Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 22, 1976 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1976
Page 16
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16 · Northwest Arkontoi TIMES, Tfiun., April 22, 1976 LEWIS FORD HAS A FREE GIFT FOR YOU Now you, can have your family in a full color portrait captured for aii'lime! When you purchase a new or used automobile or truck from lewis F.ord, you receive, absolutely FREE, a beau- .16".by.20" full ;color portrait of you or .'your family. This full color portrait will be the focal point of your home and a source of pride and joy most highly treasured. Ihis offer is.'for a limited time only. APRIL SHOWER OF VALUES- USED GAR SALES SPECTACULAR SEDANS 1975 FORD MAVERICK . 4 dr KB ViJ Ensine. Automatic Trans. Pw* 1 ^ SleerJ!?, Air-CcrJ., Llgrt Green ^th Dark Greeo Vinyl Hoal and ONLV EOCO 1975 FORD LTD, 4 dr. 331 V8 Ea*m«i Automalic Trans., Power Stesriri?, Air-Cond., Bladt ^th\ Black 1 \1nj1 Root , . anal Sec t Drivi $3775.00 $4250.00 1975 FORD LTD BROUGHAM dr. 400 "8 Engine, Atiloma^c Trans.. Par-vcr Steering. Air-Cond., White vriih Dark Brown Vinyl Rooi a Real Family Special ' 1974 CHEVY IMPALA 4 dr. 3SO V3 Bigfnc, Automatic Trans.j Po Steering Air-Cond., Geld vrith White Top ONLY 15,000 Ceritified Mile; $4400.00 1973 BUICK ELECTRA-225 1 »h. Full Pow?r 4: Air, Tilt Steering VtonS, Cruise Cffii'Jrf. IfBht Cre«i Metallic ecd 3*,COQ Milts. Loca] Car willi I»«l Rctererwe " S3400.0|.,_,. WAGpNS 1974 FORD COUNTRY SEDAN I Passenger, 400' .VB' B?inc, Aulomatic - Tr*M, Pcrrver SIccrliUF AlfOon.. Rwl Rack 27,000' Xiles $3700.00 1972 FORD 12 PASS. CLUB WAGON 302 V8 Fiigine, AutomaUc Trans., Browii t \Vhi(« S3375.00 1973 CHEVY CAPRICE CLASSIC,. "4 dr. 350 V8 Engine, Automatic Trana., , Power Steering, Power S*ats, Poutr Wmdw.v. Cn£« Control VM/FM R=dio and ONL\ 29000 Miles $3575.00 1973 LTD WAGON . aith ONLY 26.000 M/Ies. $3250.00 S3100.00 SPORT 1976 PONT1AC LEMANS SPORT CPE, xa V3'Engine, AutnmaUc Trans,, Power Steering. ·Alr-Omd., Bucket Scats, Ctmsric Aif/F.M Radio, Factory \\Tieels, \Vhil« «1th Wbite Vinyl flwrf and ONLY BOW mites $5600.00 197S MONTE CARLO KcO VB ' En?; ne; Aulomatlc Trana., Power Steering. Alr-Cotid. AW/Tape, Swivel Bucket Setts. Turbme \\1iee3s. Tilt Steering Wheel, Ma.-oon Metallic with Maroon Vinyl Boot $5200.00 1975 FORD ELITE Kl V3 BT£ine. Aaiornatlc Trans., Po-*-er St*erin?. Air-Corx3. Bright Hrd v.'.[h Hed Vinjl Roof arjl $4650.00 1973 OLDS CUTLASS SUPREME 3Ffl V3 Engine, Auwmalic Trans,, Power .eerir,u, AI r-Ond,, But-kel Seats, Console, A.M/FM Ratlio, ract»-y S*-«l Wheels, llaroon and Maroon Vinjl Hoof $3650.00 COMPACT 1975 FORD MAVERICK jtnt, Aulomatic Trai Metallic with ONL $3500.00 ECONOMY 1974 FORD PINTO. J Jr. 23V) CC 4 Cy] fi?uic. Auwmalic Tr Kcultc $2750.00 ; SWAG EN SUI Shift, AM/Tapc Br $1950.00 1974 FORD MUSTANG !l 2'PIui 2. V6 Enrire. 1 Airtom«ift Trans.. AM/FM Tape Blu Mcullc $3150.00 T973 OLDS CUTLASS 442 350 V3 fi?me Automatic· Trans., Powfr »*«ring. Air-CbTLtJ., Sun Roof, AM/Tape. WTrile v.ith Maroon Accent S1r:p«s $3400.00 1973 MAVERICK 1 dr. 6 Cyl. Enj.n*, 3 Sp»e«l Tran«, AV/TM T«p« $2100.00 1973 VOLKSWAGEN SUPER BEETLE Automate SUeh Shift, AM/racc Rr.tfM Oran?# with SO.WW Milts FORD PINTO 1 AT. 2300 CC 4 Cyl Er.giM, Automatic TrirJ, Air- ConJ, UgM Gold " $2800.00 1972 PINTO SQUIRE WAGON MM CC Knr«. AuwnuUc Trans,, T^1d w-ilh WryxJ- grain AccerA Panels, One We Sold N«w «Hh jnin 11.009 $2100.00 FORD LEWIS FORD 3373 Norih College 442-5301 IAFF-A-DAY "They have a unique way of scrying olives here.** 21--Automotive--For Sola 1974 JEEP Pickup. Small down o er car for tradVhi. · 4 used , IV Blow drysr hair Mttec. 16 r W27BM 1974 FORD Raoger pickup with -fiber ftfase camper lop, Jieavy-duty; automatic. Heavy-duly susptiuion. New lire*, excellent 'condition. $3,195. S21«ll AUDI 1GO IS, 18.000 mile*. 4 door. AM/FM radio. AIL opUoru. Exc*U«H cmdilion. M.400 .Coll 4426*71. MODEL lQt«cnalIonal dump truck, 5sp«d tranoniutcn, 2-ipe*d axl*. Very Rood condition. »1600. Phone 7S1-M17. 1975 DATSUN B210, 3 door «dan, 4-speed, [actory »ir." - radio, mag v4veeU. txcvi- kirt. condlUon. (3,000. Phcne 442-4543. WANTED « and I'rocki for P Any MaXa or Model HJgh*S Price* P*Id 2--Machinery Form Equipment 173 GRANDVILLK PontUc, esc mdftlon, a i r condillon«d, electric dwra, power slcenrg, 4-dobr h a n t . il Sell! S175. Phone 387-3950 arter 00 87.FURY II. Brim clean. Call 501-2785 1969 BUTCK Wildcat,,2 door hardtop, wtlent condiUon. full po^'ea", heafcr wndltomng OM owtiec |950 442-6377 TRIUMPH TR6 ConmtlM* cummer fun, good .condition AM/TM Navy Bate 0*11 ofil 3653 or -36 J2. 600 CASE track loader, power shin. Good addition; Phone ' -U2«0 1969 \ r OIJCSWAGEN Bus, red and white Excellent condition. Phone M1-3M6. WANTED 7S . Volvo :« or 74 M-B 2SO D, -Phon* 5OI-7BS-7764 « TWO Horae Sddh am horag trailer ohape, p*5. Phone 613.2260. i 1971 FOKD LTD Coonfi)' Squire. 9 pa*. j«iS*f slaifon wagon, Excrtwit condition H73. Phone. 751-4«ra. 5C VW BUS. RWK good. New Ore* Sl«ps 2. See to appreciate. CaJl 443 4434, before 9:00 a.m. fc after R:00 p.m 963 CORVAIR, good trfin^JortAtkvi, (150 949 CHEVY a, ton 4 speed new i rune good, (350, -U3-407B. BY OWNF31 l»/3 OotveUe T-top, clean !w mlaag*. new radial Phone 7S6-3W9. 968 CHEVY Nomad Wagon 6. automaU 575, 1957 li Ion new mntor. radial* shocks, clem ££0. 443^076. i%7 CHBVY V-a auiumauc, ?3ffl. CHEVY new nabtt ar^l overhaul.. . RENAULT runs m£ good, O». 443-4016 1D62 CKEV\' Vi ton. clean. $450. 1968 VW J375. 1MI CHEV\ r good ««cood ewr, |1M 44*4076, I9S CMC power steering, real clean hi aide and ou|. Muat «il »75. 1*69 FUR 2 door, W75. 4424076. 1971 VOLKSWAGEM KAkMANN GHU radials, AM/FM, 8-U»ck. ExcvKmt. W Phone 4427415 DUMP tracks for rent -- ft yard true IE P*r day. 4 y*rd Uuck'5» j»r da Inquire at Seratt Auto Sales, 1T ~ School. 521 9600. GOOD 1955 DODGE }'i Ion picktip. Phone 5211679 aft«r 6 00 972 OLDS CuUuv. Body bent, ront cap , And some other ' body ff good. Low' mileage. 1750- Iroul 103 So. School St. Auto Sale*. j-onr auto ituurancfr been ( called. Bad flri\-frig record, DWT, etc ~ i^riLe your insurance at a teaacns Call 5216840, 521-3522; evening 3B87 21129) 1--Automotive--For Sale Painting and body Free, estimates and ed. Phxwe 7il-3325. ire *e!ling o u r . farm tractors ^^^ the rest of Apnl. · Selling Cu les al cost plus f50. 5 tt. brushhoss G5. 9 ft. hay binds, JJ550. LinccI upply Co, 831-33-15. tHJ to buy -- Big Dutchman ch: ·pe focdrr si«lem lor heavy layers j-stem mutt consist ol 2 Hoppers BOO leet of cham'and Irou^i. Call KALE Stork and Horse Traitor*. Des a Aulu Sales/ Kogers, Aikansas 636-0530 or 636-9559. 23--livestock -- For Safe LARGE top grade Holstei T 4 years old. Also 3 tt Iheptverds reidy to train, Phon*" S46OH14. Heavy Spri n'qtc AuMrall excelteiit sloe TWO quarter t one pinto. Als inare. Black gaifeti aevd broke gentl* 'rme 8M-2051 Mondays. SEVERAL. l tw.-s Phon ·ork. 4 RACE HORSES FOR SALE 4 year old Stallion by GO 51AN GO 4 Year old gelding hy AZURB TK 2 Year tfd stallion by LADY BUGS MOC 2'Year old itallfon by GO STOCKING MAN ' Good condi'tiwi-- Ready to so to parrmi race Irack. All 4 horses for SIO.OT further Tntormation. call 5CI-2316. AT STUD -- Hwsistered lion sraj qi crtioij*. Bert, Oklahoma Star, nnd 1 Bucno breeding. For information, 442-san. 4--Dogs, Col* 4 Pet* ;o rcaislercil BiUlnnj- Span Id, orange i while," 2 yvtu? clI. 130. Phone I-5T-31. · ·' - .'· '; : .' «ks old. 1'Jiono .5216311. CI1AM1MON blo-xt line Ilassct ', rcd'anJ ^^!lUu^ black, ar-d Trl- lor sale. SOIIM Iu] gcosv-n d6gs. 46337B. : KNGIjIS!) Bulldog puppies, grand res, Sili-cr Spurs «ind Big Ben, 1 week 1 !, P. PralMo QroTO, Ark. U6-2M2. . OG CnOOMNTG - All breeds - M ars experience --' Bonlla Vlwer -iy IS E. -- Ptiona 521-6331 or . _. iliavings dumiK-d oulsido ousc {or J35 a l o n r j . Snu'diut also i blc. Phoro W2-9006. S-- Horn* r Sat» onli' 1075 Westfnjtirj IG6 nTinfis storage ca 0.50 utoi'iUi. Ojie" usi-d. lle TV, like new. p onlh, One Norge s coTidllirjn. 510", da oodycar Service Slorp/ Ol,lD Mahosany id bulfel. !225. Ant S75, or 'all for Dun jse chest Irccr J" HCA lllael is dijer, excel n. J10 nionlh 4^2 6222. m-Phyffe~ iatoti i. 4*Z-3C!6, WEED EATERS,,JARI MOWERS .l.VVN GENIES 'ENNIS HOME FURNISHINGS OUTLET STORE 327 So. School Phone -443 2163 "itic by arid se« our. fine selection ood fumllurc, I piecvi *ofa and chair, good CO^E ave 550 J _ _ n Bass. Regular 129.95 Now .. $19,88 vy duly vjncljos kcrs, good covers. Ordy ? . _ 1 chesl ol drainers startinS as Icr.v ac W, d living room suite Marling as low ai ·J0.93. Good saltdlnh'.' Ol used I1cnw-- !6--For Sale--Mistellaneou 'OR Sale 1 -- .6 carat diamond. Solll.ilrc ^praised SLGOO. Inquire or mahu o Bo\' P-W, c/o -Nortliwesl Arki TIMES Cash only FASTER Executive sfco , , Walnut illh ovor bang and glass top. E\cv cohtntJcn, call 5^1-firEO, May after 5 W POOL TAHLE, excellent condilion. 2C7 . Anliqiw I'j clolhes, mai School. st sell color TV, SQO. So vtrigerolor S40- Stove 10 S3CO. Plants, po HONDA OA iO model ir J35. Baby bctl M ivcellml ronditlOT, c -I p,m 1 S!!0. Electn lh mattress 7: all 432-8610 aft 72 MODEL John Deere ,o,0t0. Phorw ft4 PINTO i CHEW O\R parts.'Sarvdb frame, 3-srced transmission, Bitlck srr», MO. One Irr^c chair.-Call 521-MC after 3:00. FOR Sale: Savin*, machlmj, , arlitioj Chri si mas tree, chlldr^ns encyclopod NFJ. eleclric footlial], vacuum eleane \Veddin3 gwn and veil. 1'hono 521-3! 6--For Sal AltlW 8 h.p- liAing law 1. Cot! ov«- JWO, pric« 1-1091 . ; . - ' ; - i MTTAL DETECTORS, OAMtBT, Ifrt !·· ^l^^li cfaokc. Ik*, du CKHAH Post*, a it? $I.Ki per post, ocker.rcdlner-BrwTM.'MO; firjn."Phcht ·GUI! UNIKOI'AI/ sie*r bellcil ltr« on ag utocte, Gil' 15 njiproximALrb' -".WW ' wear. J210. Thmw 521-lHO allcr 5. OCKKIt/llKCLlNBU'" lor sntc. Al illhCorcni electric 1 tuwwriicr ileis II Marh I'rire, 'cvejrtngs. 521-3045. HIGRE0T FKICdi ' PAID FOB OOOD EP nmMrnrac AMD iFPUCAJitiMa SO jmnouKa, mor vt ros IBDJ «T BUY8 IN IWnt RATCLIFF'S FURNITURE »y.'« W. - 41- Now T»» MOTM t» i»n» Ion. j hopecho4(. one year old, like new. 75. Washer; needs repair, S25. Pti^ne 521- ISW N. I-evcrcli H-A. AltDEN rolo tilfcr « III*. (73-' HMinS nioiver J1G3. Bv27 camp" IrnHor S7JO, dollar. -113-1076. ·' rAltDE^ plonioj!, brusT) hoxKing t "TIIOVAI. On weekends,. Contact hdwi and 5," Monday through Saturday, ' T ind'aslr for P.lct SKD n ill illrt, meston* iies ; Also river boftotii jjmvc], hillside grave] and , Phon« 442-M96. WEED RATER. Jill raowerr, bm . SatM, parts, service. Law* tqnlp- sales. P.O. bnx 61L PHon* 7SUKX 27 -- -rt'tuiic Jari Mowais^Sicklc Bar Mwer Liivvn Renle--Cuts and Stveepc Weed Easter .-- Cuts with Fistag Unc Full Year Warranty r Intonnatlcsi o r ' (rco doniorwlttitlon ill 7il-IW2, 751-2483 or U no answ .ill SJM071. LAWN EQUIPMENT SALES P. O. Box 611, FayellcviLte, Ark m comi'Icte line ol Weed.Eatar pa iNVt Ark POOL Tables -- - H E W and used -- - A r t s only Brunswic* dealer -- sei... uiplles - 651-9770. Little Rock, Aik. 7 5 1 . 3 7 1 0 ]ICS K*AY II t VIIHCMU SHOP Wi Iti APlJr*ll of V 0 t, And GTti You 'COIM Go'ff^Gwi Muiicol fnilruwMih- 521-5920 N. COLU6I .|H»a/7l h TRUCK ON IN AND SAVE t 6--For Sole--Ml««nir««u« · V TROPHIES; Bowling--team .-sports. All your award * nee^s.J URVIS SPORTING GOODS 2335 Jstorth College'.;;, ,IKE «bw ted hollow body Ijnphorw niodel no SO OMS |3tt_v.-iH soil for !*!5. Ptiwie 751-1091 after I RUSIS. LuOivig. metallic Wne,' Itolly- wrwd iriode), dnimsel Including rymfe.iti or sale. Excellent, ' condition. *Mp: Call 3i\ 8S» after 4 00 , banjo* mandoltw v s tfceleles flntw j clarinets. iax*phoo*«, dnnnj, ccordlans and man; otbei rawtcal ID* Irumenti, Hc*l barfialM, Rocldv Jew* Fasrt Center Sm*L 28--Ant i qu«--For SaU£" DUE to health pit-Hems ahrf a* I don't vlsh to rolled atHinucs Miym««, I would ifce · to sell niy collection . (except to a ry few items) at cost phw 3% sale* x Oonic anytime except Sunday. You ill [mil something you like in Primitive* ilure and gtass. Crt-orge Gray 3UO Rend: I»h Cfty Lake I'hone 413-363,1. ATTENTION. SERIOUS BOTTLE COLLECTORS.' have . reluctantly decided lo Hcctlon of antique buttles cwisiriini of J33 pieces. Most collected in lhe-West. fhSK aic odrcmely desirable fffxes, he cream ol DO stars of col!ectinff:'-\\'id iht break up collection." Price fl.DOO or M oftPr by May 1st. For oompliHa details ptione 7i6-33» after 3 P.m. 30--Wanted to Buy WANT 1« buy si liable' .for hauliii mover. 52L-7341 all 2 wheel trailer small riding la sn UANTEI) - STAMP COLLECTIONS ~ Ihenng dust or iahenled Will-buy scJL for you Call Jack Moncrie? o21 I days. 33--Roomi For R»nt SLEEPING room, privaW «i|rancc.. of! slreel parking utilities raid ekn* ta UofA, male student. 442-9232. 34-^Apartments For R*nt. THE GLEAMING comp.-iny in apis and n.nldl uruU April and May General dean up J25. [C^n*l upoo Sc. per sq. foot). Call 7aS OG'23 for details 0:1 dcauins and Jawn care CONTEMPORARY la rge one bedroom inincnl acrou. from campus, Archi :tu rally designed interior, biwlt-in-furn re cove lichlintf air-conditioned rcn il heat 51-0 summer rale water paid OJClreeL pa iking 531-1317. FURNISHED one bedroom, a*r~conrti- ;iorwd CA/T^Jwnrtiii!? private'"j»ark ) pets. 5110. Phone 4W-4538. HORNED HEREFORD, BULLS Service Age RAGSDELL FARM Prairie Grove 846-3583 CLIP THIS COUPON "^V · i AND TRUCK ON INTO UNITED FREIGHT SALES WHERE YOU'LL SAVE@ON FURNITURE. STEREOS AND BEDDING. a - ROOM basement apartment, ^ftuic* slwlwil, 2 blocks from campus, fao, bills paid. Otf-sfreel parkin if, ' Phona 521-R142. .' , ' . : " " " ' . .' FURINSHE^l apartrtwnt for si Mil" in quit* 'residential area. gas and. electricity. J21-7278. | ONE Two bpdroom apartment svall able lor spring sen tester. - Sfcull "'Creek Apartments. OOP N. Leveret.-521.2761. JASON Apartment for rent..iinftiml»hcd twdroom tovoihouse, (IBS per month, -Mer paid.- CaJl 5214 J97 art«r 5 F.m, SADDLE gaited . solten Pjilnmlno, very (T-»d riding horse, good ."with cJiildten .OaU 521-346, eveningb. 24--Dogs, Cats Pets FOR SALE Pointer Birf 6035. pups, call 846-2703. Dr. James R;'Carter and Robert Carter CARTER POLLED HEREFORD FARM 2nd PRODUCTION SALE SATURDAY, APRIL 24, 1976 At NEOSHO, MO.--Beginning of 12:30--Sale at Form on County Road HH, Southeast Edge of Town. 60 LOTS -- 15 Big, Strong, Service-Age Bulls. 20 Young Cows with Calf at side. 25 'Bred Heifers dje -to calve in next 6 weeks.--Bulls from Missouri Performance Tesled^Bull Sale were used to sire fast.-gaining calves. Presently using superior line bred Victor Domino Bulls from CMR. W. W. O'Bryan, Sale Mgr./Auclloneer 72 Dofsun 1200 Hatchback Green, Automatic, AM Radro .. 74 Dotsun B210 Hatchback AM/ FM Radio, Standard Traps , 1973 Monte Carlo, aufo, power, air, silver with bfack fop " 72 Dcxlge Colt, 4-dr. wagon, automatic, air cond., AM radio 'I/' 1 $3250 $1650 I 1 74 Datsun B210 Hatchback, brown, sfd. shHl, fop* deck, like new, 6,000 miles .. $2895 7972 Chevy Nova, 4-dr. sedan, auto., AM radio, whit« color $1995 IVING ROOMS 2 PC. sofa L'Jisirr sets Heavy Hid Table a Early American Sets Odd Sofas ,ED ROOMS Large 4 pc. ;els VU Wood 4 PC- sets Odd Chests Odd llacdtxmrd; Si*e Bed frames 10^ United Freight STEREOS- 8 Track D L -cte AM/i'M B 1 Tract Sr 2 Speal Hrartphones Reg. $13.55 I Candle Recorders USR Protcssiona] Vumtab!«s BEDDING Fu|] Sie Orthopedic Size Onfmpcdic E i JM.05 , 19.93 J; Open 9-9 Mon.-F til 6:00 *l MARIA H./APARTMENTS . . · '.:·. ·fow under same ownership as Murray Hill and Helendale, and Woverly Wood Tov/nhouses, '], 2 and 3 Bedroom aparlments and 2 bedroom Ipwnhouses) Full time maTn- enance personnel, maid service available, 60 f t . . s.wlm- ing pool, laundry facilities, shag carpeting,, dishwasher, and garbage disposals. . · . : OFFICE 1900 MELMAR, APT. 100 ' - ·443-2141 CHATEAU APARTMENTS 521-3313' UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Efficiency , Shag Carpet j Bedroom -Disposal 2 Bedroom. _ . , · , 3 Bedroom . Dishwashers Central Gas Furnished or Air Conditioning Unfurnished Two Swimming Pools ROOM Jumished apartment. A' 1 wdlHiw! litt. Accms frdrn VA: hospital, ?75-p« ,unlh. Call 412450^. atler 5:00. Mum/ Hill Ffelendaie ; ^auerfi/ Foods Apts. Furnished or Unfurnish'ecf · Evlra. targe bcdroonw fdxrice of-ref ular w Wnssiie bods) Coutljaid exqu Isilcty lai Wall-to-watI rarpelini; «r.d drupe! Double t'lc\sct In b«JirwinB with %J · Onlrnl Heal and Air-coiidHioniaj Modem kilchcn ' w i t h all convenfp.. IneludinS dishwasher (all (toctrlc) Laundromat M-ilK w-a-*ers and dryw 1\TM guest parWiig lots ^, · Maid Sen-I« " " __1 CcnvcrKPnl ly loc^(«d to Unlftfri puWic Behoofs and stwiypinj MWU Murry Hill, Helendaler Waverly Wood Apts"."--: Manager "Apt. C-l J ^! Comer of KlU - tt Putnwut.v-j STUDENTS 2 Bit collage in itiret cowv- .D'sde, 10 nrinulps in rampm no pel* Available May 1st. «1-MS3, Mv\V SUS1MEII RATES! RTMESTS now acw lions 1 (or «mc and two bedroom furnitlied unfurnished apartments to b« ready beginning Juno. 1, 1576. Close In UofA campus. Call ,521-7240 after ryxm. QUIET APAHTMESTS!. N1oo locatlflfl! GABUVND RARDKNS witl have or^ and: two bedroom vacandes fnr June 1. 1W6. mer rales available for Mudcrts. plfic laundry facillt£e«, CWI »ai-3«l for more tafarmatJon. FURNISHED apatlmenis May 15. renlal. One brdrocms or dlicincZes, quirt cJosw ampu? for smcle student or marrlM fS, No pels. 442-8855. TOWER APAHTMENTS. I fc 2 brfrw /umlshcd apartments. Sumnwr TAt fi to University, Phone 531-4254 ONE and two hedroom funJ«iicd apart- ts, ,j;as and waler paid. Av*llftM« [or Bummr and faU. Kerr Inv. Co., *URm GLENDALE APIS. , * ONE BEIWOOM * UTILITIES PAID * LAUNDRY * WAITING niSTAXCK TO UofA * SWIMMING POOL * NlfiHT SECURirY GUARD PrtOT. PARTIES ON OCCASION.'A NICE PUCE TO IJVE. YOUR CltOICR l.RA.SB OB MONTHLY. CAIJ. ANYTIME ttt 663A. CU PUTMAN.

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