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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 24

Long Beach, California
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Monday, March 22, 1976
Page 24
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C-2--INDEPENUENI (AM) PKEbb- TELEGRAM (PM) Lw s eucb. c»m.. MOT., March n, n;» Carol Heynen nets rare title for L.B. By BOB MARTIN Stall Writer Long Bench had il.s own champion Sunday in the 20th Long Beach Junior Tennis Championships -and thai doesn't happen too often. Eleven-year-old Carol Heyncn won the Girls 12- ana-undcr singles t i t l e , beating two opponents decisively al Lakcwood Country Club Tennis Center on the last day of the two-weekends tournament. She Ihus became lhc firsl Long Beach girl lo win a singles championship since Kathy Hartcr c a p t u r e d lhc G i r l s 18 crown in 19C4. Not Harclie title in 1969 had the host cily had a singles winner of either sex in Uie big junior meet, which drew more than 1,100 entries f r o m all over Southern A boy from the neighboring lown of Downey -Robert Van'l H o f , who p l a y s regularly al the Lakewood Tennis Center -- won the Boys 18 singles w i l h a f i n e display of hard-hitting lennis. The slender, 6-2 blond also look 18 doubles title, Cioth of Roll; Estates. boys Kevin McClintic -Boys 1C doubles ship at 17 next month, ousted Chris Dunk of Santa Ana, 64, 6- ·t, in Ihe semifinals, then came back to defeat Lloyd Bourne of Pasadena, one of the nation's top young lennis prospects, 6^, 6-2, in Ihe final. Dunk had year, and lost to Evonne Goolagong by only a 6-1, G- 3 margin at Sarasota, Fla. Lea plays No. 1 on her high school boys' team in Glemlora, and has lost only one match in two seasons. Long Beach's only con- lender besides Miss Heyn- cn, going into the last day, was Brad Ackerman, II, who nals Leach of Arcadia, son of former USC s l a r D i c k Leach. Leach went on to win the Boys 12 title over A t l i l a B c t y a r of Northridge,6-2, 5-2. BOYS 18 SINGLES -- SemBfcull: Robert Van'l llof iDovney) d ChM* Dunk ISar.u Anal. «-4 »·!; Uovif d Bounw. 6-4. -2 Gmijf II SINGLES _ S»oU».l.: U-a Ar.toDoNls (Gkndoral i. Becky IK-II (Rh-rniiir), W. 7-5; Trey U*iJi IKanrho I'alos verdesl d. Kini Grwn- trti'f I Bern]; Ililli). S-l 6-1 fbuh Stalderon Saturday. .lj, jj-l,-i, GL1J3 - i Carol, who was top- seeded, beat J a n e t La- Basse of Malibu, G-0, 6-0, in Sunday morning's semifinals, extending h e r shutout slrcak through five rounds. In the final, she g a v e up two games tn Cheryl Jones of Los Angelus, winning 6-1, 6-1. Asked if she tried to blank Cheryl, too, Carol smiled and admitted she wanted to go through the tournament wilhotil Ihc loss of a game. She is unbeaten in five ineels Ihis year. w a s anplhiT one came close lo be ing eliminated. Sports Illustrated cover girl Tracy Austin, 13, the BOYS It SINGL__ lorw Cood iNewport Beach) d Jch.1 Stiepe. [» Alamttojl, 6 - 1 3 ^ . 6 3 ; Mnrris Slri-di lEl CajonJ d l)a\U Sit- dfr (tlMfr, llilhl, 36. 7«. 7« Klul fin.«I(J Slrnk-.C-i.6-J. O.flUi It ANGLES - EeaUliili: Maria Kcrrjr.'tei (Torrarcej d Tracy Austin iKrJIir.e llrilsl, j-6, H. 62; Xi n- l!.-nr iGlcndalft f. N; SuMtr (Raix-ho I'aW VerJesl. 5-1. 6J,. Haul: champion, was ouslcd in the Girls 16 semifinals by Maria Fernandez, 15, of Tornincc, 1-6, 6-2, 6-2. Bolh girls t a k e lessons from Hob Lansdorp at Ihc Kramer Club in Rollings Hills Estates and they frequently play together. Maria, a lefthander, became nauseated in her finals m Henry of (!h faulted after losing Ihc firsl set, 6-4. She also dropped oul of doubles competition. I'aul Clur.iiicrlaia ISacIa Anal d. Jamci l'u:h tKancho Paloi VcroM. 61. It, « I. I'rlrr Sljkn IfulrrlcnJ d. Jay ITorir.r (All.vk-ia). 34. 63, S-V Ki«at: Jlnko d. CrusiUnain. t«, S-t. r.iKij; j 03rr ., ( ; ir j,,i ! i - sc««i««ri: . P.H}»J«I d. ,000 By DON CULPEI SlaffWriler The firsl National Boal Association event of Uic year al Long Beach drew a crowd well in excess ol 12,000 at (he Marine Sladium Sunday. The actual paid admissions In- lalcd 11,066. W i l h k i d s going in Iree--ainl there was one of the NDBA's' most successful programs. A targe portion of tin; funds derived from the races went to the Kidney Foundation. Tliere was only one world record set. Bob Barron, Torrance, d r i v i n g Split Decision in the blown jel class, went 139.67 miles per hour, as compared with the mark set by Don Damron, Downey, which was IM.TC mph. Mario An- la'sle uf tltc fast hydros when he rode with Mary Hife, Mission Vicjo, at 1IM.66 miles per hour. I.alcr, he was given permission lo make a lesl run over Ihe course in an unblown gas hydro, but he (tidn'l get the boat above llic 80-milc-an hour mark. He said of his ride with Mary: "It was one of the highlights of my racing c a r e e r . T h a i ' s a new scnsalion to have thl helmet pushed against your forehead. I have a great respect for Mary and all good sport in defeat, laler won the Girls 16 doubles with l.ucia Fernandez, the twin sister of lhc girl who heather. Lea A n l o n o p l i s of Glemlora, the 1975 nalion- al Girls 16 champion and the Southern California women's champion, had two close matches as she win. lite G i r l s 18 In the semifinals, UK s t u r d y 17-year-old defeated Becky Bell of Riverside, S-4, 7-6. Then, ii. the final against Trey l,cwis, a slender blonde f r o m K a n c h o I'alos Verdes, M i s s Antonoplis f e l l behind 1-1, rallied but then lost the firsl set on a lie- breaker, 7-6. Lea put on quite a dis- p l a y of t e m p e r a m e n t , her racket and ills in the air, . Cam! OinsUJB (San Hrnunliml. . s o ; Amy OlmMn lEnrlnn) rt CfrilLi y.irtSortii'rlO.'el'! 'jptf Itariw (Altailr 1U'. 61. ii-1 final: Uacli'l. iMiJI.( GI1II.S 12 i[.M,IJ:S -- SeailluU: Chrrjl JOKS l.A* Angcfd) d Ellw Varcl.i lU llak-aj. 0«. 52. 54; r.artJ. lletrrnllxire ilc.lrhl d J.irvl LaBiv-c IM.,I-.|H]J. t«. CO Kiaal: E[r)iKQ '. l u l V S ' l S iMLlll.t:S - gnarUTll- " Slauihl M*'«i"Jl.'' «" tWltk Jnd^on Jf H Jotx-t M. r. KrlKrnjn P. Van i']W l[»oirK-tA(lani Llnth (RoJl 6 ]' Klul:' Va-V! iloKljIh 1 KVuinan' nnilj! 1« DOUBI.rS -Seialllia.: ivm'a Acal Tr:ic) Vi'^lU iS^nla Anal, ' HOYS Ii IK)lTtlJ-^S - quarlrril mil S WdlinfMT. flilk-r il. S. EttnSoltzir. 6-L, 0 I: Jclw Stl.rt-l-KfNlB McClxtir ,1 K wilj'TV. (Loi\\lami!ni) Hrt'lmlir iix^ Alanif- to^i t! Wt l.'rt!r,n iKulUrkinKillVr t t j Muad4l. f-1. i 2; ll.i! Corw-lLWB ISjia Ujtlaui Scan lUrrlr.elon tlll'.if Ja) I d ibl. 6-1. 5 7 6-2 Klial: Sllrit- UrOinlic il CnruelivMi lUrringlon. 3- Vmllhu!: n^nilt-i iTotranre) n SVIIy SUllman ll*iK-aJbTracy I'rtw iChula VUlaJ. S-I. 51, 64; r. Bryan K. Turaer ri. Ij; Austin KenunnVid. Bryin-Turner. 60. K - Srnlfliatc: ilJfll Kbpirila Fb.l: MabJoneiil 64.(4 s- s,.uin,t.: urcuit i . «!**x*« * *·«*«·**· GRAND PRIX (Conlinued From C-ll Also new this year will he the installation of eight amber flashing lights; at b l i n d cornel's on Ihe course. Each light will IK' installed a b o v e t h e concrete barrier at driver eye-level. "Many drivers had trouble spotting flag marshals late in the day while looking directly inlo lhc sun," says Dr. Talbol. "These l i g h t s are so bright a driver can't help but sec them, even with zero vis- inches over (he actual racing surface nnd, as Dr. Talbot explains, "If a driver trie.s lo cut il loo cozy, it'll scare the be- .Ic.sus out of him ami you c;m lx' sure he won't do il again." C o n s t r u c t i o n of the course-installation of llic cement barriers and de- b r i s fencing and p l a c e - ment of Ihe tire piles--is p r o g r e s s i n g a h e a d of schedule. But as Dr. Tal- Iwl s;iys, "Our contract Craig Ve.slcrm.irk, Long Beach paramedic, made a terrific run in the barefoot ski part of the program. He aclually traveled 103.56 mph., 10 miles more than Ihc record now held by flurdon Epling, b u t Yes- termark didn't sec the marker at Ihe end of Ihc course and let loose of the lowlinc jusl a yard or two from the finish line, so the Lee Kirk did 9-1.62 mph barefooted on one r u n . Kick Paap, who coordinated the skiing pan of the p r o g r a m , p l e a s e d t h e crowd with a run of 03 plus mph. the course totally electronic wilh regard lo caution lighls." Finally, r i p p l e strips, the subject of healed controversy last year, have been r e m o v e d nnd replaced by FIA-approved . curbs in the turns and corners. Hippie strips, one- inch liny phslic cones normally u s e d as freeway hue dividers, were installed in the corners lo warn drivers thai they were loo close to Ihe walls and barriers. Two lioui's a f t e r Ihe course was opened for practice for Ihe first time. Suddenly Fergy is expendable By GORDON VERRELL Stall Wrlltr VERO BEACH -- The Dodgers opened the way Sunday lor a possible Joe Fcrguson-for-Reggie Smith deal with the St. Louis Cardinals when Ihcy picked up catcher EUie all v i c e president AJ Campanis would say of lhc swap for Ihe 29- year-old Rodriguez, who has been the , To gel him, the Dodgers dis- palched outfielder Hector Alvarez lo California in the firsl trade between the clubs since the Andy Messersmilhdealof 1973. With Rodriguez, a .235 hitler in 140 games lasl year, the Dodgers now have three catchers -- Steve Yeager and Ferguson are the other two -- as well as Ted Sizemore who can play the position in a pinch. Campanis l o n g has coveted Smith, but so far has been unable lo get him away from Ihe Cardinals who now have a surplus of outfielders. In his latest altempl to land Smith, who balled .302 wilh 19 home run and 76 RBI lasl season for SI. Louis, it was learned thai he .. ,'J '· ft /*/ /v missed Ihe entire second half of the season because of a broken arm. One reason is lhal Ferguson is the only unsigned Dodger and all lo fresh in Campanis' mind is Ihe Ihoughl that il was another of his players, Andy Messcrsmith, who didn't sign his contract in 1975 and subsequently became a fret agenl in n s-erics off landmark decisions. "You're right," Campauis said, "we don't know if Ferguson will play out his option." Ferguson discounted t h a t notion, however, saying, "I've never given it a thought. I know this, if I'm nol traded we'll get together on salary. "I gave him (Campanis) a figure and he gave me nne. I said, ' A l r i g h t , if I get a good opportunity...and if 1 don't (lo Ihe job I'll lake the lower figure. If I .to Ihe job, Ihen I'll sign at my figure.' "Another thing, I'm dealing on my o w n , man-lo-inan, no high- priced business agent. 1 think (hoy have to respect me for lhal. JOE FERGUSON Dodger trade bail? "II just boils down to this: If they want Ihe best possible players on lhc field, then I should play because I'm one of the best If they don'l, well, then I guess I'll be traded." Rodriguez has played eight seasons in the majors, wilh Ihe Yankees, Royals and Brewers as well as llic Angels. He, too, has not signed his 1976 contract but assured Campanis. via telegram from his home in 1'ucrlo Rico, that lie would Alvarez is also from Puerto Rico and though he has leen pro- moled lo the Dodgers at Ihe end of each of the last three season, il was doubtful if lie would make the club Ihis season. DOIXILII DOPE: Don Suflon Imriwl fivo sirxxii; iiuuns in an intrnsqnad u,irne Suiwiiiy and newcomer Dusty Bak r r luimi'ml as lhc Tom Lasordas W.inked lhc Jim r.illlams, 60...Rookie outfk'Uk-r tilen tlurkc :ilso homered...- Sulton (j.ive up only three hits and afler- wanl ·wild. "I (eel jjrenl. I wanted to go as lrni£ IKS 1 could. I've been down here lwr weeks throwing hatling practice awl tho arm feels fine. ...Baker nit . . . ".'" "! f ll °". n ' a l l - ! hc his home (nnw r S- 1 " his off Clinic h; Rick Rhodcn . AiKither squad s Ijecti schedule! lor today.. - l/eague. NBA standings NHL standings tokxi fclffSlO *« Ycrt Wav^nsfcn Bitten C«aHft*ce «,« BHft^ « a at ay M t HI. 'Hivatn 39 33 * !o Al »nla 33 .W lf-7 H.Y. Rar^n CMnl ttvrii« · u i; JK ! a m 14 rtjww * » -55; «··? Orlesm 33 79 .49 114 »l SKti it I! 1 Ii 1 ! Wnttm C*f*mra Mtttftll Dii»cl ft 31 » .«! City n O J« ?i ocwi n « ji i Ptcilk Drvnion swie n » .m Ii S .XI IS Chk«o Vaxnuvtr U. Lovs City Itrt Ar9el« Pccl'iii 31 J Sendart Oaiw B«M lO. P-S.XW-.L) 100 KMMS Ov 111. CHcn W SMtM IU, Moustal V3 Oewld'ri n, Wi 1 . - Octroi 111, 6c-Haki 111 MJKr#.*M IXl Un . . -«3 W OmcWI . PtlrKk [Kvalod W L T PH.OT CA 4 il i no 130 rc » II IS 9! in I)J 31 33 II 73 33 V] 2S 51 I » !l » Divkfen » V II ti m C3 H 31 M n :« m s u n 15 as *.) 19 It i a Hi VI I! rt II 1! la 3« North OtYhion u n 19 iu m in 33 » ii n 311 TJ\ M 31 B 74 73S Jw )« « - ... t M 1 71 W iixm Drrilfe* · It U I! VM M » n » T! « xt ai y tH SI M CllrVnll H « M K !tt,»3 i-d^ched cTvrsixi tine Sunljir^ Otfnei y. LwXi i Vvicoyw J Hfc x Karui cry 1 Pi*ntw^l I, f*e« YorV PWadrtpW* 4 Ttyorto ? Derrott 6. CMugo C Lo A.-9et« 4. Minmcta i. He So gamfi sthwiuinl St. l«iil il CillloniJi. NBA liighlights NHL highlights Celtics 108, 7S«rs 100 iiOSTON-- Celtics coach Tom ifeinjoto "Gave them hell at halfLimc." and Ikaton r e e l e d off II coiisccuu've points to tike an eiiUU-poLnt lead they maintained the rest of Hie way after Ir.iilinc by three pouits early in the third period Jo Jo White scored 10 points in tho decisive quarter and Dave Cowms controlled Uic boards as he pulled down 10 of his 27 rebounds in the (.unrter. PHILADELPHIA !!·) Brvanl 4 3« I. Mli i 10-10 B. G*k*nr, I 1-3 3. Carter S 3-4 13. C^l^ 9 13-11 ». Frte II )-4 14. LICs I C ?. DdwVIrt 0 ^ a Lee I 00 a Joret 0 M 0 Totals V n ROlrrM llfl) Kivlkxf i t-K 30. Kubenki ? JO i. o«ns n i-r a. tout i u » 5«r i 4 IV Sldccm ? M L SHa^ 1 trJ 10. Nt'Kn 0 M 0. Art 0 »0 t; Tolah J? »M ftWiaHI(«la Tt 31 It 33-190 Ballon II U IB JC--I« TouVid oul: Cartel, Seen. Total touts: » Bos^xi B. A: 1377!. Blues 5, Canucks 2 VANCOUVER- Jfrry Buller's second ponl of the game al 11:19 of Uie second period snapped a 2-2 tie and St Louis, went on lo defeat Vancomtr'. St. Ixuis jumped to ji 2 0 lead _ tjoal^ by Butler bat the Canucks came on by Pierre Plant and hack with tallies by Chris Od- diet/son and Andre Boodrlas. Butler Ihen broke lhc deadlock and the Blues wrapped irp the \vin on goals hy Hick Smilh and Chuck Lefley. Sabres 3, Scouts t BUFFAIX)- Keiie Robtrt l^ot DufTaln off to a fast itart v,1ien he scored hLs ,?2rKi goal just M seconck into the same ami the Sabrvs tx i \^r looked Kings 112, Bulls IOI K A N S A S CITY- O l l l e JohiLson came off the bench to score to fourlh-quarter points niul spark a Kansas Cily rally t h a t brought the K i n g s a victory in a brawl-filled contest. The Kings scored six point: In a row to take an 63(M lead and later ran off 11 more to put the Kanie away. CHICAGO Hill LPA 13 }3 a, M. Mffffi i II IX Boervrfctle 7 A-J 1SL LjsluwU 4 34 tl. Van Uer i M 4. Mario I M Btrtn 3 M t. Pafenw 0 M I WSson r 1-! IS. Pcntoter 1 W t TotaJi 43 lS-3a IUWAS CITY (111) 7 « 2(X McHe'JI S M K. Hamen B M 0. 0. Wmon I r-1 n. RKznon 3 1-7 i, UkMt ' M H * 17--111 KVHM City H 30 a 30-111 Fouled ou: M. JtVnwr, Vai Uer, Rob- Vuioe. To!al *oulv Oikav 36. KATH CtY 30. Tedinkals: Mdrln. Oifmt as- City's winless streak to 20 uames. Buffalo oiiLshol the Scouts, 37-8. Jim Lorenlz and Brian Spencer also scored for Buffalo. Pens 4, Rangers 2 NEW YOKK-- Jean Prono- vosl SCOITK! his -8tli yoal of the year and added an assist to key a threc-gnal set-ond pc'riod w h i c h carried Pilts- burrfi to win over Ranger*. Syl AIO« also score during the d e c i s i v e p e r i o d and Ron Scnock netted Ihe Ramc-wui- ncr. Vic Hadlkjd closed but Uic scoring for Pittsburgh. ' Flyers 4, Leafs 2 . . PHn^VDELPinA- Terry Crisp scored two Koals as Philadelphia clinchedthe Pot- rick Division title in typical Flyer brawl-filled game. The was marred by a fight the first period . s were minutes nf 6' n H I P | Sea; . I n basl sons ings a" w pre basl and vali lion mal er. B con' bal ove sea me has LB( wr'j Me i litli in'gi acli cro lie L..\ 1 I 1 pri fas sh Br lar in which four players' were 1M ' ejected and were fir an Disqualification win skein UCLA maintained ils five-season win record Sunday wilh a 77-72 dual (rack mecl victory over T e n n e s s e e , n a r r o w l y avoiding a tie when r u n - ners for Imtli teams were disqualified in the mile relay. The mecl ended in a tic at 77 with Tennessee (he apparent v i c t o r in t h e r e l a y . Moments l a l c r , however, r e f e r e e M o r i Tanner calico 1 a foul on lhc Volunteers a n d d i s q u a l i - f y r finisliini; No points were awarded in Ihe event. The Bruins' ^Sth consecutive dual meet triumph, was highlighted by Bonnie Myles who won the 400 meters in a speedy -16.0. The Volunteers' P h i l Olscn set a new m e e t record for the javelin, throwing 259-1. R e g g i e Jones reaped Iwo wins for Tennessee, running 10.2 in (he lOOmeter dash ami 20.-I in the 2(10meter version. UCLA's Willie B a n k s wa.s also a Iwo-lime winner with n 2-10 V 4 distance in the long jump aixt 52- 7't in the triple jump. Visiting p o l e v a u l t e r W i l l y Somleberg of M n r way, lii'okc his country's record with Ut-2'4, then lopped t h a i with l6-5'-'i. The 2'l-yiMr«ld medical student fn)in Oslo, who set Norways's previous record of 16-0%, leaves Wednesday a f t e r a three-month training visit tn L'CI-A. SBotpit - I,, I'Ol.A. SKJ ·_' Ki:rr.nh. ll'l.A. S.V|Lj 3. Vaiyr. Sonics 117, Rockets 107 SEATTLE- Slick Watta lied an NBA single-season record for .steals arid scored 23 points lo lead Seattle to victory o v e r Houston. The Sonics (juard had live thefts to bring his season total to 22S, equaling the record of Golden State forward Rick Barry. Walts his back-to-back layups and teammate Pred Brown added a 12-foot jump shot as Ihe Sanies broke In a 70-57 lead midway through the pcri- I. ll.nb. 1'Cl.A. » "uJ s n i«r«it J », ·· 1 Total tods: trttc/\ U, Scjltf 73. A: It.OW. CavsOri, Bullets 32 CI.EVELA.ND-- The Cava- l'l 1 l.l,TMS: r 2. l DarcI«. Irrji.' IJS^t [.nw. I'CI-l. Ill Wir.lM nJt [*r »VRS with -1:17 rcmnlninR hui Jim "rcwer stuffed honw a Brewer added another dunk to wv, 1 up the victory, mi 1 I. Hayn » 3 8 M POG-I- Ja*?lio- I, Ol'rn. Trri., ^., .. ,, r;'t. ~, r.n. 34: 6 t. ToMl. ICLA. J! w-i. a. j 1-11 i r i 30 1 w « a m t i ) fr clear so lhal normal citizen traffic can flow freely. We will not be able to touch Ihc cross streets into Ocean Blvd. until 6 p.m. Thursday." ll is Ihen lhat Talhol and a double crew of 50 workers b e g i n s an .ill- nighl assault to m.ike Ihe course self-contained for the first round of practice Friday at 10 a.m. In 16 mmv than 120 concrele sections--each 12 feet long and weighing 8,000 pounds --inlo place, erect the de- b r i s fencing and string cable, maneuver SO lire p i l e s i n l o p l a c e along After a Korum g a m e Tui'Mljy against llo'.istim. t h e Lakers m u s t p l a y throe in three nights ag.iin starling on Ihe weekend. W i t h Golden Stale and I'hocnix Ihe final Iwo, the Inkers could lv in serious trouble. C o n c h H i l l Shiinnaii admits he JOCMI'I h a v e any magic formula which will shake his team out of its doldrums. "Wo have been a half- step slow I h e ( w o nights," he said. "Milwaukee did everything right and we did cvcijtiling wrong. What can I »ay?" R e s e r v e g u a r d D o n Freeman played well for the Lakers, Jiiirin^ 16 of his points in the second half, and rookie forward (6 for 10' in (Continued r'nun C-U mis. hitting 11 of 2:!. Winters w n s the rimilca.lor with ltj points and aiibs Trnn. rtS r.l I 1 m i l f . . . . . ·r.nlr -- I. I X i % f . .' ' il'J Troii. II iV IMirp-- I. Ka»ki t l' inn n I ! V.ittJ. Ttrjl! I. Suurl J 1-J I. Cirr S M 't Tlv- mofd I M ?. W^itw 1 3 ] i. TcUh C3 ll- IS wtitttflea BllOH-n ctfTUnd 19 a it n--n Totjl ^rJi- WjVinq^ot l'. Oevsla'id 7t TKt^Cd'. Chones. A. JD-.^W _ . _ hitting an open net with one second to play. Red Wings 5, Hawks 0 ' ClnCAGO--Veteran Goata Ed Glacomin became the tSlh goalie in NHL history lo register 50 shutouts in a season and . rookie Michel Bergeron CQIK ^ tributcd a pair of goaJs as Detroil toppled playoU-bound Chicago. Antley U.S. polo standout! Guy Antley turned in a l! s t r o n g performance as goalie lo help lead t h e Unilcd S t a l e s lo a 5-1 water polo victory over Canada Sunday nighl al Belmonl P l a z a Olympic Pool in Ihe third and deciding game of a weekend series. Anlley, who did nol play in Ihe firsl two games, both decided by -5 margins, had been competing in the NCAA Division II swimming championships forUC Irvine. He blocked one penally shol and stopped another breakaway s n o t . Pele Schnugg scored twice for the U.S. i i i »_ i .... ! · ! ! - SC be y si: at et in 1. C M fr S( d( R: us Its, Blo»i (JU kdrt-- riirk PhiLlifj. Canon Vabtawn itai kjdro--XL/I Cji'.;tr. Dowwy. IIS 'fl P1«»D ilrobd h|dr»u M» r!i»- · | t n V a n D ) k t . U Crtictnla. 1WSI -.- --« -- - - · - · Rh»j lici nartoitoo-Ai Bit-h. our braking. They r a bloody nuisance." Graiuda lli.lf. 1B» ?lo«B fai nalboltac man,Si U'jh.lNIO S7S3 ·1 njH»lU»-Bcilir:, F o r m u l a O n e v e t e r a n Jody Scheckwr said. "\Ve don't need those bumpy things in the corner All they're doing js upsetting jusl The FIA curbs that replace the ripple strips feature an abrupt rise of six Tulbol has contracted f u r three cranes, six dump trucks, six flatbed trucks a n d t h r e e forklifts f o r Thursday evening's operation and he says. "We're i;oiina (ry like hell lo have e v e r y t h i n g r e a d y o n schedule. \Vc wanl to bear (hose engines fire up at 10 u m. sharp." three games. Sharman. surprisingly, had lius two hot-shooting forwards. Ford ml Cazzie Russell, on t h e bench much of the thin! period w h e n he needed points more than defense. Milwaukee shot .tiOO in each cf Ihc firsl two peri- hol. loo. "We're improving a l l the linK 1 ," :\[i\ Milwaukee ro;ich Larry Costel.o. who celebratiMl his lOOlh viclo- rv in ciiiht voars in the NKA. Stur.nnn w i s h e d he tviiM lutVL' talked otxiul improvement, too. Milwji/tH Mifl FC FT (T A T n.'-vJ-'Cac « iiHi M s i ;T Sr-.'-' . 1* li I S I 1 l l A - n f f i s ;) r U I S 3 4 H D'-IXT-JT S i ' iO 0 0 i Brc'J* :t S H 11 I 1 H DJS'.S i 3 00 3 3 0 VG»oc»iiii ? 3 0 fl 1 0 Vtwi » j ll 3 1 11 3 IS Kf,\tr~ M » i* 0 4 1 M Tc'jlv 3O SJ X 11-JJ J Jl 1W ' L^ktrt Mm FG FT R 4 T F."-a :i 1 1: 3 J s 3 is Warier .. ^ ? l 1 ] j J $ A j«t.N.r : mi i u n i b Oootff-cn 3' J il i* 3 J 2 L.i-r 7' i j i« 3 0 U C.lUVl" )J )·« JJ i 1 i Frwnnji ;s a ·; i j s 3 j VM*» 1 ' 1 Ofl i I J R«ry 3 iO i0 0 0 0 R.-vviHi :? u io i j ] V,",K^K;« l J J ! 7 i : j Toran .?4s3 ll jl JS 40 IS ''I Tej". J f G\ SOe FTS IN lVl'\ r 'i^/r " J v . f - Pir ?'- r . r 1( i.' IIrni r ] - ^^^ v.'h-:it \\l'n HnitSr."""^.^*.* \i-r f il'.-h:r! ·-·'.rii.^t h.iloa. no pOinU j*4r.MU-j^!br .' jrr. ( Unil »ort. U L\ ". Tiflm-^r KINGS-- iCor.liniied From C-l) The teams were tied 1-1 aller the firsl period on an e x c h a n g e of g o a l s by Steve Jensen of the Stars .ind Mike Murphy cf the Kings, ll was tied once more in lhc second period, a f t e r markers by Goring ;ir.d Bill Goklsworthy. K»t , l i t ! ^ lr*i IV rW -- 1. ^KiTicr ijjrpny t* JrT.-fT S rl-'ijiriiijni rjrntrjB-. 19 *i f*»J ?rr»J-- J. K'-'Ci. if 3"* 3 · i'l-r."' V-iTil^h. 1 * I 11 r.^nty.u. i !· ' » · · ~i.'.- -- J r a t f. r J i i^ 1 * '· ^' v - r ; ^ -·_ .'"'·- jj'^* 1 .^ji v j il J - r: i ·' ! W 1 v- ^ L"''? ^.1 Ksr-"* ptTiod, bul hatl In fifjhl off A scries of Uuffalo comrhacki. In tho final period, (ho Braves pulled lo within four joinl5 of r. tie four times. Sob fjnkr .inrl Carth Howf cooled (hf Buffalo rallies in I h u I in.) I piTkxJ with 10 and nine points re.sijcc lively. '· ° v « f " ' " '· w t Pet. M M » jy d 77 aW) 4 = 1 c n ji D OS M l?i P » «7 U H Q MI 71 17 U .W Vt G4TM a-ntj 191 jvi Oamn I7». 3 OT W9 DCTVOIT (till Efir*nrd I H 11, Ro« fff K H D. fixd J Vi * K ?] n, L* It. W«y r I J NIT scores L.B. STATE TRACKSTERS HOST WASHINGTON, OXY U l r r s T.'.l i ji a u JHH Ung Beach Stale's track and field team lakes on Pacific^ power University of Washington and SC1AC champion Occidental today, 1:15, on the 49er Meld. Admission Is SI.50 (or adults, tl (or students. Bill Tisdale, director of Long Beach Stale's tracx ami field compDter. calculates lhat if Washington wins Ihe final tvent, Ihe mile relay, tbe Huskies will win Ihe triangular with 95 points lo 90 for Long Beach and 18 for The Huskies would defeat Long Beach In the dual, 84-79. Long Beach is a 12S-38 computer winner over Oxy.

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