Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 25, 1969 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 25, 1969
Page 11
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'"SSK3SSF* M - 'iM* u, M» · 11 DENNIS THE MENACE By Kttchon ir«OU£OA PBWY 64NK. 8UT IT'U. TAKfc Excellent Show, Special Fails To Live Up To Its Teaser By CYNTHIA LIWRY NEW YORK fAP)' - George Washington was "a warm and jassionate human being" who lad been petrified by history into a "graven image,' narra- ,or Melvyn Douglas said at the outset of the NBC special Thursday night. The program's teaser and it's ;itle. "Meet George Washington," promised to acquaint us with "the best known unknown in our history." What followed was a quick resume of the American Rcvolu lion, the sight of some interesting old portraits, excellent f i l m for the past couple of seasons, will stable his horse in September in favor of a. more contemporary role in NBC's "The Bold Ones." Hartman still has not used his baritone singing voice for television although he has sung on the Broadway stage. Bobbie Gentry will star in a " next week--a one-shot. Her weekly variety series did not special, "The Spring Thing." World-Wide Sales Sets GM Record DETROIT (AP) -- General Motors Corp. reports its world- of Valley Forge and Mount Ver- widc salcs jn lhu ri ,. st quarter of non today. But that promised j ]c ... ( . portrait of the father of nun billion in the same period last Hew TwHimlfj Rent Increases N K W YORK (AP - Tlie City Council lias voted to limit landlords to a 10 per cent rent in- 1 CaliMiffita Gasoline Prices SACRAMKNTO. · Calif. (API - Gasoline tuxes go up one cent 11 Ballon in California June 1 to 1ht 1MJM h (·reuse on two year lease renew-, pay for repairs of roads and oth- find a network niche here, b u l l a l s and a 15 per cent hike on has been sold to the Canadian TV network for next season. THE BROTHER!) ABC executives have been three-year renewals on 100.000 apartments nut under rent con trols. The hill, approved .'10-1 Thiii's- er public facilities damaged by last winter's floods. Gov. Ronald Rcajjan, in elfin- ing the bill Thursday, said the increase tu eight cents a gallon calculated to bring in he- talking series with the Smothers \ day. also decreed that increases. tu . ccn ?7 5 m j i ] j ( n n n ( j $B m i l l i o n country, the man behind the Gilbert Stuart portrait, never materialized. CAN'T BE PENETRATED Perhaps the first president's image--"cold, remote," (he script called it--cannot be penetrated. Little that the prologue promised was amplified and George Washington remained the same distant, heroic figure he was before. "He fell in love with his best Brothe'rs and w h i l e it is u n l i k e l y ; e x c e e d i n g tlmse l i m i t s smut- IMS! they will turn up on that net .Mav :(1 must he rolled bad:. work by September, there is a » ith refunds to lenants. chance'that, if ABC is satisfied. Failure ol a landlord tn com it can control the boys, they ply could result in b r i n g i n g his may bob up as a midsuason re- .buildings under rent control,! placement scries. i w l i i c h currently covers !.:( m i l - ! On another front . . V i r g i n i a lion apartments and liars rent ] G r a h a m and Hie "Girl T a l k " ; increases w h i l e a t e n a n t re bosses are s t i l l battling over her'· mains in his a p a r t m e n t , \\lien a demands for more money. Miss t e n a n t moves, the rent may be G r a h a m is m a k i n g the rounds uf increased 15 per cent. ! were a record $(i.5 billion, j the network talk shows while .Mayor John V l - m i K i ; . l i i ' * ; . , i r «.- * HnKv Palmer is nlnch- i t nK a s , accused landlords ol seehinK per cent above sales of *'· 11^'J^^l^,,,, ,1 iiy !,.,,,( increases »r up to SI) per | time show seen on some 1)3 sta- cent on uncontrolled a p a r t lions around the country. I merits. a month. The increase is scheduled to expire in six months, but Keagan promised he would end it earlier if sufficient revenue has been raised. year. GM reports its earnings in the first quarter were $523 million, an increase of 25 per cent over $419 million earned in the first quarter of 1968. Chrysler Corp. and Ford Mn tor Co. previously reported their earnings had declined over the HELEN BOTTEL Helen Help Us ! .1 i EittllBlimWIIJIHIHmiSEHIIJHSI Iff f!S] IBB III tl!JPIMKIll Ulf IUI113 Irll.lil 113 fll:' HI* IHEI'liilil This column is for young people, their problems and pleasures, their troubles and fun. As with the rest of Helen Help Us!, it welcomes laughs but won't dodge a serious question with a brush-off. Send your teenage questions lo Youth Asked For It, care of Helen Help US! this newspaper. rife." declared n a r r a - | f ' r s t ( lTM rlcr H ^f «· i as. But this was cli.v Darnings per share of C M , posed of in a quick sequence common stock were $1.82. corn- showing Sallv Fairfax holding a I Pared with $1.40 per share in the rose and a sentence or two ex-1"TM 1 - 'I 1131 ' 1 ?. 1 !?.!'! 1 !?.?": plaining that she was a life-lone; j romance to whom he wrote "teasing and tender letters." As a device in attracting attention, the prologue worked. And what followed stood nicely cause they say older guys only have one thing on their minds. The truth is just the opposite. Dear Helen: I \vould like to add something to your "What is A" collection: WHAT IS A BEST FRIEND A best friend Is:. : The one you exchange rings and books and They are violently opposed to as a handsome, well-constructed me and Gary going together be :-jprogram in the almost patented y style of "Project 20." A variety of methods was used to dramatize the American struggle for It is the younger boys that get j independence--archives mate fresh, anrl 1 know from expcri^rjal. old art. new illustrations How can T act my parents to see the truth': -- Please Help Dear H.P.: Your only hope is Gary himself. If he'll come to your house, talk to your folks, show them he isn't sprouting horns and their angel is safe with him. they may change their minds. Some parents react lo "old · men" the way oilier adult: and contemporary f i l m . TO STABLE HOUSE David Hartman. tiie lanky addition to "The Virginian" cast ci- and clothes things with. The one and only person you let know who you secretly like because you know she'd never tell. ' -·-·' '· ' The one who fixes you up with the cutest boy when you're pretty sure he'd rather go with her. The one you cry to when you and your guy break up or anything" bad happens. The one everybody compliments on her looks and personality, but she's modest about it. Even when she goes with more boys and gets more babysitting jobs than you, it doesn't matter -- most of the time The kid who gets mad at you when you get jealous of her. The girl you pour out your problems to and she makes you lorget them by telling you hers. The true blue gal you find out later made everyone dance with you. The girl you tell when you gain a size, in the right place-or even in the wrong. i She's the girl whose house | you sleep over in more t h a n , vice-versa. ; She's the kid who acts sweet, (o your brothers when they re really brats. ! She's the one you crimp aim save to buy a nice present, and you don't care what it costs. She's the one you feel lost without when she goes on vaca "she's the greatest girl in the world, and you'll remember her all your life as your best school pal. - J.C. Dear Helen: I'm writing to answer bull Out " You could say I m that "precious little teen-age girl (he describes) whose mother won't _ let her date an "older ^ "Everything "Shut Out" s a i d , is true. My boy friend is an o l d - : er boy (almost 20) and he h a s i a lot more manners and respect | for me than the fellows of Hi a n d , 17. But try to tell that to my, over-protective Mama and l a - ! pa react to Beatle haircuts. The never look beyond the obvious lo the real guy underneath. Pity! .- 11. NOW [Open 7 p.m. GINGER BLUE'S SMORGASBORD Served Every S U N D A Y 11 A.M. to 8 P.M. "ALL YOU CAN EAT" Continuously Fresh Food Ailulls Children 10 §2.:; r and under SI. 10 FEATURING KERMIT at the Hammond Organ Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner Served Daily Hwy. 59, 4 ml. N. of Noel, Mo. Just on hour's Drive from Fayettevill* IJARK TrHEATREr Sun. thru Thurs. One Fct. 7:45 Fri.-Sat. Features 7:00 - 9:16 2nd Big Week Winner of Two Academy Awards FRANCO ZEFFIRELLI ROMEC) ^JULIET Smith 3:22, 6:24, 9:2(i Journey 2:00, 5:02,8:01 AN ALL-DISNEY ENT£RTA1NMEHT PROGRAMI If You Like Mexican Food Then you'll like the Mexican Original Restaurant Fur diniiis pleasure at ils best, and fur (he licst in Mexican a n d American fnnils, visit (lie Mexican Original Keslaiiranl. Bring (he family ill where diniim is always a lU'liclilful plea- sun- and tin- prices are rishl. OPEN S p.m. . 10 p.m. weekdays 11:30 a.m. 9:30 p.m. Sundays Closed Tuesday* Casa Montez Restaurant Home of Authentic Mexican Food... · STEAKS · CHICKEN · CHOPS · SHRIMP Featuring Special Children's Menu Dine Out By Candlelight Uunch Served Each Day 11 A.M. Closed Wednesday CASA MONTEZ RESTAURANT lohnson Road Highway 71 PL 1-9815 MEXICAN ORIGINAL Restaurant Hiway 71 South Across from the Airport KVOO, Tulsa, Channel 2 KYTV, Sprinqfield, Channel 3 KFSA, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulsa, Channel 6 KOAM, Pittsburq, Channel 7 KTUl., Tulsa, Channel 8 (Channel 4 on cihle in FayettfviHt) KODE, Joplin, Channel 12 ICtianntl 11 on cable in Fiyttttville) KUHI, Joplin, Channel 16 Channel 9 on cable in FayeHMHKI ·GTO, Favetteville, Channel 36 (Channel 3 on cable in Fayetteville) U S M C. FRIDAY EVENING * 6:00 News. Weather. Sporls . * 6:30 Farmer's D;ui«lHcr i n c h Chapliarral Tom Jnnrs W i l d Wild * 7:110 Kilt Patrol * 7:30 Name of tin- Game Generation Ci; Gonu r FylL- * S:00 Let's Make A Uvnl . . Movie * 8:30 Guns ol Will Sonnctt I* 9:00 I The Saint Laredo * 10:00 ! News i* 10:30 ! Johnnv c.iison Paul Harvey . Movie Jury Bifriop . * '10:35 - 5, B. 7. a, iz. i I C m m n y Caravan H Tn Outdor M i g h t o r 6. 1« . R. 1'-' G. If, l,c;ir: ' Lo if iitKl I-.1VC ne Hanger 1:00 , 12'Ouli.T Uniils i n . A m e r i c a n B a n d s t a n d 3, 3 :.. 7. B. 12, 1C. 36 :. 3. 7, , 6 *' J ; - R o l l e r h r r h v 5 ' 6 ' " JillR's Show ; -Jt 2:00 --- 8. l 2 | D n n f e I'art.v llranclrd 2 7 :sfi A l l r r d HitcllcOi'k 3'McKfpric's Haidcr.1 8. 122:30 Profr-.MOr.als All Star Theater Nla Picture , j -, 7 i * 3:00 6; 1-vir.n NrL"n TnVIrnamc.'l 8 1C. r.n cbs Liol! cia.v.1.- 12 ' M o v i e · * 4:1111 - Open 6:30 Starts Dusk WALT DISNEY P«5B«IIO«S GLENN FORD.s SM/TH! 8EST COMPANY A SHAKE EVER HAD TONITE SATURDAY! ALL · 3 · IK COLOt See 1969 Model 'COUTH Color TVs WINNER OF 5 ACADEMY AWARDS E N T E R P R I S E 442-8575 Cu,KUQU*ul 2333 N. Colleg, » · ^ _ . n i i i _ _ Service on all Makes COMMUTER AIR SERVICE Two Doily Round Trip Flights to TULSA, OKLAHOMA ---- · - -- lv Foyettevill. 7:30 a.m. Ar. Tulsa 8:30 a.m. lv Tulsa 1 1 :20 a.m. Ar. Fayetteville 12.20 Noon lv Faytteville 4:00 p.m. Ar. Tulsa 5:00 p.m. lv Tolsc, 5:30 p.m. Ar. Fayetteville 6:30 p.m. Will Stop in BWPr. ..» «'«»'» S """^ b» ""-»-.«». ^ ^ i-- ···· -One Way Fare Just $12.50- For Rel erva,ion S Phone-Day,: 521-2833 or Marlenien Travel Service 443-2318 ·Flight Instruction 'Twin ·.,.i i } -'.i Engine Service i ·/ ,, . I Jniifc ' ' ·" · "Th« Raiorboek Airline' Noark Commander Aviation, Inc. P.O. Box 1170 Drpkc Field ^^. -f* C c - BUY ONE SHAKE- GET ONE FREE ·ri. April 25 Sat. April 26 W A S 1 ) . J H OS P ] " N'ORl V'APT.K 51'. HAMBURGERS comeasyouare...hungry 1005 Mt. Comfort Road BEST flCTOR. Rod stalger i iHl MlRISCrlCJk" *«"U" ··" SIDNEY PQITIEHODSTEIuEll JHtKOWNIlWl'.TM · t ^ · MlLRViRKO' PROOiiniON w «'i "IMTVE QFM \.f*?f-± MJGHT"-V L .?- I i, ll-.oii I Johnny C.IIMI i * 12:00 I Movie- . . : Mnvn: * J2:.1II N e w s 6 \ViTstlinR l,»r:nni'- r i Wide- World o[ 3porl» . « 1 . 11 .I Hi' Announced r c - s t i i i u 5:00 I'. MOKM.NG SATt'KDAV * 7:00 f:oi]titr.v l-^irc Meet Your N»»r Go (in Gopher.i Uomcnl of M r d i t a l i ' i n HiMlIrs * 7:15 HIS Pu-turi' . (I Kklppy!i;ui ' V i r u i l W:i:d N c w l j x v t d (. 2'* 5:110 ' l'.l,, r F,,...« K. ' I n Hf A n t u « K i l n , : I'.iili r WaRdnrr Warren Beatty Leslie Caron M.nki-t Baskrl *· 7:30 I'hililrtr'. Gaip SL'honl ncporl , SATUKDAY * C:00 j l N c w , , 2 i Spnrtiimnn'i Friend EVENING ' . '« ' IsraiRcasei KL KJ'-tXl M'.'.OSil STARTS SUNDAY at DRIVE-IN Man.,. · Plus 2nd Feature · ll.f Jun,:! * ll::!0 I ' M ! u i i ' i i \\n!:.i Ann i n nn T"-n Mop J n h n n v Qu««l Would You Believe 8000? 8,000 Homes and Businesses in Fay»rt«- ville, Fnrminglon and Greenland or» "On the Cable". FOR THE BEST TV AND FM RECEPTION Call TRANS-VIDEO 442-7111 K.r.n 7.* 7:00 :illcv D.iy. Gninc n * 7:30 1 2 ' M v ' I h r i l.awren ;* 8:00 In'""' ind Mrs M u l r SiiR.'i . . . Wclk ...... j, j. s. 8:30' r 'i Pclliroat Junetlon -: Hollywood Palace . ! * »':lW 1 *"a":;fl I (irrtorj', .),,, v ... j S M n II.M.i "i li I* 10:00 TV REPAIRS · 2 Trucks · Same Day Service E N T E R P R I S E 2333 N . Coll , fl . "42-8575 «, l l ' , N . u ^'l,\ .· · 3 :, 7.* l»:!5 R , 1 ' N r \ ' % * 10:110 3 '. 7 'P.- .«..iii' f.. II. K.llv Wri!.l . ilnll\ui.ini Palacn 5 ; * 11.00 I li.i.i lor Your I. !· I. U * 11:30 · · SATliiUMY At-TKUNdON M-"' ,,, * I2:«« *,,., HI.I..P K,I,M · ; * l-:.l« ' Uir frn.f .'.'.' ·' N " A ' r ' 1? I

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