The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 24, 1978 · Page 26
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 26

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 24, 1978
Page 26
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6-C CIjc (6aiuc»ton p«il\j Sunday Morning. September 24. 1978 ERA Supporters Make Push For More Time For Ratification REPUBLICANS continued their "tax cut blitz" with press conference in Chicago Saturday. The Republican National Committee is conducting a flying campaign to six cities from New York to CalfioCalifornia to promote the Roth-Kemp tax cut bill in congress. Among those at the press conference were from left, Ronald Reagan, New York Sen. William V. Roth and Illinois Se. Charles Percy. (UPITelephoto) WASHINGTON (UPI) Senate Democratic leader Robert Byrd is coming under intense pressure to make sure legislation to extend the ratification period for the Equal Rights Amendment isn't lost in the rush to congressional adjournment. A group of House ERA supporters threatened Friday to delay House consideration of President Carter's high-priority energy bill and force a lame-duck session unless Byrd brings up the ERA extension before — not after — a tax bill scheduled for the week of Oct. 2. The House members fear a "stampede for adjournment" once the tax bill passes, and the ERA extension will get dropped jj it isn't considered first. Some 50 to 75 House members whose votes are vital if the energy legislation is to pass reportedly are prepared to join in the delay tactics to force a session after the November elections. Rep. Pat Schroeder, D- Colo., said House ERA backers will "have a very serious talk with (Speaker Thomas) O'Neill" on Monday to tell him of their ultimatum. "If we're going to deregulate natural gas, 1 think we ought to deregulate women," said Mrs. Schroeder. Meanwhile, Sen. Birch Bayh, D-Ind., and 11 other senators including assistant Democratic leader AJan Cranston met Friday with Byrd to push for quick consideration of ERA. They told him they have 62 firm votes - two more than needed to curtail a promised filibuster by conservatives and speed a final vote. Byrd reportedly told the senators he was "impressed" with their arguments and would give them an answer shortly. But sources said Byrd did not give a firm commitment. Byrd reportedly reacted with hostility when in- Senate Passes California Court Ruling Foreign Aid Bill ^3 ^WASHINGTON (UPI) — "We're now at Sparks More Tax Revolts SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) — Affirmation by the California Supreme Court of Proposition 13 is fueling similar radical tax revolts across the nation. The decision that the California initiative is constitutional provided VIOLIN LESSONS Beginning & Advanced Students ag»s 3 and up. Libby Gardner Call — 74O-0439 I Reasonable Rotes. ammunition for tax rebels in a dozen states where similar measures will be on the ballot and in several others where they may yet qualify. Paul Gann, co-sponsor with Howard Jarvis of Proposition 13, said the court's decision Friday, Jarvis' 7Gth birthday, removed "a big question" from the minds of many persons. Jarvis and Gann have been campaigning nationwide for constitutional changes requiring swift and huge tax reductions. Since the June election, just about everywhere they have been received as heroes. By a 2-to-l vole, Californians approved Proposition 13 to slash properly taxes by S7 billion, or 57 percent. The loss in revenue brought chaos to city and county governments. The size of the vote put the California court in the hot seat because four of ils seven members are on the November ballot for confirmation. Chief Justice Rose Bird, a recent appointee of Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr., is the target of a well-financed campaign by conservatives to oust her from the court. During oral arguments, the chief justice noted from the bench that because of the initiative, members of Ihe court had been threatened with recall and even with threatened anonymously "with physical harm to themselves and their families." The initialive set assessments at 1975 levels, and allowed annual increases of no more than 2 percent. But a person who buys a house at 1978, or perhaps 1988, prices, gets a new assessment, and winds up paying much higher taxes than his neighbor. But the majority said, "The fact that two taxpayers pay different taxes on substantially identical property is not wholly novel to our genera] taxation scheme." BRIGHTEN YOUR WORLD Give your spirits and your wardrobe a lift with our exciting new selection of Large Size Fashion. DRESSES, COORDINATES AND SPORTSWEAR in sizes 14 y 2 TO 52 Shop with Barbara Dales QUEEN SIZE and we'll give you a Better Rt. Lsrge Group DRESSES & BLOUSES 25 »50%«*_ Barbara Dales' QUEEN SIZE Baybrook Mall [BY Montgomery Wards] 488-6527 WASHINGTON (UPI) — The Senate has passed a $9.2 billion foreign aid bill with nearly a fifth of the money in economic aid to Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Syria as part of the administration's campaign for peace in the Middle East. The foreign aid appropriations bill would also give developing nations $1.9 billion to help them cope with the rising costs of petroleum. Before passing the bill Friday by a 39-22 vote, the Senate decided to cut off $8 million in aid to Nicaragua unless President Carter can certify that the money will go to the people who need it. The Senate made a number of changes in the House-passed bill, and so a conference committee must resolve the differences before the measure goes to the White House. The bill would spend $785 million in aid for Israel, $750 million for Egypt, $93 million for Jordan and $90 million for Syria. Sen. Orrin Hatch, R- Utah, who fought nearly every sentence in the bill, accepted this aid on Thursday when Sen. Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii, told him, : We're now at the threshold of peace.' Hatch forced the Senate to vote on more than 50 foreign-aid amendments instead of making a decision on all the Senate Appropriations Committee's changes at once. Friday's debate began with Hatch fighting a proposal to contribute $1.9 billion to a $10.5 billion International Monetary Fund plan to create a revolving fund to help poorer nations solve balance of payments problems caused by high oil prices. An attempt to cut the contribution to $500 million was rejected 47-18 after Sen. Jacob Javits said failure to pass the entire amount "may very well signal the first step in the breakdown of the entire international monetary system." The oil-producing nations are contributing to this fund, with Saudi Arabia chipping in $2.5 billion. The amendment to cut Nicaraguan aid passed after Sen. Frank Church, D- Idaho, said it was necessary to "disavow the discredited" government of Gen. Anastasio Somoza Debayle. Horoscope Bernice Bede Osoi September 24, 1978 Pursue secret ambitions this coming year. Even though you shelved Ihem as premature in Ihe past, you should now be ready to tackle Ihem with success. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Rewards will attend your ambitions today provided you have the willpower to stick to what you initiate. Heeding Ihe siren song of pleasure could dash your hopes on Ihe rocks Find out more of what lies ahead for you by sending for your copy of Astro-Graph Letter by mailling M cents for each and a long, self-addressed stamped envelope to Astro-Graph. P.O. Box 489, Radio City Station, N.Y. 10019. Be sure to specify birth sign SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) The high esteem in which you hold your opinions is good and natural Today, however, you could be too vocal about your disdain for what others feel. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) Collective enterprises appear to be an area in which you can expect good fortune today. One condition: No one involved should look for pie in the sky. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Routine decisions will be duck soup for you today. If the topic is loo weighty you may not be able to cope as readily if at all. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Although you may do the lion's share of the work today, others will probably (lock to take the plaudits. Don't surrender any cash or credit without a fight. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) It may seem to others that your wires are crossed today. You take work things too lightly, while going all-out for what you consider fun. ARIES (March 21-April 19) Whether you're babysitting youngsters today or dealing with persons you supervise, take a middle road. Don't mollycoddle them or be too strict. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) H you're setting up a business meeting in a social atmosphere today, avoid a setting so lavish that the trappings will detract from your purpose. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) You are enormously protective of your personal interests today, and possibly not above doing a little scheming to safeguard them. Think hard before you resort to subterfuge. CANCER (June 21-Ju!y 22) Today you are Very practical in most things except management of your resources. You could, in effect, ask a fox to watch over the henhouse. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) A person in your debt could make an offer to pay today. Don'l be overly magnanimous. His marker is small and it might make him think you don't want it. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sepl- 22) The sociable mood you're in today is fine if you respect its limitations. Have a good time, but ieave before your coach turns into a pumpkin. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN ) formed his commitment to the extension might be linked with favorable House action on the energy bill. "I don 1 Hike threats, "one source quoted Byrd as saying. Mrs. Schroeder said she was concerned that Byrd is backing off earlier com- Legal Notices j NOTICE To all persons claiming any interest in the property located al 1214 30lh Street, Oly ot Galveston or more particularly described as Block 29, Loi 3 Please lake notice mat the Building Olticial of fhe City of Galvpston nas determined lhat Ihe structure located at th above address i'. in such a state ol disrepair and dilapidation as 10 constitute a nuisance and a serious hazard to the ncalth ana safety ol tne citizens of the City ot Gaivesion The Building Olficial has turtner determined that said structure is unsuitable for repair and must be demolished Please take further nolice notice that the City nas advertised the structure lor demolition. Any interested person desiring fo appeal the decision of The Building Official may do so by fHing with the Building Official a written notice of appeal Before October I, 1978. if no interested party files an appeal to the above property, tne City ot Galveston will proceed wilh the demolition ot the structure PuDlished? IJthru 10 ! NOTICE To all persons claiming any interest in the property located at: 1. 5202 Avenue M (Lot 10 DR Blk 443) 2. 4308 &. 4310 Avenue G (Blk 403, Lot 1 10) 3. 3919 Avenue G (rearMBIk 339. Lot G Subof I 10 5) 4. LOI 102of Spanish Grant Section 1 5. Lot GA4 of Bay Harbor 6. Lot 32501 Bay Harbor 1 Lot2IOof Bay Harbor B Lot 207 of Bay Harbor 9, LoGA3of Bay Harbor Please lake noltce that the Housing r>epartment of Ihe City ol Galveston has determined that the vacant lots are a public nuisance in which there exist high weeds in excess of nine (9) inches in height. The City of Galveston hereby gives notice to any persons claiming any interest to the above properties to cut and clean the lots before October 1, 1976. Failure 1o comply with this notice will result in the City proceeding to have trie lots cut and cleaned, and liens filed against this property. Publised? 12 thru 10-1 PUBLIC NOTICE The City Council of tne City of Galveston will conduct a Budget Hearing on the proposed use of its Revenue Sharing 10th Entitlement funds In the amount of 51,008,570. This hearing will be held in the Council Chambers of City Hall on Thursday, September 28. 1978 at 7:00 p.m Staff recommendation to City Council is: 1. General Pund Capital Outlay S101.000 2. Sanitation Fund S422.500 3. Vehicles, 4283,500 4. RSUP.VB.OOO 5. City Hall improvement, 556,000 6. Street Improvement, 5137,370 7. Program Administration, S200. Total 51,008,570. Citizens are urged lo provide written or oral comments and ask questions concerning the entire budget. Copies of the proposed budget are available tor public inspection in the City Secretary's Office between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Final approval of the Revenue Sharing expenditures will be made on the same day September 28,1978. Published 9-18 thru 28 The Village Council and the Zoning Commission of tne village of Jamaica Beach will hold a public hearing regarding the adoption of a Zoning Ordinance for 1he Village of Jamaica Beach. The meeting will be held in the Village Office. 16628 San Luis Pass Road [the Fire Station Building!, Saturday, September 30, 1978 at 10 a.m. A copy of the Zoning Ordinance and Map may be examined, in the Village Office 8am- Spm Monday through Friday. Published 9 15thru9-30 Bids and Proposals 2 Bidding Requirements A.NOTICE TOB1D A 1 Galveston Historical Foundation will receive sealed bid in duplicate on trie following project until October 9, 1978 said bids to be received at the office ol the Architects. Taft Architect, 2400 Tail St.. Houston, Texas and to be publically opened. Hendley Building 2016 Strand Galveston, Texas A 2 Copies of Contract Documents, Plans and Specifications are on file at the office ol the Galveston Historical Foundation, 123 Rosenberg, Galveston, Texas, or the office of the Architect, Taft Architects 7400 Taft Street, Houston, Texas upon payment olSSO.OO dollars each set. AM bidders upon returning such set promptly and in good condition will be refunded his payment, and any non bidder so returning such a set in good condition within (10) days alter the opening of bids will be refunded his payment. A3 All bids whether mailed or delivered, must be in the hands of the Owner not later than the above specified time for this project. All bids should be sealed and marked on the outside of the envelope: Proposal for Hendley Building 2016 strand, Galveston, Texas. No bid shall be withdrawn witnin thirty (301 days after the opening of the bids without tne consent ot the Owner. The Owner reserves the right to reject any bid and to waive any formalities in Legal Notices •I- Legal Notices -I- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TEXAS LIQUOR CONTROL ACT THAT ROBERTO S. GONZALES HAS MADE APPLICATION FOR A MIXED BEVERAGE PERMIT TO BE LOCATED AT 4623 - J, CITY OF GALVESTON, GALVESTON COUNTY, TEXAS AND OPERATED UNDER THE TRADE NAME OF FARMER'S INN. Published 9-23, 24 Cards of Thanks mitments on the ERA extension. He originally promised the measure would get priority treatment in the Senate if it passed the House so "we jumped through flaming hoops over here" to get House approval, Mrs. Schroeder said. Bids and Proposals 2 trading. A decision concerning in award ot Contract will be made public as soon as possible. A 4 The Owner shall have the right to take such sieps as he deems necessary to determine the ability ot the Bidder to perform the work and the Bidder shall furnish to Owner, ait such information ana data for this purpose as may be reasonable time A contract disregarded his obligations to subcontractors, material, men, or employees. A 5 All Contract Form Bidding Documents, Drawings, Specifications and addenda issued or referred to during the bidding period shall be considered as the complete set of Contract Documents and shall apply to all work, materials and labor necessary for the total completion of this project. A6 The successful bidder must furnish Performance Bond and Payment Bond in (he amount of One Hundred (100) percent the total contract price, from a surety com pany holding a permit from the State of Texas, to act as surety. Certificate of 1 nsurance must also be furnished. Published? 21, 22 Personal * PAUL MACLEAN please remove personal effects from garage, 5123 N1/7 fay Sept. 2Blh. PREGNANT & NEED HELP?? Call Birthright, Gaivesion 744 8104. Dickinson, 337 4204. We also need- donations 8. volunteers who are pro lite. __ Unwed Pregnancy For help with unwed pregnancy call EDNAGLADNEY HOME Fort Wortti, Texas V 800-772-1104 Announcements 5 J100 REWARD for info leading to the whereabouts ot a 1975 yellow 400cc Yamaha, stolen from 45th & Sherman Sept. 17.7657160. Lost and Found 6 POUND: Large Black lab Near 12 mile Rd. Call lo identify. 737 2727. FOUND: MALE I rish Setter, vicinity of 57th 8. S. Phone 744 3734 between 8AM-8PM. $500 REWARD No question asked for return ol the lewelry & Brown jewelry box taken Wed. Sentimental value. Vicinity 57th 8. Seawall Blvd. 744 3782. LOST —BEAGLE. Adult male, around 37th & Ave. S. White spot on rump. REWARD. 762 1569. REWARD FOR INFO leading to sate recovery ot 2 Python snakes, stolen 921-78. No questions asked. 762-6682. LOST GOLDEN RETREIVER male, 3 mo. old. answers to Moon-dog, $50 REWARD. 7632731. _ LOST DOG—8 mo. old golden retreiver, male, Jojo. Lost 16th & Ball. Tags on chain collr. REWARD. 763-3515 LOST—PLATINUM 12-diamond ring, vicinity 45th &. Ave. S.lGerland's). REWARD. 763 4586. LOST:HOUSTON & MAGNOLIA St., LM. Full grown male beagle. Red 8, black, with white paws, chest & tip of tail. tlOO Reward. 7656946. FOUND Small White dog near LaMarquc City Park. Call evenings, 9356363. LOST: 7-YEAR OLD DACHSHUND Answers to Pete & under medication. Belongs to little girl with cerebral palsey. Lost in vicinity of Ross. 3rd & Muriel in La Marque. Please call 9383929 or 765 5399 8, ask for Mrs. Jecker. SMALL REWARD. LOST: Large Black Lab. Answers to Big Boy. Wonder away from 1000 block of 241h Ave. No., Texas City, 915 76. S100 Reward. 948 4631 Or 935 6188. InMemorium Oil Cards of Thanks THE FAMILY OF THE LATE MRS. IDA MAI SHEPPARD Wishes to express everyone for the their thanks to many beautiful flowers, cards, letters, telegrams, funds & service rendered during our time of sorrow. The Family Of Mrs. Thelma P. Smith Wishes to thank everyone for their cards, telegrams, flowers, phone calls and food and other expressions ot sympathy during our sorrow. Poroloe, Charles, Sisters, Brothers, Niece, Nephews In Loving Memory CH Utah Carl Jared Beach, Sr. Who Passed Away S«p1 ember 24,1976 J Years Ago Today God took him home, it was Mis will. But in our Hearts we love him still; His memory is as dear today. As in the hour he passed away. We otten sil and think ol him, when we are all alone. For memory is Ihe only friend That grief can call its own Sadly Missed By Wife, Juanito Daughter, Sandra Son, Carl Jr. Grandchildren Other Relatives*. Friend*

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