Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1969 · Page 71
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 71

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1969
Page 71
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SlK'iSfifiJS?' Long Beach Independent, Prt».T.I»o/«m-Wl BARGAINS IN QUALITY FOODS I B M · . ^ · · ^M m ·· · 4h ··· ^^ Market Basket Discounts Prices on Quality , · Cereals p^Sr Products-No Games, No Stamps, No Costly "Extras'. 7 .. iHK"S^s- Nnbisco Chipsler Potato Most stores claim to have low prices. But on what--on a handful of items, SHOCKS ^9-^37° or inferior products? Not Market Basket. We discount prices all through the B j'"- Mr chips coconut, oatmeal store (except Fair-Traded or government controlled prices). And guarantee * ° c f°. e " P 9'.-Oi.op^ vOOKieS pk 9 09 . satisfaction or your money back on every purchase. True, you give up games and stamps to shop at Market Basket. But you get bargains and quality always, every day. See for yourself! BEAN BACON, VEGETABLE, VEGARIAN VEGETABLE, CREAM OP CELERT, CREAM OF CHICKEN, CHICKEN NOODLE, CHICKEN RICE OR CREAM Of MUSHROOM 15-0z. ChocoloteChip.iTc Kraft Cheese Food Velveeta FOR COOKING OR SALADS WESSON MARKET BASKET SOUPS ioy 2 -oz. CANS BONUS DISCOUNT SPECIAL T n u. Tn , niin O OOc VEGETABLE BEEF OR TOMATO SOUP J c»Ns2V C SPLIT PEA WITH HAM Mayonnaise QUART JAR ' BONTJS DISCOUNT SPECIAL ForroStHeadachtRtlicf Bll. of 100 Bayer Aspirins..76 C Listerine Lemon, Mint or Regular Lozenges.... ;58 C Mouthwash Purifv " 02. $112 rUiliy....... en. I Cutex 3-0;. Bll. Polish Remover 32 C Regular, Hard to Hold or Unscenled Hnir Sprny Aqua Net..." 0 ° Z 59 C 0-CEL-O SPONGE WITH FREE 6 OZ BOTTLE OF AJAX LIQUID CLEANER BONGS DISCOUNT SPECIAL Prolong Floor Wax... 2 S J 99 e Cold Woter Wash Woolite 8 s?L L 67 t%-0i. Powder WooWe,*7c to Fronct Bluing 63' Woodhury- Reaular Bar , , Soap ^'33' Regular Size (lnd.7c Off Lobel) Dial S o a p . . . 3 5 C IINNAMON AND BEIGE IN PANTY HOSE EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE 8-Yeor Old Bourbon Mount Royal. s 4 6 9 8-Year Old Imported Scotch Shows "8"..flih*4 7r 90-Proof Gin Mount Royal. ! 3 79 Wisconsin Gold lobul Beer 12'cW Canto Mountain Burgundy, Pink CiiablisorRose Wines .-.StM 43 VEGETABLES BONUS DISCOUNT SPECIAL Birdseyc Frozen Broccoli Spears, fardhook Lima Beans or Italian Beans Vegetables..Z28 c Chicken of the Sen Frozen 6-Oz.Pkg. Seafood Entrees .37' Downyflake Frozen King Size Waffles ,'^36 12-Or. French Toast, 36c Swanian Frozen Beef Chicken or Turkey Meat Pies....C25 e Coronet Frozen Onion Rings..r 3z A MARKET BASKET EXCLUSIVE COSSACK VODKA BONUS DISCOUNT SPECIAL Gold Seal ,.. Snowy Bleach ,48 C Arrow Aluminuni Foil Wrap.... 2 S26 l Trjbby Trent Cat Food..2t n °/29 c | Friskies Ground Rounds Beet Chicken or Liver Dog Food... Friskies--5 Flavors Cat Food 6 c'o° West Pac fioien Cut Beans, Cut Corn, Mixed Vegetable* ot Peas VEGETABLES - 20.OZ i POLY BAGS EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE SUNRISE FRESH PRODUCE ¥:·$· You rnusl be completely satisfied with any Market Basket produce you buy or your item will ba replaced or your money refunded. CENTRAL AMERICAN THIS WtlK-s Eastern Groin-Fed Pork Chip Chop Wafer Chops..ib99 c Eastern Groin Fed Pork , - ^ Center Rib Chops79 c tl.S.OA Grade A Wishbone Frozen Roasting ^ Chickens Lb49 c Smoked--Cenier Ham Slices....^! 09 Eastern Grain Fed Pork Pork Tenderloin MARKET BASKET COLE SLAW, HEALTH MACARONI OR POTATO FOLGER'S COFFEE 2 IB CAN, $1.33 3 IB CAN. $1.99 BONUS DISCOUNT SPECIAL lottery Oil....B" 37' Pompeiian Olive Oil....;^27« Deluxe Macaroni Kraft Dinners !47 C 6'A-Oz. Noodles Romonoff,45c Kraft with Meal Sauce Spaghetti ] 9 ( ^ Dinners ^ 5/ c Snowdrift Shortening... 3 con b 73 c FROZEN DINNERS EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE Market Bosket Cheesr Monterey Jack ib79 £ Coche Valley Sliced Natural Swiss Cheese 73 C Pillsbury Refrigerated Buttermilk or Reqular Biscuits c°'9 Pillsbury Apple or Cher ry 13 g Oj Coffee Cake '^-'57 C Vun De Kamps All Varieties Salad Dressing.8i37 c Bine Cheese, 47c; Roqueiort, 57c KRAFT PROCESSED AMERICAN. PIMENTO OR SWISS Imitation Sour Cre-jnt I.M.O ......... c p ,:; | AIISViKt Margarine..., S Del Home Red Salmon. J" . Fruit Punch.. Br ,:'39 c Borde".'s Danish [iavorilnd 4r off lobe'} Margarine... 35 C EN-ZOLVE DETERGENT DRIVE BONUS DISCOUNT SPECIAL ftARKET BASKET RAISIN BREAD I6.0Z .LOAF REG 39c BONUS DISCOUNT SPECIAL Morton Salt.. 3 £ l 12 e Upton r n ''8-Oj. I P , Tea Bags....-o 65 C Carnation--8 Flavors Slender i%'8J Furniture Poi-s'i Behlod ^71 12 0;. Cc'i-inci. Lxofi lubei;,93c e D?!yi French or Itofion U-Or. Italian. 66c Beef Hash...'^49 C ' Horn-el With Bf-Jri Chili Con Carne°«"59 c Sweet 10...*o 81 ,79 e lOFlavori~Liq'j ; dOiet Metrecal 8 cc 0n; 30 c MARKET B A b K t l bU'l MARGARINE BONUS OISCOUNI SPECIAL Cleaner 9B ": 7S «. EASTERN GRAIN-FED PORK-RIB PORTION PORK LOIN ROAST SLICED CHEESE 12 OZ. AMERICAN, 67c EVERYDAY DISCOUNT SPECIAL Armour Skinned and Df veined Beef Liver ..... ib69 c BONUS DISCOUNT SPECIAL U.S. D.A. CHOICE tENDtRAY BRAND BEtF- lU.S.D.A.. CHOICE TENDERAT BRAND BEEI 1 I E.Z CARVE LARGE MEATY END 7-Bone Roast lu.S.D.A. CHOICE TEN I E.Z CARVE LARGE ME/ IRib Roast .S.DA CHOICE TEN Ihuck Steak, TH Do "STERN GRAIN-FED PORK, FAMILY PACK I U.S.D.A. CHOICE TENDERAY BRAND BEEF L B Pft uH Spareribs "STERN GRAIN-FED Loin Pork Chops . . IUER SHANK PORTION Smoked Ham ...,,. B 3J Butt Portion LB. 59c BANANAS LB. EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE U.S. NO. 1 RUSSET OR RED McCLURE TEXAS RUBY RED-FINEST GROWN POTATOES ·? : :J! EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE 88 SS 'ECONOMY FAMILY PACK 1 farrnts 9 S.1 Sw GRAPEFRUIT SALADS 30-OZ CTN , 57e BONUS DISCOUNT SPECIAL Th-Reol McCoy Sliced Bacon . Tiie Real McCoy Skinless Link Sausage. 29 C U.S.D.A. Choice Tenderoy Brand Beef Top Round Steak... ib;ie..,79 WHY TRUST TO LUCK? 6ome"Hen"s1!..79 Take U - S - DA *i«-Tenderay Brand Beel... Pre-Cooked Heal nnd Fat Fillet of Perch .ib79 c Eastern Groin Fed Loin Pork Roast.... ib59 c There shouldn't be any confusion about getting greut beef: (1) Look for the U.S.D.A. Choice shield; (2) Look for the Ten- deray Brand Beef label; (3) Look at Market Basket's discount price. We guarantee you won't ever go v/rong! 49" B 1 Carrots 2 WASHINGTON STATE Wlb Apples 3 EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE SUNMAID SEEDLESS BAG OF - · · 10 PKGS. GOURMETS DELIGHT BREAKFAST T/l-lB. PKG. JL GOURMETS DELIGH * Prunes Sirloin Tip U.S D.A. Choice Tenderay Bra Beef Boneless Round L) S DA Choice T?ndf ray Brand Rib Steaks.... 98 C U S D A Choice Tenderoy Brcnd Eesf Boneless. Netted Clod Roast....,a95 c Sea Pak frozen Breamed Fish Sticks... 8P t43= 14.0z.,7Sc;2Q-0;.,$l,Q7 'Sea PO'K frown Uceon Perch Fillet..^63' Mrs. Fndcy's Frozen Breaded 8-0;. P'.J. Gourmet Shrimp 89 C M. r\. *i it * 16-0/..S1.7S COUNTRY ClUB CANNED HAM CAN BONUS DISCOUNT SPECIAL lobster Tails.^ s 2" V. jSDO";? Frozen Darkand'iVhite Turkey Roast 7 ^2 2 ' T rf'f f.'B- : ro:cn VK',3recded Veil cr EJM--M Beef Steaks..,.89' Fr«en Trout ^^79 e Fried Halibut.^85 Hot Dogs ..... ^55 A : i Seer Franks, S9c Vier.r.a S.iced -. Q ; Pastrami ..... V Salome Chub.... 89 Armm.rblarAIIMHI .... Bologna ..... '^55 Basket Feb. 26th F4MOUS FOR DEEP-CUT DISCOUNT PRICE · LONG IEACH--lelinonf Center Anaheim at Redondo; Bellflewer at Spring St.; Studebokcr at Anaheim · NORWALK--Pioneer at Rosecrans · BELLFLOWER--Bcllflower at Harvard · ARTESIA--183rd St. at Pioneer Blvd. · WILMINGTON--Lomlta Ave at Main St. · COMPTON--Long Beach Blvd. at Rosecrans · GARDEN GROVE--Knott Ave. at Lampson; Chapman Ave. at Master · ANAHEIM--Anaheim Blvd. at Ball Rd.; Magnolia at Cerrifes; Lincoln «t EKiid · SAN PEDRO--Goffey at 5th · BUENA PARK--La Palma at Knott · FOUNTAIN VALLEY--Magnolia at Cannery · HUNTINGTON BEACH--Edinger at Beach Blvd. · FULLERTON--Commonwealth at Euclid

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