Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 16, 1961 · Page 35
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 35

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 16, 1961
Page 35
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WonledtoHent 122 Property Owners . ' ^ . -V/hy loia money? VACANCIES ARE EXPEHSIVB w« hive WORE tens/in - _ Inan uroMrtv-- call . . . ~,f r £ Mrt * *nn««ment Dwl. «W Btllllower Blvti. GE 3-OW! Walker Leo TEACHER and huiband. mMdle- «aeo, resDoni'btt, M chl'dren, no c«ls, wouW like fvrniihed home July 35lh lc Aug. 251h. Prefer t«l, ioulh ol IWri St., Belmont Helotlls area. Wriie 1312 Mlll- trook," Fr«ix 3, Calif. DIST. nianawr, wife, 2 dautfilen ws!i lo retiJ Jbdnn. dtn or ^ bdrm. hom« w/ilreplact dbl. ffwage. Prtler Wrlglev, N.L.6., or Blxby area. Pleai« call Mr. ' Orman al TE t-15H, Mon.-Frl., 1 OR ^.^R. unfum. Double oarage. Gwxi condition. Belinonl Snoie. Park cr Naples area, will pay 1o $150. V v r . or mare. References. Call HE 6-MOT or CE M673. LANDLORDS FREE Rentals-- We also colled renls S. manaea crowrtlel com3le!ely. Dwlev, WO L.B. Blvd. HE«751 TEACHER i c-yr.-okl son wish 5-br. aot. or home preferably S. of 3rd W. ol Cherry. HE 7-6681; HE . 6». Benlon Real E»l»!e GA 3-U95 Leases, Hotel, Apart,, Incomt 124 HOTEL-- H rrm.+ mor. Hlcelv (urn Gocd In^ Low rent. HE H62I. Business Opp. 126 AUTO SERVICE DEPT. IMPORT CAR DEALER Will lease service* dtp!. equipment io qualified mv. Pail 2 vn, av; $2.000 per mo. gro.s orcflt. Po ten II el unlimited for acgrejslv* ' manacer. Now pmpl. 2 mecnanlcs, · wllti nil. for S. Must purchase current parts at ac0rox. 59.QCO. Loc. iin«l vjrtxirhan L.A. area. 5taft Qualifications briefly. Box A-S417 Indep.-Press Telegram. SERVICE STATION FOR LEASE · Wonderful . opDorK-n 1 tv. Good loc., Ideal operation. Inventory 3.1 d equipment only. Lena Beach area. HE 7-1247 $ COCKTAIL BAR $ Orange Co. Larci shoo, center. Leu th»r. 1 vr. rew. Parking (or 1000 cars. Carcels ankle deep! Partners dliacree. Lel'i iry J1D.- 000 dn, HE6-9734 COAST TO P 9-0919 YOUR OWN BUSINESS A HErV tast-nwvino item making tremendous profiT. Exclyjiva territories. Small Inve$!mtn1 for Invenlorv only. Call PRosMct 2-395 ASSOCIATE Expanding wtiofeialt bus., muit bt dependable h'oh moral character. Salary tl?5 wk. -t toual share of profits. $7500 cash req. For appl. call GA 2-3W7 betwEen tlfHO SHOP-- Mum'i, Till top rvo- arc vacuum frame. IB" camera, ' EUatllti unit, tfarkrocm. Miic. equlD./ supplies, furniture. Xlnl ccnd. Ov r ner organizing acfavertls- Inp agency. Will pfve accounts 5Lb-con)ract lobs to qua'Ified pur* chaser. HE 1-4J33. S BEER BAR $ Only 3 moi. o'd. Located on Pacific Cst. Hwv. P uslness is really [urnaT.o. Owner savi ie IN 57,000 down. P.P. S9,500. HE 6-9734 COAST TO P 9-09I9 $ BEER BAR $ San Ea Fi Ave. Across for Navy hCHjsInD--- Never told io cheap P.P. i9,500. i?,KB tin. Rent only $100 mo. HE 6-9734 COAST TOp9-09l9 RESTAURANT-- DO.--U! ihOD, 'BBQ chlckeni-ribs-snorl crtfe.'i. Ov,nfr selling, heart trouble. Must sac. J7,SM, Fr.c, $5,DM In almost new CQJ^P. See la appreciate. Net J1.0QO per mo. Wille Box E-5373, ACCOUNTING BUSINESS AAANAGH- WENr FRANCHISE: oaen in rap;d- I/ exoancung iirm. This, ii a rea crportunitv for an established ac- counlant wishing to exgand. . No [filial Investment required Reply, resume' Box A-6219, Ind, P-T. NEIGHBORHOOD DRUGSTORE-5 an Pedro druggist 1s retiring Prpsenl* Income is oood ft futur at [o cation looks evin better Stack equip, 119,000. Russell Realty TE 2-2685 29633 South Western Ave. INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY Associate v;anted to participate a business partner In new paten device- Well-establKhed mar fee 515,000 required, participant only D. C. HOt-WiES GE 5^3736 Long Beach't 1* a dun 3 Hotel Lobb High Gross, High Pofentlaf, Lad operator says 11,000 olv*, Fcr.k. HE6-9734 COAST TO P 9-CMI EAST 2ND ST.-- NAPLES Larae beer bar plus horr^. 175.000 includes real property Clear. $15.000 down. Submit. NELSON GE 9-^539, GE 6-M LNJOY a conniorjcih e living w1 minimum initial Investment wwar the purcnaso of your own Read A'jx Concrete T.uck. Xlnt. tlnan In? arranged. Steady work a sured. Ph. EDcswooo T-«05. 2 FOR PRICE OF ONE Cuti tar. over S500 wk. a ca over 5700 wlc. Parking lot. Bo far (7,500. Terms. House avail Gannon GA 3-8426, ME 3-82 DIME STORE-- BeJl East L. B- I cation. Finest In fi*l. EXCE T10NALLY C L E A N STOC SI, TOO dn. -f. Je$$ Chide$ter HE 7-076 BEER BAR £0 keai -f 160 caies 4- 1300 games, $15.000 P.P. Terms. A WhooMRd Eoinl! See Ken 3600 L. B. B!vcT BURGK'R D'RIVE ~\». 6soi C. B. BLVD. You'll agree there'* noth- Ir.g around like it for 15,500. Pfeaift don't disturb th« help. Je$$Chide$fer HE 7-0764 PARTNER /AAN OR WOMAN Interested Tn big «arnlngi wilti iTiall investment. Wfl'e Intfeo. Press Teleoram, Box A-8W9. TRADE. S50 day. "Size of d postage sramo." 52.250. *i.a» do. Je$$Chide$ter HE 7-0764 GROCERY \V-rneaf dept. Grots J/,500 mo. Well «tab. Owner's ilY.esi forces sale. Good location. GE i-W?9 Aug. If. Qualified lo ir.Akc business lurvevi, anatyils 1nvi! gallons. Wilt Iranact busfness for you. TOrry 6-5035 after 4 p.m. FURN. Apt. Hoys*. LEASE. 15 units. Inc. tou-t 5.1,000 mo. $1,000 d,i. Manager operated. Je$$Chrde?ter HE 7-0764 ideal Cor CD!, or family o Deration For i3le by owner. Same loc, 31 Years. Shady Acres Calf Course BEER, wine groceries in Ird Fer park area. Inventory pfus im tx-ovements. Lease avaiiare. Own. «r, ME J-3156. 7319 £. Ccmpton Blvd., Paramouni. BEAUTY SHOP-- Cor. 250th West e;n Lomita Blvd. Ideally o- cated near million dollar shoopfng c*nter. I64i Lomila Blvd., Lomita DAv 5-7710. Otcn Sundavs. BEAUTY SHOPS WAKY TO CHOOSE FRO/A AS LOW AS $750 DOWN See Beltv. 3400 L. B. Blvd. BEER BAR Dancing. Parking gVore. A MUST [ ! Try $?,OW dn, See Ken. 3400 L. B. Blvd. BIKE MOWER SHOP Established business. 57,000 orcsi In last mc-nThs, Toner Realty HA 5-7-1?? or KA T-2373 DRIVE-IN, wane-In home, sir condilioocd. Gd, locatfon 4 ac Gross 57 ,000 mo. Property also for ia1«, terms. For details cal "Wright," row HE 8-3377, COCKTAILS Gross U,000 mo. All bar. $33.0M P.P. Terms. See Tom, MOO L. B Blvd. ecuipoed*. 11 i tool i. Exci:«nt to- cation. 123 Lonp Beach Blvd Lorvg fernm kait on lot. Far t DO! nlmen 1 cal r HE 7-SfM s.m SERVICE STATION for Itaie-- OCOC money maker for man who car do light mechanical work. Cal Mr. DAG E RT HE 6-526 1 · f e 6 p.m. HA 1-W3 -BEAUTY SALON Buw new modern stoo at LaVe- wood. Sw.ce for 10 otxrato.-s Moll sell bv GE OJDJ HEALTH FOOD STORE BtT In Long Beach EsTatihe M years. Call for BDpO'/ DOWNTOWH REALTY HE S 7« CAFE-- FOUNTAIN 0000G A U 7 S ^! s -5-GA B L WHER GROCERY--8EER WINE. COR HER LANDMARK! tMOO + ilk GANNON C-A WUi ME 3-471 uslness Opp. 1261 ASSOC. Make Big Money Open a discount and frtTght outlit Sill current «nd Utut mcrcKandis* for a fraction of ihe coir of manufacture , .- . , Name brtndi. All perfect m«f chandiit. l.» Nylofii 9c Florshelm Shcei M.60 or. Ladies IKOO Shces M!l pr. Men'* IW.SO SulU ?.9S Brand Name Shirts I3c Mtn't BlMi lc Cocglei Sun, Glaisti 3c pr. Name Brand Swim Suih !8c Over · Ihogiaiid Hems loo numerous to list. Stores now In existence do.ff a lantaillc business. When you ocefi a itore w* s«U to v«J on an exclusive basis glv- no you a ell live program, in addillon to tfte olher itcres w» vrlll limit this cppor- tunlly to tv,o more glares. For ATIONAL organlzallon txcand'no, Hlohly profitable. Servlci type business. 1] 936 .75 caih reouffed for local exciuilv* terrllory. home office lra:rVno staff movlr.o Inventory. II vou des/re a bus r r.eis of vour own requtrlng earn'rvoi of (17,000 yearly are willing to dtvot* full time eFforl la accompllih this \ve would tike to meet you. Call Mr. Miller 10-5 for appointment. MLJ 1-^619. Sorry, no phone Into. This ad vnll only run cnce. LIQUOR-S9100 WO. IN SUPER MKT. Here's a Ho: Least *350 IndL-dtiall U-T-I-L-I-T-1-E-S. Own er says Mr.-Mrj. Team wltl clear iliOO mo, easv*l!ke. $M,300 4. Will carrv H 0,000 at 7%. Je$$ChIde$ter HE7-07M LIQUOR STORE Oranot Co. Does 515.500 mo. 10- door walk-In, reach-In. Lois o parking in front. 50-11. frontag*. A real showpiece. Charlie CrayneGA 3-09 II BEER BAR Over 40 kegs mo. Padtfed bar. Looks like cocktails. Best equipment thrucut. You'd be provd io cwn Ihli one. I1WO dn. Charlie CrayneGA 3-09 II PET SHOP Owner tays nil* 11000 mo. Xln IlKtures. Short hn. Air Condi- ticnetf. Lots cl security here vrilh only S4GOO dn. Charlie CrayneGA 3-09 II COCKTAILS Dots 110.000 mo. BfautKul fixtures. Terrific tocaticn b«liev* It or not onfy $7500 dn. You won't beat Ws or.el Charlie CraynoG A 3-091 1 --BEER BAR-- Smr. b'jt mighty- Real gcod bli. Net 5700 mo. 57,500 P.P. Terms. DAN'S-- GA-30924 5WO ATLANTIC AVE., L. B. YOUR GAIN-- MY LOSS Oea'h fwces SALE tr LEASE of 1hll business and prep. Near* new rcstaurait In Icvely desert reiort, fyll equ'-o. seats approx 70 Owner GE: 4-197/; GA 7-3067. CAFE Over 51,500 mo. Short nrj. Cneao rent. Ideal for ccu^e. 57,500 P.P. DAN'S-- GA-30924 5900 ATLANTIC AVE., L, B. -- Coclcfails Restaurani -Dees over 3300,000 year. Lonrfet yd In cuitomers. Real uocd term DAN'S-- GA 3-0942 BEAUTY SHOP. Biiby Knoll Hear nc«. Jos not'h fixlure X:nt, prices. J?,300 (in. IT'S OU-S-T OM-E-R 1-7-E-D! Je$$Chide$ter HE 7-076 14 UNITS cDtrallno-- 3.H«v. Fro. hel. Geaurrnnl-Bannlng -- acct- o Illness, owner muM sell, les Irade far ho.-ne. J7D.OOO valuallon. 115.000 P.P. Vt (Jn. ^31Q H«Y 99-6O-70. Ph. VI 5-3589. Bannln B. O. SALESMAN NEEDED EXPERIENCED ONLY ALL REPLIES CONFIDENTIAL DAN'S-- GA-30924 5MO ATLANTIC AVE.. L. B. FULLY CQuluoed cablnel slwo orowfns convnixUFv nr. Phoen on Hwv. 60, 70 8. SO. Trad« USOO tciultv Fcr houit, lot, Ia1e mode car or ? For more Informallon call Vlklno 7-2339. - AUTO BODY SHOP SHOO rr.o. Ml. Ur.bellevaalv lo priced. No fxper. needed. Charlie CrayneGA 3-09 1 Beer, L(O][O)K 60 keg? mo A machines clear WOO mo. This roaring came. Ak $11.500 Je$$Chide$fer HE 7-076 BEER BAR TRY S1500 DN. Beautiful Triruoul. LooVs I'ke cocktails. All htrp run. Keg a day lols DOiklna. Charlie CrayneGA 3-091 1 COF : FEE SHOP, heart ol shcpplng nreJ, \ snlfl operat' deluxe ·ou^atr.eril. S3.000 takes over. 14002 Pfo.-.ecr Nonvaiv ^ UN 8774S, BVr. BEER BAR-- $1,950 ON! Over 30 xeos huae bottla salei. TOD can'.e spol. Check IhU for sure. Bkr, 1O 7-2/07. W a r t e f , Ned $1500 mo. Seal Ben. Can't tx axt-.cttcJ at U.OOO + Je$$ Chide$ier HE7-0764 MDSE.-- GENERAL Crois $7.000 n-^i. «,SOO handles. LIQUOR LICENSE Off sale. 113,500 F.P. Clean. See Jim. MOO L. B. Blvd. BEER BAR 35 barrels. Cute cozvl 17.000 CLEANING PLANT Oranw Co. drive-In, «,SCQ P.p. See Ken, 3400 L. B. Blvd. BEER BAR NORWALK AREA. 12.000 h^ulei. Se« Tom, 3400 L. 8. Blvd, crosi. A-l eouipl. S15 mo. leate. Small dn, or will leads for R. E. equity, t^urlon Co. HE 9-5571 HELP-- Listings Needed Je$$Chide$ier HE 7-0764 LAUNDRY alferaJlons for icrv- Icetncn. W. Ocean. Ideal for epic Rea! dealt Good location, eoulomt A lsas». HE 7-7523. Bkr. GE 9-5va3 MARKET _ 515XXW mo. orocer es Other 5eot. Teased pay entlr* rent. Xlnt, «oulpmt. Hunt, Park, Good ·irrms. Burlon Co., ME 9-55^1. NOVELTY Shoo-- School third sne- ciauiei.; 1 block to school, NLB HIATT GA 3«63 LAUNDERETTE Steal at 51,750 dn. Should rel SS.OOO vr. BBB, GA 2-OW1 FLORIST S. Gift Snap, fully ecu o Excellent location, very reacnable UN 1 523?; UN 4-S066. ^en, Xlnl. locat-on. Best flx!ur« GA 2-2W2 RAY A1CER5 GA 3-XiW GAS STATION Tire Bus^ntsi Mu.t Sell. $900. Marina area T£*M Pac. Csf. Hwv. Sunsel Beach FOR LEASE: SAgUltr ihoo oa race, xlnl, loc, on L, B. Blvd FROSTY Frei?rt eouipTi. for ta'e S500 AT., 550 mo. Ltma, GA 6-1 7M cr HA I-X011. cJea'.l of cwntr. Make clfer. HE 7-2523. Bltr GE 9-5913. SMALL noveliy ilatloncry s^p w/liv. a!rs. Terriffc pot. Rent MO BEAUTY SHOP, 3 chair. Un/es1rfct ed area. Re 31. NE 5-7303 eves AUTO oar, stock, eouto brtfcr, F nt DRY CLEANING PLANT. Exc« ten Muitm*n(. HA 9-913; GE 1-4992 RESTAURANT -- A-l LOCATIOh Oranoe Co. Cal! TV/ wa 2917. E. ANAHEIM. GE 4-074" cen. I273CO Tms. Jim, HE7-35M 74 HR. CAFE, Drait Bttr. GE 1-9U4 Sur.set Beach Area PASSAGE shoo/ comp. equip*. Llv o-jarieri. Reas, reni. HE 7-4579. 4 nt\wf£*¥lf r 7-\4lQjTVi 3-2TSJ DLX. tcer bar, b«r rmi.^ (ood BEER BAR + ? FURN. APTS CALL OV/NER HE 7-9517. TROPICAL' Fish Shoa hatcherv , SNACK Bar far sale in Norwjilc - V/rit* Box 92, Worwalk. GROCERY i!ore wllh living q-jar ters, S/000, X7 E, Seaside Blvd BEER--Julv shoufd oel 50 keos S7.300. P.P. Termi. BBB GA Z-OM 3 T371 Santa Ft GA MS?! uslness Opp. 126 BEER BARS ^ 1-40 kegi + 160 CB»« mo, I1JO r*nf. 6 vr. lj«. Tern.}. 2-- W«nl · dnc« soot? Choke ol 4, A Jo* «i 57,000 down. 3- Baipaln hunters $Ml*il *X,9$0 F.P. $!,200 vour $ handle!. 4-- 150 1 day + garre), 3 rm apt. $5,750 F.P, Low dn. pymt. MANY OTHERS ALL AREAS E HAVE ONE TO PLEASE YOU ft it ii ·fr CAFES ft New, beauKfyll $!,750. Trmi. 2-- BreaVfait lunch only! 1HO day. Rent 175. 13,000 tin. 3-CoKet shop in shop cenler. U.950. SubinU low dn. pyml. MANY OTHERS. ALL AREAS Name your loc., prke termi. BUSINESS "BUYS l--Marfcei-B. W. JB-000 mo. Sub-Tilf on price 4 terrm 2-- Radiator ihooi-- 1 good ones Bolh art S makcri V them) 3 -- PacVIno-- Crallno-Wrap Serv. Long tstab, biz neli 11,000 mo. Oloel oFlice In area SDecIallzIno exclusively In BUSINESSS SALES HAMILTON'S 5430 ATLANTIC GA 3-1247 Orange Co. Business cpocrtunittei r» cur only Business not cur s!de line. MOTOR SCOOTER BUSINESS- Brake Iron! «nd shop. COFFEE SHOPS -- SEVERAL BUSY DRIVE-IKS. DESERT BAR-- Home crocerty. STEEL FABRICATION ORNA\ Iron weld. gS L ?^ R T E R0 5 ^? E - B U S , N ESS. Bter Bar -- Vol. soot [New Bar location) COCKTAIL RESTAURANTS. ELEC. VAC. CLEANER repair Jh. AUTO SEAT TOPS Jf.oa. BLDG. SUPPLY BUS. properly. Many, many othen Tony Faust 25 vrs. Exoerieoce-- W« help you start tiortt [ 1 2 8 W. Lincoln, East of Freeway, Anaheim KE 5-7839 KE - T 6 I 2 COCKTAIL BARS DOWNEY-- Gr. W.OOO mo. after si'ts lax. Help opera! ed. Same owner 7 yn. BooVs open. ilSXCO dn. CB!! Golden Co. HE 7-290] LA WIRADA-Doil $7,000 mo.-bar, Si,000 mo., food. Xlnt food cost. Be.iul!tul. (32.500 casn dn. CK\ Gcl'dtn Co. HE 7-2W1 LOMG BEACH-- Several X.nt buvi \v;th o.^^v 510,000 cash dn. required. Call GokJtn Co. HE- 7-2M1 GOLDEN CO. S'jltt 115 19 Pine Ave CALL HE 7-2^01 3 STEALS Good See 3572 All anil TWi nas always c*9ne coed can be Increased considerably. Priced (or wkt OSTEAL 5c lOc. See- 1152 E. Wardlow Long e:]ab1lshed, doing will. 3rd 5TEAL Hcbby ihop. See 3?MVi Slude- baker Road. Owner will tacriflc HORWOOD REALTY GA 7-HE TYPIST Exrvirlenced tyclil tor blllfr to 40. Neat flDDC.irance. Ovm transport alien. PBX eaiperier.c nelpful but not nfcesswy. Goo ia!ry fringe benefits. Inquire DEAN VAN LINES, INC. IfM/O So. Sanle Fr, L.B. 7 NC 861 64 or NE 6-9221 BEER BARS All Areas -- All Prices GOLDEN CO. Su.t* S15 W Pint Av CALL HE 7 2 9 0 1 JEWELRY -- GIFT SHOP Finest local Ion. Xlr.I bt-s'rveu Owner retiring-- will jacrlNc PrcnerlY avail also. Call Pat Gray HA 1-2531 VIKING RLTY.GA 4-073 !! DONUT SHOP 1! BELMONT SHORE FAMILY 0 can net Jl.OOO montn. Term Call S*cr 1 dan, G E 9- 51 PO o HEARING AIDS Lono Beach's choice it loc.. stree floor, air-tend., am'cal)!p cllenlc principal only. Tor appoint, ca! HE 2-7J«. Owner i vn. Givina i» away S1.9JO. Race track parking. Je$$Chide$ter HE 7-076 I! BARS !! BEER COCKTAIL Several oood buvi available. Call Sheridan GE 9-5190 or . . McGRATH-SHANK CO. GE V-712 GROCERIES In bxxje trailer park. About $3.000 mo. gross Try $2,000 4- item*. Charlie CrayneGA 3-091 WELL eitabirshed school reach pro castileri, PBX-recot., washer n chan!ci, IBM keypunch. Own retirUx). Net ilOOO mo. Low ove head. 35-hr, wk, Baroa'n, HE 7-63 "DRUG" "STORE. RX-- Mix«t"trad Severe Illness. Same V". Less than inventory. S55 Incl. Hk. Terms or trade. SAIJOV^ICH SHOP, On Pine Av Close 4:30. Rent $80 IRC), wat Clean AI a pinl Injure CAUS ia!e. S4SOO. GANNON GA 3-8X2S; ME 3-82 COFFtE shop donut, good OPP fcr couple. Do'ng nice builne Must sell 1hls rr.o. Low tin. lo llob party. GA 6-1 05S alt. 7 p Orange Co. Well established. Bus sbon. Sell all eculp/nent el\ i parr of sloctc. Info., call TW 3-42 $UO AVERAGE DAILY GROSS S2.000 DOWN W/EASY PYMTS 3000 BellfEower Blvd, {at Soring GROCERIES, meat, beer w;n Dntn. XlnJ. eculp. Doing $7,500 Realtor, XI 4 E. Brdwy HE 7-615 $1000 wlrh equipment, S^OO wi out eqylomenl (In but not sFdJledl. GE 9-0315; eves GA 4-U CROC. B W. S.OOO my. SI, F. P. -f- [r.v. Death forces la G cod for Mom Pop. B.B. GA 2-0991. GOOD carpet aV upholstery cleen- Tng ousUiess. Buy far a fracl over the pric* ol equipment. M REFRESHMENT Hand at Nu P Amuierrent Park. Owner l»av!r town. Going fcusUiess for over 3 SMALL CAFE, toll ot parkir Good fea^e. Fdeal for coup 24SQ4 Narbonn* Ave., Lomita. D GOING Coffee Shop. Busy Card Grove Blvd. $J,250 full pri Marine going overseas. Mint ie GOOD FINANCIA 1 OPPORTUN TIES for women with beau counselors, part or full Hme. LAUNDROMAT w/SHIRT FINIS ING. ONLY SS,500. LOW DN. GANNON GA 3 W ? 6 ME 3^-f7 CAFE-- $50 mo. rent, $500 fcwn F.P. 12.000. Seals W plui 2315 E. 7fh, L.B. Owner OHM CLEANING SHOP wirn roole tAKk. TO 7-57 qfrs. Oegley, HE 7-4751; HE 6-97 CA'HDY store, Sooih Gale. Ovmc reNring. S5000. Bkr. NO 1-2/ lately eoufpoed. ME 4 3E9). Bus. Opp. Wanted 127 --HELP-- Lfstingi needed. AH tvc* bus! r.*ii«j. v/e can nil yours-- par for or not. DAN'S-- GA 3-0924 5900 ATLANTIC AVE., L. B. $ LISTINGS WANTED $ WE CAM SELL YOUR BU5INES PAID FOR OR HOT . NC CHARGE TO SELLER HE 6-9734 COAST TOp9.(»U HAVE MONEY to INVEST In «c livt business CA M17. BEER b»r wanlKl. 40 kcos or be Itr. No broktri. FR 90167 all. 5:1 Real Estate Wanted 12( imall. An/ location. Older proo ertv OK. Aloa.-xlir. GA 4-Utt] NEED 3 B R - hoin« -- N.L.B Call DARST, GA Jt»2. LOU HARWATrRltv. KA S7«' ·alEitott Wanted 123 Hv. PuiMir With C»,n W«nh Loti or LamJ Tmpiovcd or Unimproved Morion G E 4 - 6 9 S O GA-!-6ISI Mill!* Coin* SanJlM, Rllr. * WE NEED PROPERTYl HOMES OR HOUSES! INCOME OR UNITS! COMMERCIAL OR STORES! LAND OR LOT51 . OR JUST AhVlnitiOl DON JONES, REALTOR 273 E. Market GA 379B WANT INCOME PROPERTY HAVE BUYERS V/AITING. MtLLY BECKER, REALTOR GA 7-3836; Eve. ME 4-5799 LANDLORDS FREE Rentals-- Wi' also collect renti manage propertlei comcletelv. HAVE BUY ERS--NE ED LI ST INGS Results are Vrhal count when voj tell. . .We an SOLD OUT GEN^ NEBEKHR Rltv HA $-6449 AVE all cash (or lucre 2 or 1- drm. Prefer Lkwd- or North Long Beach area. Box J-2973, W» Need Liitingj BUYERS WAITIKG. fioust or small duplex. W.OOO down/ UE to ? 17.000. Write Box S-10172 Irrd, Press-Tel esram . for any oroperty, any location. HE 7 7«1 Walker UN M3S4 EED 4-BR., 2-ba. or iPraer-- th!» area, low down or traoe (or j!ml- Jar in Ana^e^m. NE 6-3344. EEO Lskewood 2 or 3-bdirti. bv Auout 1st. All cash to vci 30 dayi or sooner. GA 3-3477. R1VATE oarly wants 3-br. Lkwd. Mutual home, from owner. i^H 34W5 CASH l 'r.ol convefaatton" vour *aul- 1y Irr^ncd. edlon. Bkr. ME 4-3430 WANTED -- l^hT. COMMERCIAL WANT WEST SIDE PROPERTIES. All TYPES. BKR. HE 3-35W JA500 CASH for 3-BR. home In Lkwd area. Ph McBaln, TO 6-4SM owner. BKr. HA 5^416. ' itcllon. Rllr. HE 6-147* ML-L-D hcrr.e In N.L.B. area. Call Mr Sunditrom. NE 5-7111. W300 CASH for 1 hr. home in Lkwd. or LQJ Altos. Howard, GE X-09B3 WANT TO SELL? Trv ui for top dollar, MEL MACK CO. HA 1-8711 COUPLE from Iowa wllh all casn wanr 2-br. E. Vde. BXr. GE 4-28*3 WAKT 4 "or'5-VRThome. E. "side". Pay to 135.000. HE 7-0497 GE 8-1WO Real Estate Exch, 129 WE TRADE ANYWHERE 1. Service StaHcn ( repair oar. 4 to rented oars. Want U. or Cots. J. ID U. + 2 clear R~4 lols, Wilm. Want over U U., So. ol 7ih, LB 3. $4,700 equitY BR., Sacramento Subvnlt Iracie for L. R. vicinity. 4. Ho. Calif. k)h or acreage. Want So. Caltf, Submit. MATTHEWS, RcaHori C-A 4 M97 OPEN AFTERNOONS 116 OUINCY 5 BRAND NEW UNITS 2-BR. a at. for cwner. Requires $ 0,000 cash or builder will Jake home or TDs In lieu ot tash. SEE TODAY FOR 5UREI Cail LON HURLEY GE 4-UVJ McGRATH SHANK CO., GE 9-2121 WANT BusJnesi Prcperlv -- Units or SmalFer Home + Cash for Execu- tlvn 4-BR hom» v//4 baths, 3500 sq. ft. of deruxe beauiy on IM'x -190' lot \n Park EitaleY MILDRED ROBINSON GE X-7107 Realtor Gt 9-6317 VANDENBERG A.RB. --SANTA MARIA- DELUXE HOME For home or uniK Trade uo or down. 6 APTS.-- 4 GAR.-- $39,500 Near Ralnhs nikt. C-2 icne. 1, 7-or. i deo; 1, 1-br. i 2 w-.c«i. Take home ai part. SUBMIT 1 A-l Realty Servke GE 3-0403 OCEAN FRONT 1 l-DR. fjin. apli., 2 car. 1 vn. SELL OR TRADE EQUITY on Downey area. Some S3 needed. A-] REALTY SERVICE. GE 3O403 6-UNITS In Paramount TRfPLFX in Lnkewead LAKEV/OOD HOUSING CORP. 6432 E. STEARNS (a Palo Verde) GE 1-3501 ewes.: HA 1-3167 OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS 6 U. stucco. Eq. (or he use. 4 rm. hDuit. Small tot, east si tie, fnr duplex. HAVE Ocean View Apr. 2-BR.. T.'4 ba. Blt..ln ranoe. Own- VOur-own. 5 yrs. SELL or TRADE. Sli.OOO oouilv for L. B. SUBMITI A-l Really Service GE 3-0403 Have 3 Br. i (f s n No. cl M!h So. cl Wardlow. sin. Hill. SI5.DOO. Want So. Cal. Acreage L bTg hMne thai \3.ya esultv will tii-vUe. WILL SELL OR TRADE Would like a horse ranch approx- 150 acm. Cash 4 toe. 2-br. ao,. 3 vrs. old. BHRNHARDT Really GA 7-6X11 NR. Dlsrevlyid, Mtw 1 U. Tra^c [or Los Allos or E. ild« home. MAPLE LEAF AGENCY WE HAVE over -CD years' experience in *x Chang- no real eta'e. MAX LIVON1, RLTR. 1101 ATLANTIC HE 69701 33' CABIN Cruder, bull) !o fisM It. Own vour own moorinrj, Newport, included. F.P. $3,300 or trade for house equity. UN 4-7191 or TW 3-3756 lit LOW DN. PAYMENT A t 11 units. In Downey. 110,000 dn. fr ft ft *r * 76 L,nf|j, In Downey $25,000 dn. Sir.oer Investment Co. HE WOO DON'T MISS THIS Lovsly hcir.t \n Sacramento for Long Beach. See Howard Marly REX L HODGES CO, HE 7-1151 TRADE SAO.OOO 1st trust deed £.6%, *500 month, plui 23 unit BO\. house .$120.000 eouity.) Wi1 aisurr.e or can add more. C ff Uken-HE 7-0775 or LEttoh 9^4?3 Palmdale. Have clear duplex Dearborn. Michigan. IU.900, Trade all or part. Wjll assume Robv, 71h Cedar. HE 6-2519 S UNITS -- Heart ol Be II flower. Al wWJ rented. Trade for 2 or 3- bdrm., caih, R-2 or R-3 property TO WJ57V 5 EASTSIOE UNITS V/ANT HOME OR DUPLEX DON JONES, Realtor Exchanosr 273 E. Market GA 3-3798 EQUITY IN DUPLEX FOR 10' WIDE HOUSE TRAILER 3-BDRM -I- 1 BATH HOME: WANT ? OR MORE UNITS DON JONES, Realtor Excrianoor 273 E. Markel GA 3-3798 NEWER DUPLEX WANT SMALL HOME OR T.O. DON JONES, Realtor Excharcor BEAUTIFUL 7-Bdfm., \Vi bath. Own Your Own, Oracei carpeii \n eluded. Trade for nome. 3-BR. house old but oooc*. M.930 Small dn. Trode for car, boat or3 Olir* Brown, Realty Center. OWNER ILL1 V/ill taXe 2nd T.D. ai dn. Coed 6 unili. Gcod «ait tfo foe. $340 mo. ir.c. A. R. HOL/AES HE 7-1731 WANT R-4 kit or home lot \n tratfe for ocean front near-nr* modern 2-Br., ?-bath, O.Y.O. apt MABRY RlfY GE J-JI71; GE 8-2471 1 Al IKinFRPTTP Priced fnr oukk ia1e. Trade for? Owner TO 6-1S74. Tracfe vour home for a lovely Car:f. Kts. 3 urJt income. VIKING RLTY. GA 4-0734 2 1-BR. unHs. Inc. $490. Trv $^000 do. or Irade for home or wnl. nc 1 HAVE Market + 3 unlh. Mart* grosses (300 dillv. $20.000 cquir/ Trade all or part. TRIPLEX with loan $5400. Cs,i of J14JOO + desert rand. Trade *x assume. Submit your deal. Hurry $ M. J. O!eson, 324 E. Ht HE 6-254 for O.Y.O., house, inc. or what M. J. Oleion, 324 E. 1st KE 6-254 stucco, 3 baths + 2 BR. ant. FOR 3-BRi. HE 5-7W3, Owner. area home or ? ? Acker man ; 357 E. Monte Viita, Phoenix * SELC'or Irarfe E.O. In S~D. horn r lor tot or tomt in L.B. or G.G area. TW 7 437 000 «u Iv Fii A new L. B. aori. EMIton Rltv., T720 E. 101 HE 2 441 . iLLNESSt SACI HUGE DLX, MOD OYO. 2-Br. BIMni, ww. HE 6811 teal Estate Exch. 129 I 23 UNITS Vi bR. to oce«n, E. Sid* dnln. SIOO.OOO Mvlty. Wsnll Jo fr«tft up wllhVi 10 mil* radius L B. SHOPPING CENTER J POINTS AREA, NORWALK- J1J5/JOO wjultv. 15 itorei «. room for fyrlhrr devekjomenl. Wanli L.B. res. or small comm'l. WANT COMMERCIAL LOT Minimum 15,000 fr. West Sldi preferred. Hal waitrfronl R-l lof cr CJnoJ homt to Irade. BEL. SHORE 4 UNITS 1 yeas »rd. J31-WO. Win) ? or 3 br., any oood area for H.oco "ISABEL PATTERSON, Ritr. 203 Giendora GE 7-0419 GE 3-Un IN BELMONT SHORE Close to ocean. 7 unlit on 2 lo!i. Fiwnlshcd. Approx. 12 vcori new. 3 garauei. Income «2i.M month. A price ol $S9,vOO. Will Irade apptox. $44.000 ecuily (or farger unit or oocd commercial. THIS PRICE Is rnl Inflated! THIS PROPERTY Is beaulitull Call only with reaHillc otlefi DeU»xe, Irg. h^mie. Pool. Trade. W II trade for t/g. home, nice aria. IN BIXBY KNOLLS-ELEGANT RENE Realiy GE 4-0908 REAL NICE PROPERTY 8 UNIT GOLD MEDALLION For acrtsce or hdwd. itore. H UNITS ALMOST MEW Kor acr«a0« or "J? STORE 8 SINGLES 1-bdrm. Own your cv/n clear or c ear 1 or 1 cnlls. X UNIT MOTOR LODGE, SWIMMING POOL. PALM SPRING. For atreaot cr hdwd. tHii' 9 SINGLE STUCCO For clean home or duplex, HE 7-1:13? Realtor HE 6-^72 2 VfiRY NICE 2-BDRM. HOUSES Choice E.S. location. W3,QOOwulrv. Want 6 to 10 urV.h, 1 2-Bdcms. LARGE 4 FLAT, T-BR. EACH Good dlst. Inc. $V90. Trade uo $10.000 nuilv on 8 to 10 cnlli, 2-BORM HOUSE, 3 UNITS Beknonl Hetptiis area. Inc. $190 f house. Want 2'bdrm home Inland. 4-BDRM., l^i BATH. DBL. GAR. In Garden Grove. Equity + caih. For anylhlng Tn Long Seacti. BERG cr HARRIS GE 4 194S NEW APT. HOUSE EQUITIES in Disneyland Area* To exchange Clear Land Resales, TD's, or ?? Contact AL BEESON 7135 V/. Ball Rd., Anaheim PRospect 2-1224 Motel Service Sta. Trade 8 unlti, ? 1-bedroom with kitchens. Llllle vacancy ·+- service it alien in txiiy corner, rir«ston« Blvd. Statron leasec mofe! manager operated. USO mo Income, 37000 down or will con ilder vcur horn* or ? In exchar.ce HUMPHRIES REALTY TO 7-2/0 9631 E. Alonctra Blvd., Bellfktwe Exchange for Apt. Bldg. 5 br., 5 balM slng'e e!evatlo hcn'.e on lit St. Completely mod crnhcd. W/w carpeting dr-ices Best location. Lot T5uxi5, icne R-4. Want from 6 JO units (I 2-br.J. CALL OWNHR, GF 8 MM BELLFLOWER 2 ON 1 Price J14.500. Trade for L.B Hobby ihop + 2 bedroom c units. HARRELL REALIY 1512? S. Clark, Of llHovfr TO 46110 TO 441- LARGE FOR SMALL WHI exctiano* equity En fare -4-bdrm., 2-bath horn* for equtt In 2 or 3 bdrm, L ake wood - Lor. Beach he me. OBAhi REALTY HA 5-642 WANT 1-bdrm. o*n vour own Have Ice. 2-bdrm. c*up!ex tr modern unlls. Ask tor Geo. Frankli, GE 0-1735 VIKING RLTY. GA 4-0734 in oo^d rental local ion! S260 Income -- 6V. toan -- trade [LINE PETERS HE 6-7278 Sharp Home for Units! 1 f. den, Nr. Wilson HII By Owe REX L. HODGES CO. HE 7-125 FOR SALE or Trade J2,7M equity r 2-Bdrm, house ior late mode] ca ·or mocnla'n cabin. ME 3-735 Want otder unils. Submit vcur JACK 8ERRO HE 2-J4 For la roe houie, 316.500 eou ly GA 7-7M4 BU. HE 5-BW O2 LOT, close In. Ctear. Trade c laroe Income unU and assum WILLHOIT, Realtor GA 7-*87 Heal 1-Bdrm en 50x130, C4 Lot 52,500 tculty. For ?-Bdrm. GA 4-4SU Ciiir.mV.o? GE 3-494 $16,500. CLEAR duplex. Want Ana en-jal vafue. Bkr. GE 3-X7* area 1 or 2-Bdrm. Ukr. GE 3-^9* TRADE uo mv 4 unlls for vcu house. Call owrwr. HA 9-6W CLLAR 3-lldrm. 6743 CHERRY. Se 29 LOTS -- M-l Comrj:«te. 30 m n L.A, Trade clr. Bkr. GA 4-702 OWNER 6 unlfi fcr houw duple or Beer bar. GA 2-799 FOR SALE or trade 17 unit mot Business and Industrial Property for Sale 13 ACT "QUlCKLYfff ~ APPROX. 1 acre-- neart of Be flower. Over S500 mo. income c old b'dcs. Priced to sell or c "cTM. ARTZ, REALTOR 5?SI CHERRY GA 3 OK THIEVES MARKET Steal Ih.i locatrcn opposile Sears Me tt 1o s.-.a the corner available too. Seile.'t Stir *32 W. Wilfow. GAi3?03; HE 2 -}8S1; HE 7-777 REX L. HODGES CO. HOT CORNER Buv Ih1i well located i!ore bid UD'ow.-v-near Ooole/'i, Selfert Slern, X32 V/. Willow GA 6-3903; HE 2-2351; HE 7-777 REX L. HODGES CO. TRUCK TERMINAL 3Vi ACRES, PARAMOUNT ARE FOR LEASE OR SALE O. M. ARTZ F REALTOR 5/S1 CHERRY GA 30W BEAT THIS IF YOU CAM 26-J-f,. fronla« c.n buiv blvd. wl U30 Income. «0.000 F.P. 510,000 down-- Ba'ance, 10 vrj. t%. NOW SELLING! af Hlwav 39 Chapman, 2 comm, acres. 1S?jS5?. For mi. call GE 48913 Rea.'tor 3113 E. 4 WAREHOUSE shoo. Vacant [ot an a 2-bdrm. livable home. BOWLES. GA^3M1; T E 4 W REX L. HODGES CO. "IWVFCTOR^I" 7 ACRES-- edffe of L.B, on ma! hiwav. Lel'i hxk 1 1 GLEtIN GUSTIt/e GA 7- £.109 Zone C-3, 3 bdrm. ho-jse «. oara jt UO? E. Arlesia, BellUowe Ca'l TW 3-1013 LEASED Cocktail Lounae, Naal hot-soot Tocation. (CLOSED SUHDAY) JUNE IVINS REALTY GA 6-S3 20 ACRES, M-3 IndestriaJ proa Vlifa, Calif, R.R. spur, all uli $ASOO p«r acre. 75% down. Ca: day or nlre, GE 1-3710. ATLANTIC Ave. Luxurious stor Anf». m rear. Own. GA 4-9M* CommercIal-lncJust'l 73 BUILDERS ATTENTION y/j acr« R-3 TOTV*, pfanj for unilj. Good location, Woodru Unlimjfed D0!:ntia1, imutif s^s this ourslaoding buv. V/ill consfd oJTwr oroiKftv In lraJe. i125,000-- nvnllv ca*n. V/ill taice iom« ju ord^atign. Ask for Mr. Hi/mpnr HUMPHRIES REALTY TO 7-37 931 E. A'ondra Blvd., RellflO-^ Prime prop, on H*v. 101. LI and work af ihe ia.Tte localion Jo« Collins Evev, GE M83*. MOULD REALTY HA 5-389 SITES-- 1 TO 10 AC. New Industrial area/ some w fracfcace. Tcieal location n«*r bor, housing, freeway). BILL BROOKS HE 2442 APT. BLDG. SITE 50l» R-. 1417 EAST 3RD _DON BRJSTO'W GA_4.«1 Inc. Prop, for Sale 132 MODERN 7-UNIT COURT Good East S : de loc ' i37.SOO F. P VERNA 8APP, R:tr. GE X-7S4 · 1-B'RS. income S7.5W vr. M.OO dn. or 1rAd« for T.D., or R 4 lo SI. CCO DN. 1 br. duolcx llt.yO F.P Ellison Rlty., 1770 E. 10! HE 3-«l BELMOHT HEIGHTS, 1-BR. tKti UK, i'ai. Low dn. Bkr. HASI20 nc. Piop. for Sale 1 32 1 LIFE TIME OPPORTUNITY NEW 6 UNITS READY TO GO! $1000 Dn. EX1RA. EXTRA URGE Stainless Tappan range ovun, disposal, garages. A few blacks from Disneyland. Ail for Roitmdn or Milltr JE 4.4357 or MA 4-592? TRiang!* 3-3186 i.ei. INHERITED PLEASURE to lh« WISE RETIREMENT MINDED COUPLE. FIRST LIST. ING O.T 8 BEAUTIFUL QUALITY- BUILT 10-UHIT APT. BLDG HEART OF WR1GLEY conslltind ol 3 2-BR. of wtllcll 2 hav« l a i balhl. PLUS 7 1-BR. Fine all-woo wall lo wall carocllng. SOUNDPROOF. Disposals, Thermo fur. Dblt. Intulalic.n o«hveen all acts. 7 garaoes. CORKFR LOT »xl» to alley. A-l RENTAL AREA. S% 1st TD. Ornicr will he'o (Inane* at LOW INTEREST. Call Ted Brown GA 4 1730 VIKING Rlty. GA 4-0734 EAUTY SALON This orce In a llfetrrne ocDorfun- 1tv lo own vour cwn lus!r.e« and b« your own larrdiord h on Eait BroarJway in a ntictiborhood covefing an excelfenl e^ance to expand lit present vclume Qov/n pavni ent of SSOCO !r,ttud«s not only a fully equipped BeauV Sa on but an adlolnlng ? txfrm, hcmi on an EOxllD 1 lot wcrlh about 1he tolal purchase urlce. Monthly payments $125, Call Lorxiere* GE 9-2191; GE 4-J814 RtX L HODGES CO. UNRESTRICTED Drive by 1311 E. 15:li 5t.l 4 f-jr- niihed uniJs-- Exclt. condiiion in- s'd« i cut. ^7W mo. Income. Ov/n- er very anYi- js-wi|| Iratfe 114,000 · quHv for 2-Bdnn. hwmt MOORE REALTY GE 3-4?M GE t-3183 12 UNITS Bellfi'ower-- 11 T-bedrm. unMs plu» older but clean 2-bedrocm deii home. 72x300 ti. R-J Tot. Owner retiring *oon muit icll. Inccur.e over i?00 cer rr.o. Full pr ce M5.000-- owner will he'.o rfnar.ce, Reit oood reiurn on vour invert- men f. Prig more Realty, Realtors TO A-1768 5 UNITS-- SIGNAL HILL In coma 5270 mo. Properlv clear. S1D.OOO dawn, Smith, eves.. Sat., Sun. HE 7-77E9 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. UO E. Ocean Reason HE 3-39J 6 houses. Good Woodruff corner In Belli tower. Total Income 5558JO per mo, cood set-up for ow^er-operalor. Price H?,500, la ta/ry balance, HURT SMITH CO. REALTORS 9329 E. Flower Avt. TO 7-7273 91« Rospcrani ME ^-45*0 MONEY MAKER! 3 UniJl -- Good Area Full Pric. $18.500 Moore Realty GE 3-4966 Evts. GE 8.7130 4 UNITS Comh'nalicn ham? and Incorr.* 1 -M^rm.. 3 MKlrm. Easlsldr. dill now fcr preview showfr.o-- BOO HLNDOH; Maroe LABRANCH HE 7-l!il; GE= 38731; GE 3-529; REX L. HODGES CO. 7 DELUXE UNITS Bafcor.y rype. 2 yri. old. Bit- r, evens ranees. Many exlrail 1 blk. to complete ihoppU-.g t buiei. 2-bdnn. for owner. A^k for Geo, FranVi, GE 0-1739 VIKfNGRlfy. GA 4-0734 $700 MO. INCOME for I4r,950. Beat that! 1 en Hi, one bdrmi. ifnglej, recenlli' rec'eco rated. Slcfert A Stern-- 433 V/. Willow GA 6-3503; HE 77151; HF 7*7774 REX L. HODGES CO New Listing-- Bel. His. 10 order unlls. Terrific income, i 2-BR.. 3 l-DR. 8. 2 singfev Submit all trnde deals up cr dov;n cr ID'i. Call for J«ta is. Helen Kaplan GE 9-9125 VIKING Rlty. GA 4-0734 1 1 Units -- Terrific Loan commltirenr, i-bdrm. sing e*. 11110 Income, Beat thai lor $92,500. Key at H33 W. Willow. SEIFERT 8, STERN GA 6-5903; HE 7-2851; HE 7-7774 REX L HODGES CO. BUYER'S PREVIEW 10 Lovely Soarlous AD!S. BEST RENTAL AREA OWNER'S DE l.UXE 2-BR, Scheduled oroii Inc. tlT,443. Trv S15.000 down. SS7,H» F.P. OWNER-BUILDER, HE £7350 Z5-UNIT -f 6 tomrr.efcials. Pool, patio-- ( 7-Bdrm. Onlv 535,000 dn. ERKELENS-THOMPSON Real Es'ale Investments ·W10 E. Anaheim GE 9 W53 FOR a yovno ccuofe VrMh the de- i're to work rwrd and build n fulure this ^ wit aot. is d real ooport(;nl1y. CalF Londere? GE ?-ZHI; GE 4-7V24 REX L. HODGES CO. 1487 LINDEN AVE. OPEN 1 TO 5 i units. Inc. S376. J5.000 rin. MORRIS HOLMQUIST 3ia? Pacific Rlfr. HE 7-13S1 3 UNIT INCOME 7-stcrv-- alF o.n fear of 150' deep lol. Submit-- can BOWLES GA trxa; TE -O;M REX L. HODGES CO. TRIPLEX rncomt 3195. Fe-xed vard, rew- Iv d e c o r a t e d . Tcnslon-lioM icreens. S35 spendable per mo. HART REALTY HE 3-1S16 2 NEWER DUPLEXES ONLY «500 DOWN All ?-BR. Inc. W50. Trarfe? JACK BERRO HE 2-3444 II APARTMENTS PLUS 2 STORES. 75' cor., en Pacific Codil Hwv. S75.000. S75,000 tin. Pymfi. 1300 mo. fr7» Int. Mallfry HE 5-565*; GE 3-7157 "ANY ONE" 21 U, near Ocean, inc. ^oDro^t. $1,119,50 mo. m»ve of fir. Kirkoat- rJck, Oealev Rltv. HE 5-1047 or HE 5-7915 12-ROOM HOTEL Includes bldg. 3-rm. apt. JOE F. REED, RLTR. ??5 E, lif. HE 5-7010; GA 4-4560 ESTATE BUILDER EaifiMe 4 unlli. s?S5 rr.o. incon*,* Sal* urDent. Try 53000 down. 9 UNITS-- EAST SIDE 6 vn. oFd. 1 3-br., 1-bri. nc 1TOO mo. 57500 dn. or trjwfe? Sfanley. 320 V/. Wii:o». GA -40SI 4 U. Sfucco Courf. E. S. 1043 Loma. $24.500. 4 oars., lilt-, hj*£. Terms. JIM EARL. 1 «!·». l-br. ti. 4 Dan Call For price terms. Kwbtard GA 7-518; HE 7-8559 REX L. HODGES CO. BELMONT SHORE-- ly owner. . turn, units. 5 yrs, o'd. Inc. SOW tM.950 F. P. Nr. Ocean i Bay Pft LEhlgfi y-COJj. 50x150 ON W. OCEAN vltMer unlls. Inc. 5550 mo 13S.OOO C«H F.P. KE 7-56OT. LvOd 4-- 2 8R. Inc. S310 mo. + rm. fo 5 more 1 BRj., SSxlSO, R4, » alfey. TOD eroi*-ln loc. KE -434S Plckrrt 11» E. Is 3-BR. HOME 4- 1 rentals. Try $5.000 tfi. o Trade for hoir«, Matihewt GA 4-CO BY OVRNER-- HOME «V INCOME 2-br. horn* + 4 1-br. Acts. Inc ^)18. 5W.500. «33 E. 10th HE S-9KT FOR SALE-Ry twner. IS ?-Bdrin unils. Go-. Icc. JI5.0CO in. · GA E-HS4 fSIl E 1ST ST. NtwUunfts Xfnl C f^anclng. //eda:ilon else, kitcfwn Owner GE9-7» Income. Full crke »,000 i MAPLcl LEAF AGC. GE 4-Ul , t DELUXE J-BR. UNITS i TrKffVOarjxmu? BXR.KA 1-171 M. Prop, for ScU 1 32 WEEKLY SPECIALS 1 Hot ipot tfowniown local I on has tmall txo. On'v tl 5,0^0 down. F VE wvtj nr. |IH o\ E(m. 1300 nio. tin.. $31.500. Only 112,500 c*jh. KIKE aol. unili-Octan Blvd. Cor. SM1S per 'mo. Inc, $13,500 tfn. 15 UNITS *tit ilci* hat spot. Has $?W p«r mo. Inc. WWM ceih dn. Hot Soot Ocean Blvd. cor. runs to baling twitri, tn.SOO net now P us new bldg. ilF*. 29% down. 5 feel concftlt bus. coiner. Has $496 monlhly 'rc. Snia!j txp. ll't r great buy it WK MO. Trmi,- CREATEST clos* In toldo, ccr. In L.B. Great lor any tvoe Wcfp. Lei ui ition*- you. M i 150x300 feet. H. R. EARP REALTY CO. Looking for Income? lest selection available FOR A LONG TIME PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP OLD OR NEW BELMONT HGTS.-WRIGLEY EA5TSIDE-WE5TSIDE EXCELLENT TERMS ON PACK OUR AIM IS TO SUIT YOUR CALL US PKOVE THIS STATEMENT MARION DAVISSON SIX 2-BR's. 2 years old; fine rental record; MM Income; 611% (manning; will tcnslder tra^e or lerim on i IB. 000 eci^rv. Set this ouam H 5.000 proaerty. SIX INDIVIDUAL 1-BR. PLUS BUNGALOWS, located c'os» lo bys tOTialefe shapp'na urea. s^O Incon-.e, This dandv renta proMrlv h worth cr;eck : r,g. Priced S29,»0- W.WO down. GE 9-71W, LEEDOM. GE 4-IS7I SCRUMPTIOUS VIEW1 TRADE YOUR EOUITY, TRUST DEEDS OR 115.000 DOWN for 7 (DE LUXE!! 1 bedrccm win (4 fumljned). 3 years NEW NO FINANCING Necddl JW.BOO CALL GA 4-6IBI Millis Coin* Sandeii, Rltr. Ooen Tv^nlnot * 7 UNITS 1 b'orA io r\fM civic center. Lol 50ir5. Atl«y on MMjfri i west. Inc. S440 rro. S10.000 c!n. Snwlh, pves.. Sal., Sun. HE 7-77C? CLIVE GRAHAM CO. IM E. Ocea.i Realtor* HE 2-356i 4 EAST SIDE Unlh, Inc. plui tree ren). * U.ilts, a!| elrc. BIKn RO. W-2, tJrap«. Radiant ritat. S14.JOO csiftn. 12 Furn. Units. 517,000 dn. Wfl shov/ ?}% i^cnAibre, Can't b« b«a). Rav Crowe II HE 7-12i1 REX L. HODGES CO. TERRIFIC INCOME 5 bachelor aols. I.n xlnt. H.L.B. locallon- Nr. Marke! L. B. Blvd. Pre-war renfi. The right n a; IY co u'd rea My jn aVe mo.-.ev on this propflrli 1 . 113,350 F.P. $3.250 down. J. A. MUELLER, REALTOR 17BU Clark, Bellllower TO 7-37M HOME INCOME 3010-12 E. 7th St. 2-br. builnui front + 3-br, home In rear. Gar., paved alley. Owner will finance. Ideal for chiropractor, phvilo- th.erspy or other buslneii. R. B. SAFRE. REALTOR HE 7-d359 4)4 E. Bifwy. HA 9-1770 Medical Bldg. -- Atlantic 3 S'j;les-lrK. SS97 msnth SmMh, eve*.. Sal., Sun. HE 7-7789 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. BOO E. Ocean, Reallori HE ?-»41 HOT! HOf! HOT!~ Eait *W* unltj. 3 2-br. ( 4 1 br. 4 garaces. Inc. 1700 mo. Low (In. PVmN Taltfr clear he use fn tradp. Bob HENDOK /.'.arge LABRAK'CH HE 7-1751; Gtl 3-8761; GE 3-57V7 REX L. HODGES CO. W» Nied Good Saleimen Now MAKE; GOOO »i SELLING INCOMF. PROPERTY Martin, Odagard Plumb 501 E. Broadway HE 7-073A WRIGLEY 8-- 1-BR. Units. At 2375 Cheslflul. Xlnt prop. Gocd Income. Out ol tcvm owner. Must self. MIoM laXe ?r.d T.D.i for eg. R. B. 5AFFLE, REALTOR PRESTIGE INCOME 17 Medallion unlls-- heal D'jmos r pcoi. 3-be drooms 1 bedrooms. Slcfert i S!em, 4S1 Vf. V/II!cw GA 6-3903; HE ?-2SSl; HE 7-7714 REX L HODGES CO. NR. BEL. SHORE SURF 1 roomy 1-BR. furn. AP!S. bit. 'J2 5470 Inc. S61.0QO. ilfi.OOO tin. Will Irade. SUBMIT. 8 UNITS-- 6 1-BR., 1 2-BR. 1 single. 6 oarages. 4 vn. a d. Income W22 mo. Taxes SW. AH units hdve vent fans tfispoiali. JOE HODGE, REALTOR GA 179U, GA 743S3, GE 4 58H 'SUBMIT SMALL TRADES "ON 12 Units-- $994 Mo. Inc. Lovely laroe cwner'i aot. 8 gars. 2 years new-- NO VACANCIES. ILINE PETERS HE 4-7278 «3 E. Brn^diYay Rll. CE I M7S DUPLEX Ir.c. SIM irj). Lot. R-4 bt. Full price U3.0CO. ' cw dfi. Ov/ner v;il carry balar.te. AsV; lor Ekdahl GE 9-IMMj HF i 83S REX L. HODGES CO. 4 UNITS-: -5-BR. i 2-1-BR. J oaf!. 4 vn. cltf. GOOD INCOME. TWO ON ONE!! 1-3-BR. 4- din. rm. f, I-BR. 4-FLAT BEL. SHORE 1 bik. from beach i ihoPJ. 1-br ea S370 Frc. 53J.5M. Only 510.000 dn. A-l REALTY SERVICE GE 30403 LIKE SPENDABLE? 22 U. t5,OQQ n«t after ovmt. J1S.OOO dn. -- Somt trade o. GE 9-93X0 Realtor GE 93715 500 MOLING 3 BRS.. 2 baths, 4 can. S'YVe room for mere. (JXOO dn. Martin, Odagard Plumb 501 E. Btf*V. HE 7-OJii GA 7-4174 DRIVE BY 1W7-W LIME AVE. 2 Good Hewiei + 2 Aati. ov*r 4 oai d u es. income 1317 month. GE 9-S432 EXCELLENT RcTURHS W'UNiT siucco court. Th«r»'i a real retd for clean, tew rent homing. Thfs pfovlde* It. S*wws cood ileady Inc. Reai, price. HELOE HE 5-H?J *v«. GE J-47SO 4 UNITS-- EASTSIDE I/K. t730 rr-0. 1 Bri., corner M. F.P. S17,m Try si .500 tfcwn. Stanlr/ 330 W. Willow GA 4^Qi1 BY OWNER-- 4 UNITS Ooen \-6 Sun. 2 mlnutei to beach. Close lo everything. Lo* down. Mu^t itll. 52 Mieto. OPEN 1-5 SUMDAY 2-Btfrm. CXiDlex; w/aJod tf«l Hrdwd, floors w/w carntt. 2247 Grand Ave.. Bltr. 4 UNITS East srcJ*. Full price J1S.5SO. Sutmil a:i tf«!;s. ROGERS GA 6-3W3; HE 5-7587 REX L. HODGES CO. BELMONT SHORE-- 12 unill. Yt blk from beach, rnc. 1775. REALTY CENTER Oll Browrt HE 4-7434; GA 7-7353 5 Units $19,900 Furn! Appx. UOO L-x:.! «J»0 dn. Owtn REX L. HODGES CO. HE 7-125 HR. CIVIC CENTER t, PIER 4 flat furn 1 BR. ea. Onlvlli.KC UfiOOdn. See owner 123 Maine Ave P. L. WilliB.-nKJri, Rltr. GA4-7W R-jlIMn stovG]^ OVIMU, carpets if races. Inc. $954.50 rno, tlS^XX) dn AL RUTZ REALTY HE 7-354 BY APPTI Jill CHESTNUT Deluxe Unllsl Bv Owtn. Trade REX L. HOOOES CO. HE 7.125 OPEN 1-5 8-07 Alamito 4 flat. Xlr.l enrol. Bkr. GA 7-KS) MOFIEY Maxerl 4 turn. unlH. 130 Inc. S14.!O. Lo* (Jn. Good toe * Priri. only., GA 7-6W3. · ATLANTIC AVE. Luxurious ston I2SOO ON. » U. fjrn. E. Ill SI. Co i 4 UNITS, 13COO dn. 10» D.'-wuif MOOERN 4 urilt. 1 2 Br. 3 VB I iiSO) On (a H). GA 2-2M2 OA3-«5 1 14 UNITS- Nr. Blx. Pi. 115.000 d H. pittmen HF.r-tas»i KE5-(ai INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM D-7 LHW inch. Calif., Jgnd»y, July II, 114; nc. Prop for Sale 132 1 i 3 APT. BUILDINGS In Lakewood Village ATTRACTIVE t-UHIT APT. ParMy lurnKh^d Price sU.TOO-ExIsllmi loan fatso 9 (/.%, owner will carry S15.0W. S37 EAST CARSON ITo lee, call for appl.) 7-UHIT APARTMENT BLDG. 3 Partly Furnished . Price sso.WO-IW.OCO down-- Balanr.e 20 yeais %. «» LAKEWOOD BLVD. imNIT APARTMENT BLDG. Two 2'bedrooni aols. EloM 1-beoVoom apu. Grosses 1900 plus per mcn^h. AsV rro tirlce 590.000--170.000 down, balance 20 years @ 4750 LAKEWOOD BLVD. MATTERY. WILLIAMS BREWER, Inc. -- Reallori -427 East It) HE 7.0631 Most Desirable Location 396-398 Carroll Part East II Unili-- All Furnished So Easy to Renl! Gross Incomt S9i3 month. Tolal prke iSO.090 wilh 116.000 down ( can be flna.-Ked sllstKtorllv). Shown by Appointment -- Call HATTERY-WILL1AMS BREWER, Inc. -- RtaHori -427 Ea.t lit HE 7-03I (It oo answer call GA 7-2166) BY OWNER 10 UNIT POOL BEAUTIFUL! ! ! LAKEWOOD BLVD. OVER H5.00G INCOME SMALL DOWN HA 9-5234 H*ar Carson BeHFEowtr Blvd. Eav/ to handle. sou.h Street. Roo-n io btjllti more. lAAMACULATP DUPLEX N. L. B.-- 2 bdrms. each. Priced right. SUBMIT TRADES LAXEVJOOD HOUSING CORP. HA S 7514 - TO 6-37M 5721 BELLFLOWER BLVD. BEST EASTSIDE COR. U NEWER UNITS-12 GARS. J-? BRi, IS--) BRi., b:a pool, Thl* well conitrvcled bldg. ihow ng a mMilhlv Income of S2.05 Is be'ifvg offered wilh 1erms prke aUracHve (o 1he mol cri I' cal buy*r. Call for appt. JACK BERRO H£ 2-3444 BEST BUY!!! J APTS., J STORES. No vacancy. A-l cord. S3?,COO. Call lor »apl. 2-BR. DUPl.bX Choke MLS area. Park-like yard. Se^ar. Indrv rm. yard. MILLY BECKER, REALTOR GA 7-JS34 Eves. GA Um 8 UNITS-- EASTSIDE Inc.- $550 mo. J15.000 dn. SrnMh, evej.. Sal., Sun. HE 7-77S9 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. HO E. Octan Rcallarj HE 23961 OWNER SELLING 1. 17, 7-Bdrm. unlls. balcony stvle. \ year old. Room Itw pool. Submit kw down or hade. 3. 6-unlls, or.e 1-Bdrm, (ive 1-BR. furnished. Faslilde. Nr. 7th SI., 8 vean old, 3. 12-ixi It court. 11 ilna!e i (urn. 4 MODERN UNITS One-slory near new L-nlti In South Edsl Long Beach. Ore 7-BR. 2. three 1-BR. W It. Wall-wall carpels disposals thrucut. MUNFZ REALTY GE 971.51 Realtors Ind NEAR NEW MEMORIAL 4 5-BR. tlat. $p!ck span, srnil tol -- no upkeep. Ovrnfr will finance. Smalt down. 12 NEWER UNITS Two 28R., 10 1 BR. Some furn. XL/it. N.L.B. loco lion. 24 UNITS NR. NU- inc. 521 W mo. AH 1-tr. Take Home or Sm. U. or TD's. Maroe LaBRANCH; Bob HEHDON HE 7-1251; GE 35597; Gt= 33781 REX L. HODGES CO. ""NEAR B'lXBY'PARK"" Ji,st th-nV! iO furnished unHi, 2 blki. from ctean, v;Uh over S4CO rr.onlh income Far only V*2.SGO. V;ilt ccnstdcr TDj. Call Jack Stellate Evei. GE 3-2673 McGRATH SHANK CO. GE 9-51?l INCOME WITHOUT WORRY IS Lnili complelelv redeccraled. Hru (urn Mure IKruoul. BfstcJown : town re.ntat Aft A. 1120?" Income. Good nrifWiacer Jteepi evErvJn'r-o shlo- shape. MADEIRA RLTY. GE 4-0935 8-UN. NR. TOWN Take house or sm. vn'.t tr^de. All 2-bedroonn. Call Mzr-^ LABRANCH Bob HFHDON HE M«l; GE 3-SW7; GE 3-B,el REX L. HODGES CO. 7 UNITS-- EASTSIDE Owners deluxe 2 BRS., Wt ba!h, d n. rm., bkfsr. bar. 1,160 so. (1. -f 4 2-BRS. 2 1 DR. unils; v.v, Cfvp Rr disp. thrucut. W?0 rvc. »Vj\8fi¥' Rlt/. GE 3H/I GE 8-573? " " l"3 NEWER UNITS Ba'ccny-- Cuslcm Buili-- Deluxe Inc. SMM mo. 1 2-BR., 1 ba'h. Bu'lt-ln over-s range , w-w, drapes. 8 gars. S30.000 tJn. Trade? INC. $1800 MO. 24 1-BR. units. 4 new bldo*. 100% parking sprinklers. Loc. lot, pool, bar-bq, patios. Carlln. 00 £. Ocean HE 6-87S4 6 NEWER 2-BR. UNITS w-v/ car ce!t; ca/b. disposals; venPshoods. MwJernl ^13,100 eqyity ve-'ahoods. Modern! V8500 down. NELSON GE 9-4WV: GE 9-5314 Hlca ?-SR' tier] home £ 3 I-BR^ apts. Lot 501SO. See- 1052-58 CEDAR 12 1-BDRM. unlti. Near new Ana heim. 6 furn. Stoves, caroels draoet, sprinklers, o a r a g e s Renled. Inc. S9.35 rr-o. Alklr.o *75,75( sub. dn. Bkr. KE 3-?«7. 1 1 Furn. Apts. + Stores Vtnli-cf heat. D^SDOiaU. Good reilal area. Inc. i?7» yr. Terms WM. ZOHLLER, KlJr. GA 7-5t 12 NtW UNITS 9 V3R.. 3 2-BR. BlUn range, CD dros. idea, loc. 11,150 mo. gr inc. S1 1,000 dn. R1lr. HE 2-S4I BLASTED BARGAIN!! Newer 4 itutco units. Low dc'rvn 2 2-Br. A 3 1-Br. Ctos« In. On-, SK300. Ph. tv» HA 59M7 Bkr 10 Uniis -- Downtown F.P. SW.500. [nc. $400 mo. BL-! 194S Take ea. in home as down Stanley, 370 W. Willow, GA 4 0$ TEN 2 BRS. E/.ST SIDE targe lot. Income 51.000 mo. Owner will tradi do*/i. 3rd Mollno 5 Units! S»XX». Trade O-Y-OI Rlc Owe REX L. HODGES CO. HE 7-125 NO MONEY down-- Tak« T.D.I 0 7 9 units, 4 yri. ofd. Income J71C Ellison HE 2-U1 . Onln/'xirrt.''^'^^^'^.' *34^50.*""fH j «3S. Gd. Cnan. Owner. HEtfK 75xl» lot. Ui,900. HMO bown. DOV/NTOWN REALTY. HE 5-7« ,, EAST SIDE-- EfoM 2 BR. 115.W y dovm, F.P IS7JOO 3 v f a r j old Realtor. HE 287? no vacancy. GE 3-5773. i S137503 FOR EailltY.'l'lluco U - furn. Income 1W5 Mr mo. GE 73334 or CE 1-3755. owner L.B. 81. M Kfh. Must tell. 2 Elllton RIIV 1720 E. 101 HE 3-441 · 1 LIMITS, pr. ocea-i. rum. Irv:. 163^ H J15.000 doWn. 8XR. HA 1-6211. nc. Prop, for Sqle 132 M ARCONHh OPEN 1-1 Residential Triplex JUST LISTED: Deluu 3 unlit; 1 years new 2 aplt. ol 2-BR; olher Is aro« VBR (Urn.; 3 oars.; Incry rm., storeoe rm.; alf blftulirvl; owner's «pt. w/feaKj/ct fll prlvalj horn*. PRICE IS SELLER'S LOSS1 M3.SM -- Xlnt te/msl DRASTIC REDUCTION IN BELMONT HEIGHTS Compare this 4-plex, this lot, tMf prlct with any properly In «real TBR ta. 4 tlreplaceii 4 gart., on tot 75x115 w/room for more unllil Chic't aof. «4,500I Termtl NICE EAST SIDE LOC. t unlls one 2-BR. two 1-BRi 3 alnoles, (urn. Low down buvs ^A^Kffl' r * IUrf ^ IN BELMONT SHORE Beautiful -D,'ex, I-BK each. All u'eoanUy furn. Enclosed yard, 4 oaraces. Lrxlrv rm. Incom* W75. 13I.9SO. T.D/«6,OW 9 6.6%; Submit down. Owner will carry, WE CHALLENGE YOU TO COMPARE THIS RETURN 1 14 unlls cOJTiDl furn. Two 2-BRs four 1 BR,; « Fdrce slnclei. Xlnt cond. 57,500 down. Income of MM mo. at bargain price ot W3,500l Cfos* to ocean and downtown. 3 BLOCKS TO OCEAN Near downtown. Sharp 4 extra Tat 5 units 1-8R each; furn.; 4 part, ncome «4i, S20,COO @ 6% loan. RENE Realty GE 4-0908 * Thinking A h e a d ? ? ? TFm It a Future Buiinns Proporty Which U 8«ina PROFITABLY OPERATED at · Rest Home-- Aho 2 apartmenli. Price $15,000-- Owner will finar.c*. Call GE 9-2447 or GA 4-6151. Millia Coint Sanderj, Rltr. -- i Open Evenlnoi -* 10 UNITS 4- LOT Th:s prooerty It the aniwer to vour Income nceds-4 1 br. »B|J., 4 tlores one full lot for *X' panilon. room (or 12 more unit*. Try SJ5.000 On, rett en termj. Trade-- c«!l Dob HENSOM; A'arce LABRANCH ME 7-1251; GE 3-1741: GE 3-5OT REX L. HODGES CO. 2-BR. DUPLEX-- PINE AVE. Ltw. rmi. A oood fcuv at 125.000. 2-BRS., 3 UNITS-- GAVIOTA Jusl ccmplpfed. Carpets. All *:ec. 2-BR.. 4-UNITS-- Summi* Av, 54.000 Ai. Sclbcm a vacfliKV. 7 UNITS-- Long 8»acli BlvJ. 113.000 dn. 7-BR. fioir.e 4 i l-BRs p PAGE S, CUNNINGHAM GH III) 23 UNITS Vi biocV 1a new clvFc cenftr. Lot 300x1X1. Income IHiO ma. 59% Smith, eves.. Sal.. Sun. HE 7-77»f CLIVE GRAHAM CO. 800 E. Ocean Real tori HE 2-3961 ALOHA {means good buy] ·4-Yedr-old dye lex. Nr. new ho so. Hurdwood, rile, garb, dlsp., w-w, Room to build moie mils. 9 tfnln. u. 4 gjri. 100* pin* Av«. tfarCwood, tile, venled heat. Inc. $7*0. For tluDlex, sell. Sub. dn. STORMY KEATS HE 6-3177 8 UNITS DOWNTOWN] Incom* 1560 mo. J.Q.COQ down.- Pronerty clear. Smith, evej.. Sat.. Surt. HE 7-77» CLIVE GRAHAM CO. r WO E, Ocean Reilton HE 3-3«] OPEN -- DEL AWO OREGON TRIPLEXES-- $21,500 DON'T WAIT* 1 GOING FASTI Best buv In L.B. 3-BR. 4- 2 1-BR. Only 3Vj vrs. Still a g=od selection lei i but Hurry-- Call /lev;) 1 AsK lor Uch Flekher. HA 5 1090 VIKING Rlty. GA 4-0734 LOVELY 18 UNITS OWNKR'S 7-BEDROOM t DEN. GORGEOUS POOL Luxury selling on US' fronlagl. East S!d«- Income S27.900 v«ar. ILINE PETERS HE 6-7278 « E. OroadwiV RiS. GE I-OS7I- 16-UN. + HOME TREES, PATIO POOL RM.: Marae LAURANCH Bob HENDOH. HE 7-1251; GE J 5J97; GE 3-178] REX L HODGES CO. Constant Income Producer 37*0 n-.D. Income. Check thlil 4/xl0 C-4 tol. with rwa 5-bdrm.- nomes Sr one 1-bdrm. ivrn, aot. Ft[| price tl6.500-«000. caV» Owner will carry 1st T.D. Guiver Richards HA 5-1 251 BUY from cwner-- 510.000 dn. pymf.- LovelY 1 U--- Inc. 15?0-- Ideal loc. r.r. bus A shcps. Thl? Bftfg ts m xln.t. ccnd. w/very fittfe uc;e«p. Low rents. Perm, tenants. DV chor.rJra lawns sarfclrs. tile ba. kit. Drive bf 1470 Ofolspo .hen ch. GE 3J7S4. Pease dcn'l d.'jrurb' lenanls. WS.OOO. NR. OCEAN-- 1ST ST. 25 UNITS -- 115,000 DOWN · $14.500 YR. INC. Ideal for ccuo'e. 7'/j-*torv itucca, . Low. Vacancy. CONSIDER ALL TRADES V/ELLER, HE 5-185); HE 5i«3. Downfown EasfsTde Corner A Good rental. Inc. $340 mo. Will sacrifice fcr $29,750. Submll down. Call Roy Fawler-- Gt 1-35^ REX L. HODGES CO. READY NOW -- SEE THISl 11 Lovely Spacious AaU. BEST RENTAL AREA OWNER'S DE LUXE 2-BR, Schedjred gross inc. S17^0i, Trv 570,000 dcwn. to »vr. loan,- RcoHcr-Owner GE 9-9JW; GE 9-tJ\5 **;; STOP DREAMING ·*·· 6 nr nu tm|(s all 2-br. Try 150M tin or trade. Carl Marge LaERANCH; BabHENDON HE 7-1251; GE; 3-5297; GE 3-3731 REX L. HODGES CO. , BEAUTIFUL 8 UM1T Eastsldc. 8 unfurn. wllh gar*. , . FJnest localion. XlnJ lico.'ne. Room to build Terms. PrindDlei only. Write Box B-W50, Indto., Presi-Telegra.-n. NEV/ 2 Unit. VERY CHOICE. Built in appllarvces. Pullman bath. Tile, [ge ck«fs. wool wlw car. pet. 6 garages. Lcng term fin. V/iU take clear Irade for down, WILLHOIT realtor, GA 7-8371 LONG BEACH BLVD. · Close In erght 1-BR. ao!t. on va'uablc 50x150 C-3 lot. Inc. U60.- Call Jack: Sfellflfo Eves. GE 3-2^23 McGRATHSHANK CO. GE 9-3121 4 ON 1-- $18,950 Clean. Unfurr*. * Always ren led* ' Inc. S247 mo. Try S5.000 do. Call LOU HARMAT7. HA 5-7484 11 ne-ver units-- big lol. W9.5M. Low down. Eaw terms. BevUiaton HE 7-1251; HE 4-3771 REX L. HODGES CO. Easls^e, near ocee.i. 4 family Sfucco. Small lot. Hlce cofia, ' Only «4,;50. VrtlJer HE 5^254; HE i«« 3 U. -t- 1 fixuD. i!3,950. Sub. J1500 r) b:k. E. Oraoo* ICth-- RJJr, HE 6-J9M. 8 UNITS 1-BR, 3 yrs. old. 1r.corr.| 5M2. Berov/ reolacemenl coit. May take some traJe sm. dcwr WILLHOIT realtor, GA 7-3871 TRIPLEX + 7-BR. how* -t-" T-BR. an!, over 4 garages 55x150 lot. i?30 mo. cvmts. Owner, GE 4-8571 OV;NER (eavins fown-- 6 unlli ctes« In, (455 Inc. Clear, submit. EJII- 1 son Rlly. 1720 E. 101. HE 74415. BY OWNER, 6 unils, »:i rented. Small down pymt. Owner w3ll ' carry. 5400 Oraoo* Ave. " S E C U R I T Y -- 3 DR home, 2 1-BR ' apts. ( 4 pars. Inc. S371 mo. Pyjnti . n LOVELY home w/renlal on Wvd., , equip, cafe In fronl, can c«r, r or rent, 522,000. Owner, TE ±4666, - Axtttx. 50x13$ cor. i M10 INC.--* ?!ucco units. 5 oar»o*s, ' East of Cherry. Ofify HSCO down. n EUllOn RIV. t/M E, 101 HE 144\S « ] FURN. uniJi, 1 Mffn. rach. Ctosi * In. S3000 down or less. Easy pay- I menu. Will trafe. GA 7-237.4. · MODERN 6 Unit's-- IKi Pin*, frvc. ' U63. Jr. «0.000. SuVnll dn. Brls- · 1 tnw. GA 4-4911; GA 7-6191. · tt UNITS, fry 55000 down. Fum, sr^cco income J«o, Eifinxk Riry. 17?0 E. 101. HE 2'44\S. 4 DELUXE UNITS 1 BR. each. Lol Mxlll. CLEAR 2 3-br. horn* on Jot. WJOi. 5 Owner will fin. Elllion. HE r«ll . 1 CLEAN i-nlti, k??,99i. HUM lot. Crablret Realiv, GE 3^91 '

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