Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 22, 1976 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1976
Page 14
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' THE FIRST CAP! 1 VKERejMCOMINPOiONjy * SALE^Y} F°ND-OF ^ "? r \f ''FOKCET IT, PAL i COULDN'T^ [ SELU SEWIUS MACHINES THIS TIMBOFVEAR IF THEY ' WERE A DIME AU07-EM. · LET'S FIND 6LOPW JOE. WHAT WJAEV GRIMES, I POES MR. I T H I N K . BUT MOFflTGO / EVERYBODY ; UNtPEK^ / KNOWS HIM PANNV?/! !A 510PPV JOE. BY THE WAY, LET'S CHUCK OUR JACKETS.AT MY PLACE. ANPTHATIM (IWT (HeStf/S HIM TO THE KH? imire House! SAVINS?) itxx I now) HOHff, Tfil- HIMTHATI AMTM-TOP , MEMMKS us envoy (MR ,, w, SIR li/AtfKTO TMKM7H WON X RECKON IT'S HIGH )s TIME I CLEflNED OUTyi TH 1 BflRW " VWT^R£ tuif vuirvc? nivc 1. THOt/SHT VU'P B£ OUT PIAVIM6 60lf O M A N K E PAV LIKE THIS p. h I - ' . ' _ W'll I'LL WAVE you KMOW- TNAT WH6N T- 6SCAWE A M6PICIH MW "i TOOK AM OATH TO PWOT6 ALU AW TIME TO H6W.1M6 THE SICK AND LAM / AND VVONDEK If youve WRONG ALJ. loot, oil-T. At'M ONE OF "AM 3. A BAP PERSON? " MOOP5 ,te ttW ' YAW [L_^' OXBURGHHAU M KORFOtX ENGLAND HAS BEEN OWNED BY THE SAME FAMILY FOR^9O YEARS ?TO s--Belie vc/torflbt/ LESTER L COLEMAN, M D .ump In Throat Is robably Unimportant PITCHING FOR THE UWlVtRSlWOF IOUS- VILLE FRESHMAN BASEBAlUEAM.STmiCK OUT B MEN IN ONE IMNIVKS- 1 Ma'j. '·»« THE TUATARA FOUND ON ROCWISLHS Off IKE COAST:Of NEW ZEALAND, IS THE ONLY SURVIVING MEMBER Of A fAMIW TOT IKCLUDED TOE D1UOSAUR; ICHTHVOSAUR AND STESOSAURUS- ISO.OOftOOO YEflRS AGO FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope 4 * Natlnwett Arkaniat 'lIMtb, ihurt, April ii, IV/tt i \ « i nioininij wlirn I Bel i|i I h a v e HIG scnsdtion at a irmn m mi t h i p i l It seenis ;o disappear, as the morning iocs by, Sometimes it, comes 3itk it miiht Ih (loUoi t i n t !ihd any reason 1 for it.M'in sure ·on can understand my fear. V - ° T 'Ca Dear Mrs. T. Many patients com plain to U!i!]!:[ll!l[n!lillillEilll![liil11i[i;il]l!U]!U]![lillli:!!|]]^^ tii/n cloctots about a lump in thoMltroat. This vifiuc ssmolcrm rare!} has important- meaning Sometimes, attulls who · have had their, .Ibnsijs removed 'have, slight amount of tonsil!ar (Issue runtiitig down Ihe .'back'of the tongue. This (issue is known os a "'ingiial .tonsil After a cnlcl or sinus Feclion U°se lingual tonsils may become swollen'and cause Hie symptom you describe. Smokers of cigarettes, nipes , ariri cipnrs frequently cnmnloii i of another symptom, t h a t is Hryne's's of the 'mouth and tlif ficiiity in "swallowing: Sorrii drugs, lik/i · the' antihislamine for'allergy, may be responsibl tor this. Lingual tonsils can be readil: hv "mirror examination This should be (Tone to find th reason for your discomfort to alleviate your, anxiety. Look in the section in \vliich CHII aiiithmc bt done to pslqro the sense;of smell after t li ib gone foi eight OTIS' Mi L B J Ijid Dear Mr./J. Ihe lime factor is not neaily 3 miportint AS the taube iirumc intmion "cl,the sinuses or UJergiLb or Ihe combination of bolh a p e Hy ficciuenl causes of diminished ability to smdl Almost il\\ays .issocialed \\ilh he loss of smell is the loss of taste T h i s combination is most distressing. Polyps of the nose and scar .issue following surgery may ilso be a factor in reducing (he sense of smell Some physiciiMS have been using small doses of cortisone in an effort to restore the sense of smell. In swine instances it is'vpry 'effective. Attention must ha devoted to findniK tbe b-\sic underli in/* reasons for the loss' of smell before any trtatmeht program, can he started. S P E A K I N G O F YOUR HEALTH...When . p a t i e n t s thoroughly u n d e r s t a n d Ihf 1 nature of their illness'th_ey are more prone' to follow, then 1 !doctor's instructions. iour birthcia\ iml find \\hat }Quv outlook is according to the slars. For F R U . A P U I I , 2.1 ARIES (Mar. 21 to 'Apr. 211) New' '· ami unusual' ideas, thoughtfully' carried "out, could bring gains. 'A good period, too, for making long-range plans; TAURUS (Api 21 to Ma 21) Pleasing recognition ; for; your work oh Q recent project; nou raises j o u r self esteem ant: gn es you a \\nrm "glou ol satisfaction. ·BMINI (May 22 to June 21) Generous Mercury influences now .- -stimulate your ingenuity and imagination. Use both wel and results will p t t i b i Reach 'or the unusu il studj nev Tends. CANCER (June 22 to July:23) Tilings should be fairly stable liolh y o u r , business atu personal life now/Incentive and ambition teamed up should help . to 4 bnng ultimata ob- ject\\es more clearly in f d t n s LEO ( J u l y 24 to Aug.- 2.1) Avoid a ,, . , tend cncy toward iinpulsivpness. In: stress, slow' down quickly, eye" sees them more. moments of rather than take steps to a position from which it may be bard to es- triwitc yourself. VIRGO (Au'g: 23 to Sept. 23 You can ad\ ance through association with those who stimulate your thinking imagination"- 1 especially if aims and objectives 'are mutual. I,IBRA Sept.-24 to Oct. 23) S a m p advances indicated especially in the fields of art, designing New su tf i*eslions maj be made to you Apprnse ":a'vefoily;' noting all factors. SCORPIO (Oct. 2--1 to Nov..22) Tackle all situations i\ithoul _i dim UPU of problem areas There ate al\\a\s solutions -many 1 . The .eager, watchful an-1 pAGHTARIUS CNov.23 to Dec 21) Sticss vou mtnlc prudence a n d peicepti\eness Con bliucii\e interests favored Avoid rioubls and .fears. You mid Ime a bright and happy dav CAPRFCORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Certain changes are in older othu are NOT Don t go msL the grain" needlesly piiipli tic too deeph into unknown ."seas 'before you have the know-how 'and tfic facts' AQUARIUS/(Jan. 31 to Kcb. 19) Curb'an impulse to undertake coicrprises you would not 01 (iinr.rily consider. Stellar n fluonhns now suggest that you stick to routinci avoid chance- taking of any.-sort. PISCES (Feb. r 2Q to I\Iar.;20) Explore further means to , r c problems that came up ttie past, ure still on the docket.-Fulfill a, cherished wish uorking for it. Don I just daydream, YOU BORN TODAY" are ex- B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge trcmely usually ambitious: yci'satile, ' a n d u n especially scientific lines. Your :eenncss nnil sensitivity to the needs and conditions ; of others ;ive you fine equipment' to bo L physician \\hcre iflin tr uit]t[')l Telling for dngrio ib nd tre Umont would be n valuable. Yon would also mahe Unlike (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play* East dealer North-South vulnerable/ NORTH * A K 7 5 3 V 4 3 4 A Q 9 4 6 4 3 WEST EAST *108 4 Q J 9 2 V Q J 1 0 6 2 V K 9 8 7 5 4 J 7 6 4 4 K 1 0 5 4 8 2 45 ' SOUTH *6 1 ¥ A · 8 3 ? * A K Q J 10 9 7 The bidding: East South West North Pass 1 * Pass 1 * Pass 3 * Pass 6 * excellent many - other Taureans, , you hearts prefer science f t o art; "nHlioiigh Let, 1 you may take up tbe latter us Opening lead queen and avocation. You love nature and would make an excellent horticulturist or botanist. Traits to curb obstmacj and jp B i r t h d ' i t e of Willnm dramatist; 15th .Pros., assmpe you're, in , Sliakcspcare, j poet, James Buchanan, U S A Crossword By Eugene Shaffer cluiis and West leads a heart If vou \vcre a beginner, yoi migtiL estinidle our chinct6 a' making tlie-slam at 51) per cent You could reason there, was vin en chuicc tiial \ye^t u a call the king of diamonds, in hich case [messing cllimmj b ueen would land Ihe slam half le lime. But if you were eriencccl .player, lew your chances. much mora ptimislicalLy; in fuel, you nijjlit even jack them up to D per cent. You yyoukl I.'B ware of other promising possi- jilitics , and ,would .not .rely olcly on finding -\Vest.with"the ing of diamonds. \ou d w i n the heart lead \ \ i f n he jce dra\\ tuo lounds of rumps plaj a spade to tlic and ruff a hc'irt You d hen play a spade to the ace ind, r u f f ^ . a spade;-libping for L 33 diusion But j o u w o i ' I not be overly concenicd if lluy voreu'l hecause, after - Kast- Vcst had both followed suit on .he A K of spades e\en Llo\d s of London would" be glud to iisure_ the slam lor a very nominal premium In t h e , actual case, after ruffing the third spade, you would 'lead a. diamond "to the A Q 9 IT West folloued low j o i i d finesse the nine," compelling Kast to win aud make ;i los'ns* return wti*ilc\ci he placed hacl' A spadp would establish d u m m j s last spade as a tuck i licait would allow \on to dis card a diamond is \ o u inf I in dmmmy; a diximond would ACROSS 1 Spill the beans 5 Fold 8 Beer (collpq.) 12 Wine comb, .form 41 Pallid 42 Novelist Ludwig 13 Father Flanagan founded it 48 Alaskan city 4 Its capital 20 Vexes is Sarajevo , 21 Playwright 13 Edible tuber 49 Chemical U " _'s Irish Rose" 15 Baden- Powell follower 17 City in Italia 18 Pinch. 19 Ceremony 21 Sorcery ' "24 Fearful 25 Site of the .' Taj Mahal' 26 Certain Londoners M River (Sp,) 31 English poe! 3Z Totem pole 33 They tinkle in pastures 35 Composer Bartok 36 Indian 37 Baffling ; problem 38 Love of . cruelty suffix 50 Scent 51 Baseball's Duffy -52 Paid notices 53 Zola novel DOWN 1 A haircut 2 Actor Genn 3 Some '- Avg. solution time: 23 min. Corihally 22 Exchange premium' 23 Expand 24Sher!oek's creator 26 South: American republic 27 Short for expenses 28 Ivy league college 29 Play the lead 5 Section of Chicago : 6 Fleecy cloud formation (abbr ) 7 Opera star Muhsel, etal 8 Pine, stone or beech 9." -- ben Adhem" 10 Variety of bean 11 River duck 31 Seines 16 Roman 199 34 Kettle or saucepan 35 High society 37 Dance step 33 Dispatch 39 Chinese seaport ' 40 Coin «· Letters of the alphabet 44 Unmatched; 45 Harem room 46 Came in first Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 47 ^' ew Dca ' org. ·19 be i kght into cluin West could not (oil j o u by inseiluifi t h e jick o n s i r [liairioiid lead to the A-Q-9.'You would cover the jack with "'' i more ex iciuccn aiul so place Fast in ths you w'ouldtsame .helpless position. PONYTAIL "Daddy, would you please move.'.·'. I like to watch TV while I'm talking on the phonel" fcVl HVi^ili-s

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