Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 25, 1969 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 25, 1969
Page 12
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ONE MORE RKfElTAND WEIL IW$ IS THE KST SEASON I'VE BEEN STUWH6THE UE'VE EVER HAP,. STANDINGS CHARLIE 0KWL WE'LL NEED AN UMPIRE FOR TOMORROW'S SAME, HENRY 1 IT'S NOT THIS YEAR'S EARLY. I (THAT SOUNCS ITS LAST \S MORE: LIK^ VEAB'S CA'SV AND SOJ SJUE GOT ' OUT EV7L-V.' WOW-' WHY DIP 1 EVER /VOLUNTEER TO BUILP A RAFT Q AND GO FOR HELP THRU THIS RA6ING1DRREHT? I ANP\M*M*S«I" \ \ ASP TWISTY ) HA? --TILLTH' PARSON GOES BY / UH--WE-UNS I BETTER WAIT ft SPELL VEP--1 SHORE DID, SNUf-r-Y" RN' IT'S A HUMDINGER 1 . I HEAR VE ear VORESELF A TATTOO WHILE VEWUZ GOME OFF, WILf-tRD- AT PRUDENCE P/MPLETON'S- LATER I i NEVER oar 1P1TOUP VOUSE'- VOUSE'D MEVER BELIEVE V/HV DID VOL) LEAP ON ME? WHV DID THAT ENGAGED CHEAP PUNK A I7VRARS.'.' ATTACK ME MAYBE -ANDTHEN A KISSED HIM S IT'D THRILL = CA.VT KJi OFF ANP ie\'OSE THIS AWESCr.E SPECT.AC^c OF tEA FJSIXG \ . e\ s.vse cc^cr. A - BASE .'/C'.'.eVT IN \'A-J^.£ N/ES TO 3= (2ECAPTJES?.... u- : AM N ft .''C'/E.TH.'-IG, ) onnes.s , -'. ' R.OITHEP.Sl -. ;;..·_ . REPLICA OF THE EIFFEL TOWER of Pans, France, is 1,092 FEET HIGH -/OB FEET HIGHER THflN THE ORIGINAL STRUCTURE KRAUS (iasa-1936) PROFESSOR OF MEDICINE PHYSIOLOGIST, PHYSICIST, CHEMIST AND BACTERIOLOGIST, WAS SO SUPERSTITIOUS THAT HE INSISTED ON TOUCHING EVERY PASSING CHIMNEY SWEEP FOR LUCK LESTER L. COLEMAN, M. D. Examination Can Disclose Causes A Speck of blood coughed up n the sputum always seem to THE HUGE OCEAN SUNFISH WHICH WEIGHS A TON HAS FLESH THAT 002ES- IF ITS SKIN IS CUT. THE FLESH WILL FOUR OUT THROUGH THE SLASH AS IF rr WERE GELATIN fliiBBmstiiiiM^ FRANCIS DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope iiWjsiijmTM^ Look in the section in which our birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according » A UA^AUAA^ Aa^MIIHM V NMUMMV mi^f^n MVflfTBVILU. tMUan»*_ M., ApHI M, »*f strike a note of terror. here is a little more When blood coughed into a toilet basin the anxiety becomes even greater Kcause it almost seems that a basinful of blood and not ,iny quantity was coughed up. The fear that blood in the sputum necessarily means tu- jerculosis or cancer is not valid 'or there are dozens of unim- aortant reasons for such small juantities of coughed up blood. be rewarding. Plan on som expansion but curtail w h e r e necessary. Get your picture in focus, and you will benefit later. to the stars. -OR SATURDAY, APRIL 26 Accuracy in detalb ,sTMv,, TMj;!,»--=^ _-ou arc. the easier you w i l l ride through this day. Carefully consider all the activities open to you. Then select only those which w i l l benefit you mentally, physically and emotional} 1 . A P R I L 21 to MAY 21 (Taurus) --Avoid being led astray by those who arc heedless of con ;cqucnces, careless of responsibilities. You will face more distractions than you think, so keep up your guard. feel that your inner resources are insufficient to achieve your goals right now. keep trying. It's that extra spurt of effort which can turn mediocrity into success. DEC. 22 to JAN. 20 (Capricorn) -- Ask yourself what the consequences will be before you engage upon a new venture or make changes in projects now running smoothly. Utilize your It must not be assumed that I suggest such a condition be disregarded. Hather do I mean that the cause be found by a medical examination instead of h a r b o r i n g the frightening thought that the blood is more meaningful. FEAR PREVALENT Kcar sometimes can keep patients away from the doc tor's office, especially those who are afraid to come face to face with the truth and pre fer the delaying tactics. Blood can come from the back of the nose or throat trickle down into the Iaryn and then be coughed up. The same can happen with tender bleeding gums. In these cases the blood does not originate ii the lungs and is of no grea* importance. 1 must point out that tuber culosis is not a disease to be ashamed of. It falsely was a the turn of the century be cause it was felt to occur onh in underprivileged families. I can and does occur in ever; social and economic class am can be cured or controllei ases of tuberculosis. The en- lusiasm is great for this ac- omplishment, but let it not be orgotten that this disease is still a very active threat to the ealth of people all ovei·this ountry and the world. Blood hat is coughed up is an cx- ellent warning of nature, it must not be overlooked. The analysis of the contents f the stomach is a valuable oo! for the doctor in seeking a diagnosis to account for a jatient's complaints. The con- ents of the stomach are suc- ioned up through a thin rubber or polyethylene tube which s passed into the stomach The procedure is mildly unpleasant, but now can be eased y the local application of an anesthetic and by free/ing the ube. The process takes only few minutes and should not he feared by those who are expecting to have it donr. The stomach contents are then studied for the amount of hydrochloric acid, the presence )f blood or tissue cells. Ulcers of the stomach, tumors and some anemias, like MAY 22 to JUNE 21 (Gemini) i --A good period for studying . past complex situations a n d :iow you coped with them; corn-] connections in profitable ways during the P. M. when caught early. This age of the wonder drug has been responsible for th cure of a large percentage o jernicious a n e m i a , s h o w , changes of the acid content Valuable information can come from such study. S P E A K I N G O F Y O U R HEALTH: Education is urgently needed to stem the modern epidemic of ventral di sease D.r Coleman welcom .D.r Coleman welcomes letters from readers, and. while he cannot undertake to answer each one. he will use questions in his column whenever possible and when they are of general interest. Address ynnr letters to Dr. Coleman in care of this newspaper. iiiiijirapiiNFisiiiiiiiMBariBBiniai IMIIPI IWIIBHIBIW mourn pmramiwri m\\ m i B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Rccord-Holder in Masters' Individual Championship Play) ·INITMTM^^ (lilHBHIIltBllill 19 (Aquar^ I - Planetary configurations': now sponsor novel pursuits. present conditions. In- peak spi ration should be at now. J U N K 'II to JULY 23 (Cancer) --Be: patient if you cncounlci delays and obstacles to your plans, but don't retard pro gross yourself through vacilla- lion, indecision. Step forward I with confidence. JULY 24 to AUG. 23 (Leo)-An excellent clay for reviving old associations, c o n t a c t s , hnbliic.-. Be generous, w h e n there's need, hut w i t h o u t extravagance. imaginative revitalizing of all interests. Display your talents in marketable areas. FEB. 20 to MARCH 20 ,. (Pisces) -- Certain suggestions must be ignored: others accepted quickly, put to discerning use. The Piscean's gift for seeing through a maze of com youR ]. You are declarer with the West hand at Three Notrump. North leads the five of dia monds and you win South's king with the ace. When you lead a low club to the jack at trick Iwo both opponents follow low. How would you paly the hand? AUG. 2-1 to SEPT. 211 (Virto) --Benefic Mercury influences indicate that you have m o r e leeway t h a n usual in promoting the unique and unusual. Do m;ike lln 1 most uf present stellar help. SEPT. 24 to OCT. 23 (Libra) - Important now: Foresight and attentiveness to good ad- 'ice. Don't fictionalize where straight facts are in o r d e r . There's a prevailing tendency .0 dramatize things. # 9 6 4 # K Q J S 3 iplexities should result in a field day. You born today are roundly able, willing to concentrate until you have thoroughly completed an assignment. You may be careless in details at times, but usually because of u n d u e haste. You have perception and sensitivity to a high degree; make excellent physicians, surgeons, scientists, educators, actors and researchers, and may well have two occupations going at once. Music enchants y o n. Taureans write music, poems, essays, plays and interesting, compact letters. The w e 11- developed in this Sign h e l p family and friends in a variety of ways: those living on a lower, noncaring plane, can become selfish, unnrhtodox. demanding 2. You are declarer with the West hand at Six Clubs and North leads the ten of spades. How would you play the hand? 4 K Q 6 2 OCT. 24 to NOV. 22 (Scorpio) Birtndate: Eugene Delacroix, --Survey chances; some should |Fr. painter. + K Q 9 4 1. To make sure of the con ract you continue with a low lub from dummy! This guards a g a i n s t the possibility of louth's having A 10 x x. which s the only threat to the con- ract. It assures three club win icrs and at least nine tricks. If South wins with the ten and re- urns a low diamons, you play he eight and are in complete command of the situation. You cannot be stopped from winning .hree clubs and two tricks in each of the other suits. If you made the more norma play of the king of clubs at rick three, instead of a low HORIZONTAL a. Greet 4. Walked 8. Malfi sheep 12. Khan 13. Assistant 14. Exchange premium 1 Ti. Weapon 17. Snhjert JR. Inrwl IB. Chill 21. Pronoun 22. Avoided 20. Klnwer 29. Kvrrgrcen tree . Beam :i1. Animal's den :i2. Goddess of dawn .'IS. Carton :M. Intention r.s. Australian l-.vd ."id. Coins .17. nrc::. pa rl El 40. Through 41. Reluctant 45. Medley 48. Originate 50. Tear 51. Love god 52. Sun 53. Use an ox - en 54. Dimple 55. Possesses VERTICAL 1. Akingfish 2. S-shaped curve 3. Ripple 4. Higher 5. Hudson, for one 6. Lyric poem 7. Ridicules 8. Priced Answer to yesterday's pnzile. lime ol unlatlnn: 20 minutn. 9. Mature 10. Stir 11. Habitual drunkard 16. Additional 20. Farm animal 23. Metric unit 24. Comfort 25. Stains 26. Exclamation 27. Float 28. Era 29. Pronoun 32. Appeared 33. Beverage 35. Twilight 36. Strip 38. Lyric poem 39. Law 42. Reckless 43. Portico 44. Lampreys 45. Spherc. 46. Meadow 47. Writing fluid 49. Before 2Z ss tlu .,. South would duck with a lolding of four to the A-10. You vould then find yourself in hot vater and. unless yon got very ucky, would eventually go down IE. 2. Win the s p a d e with Hie ace, draw the adverse trumps, and cash three more spades, discarding a diamond from dummy. Then enter dummy with a .riimp and lead a diamond. If South goes up with the ace. your worries are over, since you can discard a heart from dummy on the king of diamonds. If South follows low on the diamond lead from dummy, play the jack, since South is unlikely to have the ace and follow low. If the jack forces the ace. you are home, but if it loses to HIP queen, you are still very much alive. First, North must return a diamond -- otherwise, you automatically make the slam and second, even if he leads a diamond, you ruff in dummy and still have the heart finesse to fall back on. Note that on the fourth spade lead the proper discard from dummy is a diamond, not a heart. Discarding a heart would put you in the position where you might have to gauge the diamond position correctly or go down. Discarding the diamond is better because it offers an additional chance for thu contract. PONYTAIL "I have a simple filing system, for all my s t u f f . . . it's tossed either in. the closet, in the dresser, or under the bed!" TIMES Classified Ads Get Fast Results. Try em. Just Dial 442-6242.

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