Independent from Long Beach, California on February 25, 1964 · Page 15
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 15

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1964
Page 15
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t»«t lltdk CM. T«l, rrt H IM INDEPENDENT-PI?* 85 She Made the Right Move GLAMORIZE LEFT-OVER HAM Wheat Germ-Ham Loaf is one of the best ways ever to glamorize left-over ham. Garnish ham loaf with preserved kumquats and serve with creamed potatoes dotted with peas.--(Kretschmer Wheat Germ photo.) 4cfcf Nutrition With Wheat Germ By ABIGAIL VAX BL'REN DEAR ABBY: 1 chuckled when 1 read the pros and cons cf asking a stringer to move over a V, s e a t . a t a lunch counter, I had always o f f e r e d t o m o v e when- e v e r two f people c i m e " i in together. Back in 1«4 I was sitting a l o n e at a ABBY lunch counter when very nice-looking young men came in acd couMa't find two seats together, but there was a vacant seat on either side of rae. I offered to move, but the tiller one said, with a grin, "No, just sit where you are. I'd much rather talk to you than him anyway." He wasn't fresh, just refreshing. To nuke » long story short, that is how I met the man who liter became my husband and the father of my six lovely children. -- " G L A D I MOVED" do you suggest I do?-- 'HOW TO WRITE LETTERS TAKES ALL KLNDS. for all occasions." Club Schedules Trip to Shows , : Womans City Club witt a.nv The bus will depart sponsor a bus trip to the from the clubhouse, I3W t- -Qucen for a Day- and Third St. Tickets are being -Truth or Consequences" handled by the group chair.-. TV shows Monday at 10 man. two By MILDRED K. FIAXARY I L P T F«« I»tor ' Left-over ham is mighty jood eating -- yet left-over ham can get pretty cloying unless reworked with a little culinary cunning. There are a dozen ways to do it, and one of the best is to serve up a wheat germ- MEDICINE AND YOU Strides in Treatment of Meniere's Disease By BLN ZIXSER An experimental d r u s Otology, r a i t e d Lipoflavonoid has ynsology. been able to improve the . hearing. of some patients with Meniere's disease, aa ear disorder m a r k e d by d i z z i n e s s , nausea, ringing in the ear and progressive deafness. Lipoflavon- ·vd i* a mixture of vita- mint and a s u b s t a n c e k n o w n a s eriodictyol glycoside (lemon bloflavonoid complex). The preparation, administer^ed is three capsules a djy. was given to 122 patients with Meniere's disease and 75 other patients xvith deafness from other causer. ZINSEr. »«· fc lar- A N O T H E R researcher says that diet control plus administration cf a hormonal preparation--adrenal cortical extract -- has brought about a SI percent cure rate in a series cf patients suffering Menlere'i disease. The repott is that rr Dr. Herbert B. Goldman of RockviUe Center. N.Y. His research is described in Clinical Trends. Dr. Goldman's treatment is based on the theory that the disorder may be a result of an allergic reaction u*ich can be thwarted by treating non-function of the rind cf the adrenal gbnds. The diet part of the treatment consists cf the eiimi Rcsearchers at the Mayo nation of certain carbohy- Clinic, who conducted the drates. This prevents a sud- study, say it is not tmder- den rise in blood su^ar with stood how the medication subsequent sudden falls. A uorks. fall ia blood sugar can cause The report is in Annsls of vomiting and dizziness. Let's Explore YourJMind 6THESE9JCHA. '" " ' TWN6 A3 NORMAL LOVE NO a ham loaf, which we feature today. This is a wholesome, h e a r t y and tasty main course. YouTl note the ham is fortified with ground pork which perks up the flavor and adds moistness. Han loaf, as we know, can be too dry at times. The wheat germ contributes good nutritional balance with its wealth of B vitamins, iron. vitamin E and other nutritive c!emcr.ts. You may garnish the ham loal with preserved kum- ([uats snd serve it 'ttith creamed p o t a t o e s dotted with peas. WHEAT GERM HAM LOAF IJ J pounds (round ham i] pound ground pork *4 cup wheat germ tj cup finely chopped onion I egg* J 4 cvp miTk ',j rup catsup I tsp. Worcesttrthire sauce Combine ingredients; mix well. Pack into loaf pan (9*5.vJ inches). Bake in moderate oven (350 degrees F.) until done, about l\\ hours. Let stand in pan 10 minutes before removing from pan for slicing. Yield: 6 servings. Grandmothers , Slate Luncheon State of California Grandmothers Clab 44 will meet for noon luncheon and business session in the home of Mrs. CJeo Badcr, 3S33 Rose Ave.. Wednesday. BeuUh Nelson will be cohostess. DEAR TAKES: Have you seen hide or hair of jour neighbor! If not, it's time you went over there and talked turkey. Perhaps she stored it in her freezer and forgot about it. · · · · DEAR ABBY: Every time 1 jive my wife a gift for St. Valentine's Day she takes it back and exchanges it. I suppose I shouldn't complain because at least this way she ends up with something she likes for the money, but it takes all the sentiment out of it. -BERNIE. DEAR B E R N I E : Sentiment, ihmeatiinent! Give her something you made your self. Like money. · · · · C O N F I D E N T I A L TO -CHANGE MY NAME": One who thinks you are "nuts" because you axe teeing a psychiatrist could need one more than you do. The only intelligent way to solve a problem is to find out first what's causing it. The person who thinks a tweed Jackis a "cure'' for dandruff is only kidding himself. · · * · Get it off your chest. For a personal, unpublished reply, write ta ABBY, Box 3355. Beverly Hiils. Calif. Enclose a stamped, felf- zddressed envelope. * « · » 1 lite tow-rite letters? Send one dollar to ABBY, Box 3365, Beverly Hills. Calif., nor hair cf the turkey. What for Abby's new booklet. DEAR GLAD: Cwgratula- tions. I assume, DOW that you are settled down, that was your last move. DEAR ABBY* My husband passed away tea years ago. and every Christmas since then I have been presented with a turkey by his employer. I was out of town when the turkey was delivered. I later learned from a neijhbor that another neighbor consented to keep it for me until I returned. I have been home since December 21st. and I haxen't seen hide before you choose your new hairstyle SEE YOURSELF IN THE MAGIC MIRROR'WEARING MANY HAIRSTYLES AND COLORSJOO!! you'll bv« the fun of jelecticy a new style when you know in advance exactly how you'll look and a change of color isn't such a gamble when you can see yourself f i r s t ia the new eolor before a touch of tint- only in the Magic Mirror. C»!ltx5ay for a complete new hair Jtjle including the Ma jc Mirror Projection, MflVy Shampoo, Personalized lUircut. Stjled Set and Comb-out 7 M KACH 1)4 West l-o»d.»r C't I'ort Wet* *f f*nt» HE 2-1424 IIZIT (NOLII 401 Arlcmic A.c. (··".en 1*9 Anloti* a Bet GA J-7HI BEAUTY SALONS tAitwooo - - «flt I I Clrim- CJTOTI B littflcvrl HA J-44SI · OOWNIT: TO?u 1-CU7 · SANTA A N A : Ilmkertj J-»JZI · WKITIItt: OUo« !.««« · G A t O I N CIOYl: SJI-4111 IlllimllllllinmiimillimiimilllUI: By SYLVANL'S AND EVELYN DUVALL 2. Scold a child who caa't I. Is there such a thing as normal love? lit stilC Yes \o Good Bad Yes. Mental health spe- Bad. There are cialisrs say there is. Normal w1 , y a ehi!d (or anvone t[se) Cremer ·Hnkr in his rise to pcwfr con-] star.tjy prracr.fd the theory of I tellin; TIIE E1G LIE. and r«-| prating it so often that it fi-: ' tv« Itlieved by the jtmty cf hij people. people want to be loved. They want to be able to five and to receive love in mature ways. Bat normal fidgets or twists around in his chair that should be understood. When a person .Evidently sorre of this theory rr.Uit still remain in our local reasons ;conmunjty afttr all these 5 cars. ferl this to be »T Why WrU. q'-ute frankly, because » f »re cun.-t»ntJy »ma2fd at a cutomcrV reartion when we tell tSf m the truth. adults realize that love is a constantly moves about in 1^^ haxebcfnorcjK ,_,_.. ... fiMnj as well as i hold:ns j,jj fhaif the indicaUons are it ha» bren necessary for us to emotional tie. In contrast ^ ^ - f ^^ ,^\$$' t £g**£ f $££ r j r.eurotic love demands an- mhcr's reassurance because what is going on and r.f fears of* eajer to get on to some- and insecurity. At times thing else. He may be bored. even the most normal of ns disgusted, irritable, tired cf suffer some aspects of jilting stilL Suggesting a rotic love. But we are capa- change of pace, another ac- ble of normal love enough trvity, a different mood is to keep fairly well emotion- more effective than order- ally, tig a child to be still. . ,*z* is or dy tetial ,ns dore en their rna-j because ft felt that! either, due to the condition cfi the caterial or the rtiuitj that could be expected, the cost, even at our moderate charje, would not be EXAMINATION SICK AND SUFFERING STOP WASTING TIME MONEY Rcf.wi Ye* Ifti Trtdmeafi Atiulcir, Yc* StaM llxt Ttn Litnoxi.'tia rwr » ! i » i «/ "osi »» bm-KKa T3 Tof »«O«I. iimei «»o **£* » T " * * DR. H. L HUTCHINGS, D.C. "M *«··*»» tmimi* rwr* ifn* AILANIIC AYE., LONG BEACH V'» rn r f e | tilt _ O » * »HT frix Tlr-l « ·_·'''·}»· " T » f "· »" * " " «o " **f ~ Xaturai'y we don't like to turn, i k »itay. but thei-e are times pa it'» Utter to do MX We! may h»ie k»t a job. but over, 'the jrars have made many[ customer* by f i r policy ofj HOXI-STY AX! l.VTEOPJTY.I A cuyTonvr'* CT-atfful reaction; lo brir.; 1r,Id the bowvt titjrh rr.ust be Acrk»kcd by many| businrs* pcopl'. accwdinj to; c«.-r firwiir.^. What » serxri' rrj-stake thry rrjVe. | IT JCKI h-i\e tv.nd this to be »o. arl jo-j are looking for! ctxr.plete HONESTY AXO IX- TEGRITY in doinj bu»ir»es,s. nJl us for your eleanx; and djein-; needs: carpets, furniture t lrj[*is. tig and Upiotsfery end C)ti«g When Disraeli closed his door, England made history. Thoughts on First Class travel--a series by American Airlines. The new prime minister was something of an enigma. The gregarious manner which had made him a favorite of society vanished when he went to work. He kept his door shut. Alone, with the full use of his mind, he seized the opportunities his rivals missed. [He rebuilt his party, bought England the ^ uez C ; innl and had Queen Victoria crowned .empress ot Inciia.J Now, we think businessmen will understand this. It is why they have doors on their own offices. And why, when they travel on business, they so often fly first class. The extra privacy, the roominess, the over-all environment ease the burden of travel for men with work on their minds. If it's not exactly a closed door, it does have the same effect. [Incidentally, first class is now within reach of any businessman. From Los Angeles to New York, it is only S 15.80 more than coach.] We should add that every American Airlines Astrojet is a fan-jet, ·with 30% more power than ordinary jets. All have a first class section. In case the work cant wait until you come back down to earth. 1740 W. COWLES UK 7-28i!

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