Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 22, 1976 · Page 15
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 15

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1976
Page 15
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Call ; B273. 7--Business Opportunities HESTAURANT on So-Jh 71. Good Vrel last ^nd lunctifon business. Terms vi civner. Call Jan Hcnini, Tiuinljo t ( S31-ESOO or niles S21-KW. ol aiher busTness, fo: ill 4-12 3320. 9--Salespersons Wanted THUCKLOAT) S.M.B-POTTED PLANTS -- Tomato hft. and s v i-et peppers-- 30c each'. I'ACKAGEU AVI'LK TREES.-J3.60 each:: Large .-rto^k of truit. shadu. orna mental trees and shrub*'. Above, pnccs g«rd' Friday and Salurrtay, April" 23 21. 1976. Farm Spnlcc Coopwalivc, I,awn t ; Ccnler, 62B 71B, Fayettevilie Ark. FLli\ ^IAHK^^' Saturday, April 21. 7:M A M - ? L O : P . M - IIS W. Cunlcr. .y ' MaJl). Fajetteville _ HOUSE PIANT.ItOMB S'ATtTIFS AVAILABLE. Have a Rrccnup parly in your home \v1th an unliniitod variety, ol plants and accessories delivered at your con vcrticrice, fiilis, raffles, games. Call 31U717 aflcr 3 call «MI5I "rite Gretnup Partit-s P.O. Pox-125, Fayette- \llte. AR 72501. EVANGELISTIC^ CENTER, INC. Charles Thompson, Speaker Mill wnduct a Charismatic Meeting Fri daj and Siturdaj -it 7 3 0 pin April 23 21. And Sunday'at 2:30 p.nv. :\j?ri. 25. (Tuni soulh Ironi Hw-y, 62 west al ilavvMn-s Elodi- Shop. Phone 413-4466. -2--Coming Events ,._rs, vrfiat -nots, 1 " dishes slide projcctor,.;i;[r3ric. basiintf,. cloiti Jrg [kids and'adults). Watch for signs VAHU Sale Satuiday, April 2lUi at FH West Oampus. 1o«nrd' off Hivy. 62 West tKir namay Jr. Higb Schort. LOTS 01 SUPEIl ITEMS. RUALMAtit: Sale April 23rd ami 24U ^fl! Ittwfs Ap L 1 B. oh the MHch St.-fc'Jc 1 . 0:00 a m nrday. B to a. clot erids. 1631 .Ano\vhca MOVING Sale -- Everything must f 1K2 N. OaWand. Friday vSatunJay, 7 T i til. Console stereo, ' rocker, "bathrec ihejf.- dislics, cbtliing oil siie?, ridi hmvver, garnge" VBcuum elcancr, odds ends, toys, FAMILY Carport Sate, bahy rloths ds, guitar, 10 sp*«d bicycle, canals mt.'5, records. Iis.hwa5.hrr, mlscellan Cheap prices and Tree Hems. Fri nd Saturday. April 21 and 21. 12^6 All AGE: Sale Friday and Salucday, Ap- 1 23 And 'SI. 9 a.m. tr!l' * BJ33 Eliza iclh. Bunk bcrts, - h'cjtJes. red o, dos S toys, Jraiws, aildinfi macEiinv ,haby and childrens. clothing,, mis- FOOD SALES 20 -- Motorcycles 1072 YAMAHA"' D S 7. 2M Street. In RKxl condition, tt75. Phone 442-2^2. , 1071 YA1IAMA MOTOriCYCl.E 3DO. road hike for sale. 1325. GaoJ ihape, Phone Ml- M:O. HONDA 1370 CL 350 excellent condition, kindsriielil, carrier, new baliery. Jl'-O or 197-1 YAMAHA 250 MX. new tran5miss!c*i HOXDA 19TO CLXO, excellent oor.ditlMi. windshield, carrfer. now ballcry. H50 or best 'Offer. 521-95131071 KAWASAKI 300 Very fast, recent lop overhaul never wrecked..- M75. Many spaic ]Mjts. Piiwjc 412-7415. 21 -- Automotive-^-For Sale' 1375 I1ATEUN ',i tow ihrjrt bed. 11,000 miLes. KCOQ. -113-3-TU alter 4:00. !519 rONTCAC Silver Sueafc. new rart'o- lor an3 baltery, extvllEiA running condi lien. *WO. t'hcne H1-2SJ7. 1971 GHAMJVIIJ.K I'onl'ac, nil rcwc equip jnrnt. new Uses, 5J,KO mil**, Sl.OM 21-- A 071 VU :! Cl bed. 6 c 41Z-717G 1?71 PO rower l Gary at aulo. AS 731-5973 SAVE transmia ISS7 LI IMS v~ £pCl. Call' 53 est .Arkansas TIMES, Thurs., April 22, 1976 · A V K F T K V I L I . K , Alt KANSAS . - ' \3 PONT1AC LeM; A/C. ve -- For Sale r Bus. K u n s - like a als. J17cO cash, lib pickup, ten* wide soil tires- JJ.73. Phone d anytime Saturday. Mans. power. s'.rerirLp. C. low mileage, ca!l 2 door hard top, V-S, t H?ll. " 1575 4 u'wr ·n!p.. Cost' SI 114, will , TEundy -*v*ih vinyt lop 13 a tier 3. sunroof, radial (Ires lavmenls cr S2530 cash r 5iCO. 21 -- Auto mot iv 971 LINCOLN Conl 15EO. Cwlaci beret Her o p.m. 521-35K i 4 noon ciic 1 C C6 nUSTANT w'th xnly rcuijh, runs go L091 a f t e r o 19Ti Fonn Itansar power ileerlns, A/C Call 521-22M afler 63 PLYMOUTH forj adual nilles. I 1 hone CLASSIC Ci Musia In tseelteiTt condilic call 521-7305 cr ait IM7 VOLKSWAGE body, sunroor, nir Phono 521-TMi; BY 'Owner: 1975 M Lrj'- rrvust sell imrn 1 p.m. . For Sale r pickup, . C. real sH- a p.m. A/C, belled, radials, 65.00*1 '7J1-2517 after 5. ." ig btxly anJ motor ,. Seeds brake work, r 5 call 5216165. "A man can take his troubles lo his secretary orchis bartender, Leslie. . ·. but all I have is YOU " 10-- Help Wanted · established quality [ood ' HEAUTY Consultant Trainee in cirec r cosniellcs, full 11m v.- N W . Arkansas I'Jaza has fu'l Good Irmge benefit ARPOHT Kale. rlh a Saturday, ' April . Something lor e orth SL, on corno 1HECK your a d . for' emus the FIRST ay of publication. Call'before 4 p.m. )1]iHlnif day. 412^212. Ask for CLASS- K1ED! AIKiE Garage Rale: Saturday. April 1th. 7:00 a.m. - t o IrM. Tires, some jmlture. OotKcs. All snes. rtisccJUn ous ttcnis American legion Building Jlust [urrrish · purcha ;e s e. staling PRIVATE ihix ory (ot^ihician wilh cxpcn'ence in fi ral ]Ecnia'to!o2y/ uruialj'sis, "chcmlst nd baclcnolosy. I*n?[cr HT. Available May isl. 1KB. Hours -- /day lime only -ilh extras. Salary open. qu.inricv Box P-97 c/o Northwest Arkansas TIMES, FayeHeville 10--Help Wanted GARAOK Sale --' Jloving.^- Must' *«·!! ilhing induduie; remodeling " supplies cklbing. Friday and Satiirdny. Cor of" Juncway Terrace t Overcieit WANTED telephon or pan time. Ph istc- opening for d?peiidalj! oit; with. 3 year olds, Wi'l TIUM bo ahlc to Houri 8:15-3 juph.'Friday, C'all -H2-7^ . Also needs labora- ' J143. 9 to naUd F r shop. Serwl i experience, tiualilicaUoi details lo bos P-97 c/o EXUMEHATOHS \vnnlrd. Ci1y IXrectori c to uplale ne\\ dt Dirtctorj to Must be 18 Hao\ pood Jm-lv.ntin; must ha\e tar Office located 1"S ;MllffCC (Burb;m Plaza) Hoom 'i W an trjual ojiportun'ty employer COLLEGF siudmt or vourg light cleanup and bail end vr. not-kv\ocd Club, 442-»:9. oporale sws- farnnnng house. John bboud, Kieddnia. Kansas. Call 316373- -S3 tor detail?, ; - , ' = OUPLE or w o m a n ' u anted -lor childcarc (1 housekeeprnB-.·Slusil " live on pro- ses. Private Musing, 2 bedroom un- rnislicai Send ino.uliy to P. 0. BOM 603 lyrHlcvillo. L " OOtLVI EfT "llELP~n7c-dcdTAVl^y M Rrpn- Drivo Inn. 645 W. 61 h after 2; 00 No phone calls.' - ' ' man [ 'Apply 3 LARGE 6 Family Yard Sale -- -1-24-7C. Sians SiOO a.m. Ihvy. 16 West pasl Jflilcj-'s , Grocrcy- Turn tctt in front of \\1itle Rock Cfiuith. 3id hou« SITTER wwteil l o r ' l year inme or yours. Must be Ible, and have." references. VNTIQUi: sulafors \i edibles.''W. April 5Jth J SHOW snd Sale-- Bolt Jcs,-. in an' Jevt-in and small col hington Counly Fairgrounds 23th. 1 6)32125. KKRNICR f Karen's Resale--Good Tie; new " irlot hin8-9:3*-5:30. Closed Thursday t Saturdays Wt milp5 on West 63. -- PETFS B^RGUN STOHF -- ^16 W ilor Ued farnltnre houeehod Items nner trunks and fool jockers.'Glass re ^oni" d?lrcs5iorL'./ Miscellaneous ___jemcnl row .open. CtothinS. fiirnilure and p]3j£ware old girl, eliable. Jl Phnne. IOQVI coiKxin MtAs A pepo*c to me in my business. Musi be ncal, * and amb.llous I t i g h immcd ate niiis wilh prolit ihsrinE,' paid vacallwi ^nd othtr comjnnv Icnuses Cat! 321 WAITOESSES needcit, ; Speakeasy llestauranl. u.-vt be 21. AprS f t c r 4 p-m AIDS Positions available .now for trained aids on our 3-11 an' 117 shifts At least 6 months previous experience in hospital required Also have opening for an RN lo work our dialysis unit. 1 \ am - 7 prn with Sundays off in" Personnel, .Washington Regional Medical .Cenf.e Apply ASIIEH'S Traffins Port la rew op« Lincoln, west s:de oliquaic: .Open 9:00 r :30. Used famiiur* dnd antique*. 824-SITS. 645-3551 AUCTION SALE We will sell the followtng merchandise, located % rnileB south of Oakland Baptist Church OR G 1 ^ miles south of Long's Store, Spring dale Follow signs on Stage Coach Road, day of sale SALE STARTS AT 16:00 A.M. SHARP SATURDAY, APRIL 24, 1976 Lunch Will Be Served Equal Opportunity. Employer, The cleanest used car deal in toum! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmu Help Warile'd. IWIXR POSITIONS OPENs Cch ruciton ' Inipectois (Eixrerience plu 1 irs crtlcgc cr equivalent), Painter I iTxiynia n-vrwl oi apprcnl ItnslJi *»). copy orcrator. Custodial workers, :ultut» TtXfinicIans. Groiinds hue per. cj-ctar:es (Sll required), Clerk Stcno- "iphcis 1 "IK1I refitiircd). Ckrk Typists, tii ks. Apply P«rwancl, Adminiitration lilrtinK. University of Arkansas. Equal ilKitUTiity Employer. ^^TED canvnteis helivr. Sludent o red person «ho ncpds lo . supplement i r ' income. Call 521 5636. After 6 II -M2-016C. TOYOTA TOYOTA TOYOTA TOYOTA _ Sales hostess positions nvailnW* Iwvc average 'earnings, pleasant worfe ! conditions, apply 1n person 1o lien iky.Frird Ctiirlicn, 511 No.' Oollf EC. LPN--Gocd houriy bare plus Incent ad ho5p:a:izallan, 11-7. Full or lhic. Contact Parti Tbdd. 52143S.1 8^00 .m.-l:00 -p.m. 1 1 -r-Sit ua fioti s Wa nteI JTDDT.K nge uidow ve-in ' companion to chSM · poi'crnoss. F wirhcs" position elderly pcrm or e 1o" Iravri, . excel lo. IJU.K P-33, c/ ' W I L L - D O bahj-sitiihg in home on : 16 E. 7 miles: irom town. .iTondaj hrough Friday: $1.00 per day. Call 443- 2M5. ; · . . . .",,'. , '·_· 16---Services Offered ' HARYStTTIXO hildren 2 or old all, S214M3 for eekdays in 'my hom r. ?3.W per Jay, Pleas more information. _ . I D ' W O R K · -- leaves,rornovcd, mor.v- ire, Irimniing. clean' up. Dependable ·'urk-^Hcasonable-rriccs call 839 S128'o: I1-347. - ,. · ' Termites? Pests? FURNITURE Bedroom suiie, Living room · Suite, Dining rc6m saite T.V., 2 Ironing boards. Baby bed, 3 Jamps, Push mou* Fish aquarinm. Lol bl Fntil jars, 3 Used bicycles. Lot ol misc. glassware, MISCELLANEOUS ·Chain Hoist, niding f~iwn Slmvcr.'Set ot Bathroom Fixlures, lot of 6" Heal Air Dyci pipe. IM of SficGliron Pooling (used). L o t ' o f Cast Irwi Se««r Fije, lit ol Aluminum i Eirel Wimloivs. Lot of JFand i- Ga'rden Tools, Lot o/ Water Pipe A- 'Piastlc Hose. 2 L-18 Sludded Tires, a! man new, 2 Window Water Coolers ANTIQUES bTesser, 5 Ga], ilome Brew .fug, 2 Old Ooal Oil Lamps, L« of Coltectoi's Bttllcs Oiiiltinff Frames, Oinrn, L(d i- D.isher. 2 Wash Kettle*. Old Coal Oil Lanlcm, 2 Old Milh Can^, Set of Harness Hanrcs. 1001 Hems too Numerous to Ltst TERMS: CASH NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS :: . JESSE CAMPBELL: Owner · · · · HARVEY TURNER: Auctroneer- ' · ; - J,B. HARP: Clerk · PUBLIC AUCTION /''"'·" Located: 1020 South 4th St., Rogers, Arkansas SATURDAY, APRIL 24th,. 1976 at 10:30 AM Estale of Mr. Mrs. Col. O, O. GuHin (Deceased) SlEiw*ure Eas 'circulating, heater, Anlinne'"s«l, boofccksc comb., v-'/curve glass dr., Anljqae S^lh'Thomas dock. Antique Walnut ialcteg laWe, Aniiqua tuned ff\ass phin,i cabinel, Anllque small deal;. Antique dining ta.Wc, 2 Ant;«me benU chairs. Antique «i)t buJIM, Antique Ircarllc »«ing machine, Ar.iijw bras* bed, full 5'ze, complete w^ih springs and roanr*s$,,Roper gas ranjze, Wizard rerrlgentlor- frccier comhinallon, Automatic wasticr, tlrop'leaf nUlity taKc. t/A dishes, s«nrw ariifiufr. I-ot t\x*lng -ntensils, 2-pc li«nE room''au!te. · Maple plfltform rocV:cr, "uphots, [Halform rocker, FYoor lamp. Drum t-pe Eland (able, .Old aniique i»k rocker. Antique'dresser, Electric Broom, Mefal Ivin iiw bed. comp- w'.lk pgs. t TTi^lt- Antique sewing cablnd, Anilnuc Mralha Washfogion tj-po' *c\vin« cahtnd. Antique ni(c stand, fMohsficH w/glass doars, Bc^tiUIul picture 1 Irame, Oil paint' injj whh nfc« framo. Lot at pictures t frames, Antique «k laWe, 1 Antique oal! rtr^ifc-r, senwminc front. Antique chest of drawers. Antique' cedar ch«i,, brd fui! size, complete with spg*. ·· matt., IxH bed oldhcs. 5Jic«s, blnnkcts. i'i!- '[oii4 aid cases. bcdspre,id5, BUT., Wedding ring quail arRl « !ol of va'M elc. r Arm chair, Poll, LO". ihrow nigs and ru£s. Small electric heater, foot noo! T Antiqu- chest on chest. Si»« healor, nathroonT titter, Etedric roaster, Pr«5ure cooker. -Pressure MHOS pan. a OU antique Dtitrh wens. Utility catiinrt. Shelf, Ul smalt '[ools, AnliQiw dresser wiln large bcv?l pla(o mirror. Ironirg board, JTaple chc.-vt of '(Invaers, Antique trunk, I-« bric-abrap, Antique oil lamp, Clwhci hampor. Eke-1 Iric kitrhcn ctock. Table model radto, I/A ch^na pJalteis. plates, olc., Camcal piirficr, 1 Ruhj rose bowls, I/X Impression Klass, pmk. «rc«n. etc., Toaster, llavirand France Wmftgw calsc plale, AnlKiue metal ice bo*, .Washfng machiTi*, 'tw'c-X BJIW, Antique tiiTching wcislii qyirtt Silver StahTcs),' Ant/TJc- txinntcr, nrace * BiW. L 0 * chain, M*ny otri^r Hems Too numerous to Mention. . , " . TED AND LH.UE SLWEN, ELteeuiors i F1KCF-S OF REi\lj KSTATB FOR PRIVATE S\1.E. Contact Ted Slaven, phone 751-2245, S]rinfids!e, Ark. , TERMS: CASH -' - ^W HKSPOSSIBLB FOR ACCIDKNTS AMERICAN BUSINESS AUCTIONEERS IJwnc MK fi-21V · ' liowu, ATkansa*,727M j K down'l COST, i t PAYS W so fn« class. Call Crt, C. J,'Hmso Co!, Roy Hen*n -- AiKllooeers -- Col, O. J, Henson (for as long as you own the car) Also,Insure Against Mechanical Defects Buy now and save for years. Good on any used car you purchase retail at Whit Chevrolet during April.- Service given every 2,000 miles, including oil. Also, check Whit's mechanically certified cars that qualify for insurance against mechanical defects for 12 months or 12,000 miles. ! T 0 Y 0 T A SELL-A^THON · STARTS ' · TOMORROW;: ' . 'FRIDAY/ APRIL 23 SATURDAY, APRIL 24 . - - S A . M T I L . 12 MIDNIGHT . . 40 CONTINUOUS HOURS OF SAVINGS ON AMERICA'S BEST SELLING -IMPORT CARS,"- :, ' · · . . - . - . . . . LYNDALL BROWN MOTORS; ING, ;,.; : HWY. 68 EAST. ' 'sPRi'NGDALE,. ARKANSAS ^' -756-i5B41 TOYOTA - TOYOTA TOYOTA T Y O T A : ' ' ' ''"' HOUSK nxrs, patios. Jrive v \\a\te and fwtinss.' call Jim 3D-3259 allfr 3:00. IffTi ][OM)A-CU7S, J30ft, 1373 O.ssa JoO bike. Rxcrllenl eoiiiliiSon. (SIS. Phone 4SJ-53M or Ml «KK after 5;W. Roy Johnson i FIANO TUNIXn. ("nil JfMrf -- -H3-H?l, 11 no answer. Mi 127 or "411.1572. 17^-Bodfs Mctrine · V"'- , ' , . .Supplies " . " . . ' - «i(h' trailer,; '$1000 ' · ; £t. ^iJing glass | door unit. J85. -rhctie 521-19(30. 16 lt»l PAi(UGL-\SS SW b«U \\i(h con- vertlbte lop. lull cover;; 60 ' horse Johnson . 'CTiRirw, Buir.hajn IIJl trailer, ready to go. ' AIu« sre lo ' apprecJdle, JPOO | Tirm, 521 J109. , - ; - · 1 , 16 FOOT Sport C«It boat, -15 h.p. inolor and trailer, ski or fishing ri£, reasonable. Phone S21-22S6. ! v ' SKI BOAT,' 16 fi. Larson, ICO h.r. Johnson motor witit Djliy trailer svTlh 12" \\hee r, SMcQ. Phnoc ·»?-??«!, C^Il alter 5:00. cr, 'Rd«t Iralcr with 13" wheels v-ilh TMs of exlris.. Call 521-H5S. BOAT Docks -- Iwilt o last Inslnllcd at your site. Call 636:551 riay or evcninps, GiS Safes, nosers. FREE -- 2 inonlhs stall rent on First yen's rental. I/in Brldiro Marina. Phone KS-3222. F.O, Bos 93. Garfie!d, Aik. , 18-- Comping Sporting ! Goods REAfj r^cc = 17 W' Monitor Travel Trailer. mmpfelely *wl fconl.iined. rh»rj 442-71W. IffiO BUS/Camper, new paint. : ?8CO. See al 1C!6 W. SLore or call M1-I23. SCll.lEJ camper Jits 1 on ^ wide bod. MOO. .\cods. rairt, 267-S513. ;. . . JD72 MIIV-STATE2OJAN ' lOVi" calwvtr tamper, sleeps iiv, in very pixxt corldl* tton. Phrsnc RI62026 after « p.m.. anitlmc weekends. . ' 1G - FT. Al'AI.OS camp trailer, lull c*iutpred S2.M033 aflcr 3:00. D.iys 442 »15. : See the NEW '76 Solid State APACHE Camper, Trailers at, Sines Body Shop_ 2425 Olct Far.nington Road Phone 442-2691 FOR Ss!c by oiuier. Sonn«rarr trftvc [rj'lcr. tclf-rortaincrf. 10 footer. 1« 175 mcKiel, used ww monlh. S3095- Cil HAMDT.UN'S, riflw, stioisnra, Srniih ar, |JH SERVICE DIf CTPY^I -- Air Conditioning -- FOR MR CI.EA\EHS. ATTl CONDITION, MG, E1EAT1KG \ AND IIll-MtDlFIEBS, ALL SflELTOX ·SALES ANT) SO1VIOK 442-M4Q^ . ..:. . - . . . - ' ' - . - ' ' UlIAT'S , a beat pump? Call Pa.ichal Air Conltlonlng. 751-01E5. Commercial R» tdfntlal Sales 4 Service, au mater . -- Antique* -- r .' FURXITUHE RESTOH-^TIONS by Steve Davis. Hctmsshin*!, repairs, experienced fnurh np. antignes 300 \V. Dirtaion. 521- 5K6. . PARKING lois and anrevra S -s built or repaired, prnvei hauled Motor grader work. Tomiln$on Asphalt Co 52I-3WP, -- Automol'vp-^- RADIATOR KEPAm ENGINE RF.PAra, Brafees, Tnne- ups electrical. Bob MayeJ Auto Scrvlw, 2190 N. Garland H3-4J47. 412-9330. Bob tc , -- Bulldozing -- DOZI\G-Top Soil- Gravel-Excavation - lug - leveling - Damptiick WM* - FootLncs Dai! and pour^a J C. JDnefi ***· 66EO. · · -- Carpenter -- QUAT1TY work en additlcns, re model in 5, oMPCtor and interior,! roofinp, stor.e- work, anrt f i replaces. Call Jca Hen ry B3D-2433 or Tim Iukc 839 2649. cATtrExrnY. ROOFING. PAINTING anelin!!.' sh«L wck. aluminum siding anrt other sltlinB. \Vmdows, doors. tAAi lions. Etelcrence* Bay RaKsd3le.-M3-4lOj or 521-7370. IF you are ISTSHESTET) In lha Best Cabinet Wcrk, Ilimc Buitd^a. Remorfel luff, or TEXTURED CK11.IXGS call «2 171 REMOnEl,lXG. carport add:lH«is - pat los - house levrllnft - roohn| - paint Ing. Phone 44MK6 or S21-M13. -- Carpet Cleaning -- SPRING CI.F-AN1NT.? CAC Professiona Carpet Steom Cleaning nl llw lowcs prices in aica. Phono 4*2-6061. j -- Concrete Work-' -- Dirt, Gravel, Top Soit-- TEVE Harris -- Backhoa worfc -r Twp- suil. IJaak anil cree* jrAvcl. W] dirt, eptic tar* and lateral lines installed. -12-99M.. ·. '' . - · · , , · . · - · . -·· , - . \~Ditch Digging-- ntTCIIWiTClI U«idUng lor ivator, gas. elcrtrie, tlrainase. elc. Narrow, 21" deep rcnch. 20j It. Minimum job. ?S. Rreg BACKllOi". and Dump TnKi Wort John suiler - Phone 442-68*3. ' -- Exterminating -- KAYE-S TEUMiTE S.- VEST CONTROL Evporicnrcd Scn'lce for quality ronUrt. Call 756 «U. -- Ffince- -- chufcj Frw estlmaici mil laci vf*»t- broot eJ T51-7530 or 731-7532 ^--Garden Plowing- , GARDF.X plowlnc. hantrtvlng, binsh hos- gins, dicing, j-nrd leveling, sal Isfnrtton Eiiaranlecd. iiulck soiviro, tTicne 443- SM2, SPACE WOULD COST ONLY SI7.70 I'KR J I O N T H - -- Garden Tilling -- GARnES-'TH.UN'G . nUh h«xy ItEer. L.i« nmowing -- Vazoo and sruficr. Mower senl«. Hauling. 44J33J7. OZAItK Grinding Service, 6i9 Huirtsvllle Rd. 52T-30SO: Catfttdf 1 hlfh-ifcvd I(»1^ garden tools, chain saur, liaod saws ifisscn, papei cutting knives -- H a n d y m a n -- CARPENTRY - Palnttnjt - Roofing fencing - tl!« - haaUng - iree tiiio mtns - Yard! - Free Estimates - Odd Jobs. Exce:ient references Ktn Rocen 413 =407. - -- Hauling^ -- LOOK! lljulin?, mosirts and Ira* ser \3Ce. Have truck .iiwl sloch r^cV. Yo name il. Itoaonab!o. Phone 41J-2179. IJG[{T JiaulinR and )a«n mc'iving. Snra [re-s, .4irulitKTy romoved. Hedge 1 rim --landscaping^- - ^ANDSCAFING -- Yard car*, pmnirijt erJUiiin?. sodding, 5f*ding, tree lopplni ir.d removal. ' For free estimates cal Vayn*. - 62!-*089. . " . - . .' --lawns Gardens-- COMPLETE lawn and yard care service ·Mown?,' criming, trimming, anything-' ral 4M2S7^or iM : K14, ask (or Chuck Ogla -- Patrrt Foper- EXPER1ENCEW. painter -- does Ike b?i job fir - the tea si money. Interior r exterior Free esimalw. call Joe Ijoc! cnl 4436915. QUALITY Hw;epaInUng Inside and ou Hilisfattton guaranteed. For free est mate, i-all coilcct, LIrvcoln 8315673. EXTEI1IOR painting, reasonable rait references If needed. For free «fllmat rail -112-2468 or 521-1324.. : ANY fcird of painflne tos:de or ou^- Fre citimalei, V.'ork Euaran1««d Jell Bar fee 521-3009. Fabrication and Distribution. All HTC ol plastics I'lotixypcs made lo foui sr cif'calion 1 : orders Free consuil tlon. Mountain Plastics. Ino 321-3979. -- Plumbing .Service -- Call 4434935 TACPPTT'S PH'MBIXG CO --Poultry Service-- cinCKRN House Ocanin^ nnd spread! m?ni«. 751-5JOO cr 7=S2«t -- R o o f i n g -- Ing »itli 1 year tvrilten joiirantee. t tree wtimales, call 1-2^72K Jam DrcoX*, Oivner. TtOOFtNG. all kinds. Kaaranteed, I OEtfrrutes PIioa« 75t%68 Bob Eurwa -- Security Guards -- ARKANSAS Arnird Guard Mate and ally '· licensed anlformcd Boards. Av ab!e Immediately 24 hour i^ril 442-7530 --Tractor-- 1 BILL'S TRACTOR SERVICE vai-5. Rrt.V.niflff Walls. Etc. ' MISER" Concr-rlo Construcllon. iveways. ReUiimng waJls. Base- TRASH HAI'LING -- TH EB TRIMMING-- G.uaKC and Atllc CJearJn.e PAUL'S TRACTOR SERVICE PHONE 521-2C69 -- House Design -- TRACTOR SERVICE PLOWlXfl. discing, bmihTiogytne. Lars* or imall Jcl*. Call Sll 6117 after 3:30 p.m. CONTEMPORARY Ueu V NEED - WK DO ClN3TRUCno; Dtlviway j Ma lonrj'. Patio, Fl3 l«oi! carpeniry, RBtalnins realli, dralrjiye. '·on Ztmnwrman - Stott Miner iU-Ta 441-3125 Dt[cndab1« Service fwo* c.ish. --Dirt, Grnvel, Top Soil-- 450 CASK Crawler with front-end 1* ft 4 yd dump duel?. Some of Ihe b*st (op soil In NW Arkansas. 4U4J23, any- TlIT* SOU, IJMKSTONE gravel viccj -- Hcmodehng A; Office Box 1535, 72701. -- Horticulture -· -- Tree Service AS-A TREE -SPEO.AUSTS All phucs tree i; shrubbery care-. Over 10 years e\p«rienw- -I43-2L35. Fn-c estimates. ' ' ECOLOGY ENTERPRISES IXC, armoun- cinfi Ihe opening »! «Ji wfcnt?sale division \\'o are specializing l.i gro*nhinse Brwvin/ media, and will mix any foil I o your sperfff calf ons Ojwn 8 to 5. Monday thru Filday Phone MI-WTO. 4 ctihic feel vcrmlfuiil*, J3SO, 4 cuhic foot peril,te, |350. 6 rab!c toot sphasaum, ar.d sird . . . ill ».\vc|!3 S Ibs |Mt. CUmfort $7,50. 100 lb, Tiumuj pM|, topsail, lie. The- comer ol MYEHS THKE SERVICE- tJwrJfd, Ftro wtinvMOK, inWprd. Spray- Jnj! -- Irirnm-ng -- toping -- removal*, Fertilizing, fully eqaiM- 22 yeA« «- --Venetian Blinds--

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