Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 12, 1962 · Page 38
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 38

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1962
Page 38
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Tulips A Bloomin' Classified Results A Zoomin' Get Busy T o d a y To Sell S t o r e d Items For Cask HUMBOLDT STANDARD Th ursda£_A£ril_l 2 , I 962 HOMES WITH ACREAGE 85 FORTUNA n s rind a babbllnq lelrite 2 acres |u^'t large comfortable i/i home with lire- a heal, and 2 car a $19.000 wim e*cel- responsible parly. :TUNA REALTY, 1741 z na RA 5-3311. Evenings PA 5 Ui9 A C R E A G E - 4 BEDROOM HOME Fortuna tnis 6 acre e era! hilltop view Residence contains over n o n area and a lime n nq lo 3,000 gallon 516,500. MCLEOD'S Re kLTY, 1741 Main, For- RA i-3311. Evenings phone 3 nedroom 2 bath. Clean and in ex- rooms are large, p o rrts and closets. Na- ·jht switches. Well . frui! trees and P S OCO. Terms. RALPH 'ELL, Realtor 191? Main, For- S A 6 LAND ACREAGE 86 GOV'T. T A X LAND ?j-i-qiiri prices for cabins, home, ranch dn;i outness silcs. Many slates open. f/.-DPs, lists available. Information tree. v.'nte Box 254, Eureka Newspapers. FORTUNA: a beautiful building spot; 3 acres. 1 mile from downtown. Lovely trees in the backyard. 56,000. SI 500 rtc.-vn and S25 a month. RALPH CROWELL, Realtor, 1912 Main, For- iuna. RA 5-3365. CMC.:" Qav wood Acre-- View of Bay. S5750 TOM HODGE Realtor 515 J SI., Eureka HI 3-2452 anytime McKINLEYVlLLE A - 1 · or more building site near new hie;!) school. Small down. TE 9-1671 Approximately 2 level acres, Hoopa. Roai and rivtr frontage. 52,500. Cash. HI 2-0739 2 acrr- build-no sites on Aralea Hill. Lively view Cleared; water. -- VA 7-2739 -- FARMS RANCHES 87 HOW MUCH IS YOUR RANCH WORTH? .V" v.ili qive you a free eslimale of Vi-_- present day markei value. No oh- Invic-i. no high pressure. For per- ^rn,.i,7pcl service. Call H. E. Reardon, Renl'or. Pfone HI 2-7873, 419 G Slreel TIMBER TIMBERLANDS 88 icf-;s WANTED A' L SPECIES. VA 2-1/41 or BOX 4-15, Arcata, Calif. INCOME PROPERTY 91 , EUREKA Triplet. 2 bedrooms each. Unils renl for $90 per month. Buill-ln range and oven 1 - close to school and bus line Rn-i shopping center, $11,900 down. S2«,50Q lull price. H. E. REARDON REALTOR HI 2-7S73 -- office VA 2-U3J4 -- Eves, or VA 2-3581 Excellent Investment" Oi Main Street, Fortuna. Corner lot, IC'f-iO'J' Has 3 rentals. Monthly Inc^mc $140, Easy terms. Full price, il4,CCO. ROSS, COWAN DUNAWAY Successors lo The Currys 7« 10th St., Portuna RA 5-447B Smat! hotel, Eureka, 16 rooms; 5 apart mcnts. All furnished. Doing well. Owne rt'i:rcd Must leave soon. Willing t vicnfice and will lake best offer, fo ,-, quick s-ile. Call THE REAL5MITH Realtor, M A R V I N L. SMITH, 2902 E $350 A MONTH NET v units, dose In. Good rental record. $5.000 cash invested. Should return over S4.PPQ first year. TOM HODGE Realtor 515 J S! , Eureka. HI 3-2452 anytime. F.-r sale J units -- Live in nice 2 bed room owner's apt. Lei additional units maVe the payments on this larg sunny property in Culten. 60x185'. S12, 500 with low S9DO down. HI 2-3532. CuOom built duplex -- For Sale B Ov.-nnr. $28,000. 25 per cent down. H 4 unit furnished apartment house fo ' ik- S9.VO with $1,000 down. Inquir iij?' Calif! St. HI 2-1613. 1 - ] COUNT DOWN ·- :rit- PEANUT RATE ,-· I G D A Y ' S CLASSIFIED 2 Bedroom House plu^ 2 bedroom aparl ,,-,,'iM. 3 garaq,;v By owner. 236 and : U N I T S FURNISHED; 1 - 3 bedroom ; iconic S210 per month. 3000 for CQuity REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE 95 TD BUY, SELL or EXCHANGE call WAY R E A L T Y -- HI 3-50SB REAL ESTATE WANTED 97 '.'.'· NEED US'! iNGS. , .on CUIQVER A t t ' P A G e , ANY S'lC ANY place. . . H'A'E B U Y E R S ai BILL WOO 1 EN, HOUSE OF REAL ESIA1E, 19GB .".yrii,- Ave Eureka. HI 3-7034. BUS. OPPORTUNITIES 100 VAJOR OIL COMPANY Sr-rvicc Station for Lease In Arcata. Srthrv while training. For information c-iM HI 2-1494 or HI 2-69/B after S'P. M. iVjM'.r",-. property with older 2700 m. ^,-,1'i'V'. ",ilso with or wilhout 2 berl- r-or-i" nouo Inquire 3190, Make oHcr. lir ·· I'U'.iriC'.s tor yourself. Chuck Lunch r" j t ' . 'or iM'.f See Dick Flanncrv , · :; , tr ft p m. 10.11 6th SI. ,v; '·!,!, CMif. No phone calls. f ';p 1 FASE-Ncv. service M.ition- ,;.-i n'i n.;ocl hu'jlni ^ with very goo ,-v,i,M;i.-ii Sacrifice brcjuio o! 'i.Mitn HI 3-1778, jnr CMo, H coltfl()«. Fine loc.llion ; s r n win handle. Wrilc Ro* 89 H^.Tl,".. f r t l l l . V I S T A DOL MAR, l-onff HI 3-3°OB4 Evenings VA 3-3908 \ \ t j i - lo (JKpnic ol nrncics you nren' ,; n-; U ' C ClftiiitlOd A d S l Difll H j uit I ill' I 0(10 LGASL : -- Siln for mole ·,. n '.i.ujfsnt. North of Arcntft. Fncmp 1 i Highway. VA 2-390?. V . v - H ' n A Srrvlco M.illon for le^ue ,-,- M,v/. U'l, C^«r-nt City. HI 7 JIM r.nrrkn ,or IN -?J14 Crescent CH/. BUS. OPPORTUNITIES ion ON-SALE GENERAL A moni-y mfliiff . Bar 8, all »ijup- rpcrtation Area. Doing a iiood htiii- nssii now i20.5nc full price. S13.SOO down. Gross S110 per clay. H. E. REARDON REALTOR 419 "G' : Street, Eurc-kai HI 7-7e73-o((icc VA 5-3S81 PVCS. HOT TIP! !MT. ing t - ' Warmer Climate' PERFECT TIME to T A K E OVER this popular restaurant wilh estahlKhed year round volume of business. It's FOR SALE (S2500 down); for LEASE (with B per cent of gross); or WILL TRADE (or income properly or what have you? Wnie Box 283. Eureka Newspapers, Inc. or phono HI 25363 between 6 and B p.m. FOR 1FASE IN fWKA one wlio likes to serve Ine puOlic and is willing lo work. Red. White, ana Blue color scheme gaoitaliziny on public acceptance and reputation for service ot standard Oil Co. ot California. CALL W. F- HOLLENBECK HI 2-4526 during day, HI 2-5215 after 6 A MONEY MAKER LONG ESTABLISHED EUREKA HOTEL 16 rooms 5 apis, completely furnished. Doing very well. No vacancies al present. Retired owner Is laving lor Europe 8. must make sale before May 3 , 1961. MaKe offer. HI 2-9-110. TRAILER COURT IN MIRANDA: 24 units on 12 acres plus two 2 bedroom homes, renting for $70 each. Ample space for development. 300' highway frontage. Income S620 a month, Price, S-Jl.OOO wim il 5.000 down. RALPH CROWELL Realtor, 1912 Main. Fortuna, RA 5-3365. UNION OIL Service Station lor lease. Financial assistance and training program available to qualified applkanl. Excellent opportunity for man wilh "light mechanical" background. HI 3-16J5, evenings HI 2-1344. MONEY TO LOAN 103 lo 30 years fi'i per cent. For information call HI 3-5291 or HI 3-7fl31 1ELL everyone about your service with a low cost "Business Service" ad. Dial HI 2-1711 lo start yours. INVESTMENTS 106 WANTED: Private financing for Fortuna property. Appraised al $40,000. Also, tor income property in same area, Write SAM P. 0. Box 646, Fortuna. -- LLOYD V. BRIDGES -- Cash for your deeds of Irust. LARRY DAKE REAL ESTATE tor last action al 2B39 E St., HI 2-6415. Walter Co., Realtors, 944 H St.. Arcala. VA 2-2975 and evenings VA 2-3578. Well secured 1st deed. 18,693. Will sell for S7500. 6 per cent Interest -- payment S75 monlh. 4^2-0723. FARM IMPLEMENTS 116 Walter's Sales RA 5-3^96 3«6 ROHNERVILLE ROAD. FORTUNA B' heavy duty coil spring deep tillage cultivalor harrow. SU 6-4732 FARM PRODUCE 117 RUSSETT POTATOES 52 a sack. Hog potatoes 60c sack. Clean oat hay. Frank Casey, Holmes, Calif. turn lo "green dough". . . and away we go, with (he PEANUT RATE! FEED SEED 1 1 8 Use Gro -- brand pciiellzed ferlillzers. More sulphur al no charge. 16-20-0 fertilizer . . . . S77 a ton Super Phosphalc fertilizer -- S43 a ton M. W. HENSELL HI 3-71B3 Nights HI 2-5993 4J73 Broadway, Eureka SPRING CLEANING SPECIAL RANCHERS, spruce UP, it's "Spring" Check These Specials: · Chimney cleaning £, repairing · Spring painting by hour Hi 3-2922 HAY GRAIN Fertilizers SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY CARL JOHNSON CO Highway 101 North of Eureka. HI 3-4853 Keep up with !he Season. Check our selection of bedding plants. --WE DELIVER- L. J. Taylor, Owner. 1057 Myrtle Avenue HI 3-5719 AND ALFALFA R. Hack Pepperwood Phone 5001 Will aeliver lots 3 ton 4 up.. SU ft-1771 LIVESTOCK 119 Furniture arid Miscellaneous. Sale Starts 11:00 a. m. Humhoidf Livestock AUCTION, INC. Yard phone Rudy Mora RA 5-2BB. RA 5-4142 Louis Bugenig RA 5-4142 Baiaar -- Conijr Church Apn 12lh. Hodgson and J Struct*. BuMfct luncl 11:30 - 1:30. $1.15. Build iupper 5:30 Public inviled. HUMBOl DT PROVED SIRE SERVICE Artificial Inirminal'On of Dairy ana Orel Cattle. SU 6-4343 -- VA 2-?04fl Always too nnces lor nsuqhlr-r cattle A Other livestock. JACOBSFN A SONS pptnluma fnonc Fprnrl,ii\ SU 6-4371 or Hyd«svi1!u. Rogers fl 3fi?7. P A C I F I C R W f i E D F f S CO-OP HI 3-7346 -- RE 3-5340 - SU 6 9«3 r.u!' v n c s HRt'm-vs wic- i LIVESTOCK 119 13th Annual HORSE SALE Sunday APRIL 15 - 1 P.M. · [·;·- ;; ··: '· ! qu'jrler horbts · ki/j'-.i'.rcJ Ajjaloosa · Ron - i i H. r ' L i · Klli' l:.l|:..-, · l-:rcx! fvVur · Stalli-'iii t MuJangs CONSIGNMENTS WELCOME Carl Johnson Livestock MI!-J No. of Eureka HI 3-1851 PETS SUPPLIES 120 Beagles. English Cockers. Samoycds. Pehingnose fl, Poodles. Also Stud service. Wonncicott Kennels HI 2-5923 MAKE HEATED ROXANNE KENNELS Your pels home whun you are away. 1835 Quaker. HI 2-2325. If no answer, call HI 2-3J50 (Atlgirc's Beauty Salon! Poodle Puppies Fcr Easter Beautiful silver females. AKC alt min - ature. HI 2-7073. PunDl £ CL IHPirjrj- 1 oys and Mini a lure. Free pickup and delivery. £u rek? Arcata Belly Scherer, VA 2-?fi01 Black miniature Poodie. AKC. 10 month O'.d male Best oflor over $50. HI 3- 2D26 after J:30 or vjgokends. AKC BOSTON PUPPIES Also- Boston Stud Service. SILVER, FEMALE TOY POODLE. Spayed. S75. HI 3-0456. LABRADOR RETRIEVER-AKC male. 7 months. Almost completely trained. 150. OR 7-3741. Black male registered Dachshund with many champions In pedigree. 340. For Sale: Female Boxer t months old. Ears have not been clipped. HI 2-3011. BARGAIN buys on radios, IVs, retnger ators and washers In Classified loday Look them over. VETERINARIAN SUPPLY 122 Most complete and freshest veterinary supplies in SIIXK! Red Cross Pharmacv, 5'S Mh COMMERCIAL FISHING 128 COMMERCIAL SALMON GEAR 2096 Off WALLY'S PAINT SPORTING GOODS 1057 H St. Arcata VA 2-2836 CANNONBALL WEIGHTS -Any silc. Pure lead. ?2c Ib. HI 2-3«7 -- 4540 BOATS OUTBOARDS 129 Refinishing Headquarters It may not look like it at times, but Spring is lust around the corner so Spruce Spring Up and qlve your boat a lift. We carry tiberglass copon, international Marine paints and boat repair supplies. OE MERCURY 1601 Broadway HI 3-0759 OUTBOARD MOTOR - live - LIKE NEW Reasonably Priced McCrea Motors 7th Between FG Eureka OUTBOARDS 1962 SCOTT LINE SEE US FOR INFORMATION. ARCATA BOAT SALES 2905 St. Louis Rd. VA 2-4527 Sroit Motors Larson Boats 7th f. C Strcels HI 2-B036 h.p. Evinrudc. Comnletc wilh trailer. Excellun! condition. VA 2-0230. B' Pram. All glassed. S75. HI 2-1304 after 5 p m. To sell "DON'T NEEDS, YOU need WANT ADS, Recjular or Peanut sized. Chrysler Mnrinr- Transmission 4.16-1 re duction. A S. A SURPLUS, 56 W. 5 h HI 3-7176. NORIHFRN MARINE H A R D W A R E "Johmon Motor Sales S. Service" Ind f. B Sts. HI 2-07-1S U' Elgin [ibcrgl«s boat, 40 tip Ehin motor. Heavy Ouiy Elgin trailer. $750. HI 3-5933. '59 Sen Kino. S h.p. Very little use. S75. VA 2-3535 after 6 p.m. 16' F A C T O R Y ' B O A T -- 2 motors and commercial gear. S595. HI 2-3573. BUILDING SUPPLIES 130 REPAIRING OR ADDING A ROOM*- ?·" OFF FOR CASH 7*4 $4S Merch R*d. . . . per M SM PO 7*8 I1G Mercfi RwJ. . per M 572.00 1x1 S-iS Mcrch Rwd per M S'2-00 ).*, Ufl. V«IO Econ. Rwd ror M ' Shon Fir Plywood per ihoot i?.5' Crmfnt Piprs p.ich i .fiO Savn 2 Per Crr.t on Hvprv Cash Purrha^f p-viric !· ( h: 1 Liinii'i'r r 'Mil " ] P \ Ofpn All Ddy S.tluid.iy .13CO nro.idw.iy Ml J-4531 tC1t \. n ' Un ' . _.° . - -! HARBOR I If.m 111 DO. SUPPLY i GELDING TOR SALE ;' : " Imnr^qn-itcd Shretinq-- Special. V e r y rr.v.oivihlr. ?«·! S-lS fir itmh Vc each G O A T S FOR SALE. i? aifl up. VA 2-3436 rifk-r 4 p. in. 1 -- ' 'One year' old white Meed heifers (mm registered Mock. , , . VA. 2-14/17 cvenmrjs. SADDLE- HORSr. Very gcnlle. Welt broke. H3-2.V9. Hiwsf-Moi-rjr, mi. 1. Kin An/win tr\ k(!OOA MfW Plume Numtirr - NO fl M13 For i.ilf.' sinrdr horv Tr.iilcr Wfll huill. r.i-w iirrA i?(iO 1 ,vl ·'··, viddit-. 1 itellent cortdlfion 575 RA V?V;«, Grrtpo itdk^ for (encinci . . ^c eiicl ICa Yflrtls Nuilh Of 7rmid:.(l Oft ?-3fi?A PLYWOOD T R I W S 1? x ifl x ' 4 . . He each 1? x 4fl v '' t 4Df c,ic ) J. W. COPF7LAND Y A R D S , . . Foot ol .W'lipple, Eureka BOfl B R I T T R T f A I L LUMBER CO. · · -PAST- r«n: DCLIVLH v 2.11H1 HUB»ARD I. A. HI J-4B 7 U'.rd t.umhrr - - ' J" gruwl suhfloar. run. roHflncfiuii Ix'.irni A ilruKicri Chc.if ' 10B F SI. The O ' B R I t f J l.ABL'1. !* your .^Mirflitr ot the vrry l)i",t in qiiflltly MP»M 1.. C Unit, 28, V;. W«tiB\h - HI 3-M01. CAMERAS SUPPLIES 131 Used T* x 3U Aronnld Condenser-- En- larBDf. Cosl 592.50 new. Sell for J50. Dave Hcndersort, 404 T Street. FUEL 132 "OLYMPIA" WOOD PRODUCTS Core wood "fir". We deliver. Cut any enijtli. You pick UP. HI 3-74i1. Day or Nigtil Service. FIR AND ALDER WOOD. SM truck o.irJ. TE 9-1071. C! arlfis Nightengale, 822 Eucalyptus Lane, Arcata. 6" and 2J" FIR faLOCKS'flnd SLABS. TE 9-2777 -- TE 9-2494 OAK 6 MADRON E C'jt to order. Full cord. HI 2-5733. F r wood -- S20 larqe Iruckload. Also, hs Moods. TE 9-I7H9 or VA 20659 FIR HkhWOUD VA 2-3B9 , W. Crawlord SRAVEL, DIRT REMOVAL 133 Excavation, Grvfl, Cnisrted Rock. FRED CAVINESS NO s-isn; NO a-5721 ACVE PAVING CO. -- Licensed Cor-traC' tor; Paving, oiling, grading, surfacing. Bill ElMoll, TE 9-2642 BACK HOE BUI ID UING SEPIIC TANKS INS1AI LED Robert Burns-TE V.1134 or TE 91044. Paunq, Grarlinq, Sand B, Gtnvpl. Road Oils. P.O. Box 299. VA 2-300'i Now RED ROCK sr ced only sunnily above river gravel. NO B-5903 any- t me. CONTI L A V A ROCK. ?OR GOOD TOP SOIL -- S2.75 a yard; EXCAVATING: FILL: SEPTIC TANK INSTALLATION. HI 3-0529 anytime. LOGGING SUPPLIES 137 '51 LJ MACK long vocjger w Ih 22D Cummins, PT system, 720 10 speed main, 603IG auxiliary. Good tires. '55 Reliance trailer wilh wa king beams, 18,000 !b. axles, B In. brakes. Binders, wrappers. 550 gal. fuel tank, e ectr c fuel pump, spare lir.:s, wheels and other accessories. J650H. RO 4-5774. "Wanted lo lensn loa trucks lor 32 II loqs -- 85 mi o haul -- Contact O. Duntap 5. San, Route 3, Box 179, Montrose, Colorado" shovel (rout on crawlers. S2-W5. -iumbolrt Truci^ Equip. Sales and Service D7-- 3T22511 Angle Dozer W rtch. D6 Fork LHI 10A23fi Winch Doth guarded for logging. Good condition. New undercarriages. 47 North St., Willifs -- GL 9-5142. 99 McCullouch 50" Bar. New chain, extra transmission ft carbuertor. 1-6' McCu - louch 3t" bar cha n. Good condition. VA 2-0659 -- TE 9-17B9. D-fi tractor 9J!5049-etjuipped with angle bade. Cable control, oil c uteri, lodging winch, tractor -- Wr te Box 266, Eureka Newspapers, Inc. D7 PARTS-- Pads, tracK frames, transmission, motor, case and olher parts. No finals drive parts. RA 5-3442. WANTED -- 977 Loader or equivalent to load lonq logs. HI 3-4109 WANTED: Logger with High Lead Equipment to contract high lead or lease equipment. VA 2-4332 days-VA 2-1992 ev. 926 Homellle like new. AS" special silvies 54" general v/ th chisc bit chains TE 9-3929 alter 3. Page logging dolly S650. Completely re buill See ai Ken Sell's, 1726 Allard Ave. MACHINERY TOOLS 138 Wrecking Gold Dredge, Orleans, Calif Flats, channels, plates, 1 beams, valves Pontoons, 96' conveyor bell, electric motors and pumps, welders, 7 drum winch, 30' 1 rammel. Contact Jim Eaglin al job site. Write P. 0. Box 244, Orleans or Brown Construction Co., 15 Macumber Rd., Danville, Calif. Ca Vernon 7-5236. Ccnlrifugnl pump. Exircme high pressure All aluminum construction, 5" inlc-t 2" outlet. A A SURPLUS, 54 W ith St. H 3-7176. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 140 self contained speakers used just Iwo months. Perfect condition. Will sacri fico down payment, just lake over contract. Phone HI 2-2812. 1 used Olmplc drum sel with symbo s and high hat $139.50; *'t bass viol n with case S795; used chord organ MAXON'S MUSIC, 312 F Slreel, Eu USED PIANOS AND ORGANS Tremendous savings. Nice selection. JAMES L. PEETS MUSIC CO. 2WB E St., Henderson Cen er. HI 2-8323 Why run around look ng for a used piano or organ when you can buy a new one tor the price of used Ih s month a Garrison's, 331 F Street, Downtown Eureka. music, used Instruments, imported pianos. Music Mart at 1655 Ma n in Fortune. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 140 THOMAS Eeclric Organ. ONLY $491 Sec at FRANKLIN TRAILER SALES 3 miles south of Eureka. HI 3-2774. GIBSON ELECTRIC GUITAR Ampl · t cr. Cut away -- dual Pickup -- S11S. OFFICE ECpUIP.-SUPPLIES 14? Usi'cl Typewriters S3S and up; used electric adding machines S6S and up New steno chairs 525 and' up; New straight chairs S25 and up. HI 3-6368. SAWMILL SUPPLIES . . 144 NEW AND USED GARDNER DENVER Quincy air compressors. 342B Jacobs SWAPS 146 Trade 2 GOATS good for KILLING BRUSH for BU LDING MATERIAL or tools also HAND LAWN MOWER wilh rubbnr t rus for WHAT HAVE YOU? Ca HI 2-8701- New unf n shed 2B' commercial boal. er or v; 1 trade for late model elec. or-jan. TE 9-2516 or contact owner, 3JJI Halfway Ave., McKinleyville. Royal PorlaDle--Older model typewriter in except onal condition. Swap for good Standard American made model, comparable condition. HI 2-4713. Will swap Argus C-3 camera with flash altachn ent, e*tra lens, case qcar (or short wave receiver. H 1 !- B125 eves. on good used 16-20' vacation frailer Write P. 0. Box 95, Garberville. Phone 923-3597. WILL TRADE EOUITY in 'A-ton Ford Pickup for best Jeep offer or will .sell. JEEP WINCH ' FOR SALE OR TRADE. HI 3-26fiD afler 3:30 p. m. TRACTORS 147 TD IB tractor, lulty armored for logging. Running, ht 1 needs some repair. Also Carco triple drum. I1DOO. HI 2-2190 afler 5:30. LOGGING ARCH-- Steel Wheels; D-8 siie S700. Hi .3-t65B days -- or HI 3-0758 nights. D 18 Inlernalionttt overhauled engine Bargain. Kramer Auto Supply Co. HOME FURNISHINGS 149 USED FURNITURE ON EASY TERMS Upholstered Arm Chair *. su.Ba Gas Range S2».« Automatic Record Player -- S39.95 McMAHAN'S Sill and G Streets HI 3-73(3 MISC. FOP SALE 150 Montgomery Wards PAINT DEPARTMENT SUPER WHITE House Paint Reg. 55.79 gal. NOW $4.99 PAINT THINNER in gas cans $2.1Svalie . . . . N O W $ .99 WARDS 4 t h F Sts. HI 3-303- FOR SALE -- 21' Ben Hur Chest Type Frceier. Like new. 5250.00. 828 Fickle Hill, Arcata. 14' ALL ALUMINUM CAMP TRAILER. HI 3-4657. Portable c 61 j" saw. SIB. Som blades inc utfed. TE 9-2797 Dining sel ~ able six chairs, Chester field, S70. Coffee table 2 lamps, $60 HI 2-5217 after 5. Microscope S2.50. 4 model A wheels S2. HI 2-5615 18" rotary lawn mower. Very .good con dltion. S22. HI 2-9314 block chimney. £100 or best offer. As sorted windows 52 B. Up. VA 2-0120. Wanted: Sleno lypc or Sleno graph with instruction book. HI 3-6093. RUMMAGE SALE -- K. C. Hall 6th 1 -- April I4th. 9-5. By St. Bernard's Key Club. 2 orown plastic covered houselrailer ba stools, like new S25. 3870 Jacobs Ave HI 3-6622. EMMY LOU By Marly Links 1 JyliMfiM iff -1 i -- " - -- ~^X ':' ' /Z, "We had a Community Fund drive last week, and he's the only thing Taffy .collected!" MISC. FOR SALE 150 Refrigerators from S39.SO, Dlnetlcs from $9.50, Bed divans, beds springs, mattresses, solid maple buffet. Walnut marble top chest, dresser, beds. Art, Pressed and cut olass. Wedgwood. Spode and china plates. MOREL'S 2ND HAND AND ANTIQUES nd E HI 3-3631 Complete toilet bowl sets, Modern in wall type 118.95 522.95; Wash basin $4.50 to SI2.50; Gas heater, wilh thermostatic control S15.00 to S35.00; Bedroom sets; Box spring mattress sets, full half; Gas cook stoves, apt. full size; Apt. slie refrigerators. FUREKA EXCHANGE 16 2nd SI. HI 2-3«9 Westinghouse electric stove - Holpolnt 2 door refrigerator freezer · 2 matching sets of modern design drapes. Size drawn- 124" x65'/i" - other pair: 10B" x 6S'.-j". HI 3-32J8. . TAPE RECORDER Typewriters Guns Ammo A R C A T A EXCHANGE 101 H Street VA 2-3004 NEW MUNTZ-- RCA TV's Also Used TV's ot Lowest Prices. SKIDMORE TV 4lh and U Street HI 3-4055 Weldinq equipment, swivel chair, Kfrby vacuum and attachments, large tarp, miscellaneous, tools other ilems. 3J59 G St., Eureka Sat. Sun. Only. WAN) ED -- Mercnandise All Types. To Consign, and Sell -- at U-SELL 1310 Broadway, Eureka. The Home of 10,000 Bargains. Phone HI 27923. Squirreis love peanuis. - . "Squirrel" around and turn your "don'l needs" into CASH. . .use the PEANUT RATE! Radio-- TV Troubles? Calf DURAN'S TV SALES SERVICE 127 3rd St., Eureka QUALIIY USED MERCHANDISE AT URQUHARI'S 321 THIRD ST. Ht 2-252i Brass floor lamp $3.50; 14 large stepping stones S3. 50; \'i inch waterpipe S2.50; 2 hand saws S2.00; 1 cut olf 1 rip. HI 2-0222. O'Keele 8- Merrill gas range. 250 gal LP tank, 100 gallons LP gas. Both excellent. 5150 or sell separately. HI 3-1439 after 6 p.m. 32 carbine, slngie box spring ma! tress -- Next to new. Showcases. Trader Torg's, 2nd G, HI 2-3642. BEDROOM SET including bed, chest o drawers, dressing table with large mirror, box spring and mattress. $35 HI 2-0904. SERVEL REFRIGERATOR, good condi door -- $32.50 -- TE 9-1473. pump, $70; portable mangle, $20; West inghouse waffle Iron, S!0 -- TE 9-1041 RUMMAGE SALE -- SAT., APRIL 14 Held at 627 Stn St., across from Post Office, open P am. BPW Club, Eureka Washer. Al! very good -- Best offer. HI 2-9558 RUMMAGE SALE sponsored by Church of God ol Prophecy af Arcata Labor Temple, Fri. Sat., April 13-14--9-4. Norge Bird Cage E. Stand. RA 5-3637 6 ROOMS OF FURNITURE Including drapes 8. rugs. Willing to bargain-- 2107 4th St., Eureka -- HI 3-6476. CHILD'S WARDROBE CHEST w i t h drawers. Hardwood. Good condition. NO B-5704 WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC ROASTER, very good condition -- $20. HI 2h3?74 FREE ESTIMATES. Out of town rates. General body and paint work. WOODY'S BODY SHOP. HI 2-225B. Maple Twin Bed, Mattress, Box Springs. $45. Inner Spring Mattress, $15. HI 3-6186 after 5:30 p. m. COUCH, MAKES INTO BED AND MATCHING CHAIR S20. HI 2-1183. Get ready for Spring. Good used vacuums -- bags, belts -- of all makes RELAX-A-CIZOR, 4 controls S200. American People's Encyclopedia '55, like new $120 -- HI 2-1107. Tube tester S25. H! 2-6111 every Wednesday -- 12 noon at the Eureka Inn. Rummage Sale Dally from 9 a.m. Used clothing misc. items. Freshwater, Men's Golf Clubs-- matched woods and Wilson Staff irons. Cart B. Bag. HI 3 0919 after 9:3D p.m. Kirby vacuum cleaner All attachments floor polisher. All like new. J65 Large combination TV -- Bookcase wilh 5 large storage drawers. $50. HI 2-9-S92 or see at 6092 Avalon. 24" Boy's Bicycle $12; 20" Boy's Bicyc e VA 2-2385 Rummage Sale. Carson Memorial. Mon., April 16. 9:30 - 4 p.m. Beta Sigma Phi. $100-- Nat'l. cash register. Spring load ed Covered Wagon Trading Post, nex to Murphy's, McKinleyville, TE 9-2644 Electric range, water heater. Both top condition. S150 or priced separate HI 3-1087. Rummage Sale -- 10 a.m. - 2 p.m Sat. April 14th. Plants - books - rec ords - etc. Norway Hall, 1619 Calif. 5t 50,000 BTU flas space heater. Auto malic temperature control. Excellent WHIIE HOUSE THRIFT 3rd and H Streets HI 3-3051 Relax-a-clsor. Brand new. Used 6 times Transistor model 5225. Ideal for peo pie with heart trouble. HI 2--i6vO. GAS STOVE. Good condition. $50. HI 3-4951. RUMMAGE SAl E-Open every day but Si/nday. 1413 East Avenue. PHONE Ht 2-31 18 Weddinij Rings to Bear Traps, MID WAY IRADING POSI, HI 21204 flCroS1 from Midway Drive-in on Indianola Rrt ness. A S, A SURPLUS, Si W. 5lh HI 3-7176. Sales Service - Rcnlflh -Rfthnnng MICH'.)! S' A R C A 1 A 8 yenrs. VA 2-3SB3 For that summer camping trip; fllmos NEW 9x12 umbrella tent with floor $47.50. HI 3-52B5. cooler; 1 steel office desk wilh doubl( d'flwors. HI 2-2166, Complete Finnn:lnq Service PACIFIC FINANCE 521 4th Slicet. HI 2-2701 Tillcy riflatcri flilfl lamps. Black lights, THE OLOE PARK STORE, Hodgson f. T Stv, Eureka. vllSC. FOR SALE 150 Quantity Oil Sale WARD PREMIUM QUALITY VITALIZED OIL ·24 quart case $7.68 per case 2-4 24 quart cases $7.20 per case 5 or more 24 quart cases 54.72 per case -55 gallon drum 21Vic per quart In drum 2-4 55 gallon drums i or more 55 gallon drums !9V'jc per quart in drum WARD'S 4th F Sts. HI 3-3033 Quality selection of Used washers, d r y e r s , electr c ranges. Bnzard's of Arcata Your family Store On the Plaza In Arcata Buiidmg Bargains 9'xl2' Vinyl sunaced llnol. rugs. 5 5 7 5 ea. Used brick 7c each Dry Mix motar (lust add water) S1.50 bag Fuller mterior Latex paint -- S4.9B ga . ',V'x4xB shop fir plywood S2.56 ea. Complete Inventory of other building materials at discount prices. PIERSON BUILDING SUPPLY HI 3-5165 At the Big Hammer 4100 Broadway USED RADIOS from $5 as is COME GET 'EM! 617 4th, Eureka HI 3-094i Ice Cream Machine-- As Is-- 9 cu. ft.. .SO Occidental Space neater tor LP gas $10, 1 custom Air Wall Heater manual control 525 LIBERTY PROPANE VA 2-1320 BOLENS RIDEMASTER garden tractor S325 Will take gun in trade. 2 hp electric motor 515; Refrigerator S10; Electric stove S10; One third hp. refrigerator compressor S30; 2 hp 3 phase motor S10; Clinton gas mower motor S10; TE 9-13B5. Pickup Campers Aluminum lops, camper jacks, camper ladders, mirrors, accessories. The OLDE PARK STORE at the entrance to Sequoia Park. PICKUP CAMPER -- $450 for lodging? Sleep by the Fairgrounds, not a hundred miles away. Tired driving? Rest anytime. THE OLDE PARK STORE at the entrance to Sequoia Park. USED FURNITURE Beds, dressers, chairs, night stonds, pictures, glass dresser tops. SACRIFICE. DRASTICALLY REDUCED. Call Mr. Kress, HI 2-1683. Service On All Makes SEWING MACHINES S4.75 Minimum. Singer Sewing Machine Co. 529 4lh Street. HI 2-1823 8 Used TVs, choice of models siie of screen-- your choice S4P.95 each. Eeasv Terms. 535 4th St. HI 2-5279 Re-conditioned TV sets, table models consoles-9 sets -- all in good operating condition. Starting at S34.95. DICK ADAMS TV APPLIANCES 2746 E St. Henderson Center SPRING FEVER SPECIAL Try the perfect flat wall paint that's only $2.95 a gallon in 70 washable colors at HUMBOLDT PAINT FACTORY, 912 W. Hawtnorne. Easter's on it's way-- Delicious creme eggs to slice. All sires. Freshly made --Pure milk chocolate. Creviston Candy, 633 5th St., Eureka. Custom made drape boxes traverse rods CARPETS AND DRAPERIES 2169 Broadway HI 2-5954 PICKUP CAMPERS 6' 8. 10' cafcovers. Several models. Also pickup tops. Johnson's Camper Sales 2225 McKinleyville Ave., Arcata. TE 9 1671. CUTTEN BEAUTY SALON S15 Breck permanent, special 58.50, includes cut and set-- this monlh. 2163 Fern Street. HI 3-4083. Round oak coffee table, electric range with trash burner, nice chesterfie d sets. Hopkins 2nd Hand, 760 15th St., Arcata. VA 2-2040. Chandelier (12 light) nearly new. Cost S100 -- Sell for S40. 6x4 2 wheel al HI 2-6526. DEL GRANDES 1424 BROADWAY Anrique glass cnina 8. misc. HI 2-0379 1205 9th St. Eureka KLAMATH SPUDS S3.50 . , .ONLY at THE SPUD SHED B18 Broadway Ht 2-4422 High prices paid tor your used typewriter calculator, ottice equipment. Eureka Ot fice Supply, 3)1 -- E St., HI 3-I06/ You needn't be a pro to make the "dough" Check the PEANUT RATE For Sale or Trade 1-14 column Du Gremlor cigarette machine. Call VA 2-4212 E-lectnc Shaver Repairs Factory Authorized Parts. WEISFIELDS'S JEWELERS - 528 5th St., Dressmaking Alterations Coast McCulloch, Inc. 212J-- (th St., Eureka HI 3-4531 OLD WEST TRADING POST Buy, sell or trade -- 38B3 Rohnervillo Rd R F GOOORICH TIRFS-APPl lANf FS-niKFS BARGAIN BOX, Laura lane, G St. bet 5lh and 6lh. ladies Spring Dresses, a so Men's and Children's outllls. Blond Packard-Belt TV-- radio phono com blnatlon; speed Queen washer dryer HI 3-1546. CARPENTER WORK WANTED. S2.50 per hour. New conslruction or repairs TE 9-2180 after 5:30 p. m. MOVING -- MUST SELL. Kenmore niflnolc, flood condition. iSO. HI 3-4-108. SONOLA ACCORDION. Excellent conrti tlon Original value 11,000. Now 1375 Days 'lit 3 p. m. Ill 1-6029. NEW S- USED WOOD HGMliRS CHIMNEY RLOf kS M flelln V stn or Phono 4 E 9.1361 or TE M7M. vilSC. FOR SALE I5C M E. TILLER, USED POWER MOWERS Lawn Boys, Homco, Sears. Some good condition. A handyman could fix the poor condition ones up easily. Price from S20 UP. Power drive on wheels. Cost New $600; Now S225; In like new condition. t's easy lo get credit at Fortuna Hard- were, Just bring In your credit card from a major oil co. You can open your account In seconds. If you don't have a card. . .come in anyway. . Terms to suit. Fortuna Hardware 1221 Main Fortuna RA 5-4127 MISC. WANTED 15! HIGH CASH PRICES PAID for copper, brass aluminum, radiators and batteries. Also scrap iron. G R METALS, Eureka, Inc. Second and "H" slreets-HI 2-1/65 We Buy Pot Metal and Other Metals HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOR LEAD NORTHERN MARINE HARDWARE ?nd "E" Streets hi 20/45 $ CASH $ for furniture, appliances, what have you. Hi 3-3635, WANTED USED FURNITURE, REFRIGERATORS AND CONVENTIONAL WASHERS. Hi 3-4B51 -- Highest Prices Paid. WILL PAY CASH for Sacks (burlap, any kind) Sc each, junk radiators, junk battenes, copper, brass a, aluminum. 1617 R St., HI 2-4026. Moving? Got too much lo take? Cal Trader Tcrg. Used merchandise bough by the item or household lot. Free appraisal. Ht 2-3642 GRAPE STAKES, POSTS B, BOARDS Want 3 year size crib and mattress. Must be in good condition. HI 3-2491 FREE MERCHANDISE 152 ABSOLUTELY FREE! The ads are tree and everything in the column Is free The only requirement is There must not be anything offered for sals to people replying to FREE ADS. If this is violated please notify the Classified Manager. 2 WHITE DRAKES TE 9-1616 ELECTRIC RANGE -- USABLE Overstuffed Chair. HI 2-8463 4 HALF-SIAMESE KITTENS. 7 weeks old. Weaned. Fairly well house broken. 2 MALE PUPS. 4 months Need homes. RO 4-3404. 4 cute kittys looking HI 2-3326' Black Labrador. 2 yrs. Good with children. VA 2-1893 BICYCLE-MOTORCYCLE 155 MOVE UP TO A MUSTANG molor bike also HARLEY DAVIDSON LAMBRETTA Sales and Serivce ARCATA BOAT SALES 2905 St. Louis Rd. VA 2-4527 Al Kurth Motorcycles Local Triumph and Honda Dealer 82B Broadway, Eureka. HI 3-S693 AUTO SERVICING-REP. 157 We specialize in Service and Repairs for BORGWARD. SIMCAS, RENAULTS, TR's. Also synchronize SU carburetors. FOREIGN MOTORS Auto enamel paint job 539.50, reasonab c body work, 1 DAY SERVICE. Marcum Sons, 727 W. Whiople, HI 2-31B7. ATTENTION ALL EARTH PEOPLE! Expert repairs! W'llys-GMC and Pontrac. Don't walk! Run! to BE Garage, So. Redwood Hiway, RA 5-4117. Don't bet your life on a bargain Brake [ob -- Play it safe. Arcatn Brake and Front End. 497 t St. Arcata, VA 23773. COOPER'S! The auto beauty Clinic -- complete Auto Accessories. Cooper Auto Parts, 92B 4tli Street, Arcata. VA 2-3651. Don't be shoved around 1 Because your car won't start. See Orville Wilson 119 West 6th Summer HI 2-7413 or HI 2-7369. Hard starting? Can't go? Don't fret: Call VA 2-4902. own in the Classified section today. Check il now. MOTORS '59 FORD '352' S250 Exch '60 CORVAIR S200 Exch '56 FORD '292' S150 Exch '59 FORD '33!' S200 Exch EUREKA AUTO AND TRUCK WRECKERS 719 West Whipple HI 3-6361 FOR SALE WRECKED 1 O ^ ^ Plim/rrJpit \/ ft with Straight Stick S350 McCREA MOTORS 7th and F Streets- Eureka. HI 3-0389 HI 2-5779 1953 Studcbaker Champion 6 motor 40,000 miles, S65; conventional trans mission $45. Also r ear end wheels drums fenders. TIRE CENTER 1301 Broadway HI 3-7371 '55 CHEV. "6" engine. Complete wilh starter, generator, carherator, manifold bell housing, etc., S75 (Needs overhaul ing) TE 9-1473. '50 CHEVY, Radio and Heater -- $15.00 Ford Radio, 15.00. Three 670-15 6-p y Tires, J1S.OO, 1460 Vance St., Fortuna. 352 cu. In. '58 CHEV. short block, Ford's true pislens, C T crank. HI 3-0176 after 12. SMART shoppers find exceptional furnl ture buys under class 150 In the classl lied. See them now. Original Tear-Drop Custom. Spot lig its re-chromed. t!S. Call VA 2-5076 nflcr 5 p. m. charcied, ISO plnfcS. l??,SO-J4?.50. AAA SURPLUS, 5ft W, Stll. HI 3-7176. 1C57 Plymouth Fury Twin 4 h.irrcl CArhur?rAl!on, 150. NO fl-5129. AUTO-TRUCK WANTED 160 Pickup wanted -- Will buy best long bed pickup (or siooo. RO 4-5658 TRUCKS TRAILERS 162 954 A.UTOCAR, "220" Cummings Diesel, S. Q. D, D. bogles, very good 1,000 x 22 rubber, short log trailer. Complela unit in EXCELLENT CONDITION. Ready to go logging. See at Humboldt Truck Equipt. International Sales and Service 4075 Broadway HI 3-7016 WILL PAY CASH Pickup. HI 3-3504 or 1748 J Street. After 4 p. m. Weekdays. MUST SACRIFICE SO Ford F-5 Perfect condition. '42 CMC 6 wheel 51,000 takes both. OR 7-3459. INCLUDES ALL equipment. 950 GMC 8 yard dump. Dual drive. SI BOO selling price NO 3-5507 or NO 8-5721. 1 ton Dodge llatbed with crane attached. 1959 motor. Best offer takes. HI 3-6524. '54 Ford 1 Ion flatbed. Extra good condition. Best offer over S500. VA 2-0659 -- TE 9-1789. INTERNATIONAL Vi ton pickup. Good transportation. S75. -- TE 9-2797 -- CLONtY SONS Broadway and Pactf'c HI 2-1741 '56 FORD VB \'i ton pickup with canopy. best ofter. HI 2-231B. International I'/i ton truck. '62 license. S450 or will trade tor young stock. TE 9-1593 -- Arcata. LTL MACK TRUCK AND PAGE TRAILER. 923-2379 HOUSETRAILERS 163 · TOWN AND COUNTRY · TRAILER SALES 1962 Models VIKING -- VAN DYKE New OASIS Travel Trailers Now Arriving Insured, Bonded Trailer Towing VA 2-1547 CLOSED SUNDAYS Highv/ay 299, 2 North of Arcata We Sell Mobile Home Insurance TRAILER TOWING LICENSED BONDED -INSUREO CARL JOHNSON CO. Highway 101 north of Eureka. RENTAL LEASE - with OPTION to BUY on used B'xIO' wides, on credit 5491 Broadway Just 3 miles South of Eureka -- across from K.D.A.N Housetrailer Insurance -- be protected as a buyer or setter. Fire, theft, flood. SlOO ded. collision. As low as J17 per year. MADSEN INSURANCE, 5th and Eye, HI 3-4501. For the Extra conveniences In a mobils home see this 2 bedroom Viking 8x45'. VA 3-26B3 or TE 9-2439. EUREKA TRAIl ER SALES Sales and Repairs 2500 Broadway HI 3-W27 Closed Sundays. TERRIFIC BUY! 40*8 2 bedroom trailerhouse in excellent condition. Might take car as part trade. TE 9-2514 No one beats TRAILER CITY VA 2-4034 -- Closed Sundays FRANKLIN TRAILER SALES 5491 Broadway --HI 3-2774 Just 3 mfles South of Eureka Across from K.D.A.N. Will trade for cars, furniture, livestock. Camplrvg Trailers For Rent call HI 3-2774 Franklin Trailer Saies '53 Terra-Cruiser. Modern housetrailer. Excellent condition, S2400. VA 2-0623 after 5 p.m. 10x45' - 2 bedroom trailerhouse. For information. HI 2-3406 1956 Flamingo 8x35' 2 bedroom, sleeps given. S1750. TE 9-2025. For Sale-- '46 CHEVY Truck. 13'.Y flatbed S250. Morris Christiansen, Loleta, end ot Cannibal Road. 'SB Melody home. 3 bedroom. S750 down. S2BM balance. Take over S63.81 payments. See at 2205 2nd St. afler 5 p.m. Leaving town. Take over payments on 1956 37' 2 bedroom housetrailer. HI 32774 days. AIRPLANES 164 For Sale-Piper Super Cub 125 h. p. New fabric-- new glass-- new license. Scenic Flights and Complete Flight service at Forluna Airport. R S Enterprises RA 5-3022 AUTOS FOR SALE 165 LOOK!! What you can gef for -ONLY $595 1955 BUICK Automatic, power steering, radio and heater. 1955 FORD V-8 Automahc, radio and heater. 1956 PLYMOUTH Automatic, radio and heater. 1955 DODGE automatic, radio anH heater. ] 955 Metropolitan Hardtop, runs gocvl. Lot ur, help yr-u arrange financing en any of ! lie-so. McCrea Motors RAMBLER 7TH RFTWfliN P 6 G STS. Ill 3 03SO III 2-5779 F.LIRI'KA (Until tfJiiiMnl'.slon. P.xcHlont rontllllon 13MV HI 3flO?0 rtllfrr 12 p. m. nonn. C.OOI) WORK CAR - 'M OLDS t?V\. HI ?'fllW r-vrnlnrji

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