Independent from Long Beach, California on February 25, 1964 · Page 17
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 17

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1964
Page 17
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^(Television Log rf C**** 1 ^ ' ...V!.*^..^??^ · *TIA CfiMA* S IUIC » eftaflRl* V XTTM Ckrftnrt n KCOr C»ama II kjutx I TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23,19«4 ADVERTISEMENT f"". MS ' j Farm »nd Newi Report · : 6:00 AJSI. '1 NYU: "Greece . Rome" r · -. wo " 2 The Apothecary (USC) i 4 (Color) American Family i ·'. " S-45 7 Dairy Word; Farm News I 7.-OOA-M, 'j Cjpt Kangaroo: pencils *'« Today. Hugh Downs · Tonighfi Lfston-Ctay i fijht is previewed 7 Cartoon Capers .'· : 730 ?7 Zcorama (Saa Diego) h Columbia Univ. Lectures 7:43 '$ For KWs Only (cartoons) 9 jCarloonsville , .'· - 8:00 AuM. 2 Panorama Pacific, R. Rowe 7 Cartoon Capers 9 Pancafce Man (cartoons) I1 The Chucko Show ',, · 830 7 Love That Bob! Cumminjs } Biz Babysitter (cartoons) : s.-oo AJM. I "senate Rules Committee Jlearinss. Bobby Baker appears. 4 Bobby Baker Hearings. ThJ Senate Rules Com; mittie. investigating the citside business activities ! Jf RobertG. Baker, will [ -be covered (via 2-hour · tJeky) as long as Baker .'. is Jjr» the witness stand. '' 5 .Kooiper Room · 7 "IMarried Joan, J. Da-v is 11 The Jack LaLanne Show ~* ·*·"-- : -- fsews 9 Wjj-ne Thomas, News 4:00 P_U 2 Life of Rfley. Wra. Bendix 5 Just for Fun. Tom Hatten 7 Trailmaster. Ward Bond 9 (Color) Mighty Hercules II Superman. George Reeves 34 Un Canto de Mexico 430 2 Movie: 'Safari." Victor Mature. Janet Leigh f 56) .11 Livin'It Up, Al Lehman 34 Escuela KMEX (English) 11 Rocky and His Friends 3.-00 P-M. 7 Lararaie, John Smith 9 (Color) Engineer Bill Show 13 The IJoyd Thaxton Show "54 Novell Juvenil: Geugeste 530 5 Whirlybirds, Ken Tobey 11 The Mickey Mouse Club 34 Const jos para Seguridad 4 Believe It or Not (5:40) 5:4 S 4 (Color) KNBC New s 13 Bill Johns. News 34 Oportunidades del Ejercii 6:00 P-M. 2 Bij News. Jerry Dunphy Top Viewing Today 9 A-M--BAKER HEARINGS on channel 4. Bobby BAer ippun before the Senate Rules Committee. It P.M.--TELEPHONE HOUR on channel 4 in COLOR. Featured ire Shirley Jones. Count Easie, Jack Cassidy »nd Barbara MeNair. R A D I O Ui;-T!l U«-l«l tet«-IW KKY-tTI KUI--tut v\--iii ivi--nit tut--in UUL-USI tm-Ktl ttl-IIII (UK-Til teiT-mi irwi-in IGLM--iti tn-im UZT-tlll tCIS-IKI IW-IJI MBl-IMI IIU-IIU till--11II IVU-MM IWtW-llM rru--*it TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25,1964 TSBfiY YIRNOH SPECIAL BROADCAST-635 pjn.. KABC -- liston-Clay Championship (Miami Beach) . (Columnist's Note: I recently had a column on a Bins Crosby special. The column, In effect, disparagingly compared the Beaties Kith Bing. Below are excerpts of an extremely Intelligent 10-page letter written by IS-jrear-oId Kathy Sedwick. Long Beach, in reply to that column.) men. and reasonably 'KJ such. Dear Mr. Vemon: I am not attemptin nuke you change your opinion of the Beatles -- that would be both presumptious 'and. I am sure, useless. How- Can you say the same for "adulf idols like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Barton? Can you. for that paragon of .entilily Sonny LJston. whom'** 1 have heard many aduhs 1 r\rt!«;*' 'ItASC--3oorts; M» praise. ;M»-IO» Cxan» s» It will do no harm to either *««-«»« i *· .murals or the welfare of so-| **» AJl. ciety if we choose to grow JBeatle bangs and mutter j to -yeah, yeah." ' What would happen, you suppose, if we 7*0 Ail- - iJStjS^ tf»-»af r.*tm Keaort V»i--kr«t swvi" KABC~-*ranB H«mins'M» 'KCCR--Ajnrait ton) -*«wl. ·:» frtt* I . 1:11 ~wortt Nx» KaurrtVc**!:--J»c« ftxtt V« - -- - William a^tB^Jact »W1csmft ; «im MJS»'B| i M : 7.11 I? *«'«-«! Vfin»i ·' »«· KFOX ICf ·--Kn. Al H4rtn » n i- TIM.. F«* if. INOEP ENOENT-f«9« 1 7 FSI STATIONS .Ml KCBH_ . · KMOF . . «0.f KVUJk . on KNOB . ; n.i null wi · -rrrrEJtfJcjr-rrr Discussion. -- Rjl-How Iran Gets U. S. Food ·£ Sti'dre," at 12:15 p-m. on KPFK I . -~ ~ ~ . . Enoch Light in multiplex 2 p.ra. on KGGK ... Jackie ~-- jjJlf.Gleason Orchestra at 4 p.m. -- -- ·-- 2ri' . i..- t i_*lif « f i r n ' «MI ri f u * mis! v**v»»v»» **·»***»»··-- -- - irX"" »I^S* rrr: fil * multiplex on KMLA loyo^::--IKjini^: o» Percy Faith at 5.O3 pja. KNOB . FSl HIGHUGifTS ! George Shearing in nruJti- plex at 9 xjn. on KRHM ... Quincy Jones Band at 11 a-in. 1 KBBI Paul Westoa in multiplex at 7 pja. on KMLA . . . C h i c a g o Symphony Orchestra at 8 p.u. on KFAC 4 (Clr) KNBC News. Latham of xiew. 5 You Aikcd for It, J. Smith 7 News Hour, Baxter Ward 9 Sugarfoot. Will Hutchins 11 M-Squad, Lee Marvin 13 (Color) Touche Turtle 34 La Madrasta (serial) 630 4 Humley-Erinkley Report 5 The News, Joseph Benti 11 George Putnam Dateline enough to consider my point c«n« ( Bc«* t IS ' tltC-»o» f«rr«; s»rt KCtK-W"TM do «.«x-»c» ay. »»« ( _ _ ... » « s F'ont: Sonmf |,ts*(t vx i C«s5ius On tM^tvH · tCti| : 4 U f" 7*0 P3L ^BWBKitr «.- Ertnmi *M1 rcnilv Kb'« Hcur r.» wholesale into concubinage or j en masse to bars in order toKi*-v prepare for a fight career ·-- -'··=-- engaging in brawls? How would that strike the ; us so ---- KOtR-- Vi'ora KiSSiom : - l.KX-*1*i Jtck-Jir, It S5 t l l r - ' I am 18. I enjoy hearing the ldult$ who Beatles, though I could riot' ttmptuousl y? "take it"" for any great length, . . . . of time. Neither could 1 bringl TRl; r we cou i,j fj nd better over them. Many people detest them, which is certainly their priv 11 liVSepost: Soc. Sadies (1) ,,' 930 ·2 ^ to\ e Lucy, Lucille Ball . ; 7 T.e Pameli Mason Show rith display of diamonds II -Movie: "Murder in the Jltti," Robt. Taylor ("15) ,«·;- 9:43 M £}sence of Judaism '.-. 10:00 AJ1. 2 jri McCoys. \V. Brcnnan , * 4 Corxentrat'n, Hugh Downs i S Restless Gun, John Payne 1 9 .Movie: "A Woman , .R'Ebils," Katharine | Hepburn f36 I ."-*·· 10: IS n G"depost: Focus on Amer. llhSO 2 Pete and Gladys 4 (Color) Missing Links t S Mr. Lucky. John Vivyan · 7 Girl Talk. Virginia Graham 10:4S i n G'dfpost: li\-ins in West i _ 11:00 A-M. t 2 la\t of Life [ 4 (Color) First Impression I 5 Cross Current, G. Mohr 7 Price Is Right. Bill Cullen I I The Jean Majors Show U p'depost: Soc. Studies (5) ;· 11:23 2 Robert Trout. News J-- 11:30 2 Search for Tomorrow 4 IClr) Truth-Consequences R Peter Gunn. Craig Stevens 7 'The Object Is. Dxk Clark 9 tASC: "Home Nursing" II Jrhe Phil Norman Show 11 The Ann Sothern Show *, 11:43 2 Jhe Guiding Light 4-RiyScherer news (11:55) 12:00 NOON 2 Burns and Allen Show .4 Color) Let's Make a Deal 5 .Thin Man, Peter Lawford 1 7 ".Seven Keys. Jack Narz . 9 Beginnings: Hillary II ^Sheriff John, John Rovick !1 jvlovie: "Princess i ORourke." Olivia Ue' 1IavillandC43). Oscar for j Screenplay. » V 12^5 j 4TloydKalber.Ne*s ) \23t 13 Huckleberry Hound (cart'n) "54 Noticiero34 (News) 6:13 7 Ron Cochrart, Neas 7:00 P-M. 2 WalterCronkite. News 4 ilege--but it is also mine to like them if I want. A-M. .rttwl Hour L K o a . -- , IWidtSSOrtl , KFI--Palis ft RKT. (7.3} Itl--Morgan' Bfattv Kt«\ KMX--iA.Bgo«ni« at M'ent KCEK--Riv Victor C'enn IC*IC-- ««4: l K ,»_Cit, E 1IFOX-- f'X* HE 6-9897 $295 tiiirt TUimttl Ml UBIO iti. Ml itntti nit incut mnti Hit ti mi «rw r*. it, HID b» l(t tiiMf !««· LOSE ICICK, 10ITM UK SUCH. LUIWDOD III IUM9IT SHOII . 41 Fears at Sam* LocaKoi «CA VICTOR · ZENITH · NFW COIOI . IPII rt:iu niiiiii urn i RELIABLE RADIO-TV CO. 202 East Fourth Street La"* COLOR TV SERVICE CALL Music I1T«, C. Ceul' TV Simct Sptelalisl no 1 c»um» KtV I isTi«inj II UJ t R E P A I R E 9 lOVKOM 25JS I. Irutwi; U J (111 4.-00 PJM- Newj; 0't » R-i. Vt-rm «AcCc« things to do than listen to the ICE*--M* Beatles, but couldn't that be'ijec-wo said of almost any leisure activity? | ""?" VJ " -D , « Teen-agers are much morerrlKijSis.SrVfEtc'ilBf 10*0 AJU. j; All ADDul V KH-Jlm CB» Ito n KNX--Nt*S « » , ,.TM^--, IFI--Music T«n«. C. CW1 rxx--* KABG--P** McG*fl"«5» n«s|KFoy- ' ~ " .Th« STonr LlP« I K C E * ' :--world Mission ' t -- o t ¥ KFt-- NtwU l_ «««*·*«. !KA»C-- Nwt; Fitir Reoorts ' aware of the world in general What most teen-agers (andj^,, most idu i t , rea uze. I hcstiate to use the word HOW many adults have ever! t , since it's become almost «, x i s i te j a student-government(,.*j;i] But w-ho would listen synon-m for - i m m a t u r e £ ] ass to see how we work idiot") really resent is the', lh ; ng , mt ;,, WI schools? Women to Africa"'in'ia^ ! the y have no "S** to ^ P'^inear a school to see the many- car (repeat) formers unless the performers O f u$ W h 0 try se nously 5 Leave It to Bea\ er come up to what adults con-l prepare {or t j, e f u t u 7 Battleline: -Amhem" ' sider good standards. j \y e £ o care ^ijou 9 People Are Funny I Why should they be ex- ind religion and our 11 Cheyenne, Clint Walker 'peeled to be adult in all mat-'_. lr ._ a . n-^jj io U WOiDERS OF THE WORLD j ters? How do ld ults expectte^e maybe more * Jeitkert Hull -- C i l c r . . * * . } "Chirkat Indians of Chilkoot" in southern Alaska 34 Divorciadas (drama serial) 739 2 Wllt'l NOT (I I lu- ·k Ejrll Witck: RUM STORT'S LOS IICEUS! Boxing fades from the Olympic and unusual rommuters travel daily between long Beach and Avalon 4 Mr. Novak, James fran- ciscus. Breruia Scotl. Tony Dow (in his 3rd series appearance 4 . Cfe Cee Whitney. Shy, introverted girl with talent for caricature, takes the big step from child to woman. . 5 Addograms. Jack Barry 7 Combatl Vic Morrow. Alfred Ryder. Saunders and German captain are trapped in abandoned French winery. S Dobie Gillis, D. Hickman 13 (Color) Wanderlust, Bill , - - - -.«t ithat part of the population which is. just maturing--the teen-ayers--to be matured? Certainly not the adults.'icEf-Man. whose opinions of us are «BC-BOI' - . THIS wholesale barra-e ofj m a d e , u too t i tar by their| KF ^"'''n ; S 'disparaging cracks is do:nsl actions , nd words 'KSclvMafif the one thing that the de- Just , s j carmot rtforra ; KtR^S; Ml orr s .' 0 iV. precators. are against--it is lhe entire teen-age popula-' tN x_ s , or , nm "Hrii,«ooi perpetuatm- what wouldj^ | realize that you could ; l.-OO P-M. have been a very short, harm-: noti even jf y^ so d es ired,' lai - reform the adults. But after reading your cot- Owners en |Dur ETtcfroTui clM'tr SAIES AJMO 5EIV1CE 111) ridfi* l«. «J7-I!11 . . Viit Scgrlv. SM^t* K A B C -- H**llirc Httn M-- Lt9 Dwrocher; J"r Co«S^awlS.«) .rsctl Kell* IflorH UicnaTt Jackun (H.05 KMX--Ntvs; MnA'CPQI S K.fQX--KLPB Jotinwn 11:11 K H--T.'i NEW FACTORY -DIRECT FORDS · Fi««r DMH · I I ·«* T «b PTC UN LINN Ell WALT JENSEN ED COUSINS 3580E.Pac.Csf.Hwy. A D vlon el H«* ItER--Buflderi "ftt^ F»-W K»BC--Ben Huntt' Sho* » « I ira KFI--Nrvs. Oav* St\a« KM(~-Mu^lc -Til D.«n KAKC--Sam EjHer; uew« ' K F Q X - B i n fiKef.o* 6M P-M. " 'nn-Thm.'clL L,.. K*BC--Etfwartf p. Mo r sjn; "*«''W i ni*» vi KHJ--Cittit Robc^Tv Ne«s ,K Fl--Ron WcCov fTo S} GUILTY!; These prints prs^e yw · culled the job yoijrselt 1 U o a U V e t h e c a r t ? ard get that trjnirrission adiu ...Iwcnly6.»! . Rtbuiltfirs does overhaul aaJ t'chanjes.too ..Give 'em a tall it 6A*-fl4J7.(The»»8.Vl leave tiarujptjnts all over But now we have been at-. K.TMX-- M c I K FOX-- *tirc#l Cf^rTV Ito 4) ' tXC.C*-- Dwi ft* (to Si fict-- Burrud: "Lonely Outback' of Australia. 34 Premier Orfeon (musical) 8:00 P.M. 2 The RedSTtelton Hour. Red plays Clem, guard for diamond cutter (Don Knotts) and the world's most valuable stone, plus a conniving old gas station operator in the silent spot. The Younjfolk.' folk singers, are guests. S The Lawman. John Russell 9 (Color) Movie: -Capr. Horatio Homblower.TM Gregory Peck f 51) I I The Untouchables. Robt. Stack. Tc!ly Savalas. Joseph Wiseman. Crippled! chemist holds key to ' process to reclaim , denatured alcohol. tacked--ridiculed, in and the "Beatlemania" will be intensified." Much of this resentful re-! [action will be subconscious,! I but what we are saying is basically-: | ! "All right, so you t h i n k j we're stupid. Well, well show! 'you thjt they're pretty food ' a f l c r all by making them' more popular than ever." | | You cannot ridicule a group w-ithout getting some fight j and teen-agers have been calumniated from pillar to ( post e\er since I can re.-nem-; ber. j Whatever else the Beatles ,may be, they (at least ia public) are decent law-abiding U ron. 10:13 felt obligated to tryJ3 riSHMU HEWS AKUtSlS someone understand. 1 * COAST FEDERAL SAYUGJ Sincerely, 10:23 Kathy Sedwick ]J Abn Sloane.Sports 10^0 13 It's Country Music Time :M A! go de \o Nucstro UKJOP-M. 2 News: Dunphy-Hart-Story 4 (Clr) KNEC News, Latham 5 The News. Joseph Benti 7 Bob Young; News Final II "TAKE ME OUT TO THE * I ILL 6H1E"--Frjil Sintrj [13 Boston Blackie, K.Taj lor 2 'As the World Turns 4 -The Doctors, J. Pritchctt ·S ftV Bingo, Colin Mile 7 Father Knows Best. Youns 13 Probe. Dr. Albert E. Burke 9 "Mr DA David Brun 34 IJ Desoonncida (serial) . " 1:00 P-M. 2 -Password. Allen Ludden 4 .Lorttta Young: 'Inga III' 5 Mo\-ie: "Secret of Stam- -JxxiU" James Mason '(Br.-'39) 7 -Tennessee Ernie Ford 2 The Jack Benny Program, with Dennis Day, Don Wilson. Jack arid Dennis impersonate Jackie Gleason and Frank Fontaine's Crazy GujgenJum character. 13 (Color) Happy Wanderers: "LA. Area." including Descanso Gardens, Hunt- injton Library 14 Trio de Mexico (music) 9:4! 9 Clete Roberts, New* 10:00 P-M. 2 The Garry Moore Show. Comedienne Nancy Walker, in both a comedy sketch and Bavarian number, shares the guest spot- li»ht with singer Caterina Valente and the comedy team of Greece-Willard 4 (Color) Telephone Hour Shirley Jones is hostess for hubby Jack Cassidy. plus Count Basie and his orchestra. Barbara McNair, Maria Tallchief. Nicholas Magallanes, and, via tape, the piano-playing Casadesus family-Robert. Gaby and son Jean. Hour marks series' 1000th production (counting both radio and TV). 7 The Fugitive. David Jansi sen. Eileen Heckart. Troubled nun, questioning her faith, is Kimble's only hope for escaping a tijht mountain roadblock. Firs! of 2-part segment. 9 (Color) Movie: "T'amanjn/ Dorothy D.sndrid£t. 11 Georpe Putnam. Ne« s 13 Bill Johns. News 34 Chucherias (musical) Dandridpe, "backwards" sketch. Jimmie Rodgers and the Shenandoah Trio. 7 Stagecoach West, R. Bray 13 Movie: "Passport to Treason." Rod Cameron 34 Noticiero34 (News) 11:55 9 Clfte Roberts, News 11:18 9 Movie: "A Woman Rebels." Katharine Hepburn ("36) HIM NOW!! To/,fA Go!! 41-M.P.G. AU10MATICHLT NO row» LOSS Fun-Driv* »· '44 ^wsfe BvtWi 535 P«r Ms. lank Termi IMPORT AUTO [PARTS t S E R V I C E | leach llrd. Open Sunday HE2-S1U DOOLEY SMASHES ALL DISCOUNT PRICES OK PORTABLE TV 1964 RCA Victor j "Til Tiiifil Sii« wilt Uinj C«rji»~--ii Cilir Diny Tiomjs, ratti ri(t, Riterli Li», Frilfil (til 7 Movie: "One Body Ton Many," Jack Haley ('44) 1:00 4 Changing Times. Ed Hart 5 Changing Times, Ed Hart II All-Nisht Movies: -Canter vi!le Ghost." "Andy- Hardy's Double life 5 TomSnyderiStout/Dusgan n Movie: "A Woman's Devotion." Ralph Meeker 1:15 2 Movie: "Jesse James,"* Tyrone Power ("39) 5 Stexe Alien Show, wilh Olj-mpic champions Bob Mathias. Paula Myers Pope, plus Dorothy 2 Movie: "Night Work." Charlie Rupgles, Mary Roland ('39) 1:10 9 LASC: "Home Nursing" DOOLEY "Smashes" I GENERAL ELECTRIC | PRICES! Xartoonsviile I I Movie: "Charlie Moon," Dennis Price (Br.-'56) 2 v«.rt Linkletter H'u ;e Parry 4 Color) You Don't Saj! 7 -The Mike Douglas Show. Howard Keel. Eleanor Harris, Sam CooVe 1J Robin Hood. R. Greene ' *· 1:45 9 Feature Page, Joe Dobn ·. 2.HX) P-M. 2 Jo Tell the Truth. U«i 4 AUtch Game, G. Raj-burn 9 Movie: "Woman on the · Eeich," Joan Bennett f 47) 13 Vagabond: Guadalajara 2 pouglas Edtrards New i .4 Zander Vanocur, News 2TheEd;eof Night 4 JUVe Room for Daddy 5 Movie: -Tramp, Tramp, Tramp," Jackie Gleason 7 tJ' in Cocrc Runaway I I Movie -Bomber', Moon," ·Ceo. Montgomery C43) »3 Jhe Ann Soth.ern Show 4 (Color) You Don'l Sa! Tom Kennedy with Pernell Roberts. Glorta D« Haven 5 7-sne Grey Th'tn "Small Town That Died," Dick Powell 7 McHale's Navy. Ernest Borjnine. Susan Silo. Binjhamton draws up kidnaping charges when h finds pretty stowaway on the PT-7:j. !==; 13 EIKOITIOr. I* Till = * u Ui SOUTH rieme = "Cargo Cull." Stranje ! = rtlipion on South Pacific :== island of Taru. = 14 Arriba el None (musical) = 9:00 P.M. = 2 Petticoat Junction. Eea == Benadertt. Bluejeaned =r Betty Jo fallj for a tot-rod =·= enthusiast (Jimmy ;= Ha wtins) who's mor e = interested in her ine- ; =r (har.ical than her dancin; ability. 4 The Richard Boone Show: j ' ·Occupational Hazard." , : Guy Stockwell. Uoyd | Bochner. June Harding. j Man hired to kill a black- i mailer becomes roman- I tically involved with his client's daughter. Boorie plays a trumpet player. and Harry Morgan directs. 5 Roller Skating Championships (Olyrrpic), Dick Lane -LA'S VEGAS SPECIAL TUESDAT AND W E D N E S 8 A T . MAtCH 1 AND 4 C»ferliblB Its firtct Inn LI. s Mfir*. (reriili frtmetrt Kittl (Tw;« ItMiJ tten). triti Tus^y. UI t.M. -- SIIJS [KB ^Icrrj- Mar T«»ur« aa.'M l-arifir GArTteU 4"l»7J · CEx» S-t14l · GArfT.IJ 7-1SII ·TV TECHNICIANS NEEDED! B Mnrr -- Br «· Futile -- »· Trim -- Uvt PraclUM Cunn -- Ciw ·ntf B'« -- Trm«vt»f -- *id,» -- Cttcvtnits -- AforivM Mr vm l"tf Cx Vlf% 01 Tick Tndi SchMls 5ISJ lll.'ic, Lin t Itloi Cl I 5K1 Who says you're too old to get medical, surgical Sc hospital protection? New 1964 COLOR TV CONSOLE Get f "I DO NOT HEAR TOO WELL!" U this is a probltaj with you -- or lomeon* in your IfrTriry perbsps w« can help. EJrp«rt letting and consultation ol yosr needs. In your nemo or = F. F. Mcmnes our offices. I ACOUSTIGON of BELLFLOWER ili before M«ih ^l ihi«Jt ri fwr Cahl'ornfa rev?enr«. General Electric i95 99 Up to age 89 eligible to apply MM ((mil ELECTRIC Uit. tflXJOU TV , this rr orhrr i foe Te ton r frno i C or iric(* }on xj jni;r *IvMc rf T,rr,r-J;'f prcirciif lo rijf l i 168 n if Tcir r u m V a m f * r'i«i*K!j (f*sf, rn · Pr-'iTctt roi:r«p!f at 1 71 f i l l I I U t U T I H U T Slftlt in7 tvxllct Sou a I V;uriir A* 7 Lisa {toward t the News T 3:00 P-M- 2 The Secret Storm 4 Sachetor Father. Forsythe 7 (Color) Greatest Show on 7 Kenl Hospital. J. Beradino' F-arth. Jack Pabnce. U- 13 Felix the Cat (cartoons) ! mood O'Brien. Majgie · jjfl ', McNamara. Jody McCrea. ,2 2^y Little Margie. G Storm James Ward. · I *lovie: "Lost." David .11 Wide Country. Farl ·I'arrar (Br.-'5.^ I Holliman 7 tjueen for a Day. J Bailey 11 (Color) Hot Spr.ts '« 31 Rtlor Musical(varielj) 34 Agonia de Amor (serul) BRICK WALL-NO EXIRA CHARGE . . . with Screen Enclosure on Our . .. F/exoii/m PATIO COVERS I 3700 E. 11k, LONG BEACH NO VONIT DOWN 1 TIAIS TO PAT «·* P*ll rtfi^^n FHONE GE 3-0946 r«rT,cir JL? jnu ur«i CONTINENTAL CASUALTY CO. O R K . I X A T n R OF T I I F « , O i n F N *" F I A V BLUE SEAL AGENCY iMAIL~raS~COUPON~?6DAY~ I B U S J E A I . / ( . F M Y . I 2ZZt U*. O'jmfic Bl'J, Im .".nicln ^, j l ; f . J Plea^ srnj rr.e r«nf!i-r fret inforr.jTion jboiit J renfj| ]l,*ptfal Sor^cil MeJ/»l ptji DP J* - unarrita^J ihrre i* no rf'liZJ*!"^. UC4 CEItRil tltCTRIC TillE STIXEO SI Uclll LOIS 108 1964 Zenith 10Q _B_^- · DUIIl ^·^^^^^ MODEL WITH Deuui limit 1964 Westinghouse REMOTE CONTROL 178 ll-iick vitk hstiil 11. t-Tiir frti Scrriet 1964 Sharp U-Inch 84 f nriri- JS'/rrt ! r r |H I » « ; M M » fr-f Srt-ul : rfi Kvi !r? nil iiuiili i I I I I T tiitici Dooley's HAlDWAtf MAtT illS 1016 I f K H IIVO. ROKTH 1018 U1CH 1964 Emerson 12-StaKen UHf TXluxe M Jtl in r,l..n 129 Fill «I-»AT KITlCf OM Alt TT AT BOOlll 1 Dooley's Hardware Mart sm ions IUCH in i.; NOITH ION* IIACH

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