingersoll are now being held. A youth, giving • has confessed and -waived his hearing, his name as Jack Sullivan, has been i pending'the action of the federal arrested in East St. Louis and -will be grand jury. QUEt AT CHRISTIAN CHURCH _BIG EVENT Attended by More Than 100 Fathers and Their Sons of the Church—Good Eats Followed, by Music Speaking. . / NIKDE RA!LRQAD 'GOAT" j Presiden-t Designates. Him as Agent of- I Governm^-t-to Be Sued fn • : Equity Cases. I.I W. S1IH.S |)roci;t»(l!iifrs In :HlriiirqIi,v, 'wlii<'h might iiriso I'ronT the 1 K<>v?rnnient control of .'.he rtiilronds. shouM bp .Oireolrd. • !. REFUSES SPIES NEW.HEARING: The "father and son" .JjQiquet and program at the Christian 'church last night was one of the most.successful affairs bf the year at tie church. It was attended by more than 100 fathers and sons of 'the Chris^ani church. At 7o'clock everyone "was' served toy the women and girls of the church. The food was delieiously prepared and there was plenty of it. The younger boys who came witb their fathers, were feeated at a table in an adjoining" room to their'fathers:''They enjoyed- themselves in their own way to thej limit. The social end. of the affair was very pleasing. All enjoyed themselves, the. fathers feeling a sense of- pi-ide In being able to bring a son or more, and the sons proud 'also, in which the eats played no small -part. ' , / Following the banquet came the program which consisted of music and speaking. -SCHOOLHOUSE BLOWN AWAY Building Full of ChMdren Thrown Into Field -by Sto.'m—No One Reported Killed. , Lexington, Ky, March' 1.3.—Between Thirty and forty persons were injured iiy a storm at Sherman, GO miles from here. Many buildings, were demolished and a sohoolhouse' with the children in it was blown, into a- field. Xo one' \vas reported:''killed. There-was' great property damage. Rescue parties are at work in the debris;, but, it Is not thought there are any bodies tnder tiie wreckage. • Court of Appeals at Cincinnati Affirms . Prison Sentences of Four La'•'. . ' • tonia Men. Cincinnati. March V 32.—Penltentln'ry ienrences of four Latonin, Ky., mm: found guilty of violating tlie e$pinn»#i- net. w'ns affirmed hy the United Stiilos- Court of Appeals here. --.. :: The cases passed on were thosie «i* C. B. Schoberg. 'Henry Peltmon, J. Henry Kruse and Peter Feltmnn, J... Their trials were conducted before 'United States District Judge Cochranr:' of .Govington, Ky., -who sentenced Felt- mnn to seven years in prison and to pay a fine of $40,000; Schoberg to' serve five years; Kruse five years and:, Wimmer one year. N - ' . ' TO PROCEED AGAINST TRUSTS - Attorney General Palmer Says Stee! Ruling Won't Halt Drive on Trusts. >Vasliins;t'-'ii, Mnrch 12.—The department-of .justice will proceed against ill corporations alleged to be trusls,.- regardless of the recent .decision by' I he Supreme ..court ,;n the steel COR- • portion case.. .. • • In announcing the department's policy Attorney General Palmer said."the steel case does not indicate what Hie- high • court will, do' in other similar trials." ,' Efforts of rlie government to check-, profiteering have resulted in 1,046 prosecutions under the Lever food controB • net,. Attorney General Palmer ais^ • nounced.. . , • »;'••' Convictions-have been obtained and' > sentences imposed in a, total of 107 cases, Mr. Palmer said! ID 754 'nthli-- : •tional cases indictments have been;rW turned and the accused are ' trtal. ' ' '-,

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