Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on January 4, 1959 · Page 38
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 38

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 4, 1959
Page 38
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B-14-INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TKEGRAM U«t iMtt, COM. ****.·,. J«mi«rr 4. Hit TV KNXT Channel 2 KABC Channel 7 KRCA Channel 4 KHJ Channel 9 KTLA Channel 5 KTTV Channel 11 KCOP Channel 13 SUNDAY, JANUARY 4,1959 COLOR ON TV 1:30 4--The Great Leap Forward 1:30 i--Northwest Passage 8 r.M. 4--The Steve Allen Show 9 r.M. 4--Chevy Show: "Hoedmvn" MONDAY DAYTIME 12 NOON 4--Truth or Consequences 12:80 KM. 4--Haggis Baggis 8:00 A. M. 9--Rocket to Stardom (3', ! hr) 8:30 2--Camera Three: "Diary of Sam Chamberlain" 5-^In God We Trust ' · 8:55 2--Harry Reasoncr, News 9:00 A.M. 2--Lamp Unto My Feet 5--TEA 7--Western Movies (to noon) 9:30 2--Look Up and Live 4--The Big Picture . 5--Yesterday's Ncwsreel 9:45 13--Sacred Heart Program 10:00 A.M. 2--Eye on New York: "The Writer in New York" 4--Ten for Survival, Chet Huntley: "Learn, and Live" . 5--Home Buyers Guide' 11--Eddie Dean Western: ; "Song of Old Wyoming" 13-;Hoot Gibson Western: . ."Local Badman" 10:30 2---Face the Nation: Sen. John Sherman Cooper 4--The .Catholic Hour . 11:00 A. M. 2^Light of Faith 4--Pro Basketball: Minneapolis at Philadelphia 5--Movie 11--Great Churches: St. Mark . -Episcopal, Van Nuys 13--iChurch-in the Home 11:30 2^-Visits with a Sculptor: "D signs for Reproduction" 9--Movie: "The Navy Comes Through," Pat O'Brien 12:00 NOON ..2--The Big News of '58, ',* Douglas Edwards . .; ; 7_J7'70 on TV, Leonard Shan 11--L. A. Open Golf Tourney 13-^Movie: "Journey into Light," Viveca Lindfors, Sterling Hoyden 12:15 5--Learn to Draw, Jon Gnag 12:30 5--Errol Flyiin Theater: · . "The Model" : 7--Faith for Today 1:00 P.M. 2--Movie: "The Dark Man," Edward Underdown (Rr.) 4--Southeast Asia: Target foi Communism 5--Gardena Auction Center 7--Christian Science Heals 8--Movie: "Kitty Foyle," Ginger Rogers · 1:16 7--Gordon's Garden 1:30 4--(Color) The Great Leap Forward, Frank McGee .(Red China) 5--Movie: "Destination Unknown," William Gargan 7--Message of the Master 13--Movie: "Abilene Town," Randolph Scott,-Ann -bvorak ' 2:00 P. M. 4--This Is the Life 7_^jshop Pike: "Problems of Population" 2:SO 2--Douglas Fairbanks Theater "The Intruder" 4--Faith of Our Children, Joan Vohs 5--Championship Auto Races 7--Johns Hopkins File 7 "Mental Titans, pt. 1" ' 2:45 9--Movie: "Berlin Express," Robert Ryan, Paul Lukas 3:00 P.M. 2--Movie: "Everybody's Baby, 1 Spring Byington, Jed Prouty 4--Time to Think: "Will Your Child Get into College" 7--Open Hearing: "New Faces !n Congress" 13--This Is the Answer 3:30 4--Adventuring in the Hand "Musical Instruments" 7--College News Conference: Sen. Hubert Humphrey 13_Movie: "The Tall Lie," Paul Henried 4:00 P.M. 2--Where We Stand, IT, Walter Cronkite 4--Debut, Joseph Schildkraut (Young Musicians Foundation) 7--Sunday Stage: "The Uncrossed River," Bruce Bennett 12:45 9_Movie: "My Life with Caroline," Ronald Colman, Ann Lee 1:00 P. M. 2--The Jimmy Dean Show 4:15 9--Movie: "Fighting Father Dunne," Pat O'Brien 4:30 7--Bowling Stars: Carmen Salvino, Pat Patterson 5:00 P. M. 2--College Bowl, Allen Ludden (Northwestern-Brown) TV SERVICE ALL WORK GUARANTEED GE 4-1515 ARTCRAFT TV T f rltUM \ 4039 C. 4lh St. ·· Colll Hour* Dairy Int. Ian., 9 4.M..P P.M. $?«. i* c 4--Omnibus: "Prince Orestes Christopher Plummer, Irene Worth 5--Adventures or Popeye 7--The Paul Winchell Show 11--Famous Playhouse: "I'll b Waiting." Ed Kemmcr 13--Rev. Gali-Lee 5:30 2--Ted Mack and the Origina Amateur Hour 7--The Lone Ranger 11--Farmer Al Falfa (cartoons 13--Jack Holcomb Calls 8:45 9-This Week in Sports 6:00 P.M. 2--Small World, Edward R. Murrow: Maria Callas, Victor Borge, Sir Thomas Beeeham (pt. 1) 4--Meet the Press: Sens. Pau Douglas, Jacob Javits 5--News 7--Sky King, Kirby Grant 9--Championship Bowling: Bluth vs. Hoover 1--Dan Smoot Reports: "Inflation" 3--The Open Door 6:15 5-TBA 1--Sunday Evening News (i:SO 2--The 20th Century, Walter Cronkite: "The Remagen Bridge" 4--The World Ahead, Frank McGee Polka Parade, Dick Sinclai: 7--Orient Express 1--Movie: "Meet Me in St. Louis," Judy Garland June Lockhart, Margaret O'Brien, Mary Astor 13--The Press and the Clergy 7:00 P.M. 2--Lassie, Jon Provost 4--Saber of London, D. Grey 7--You Asked for It, Jack Smith 9--Movie: "Suspicion," Gary Grant, Joan Fontaine 13--Social Security in Action 7:15 13--Weekend Rep't, Dan Riss. 7:30 2--Bachelor Father, John Forsythe, Noreen Corcoran 4--(Color) Northwest Passage, Keith Larson 5--Movie: "Gold Is Where You Find'It," Olivia DeHavil- land, George Brent 7--Maverick, James Garner ,3--Command Performance; "Starbound," Barbara Bates 8:00 P. M. 2--Ed Sullivan Show, with Imogene Coca, Ford and Hines, Shelley Berman, Trude Adams 4--(Color) Steve Allen with Patric Munsel, Roy Hamilton, King Sisters, Chuck McCann 13--Church in the Home 8:30 7--Lawman, John Russell 9--Crusader, Brian Keith 11--Movie (8:40): "The Search," Montgomery Clift, Aline MacMahon, Jarmila Novotna 9:00 P.M. 2--G-E Theater: "And One Was Loyal," Joan Crawford, Tom Helmore 4--(Color) Chevy Show: "The Hoedown," Pat Boone, Roy Rogers, Jo Stafford, Red Foley, Homer and Jethro 5--Police Station 7--Colt .45, Wayde Preston 9--Movie: "Kitty Foyle," Ginger Rogers 13--Rev. Oral Roberts 9:30 2--Alfred Hitchcock Presents: "Six People, No Music," John McGiver, Peggy Cass 7--Meet McGraw, Frank Lovejoy .3--The Dan Lundberg Show: "The Boom Cycle" 10:00 P.M. 2 - Keep Talking, Carl Reiner 4--The Loretta Young Show: "The Break-Off," Ralph Meeker 5_Wantcd, Walter McGraw 7--Inner Sanctum: "Dark of the Night" 3--Voice of Calvary 10:30 2--What's My Line, John Daly 4--Movie: '.The Red Pony," Myrna Loy, Robert Mitchum 5--Hollywood Diary, Dave ' Willock 7--Music Is My Beat, Larry Finley 1--Sunday News, Bill Welsh 3--0. L. Jaggers 10:45 9--Bowling Derby 11:00 P.M. 2--News. Special, Bill Stout -Errol'Flynn Theater: "Red Geranium" Teleplays (3) 11:15 --Movie: "Johnny Belinda," Jane Wyman, Lew Ayres, Charles Bickford MONDAY, JANUARY 5, 1959 6:30 4--Continental Classroom: "Alternating Current 1" 2--Farm Report (6:50) 7:00 A. M. 2--Captain Kangaroo 4--Today, Dave Garroway 7:45 2--Grant Holcomb, News 8:00 A.M. 2--Our Miss Brooks; News 7--Allison's Wonderland 1--Chevy Dealers Meeting 8:30 2--Amos 'n' Andy 5--Red Rowe Show 9:00 A. M. 2--Love or Money, Bill - limmo 4--Dough-Re-Mi. G. Rayburn 7--It's Fun to Reduce 9:15 7--Chef Milani 9:30 2--Arthur Godfrey Time 4--Treasure Hunt, J. Murray 1--Jack LaLane Show 10:00 A. M. 2--I Love Lucy . 4--Price Is Right, B. Cullen i--Breakfast in Hollywood, Harry Babbitt 7--Chuckoo's Cartoons Jackson Wheeler Show 10:30 2--Top Dollar, Jack Narz 4--Concentration, H. Downs 11:00 A.M. 2--Love of Life 4--Tic Tac Dough, B. Wendell i--Romper Room, Miss Mary '--I Married Joan, Joan Davis 11:30 2--Search for Tomorrow 4--It Could Be You, B. Leyden 7--Peter Lind Hayes Show i--Roy Rogers Movie: "Lights of Old Santa Fe" 11:45 2--The Guiding Light 12:00 NOON 2--News; Invin Berke Presents Kendis Rochlen (12:05) -- (Color) Truth or Consequences, Bob Barker --Uncle Luther (cartoons) --Sheriff John. John Rovick 12:30 --As the World Turns --(Color) Haggis Baggis, Fred Robbins --Play Your Hunch, Mcrv Griffine 4--Young Dr. Malone ynamite Truckers lurt, No Explosion PRIVAS, France (UPI) -- A uck loaded with 220 pounds dynamite crashed down a 4-foot ravine Saturday. The truck was wrecked and e driver and a passenger were iured, but the dynamite did t explode. 5--Movie: "The Fountainhead," Gary Cooper 7--The Libcrace Show 11--Mickey Rooney, John Rovick 1:30 2--Art Linkletter House Party 4--From These Roots Y--Dr. I. Q., Tom Kennedy 11--Mr. D. A., David Brian . 2:00 P.M. 2--Big Payoff. Bob Paige · 4--Queen for Day, Jack Bailey 7--Day in Court, Hank Simms 11--Paul Coates Show 2:30 2--The Verdict Is Yours 4--County Fair, Bert Parks 7--Music Bingo, J. Gilbert 9--Lookin' at Cookin' 11--Steve Martin's Martinee 13--Guidnpost 3:00 P.M. 2--The Brighter Day 4--Movie: "Yellowneck," Linn McCarthy 7--Beat the Clock. B. Collyer 9--Movie: "Black Fury," Paul Muni 11--L. A. Open Golf Tourney 13--Industry on Parade 3:15 2--The Secret Storm 13--April in Paris 3:30 2--The Edge of Night 5--Dorothy Gardiner Show 7--\Vho Do You Trust, Johnny Carson 13--Compass 4:00 P.M. 2--Kingdom of the Sea 5--Skipper Frank's Cartoons 7--American Bandstand 13--The June Levant Show 4:30 2--Movie: "Geronimo," Preston Foster, Andy Devine 4--Movie: "Cowboy-and the Blonde," George Montgomery, Mary Beth Hughes There's a big hoedowii I night as a flock of Western a; country music headliners vis the "Chevy Show" (4) at o'clock in COLOR. The sta include Roy Rogers, Pat Boon Jo Stafford, Red Foley, Ed Arnold, Rex Allen, Homer ai Jethro, the Sons of the Pionee and the Hollywood Squa Dancers. They all have one thing common; all started out in tl country-music field. Some ha switched over to other types music. Dinah Shore takes a vaca tion but comes back again ne Sunday. DAYTIME DATA "Eve on New York" return to (2) at 10 a. m. to keep yo posted on the nation's large city and its peoples. Today show deals with writing an publishing . . . Sen. John. She man Cooper (R-Ky) will "Fai the Nation" (2) at 10:30 a. i He has been nominated for th hotly contested post of minori floor leader . . . "Pro Baske ball" (4) at 11 a.m. has Phil delphia meeting Minneapol Douglas Edwards leads th CBS correspondents in a revie of "The Big News of '58" (2 at noon . . . "L.A. Open Go Tourney" is on (11) at noon . . NBC news presents "Southoas Asia: Target for Communism on (4) at 1 p.m. with film made in Red China and othe Asian areas. At 1:30 p.m. COLOR, "The Great Leap For ward" is shown and narrate by Frank McGee. Films wer made in a tour of Commi . . . "Johns Hopkins Fil 7" (7) at 2:30 p.m. begins six-part series with a delinea tion of the lives of six me whose ideas changed our wa of looking at the world . . . Ne\ faces in Congress will be dis cussed by Sen. Hugh Scott (R Pa) and Eugene J. McCarth. (D-Minn) on "Open Hearing (7) at 3 p. m. ... Sen. Huber Humphrey (D-Minn) who mad headlines with his eight-hour visit with Khrushchev, will ap pear on "College News Confer ence" (7) at 3:30 p. m. · * 1 p. m. 'Debut" (4) has Joseph Schildkraut as the host present ing musicians, all under the age of 25, in a chance for enhancing their education in the classica music field. Four young artists participate in the first show including Eduard Auer, pianist 17; Joanna de Keyser, cellist, 19; Lynne Blakeslee, violinist, 17, and Carl Schultz, bass, 24. Schultz is soloist with the Long Beach Symphony. A full-hour news report assessing and eomparing the relative positions of the United States and Russia in the areas of arms, economics and educa- ion is'contained in "Where We Stand II" (2). First part was 'ascinating and timely. · Mental powess, instead of athletic ability, takes over for 'College Bowl" (2) when un- dergradaute teams from North- vestern and Brown University vie in a quizzer. Eight collegians battle in knowledge against he clock and each other with Allen Ludden serving up the questions. "Omnibus" (4) p r e s e n t s 'Prince Orestes" starring Chrisopher Plummer and Irene Vorth. The trilogy dates from 158 B.C. and is a Greek tragedy. 6 p. m. Maria Callas, vitriolic opera star with temperament, will oin Sir Thomas Beecham and Victor Borge on Ed Murrow's "Small World" (2). Show will continue next Sunday. "Meet the Press" (4) has Sen. Paul H. Douglas (D-I1I) and Sen. Jacob K. Javits (R-NY) as the guests. 6:30 p.m. A half-hour special called "The World Ahead" is on (4) featuring NBC news correspondents in session to give predictions on 1959. "The 20th Century" (2) recreates one of World War II's most dramatic moments, the battle of the Remagen Bridge. 7 p.m. New Orleans and jazz combine on "You Asked for It" (7) with Louis Armstrong as the headline guest. "Lassie" (2) and Timmy nearly become statistics when they join an "army" of boys who are playing at war in an area where the U.S. Army is HOME SERVICE CALL ALL WORK PARTS GUARANTEED ?GA 2-1080 HE 6-1225 5481 ATLANTIC J. P, TV SERVICE 'FREE HOME CALL" Minlmin Cfilrn fir Pull ( Lltir Open 7 Days a Week Sunday 9 to 9 MEtcalf 3-6317 8U E. DOSE, IEUFLOWE* on war maneuvers with live mines and ammunition. 7:30 p.m. It takes both brothers "Maverick" (7) to outwit a beauti ful countess who has taken one of them in a confidence game. Uncle Bentley calls for an economy wave when the bills for the first of the month arrive during "Bachelor Father" (2) and trouble ensues. COLOR -- "Northwest Passage" (4) will shift to Saturdays after today to make room for Buddy Bregman, who opens here next week. Today three of the Rangers discover that their pay is counterfeit and start investigating. 3 p.m. Imogene Coca, doing a special song-and-dance act, leads off the talent parade on the "Ed Sullivan Show" (2) which includes Ford and Hines, Trude Adams, violinist Ivry Gitlis, comedian Shelley Berman, a dancer, a dog act and the top sportsmen of the year. COLOR--"Steve Allen" (4) has Patrice Munsel, Roy Hani 1 ilton, the King Sisters and comedian Chuck McCann. 9 p. m. Joan Crawford stars on the "G.E. Theater" (2) as a woman shocked so severely by a cruel msband that she loses her voice. The husband is killed by a snake dropped onto his bed ,nd suspicion forms in the minds of the wife arid a male :uest as to who did the deed. 9:30 p. m. When an unctuous under- aker gets the coveted assignment to handle the funeral of he town's wealthiest citizen, thics and economics clash on he "Alfred Hitchcock" (2) hillcr. "Meet McGraw" (7) has this lew time period and big-time ootball and racketeering collide with our hero in the middle.. 10 p.m. Peggy Cass and Morey Am- KLOM-II.I UU-III KFOMZM KHJ-I3I MU-I1H KFWI-388 KWIZ-UIQ KNX-II7I xraL-1541 KFOMH.1 SUNDAY, JANUARY 4,1959 7:00 A.M. KFI--New. Radio Pulpl £ABC-^-American Farm? BUJ--Journey to ueloay KNX-Onuich of uw All Uavtej KFI--Homt'Town 8:00 A.M. VI--jriuuy fap«i iia xABC-^JLaymtn'* Hour KGKft-^dvircommi Uie 8:30 ' -lagic t-a no storte KABC--LT£ht and Life Hr xHJ--B«CK 10 uoo KNX--S. i-ak* TaoerDacli KGER-- voice o( China KFI--World'or tne ilind KUKR-- World Lu*ratu UiOfl A.M. -- -- A t now* W ' M U S K CABC--Hour or Faith CHJ--Radio Bible Ufasj KNX--News; Headline Utas, lieu jNX-UalvVrsTty Explorer kOER--Kingdom Tieas'ra '1:30 HABC--Christ'n In Aciloi UiJ --Voice ui PrujHitcv ""IX--Older You Grow KNX--Adv. 'in Science 10:00 A. M. KFI--Herbert J. ilann KABC--Message oi Israel K H J -- N e w s , Anisic KNX-Nws; C. Colllnnwd KULR--Missionary A r m v 10:1.1 KFI-- Investment Answers KHJ--Christian Science KNX--A3 Others See U: 10:3(1 KFI--Eternal Light KABC--Education Repon KHJ--Frank and Ernest K N X -- invit n i«. Lenr-.m- KGER--Chosen People KABC--Your" Child You KHJ--Guest Star KUER--uan GfJbrrt 11:00 A. M. KFI--Nwa; American Way KABC-van Nuys Baptist KHJ--Prank Bull Shnw KNX--News; Year Gone By, Howard K. Smith 3ER--Ch. of Open Dooi 11 :30 KFI--Catholic Hour 12 NOON vFt--News; Monitor --~ .».; Monitor KHJ--News; Music KGER--Rev. Victor Gli 1:00 KM. ·Sews; D« - Chariti _ . Ben in Music -Dr, Oral Jtobtrts KFI--Monitor KM--Meet it CeieuritT KABC--Kadio Bible CIu: KHJ--Henry Trtvls lo - KGER--Sunshine iHsaloi 2:00 P. M. Kfl--News; Monitor '".BC^World Vision KG-^s, a "i,v hn( Stesa.f.v.jsffir KGKR--Ma uric* Johnson 3:00 P.M. JABO--Dr. Billy Grahan KNX--News: Sun. Scene --KU11 Gospel KFI--Boo 3 olmslaln. 3:3U KFF--Meet the Press. Sens. Uouslns. Javlli iABC-H.rald of Trutlj KNX--L. A. Open Coll ""-1--Tempi, lime 4:00 P.M. {Pl_i-j g America Sinjs fei8 U -,«TM'-.. p "E""'a5e terdam join the regulars on Keep Talking" (2). . A test pUot is selected to fly plane more than 100 miles nto space, and tragedy in his ersonal life changes his philos- phy d u r i n g "The Loretta oung Show" (4) s t a r r i n g Meekr. 10:30 p. m. Guests on "Hollywood Diary" 5) are Esther Williams and ob Cummings. MONDAY DAYTIME "Continental Classroom" (4) back at 6:30 a.m. . . . Gar- iway covers the National ome Furnishings show in Chiago during some of "Today" 4) at 7 a. m. ... Opening of ongress is hailed by "Primer Congress" (4) at 7:30 a.m., hich reports how the law- akers function . . . Reader ks us to mention Jack La- --Scout Jamboree 'C--WinRs or Healing -.i-,- -Reporters' Roundup KNX--L. A. Open Cult KGEK--Family BIDIB Hr 5:00 P.AI. --Songs Never DI« -..-JC--News U1J--Reviewing Stand 'MX- News; Indictment KChR- Voice of China .ABC--Changing Timi KGER-Rev. K Frfd Hos* tFl--Ulsa KFI: ilonltor CA'JC--I!corge SokolsKV ^i-WA«"J»««. : *ABC--Dr, Gene Bartlett KGER--Far East Brdcsi. 6:00 P. M. .ABU--Paul t l a r v e v KHJ--Walter WlncheU \NX--Suspense: " 'il' Is for the Million Things," Agnes Xloorhead :Gfc;h Rescue Mission B:!5 \ H C Hrew Penrai.r- 1IJ--Momenta In Music PREMIERE KNX^jfcnny' Dol8r* : K3ER--Rev. Al Harlaa (-45 KABC-tour Ulblt KHJ--Dan Smoot Rep' 7:00 P. M. KFI--Opera. Is for Eve one: Tl Otello" KABC--Mickey Katz KHJ--Marian Theatre KNX--News; Have C Will Travel (7:05) KGER--Gordon Palmer KABC-Dr.'Smes F KHJ--John T. Flynn KNX--cunsmoke KGER--Dan Gilotrt KHJ--Okla.*'c'ily fiymp KUER--uethei Hour 8:00 P. M. KHJ--Music Jieyond Sta KNX--Ntwi; Milch Mil 8:48 KGER-- Shiloh BaplUt 9:00 P. M. KABC--voice oi f rophe KHJ--News; Music KNX--News; Where W Stand II, George Herm 9:03) KUCK--Bethel Church 9*15 KHJ--Your Pharmacist 9:30 \FI--C. P. MaeGregor KABC--Back to God H KHJ--News; Dr. Poling KGER--Zlon Hill Bapi! 10:00 P. M. £F1 N e w s 1 UtKihd KABC--W'ld of Tomorro iHJ-- Huut o! Decision KNX--Richfield Reporte 10:15 \.Fl--Mayor Punlson KNX--Science Editor. KFI--liour or Decision UU-Jtevlval Tune .--J -- tt'lnss of tleallnp KNX--Capitol Cloakroom JR- -spirituals 11:00 P.M. tPI--Here's to Vets KABC--Coltete Chapel *HJ--Tne r.ews-\vneel :NX--Round Hound Soc. UKR--Crusaders Temp l!:lo ·CFl--You're Ule Uocto CABC--Krwln Canhara 11 ::tn KABC--Lawrence Welk ~ 'K--circle Mission MONDAY, JANUARY 5, 1959 7:00 A.M. KFI--News KABC--Junn Trotte.-. to K1U--Frank Hemingway KNX--News; Ned Calmer KGEK--cnrisl Faltb 7:10 KFI--Hit the Kond KHJ--Bill Brundie. KNX -Bob Crane Snow KGER--Aubrey Lee KHJ--News:' Engineering KNX--Frank Gosi 7:45 KFI--News; Southland KHJ--Breakfast Newj KNX--Harry Babbitt KOER-- W. B. Record 8:00 A. M. KFI--News: Hit the Road K.HJ--CHU Encie. i.ews KNX--Bob Crane Show KHJ-- News: Just Tlilnfc KFI-- News rCH.l -Bible Institute KNX -- Boh -Crane Show on (11) at 9:30 are. KTTV has ane's shu\v so we ver told us much about the ow and our figure doesn't cd more trimming . . . "Ar- ur Godfrey" (2) is now at 30 a.m. as "Play Your unch" moves to (7) ... "I vc Lucy" re-runs are on (2) 30 a.m. (network, not just cal, but same old worn-out isodes) .. . Invin Berke, erst-1 hile producer of the defunct uggan blastings, starts his vn show with columnist Kens Rochlen on (2) at. 12:05 in. and Stan Freberg is the rst guest - . . "Play Your unch" is now on (7) at 12:30 m. and "Mother's Day" is off ter a short life . . . "Hour of ars" folds on (11) and lickey Rooney Show" and Ir. District Attorney" take er at 1 P. m. .. . "L. A. Open olf" will be on (11) at 3 p.m. KFI--Turn Back clock KGKR-- Perrv Crawforo 8:03 KABC--Phul Harvey KNX--Rusty Draper 9:00 A.M. BU--Breakfast Club --J--News; Hen C rowel. KNX--News, Hugh McCoy KCSrtR- l.iiineiait H n u i KNX--BobVrane Bhow 9:30 KFI--Lndlea' Day KHJ--tturina Vuunji KGER--John Brown 10:00 A.M. KFT--News: True Story KABC--Peter and Mary; KHJ-- 10 o'clock Ncwi KNX-- News; Right to Happiness (10:05) Ubil Ke*cue WlEsiOD - KNX -- Second Mrs. Burton 10:30 KHJ -- Gabriel Heatter, Geortft Crowell (to 12) KNX-- YounR Dr. .Malone KGKH-- Overcnmlnj! Lift 10;4S KNX~Ma Perkins KGER-- Rev. LeKoy Kop 11:00 A. M. KFI-- News KNX-- News KGER- -Or. LoulB Talbot KFI-- B. Parks Bandstd KNX- \\TilspcrInE Streel: i t :ift KNX-- Couple Next Door ' K f l K R -- sunshine Mission 11:45 KFI--Lunch Hour Ktvrt KNX--Pat B u t l r a m KGER--Dan Gilbert 12 NOON ·CFI-- Farm Reporter vlIJ--Frank Hemingway ^n3ff,«,r a 12:16 KFI--Calii. Agrlcultur vHJ--Ceclric Foster News '.NX--Nelson Mclnlncb 12:30 KFI--News; Real Lfle Stories (12:35) · CHJ--Ert Han show CNX--Galen Drake Shov KOER- I it orr. Blbie KNX--Howard Miller 1:00 P. M. bins: George Crowell Hr KNX--Hugh McCoy new Arthur uodlrey u.ti KGER--Airmail from Gi KGF3R--Chrlsmn-Ji KFI--Woman In my Us KUER- Gooa News. Musi l:« Kri--Pepper i'oung KGKR--Health Talk 2:00 P. M. KFI--News; Mary Hlcko KNX--News; Art Unk- letter KGKK--Social Security; Guest Artist (2:05) KFI--One Man's Famflv KNX--Bill Weaver Bhow 2M5 KFI--Dr. Gentrv KGER--People and Place; 3:00 P. M. K1- News- Southland KHJ--Gabriel Heat" erf Oeorce Crowell (3:0!S) ·CNX--L, A. Open Golf \r,KK Da n Hike Sliow _...ppy KNX--Don't You Belfevt It (3:25) NX--PhfHp' 3 Notraaa 3:45 KHJ--Answer Man 4:00 P.M. KFI--New H . i - K i i n i m Lewis Jr KNX--New a JF1--Myron'J. Bennett *H.t -Frank Hpmin»««.-.iy \NX-Ii. A. Open Oolf 4::m HJ--Georpp l-'lsher NX--it's sun BUI GER--Gilbert Bcllshaw xHJ--Holbrook Heport GER--Charlie Turner NX--Point of Law. *:bt itil conclusion "Geroni- o" is the movie on (2) at 4:30 m. as Paramount Week starts nother top-run movie at 10:30 m.). RADIO HIGH LIGHTS New 13-week series on "In- ation to Learning" at 10:30 m. on KNX will deal with an and the law . . . "The Year me By at 12:05 p.m. over NX has people from various Ids talking . . . Paladin 01 lave Gun, Will Travel" on MX at 7:05 p. m. sets out to turn a girl to her father Vhere We Stand II" is on NX at 9:05 p.m. with top ficials comparing the United ates and Russia in various Ids. TV Service Calls S i-DAY GUARANTEE ON ALL PARTS ... 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HOWELl I II Tow TV Sll _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ! : I-HOUR :TV SERVICE ··fllL AREAS DAY -- NiGHT -- SUNDAY 2 · · · · · · · · · · · H I TU 90-Day | -, · W GUARANTEE | : TV ANTEKNAU INSTALLED $9,95 f Serving Long Beach I for 7« Years I PICTURE TUBES MOST SIZES 100 per In. · SERVING LONG BEACH ! LAKEWOOD, BELLFLOWER AND PARAMOUNT 10 YEARS · GORDON'S TV · :t E. AHIEIIA fn c in I E * BELLFLOWEK ID 0" I i I 9 . WHILE U WAIT AUTO RADIO REPAIR DRIVE-IN SERVICE Downtown Long Beach WESTERN TV, 247 ALAMITOS Dale Carnegie Coii^se D«veld| Coiinse-- PolM-OonfUjnoe-liini to SptaHn Public PHESENIED Y EMC SimON · ' FREE DEMONSTRATION IALLERINA ROOM, LAFAYETTE HOTEL, MONDAY, JANUARY 5 -- 7:30 f. M. YOUR LONG BEACH II-FI and S T E R E O SPECIALISTS NEW HOURS! MON.-FHI., I2-9| SAT., 9-1 CUSTOM SOUND 3487 ATLANTIC GA 4-1611 · Contemporary Treatment · Medical Doctors · Special Nurses The Gatiwiy to "Subtlety, Health, Normal Lilt Long leach SANITARIUM 1159 E, Pacific Com* Hwy HEmlock 5-3535 SOUTHLAND MAGAZINE DAY OR NIGHT, SUNDAY 00 2 HE 2-3701 HOUSE. CALLS' Manufacturers of the ELECTRIC SHOPPER Buy Direct from Factory Save! Low Factory Prleet · Lovr Operating Colt low Down Payment ». Low Bonk Terms · trtm Damonttratlon W. S.rvlt, and R.polr all MaVoi of Elictric Cori ELECTRIC CAR CO, of CALIF. Retail Sales Service 495 Alomitoi HE 4-6213 CANTER'S 1834 ATLANTIC AVENUE MARKETOUR ELECTRIC CARS SAVE- DIRECT FROM FACTORY Bit Indopftfidtnt--thop--Do to church--vltlt friondi. Hoi 40" itol width -- o botttrUf and bulIMn charair. SMALL DOWN PAYMENT EAST TERMS -- WE CARRY OUR OWN CONTRACTS Colt or Wrlf* tor Information LONG BEACH SCOOTER SALES Eilabllihea 1 Sin,. 1040 1007 SOUTH ST. LONO BEACH 0« 2.449] HI FI STEREO COMPONENTS ALSO- - X KITS j WHITEHEAD RADIO COMPANY 4686 LONG BEACH BLVD. · QA 2-9867 or GA 3-6084 Picture Tube Weak??? We'll Rejuvenate FREE as Part of Our Regular $3.50 Call Servicing Anything Electronic 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. Dolly * Sunday GE 4-5769 TECH.MASTER RA9IO t TV . 3124 E. 10th

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