Independent from Long Beach, California on March 22, 1976 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
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Monday, March 22, 1976
Page 25
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n., March n. m INDEPENDENT (AM) PAESS : lELEGRAM^[PM)-C-3 'Pennant fever' common Tbr * eS * int * LBSU baseballers malady at Long Beach CC . By PAUL McLEOD Slaft Writer Pennant f e v e r is r u n n i n g rampant al Long Beach City College, . In the case of the Viking basketball team the reasons arc obvious--the Vikings-returned from Fresno a" week ago with an unprecedented fourth stale basketball championship and the tournament's most Valuable and most inspirational player in 6-0 play- making guard Dean Decker. B u t n o w t h a i t h e community college basket- b a l l season is o f f i c i a l l y over--save for one posts e a s o n JC A A U tourna- m e n t -- t h e m o m e n t u m hasn't let up with other LBCC teams. · The baseball squad wrapped up the f i r s t round Metropolitan Conference title last week. The Vikings wind up first round action Tuesday al Valley. · · The Vikings' recently- crowned national gymnastic champions, who hosl L.A. Trade Tech Friday, have not lost a dual meet since 19C9. LBCC is seeking its eighth successive stale gymnastic crown, · The Viking track team hasn't dragged its feet cither. Under Don Mulligan, LBCC is 3-0 and hosts (altering Pierce Friday in a lune-up for its conference showdown w i t h B a k e r s field Ihe following Wednesday. "THIS IS the best learn I've had," said Mulligan. "They just keep going and improving. The team com- peles well together." T h r e e school records h a v e a l r e a d y been i m proved: Dave Fuller's 163- f o o t discus loss; Craig Wilson's 16-foot pole vault; and Shaun Ward's 201-3 javelin throw have delighl- cd Mulligan. " W e ' l l h a v e m o r e records," M u l l i g a n pre- d i c t s . " W e ' l l be e v e n stronger now that sprinter Michael Gilliain (injured leg) a n d h i g h j u n i p e r David Oliver (basketball) are back." "PITCHING, d e f e n s e a n d team speed," have been the mainstay of the Viking baseball t e a m according to head coach Bob Myers. Pressure hasn't been a f a c t o r , despite t h e r u n a w a y Vikings' seasonal mark (19-1 in league, 16-2-1 on year). "The kids are loose and playing like they should be," said Myers. "I'm a poor rowser on the field. I think Ihe kids fee! very relaxed and easy going. They know they'll have lo go out in the second round and do it again." L a r r y Buckle, Kenny Price and G r e g Harris have shared mound duties, although Buckle missed a turn with lendonitis. Price has been the most surprising to Myers. "He's really helped us oul," he said. P E R H A P S a n a n t i climax following t h e national title achieved last w e e k e n d in Illinois, an e i g h t h successive s t a l e gymnastics t i t l e u n d e r John Draghi would boost t h e coach's consecutive winning string well over the 100 mark. The Vikings open defense of that tille in May. W h e n Draghi's l e a r n won the national title it ended the eight-year reign of Odessa, Texas. Seven Vikings gained All-America h o n o r s in individual competition: Steve Davis (free exercise and vaulting), Danny James (pommel horse). Jim York and Dan Egan (rings), Chad Nonnnan (horizontal bars) and F r a n k Martin (all- around). Davis' 18.C5 in vaulting and Nounnan's 18.70 on the b a r s w e r e n a t i o n a l records. T h i s w e e k ' s LBCC sports menu: Roles reversed: now \ Lancers chasingBruins H i g h school f a n s s u r - prised at Wilson High's fast start in the Moore League baseball race have s h o r t memories claims B r n i n coach S k i p R o w land. "We were unbeaten (3-01) going up against Lakewood for the first time last year, too," he says, not needing lo add what happened. The Bruins l o s t lhal first meeting to Lakcwood and five of Iheir nexl six, Nash chosen Moore MVP Johnny Nash has boon selected the Moore League basketball player of the year as voted upon by the six league coaches. N a s h , a 6-6 forward, won Ihe honor in close voting over teammate Michael Wiley and Gary' Mulder of Wilson. /The 1 1 - m a n ( c a m includes t h r e e p l a y e r s ( r o m P o l y , t w o f r o m C o m p t o n , J o r d a n a n d Mitlikan a n d o n e e a c h from Lakewood and W i l son. The team: Compton -- Marvin H e r n don, Pervis M i l l e r ; Jordan -R i l l Speck, frank Van Dyke; I-akewood -- Si«n Ziemcr; Miltikan -- R h e t t H c c k c l , John While: Poly -- Johnny N/ish, James Hughes, Michael Wiley; Wilson -- Gary Mu!d er. never really recovering in a season (hal saw them eventually finish in fourth place at 6-8-1. But a new year has new hopes and suddenly a new slant on the league standings. Wilson (4-01 goes to Mae Boyar Park Tuesday night to p l a y Lakewood ( 3 - 1 ) wilh the shoe on the other fool. The Lancers h a v e lo beat Wilson to regain a share of the league lead, a situation no Lancer team has faced in more than I wo years. Rowland thought M i l l i - kan's 3-2 win over Lakewood Friday, which ended t h e L a n c e r s ' 3 4 - g a m c l e a g u e winning streak, could do a lot for Ihe 1976 title chase. "Everyone would lose to Lakewood three times Ihe last couple of years and end up scrambling for second place," he says. "1 still think Lakewood has the team to boat, but at least it's going to be more interesting this spring." Wilson's fasl start can be attributed to s l o n g pitching from Terry Kassien and Bob Macias who are two of eight juniors t h a t h a v e seen considerable playing time. Kassien, who is 4 - 1 , showed signs of promise last year before injuring his arm; Macias (3-1) has b e a l e n Jordan 5-1 and C o m p t o n G-0 and is a transfer from Florida. Shorstop K i m W a r r , f i r s l b a s e m a n C h r i s S m i t h , outbidder R o n Thurston, Uiird baseman Collin Simons and catcher Terry Filer are other juniors who have been starters. Kifer, though, like counterpart Randy Whistler at Lakewood, is on Ihe sidelines. The Wilson catcher suffered a broken finger caused by a foul tip in the Jordan game and will -be out two weeks. Whisller is recovering from a broken wrist. In other g a m e s Tuesday, Millikan (3-1) plays Poly (0-1) at Blair Field and Jordan (1-3) is at Complon(l-3). Prep schedule 1 -- Jordan 31 Cumplui ! Poly II Blair r'KH. Si' Paul \^ .Si. Anihoni al Wardlow 1'ark all 3 15 p m.; WiUon n. UkrwdoJ at M,iB.jJiI i'jrk." AEDMSDAY S w l m o l n r -- Moore l . f a f n e prt)1ni at BiHrrcT.I Plafa Wjrr.cj- P(xl.230jnv G^f-OCC Al Kail I. A . 1 p ra WiBtn-s iollball-»: OuT!,-). J -J) p m TUKSDAY fi(.N-- at Samj Ana Tvvxrurm'iU. a:i Ra^baH--al Vi^py. 2 y. p m WtJ)NKSDAV _ C.ll-al SidJkbjtk TOLTMclfrl, V^tejbaQ--il I'fcrw. 2 M p m Trrniv--vs ]'a?Jik-n.i. i 30 n rr, WomeD\ \-oUf)ball--s* i.oldrn Wonri't B(tlall-vs. LACf. 3 M pel THIR.SHAV Women's Ifncl*--,n Gol:J(n We^t. 2 SnitnninK--M Golden Won. 3 n n FRIDAY G«U-t! Bal.enri.-ki I p n. Tra*i.-^ IVrcr. 2 W n m Teinh--al Kisl I, A ,! w p a S»lB»lnfl-- vi. Kau I. A . 3 p n. Gynusi-- \i. Tride T f f h . 3 Dave Ramsey anil juniors Jim Donnelly and Tony Spanier f r o m S I . Anthony High have been selected to (he ail-Angctus League basketball t e a m by the league coaches. Hamsey averaged 123 points on a team Iliat finished 8-2 in league and shared the championship with Mater Dei. Donnelly al cenlcr and Spanier at forward a l s o scored in double figures in league. Mater Dei guard Jim Klenz was voted player of the year. Lance Dietrich of Die Sainls earned honorable mention. The first team: MMer Ioi -- Jim Klcii/, Hrut'c Hayes. Jim ScKultz: S4. A n t h o n y -- Jim DonmOly. Dave Haimry, Tonv Rpanier; Hlshop Aniai -- ivarl Ilcul. Tim McMatras; Scrvllt -- Ilichnrd McKlr.ilh: Si. I'jul -- Amly Kincon; Pius X -- Antliony Cnlliiis. Sunday baseball Rdnofrt 9. SMB i; AitrH ?. Svni 0 McNeil); Lifcewwrf A-l 3, BMctk Vel^el ). Raldcri IS. Cwrlloi Cblrt 3- L B P . D U. Ih'rsly Islf !, w»11 «. SUisO I'orfeir). open league play L o n g B e a c h S t a l e ' s v e t e r a n baseball t e a m opens Pacific Coast A t h - letic Association activity Friday, hosting San Diego Slate. The I9ers, 13-10 on the year w i t h a Tuesday non- leagiie contest at Cal Stale Northridge on t a p , wilt play the Aztecs on the campus field al 2:30 p.m. Ascot results ASIA MaUrnrln Main fveol-!lu-k ilofkinc i morn. E).isr Hai^n illay^.in 1 .'. IL'^-j i Turrantc). Jt^hn Alii-c il'o A-ir)TI»rxchl(:ran.Mljl{i!l! Friday before [ravelling lo San Diego for a nrxm dou- blebeader Saturday. he -llk'r track team also has a big week scheduled. hosling Washington and Occidental today- and Ihen taking on national power UCLA Sunday at 1 p.m. The week's schedule: . . i* InrV I p n an,l Of, I.|,-PIJ|. tM Imil.nicaal. « C.i HUIMV Tenalk-.M»»« kliicll. 7n in RisebhA^-San Elu-pi Slatr ram JSl:ilvJ. ? 3-) p m Vdk)ball-VSO. rjnipi*. f$m. I V SATl'HUAY Ba^rtiall-- Al Satv lik-vo Sl. rjiin \'oltr)hill-A( San hirKO 7 3n p n«. Sl'NHAY T r a c k -- Al VCI.A. I p m Worried lla^rhall-AI C.)l 3 W p r.1 r^H-r.ulfif Saitpip rr..ill .lay Track -- WUwn i ; / r a n - a r ^fod At Poly. Cwnpton a( MUJilan. M«ttr E FRIDAY BairhiQ - Poly »t Cwnplorr fcr- n. St. Aolhony at Wardlov Pirk. J'li p ra · Joroar, n. l-kr^rv-xj. $ P m. inrJ MklllkiD vi. Wilson. S. hoti jt HJurFVId GBuill« - MtSlikan al JonUn. I'tHy Jl Ukr^ood. bothl IS p m SwJranibit -- Hof,rt Iwjgvt fmah ' TEN HIGH CELEBRATES HIRAM WALKER'S 10 MIILIONTH^JBARREL s Y on AC 1CK rins Ihe for the vcr ««,IK£P. : Hiram Wd!kif pr', bottk-d th: bourbon Iron its 10 rr-illiorth ferrel. Andlf-n H'qh ct-letxdtc-s this u-ique milCLloce rxxd!y. Because not many bourbons can delivtf the taste that comes from the experi«xe c' pfoduc- ing 10 million barrels That's the kind oftradilio'i that's made Ten High Arnwica's third best-selling bourbon. So whc-n you go to the liquof store to Take Ten.j^ke a look at ouf ce! There seven a barrel for you.. a vt-fy specid' ( . ice bucket barrel otfer. Your liq'jor store has the details And the. Ten H-gh. GRAND PRIX --REPORTS-5:45 P.M. KFOX 1280 "Your Country" PSA flies to San Jose twice a day (from Long Beach). about thinning hair? |( your hoir it beginning lo ?; look thin, you ore licirtg wot not! lliot balcinou it'.; Irying to tnko ovci. Slefl loloy 10 comixil lUl local cciu%ei (*ucli cii doorfrulf, itchy scalp) willi llw 50-yoor pfovtxJ Tlxxna* lr«it»ncfil. Como in tor fre« cnmullu- lion. omas 4« West Ocean Blvd. Suite 5CM, Long Boach 436-1321 Isk about our 'amous bonded warranty 60 fivt · tl'im 'A'ilVrt fj So-.;, t-f . THIS IS A FULL SIZE "78" SERIES TIRE AND NOT A SKINNY L"tiyjni:i UNDERSIZED LrjV/V(\ TIRE. All Tubeless Whitewalls SIZE A78-13 B78-13 D78-13 C78-14 E78-14 F78-14 Q78-14 H78-14 FULL 4 PLY POLYESTER Winston A B I 6 S A F E T I R E F O R Y O U R D R I V I N G N E E D S A T R E A L S A L E P R I C E S ! S A L E ON IMPORT SPORTS CAR S I Z E S A L S O VW SPECIAL Size 560-15 Tubeless Blackwalls Ex. Tax $1.87 600-15 L Ex. Tax $1.72 SIZE ADDITIONAL CAR SIZES Tubeless Whitewalls SALE PRICE EX. TAX 6 0 0 - 1 2 . . . 5 6 0 - 1 3 . . . 6 0 0 - 1 3 . . . 5 6 0 - 1 4 . . . 5 6 0 - 1 5 . . . 6 0 0 - 1 5 . . . NO TRADE-IN REQUIRED CONVENIENT LOCATIONS " OLIVER AND WINSTON INC. d.b.a. FREE MOUNTING WITH EVERY TIRE PURCHASE ULfinstonlire Co. NEW LOCATIONS Seal Beach -.·.'·'= · 12229 Seal Bea5h Blvd. !,,«», sko^iaj Wf'431-3501 West Covina 444 S. Vincent 960-1951. Los Angeles o«w*«..iiV" . 1165 3. Main 747-6243 . - . 16440;Ventura Blvd. .-"-'·*.-; --881-8414 . - · " ' : " DOVMET TOE. Fir«tcr*.«)-016 S51 W. i a v E. HORTM LOUS BEACH SUPEMO BIS Par.,lK.m-ira BEACH STORE HOURS MON. THRU f f t \ . 8 A.M.-6 P.M. S A T . 8 A.M.-2 P.M.

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