The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 12, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 12, 1920
Page 2
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS top it off with a good smoke" V? ^Chesterfield hh» the «pot like Chesters. And the blend ea.1t J* copied— it's a secret. No use looking for " 'Satisfy*' anywhere but'm ,'<3berterficUb. «EN. LLOYD M. SRETT 'THE DAILY FREE PRESS Established 19«S . .,.,. Weekly 1877 ; P*ess Publishing "Co. MR8.- JOHN T.-GAUBRAITH Editor a^ Manager Telephone - - 218 f TERMS . . £-'¥3abacrtptlon 15 cents a ir.e«k. -VxL idvertlaiiuK bills due weekly. '- " Job wont utricuy cam. ANNDA1, SUBSCRIPTION 17.80. entered Bt the poatofflce at Carbon•-v i«t», nuaols, aa second class nuttter. , • ^JMEoe in the Free . Free* Building, Main Street. M*rob 12 1920 ANNOUNCEMENTS ' 'HIGHWAY COMMISSIONER. The Free Press is authorized to announce GEORGE A. FORE as a candidate lor Highway Commissioner ot •Carbondale township, subject to the 'Republican Primary Marcl#20. The Free Press is authorized to an- aoun.ce JACOB ETHERTON as a •candidate for Highway Commissioner ot Carbondale township, subject to ihe Republican Primary March 20. ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR. "The Free Press Is authorized to announce WM. M. HOLLiIDAY as a candidate for reelection for Assistant Supervisor of Carbondale township, • •subject to the Republican Primary ' March 20. The Free Press is an- '••aounce J. W. CRANDBLLi as a eandi- ctate for Assistant Supervisor ot Car- '•-boadale township, subject to the Re- v&ublican Primary, March 20. • TOWN CLERK. "The Free Press is authorized to announce WM. M. GALLEGLY, as a candidate for Town Clerk, ol Carbondale Township subject to the Republican Primary March-20. 'The Free Press is authorized to announce W. J. BROWN, as a candidate • Hoc Town Clerk, of Carbondale Town- soap subject to the -Republican Pri- anary, March 20. ASSESSOR. The Free Press is authorized to an-1 ••oeuece Sam'Anderson as a candidate) SOT reelection for assessor of Carbon- aale township subject to the Republican primary March 20. FEARS-DISASTER IN BONUS BONDS iSecretary Hpustpn:^ays^R r afeii Fundsfor Veterans "' Peril U.S. - : Gen. Lloyd JI. En-tt, just, retired from active service aft or 41' years of continuous duty with our nnny at home and oversells. A colonel of cuv- nlry and commandant of Fort Myor, Va. HR served under General Miles against the Sioux Indians in 1S7<3, and in the Apache war, 1S85-80. During the Spanish-American war-he hud command, of the only mounted troops in Cuba. He was made a brigadier general August 5, .1037, and left a command in Hawaii to take over his national army duties- at Camp'Lee. He commanded the 110th Infantry brigade overseas, reliriiig uuiy a few months agp." During the M<jx:otm trouble General Brett did border duly and he was ;it one time superintendent of Yellowstone park. He was decorated with the Croix de Guerre with palm and made a member of the Legion of Honor, 1 , besides receiving the Distinguished Service metlal from the United States. $2,500,000,000 IS NEEDED Increased Taxes to Give Aid to Former Fighters Suggested as "Least Harm: ful Ways," but Would Sa Hard.' on the People. ' Washington; March 12.—A bond issue of $2,500,000,000 to pay adjusted compensation to former service men "might result ID-'disaster," Secretary] Houston told the house ways and means committee, which is considering soldier relief legislation. ..---'• Increased taxes to extend aid to' former service men was suggested' ~b'y J the secretary us ' "the least harmful I way," but he said the proposed expenditure of 52,000,000,000 "would bt? a serious one for people to confront at tills time." "The present financial situation Is not critical." Mr. Houston said. "Economy by the people, avoldancv -of waste In expenditures and prudence In handling 'these appropriations will naturally relieve the situation." Bond Sale Difficult. An attempt to sell bonds and place other paper on the market at existing rates of interest would 1 - be difficult." he said. "I don't know If we could float, bonds at a higher rate of interest," he" : told the committee. "If such bonds iwere floated It would tend to decrease values of present obligations." Further credit expansion whicff has been a factor in the upward trend of living- costs would be inevitable if another bond issue were approved, he said. "We are doing what we can by prudence to bring about normal conditions of affairs, but I can't predict when we will return to the 'prewar state," Mr. Houston continued. . "The proposal to float additional bonds would set up grave situation which 1 am not sure we could handle." Harding Also Worried. The issuing of two billion dollars in bonds at this time would be "a .much more serious proposition than It • wus during the war," Cov. Carding , of the federal reserve board told the comnijttee. "First, there would he a tack, of patriotism which helped "m selling bonds during the war, and secondly we would come into competition with nil sorts j of .commercial investments," he said. 1 Gov. Harding took issue, with) statements of representatives of soldier organizations that bonds issued to soldiers would be locked up. "If they coiiUlt.'ifford to lock up^thelr bonds they don't need them," he declared. "An issue of small bonds for adjusted compensation is only slightly less vicious th:m the issuance of greenbacks." . "Eden" Wash Day NO NEED TO WORRY Your laundry troubles permanently sol?ed by the "EDEN" ELECTRIC ,>_,,. x -. . . 1 he greatest time, labor and money ssaving device ever built for- use in the home.; .^alt/at our f shop and see Ht demonstrated by Mr, R. B. jR^dge >; sptecialrepresentatjve. A Few of the "Eden 1 ' features All metal cylinder washer. Straight shaft drive. No belts and no chains. Self oiling All moving parts inclosed. Phone us today for demonstration. STOTLAR & FEDERER Hardware & Furniture ,-..;• Phone 25 7. NEGRO MURDERER EXECUTED NAMED ,FOR FARM BOARD William N. Joyce of Berkeley, Ca|., Nominated by President to Be Member of Loan Body. Washinfrton, ir.ircli 12.—William N.' Joyce of Berkeley.'Cal.. was nominated by President be a member of the federal farm lofin board to succeed George W. Norrts. resigned. Fire Destroys Woolen Mills. Philadelphia, March 12.—One of the buildings- of the Burmont mills'; near LaiiKdowne, was destroyed by fire. Thousands of dollars' worth of ma- •hinery and woolens were burned. ' t'lK-- origin-of the hlaze 1ms nut-been Black, Who Caused Lexington Riot, Goes to Chair — Brothers of Victim See Execution. Eddyville, K}.., J;arch 12.—Petrie Klmbrough, alias Will Lockett. convicted slayed of Geneva Hardiuan, and confessed slayer of. four other women, was executed in the electric chair at •Bddyville prisfon at 4.: :32 a. m. The trial of Kimbrough at Lexington wus the cause.of a riot in which six white meu were killed by soldiers. T\vo brothers of the Hardman girl and 17 Lexington citizens, together with eight soldiers and 12 prison guarns, witnessed the execution, which, apparently was-carried out without li hitch in jJreaiTanged plans. Spurns U. S. Job; Pay Too Low. Akron, O.. March 12.— W. H. JOoe- ger, .real estate dealer and city councilman, 'refused an appointment ns •4-Uron Dostmaster, because, he' sai' 1 Jow saini-le* ."or postal employees made it impossible to keep the service at a high standard. GROVER C. BERGDOLL Grover C. Bergdoll, millionaire Phil-, adelphian, who is being tried at Governor's Island by military court-martial on a charge of trying to evade the draft. BAKER OVERPAYS INCOME TAX Secretary of War Notified He Has Refund of $480 Due Him as Result of "Error.. Washington, March 12.-«-Seeretary Baiter has -iirerKih! h!s income tax. ' He _was notified_hy the internal rev- enue bureau he" was entitled to a refund of $4SO for last year as the result of an* error in figuring his surtax. A cabinet officer gets S12.000 a year and a surtax is charged on part Of a salary over $5,000. Mr.-Baker, himself a lawyer, had a lawyer assist hiiu Jn •saaking out his return'. "He said he was unable to discover where he hnd made the error. SHOE POLISHES BEST FOR HOME SHINES SAVE THE LEATHER THE BIG VALUE PACKAGES PASTES.AND LIQUIDS THE F. F. DAU£Y CORPORATIONS LTD.. For Nick. Tan. Ox BkKd. D«k Bmm and White Shot. BUFFALO. N.Y. "Here we are, in tip-top shape" — Chesterfield , and that's the way -*• Chesterfields always arrive— crisp, fresh and in prime shape for smoking. It's the extra wrapper of moisture-proof paper that does it. Your Chesterfields never become too moist or too dry. Wanted Several Hundred Girls FOR CARTRIDGE MAKING. THIS WORK -IS LIGHT, CLEAN, • EASILY LEARNED AND PAYS A MINIMUM WAGE OF 25c .PER HOUR, WORKING 55 HOURS AND" RECEIVING P4Y FOR 60 HOUSS. • MOST OF THE WORK, HOWEVER, IS ON A PIECE-WORK'BASIS AND PAYS CON-' SIDERABLY MORE THAN THE HOURLY RATE. PROVISION HAS BEEN MADE FOR TAKING CARE OF HOUSING. •. -.' .. .- ' >'. ' • \ =,,.,,; ' S , ' ' • . _ - _ .Cc.. * . :@tern Cartridge Go. Cast Alton, Illinois

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