The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 12, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 12, 1920
Page 3
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS A niuiiininniiiniiiiiiinniiiiiiiiiiiiaiuiiipH 1 The Young Peoples Conference to be held at Presbyterian Church in this city next Wednesday and Thursday, under the leadership of the State Sunday School Association, was secured by, agreement of the churches of the city tb provide free entertainment for out-of-town delegates. More than 2O© delegates are expected. The entertainment consists merely of Wednesday nights' lodging and breakfast. < If the coifimittce has not waited upon you, phone to your Sunday School superintendent stating the number of delegates you will entertain, or be ready to make such report at Sunday School next Sunday. * "When Bearcat Went Dry" 'When Bearcat Went -Dry" is the title of the super-feature which will be the attraction at the Earth Theatre on Monday. .,: It Is a picturiza'tion .of Charles Neville Buck's famous novel-that has been read by millions. 'The story ot this picture hais to do with the hardy mountaineers who live in eastern Kentucky. It_is at the brimful of action. The drama is virile, 1 and every foot of the picture stirs the emotions with' its primitive appeal. In it are no sex problems, such as you read about but have never known. The men. who play the principal characters o£ this drama ol moun tain life know no fear, moo--have they any regard for man-made laws Worshiping God, they hold women as their sacred charge and their mde of living is such as was the vogui a century or more ago. It -is purely American in theme, am should ajppeal to young and old. Prices- 15c and 33e, in/eluding war tax.—'Advertisement. MISS HELEN LOSANITCH UP" She thought her life would^lJe'iGrabd' il things went for her "The way they "Sb; in the movies'" s _ denly. things did go' tb&$^Pfy- and— cortie ; ' ' sue!-' and Ik.-. hDeMa Calpwell has (removm from the MteAnally building into he new home at 510 West Maiu stree just west ot the J. D. Peters property. W.JB. Cari- and family have taken the apartment vacated toy Dr. Caldwel.l He is a traveling auditor for the American Express Cor •Miss Helen Lbsanitch, daughter 01 the former minister of agriculture it the cabinet of King Peter of Serbia photographed In New York on her arrival from Europe to assist in the worli of the Serbian Child Welfare Associa tlbn of America.' Miss Losnnitch was decorated by her country for her services during the war. Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Mitchell went to to St. Louis this afternoon where they will be the guests of theft daughter, Miss Sarah Mitchell this evening. •Lieut. Curtis Stover,_wiho has been here for the last week, went to East SLLouis today to visit at his hoaie.He was accompanied by his brother, Don, who came over firom Royalton. today. Lieut. Stover expects his discharge here from Washington shortly, having been applied for several days and the army now sees fit to discharge Lieut. Stover,'who has been recovering from, wounds received in action. see, ; 'won't ALSO. 'you ARBUCKLE SATURDAY-MATINEE 2:30 BENEFIT OF LOCAL COUNCILS Deaf With Matters Which Vitally Af. feet Welfare of tvery Member cf the Community. Are you a lonesome citizen or are you a neighborly citizen? THE PEOPIE'S COLUMN PLANTS ON CITY LAMP-POSTS Authorities of AMentown, Pa., Turn Usually Unsightly "Objects Into ' Thing* of Btauty. . Turning the street lamp-posts Into things of beauty Is the object of the authorities of Allentown. Pa. In that city every lamp-post, wears a hnnnlng-aarden effect from spring- antil late auctimn. The decorative leaf-bearing plants are planted in urn-shaped globes >hich encn-ele (he lamp-posts Some distance below the light. '. ' " . '• • The city fathers who thought oF '.Cub lit Advano*. One mouth, per word ,i» One week, per word ...- j» One insertion, per word ..' M Three Insertions, per word JOt WANTHa WANTED—To sell 600 choice cherry anH 'iSeaeh trees. CaOl at~701 st. ••••;' . , FOB IMtNT. FOR RBNT— Two tromt rooms arm Style Shop, foot oflce or stool** roenu. flowers nnd | Apply Mies Rleth, Normal and Mono* MICE Get your state automobile license at the city .hall. The cop may get you if you don't—Advertisement. Uocal INews J. N. Nieolaye was here yesterday i D. B. Smith of the New Hundley enroute to St. Louis firom a business ' Hotel, who has 'been in Texas the past trip to different points in Florida. Mrs. John Bowmaii has returned from Paducah where she successfully underwent an operation. two weeks, has returned. Among the places visited , were • Burkburnett, Witohita Falls, Fort Worth and Dallas/" O. H.: Cannon was a business visitor .in Herxin yesterday. W,.A. Reeder" of Metropolis is visiting Mr. and: Mrs; R .A. Reeder. He goes irom here to Lockport to visit his brother before return-ing h'ome. Went" MASONS ATTENTION Special meeting of Shekinah lodge No. 241 Saturday night, March 13, at 7 o'clock, for work. T. A. Weaver, W ,M. H. C. Mertz, Secretary. Advertisement. PLANS FOR GRANARIES FREE Farmer Enabled to Market His Produce More Profitably by Use of , Portable Structures. "Knock-down" or portable granaries can be used to care for wheat on the farm, plans for which have been published by the UnitejJ States department of agriculture. The use of these Are you and yours getting a square, nnrt adopted the thnvenn;: lamp-post deal in .-your district? -•• > idea ' Jiade-a thorough lob of beau'r't- Are 'the pavements, the street cars, the gutters clean ana giving good service? Are the prices you pay for meat potatoes, milk and bread, in your opinion, fair and right? Is the school furms&mg your child a good education iu return for your taxes? J'.'the landlord pronteering on your rent? These, according to the councils, are a few of the important matters of everyday . city HvIii B which should I have a satisfactory answer If a man Is to remain a satisned citizen In his community. To fret a satisfactory answer he must be a member of his' local council. "In tnese times," says a circular explaining tne organization, "the community council is a ray of hope. It is a nonpoiitlcal, nonsectnri- an neighborhood organization of the people—the voice of the neighborhood." Parenthetically, it may be added that a large part of the voice'is feminine, thousands of nougewjves being snrolled in- the various locals.—Exchange. , Postmaster J. L. Parks and J. H. I = Boos have ;returned from a business trip in Florida.-. They report rainy, cold and disagreeable weather where they visited. - Among those attending.tbe "Follies" in St. Louis this- evenlng.are:Prof. and Mrs. Ralph Swaim, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brown, Mdss May Hayes, Mr. and Mrs. Parker Chastaine, Glenn Brown, x Mrs. E. B. J.- Bush and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Fox. Mrs. Lydia Worthen of Endfield is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Harry Reeder and family. S. W. Well of Brookport was a visitor .here last Wednesday. ,. Mr. and Mrs.Herbert B.Sullivan were St.. Louis vis'itors Wednesday. "A blizzard? We should worry'* — Chesterfield *T ET 'er blow. An exciting J—' yarn, a good fire, the"sa£- isfy smoke," and you're fixed for the evening. And, mind you, the "satisfy" blend can't be copied — that's why only Chesterfields can "satisfy." A General View of Portable Granary, Specifications for, Which Are Provided Free by the United States Department of Agriculture. storehouses often enables the growei to market bis produce wfth better profit. Tlie plans can be obtained free on request. LIME. BENEFITS MANY -SOILS Improves Texture and Makes Them More Retentive—Grains Are- Made More Porous. Lime.benefits many soils by jmprov- ing f}iu texture. When applied to- light. I'eacby soils it makes them more retentive. If applied to a clay. soil, it makes it flocculate. Very .fine grains may be cemented tojforl'icr and made more pnrnus. .< THE CHEERFUL Fly liFe. would jucU t. §ood book. X/itk dl of tke. I've. <Jot. -. very I To live like tKii ri<jKt in ^ P lo t; FOR: RENT—Storage lor honaefaoU goods. In the one story brick bulldlnr. cement floors,- on alley bart of m«w. Barth Theatn. Apply Mlg§ Rleth. FOR : RENT—Two furnished rooma. 216 West Walnut. Phone 370 L. FOR RENT—Furnished room, mod- £rn. Gentleman preferred. 210 Hospital--Drive. Telephone 69. tying the town by; removing a^ overhead telephone and telegraph \vlres—at.least, in the principal streets, But Allentown can, boast of use aB well as beauty. It'is the county seat of a farming section which ranks as one of .the leading potato producers cf the country.—Popular Science Mouth- ly. ' . . - ' To Seize Mine Properties. Washington, March 10.—Mine owners Ln Mexico have been given until March 11 to pay their taxes to the Mexican government, according to -advices from Mexico City, or suffer, the penalty of confiscation of their properties if the government so decides. FOR RENT—Furnished room. Phone 414 X. - FOR RENT—Farm, 40 acres, east o£ Carbondale, good orchard and fine place for cantaloupes. Also grain crops. Reasonable terms to . :-eliable party.' Apply-Miss.Maggie Hieth'. FOR BALE. FOR SALE—Folding organ, Ambsr- ola Edison, parlor electric light, Bennett typewriter and projecting lantern. Phone 414 X. , .- I "OR SALE—2" Ford touring cars, 1 M«:tz Roadster and one Baby Overland. Phone 414' X. FOR SALE. OR EXCHANGE—Vacant lot, University Place. What hare you to trade for this.' Address H. B. Metz, DeSoto, 111. FOR SALE-^Two milch-cows aad two sows with' pigs. C. T. Miller, Carbondale, 111., Route 1. , •FOR SALE—Colonial .Hotel building- and furnishings, my new apartment building of 4 apartments, known as the Bastto apartments, also my residence property'at corner of ifltli and" Harrison Sts., 1 block from public square; For information writs Mrs. S. Bastim, Colonial Hoiel, Mt. Verhon, m. ,- • • • FOR "• SALE— Shafting, cones and pulleys at -the Free Press. - < An all-around good shot; That's IK." v —Chesterfield we're HELPS APPEARANCE OF FARM- Paint Does Not Make Buildings, but ' . Is.Good Index to Efficiency •of 'the Owner. """ , / — ' — A coat of paint . does . not "ni;ike" farm buildings, no more than the clothes make the rrian, but neat np- pearance on.the farm Is generally, an. index to the efficiency "of the owner, v; W HAT aiming at, is'' that it takes both skill and! precision to blend^ tobaccos the Chesteirfield way. • TVIaybe -this is why x you find "Satisfy".m Chesterfields and nowhere else. FOR SALE — 4 room house electric lights, -west side, for $1,000 cash. Postoffice . box 146. LO«T . LOST—Pair of nose glasses 1m case. Reward df returned to "W." at Fres Press. - LOST — Between Oak street and Barth Theatre, on down town street, cameo\ pin. Call 166. FOUNC FOUND—<3-:'.ntleman;s kid glove for right "hand. Can have at Free Press for-paying for this ad. Held to Jerms. "Ii suppose you are one of these moldcrs of public opinion who'are^ willing to take pork and potatoes ia~ •payment, for subscriptions find advertising." . ' "Tes," replied the country ..editor. '"I'm willing enongh. . Bvrt nobody's going to bring around anything so valuable as meat and -vegetables. 1 . • I'v» "got to be satisfied' with the. paltry *.eash,; provided for by the negulwc 'rates." l • ,

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