Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 5, 1930 · Page 7
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1930
Page 7
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«al r * t»T TAKl , B. <3,» Jfoit* ».Whit* the tarflft aebat* ftoHtlrtycd m the wiMle tftiaSr, th«-ii«ti*6 to tWl« up a eetles ot isill* by the military afta.lrf etffflmltife*. tft* fates section a* tha taritf bill eote-a to bd returBSd to the toy: Vice freaWtfti Cu*U« today M the Result oi polfiMtf «*<* which Settater fiarkley, • Kentucky, plaftaed to make JBarkley believes the eoftferees ed their authority In **}»* it schedules at a figure outside those either the house or senate bills. Bishop James Cannon, Jr., of the Methodist Episcopal church. South, was called before the senate lobby committee again today; Since his ap* pearancd yesterday he has made a brief public statement about the expenditure ot $48,800 which ». C" ,£""«; son, New *ork broker, •gAvaWm for use In the Virginia anti-Smith campaign of 1928. He has refused to dis- criss this with the committee. Up » today, that body has not mustered a duorum wheh Cannon appeared and hence was unable to compel him to ^Senator Borah, Republican, Idaho, was expected to attend the committee meeting today for the first time In several weeks. If heVdoes the quorum will be complete and the committee may then decide whether it will try to compel Cannon to answer its questions. Hearings on impure drugs were scheduled before the senate agriculture committee today, while the finance committee prepared to'discuss veterans' legislation. A judiciary sub-committee was Scheduled to open hearings on the Sheppard "buyer-guilty" prohibition bill. *he house -naval affairs committee still had the selection of a west coast dirigible base before it today. ODD FELLOWS CONCLAVE INSTALLS NEW OFFICERS WiLLIAMSPORT, Pa., June 5.—Installation of officers brought to a close today the 107th annual session of the grand lodge, I. O. O. F. of Pennsylvania, and the forty-first annual convention of the Rebe>ah assembly, go- Ing on here for the last four days. The delegates were to decide between Altoona and Conneaut Lake as a site for the 1931 sessions, just before adjournment today. Webster Grim, Doylestown, was Installed as grand master of the grand lodge, succeeding George B. McDowell, Philadelphia. Other grand lodge officer? s_eated were the Rev. Simon Sippie, Allentown, deputy grand master; Archibald A. Grant, Scranton, warden; Usher Hall, Philadelphia, secretary; Fred C. Hanyen, Scranton, treasurer; and John Mark, Oil City, grand representative. Rebekah assembly officers Installed were: Mary B. Brown, Harrisburg, president; Mary L. McVay, Fayette county, vice president; Mrs. Jennie Budd, warden; Elizabeth P. 1 Slone, Philadelphia, secretary;- Martha L. Parry, Plymouth, treasurer. A banquet and ball brought the social program of the convention to a close last night. TO INVESTIGATE DEATH. PITTSBURGH, June 5.—An open Inquest will be held into the death of Mrs. Evelyn Ldpke, aged 35, who was found dead in her home Tuesday from the effects of fumigating gases, Coroner W. J. McGregor said today. It waa alleged Mrs. Ldpke died from inhaling gases which were being used to fumigate a house adjacent to her home. Her body was found by her husband. (Copyright, 1930, NEA Service, Inc.) There are at least fonr mistakes in the above picture. They may pertain to grammar* history, etiquette, drawing or whatnot. See If you can And them. Then look at the scrambled word below—and unscramble It, by switching the letters around. Grade yonrself/ 20 for each of the mistakes you'find, and 20 for the word If you unscramble it. Tomorrow we'll explain the mistakes and tell you the word. Then you can see how near a hundred you bat. • » • » > *YESTERDAY'S CORRECTIONS. (I) The sign, "To Sanduuky," points both ways. (2) The shield route ' sign should have V. 8. on It. (3) The sign Indicating cross road should be facing In the opposite direction. \(4) The same sign should be marked with a cross Instead of a curve, (fi) The scrambled word Is SERENADE. LOCAL GRADUATES TO GET DEGREES CARLISLE, June 5.—Ohe hundred forty-two seniors will receive their respective degrees and diplomas at the 147th commencement exercises.of Dickinson college to be held here on June 9. There will be 113 graduated from the college and twenty-nine will receive the diplomas of the Dickinson school of law In the joint commencement of the two schools. Vincent Ai McCrossin, Meshoppen, Pa., having made the best average in the four'year college course, has been named the winner of the James Fowler Rusling prize and the valedictorian of the class, it was announced today by Dr. C. J. Carver, secretary of the college faculty. Willis W. Willaafl, Jr., of Camp Hill, Pa., took second place and will be salutatorian. Local and nearby graduates include: Bachelor of arts degree, Jennings B. Beam, Punvsutawney; Harold 6. Bigley, Spruce Creek; Frank A. Desantes, Gallltzin; Raymond N. Hoffman, Margaret. N. Horner. and Paul E. Smith, all of Altoona; bachelor of philosophy, William D. Metcalfe, Jr., Tyrone; bachelor of law, Emanuel S. Leopold, Hollldaysburg. UTlJUlMAHyWff JUJtfllW OF WESTERN PENNA. Jtttte B.-Arrestftd m A raid on A place in Canon»burg, seven p6r#otw wire held today t« await court m ehargftS of conducting an alleged "ettating house number" lottery, Mike ,-Plhaklg, proprietor, stnd others were taken in the raid. June 8.-Miss beth Kremer rushed across the street id warn a neighbor when she Jaw two suspicious looking persons near the neighbor's automobile. While she was gone the two strangers, stripped her front porch oil its furniture and rugs, she told police. GREENSBURG, June 5.— Setoh Hill college commencement activities will begin Friday and continue until Monday when fifty-five graduates will be given degrees, according to an announcement .today. Charles Francis Hobaft, Ph. to, of the state education department, is the commencement speaker. NEW BRIGHTON, June 5.— 1>, f. Kelley, aged 30, cook for the Johnny Jonea shows playing here today disappeared last night with $1,275 Of the day's receipts, according to police who have begun a search for the missing chef. ' LUTHERAN MINISTERIUM FAVORS SIX-SYNOD PLAN ^^^^ / PHILADELPHIA, June 5.—The 183rd annual convention of the Lutheran Mlnisterium of Pennsylvania and adjacent states will close here today. A discussion of foreign and home missions is scheduled for the concluding session of the meet. A plan to reorganize the six synods in the state into four was voted down by the delegates yesterday. The committee which studied this question, however, was continued and instructed to seek a solution of the problem, which was urged at the minlsterium's last convention in Harrisburg. Election of officers . to various boards, reading ' of reports of the Mount Airy theological seminary' and other educational institutions, and the ordination of fifteen candidates for the ministry, were other features of yesterday's discussions. \ The ordination sermon was preached by Rev. Emll W. Weber, pastor of the Pottsvllle Lutheran church. . Rev. Dr. Frank M. Urich, E. Clarence Miller and F. C. Hassold. were elected directors of Mount Airy seminary. Dr. Urich also was named a trustee of Muhlenburg college and a director of the Woman's college. Rev* Dr. J. Henry Harms, pastor of the Lutheran church of The Holy Communion here, also was named to the board of the Woman's .college. -- KENSINGTON, June 5.— An order for the prosecution of all persons selling or discharging fireworks was issued today to the police department by burgess Daniel Burns. The. measure he said was taken in order to prevent serious burns and accidents which often result from explosions of fireworks. EBENSBURG, June 5.— After sentencing 16-year-old William Kush to sixty days in the county home for Involuntary manslaughter in connection 1 with the shooting of Charles Popovich, aged 13, during a wild west game, Judge John E. Evans announced all juvenile violators in the? future will be dealt with as offenders in criminal court. Long jail sentences may be meted out, he said. BROWNSVILLE, June 5.— Total river traffic of 1,277,720 ions passed through lock No. 5 during the month of May, an increase of 64.268 tons over the commerce for April, liockmaater C. W. Keibler reported today. KITTANNING, June 6.— Johnetta, once a flourishing borough, with a population of several hundred persons, was an almost "deserted village" today With only six inhabitants. A decree annualling the borough charter was signed yesterday by Judge J Frank Graff. CARLOADS LlflOLEU ALL MODERN DESIGNS Why not brighten up the kitchen with brand new inlaid linoleum .. . That floor you have now is worn around the table, the sink and at the doors. This is a great opportunity for you to have the season's latest designs in linoleum at this ridiculous price. REDUCED \\ 25% Have You Compared Your Tickets ? . . . See Our Windows for Awarding Results! . $. 1429 TWELFTH AVENUE as Aft e ffcrtn Hah people PHILADELPHIA) J*tne (Si. -* Th«£ men 'are dead hers today as the rfesrtlt of yesteMay's heat and a number of persons wefe fluttering from the effect of prostration. Patrolman James J. Lettehan, aged 48, was found dead in bed, a victim f . *«O . Jttii itnii^ii^ii^irf l&yti^l . CnaWnTOIEwL ?552 .FnsfiK IwEnfMn/ftf illPMl OW ffP*P af$CI frOul fTSftt prulSUHIuuBlf The leather bWtfttt Wdajf relief th* forecast JtfBdtttwl * fttlom «t t»« tofHtf w*Wi *i t«Mt tffc til gaferday. Tfife «reri«ry ««6l *t fdr three hottf* ' ' AM8RIOAW OHOSEK FOB PltTSBURGH, June ».—-The American committee of" selection for tn* twenty-ninth Carnegie Institute toter* national was announced today by fid' ***' , * ttdtt ttyagtt, t~~ W*fke*. OUtttft, Kfttttot «** ifl addition to btefng on ttw J_ cttMMtte*, wm wrv» *f» OMt Bat-op***! Attfatt on the jury «W*Mtt> TTW Amerlcaa wmnnitts* wffl Witt firat MI ITew Ttfrk, Sept. li, attt At Httafcttrgfc <m 8e«t ». Tlwy wffl 9*** on patatlflg* antmmted try Am«f«W artist* for the «thlbitlon. The fttlT of award will meet hi Pittsburgh 8«pt. 2S. to decide the Carnegie honors and the Albert C. Lehman prize and ptrf- chase funds, the 29th international will open cm Oct. 16, aad extend through O«e. f, 1990. MAONA CHABTA DAY TO BE OBSERVED JUNE 15 Mayor John J. McMurray today called attention to the observance of Magna Charta day, which will be observed throughout the English-speaking world on June 15. "Magna Charta day Is the day elevated by all the English-speaking world as a sign post on the path of civilization and peace," said Mayor McMurray, in calling attention to it. "It is observed wherever English is spoken, in the United States, Great Britain,, Canada, Newfoundland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. 1230 Eleventh / Avenue SITNEK'S ^^ DEPENDABLE DRUG STORES 12th Avenue and 12th Street Extra Low Priced Specials! Friday and Saturday 50c Pepsodent Toothpaste... 37c $1.00 Squibb's Petrolatum ... 79c 2Sc Mavis '/Talcum ...;^»>T^.( 1 7*» 1 1 C $1.00 Houbigant Face Powder. ... 40c Castoria (Fletcher's) . . . . . . r . •• 50c Ingrain's Shav. (pream (Jar) ........ $2.00 s. s. s. $!. 59 2Sc Woodbury C A- Soap, 3 for JVC $1.00 Mile* Nervine.... 79c 50c Palmolive Cold Cream... : 75c Baume Bengay ... 50c Beecham Pills ...-...., 34c BRING IN YOUR FILMS We do Developing and Printing. Excellent work. Prompt service. Mary Lee Candies —AND ALWAYS FRESH f \/ IB. 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