Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 2, 1950 · Page 19
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 19

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1950
Page 19
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News From Towns A ro u ndTheNa tion SAN FRANCISCO, (U,R)--The nickel bottle of soda pop may soon go the way of the five cent cup of coffee, accord-- ing to delegates attending the 32nd-anrmal meeting of the American Settlers of Carbonated-'Beverages association. Several bottlers agreed in a panel discussion yesterday ABOVE IS the army emergency mobile radio transmitter capable of initiating relay messages all over the country, now being exhibited at the Arizona state fair at Phoenix. The two and one-half ton radio station is being operated by radio technician Clarence Roon, who will accept free messages to be sent throughout the country from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m daily. The station will be in contact with hundreds of amateur, ham, and military stations during broadcasting hours. It is particularly useful in disaster work. Yukon Floating Health Clinic Is Base Of Adventurous Operation ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Nov. 2. (/?)--Three young couples bored with laboratory ^studies found adventure on the wilderness Yukon river last summer,and-ertjoyed every minute of it. ,For seven months they made their home aboard the motor ship Yukon Health where, as .the medical stafJU/ofvthe Alaskan department of health's floating clinic, Jhey cared fo^TOore .than 2,000 Eskimos on the lower 'Yukon river. · . '·Some,of .our patients had never seegrVl n .yslcian," related Dr. Roger Wit|el, Sead.;bf the staff. "At each tuWnn-tbie'river, small boats filled with entire 1 families come out to the ''ship 'to lie 'examined and' treated-" '··:,.. , The.staff'and crew lives aboard the ship, which- it equipped for emergency,, medical care as well as its p_rinjary-job--control-of tuberculosis':' Dr. Witzei,- who 'hails from Bozeman.-Mont., Is assisted by Mrs. Witzei, a.clinical nurse,, in the ex' · aminations. Tents and'fishing camps dot the river bank'during the summer. The Eskimo homes are bare and often the family lives in near poverty, their' most .prized possessions are an outboard'rootor and phonograph. The motor 3s vital to their 'fishing and hunting; the phonograph Is their chief ^entertainment. Hillbilly and western records, are preferred. "Pish Endlessly Eskimos work endlessly through the summer catching -enough fish for the winter. Salmon are dried on nicks and packedln bales. Each family has a team of, five, or more sled dogs .and their^diet^requires one fish pier ".dog p'er day.'. Thousands must be "cleaned-and dried If a family is to survive the winter. After Dr. Wltzel's examination the Eskimos come under the scrutiny of Technician Neil Couer-Barron who takes X-rays and blood tests. These are recorded by Mrs. Couer-Barron, clinic secretary. Dental work iis .the .job of the third young couple, Dr. and .Mrs. Bart Larue. Dr. Larue was' presented with a set of teeth from a killer .whale by one patient. He hollowed them out 'and polished them, making unusual salt and pep- pv.shakers. Dr. Witzei made amateur movies as a hobby on the voyage. At Kwiguk near the mouth of the river, the party was treated to a whale hunt. "Each small boat singles out a whale and races along in its wake, "From time to time the whale will .raise.its blunt head and turn .forward in a long downward arc. At that moment the blowhole is exposed. The Eskimo fires "his rifle and then hurls the harpoon direct-1 ly at the blowhole. There is a mad splashing"; and struggling- before the giancj creature succumbs. Enongh To Feed Village "As the -.animal dies a short length of? rope with'a-can f o r - a marker ^attached' to the harpoon. Then the small craft sets out after another animal. Our party bagged a white whale weighing 1,800 pounds. The meat was enough to 1 feed the 'village of Kwiguk, 150, people, for three days. The blubber! is packed in barrels and kept for I winter -use." ' I 1 The medical party also partici-j pated in a seal hunt, pursuing thej valuable fur bearers in small boats and spearing them as they came to the surface for air. With the long summer trip over, the Yukon Health is buoyecl up by a raft of logs and moored at the river town of Holy Cross, where it is protected from floating river ice during the spring breakup, The Witzels meanwhile, back at work as staff members at Mt. Ellis academy in Bozeman, Mont., are] locking forward to the 1951 voyage. First Shipments Of Mexican Tomatoes Set (JP)--First tomatoes PORTLAND, Ore. (£)--Progres- sive education? Science Supervisor Donald into the .United States' this week! Stotler told the city school-board atomic science NOGALES, Nov. 2. shipments · of Mexican were scheduled to begin moving ««·*.* 4I4M TT«.:i- J f * A 4«i- 4-t, J~ vl.^nlF i that inflation ana higher operating costs have forced wholesale prices to tile point that a hike in the retail cost is inevitable. There was no hint as to-when or how much the price will be hiked, but pre-convention discus-' sions indicated that the industry was waiting for the pace-setting Coca-Cola Co. to start the trend. · DETROIT. (U.R)--Officers of the Fifth army's Michigan military district headquarters said today that 87 enlisted reservists have gone AWOL just because one cf them had a portable radio. Th:. men were aboard a troop train bound from Detroit to Ft. Lewis, Wash., when they heard a broadcast stating that orders calling reservists to duty had been cancelled. So, the 87 left' the train at Chicago "and presumably started back home," the army said. But the . men were under orders to report to Ft, Lewis, the army ruled, and have been classed as absent without official leave. MARYSVILLE, Calif. (IP)--Mrs, Kate "Lenahan started her daily walk at 5 p.m. yesterday. Members of a 40-man search party finally found her at 32:15 a.m. today 'in the rugged Sierra foothills. Informed of the big search, Mrs. Lenahan scolded: "Why, I was just taking a little walk! Send me the bill." Mrs. Lenahan is SO years old. BIRMINGHAM, Ala. MR)--A warrant for the arrest of Lame Duck Sen. Glen Taylor, D., Ida., was issued here yesterday and city officials said an attempt probably would be made to extradite him. The warrant was issued when Taylor did not show up to, serve his ISO-day jail term for disorderly conduct. He was convicted" after ha scuffled with officers who prevented his using the "Negro entrance" to a church where he addressed a youth rally two years ago. from Sonora and Sinaloa, Mexico, last night that a A 25 to .40 per' cent re'duction should be taught "all the way up from the 8,000 cars shipped inlo| from kindergarten." this country last year was pre-j Board members were perusing dieted by local shippers. Manyj a "primer on atomic energy for Mexican growers who planted to-j elementary teachers" while he raatoes last year changed to cot- - - - - - ton because of the limited acreage In the U. S. this year. LONG BEACH, Calif. CU.B-- MAIL AST) PHONE ORDERS FILLED "trSE'O'JJR XMAS LAYA'WAY PLAN THAWS MUSICAL ROCKER GENUINE SWISS MUSIC BOX ,Beg. $10.98-- This Week Big Special Why Pay More When We .Sell for Less TIDY MISS ELECTRIC $7.98 TOY VACUUM CLEANER 1 "" Keg. 10.9S $ Big Special 7 Aero** from Paramonnt Theater 305 E. Congress Ph. 3-7613 Services available to all regardless of financial condition Arizona Mortuary, Inc.] THINK TWICE and you'll buy C A R S T A I R S ! THINK about CARSTA1RS' PREMIUM TASTE.' THINK about CARJTAIRS' POPULAR PRICE!, --N^A^/s, The Man who Cares Says VERSA E. Dial 4-M88 SOCUM, Director 7 Bast Third CARSTAIRS ^hite Seal CARSTAIRS BROS. DISTILLING CO., INC., NEW YORK, N.Y. . BLENDED WHISKEY, 85 PROOF,'72% GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS. I'm voting -Yes!" Siyi J. A. MULCAHY, biding bu»in»»»m»n of Tucton, Pr«sId«»»«*ih«Mu!e»hv Lumbtr Comoiny. "Amendment 102 meant that ·veryone will pay hi* share) toward running our schools. Like many of her citizens, I resontt the vicious and unwarranted attack mado upon our schools and our teachers by fhoso who are opposed to tax equalization." The Arizona Citizens Committee for Equalization of School Taxes \ LOUIS A. MYERS Chuirauia--Phoenix SAM J. HEAD I'rstoxt . H.CDOBSON Vice-Chair. -- Me» MRS. GUS LOPEZ Tuooa JAMES F.BYRNE Yum* MRS. S. SAUNDERS Phoenix ' F.W.FICKETT Tucson E.F.VICKERS 'Douflw BERT HAWKINS Winslow DIXW. PRICE Capt. Carl M. Clemensen of the .coastal lumber ship Gricket said today 500,000 board -feet of "lumber were swept from, the ,,deok of his vessel Oct. 27 in a hurricane off Cape Blanco, Ore. The Cricket put into Long Beach yesterday from Rainier. Wash., with only two-thirds of her cargo intact. Californian Wins Arc Welder Prize CLEVELAND, Nov. 2. (/P) -- A Hanley Needs Much Rest HUDSON| N _ y 2 fp} _ Lt Gov - Joe R - Hanley, Republican , . . California- engineer today won thej nomin ee for the U. S. senate, was 85,000 first prize in the James F. Lincoln Arc Welding foundation's contest for design of an all-welded, 250-foot highway bridge. · James H. Jennison, 39, Pasadena, took the top award with this design: .A tied arch with a. rise of .. 45 feet at the center line, Impanels since disclosure of a letter he wrote and a stiffening tie girder. Two. specialists from-private in-5. Democrats, have charged it re- dustry, a federal official in the bureau of public roads and: four midwestern university engineering professors adjudged"the awards. An .honorable mention and $200 went to Sidney Rochlin, Los Angeles. GENE D. JACKSON, 37, OF Captain Clemensen said the jMarana, was sentenced to 20 hours storm was^the^vorst^ he has seen | in j a ji a nd fj nec i ,$20 injustice court by James M. Howsare. Jackson was: arrested Tuesday night, ,17 miles west of Tucson on high- in 27 years, sailing on the Pacific. Thirty foot waves smashed at the lumber, snapping 15 "cables securing it to the deck, he said. -"It floated off with a big swoosh into the darkness," the .·skipper said. way arid charged with going in a hospital today, suffering from "complete exhaustion." · His physician said Hanley, : 74, needed "a few days of complete Hanley has been a storm center his 50th wedding -anniversary" Tuesday. · · , · Governor Dewey, said at .New York City /that Hanley -had been "deeply hurt by the unprecedented mud-slinging : . . thrown at him" by Democrats. Hanley said in the letter that lie had been assured of clearing up his financial obligations within of the New York state election! ISO davs if he ran for the senate, to Rep. W. .Kingsland Macy Sept, vealeS a "pay off." His nomination, is under investigation by a senate subcommittee. Hanley has denied any wrongdoing. An aide said. last night that Hanley hoped he would be able to talk with senate investigators at the hospital within 48 hours. Hanley .was admitted to Columbia County Memorial hospital here last night. A hospital spokesman said he was "resting comfortably" early today. Dr. Gene Rogati of Valatie said Patrolman Daniel Howell. governor. Dewey accepted- the nomination, for' governor after Hanley withdrew. Hanley said later he expected to pay', his debts from an insurance policy due to mature. Phoenician Third In Bull Riding Contest SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 2. CU.B-- Jim Davis, Phoenix, placed third || last night ' Thundiy Evinlng, Nov; J, 1JW Arrested For Failure \ To Contact Draft Board J. D. Walker appeared before U. S. Commissioner Thomas -McKay in answer to '» selective service complaint filed at .Mo. Arthur, Tex. Preliminary hearing was set Nov. 7. Walker is charged with failur*. to report his address change to .hi* draft board in .Brady, Tex, Walker, a jockey was picked tip ! by FBI agents Sunday, just after he finished riding "Two-Tinier" in the fifth race here. He is being' held by the U. S, marshal-under 51,000 bond. , · Have YOU Seen Our Nursery? · Now is the time to plant your Winter Lawn, Bulbs, Sweet Peas We have the Tools, Seed, Fertilizer Large Arbor Vitaes, Aleppo, Pines Arizona and Italian Cypress Everything for Your Garden! at MIDDLETON'S Just North of R.R. Tracks 2701 So. 6th Ave. the Brahman bull riding event at the Grand National Livestock expositions rodeo here. Jim Shoulders,,Tulsa, Okla., was "completely-exhausted" first at the end 'of the first go- B R A I S E D B E E F H A S H .HAS T H A T " H O K I - M A D E " T A S T E Herc'« rich, juicy beef j k i l f u l l y blended with savory potatoes to form » cute treat for every member of the family. It's new, it's different, and it's «n Austex meal you'll want to repeat. new/easy ways fo |wmper CREAM · Freshest Flavor! You've never tasted such a marvelous flavor-- just like fresh-squeezed lemons. Perfect texture! Not too stiff-- not too runny. · Easiest Everl Just add egg yolks, sugar, and water. No need for mixing bowl or double boiler.' ··· Quick to Make! Just bring to a boil. No loag, slow cooking! Saves about 15 miautes.' · Makes Delicious lemon fluff pudding, cake filling, ice cream, and other desserts, too. · As Quick and Easy to make as those wonderful Jell-0 Puddings ! · Just Add Milk, and bring to a boil. Takes about 5 minutes! · Shredded Coconut is right ia the mix. No costly ingredients to add. · Makes Delicious pudding, cake filling, and other coconut desserts, too! NOW,at Your Store! Vanilla--Chocolate--Butterscotch and... BRAND-NEW Lemon and Coconut Cream I JELL-0 it a ityttatd trademark of G«MnJ Food* Corporation

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