Independent from Long Beach, California on February 4, 1960 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1960
Page 3
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-By JIM PHELAN The Day of the Locusts The spectacle of a murder trial exerts a fearsome fascination on many people, for reasons that you examine only at peril to your peace of mind. When those enmeshed in the trial are a pair of illicit lovers, the value of the spectacle to its addicts is greatly enhanced. It then becomes a double feature, with the added attraction of two Mickey Spillane books for the price of one. The going rate for a seat at the Los Angeles trial of Dr. Bernard Finch and his red - haired mistress, Carole Tregoff, is ranging from $10 to $20, depending upon the nature of the testimony expected. It rose when the pre-trial admissions of intimacy by Miss Tregoff seemed likely to be read aloud to the addicts, and fell when the judge kept these passages out of the record. PHELAN :: Belter Than Marat These prices are some 20 to 40 times the ticket price at Madame Toussaud's wax works, which displays the delights of the rack, the functioning of the guillotine, and the clinical details of Marat's assassination in his bath by Charlotte Corday. These attractions are diminished in value, of course, by the knowledge ithat a bored porter will freshen up the participants with a feather duster come closing time at the L. A. show, the principals are real and the heads are still intact. There are thos'e who justify the circus aspect of murder trials by proclaiming that murder is an offense against society and hence of legitimate concern to society's members. This is a lofty theory, but if you examine its foundation you find it befouled by the spittle of the mob. A Byline With Plugs One journal has assigned a television producer to cover the trial--with proper plugs for his current shows accompanying his byline. He guards society's legitimate concern in the judicial process by reporting that Dr. Finch wore a 75-cent tie, that Miss Tregoff has a 36-inch bust, and that a girl in the audience was twcezing her eyebrows. ("Believe me," he wrote, striking a blow for justice, "her brows needed it.") From San Francisco, a city that prides itself on its maturity, a continental expert on amour reports back to the breathless sophisticates that Miss Tre- goff wept when she answered what he termed "The Big Question." "I could not help but recall certain European trials," he telegraphed the Bay City cosmopolites, "where the femme fatale preened herself upon admitting a conquest rather that prostrating herself in public." A Modest Proposal These details are relevant, it must be admitted, if you face up to the truth about the trial--that the interest of most of the spectators is simply prurient, gratuitous, and obscene. The cause of justice would not be affected a · whit if the courtroom were cleared by the bailiffs, aired out, fumigated, and the trial then proceeded in camera with only the principals, the lawyers, the jury, the judge, and the working press in attendance. The howl from the addicts, of course, would be deafening. There would be accusations that the Constitution is being assaulted and that the foundations of Anglo-Saxon justice are crumbling. We suspect that the clamor could be stilled by a simple expedient. You could just pack the whole tribe into some chartered buses and send them down to the Tijuana bullfights. Slain Bandit, Ex-Convict, Planned Move Back East (Continued from Page A-l) at the home of his forrncr boss and might visit his brother, Arthur, before returning home. The Monahans planned to leave for Milwaukee Friday. Mrs. Monahan's parents live there, and she was · to undergo surgery there. They had enough money 'for the trip, the operation and to tide them over until -Monahan found a job back 'east, his wife said. She thought he must Death Takes Humphrey, S.F. Oilman SAN FRANCISCO (UP!)-William F. Humphrey, 86, president of Tidewater Oil Co. and its predecessor firms from 1927 until his retirement ;n 1953, died in Notre Dame Hospital Wednesday. He had been a patient there since May. Humphrey also was president of the Olympic Club Jiere for 48 years and had been vice chairman of the American Olympic Commission under Douglas MacArthur for the 1924 games in Paris, and 1928 Olympics i n j Amsterdam. * * * * THE OIL INDUSTRY leader was the son of James and Catherine Humphrey, Irish- born San Francisco pioneers. He graduated from the old Santa Clara College (now University) in 1892 and from Hastings College of Law in 1895. He was an attorney here for decades. I · Humphrey was to have] been honorary chairman for |he Olympic Club's centennial celebration in May. ', "Youth and its development were his lifelong interest," an Olympic official said. have had more than $500 with him when he was killed. Relatives had just sent her $300 to help tran- sent her $300 to help transport the family back to Detectives Jolin Brogan and Fred De Blanc found S'lfiO on Monahan after the crash. In addition, SB6 was found where the bandit apparently dropped it as he jumped into his car. * * * * IN A D D I T I O N to the money, the detectives found a Irmclecl .32-caliber gun in Monahan's coat pocket. Before they were married three years ago, Mrs. Monahan said, her husband told her he had served a sentence for armed robbery in Michigan and was on parole. But his life had seemed honest and ordinary since. He had worked for three years at the Long Beach Laundry, 2201 Carson St. "He was so proud of the twins," she sobbed. The twins are 2-year-old Vicki and Valorie. Sandra, 13, Mrs. Monahan's daughter by a previous marriage, also lived with them. Funeral service will be at 2 p. m. Saturday in the Dilday Mortuary Chapel. Million Voted in Olympics Fund (Continued from Page A-l) require Senate action before approval is final. * * * * ON AMENDMENT calls for a State Finance Department audit by Feb. 29 of all money spent at the Squaw Valley site--more than 15 million dollars. The other change would require Finance Department approval in advance of a 11 future expenditures for the games. The a m e n d m e n t s were pushed through by Assemblyman Samuel R. Geddes (D Napa), long a critic of the games. Geddes, h o w e v e r , voted for the million dollars after his amendments were approved. "I have asked and pleaded that we don't become t h e laughing stock of the world, with g a m e s put on by a bunch of amateurs," he said. Assemblyman Thomas J. MacBride (D-Sacramento) appealed for approval of t h e emergency fund. * * * * "NOW ON THE EVE of the Olympics, let's g e t in the spirit," he said. "Let's stop talking about that mess up in Squaw Valley." In an arm-waving speech against the bill, Assemblyman Charles Chapel (R-Inglewood) said the games were "conceived in greed." "We're not in the. business of helping the State Depart ment in foreign relations," Chapel said. Assemblyman Ernest R. had opposed every Olympic appropriation since the first one in 1955, voted for the emergency fund. He said that since the state has invested eight million dol lars already, it wouldn't be right not to put up a million as insurance against a "weather catastrophe." * * * * 1 EVEN THE PROPONENTS weren't happy with the idea, however. "We'll look silly voting for this today," said Assemblyman Jesse M. Unruh (D-Los Angeles), "but we'll look a darn sight sillier if we don't." At one point the propo- nents mastered the necessary 54 votes to pass the bill's urgency clause--to make the money immediately available. 3ut when it went to a vote on he bill itself, six proponents lad either left or didn't vote. Assemblyman. Lester McMillan (D-Los Angeles) drew oud laughter with his tone of voice as he voted "Aye." It sounded like a lament. The situation became ridiculous as parliamentary ma neuvers snarled the proceed- ngs. Paid More Than Boss LONDON (UPI)--A total of 52 British Civil Service workers currently are being paid more than the cabinet ministers in charge of their departments, the government revealed. No comparative figures were released. CASH IS EASY to raise when you use Classified to sell articles. Call HE 2-5959. Legislator Meyers Praised by Brown ' SAN FRANCISCO (UPI)-Gov. Edmund G. Brown returned to his home district Wednesday night to honor Assemblyman C h a r l e s W. Meyers (D-San Francisco) at ' a testimonial dinner. : Speaking as a "loya! constituent," Brown said he had · voted for Meyers six times, and commended him for his "enviable record" in the State: Legislature, EARNINGS ARE. UP! Community gives you Insured Protection too! We've been paying higher than average earnings since the day we opened in 1929. Today we're still paying more-currently 4y 2 % per annum. At the same time, Community provides insurance on your savings up to $10,000 by an instrumentality of the U.S. Government. This is a protection not provided by many financial institutions. The cost to you? Nothing. We pay all insurance costs. These are just a few of the facts on savings insurance. For the many more you'll want to know, see your new account officer at any Community branch. He'll be glad to talk with you^about the security of your savings program. ALL SAVINGS RECEIVED BY FEBRUARY 10th EARN PROM FEBRUARY 1st Save by mail. We pay postage both ways. COMMUNITY SAVINGS REX A, DUNN, PRESIDENT COMPTON 4771 Cocptoo Bl»4 BIXBY KNOLLS / £ ARAMOUNT tm. Btich, com., Thur... P.I,. 4, m» INDEPENDENT--Page A-J ROBBER, PAL FLEE Store Owner Draws Gun, Makes Thief Return $50 A daring liquor store owner Wednesday afternoon drew a gun after a sneak thief looted his cash register and forced the suspect to return $50 to him. Richa/d 0. Long, 46, owner of the Lido Liquor Store, 701 Long Beach Blvd., told police that one suspect diverted his attention for a moment. Long turned, about just in time to see the other grab the money from the cash register. . ' * # * * LONG DREW his revolver: "Stop, or I'll blow your head off!" he cried. The suspect looked terror-stricken. "Don't shoot," he pleaded. "1 need the money for my wife." Long ordered him to re- turn the money, which he did. _ The other suspect already had fled. His companion ran out the door after him. Russ Visits Nepal KATMANDU, Nepal (UPI) -- Soviet President Kliment Voroshilov flew here from Calcutta, India, Wednesday to begin a two-day state visit to Nepal. 3.98 umS' suggests a fashionable reward . . . at midterm! i .- ,y Moppet morale is important, too! And there's '· nothing like a new dress to mark a girls' half-way point thru the school year 1 Top: Small ones love the lacy border on this adorable drip-dry cotton. 3 to 6x, 3.98 Right: Tidy weskif style with soft paste! checks, a belt in the back. 3 to 6x.. . 3.98 Center: Pretty cotton stripes and the thinnest gleam of metallic thread. 7 to 14 4.98 Lower: Clever turn-back colar on a colorful cotton of ice cream plaid. 7 to 14 4.98 Buffums' Girls' Shop, Socond Floor 4.98 Park Free in the Autoport or Any Park Shop Lot Buffums' Store Hourst 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; Fridays: 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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