Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 25, 1969 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 25, 1969
Page 13
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Princess Candidates New York City College Head Opens Talks WHh Protesters Two more candidates f n r Northwest Arkansas Poultry Princess were announced today. They are Suzanne Eliza- heth Johnson, left, of Brinkley, speech major at (hi- University of Arkansas »d Toni Rae Alford of Fayetteville. a UA education mi)«r and memhcr (if Delta Gamma sorority. Campus Turmoil Takes Its Toll Of College Presidents WASHINGTON (API - The Chronicle of Higher Education says campus turmoil lias taken its toll in the front office? of colleges and universities, with some 70 institutions now hunting new presidents. The paper said some chief ex ccutives retire or go into puhlic service. "In other cases, however, the strains of campus crisis have been the cause of the resignations," the article said. Among institutions whose presidents have left or ev- pressed intention to do so the Chronicle listed: Duke. Columbia. Dartmouth. Florida Slate. Georgia Institute of Technology. Howard. Michigan State. Ohio. Oregon State. Perm State. Rice. Sarah Lawrence, Swarthmore, and the Universities of Alabama. Colorado. H a w a i i . Kentucky. Maine. Oregon, Pennsyl vania and Vermont. UNION QUOTAS WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. Sam J. Ervin, Jr., D-N.C.. proposed legislation today lo upset Supreme Court decisions permitting unions to fine members. Ervin tried without success last year to win approval of z similar measure. In a recent decision, he said the Supreme Court ruled it is not an unfair labor practice for a union to impose a fine for ex- as union-imposed quotas on the amount of money a man can earn." BAD MARKS WASHINGTON (AP) - By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS City College of New York will remain closed through Monday while Hi president tries to ne foliate a settlement with Negro and Puerto Rican students who have barred half the campus to whites. Hampton Institute in Virginia was closed "for an indefinite period" by the trustees Thursday, while more than a dozen campuses were hit by protests centering on racial and military is- jes. Dr. Buell G. Gallagher, City College president, opened nego- iations at his campus home-- nside the barricaded area-with leaders of about 200 minor- ty-group students who sealed off South Campus Tuesday morning. No progress was re- jorted. Faculty and students of the engineering school on the unoccupied part of campus said they would hold informal classes today, the first since Gallagher closed the nation's largest tuition-free undergraduate college Tuesday afternoon. SIT-IN CONTINUES Meanwhile, about 50 white radicals continued their sit-in in Klappcr Hal.l home of the school of education. A fistfight Democratic Society at the University of Washington Mized a building on the Seattle campus, but left when a school official read the criminal trespass law over a bullhorn. About 70 students tried to block the SDS takeover, but were pushed aside. Someone released swarms of bees from a truck loaded with hives, and 22 persons were treated for stings. The protesters sought an end to business and military rewriting on campus. In New Orleans, groups of opposing demonstrators clashed in the campus of Tulane University during a drill by cadets of the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps. The drill was halted for 10 minutes. Students at Tulane are required to take either ROTC or physical education course'. ROTC is accredited; gym courses are not. ceeding quotas. union-set production Ervin said this is "the same T E R M I T E S ! Residential Spraying · Roaches «Certipedcs · Spiders 442-7298 ADMIRAL PEST CONTROL controversial $548,000 study ol the antipoverty program's Head Start project has received bad marks from Secretary of Health. Education and Welfare Robert H. Finch. Finch told the House Educa- L.on and Labor Committee Thursday the study was based on sloppy data and must be reconsidered by the Westinghouse Learning Corp. before the government accepts it. Finch said the Nixon administration had decided to emha- size full-year Head Start programs for the young rather than summer programs as recommended in the study. "This had hcen confirmed by other sources." Finch said. CAPITAL QUOTE ion and contentment and enjoy- nent produced by smoking has engthened many lives."--Fred S. Royster of Henderson. N.C., a tobacco grower and spokesman for 4S groups and individuals to the House Commerce Committee considering health warnings in cigarette marketing. CAPITAL FOOTNOTE They knelt in the grass with the skittish poodle and laughed together -- 2 year-old D a v i d Lupi, a charity poster boy with hearing problems, and the President of the United States. But President Nixon's poodle, Vicki, wouldn't hold still for the petting session in the rose garden so Nixon picked up the Ft. Bcl- voir. Va., child and carried him back into the White House. SDS Loses Game LANCASTER, Pa. (AP)Representatives of Franklin and Marshall College's administration defeated the Students for a Democratic Society 4-1 in an in- M8 MM nw» «r I«n H u» salat «r atflaaiaf. and. WHEItBAI, nolle* of said ---Ina. wtUns forth u» «»». «HM, al«» and puraoHi of tart aearinf ant location ot the property waa annulled In the Noithmt Arka;\iai Timea, a newa- naprr ef JMeral clreulslkm i» Mid city, more than 15 dsyi prior M ssid public hearing, and WHEREAS, following ISI4 eublit »ar- n«. ..aH rianniM OommiallMi certified to the Bosrt'ot Directors of the city ef Fayettevlllt, in recommeniUtlM! lhat an ordinance be adopted rtsonlnf the above- described property, presently mned A-l. Annexed Territory District, to C-J. Thor- outhfate Commercial Diitrirt. ROW. THEREFORE. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE ROAR!) OF rUREC- TORS CF TUB cm or FAYETTE- VH.I.E. ARKANSAS: EKfTION 1. That the sbove-desnined properly, which 1* presently «on«d A-l. Annexed Territory District, »» and the same is hereby rewned to C-X Thoroughfare Commercial District. SECTION 'i That all ordinances «r parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are Hereby repealed, and this ordinance Khali he In full forct anf effect from and alter its passage, approval and publication. PASSED AND APPROVED Ulis lUt day of April. I! APPROVED: BU IWTMCrCU . KewsNinJ aaaanuany «· a»araie jw own sales a* senrtc* flUtkM far B«A · one of tie MUa*al leaders niWIVIVMIcjRr W"er «· ·--«· ----· n * bmwf market. Teur «a ·!«« Mf fttuTM far -able aerm. For attalli Chaplin, B»» Inr, W» Kuliey. N J . Kill. DRIVE-IS. Twe window walkup. Dolnit sood year around buslniei. Mealy "art- Inf. For mm Information call «!-33S. Berryville. Attenisi. AVVI, NF.KII MOVBT le Ml* J«ur family Budiet? AVON aeeds you ta sar« cut- lomen. Call 441-7577 attsraoans and atk tor Mrs. McCIemon. GARLAND MtsVTOK, JR., Mayor ATTEST. MARILYN MOORE. City Clerk . "write Harry Psltaic Avenue, NCSb erautr east aM assistant ausa- «er camMsatloa. alao aeM kitcMa btls 21 or orer. tffty at CaMUlfM, Mi *. colleie. AVON COTTON andy, »n»c«ne . equipment, eonceiiloa trailer. 195". 1*B Bar-B-0.. NOW INTERVIEWING Ruponilblt person* «· ««I«r fer newly conltructid DX cottift- typc urvict nation adjolnlm laro apartment complex within S block! of unlvernlty. Phont F«y- eUeviUe. 442-1711--Ro(ri. 63M733 55-HC-- APPLICATIONS nn» Ulal "*« '« ntwioaper carrier fcoyt H yesrs «r olaer. AW!T circulation otpartwest Herttwut Arksnsas TQIXS. CLASSIFIED Phone 442-6242 PER WOKD . . . Te Minimum Order 15 word* Minimum Charie S1.C5 CASH DISCOUNT RATES SU11UU1 111 CUU\.0.«ilV/I»- " ..«i-- -c, broke out when 20 conservative students tried to storm the building, but police broke up the fight. The white students support minority group demands for formation of a separate school of black and Hispanic studies and a new admissions policy to re fleet the ethnic makeup of New York's high schools, which are about 40 per cent black and Puerto Rican. City College has about 4,500 minority group students among its 20,000 undergraduates. Two- thirds of them attend night classes. In Hampton, Va.. about 100 students continued their sit-in in the institute's administration building to demand higher salaries for instructors. Dr. Jerome H. Holland, president of the Negro school, re t consecutive insertions S consecutive Insertions 4 consecutive Inaertlona 3 consecutive Insertions t consacutiv* Insertions word . . 24c . Me . 14o Abova ar* the Cash Discount rataa you will receive by or* derinf your Ad at The Tlmee office and paylnf casb for It or by ordering your Ad by Phone and paylnf for ft within 10 daya of tie date billad. 10% added after 10 daya. For beat raaulta giw full description and start your »d for « d«y§. you may cancel your ad whea result, axe obtained. You'll only be charged for the actual number of daya the ad ran. SAV* MONEY! Place your_ad In the TIMES SERVICE DIRECTOR* OIIIIIXAMK NO. itn AX ORDINANCE AMENDING 7.0XIST. ORDINANCE NO. 1239. AND REVISED ZONING I1ISTR1CT MAP OF 1 FAT- KTTRVIUiE. ARKANSAS. APPROVED MAY 38. t%2. AS AMENDED. TO REZONE CERTAIN REAL ESTATE FROM R-1, MULTI-FAMILY RESIDENTIAL AND DORMITORY D1*THICT. TO O-S, CENTRAL COMMERCIAL DISTRICT. WHEREAF. a public tiwrinr waa IwM before the Planning Commission or the nity or Fayfttevillt. Arkansas on Apnl 15. 1969. on th». pftition of Herman A. Tuck, lequestitif that aaid planning Commixiicm rtcommenil to tht Board or Director* of the rity of Fay*llevillf. Arkansas, that th* Boari! of Direr-tort enact an ordinance reionind the follow- inr deacrihed property, presently soned P.-4. Multi-Family Residential and Doimitory District, to C-3 Central Commercial District. Lots 10, 11. 11. 13 of Block » of th« County Court Addition to the City of Fayettevill*, Arkansai which it part of'section IS of Township IS North, Kanie 30 West. AND WHEREAF, notice of Mid public! h«ar- Inir, aetlinf forth the date. time, plat* and purpose* of aaid neat-ins- and location of the property was published in the Northwest Arkansas Timei. a newa- naper of senera! circulation in said . more than IS days prior to said 14-Moncy To Uan? NEED MONEY ? Mt Ua Wa BUT . . . sen . . · TnUt for Uo« Anyttlnl m will bu? your JianwBdi. watct«. fnu or uTthini of mot and lift yM option to repurchan thtra. CAMEO JEWELRY ENGRAVING SHOP I .AftwtMM IMMI, M., Apt. 1$, 1H* · IS HELP WANTED Opportunities With Pennyrieh International 1. Own your own builneii: 1. Multiply yourself; 3. Unlimited income; 4. New Buiclc fumnhed if cuallfied; 5. Fsbulww vacation: i. Prolit-lUrial plani; 7. 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PLEASE b* *at* to chec* your ad for «rol» the flrat day of publl- cation. Adjustments will ba mad* on the basis of the fint appearance only. No correction* mad* after ad ha* expired. This newspaper reserve* the tifht :o edit, refect and properly classify all ads. tramural week. softball game this PAYS MORE OF YOUR · Dlognastic X-Rtiy · Mtdical visits in your home · Medical consultations · Diagnostic lab · Mtdieal visiU in Doctor's office · Out-patient psychiatric core ·······^ Arkonsoi Blue Cross Blue Shield, Inc. Sixth Goines Streets little Rock, Arkansas 72203 Flame send m» FREE INFORMATION obout membership in Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue) Shield which give, me the beit help available for paying hospital and doctor bills. I cm interested in n Employed Group D Individual or Membership Family Membtnnip NAME _ AGE Bentonville Chooses Boys, Girls Staters and 13 boys have been named to represent Bentonville at Girls and Boys State this summer. Included are Judy Dodd. Dodareen Tweed, Nancy B o s s . Susie Palmer, Susan Morrison, Amy Boyd, Ruth Ann Grimsley, Glenna Sands, Jaxine Cawood: Larry Bomar, Ricky Buck, Mike Forquer. Tommy Gill. Allan Gocio. Marion Harris. Lee Johnson. Jerry Lawson, Doyle McClain. Norman Mcllravy, Robert Reehm. Jimmy Russell, and Don Shores Girls State will be held June 8-14 and Boys State will be May 31 to June 1. Reich To Speak At Metropolitan Dinner Club Peter Reich. Chicago newspaper reporter, will be featured speaker for the formal dinner Monday night of the Metropolitan Dinner Club at the Fayetteville Country Club. This is the last meeting of the club before the fall season and members will convene at 6:30 p.m. for a social hour preceding the dinner. Reich has been assigned to Cape Kennedy since the first oribtal flight and is recognized as an authority in the field. His talk will he illustrated with current color slides of the space program. DEADLINES: Clajalfiad ads ara accepted until 4 p.m. en the day before flubllea- lion and until U:M a.m. Saturday for Monday publication. ACT NOW! Dial Times Classified Ads 442-6242 CLASSIFIED INDEX 44M7B ftfMEDIATB openings now available lot full time inside help. Eveninf shift Above averaie eaminits and convenienl hout!. Per.on must he a wllllnB worke, and seekini a permanent position. Paid wratlon. Apply in person Mc-Mon Drive In. inff. said Planninr Commission certified [o the Board of rtirerlora of Ute City V rsyetteville. its reoomrnendation that an ordinance be adopted re7.n*iinc the above described property, presently looed R-4 Mulli-Kamily P.esidential and Dormitory District, to C-3, Central Ootnmereial Dis THEREFORE. BE IT OR- ,.»,,.=,.. BV THE BOAP.I1 OF DIRECTORS OF THE Cnr OF FATETTE- VTI.LE. ARKANSAS: SECTION 1. That tl» above-rtesrribed properly, which Is presently zoned R-4. Multi-Family Residential and Dormitory District, be and the same is hereby re- ?onrd to C-X central Commercial Dis- HELP «anted. first class craftsman fo metal fabricating plant, ttarting pa IfiOG pci month, send resume to D. Jack »nn P.O. Box 190, Hot Springs, Arkansas ·num. 42-K8T3. ATTBSTION Summer student!! Part time help needed: Apply in person WANT elderly man in loo-l health 1» business altenjanls. toon sicial s» curilv supplement. Ko labor involved Wnte P. O. Boic 7«4. Fayettevillt. Ar ksnsas. Give background and pn«i' tricl. SEOT10N 7. That all ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed, and this ordinance shall be In full force and effect from snd after its passage, approval and pub Ilcation. PASSED ANfl APPROVED thlt Sit oay of April. 1P69. APPROVED: GARLAND MELTON, JR., Mayor ATTEST: MARILTN MOORE, City Clerk 55-11' ORDINANCE ·». IMi AN ORDINAJiOK AMENDING 7ONIKR ORniNANOB NO. 1239. AND RE\1*ET ZONIKG DISTRICT MAP OF FAT tnlfr work, room idduions, fnunda- riwfine »nrJ homf iniprovpmfnK c«1)m»t*i r laUifactlon ruirantted, phon* 5Z1-13S6. EOYS. " up. lo assist order depart ment manajar. Apply «·.» to IM- JTM Holcomb. Sprinjdale. APPLICATIONS no* balnl taken nfwspiwr carrier bora a j«rs or «r. ApplT drculallon dspartmsnt. Hertn- ·esl Arkanus TDttS. 1OSCELLANBOUS bstlllnl an; time nterior patntinf. Bill 44^-TKS or 121 3SIS. "tfpHOLSITRT woik nantert. Phone «3-»27. 19-H«lp WonteJ-Ftmal*- TMll or part time «omen to sell th fatiuloua PENNTR1CH BRA. Exlremel hl«h eorninus. New H«i« turnlshei! ·hen Qualified. Phone . ARKANSAS. APPRO\TCD KAY 2t, i«2. AK TO RE- NOTICE* CARD Or THAHKi !--ANNOUNCEMENT* 2--COMING EVENTS *_FRATERNAL NOTICE* 4--PERSONAL* t--HAUTV CARE (-INSTRUCTIONS ,j=^j£g«TAT;o;i er»i»o l%«aimiNnft OPPOMTUNITm iCW*HTID TO BORROW 14-MOHIV TO LOAN It-ACENTS WANTED It--*ALE*MIN WANTID* 17-tALISWOMEN WANTED- II--HELP WANTED--KALE' IS--HELP WANTED--FEMALE* H-HELP WANTED-4Mala-a-aimM MZsiTUATIONI WANTED--Mal« £t_SITUATION WANTCD-F«mll 2I-SERVICE* OFFERED 2)A-MACHINEITV » TOOL* It-FOII *ALB-A.twnall«t MA-COATS * as*RINB Up*lM CB-MOTOMCVCLEI K-FOK «ALE-MaM» H*mM M-rOR »ALE--LlTajJJclc HA--DOOt, CAT*, PET* 27--FOR SALE--Kama Ntftts 27A-MUSIOAL MEMCHANDI*! H-FOR CALE-Mfaeanamwai UA--FOR MLB--AflthrlMI 20-FOR SALE OR TRADE M-EXCHANOI 11--WANTED T« «Ur U--WANTED TO TRADE Jl-- FOR SALE OR RENT 31-ROOMS FOR RENT MA-ROOM AND BOARD. 7.0XE CERTAIN REAL ESTATE FROM A-l, ANNF.XED TERRITORY DISTRICT. TO c-2. THOROUGHFARB COMMERCIAL DIPTRICT. WHBREAS. a punli(* nearlns waa held before the Planning Commission of the rity of Fayetteville. Arkansas on January 51. 1%9. on the petition or Inwood Development Corporation, redliestinf (hat said Plannlnf Cbmmlislon recommend to the Board of Directors of the City ot Fayetteville, Arkansas, that the Board of Directors enact an ordinance reioninif the followina described property, presently 7/aied A-l. Annexed Territory Distrirt. to C-2. Thoroughfare Commercial District, to-wit: A part of the Southeast Quarter (SF, lit of the Southwest Quarter (SW 'il or Section 33, Township 17 North, name 30 West, of the 5IU P V.. County of Washington. State of Arkansas, and beinE more particularly drsmbed as follows, to wit: Bealnnlnf at · point which is 330.00 feet Kast of the Southwest corner of the above mentioned toi-ty acre tract, thence North IW 24' Kast, 91-fiO feet, thenre North »· W F,ast, M0.30 feet, ttience North 37' 3? East 300.90 feet, thenre North Ml" 5R' Easl. 92.80 feet, thence North fft" y Wf«t Mfi.71 feet, thence south n" U' West. 5KI.3 reel, thence south 407.30 feet to the point of bertnninf Pennyrich Consultants W« tif*d · lidy to nil our fumous bri ·nd dhtr merchandise. Full or p* lime. Hi«h fiirninit". I«b\iious varMm new car fuminhffl If you cualKy. Libfi retlremt-nt plan. For tnpomlment n Miiy Ctwislnn-J at in* aprinidulf Hi day Inn, Friday evening or Siturd morntnf PL S-WOI. WATTHRSS P . - . . have nwt. rl«n appearance. neslnurant. BEAUT1O1ANS -- Experience prefcrrt Phone 521-15.W. AVON OPPORTUNITY CALLING . . . Tash on the Heady demand for T.v. advert «d A^'ON rnsmetlrs. Terrilorka m available. Tall 442-7377 ifternoons ai nslr for Mrs. WrClernon. ^ 20-Help Want»d-MaU-F«ma ACCOUNTING CAREER Our f u t u r e depend* on our p*' ple ability to ([row with an r pandlns company. Your future accountliiK mny b* renliw*. - 1he St«nd«rd ReRistr " you h«ve .joal, wid ' SS-FOIt Lf ASI H-FOII MNT-mrtetHaPtt-WM ·1-WANTID TO HINT OR LBAtl 42-WANTKD TO ««MT 4J-WAHT1D-RIAL ISTATI 44-SALI OH TRADft-llMl ··!·!· 44A-SALK.LIAS 1-Rt.l Ittato rrontaining in all, 8.99 acrri mor* or IPM. WHEREAS, nnticP of »al4 puhlic h«r- inr- Rtttinir forth the date, time, p!af and purpmen or Hid Tmnnir and. lora- timi of the property *n«j published in the NoithweM Arknn.w* Time*, n nr«sptper of general cirrnlatinn in »id rit\ more than IS d«v«. prior to said public hearing, and WHEREAS. fnHowInf Mid public: hear- injr. said n/inninx Commission certififd to the Board ot iHreotori of the City nr Fayettpville. Its recommendation thut an ordinitnt* be ftrtnntfd reronlnr the atove- desrribefl property', piewntly znnfd A-l, A n n r v p d Territor- niitrH. to C-2, Thor- mishfiire Cnmmfrciftl District. NOW. THEREFORE. BK IT ORDAIN- KD RV THE BOARD OP 1 DIRECTORS OK THK CITV OF Y.\7KTTK\1JLR A K KANSAS: 1. Th«I Uie nhovc-dfsrnheil property, whirh K prr^ntly zoned A-l Annrvrif Teiritr,r' nistrirl. hf. and the 5»me hereby is itioned to C-7, Thoroughfare rommernal DistrifL 'Krri'ION '2. That nil m r t t n a n r e t or pait 1 ; nf nrdm«nrp^ In ronflict h c r c w i l h «re h r r f h y leppflifl. fttid t h i * ord.nanre (hall he in full force, and effcrt from i ml a f t e r its ptsiser. arpro\*ll and pub- PASSEn AND ATrROl'ED this 3M day of A p n l . 1%0. A f P R O V K D : f . A R L A N D MELTON. JR , M»or ... n-'.ST: M A R I L Y N MOORB, Cily Herlt . . Apply in person Town Hou .joal, let'« high potential, fi rlfJtre* in J«ther «nd Ulk abo OUT futuren. Expansion Continue* At Tht Standard R«gi*t«r Co, FayettevUl*. Ark; 442-r»3*.s An Equal Opportunity Employe PRODUCTION* marhm* open rhini«t trtine^; pre»»men ipruil h a n d l f i s ; Pr.ultrj' boreri; Feed mill laborer*: up m«n. 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Keavontble Phont SUN BRITE JANITOR SERVICE Carpet Shampooing Jack Curtsinger 442-7062 or 442-5503 ·15.) DOWN, Voik%w«E»n t lat* 1 ffiV\"'. nw milfase. Cars ind busr*. PhQn« 453- Brnthprj «UT*til»r. l n , l or gentnil contracting. Phone ms TOP SOIL l tfflivtrtd. ytM work Phon« 44J- iVKKYBODT reads th« TIMES WANT A OS. You *rt! GRAVF.T.. TOP POU,. KILL PIRT. Phonr Paint. Rrr*ir, Llcht Baullaf. Dty nr NIlhL ·M2-M78 KACKHOE, dozer, crane,, pi ng. Custom work by hour or cnntr_ For cleinnf, ditehinf, ponrt clwiini h, pidi, etc. Llctnucd. insured. £no T^utpmfnt at rtjiionable rate*, d Chni, 443-5363 dl?l or MB ft-MJB. ftOf era, night*. i TR-4, 530 Fall.n. ;·» TAMAP.O, V-B »-nc:nr: trannmisMon fir Jr.:/). IB? CHRVROLKT «ix r j l i n r j f t stmil ml rlpan. J400. i'honB 442-50EO--' a IK). !K7 KOm Galaxi^ ~~M, powrr. sir. 11775. 912 Eichpr, Spnngdale KOF.n Gulsxip. hardtop, rrf. V-8 automatic. Call %fl PONTTAC lour door CaUillni Corralr, two rinor. thrff o (1(»)'. V-S, Aut- 521-i«-. W2 B E l ^ A l i : . fur [inr. ''· 'W m!i. rond:linnert. COHVAIf, wMn tw h'«clc interior, nurkpt t r h»rrl|f s 17 H f i mrl Iltmr-nr 'ATA M«. Phon** «?-WT3. j 1 HI. n»llye, "it* c.w"c mifliliniini. SI VI flnd . mfnis or ISO 73 pa-r 1HH W. H t t n U v i l l f . F l l i . PL 1-8107. \V~, r-finiaio. Y-P, 5!fti iilrr mohilr h»me in tiade, I'hor-.c 1MH Mnr H ( J rL'RV i'on car. pnw r l"p V r : v low i« mt » r l l -- R f J - t i c m f i t FOP- tdlp 1PB3 Vord ronvpitfhli*. 3S?, ·*· tntMtic. new tires, rail Hl-1491. ·· 23A-Machin«ry ft Tools- 11T JOHN Deer twler, 1600 df Tor Tlthinf bo«t (nd moi -:x"'« Lincoln. i \\mi\A . Thont 24-For Sal»--Automotiv-t-- 1%5 G R K B N Triumph TR-4 CAR INSURANCE URBAN HOLLAND 224 N. ·.·ck rtMn* 4424SU TIMES PATTERNS Kmmvm^TX^ww^bSxiXSft rli«, Chairmen Named For UA Scholarship Drive Twenty-three county chairmen have been named in the recently organi7.e.d state wide Valedictory Scholarship Campaign, Kenneth Pat Wilson of Jacksonville, state campaign director, has announced. Purpose nf the campaign Is to raise funds for the new program whereby the. top graduate of each high school in the state is offered a scholarship for the freshman year lit the University of Arkansas. The program, which is being co-ordinated by K. II, Ponau haurr, UA director of development, has as « goal $50.000. The Alumni Association F.ndnw- ment and Trust Fund will provide an additional ?I5,0(KI. The county chairmen, Wilson said, will work with civic clubs, businesses and Individuals in seeking contributions tn the campaign. The drive will run throug* Junf. The chairmen include Kills Shelton of FiycttevMIe, iS-rOM CALt-HIAL MTATI ·HKLT Waatrrt Adr*rtl*lnc la placMl uatlfr ",Mnla" or "Frmal," rotuma hftiiiliaK! for th» CIHiTffllfar* o* JoH- iirrkfM. II'HIMS aa adTrrtlnvnifat »ff- dnolly aulri flat anllcaatl it (ina *n mly will b« arxxntrn. Kih-ftttkrrY ahmilil aiiim« lhat apollranla of fl- thrr wx Kill tot ma,literrit for th« Im-iltlnn, In TMmf1laar« wiSs Till* vn. run Risats Act n I»M. legal Notices-- 1-Announcementi- Punch operati (.ivtnlnra; Waitr .n hrlix-ri: Live-Out in Rntrr«. May vr( ,rt^ Bml numfroua nll-.T o[*'ll KMrl/YMEST SK"i;i:lTV AUCTION SALES-Monday and Thursday at 7 p.m. in Auctloo Hoait, Hlfh- ' 71 N., mnninslt. 2--Coming Ev«nt«-- Please a child with this low headed, f r e c k l e - f a c e d friend Permanent op«ning» for men --he's a joy to make! - - - Fill Summer vacation bom w i t h fun and "let's pretend OIIIIINAM K NO. lr,fifl ,\- (ir.mXAWK AMKNDINC, WIN1.. . l l : r i l X A N f K NO. I'M. A N I 1 I:KVI?KI1 · d X I X f r IHSTHUT MAT n p K.VVKTTK- \ I I J . K . A l i K A X S A S . A I ' P I : n V K I M \ Y 2». IWJ. AS A M K N I l K h . TO P.K7.0NF. · K H T M N I I K A I . KSTATF. KRnM A - l . A X X K X K I I T K R I t l T n n Y IMSTRl'T TO ···. TM'iP.OlKilll-AP.K r O M M K R H A L IMl-TTllc'l-. ,Vir:i::Ai:. a pul'lir h f a r . n n wai lirlil Iftrr 1H* I ' m n n l n a rnninlit.lMl rtf th* inhfr J. ««. nn lha l»lilion rrf Inlmi. ^p|i. ifqu^Mms Mi'l P'nrinns immiMion rrrommfml Ifl Ih^ Board of irdou ,rf 'HP City or K a ^ l l f M l l f . Ar kluiMH. Him In* nf.arrt of Mirrrlim »n- nn nt(1iriin(» rrrwiinK thr rollowms Anni\rl TH-nton 1 I" ·' I Til of ihf »rtiilhwf«l Quartfr (RW of ih^ N o M h f a t t tiuarlfi rNF. 'il .. S^I'IIAH 7, Tonn«riip Ifi Xoith. K u n i * M Wf'l. lnrnbf'l a« t»nnnirs · l»,l 7 fl irorf or !«- Kail rrf anfl roie Hfl' f*fl nioi» or Irn norih of in* R^ilIinfM coiner of aal1 a r r f Iran anil nmnml Irirnr* K.ait lln r^rt o^if or If", to thF Wfil Imp of OllM Hr«d: Ih^nra Xonh .Vl ff«1 morp or I"'. 1l»nr» WMI IM If.' mmp or in*, lo lif KMI ruht ftf «a' or ll 1 ^ I l l l h u n v riv.Pat*. lh»nr# in a ^'niliiMii fl'iri'liw alonl "ui . lltinn. A p n l '£. f O R A T U P . I I A Y "JVIMn." f T r « i l » r Pat*. W if »ll; Atirli/ui a! t T C T . rntr: DUTCH LUNCH LEGION HUT Saturday. April !«. mi 11:,"^) a m . to I:!W p m. M*mb»r* Only Com* and frt Itl · l«7 »ti7rd» : ~ i:i'J~Joiiih , Oft WMI *th, R a l u t d a ; A p r i l m*lnw. t m fc RALSTON PURINA CO. SpringdaU Turk«y Plant NOW HIRING Production Workers man: Mr! 4--P*n*)nah-- IIAVK r»lC» - frt« rnjniillnl for troubled onfl SAVtlmi. KM4M m ·rlta If. C. Oorham. nklnf. Ark. 77177. 4-liHtrgctUns-- VOICT-Plann lartnie««a KMKtnstila Ralta nina «!·»« _ rut hon» tamaH liwad, »wilh sT-Writf Minmnra tii« oH. rhilrfa p'. h«n trimnon. Uil i» n . PMM «U-»;i ar 4IJ.JN. ansirv hain't around campur and women over 18 yean of eg* jtarting April 29, 1969. Base wage a 41.75 going to $1.82 J'lly 1. 1969. Excellent working conditions. No Experience Necessary WE Will T R A I N YOU Apply in Person to; Ralston Purina Turkey Processing Plant Wobe lon« Springdalt, Ark. WE A.RE AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPIOYM «»lT«fJ» W1MH. U.KH.IO. M«"- limalir itiahnalwi . A B N y Hiwav Inn. play. This buy is a pcrfc companion. I'Httrrn 7^2: d o ] trnnsfor. clnthrs patcrns. l-'ifty cents in coins for r . t r h j p a t t e r n - add 1T rrnt 1 ; lor r ; i r h ' rn (or 1st class n u l l i n g «a«h»r « (ITU m. prnvidwl. m|M Wlirtf3"»'"V nr far n^c Ar»Mv in p»r- Hn. m audit ralll. ruiryUnl Dnva In. CoMump in he IraH fabric, » summery mood a scalloped ynke of same or con · u f l collar jacket and .special l u n d l i n c . Send In Laura Wheeler, Northwest Ar f k a n s n s Times, 'l.'iO N e e d l r c r a f t ; H a l f Depl.. Box I f i l . Old Chelsea Sla hut'.or.s to one sidfi al top. tion. New Vork. N'. V. 1001 1. Print P a t t e r n N u m b e r . N'nme. Address, /.ip. New 1%9 Needle craft Catalog · · Iwsl u m n spnrt fashions, mosl new designs tn k n i t , crorhet. sew. w e . i \ e , embroider. ,1 free pattern 1 , "' . , cents N K W ! I N S T A N T (IIFTS" - · m a k e il today, Rive it tomorrow! Marvelous fiish- Inns. toys, decorator nrticles. Idral for all occasinnv 5I rents. Hook of Ifi J i f f y TiiiKs to V m t . rrorhfl. «ew. « c a \ f . hook. SO cents. Hook of 12 Prir.r Afghans . . 50 rents nook number 1 Superb Quilts. .SO rents. Ifi Book . . . number 2-- Mmeum Quilts -- 12 P r i n t e d P a t t e r n .|73.'i: N K W ues I d ' ; , i;':. M ' i , I6'i. ! f l ! ; . Sl.'e M ' i i b l l S t 371 outstanding quilH. SO r n n . Book number .1- Quilts rare, . . for Today's l.ivinf. IS unique quilt". 50 ctnl*. dross 2 1 . y a r d s 39 inch. Sixty f i \ e rout*, in coins for each 'pattern - a d d IS cents for C o i n p a t t e r n f o r first class m a i l i n g and spoi-ia! handhni;. Send In Anno A d a m s , c a r e ! Northwest A r k a n s a s Times. Ufl Pattern Hop! . M3 West 17th St . Now York. N Y. 10011. fruit N A M K . AUDKF.S? w i t h 7.IP. SI/.F. and STYI.K N U M B E R . OVF.H 100 NKW FASHIONS close as n n r mailbox in pew Spring Summer P a t t e r n Catalog. Free pattern coupon. 5(1 ctnts. New! INSTANT S E W I N C , Bcok. Save hours -· cut, f i t , sew modern, expert way, Over SOO pictures. Only $1.

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