The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 12, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 12, 1920
Page 4
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THIS DAILY FREE PRESS; \ r-:l ""To" "do-the saflor justice, Clouts had. jme of those'minds which Bfe open to, . mly 8 single impression at a time., fast then Ills mind was open to the ,Necessity of keeping Donald's elusive fcveetheert from Ida's knowledge. Be could see only the faintest tmnl- poslty now, and he stood with his arms Wretched out to prevent her slipping Bast him. Suddenly he heard a singularly melodious sound proceeding from her throat. . It was a note unknown even to Mac- SJeard. It was. In fact,- the deml-seml- fone between 6 sharp and A", which Is '•riKnown to the Bach scale; though the bagpipes and Oriental music in general tre acquainted with, these subdivisions. It was the swnrming-note. The queen was ready to lead the brood forth upon Its adventures. The spirit, emanating trom her, made itself felt', simultane- »nsly throughout the herd. Instantly, from all quarters ,of the water,' th'e monsters rushed together. rhe hydrogen haze" rolled far away. the ocean opened to its summit. Ida sould see the sky above her, and the Saylight. ' The air became surcharged spith oxygen. Ma'cBeard, amazed by this develop. tnent, rushed in. ', He sounded the dis- persaj- - But the swarming note, took - precedence of the dispersal, and v the monsters, gathering into a gigantic cir- de, ignoring the professor's call, began to scurry wildly about the crater, seeking their leader. MacBeard saw that the creatures were beyond his control. For the first time his tuning forks had failed him. He was afraid of being torn in pieces. And up in the cave Sam Clouts found himself engaged in the most furious tussle that he had ever known. For, like a fury, the queen rushed at him, and Clouts, at. first solicitous about striking a woman, soon found, . himself hard put to it to -maintain the upper hand, with all his strength and with the use of all the 'wrestling tricks he knew. , He panted as he grappled •nth her. ' "It's aH right, marm I" he -pleaded, • 5T11 ask .him If he'll see you. If you'll jonly not lose your head. I didn't mean jto. put you outside, but orders was Borders. I'm only obeying orders, unarm. There ain't no need for them ^hysterics. Now—now, marm!" He was still fighting madly when suddenly her strength seemed to leave iher. Clouts became aware of a spec- •tator of the combat He glanced side- Trise hastily, to see Ida standing be- iside him. "What Is she, Clouts?" whispered Ida. Clouts scratched his thick head. "T •don't rightly know," he answered. "But it's all right, marm. I was just stroll- Ing along, casual like, when I met her. , .'She ain't no friend of mine, marm. '-Nor of the captain's," he added, with fily emphasis. He turned to the queen. -• "If you'll "take my arm, marm, ni Jake yon a ways and ask the captain if she'll see you. I can't do no more," he (muttered in an audible aside. "I've Bone the best.I for the eap- xain,.and/now he'll hdye-to make hlsi !owri excuses. And I can't .leave a lady " 'to this here place alone, with all them yoings on and jugglings with the water like-r-like Pharaoh." - '-—.;... '^Jl™~ minutes later 1 -tig : little middy, Jjeated : on .deck,^ saw : Clouts and Ida; Apparently reartsen^rom: the dead, &i>- |>r,oach r th_e F55.. Between, them he Sanded he saw a, gosrmmer form that •ejntlllateii in. the STJiiUgntT , ' ~k" There "was ."a space of only a.hundred Spaces between them "and tie boat when cnddenly - the ocean appeared' con- jrnlsed. A wall of water bore down ilpon the flanks, of Fair island. It rolled toward'the submarine, fifty .feet tlgh, its mighty crest upreared. "Hun!_*?. shouted Dayies. It was a^ frantic race between the - wricbmers and the sea. .They gained the submarine with hardly ten seconds to spare. Davies drew them aboard *nd clasped the hatches down. - Next . Instant the boat wns lifte'3 bodily from j£he beach' and spun round like a top. CHAPTER XIV. • , The Unheeded Warning. On the evening of the same day .London was stirred by a sensation •which eclipsed even the interest in the progress of the war. The evening newspapers contained, in. full, Donald's narration of the approaching ruin of the world. The second sea lord, receiving Don- Bid's name, came to the conclusion that matters,of the most pressing-moment -must have .brought the unknown young 1 .American naval officer. He rose from ' Ills desk and shook hands with him cordially. "Sit down, Mr. .Paget," he said warmly. Then he noticed that .Donald .was dressed in. a nondescript diving suit and that his looks were decidedly wild. , ,. Donald sat down and plunged Instantly -into the story of the world danger. It did not lose its dramatic Interest in the manner of its telling. "You must stop the war at once," Donald ended. • "Unite all nations "of . Jfee earth, fot thai is the only way "to Has Raised a New Standard I or ^ Baking Powder Because; it is made in the • raost' careful and scientific manner from, absolutely pure materials that remain pure in the baking and insure wholesome, healthful foods. Because it possesses the greatest leavening power. Because it is not affected by time or weather — it never loses its strength and never fails. Because it .is most economical — you save when you buy it and - you save when you use it.... These are thereasons why Calumet is the standard baking powder • —the choice of millions — more beingsoldthanofanyotherbrand, . Try it — always buy it. Your grocer can supply you. Calumet contains only such ingredients as have been approved officially by the U. S. Food Authorities. J"QTQ UALITY ? i AWARDS "You Must Stop This' War at Once." save the hunian race.' It is a matter of hours, perhaps. Even now these monsters may be speeding southward." The second sea lord hud been unable to interpose a word by reason of the torrent of impassioned speech that poured from-Donald's lips. At first he listened in amazement at What he considered an impudent hoax; then In anger; then,'after'a brief glance at Donald's face, with absolute passivity. "I thank you, Mr. Paget," he said, rising, when 'Donald had ended. • "You have done notable work, and England will not forget it And now, sir, you must be conducted to the prime minister at once, that you may 'apprise aim of these startling events." He touched his bell, and his secretary, a dapper, alert little man, at once appeared. "Excuse me one moment, please," said the second sea lord to Dcas-<3. (To be continued.) CALL FOR PENALTIES Allies Order Berlin Government ; - to Punish Insulters - Demand Action on III Entente Officers Region. Treatment n Baltic of Paris. March 12.—The conference of ambassadors of the allies decided to Pond the German government a very firmly worded note, demanding immediate application of the penalties promised for the insults and ill treatment suffered by officers of the entente commission to the Baltic states dtiring the German evacuation of this region, which 1ms hitherto been de- to "°TMAKWTHETf« «Hi^-««i I* ""ST BAKING P< CHICAGO The conference has sent precise instructions to the commissions of control in Germany, as the German government has contested their right to visit fortresses which nre not to he destroyed. The control commissions were nionnt to have- the right to visit nil German fortified place'. At the demand of tile British delegation the confert'iire lias decided to demand again that tho government at Belgrade order the ev.-iruntlnn oC 'Had- kerslierg, tliirry-sevon miles southeast of Grata, wliii.-h is still occupied by the Jugo-SlaVs. contrary t'o the decisions of tin- conference. i/VET CASE TO HIGH" COURT New Jersey Case Appealed to Washington Tribunal—Alleges Ten Errors in Trial. Trenton, N. .T.. March 12.—Ten alle- sntlons of error were contained in 'an 1 appeal of 'counsel for -Christian Fei- aransp.'in.'Newark'brewor. from Hi" decision of Federal .TmLue TIclIstnli here last Tuesday, upholding Hie constitn- Homilltj- of the eighteenth amendment ind the Volstoncl act. which will he forwarded to the United States Su- oreme court Itite. be your partner for this number" —Chesterfield OMPANIONSHIP in a cigarette? Yes, sir! It's in Chesterfields,.sure as you live. Chesterfields begin where other cigarettes 'leave off.' They not only —tHey "Sajisfy! "EIEN, a business fails the finan- al. statement reflects the conditions at that time, but the real reason i for failure is seldom shown.' la many -cases the true reason jsfthat; the business performed no service which was \ necessary' or useful to society generally.' • " '. ' • ' .... * Every individual must give a useful service if he is to prosper, for society will • refuse to mai'ntain him if he fails to be useful'to society. • ' When we find a business which has been. •• notably prosperous over a Jong; period of years, we may be sure that it has won its position by performing a service useful and necessary. . . That, in a word, explains the 'continued, ever-increasing success of the Standard Oil Company (Indiana.X * .. • ''"'', "'•'-.-• This Company is included in the list of big business because the ideals : of service which it holds and maintains are big.; "The Standard Oil Company (Indiana)is . big because it recognizes the necessity of developing its sphere of usefulness to the highest degree and of maintaining' this high standard in spite of every obstacle. The s.uccess : pf the Standard Oil Company (Indiana) proves that it is performing a useful service and that every link in its chain of achievements is delivering an added benefit to civilization and to you. Service is the first consideration of this organization, for it knows'that by increasing its service to the public its earnings will automatically grow, and all will profit by its activities. Standard Oil Company (Indiana) 910 So. Michigan Ave., Chicago 1988 CORE.GA Dental Plate Comfort Powder Sprinkled Lightly on Dental Plate Holds False Teeth Firmly in Place Prevents Irritation and Sore Gums Absolute Comfort Assured.' • Pleasing - Healthful - Sanitary - Antiseptic In Sanitary Sifting Top Cans, 35c, 50c, and $1.00 Manufactured by the Corega Chemical Co., Cleveland, Ohio . • . * - Recommended »nd Sold by the following Local\pni8guU OP^flA HOUSE DRUG STORE, HEWITT'S DRUG STORE, ' FOX'S DRUG STORE, SEIBERT'S DRUG-STORE, or manufacturer will mail trial packa ge for ten cent*. • HAVE COLOR IN , Be Better Looking—Take Olive Tablets If your skin is yellow—complexion pallid—tongue coated—appetite poor- you have a bad taste in your mouth— a lazy, no-good feeling—you should take Olive Tablets. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets—a substitute for calomel—were prepared by •Dr. Edwards after 17 years of study. Dr.Edwards'OliveTabletsareapurely •vegetable compouudmixedwitholiveoil. You will know them by their olive color. Tohaveaclear, pinkskirjj bright eyes, no pimples, a feeling of buoyancy like childhood daysyou must getatthecause. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act on the liver and bowels like calomel—yet have no dangerous after effects. They start the bile and overcome constipation. Millions of boxes are sold annually at lOc and 25c. Take one or two nightlyandnote the pleasing results. Belfast,' Ireland!- March 12. The Ulster unionist, council decided at a meeting presided ove.- by Sir Edward Carson in -favor of- the six Ulster counties being controlled by the Ulster parliament, should the new home rule hill be enacted. The council Declined to accept any responsibility In regard- to the hill, and it is understood "xvIU make 'no attempt ro defeat' if. ' ' " DR. K- H. ROTH Practice limited to Diseases of EYE, NOSE, EAR, and THROAT. »'. . Over Woolworth Store, • '."•:; '.-' Murphysboro, 111. ••'.•'. Phone-159 ' JESSE HAYES All kinds of Moving and Transfer • Work. LAUKA JS. SWARTZ 08TEOPATWC PHYtlCIAH Chronic CHMiMw a •p*otaity Offlo* In Laud*r-NI«hol« Bltff. W. W. HAMILTON Coal and let ; MACKEY COAL OFFICE ~ Phone IM DR. J;W. BARROW NEW HAMILTON BUILDINQ Heura t to 11 A. M. and S te • P. • - •'.. PHONE U Virginia BulMlnfl COAL YARD J. B. WOODS, PROP. WMh*d Nut, Egg and Lump Phone 149 K. BENRY BAEN : TRANSFER v GET OUFUPRICE* Phone 342 K H. O. HALL& CO. FEED, COAL AND POULTRY SUPPLIES Phone 233 W. A. BRANDON, M. D. GENERAL PRACTICE AND TH1 EYE Ey«§ T«»t»d QlBMM ntte* Virginia Bldg. Carfaondat*. lib F.L.LINGLE,M.D. Q«n*ral; Practlv* Special attention to Eye, Ear, •M Threat • Qla*M« Ftttetf Phona»: Rxldence 330-2, Offle* M»? HAMILTON & BRADLEY Attorney* at Law Phon* 2K K 8ult»/ 112-118 New Hamilton Building- DELIA CALDWELL, M. D, McANALLY 211.We»t Main 8tr»»: Offlc. Hours— a to iu M. M.; S t* 4 r. CARBONDALE CANDY KITCHEN Home Made Candle* and lc» Cfi«t .. TeIephon«-»44 Y •.!tr,lv i--.a!ijE.;:.: a ivi: f ....\;s.. .:•:-. .0 if HUNT'S Salve foil? in th, treatnsentof ITCH, ECZEMA RINGWORM. TBTTER ot, •ther itching kkin diieaKfl. Tr& a 75 cent box «t our riik. ^ TTT'S DHDQ STORK Woman Gets Twenty Years. Rhinela'nder, Wis., March 12.—Mrs. Stanley Elonjski was sentenced-- to' serve twenty "years-, at the state prison it Waupun,. _f or ^the murder of her six- reiarrold.^^...-^^^: Her husband, tried' m til?""safne ; -chor,ced, was acquitted. STRAIGHT 10 MELBA STRAIGHT 12 ^ HE SIZES, Better andmorpjpleasing than, any rriild Havana; ci$a*: * •Ask your dealer: for-your favorite, siife:-'.. • I If your dealer'cant supply you-r- write vs. • 1. LEWIS CIGAR ^rc.C:a!&ik!ii Largest Independent Cgar Factory in the World 'XfV.'-ti&ZiizyT.'Sr.Z?™-:'-?.- ^ji'-^ayfT v a,ff'

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