Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 11, 1976 · Page 41
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 41

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1976
Page 41
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68 PLYMOUTH FURY $ 6 9 Fully eoulBped. A good car RANCH MOTORS ^|' a '^^ Q ». 5 ^rom e atk: B |ran?; power steering, air conditioning 1974 PLYMOUTH Dusler, AT under 20.000 ml. Alter 3 gn 74 PLYM uuster 25,000 ml. poweT'i Charlie's Auto 228 g. MhtiVt-, 1948 BONNEVILLt convertible in Immaculate condilion. Automatic, ^radKS'iilt^eeW^r^ fflAux^M.. s ^ u .f".- Wfi* e Speedway. ?9i-5sso. "68FlREBIRDJi«.MiOorbestotl e r7 68 PONTIAC LE MA PONTIAC LAIALINA 4 dr air PS, PB, low ml, AM/FM radio clean engine, exlnl cond. $1240 325-9411 197) PW1H8C LeMans, cxf r5 C ' 350 , V8 ' ? esl 04 or stoo bv Ave., Comslock Hall. !?» r°H«'i IAC Firl =blrd, aulomatic Iransmlsslon. power steering, air condilioning, railve wheels, lilt wheel vinyl top, AM radio. A clean sportv ^.W'oB 1 ;Jfe «*nSuiBIE' ·THIS MONTH'S SPECIAL* .'75 Merc. Monteqo-$3395 12MONTH/l2.fX)07AILE POWER TRAIN WARRANTY 75 Plnfo t*rjs |7S Maverick 2 dr-- , 01,5 75 Gran Torlno4 dr-i3395--S/W-SMvS '75 Granada 4 dr 53705 75 LTD 4 dr--U595--S/YV -13995 '75 LTD Brougham 2 dr -53895 4 dr -- _ '75 Merc. Monarch 4 dr '75 Nova 3 and 4 dr '75 chev Caprice -HERTZ --889-5731 Tucson International Airport 'THIS MONTH'S SPECIAL* *75 Merc Monteqo $3395* 12MONTH/12,oS)MILE POWER TRAIN W A R R A N T Y 75 PINTO SM75 75 GRANADA 4 Jr 3795 75 LTO Brougham 4 dr 3795 75 MERC. Monarch 4 dr 3795 75 CHEV. Caprice 3895 Manv olher makes/models available HERTZ --889-5731 TUCJPNJNT'L AIRPORT 222 Autos for Sate PS° PDB c i" n " Plymouth Fury III SjfomsVizWua" 50 ' °" C °" n "' Mt rlwed^M-FM "amn^ *'" C °" M ' 7^C!fi-i s '°- 88 ' German Ca^Salesl 1972 TRIUMPH SPITFIRE One owner, Jt.OOO miles, 4 speea, -adlo, healer, mldnloht blue In color. ncellent condilion inslcte out ONLY $2295 SPORTS CAR CENTER 831 N, Stone sank Financing Available 792-9290 972 VOLVO Model 142, good economy, AC, radial 397-4334. call a'' GAS SAVER SPECIALS 74 Saab $3995 "The engineering marvel", 4 speed, air-conditioning. $2695 , 73VWBug ' 1973 FIAT 850 SPIDER One owner. 18,a» miles. 4 speed, radio, healer, canary yellow in color with a black convertible lop, tike new condition inside out. ONLY $2695 SPORTS CAR CENTER 537 N. Stone Sank Financing Available 73 Capri V6 $3595 This 4 speed has "all Ihe extras". This beauty wanls a nice home These cars all priced BELOW average market We're BIG enough to save you money. SMALL enough to be your friend. GERMAN CAR SALES 4 6 3 5 E . 22ND 748-1333 jjome of the Saab BMW 1973 VW MICRO BUS. 4 SMed. Priced osell. Give Zfmmerman Bulck a Irv jelore you buy. 795-0760. GHIA . Blue Barro-" e x t r a s 51600 PORSCHE 9115, 1975 ~ _CALL 882-9413 BETWEEN 5 9PM y,W VAN, I960, exlnt cond. good tires, S45u, besl otler. 6ZM885. TOVIJIB eves 10" ""' -"·,. C L E A N SHAP^T L^ 7 , X J5 E - t.%1 mileage. Exlnt. cond. Besl otter. 865-9194 alter 5 P . 1600 DATSUN Sporl Coupe, needs work, has been silting (or 7 mos. Take as Is. USO. BS6-0106 :"' BMW 2800 Sedan. 6 cylinder, stick, PS. PB, AC, Konl's, electric pump additional full instrumentation. $5500, no trade Gene Kpnt 597 jjlior 689-5762. Thrifty " 1971 JAGUAR XJ6,"43.000'miles, verv" clean. Call 886.7737 between 3 8. 7 IWI VW 411 Wagon, automatic, radio, new seats, line motor, good rubber, super clean. S1595. 795-5W? ruocer, 1972 DODGE Coll. Automatic. Low mileage. Musi sell. 887-^009. 1972 MERCEDES 2S05E. 4.5, low mileage, excellent cond.. S9,800. 296.8269. 972 OPEL Cadette, exlnt cond. low mileage, red w/black interior. SHOO or best otfer. Top carrier, 745-7923 1972 TRIUMPH TR6 cc«verKSIe7 Radio, new tires, low miles. 326-9139. .. 1901FIAT 124 SPYDER Air, 32,000 miles. Assume balance of i?928 lor remaining 3d months Call 297-3739 afler 6 PM 222 Autos for Sale 800 E. Broadway 622-1226 71 MAVERICK 4 DR $1849 *·': Automatic, radio, heater, factory air conditioning, vinyl ·- , top very low milei, ipf ingfime yel'ow. * * . '* 72 TOYOTA 4 DR $1849 * j " Automatic, radio, heater, focfory air conditioning, check ' Ihii extra clean gas iaver. ' ' ' . 73 RUNABOUT PINTO $2349 *: Aylornatic, radio, heater, factory oir condilioning, deluxe , trim low mileage. / 73 MUSTANG $2949 ' ', ' J Automatic, radio, heater, real magi, gold wilh white r i' Double sharp. J U . j " 74T-BIRD $4449 ; "* Auromalic, radio, healer, factory atr conditioning, lull power, really loaded, i A * ' ' 73 FORD GAL $2749 ^ * Automalic, radio, hearer, factory air conditioning, power ileering, power brakes, vinyl top, new radial tires, 'very, very, low miles. 73 DUSTER 340 $2849 Aulomatrc, radio, healer, factory air condilioning, power steering, power bfafcet, vinyl top, Ratine wheels, e*1ra clean, red while. 73 COUGAR XR-7 $3649 Automatic, radio, heater, Facfo/y air canrfiffoning, power Peering, power brokes, vinyl top, lots of extras. $ 75 GRANADA COUPE $3849 \ i % ? Air conditioned, jtereo, low mileage, a Broadway I 72 DATSUN PICKUP $2249 ! 1 * 4 ip*ed, radio, heoter, air conditioning, campe/ ihell, gai ^ j saver aVuxe. ' 74 NOVA COUPE $2849 A tf I Aulomatic, radio, healer, air conditioned, power iieer- ing, power brakef, reel Magi. Exfra clean. ( '/* 71 CAMPER SPECIAL $2549 **- « 4 speed, radio. Sealer, air condilioning. Ford F-250, power ^'-M X$r ifeering, power brakes, cteanett in town. ***^ 1 1976FORD I ! LEASE RETURNS I S CHOICE OF SEVERAL § S AT BOTH LOCATIONS S jf EXCEPTIONALLY LOW MILEAGE! ? I ALL PROFESSIONALLY MAINTAINED! * S BALANCE OF FACTORY WARRANTY! 5350 E. Speedway 1793-9341 '5 72 PINTO 2 DR $1599 ^ 4 speed, rodia, healer, air conditioning, value gas iaver. ! 70 TOYOTA 4 DOOR $1399 ~" Automatic, radio, heater, air conditioning, Budgel priced import. j 73 VEGA 2 DR $1799 - . Stkfc shift, ladia, heeler, air conditioning, compare Ihis eat ' price. 71 T-BIRD LANDAU..... $2699 ~ J AuFomatic, radrc, healer, air conditioning, power it^eiing plus total luxury. ,, 74 PINTO SQUIRE $2899 ,|p Automatic, radio, heoter, air conditioning, deluxe bob/ is wo9 ° n - ^ 1 74 FIAT SPIDER $4299 ,'; ! « i ipeed, "124" convertible, like new, ^ ', 1 70 MERC 10 PASS $1299 -' ^S Aulomatic, radio, heater, air conditioning, power sleering, ,* i^J full lixed family wagor. ' 71 PEUGEOT WGN $1899 L'-i 4 speed, radio, heater, very rugged impart economy car, ; * 73 DODGE COLT $2399 - I 4 ipeed, radio, healer, cuilom 2 dr hardtop, Roflye ~~, ,* wheeli. ' S 74 COMET 4 DOOR $3399 '} Aulomatic, radio, heater, air cond-Honing, power ilcering, ,_ 6 cylinder, deluxe iniide A out, 72 BLAZER WGN $3199 i^s Stick ihift, radio, heater, air condilioning, power iteering, ,v/H big tirei wheeli, 3 G* 74 FORD SURFER VAN $3699 |j Stkk ihill, 6 cylinder, lurfer von cofiveriior. " * j « k'l 1CLOSED'-, 22S PB - 1973 MERC. Capri, v/6, 4 speed, sun ropl, sporl wheels, mist orefn w/tan nlerior. Beautiful car. Give Zimmer- A Try Belore You Buy -- 1974 COPPER melalllc Capri. V6, low mileage. 4 speed. AC. AM-FM radio, excellent condition. Must see to be- love. Call alter 4 pm. esgftm 974 MAZDA stalion v/agon, air, new tires. Exlnt cond. "" -- ImportfrSporti i TOYOTATCORONA MARK II i SgJ',;j l l" 1 "'lf· a ' r , condlttorUri. We L f e *!£?**· Give zln "inerman Bulck a Irv pelof 1974 TOYOTA COROLLA - iwrlect 1 owner, 13 months old, new radiais full warrantees! olfer. 6ai.S3fn J974 TR-6 $4900. 325-3763 W4 VOLVO. 142 GL rnijcaqe, loaded, $4800, l u l l L J L J I 1 I-IT..HUU. nl. PJjuy, 1974 VW Super B«t e, rally vellow sunroof, AM-FM cassette M.OOO rniles. S3000. Call »7-^9alter i PM 1974X1-9 FIAT h.rttop. 1975 PORSCHE V14-U. low miles, sllll mSgPol-mt' ne "' Pr!cca lo , . een condilion, low mileage. $3sOOor best. 327-243? alter J pTM 62 VW BAJA. fully cuslom. super buo enoine, new paint. 62J-5476 Ray Molors . Camper: :c; New paint. 7.1 TOYOTA 2 dr. 4 spd ish* w/bluc interior radio only $987.63. Just pay $10 for transfer fee and paperwork and make payments of $41.66 for 30 months. Annual percentage rate is 18.06% and the deferred payment price is $1249.80. Ask for Mr. Rich 748-0107. Wholesale Motors 4602 E. 29th St 68 MOB. Excellent boov Interior rusl proofed, $1500. 88«97S "" eflor ' FREIG1H Dcoler Pep 5210 tola] price $3009 lax i Lcenie antra. MEETTHEMIZERAT: MAZDA'S OF TUCSON 3030 E. SPEEDWAY 881-0390 IMPORT I lftr^==4% A ·% USEPs!AR YOUR DOLLARS GO FARTHER WHERE IMPORTS ARE A SPECIALTY NOT A SIDELINE 71 TOYOTA COROLLA $1788 2 door taupe -- In excellent candilion and very low mileage -- fin- iihed in light yellow with o nice brown interior -- 4 speed, good tire I 8, really clean, 72 TOYOTA CARINA $1888 2 door sedan -- Some say Ihe beil Toyola model ever buill Finished in lighl blue wilh matching blue interior, 4 ,p«ed -- Excellent condition and priced veiy competitively! 68 FIAT 124 SPIDER $1988 2 door convertible -- fn excellent condition and well equipped 5 speed transmiiiion, 4-wheel disc bcafces, fbit Fun! 74 PINTO : $2288 2 door -- 2000 -- 4 speed -- oir -- new radial tires T Dember Cummingt proves your dollati con go further -- on excellent value! 73 VW SUPER BEETLE $2388 2 door, excellenl little car -- Finished in deuirt tan wilh Tight brown '"Tl J3Tr L W » ! I 9 ° od eare an * runt S r col. Check the price ogaln -well befow market! 73 FIAT 124 SPIDER 1 door convertible -lime fv Ihe nice wealh lervice retard available. S3988 1 door convertible -- lwin.com 5 ipeed. A true'ipatVcarand iust rn lime fx Ike nice weather. Sold new from our dealeistlip -- Comolcle iervice record available, 73 TRIUMPH TR-6..... $4288 From Ihe larvd of Bntiih racing green, Ihii one ii while, bfuT interior beautiful. New rodial liret ireiuaTcd on this special ipoih nocftl DEM B[R COMMINGS IMPORT MOTORS INC. 5285 U2ND 790-4781 CONTINENTAL PORSCHE+AUDI FINEST SELECTION OF USED IMPORTS IN TUCSON 74VWDasher J3795 74 VW Super Beetle .r $3095 73 VW Sedan » $2495 74 Capri Sport Coupe $3395 71 Fiat 124 Coupe 71 Audi IDOLS 73 Audi IDOLS 75Audi100LS 75 Audi Fox ^o 74 Audi Fox aut oain/,oof 73 Fiat 850 Spider 73TriumphGT6 74 Triumph Spitfire 74/2 Datsun 260Z 2+2 72 Porsche 914 *.* 73 Porsche 914 2 WPI1 74Porsche914 a ir 75 Porsche 914 $2395 $4400 $2995 $4095 Demo $5195 $4895 $2595 $3795 $3995 $6695 J4895 $5895 $6395 $6795 73 Porsche 91 I T * * * $10,295 MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM 41 55 E. Speedway 795-8890 226 Imports-Sports TM , ~ i "«. noTne good. Slwrlno locked. No clutch. Musi late away as 15. 73 74 FORD Bronco. Air, oooa cond. Sell one. t».83M. W V W V A N . H M O O R BEST OFFER M VW 9 nassenoer Bus, J1450 Urn _Call 297^191 70 VOLKSWAGEN Bug, excellent condition, HMOor best offer.7J7.Ma? 70 VW Bus, IjDloo cond all lerms. 294-0697, 1?01 E. Can l«0 FORD Model A Coupe wlffi rumble seal. In running condition. 3 erlecJ tor restoration. All orjafnal ;axn or Uesl oiler. 886-1696. 1938 PACKARD S I X . Excellent condilion. completely reslorable. iZSOO or beil oiler. 32S-O3S. 19SOCHEVY FASTBACK CLASSIC Top running cond! Original owner s III love her. bul am cjelllna married. Never been damaged, original engine. S1MO or besl otter. 327-1789 or write PO Box 12361, Tucson. 657]; 1975 Registered rail-type aunebubbv, street legal, Corvalr powered with many extras, call tor information, j?8454 or 79I-47B. as* (or Earl 54 CHE VY 4-door, good running, body " excellent shape. $SOO or best oiler. JSLJ779, ask (or Bill frl BAJA Bug, $750. Call alter s pm. 689-4832. 71 VW SUPER BUG, lust tuned, 11350, runs good. 882-9520. 71 850 FIAT Sedan, fair condition, $550. Call 62J-887I room 209. Lvn 72 CORVETTE, i speed. 350. Air. .very clean. 688-5605. 72 DAT SUN WAGON, sulo. dlr, rack, radio, 325-1655 alter 5:30 p.m 72 DATSUN 510 Sedan, radio chrome wheels. $1295. Atler 6 p.m. 886-8651. 72 FIAT, 850 Sports Spider. Clean. 32.000 ml. $1200. Tucson Compact Foreign, 701-s e. 36lh St., 624-1568 72 VW Bug, very sharp car. Charlie's Aulq 228 E, 61h Slrcet 73 CAPRI, lullv equipped, V6, 4 spd, AM-FM tape player, AC, sunrool, excellent condition, 5450 assume balance, 23 payments at $149. 743-7898. 73 DATSUN 2*Z, clean, cocoa brown pin striping, AM-FM, mags, Iron! spoiler, rear louver. AC, 22,000 ml. Will negoliale. 888-3360, 622-17.10 73 PORSCHE 911T, CIS tuel Inieclion, low mlfes, nicest to be found 1 Altov wheels, Konls, front and rear sway bars. Serious Inquires only! 795-3620. 73 TOYOTA COROLLA AC, Radio, 4 sod, new fires. Low mi JJ85-56S7. 882.9705 74 FIAT 12J 4-dr sedan, 28,000 miles. one-owner. Exlnt cond - _ 74 FIAT 124 Spvder 12,000 ml. Exlnt cond. AM/FM stereo/cassette 296-6222 74 TOYOTA station wagon, excellent condition, 26,000 miles, Leaving.'musl sell. Call 299.2691. 74 VW Sun Wagen, 4 speed transmission, AM-FM radio, heater. A clean llftle bug w f f h great M.P,G. QUEBE- DEAUX PONTIAC-SUBARU. 3566 E Speedway, 795-5550, 74 2602. Like new, !ow miles. AC. reasonable. 881-0808 alter noon 75 CORVETTE, very clean, low rniles, all available options. Musi sell Ihls week! 795-3620, 75 F IAT X-V9. Exlnt cond. MCOrni. All options. 623-6324. rm 19 leave message " T O Y O T A CELICA GT, 5 soeet), AM/FM. air. exlnt cond. S3750. 76 TOYOTA Corolla E-5 Slalinn Wagon, manv lealures, S500 and assume balance. Call 889-6J8fl. 228 4-V/heel Drives Jeeps d wheel drive Irucks BADLANDS 4X4 SALES 792-2586 nn DODGE =1 tor military power wagon, SSO. Call Jim. 624-2211. m'olor.'l-ock hub's. SJ40u. 7904202. ° 1970 JEEP A WD, 39,000 miles AT, PB. canvas too. $1700. Call 790-7628 alter 6 pm. 1972 TOYOTA Landcrulser. S1500 7366 Paseo Del Norte. 297-5375 1S73 DODGE POWER WAGON PS, R/H, air, LWB, spoke rims, wide tires, sports kil. S4SCX) Call 795-8045 alter 5 PM. 1973 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER One owner, 28,000 miles, 4 wheel Brive, radio, healer, green in color with a while top, (ike new condition Inside out. ONLY $3595 SPORTS CAR CENTER 837 N. Stone Bank Financing Available 772-9280 1974 FORD BRONCO, automatic, 4 wheel drive free wheeling hubs, aulomatic, air conditioning, chromed wheels. Musl sell. Give Zimmerman Bulck a Irv betore you buv. 795-0760, 1975 FORD IxS 302, 4 speed, white spoke lOxIS's. custom camper, sleeps 3. S5950. Will take older model economy in Iradc. Call 790-8808 71 CMC Blazer 050, AT. PS, PB, R , H, Auto, 4WO, roll cage, manv o Iras. S3000- 889-1273 72 JEEP Wagoneer. Good condilion Make oiler. 885^29^ 73 BLAZER, MUST SELL. SMOO. Call7?0-14610r790W)l. 73 BRONCO 53950. sharp, 887-0615. 73 DRONCO, V8, STANDARD, POSI- REAR 73 JEEP CJ-5. new lircs all around, padded roll bar, trailer hitch Call - , 686-1551 berorejoni. 'S RANGER XLT 4WD, AC, PS, PB, AT. Loaded. 340 V8. Priced b*tow average markel al S5300. 88MIU4. 1974 EL CAMINO, std.. low mileage Sell or Iradc. Tn-txx, alter 6u m 234 Classics, Buggys » CAO, original while palnl. low ml. Charlie's Aulo 728 E, 6tli Street ·X 1965 Oodae. 2 TOT w Slake befl, good tires. 2?00. 634-7B46. 49CHEVY PANEL TRUCK " Newbatlerv. Needs engine work, ""-"-r. 287.2301 f - - ' - 1 CMC Vi ton, 6 cvl. 4 speed, re-built eng. Exclnt cond. $550-otler. 869-1104. fcL'Ti- i_".*.4iu miu. »3jy-uin;r , ocv-t \\M. 55 CHEVY. G O O D " CONDITION, J86-2200. 235 Trucks Wanted "We handle the title work 3901 E. Speedway_ We Need Used Trucks Will buv or trade. Desert !nternalion- al. 2602 N. Flowing Wells, 672-6767. 237 Trucks for Sale AUSTIN Wes ern Crane mounted on 1966 T ? Ion Chevy Iruck, 6000 Ib lid, 30' reach; 200 amp porlable welder mounted on I9H If ton Ford pickup d ."?L wh f c) ?- "cellenl shape. Can see al 3029 N. Slaie or 36 W. BlacHldmv 59 CHEVY 1-ton truck, has "cattle racks. 4650. 1-625-1467. DUMP-TRUCK 12-15 YARD. 1967 lnternat(onal Convenliooal 10 wheel center ram hoist, step tanks, straight a rbrakes. 10.00x20 rubber, power steering. Bostrom seat. 5 4 transmissions. Eaton dual drive. V8 gasoline engine. S4500 or will consider late mottel pickup camper shell, travel trailer or motorhgrnp^6?ain LEASE YOUR N E X T NEW TRUCK WITH OPTION TO BUY FROM AMERICAN AUTO R E N T A L STONE 8, 3RD 623-8666 67. l'/i TON with ufilily body, VS, 4 f^i-K^Sf 1 - S127S ' Oracle Rd. _ USED 40' tlat bed trailers, several in stock. Willett Transport Enuip 748-1067, 4402 E. Tennessee. CTO ' P " 1955 FORD Pickup. Exlnl. cond, SA50 or trade lor car. 6231 E. 2711) S1 1942 VW van, less than 10.000 miles on rcbuill engine, good tiros. 326-1119 1964 INT'L CREW CAB 4WO Auxiliary gas tanks, PS, PB, AC heavy duty boat rack, shell camper S1500! Call 294-2004 afler 4 1966 INTERNATIONAL ' f- TON LWfT VB. AUTO. 885-7014. 1968 CHEVY Truck. AT. short bdJT new topper, new tires. Runs Good. 1968 CMC, 10 wheel, 31000 GVW. gas t400Q. Mon Ihru Fri B lo 5. ]?7 ; 7Jjj3 1969 FORD RANGER PICKUP Automatic, high performance 390 mags 8. wide tires. S2MO. Bas-34SS 1970 CHEVY CST i/, ton pickun. loaded. S2400 or offer. 3670 W. Suffleld Lane, 297-6614 alter 6 pm "70 DATSUN pickup, 1600CC. perfect cond., S1450. call 2Vfr4351 1970 GMC cabover tractor. 366 engine, 33' sem, new rubber. ;5?m 294-5491 1971 CHEVROLET PICKUP" Good condilion. musl been seen to ajjpreclalc. 1708 E. 22nd St. 1971 CHEV i/i TON PU, V8. automatic, power steering, air conditionlno, long bed. Give Zimmerman Buick Irv before you buv. 795-0760 1972 CHEVROLET '/j Ion LWB. 350 VS. radio, healer, AT, PS, PB factory air, yellow whilo. Will sacrifice. »23S5. ?97.?S?9. 1972 CHEVY PU '/i ton wilh shell Exlnl cond. 887-9463 alter s weekdays 1973 EL CAMINO. burgundy wnile, 20.000 miles, radio, air, new tires, mint condition, S77SO firm. 377-26 1^ _ _ 1973 FIAT 4 speed, air conditioning, AM/FM radio, luggage rack. Give Zimmerman Buick a Irv before you PUV- 795-0760. 1974 FORD Super Van, v/a, automat ic, power steering, spoke wheels bucket seats, fully paneled carpet ed Interior, camper's dream. 795-0760 WHY PAY MORE? JIMMY GMC GIVES YOU MORE GMC THE CADILLAC OF THE TRUCK INDUSTRY NEW 1976 GMC % TON PICK UP AS LOW AS $3776 SELECTION OF 35 4X4'S NEW USED TO CHOOSE FROM 72 G.M.C. H Ton J2BS5 75 Ford'/i Ton J4795 LW.fl., T, auto., Vfl, power steering, factory oir, toolbox, aux. lank, sliding window, like new! 74 Chevy Blazer J4995 4x4, red in color, 4 ipd , V8, power ifeering, air cond., one owner, 74 Cbev '/i Ton J3695 L.W.B., euitom, doik bronie in ^ ^-^ "·"""· 74 ffle*y 55 Ton J3595 l.W.B,, ctfitom deluxe b!u in color, auto.. V8. power steering, air cond. Toaay'i Special. 74 Ford K Ton J3595 L.W.B., Ranker, yeflow, auto., VB, power steering, air cond. 74 GMC K Ton J3095 L.W.B.. slick, 6 cylinder. 73 Chevy'A Ton $3295 L.W.B., cuilom deluxe, g/een in coJo/, aolo., V8, power ileer- ing, air cond. 73 Ford Bfcnco J3995 4x4, yellow, oulo., Vfl, powe/ iteering, Ourdoor Special. 73G.M.C.'^Ton $2995 L.W.B., Cuslom, while, auto., power iteeiing. 72Chevj J2395 Slep Van, white, outo.j 6 cyl., air rand. 72 Ford'A Ton $2795 l.W.B., Coilom blue, oufo., VB, power iteering, 1WB, Super Custom, red, auto.. VB, power steering, (octo/y a\r, 75 Ford Bronco ......... J47S5 4x4 -- V8 -- Showroom new Stock =P-287, 74 GMC K Ton .......... $3995 L.W.B.. 4 ipeed, V9. oir cond Stock 74 GMC K Ton .......... J5595 t.W.B., 4x4, crulo., VS. PS. air cond., winch. Like new. Stock 73 CMC W Ton .......... J279i L.W.B., auto., V8, oir cond lowmifei. Start -=P-370. 73GHC 3 /4Ton .......... J3995 l.W.B., Sie/ra Grande, outo,, PS, oir cond., tilt wheel, camper ipecial, entra fresh. Sttxk »P-586. 72GHC«Ton .......... J2395 SWB, irick, si*, spatfeii. Sfoclt 72GI»C 1 /4Ton .......... J3395 Sierra Grande, oulo., V8 PS factory air. Stock =P-236. 72GMC 3 /Jon .......... J2895 Auto., VB, PS, oir cond. Stock 71 GMC * Ton $3295 4.4, 4 ipeed, V8 PS a'u conrl-Stek 4=p.289. 71 GMC 1 Ton J3095 Roll/e wcqon STX, I 2 paiien- ger, outo., V8, PS, air cond, interior ipotfeii. Slock «P- 268. TRUCK CENTER Jimmy... the TRUCK PEOPLE from General Motors 777 N. STONE 623-8626 OPEN EVERY NIGHT TILL 8 SATURDAY TILL 6 CLOSED SUNDAY ., INT'L Vi ton, good condition, re- buill cnainc. S460. 885^710 61 F O R D -- J4SO" ' trade lor molorcyclc 298-S78J 237 Trucks for Sale 251 Tires-Parts-Accessocies 1974 CMC Crew Cat) '· Ion, fully loaded, ex ce lien I condition. 624-2112 days, after 6 p.m, 297-6137 Can be seen at S22 N. 4th Avc. 1974 RANGER XLT. loaded. My loss, your gain · $3820. Weekdays alter 5.30 » or anytime on weekends, 296-7745. 1975 CHEV SILVERADO V; ton. pickup, 6 cylinder, 4 speed, air condition- ng. shcvi bed. Musl sell or trade Give Zimmerman Buick a try betore you ouv. 79J-07M. 1975 CHEV'/j TON, SWB. 6 cylinder, t speed, 7600 miles, w/new sell contained camper, greal economy. J4795, 298-5654 i- 7.60X15 Ounlco Wealhermasler Ires, sel ol 4. mounled on 6 hole pal- fer n^ Joy of a^ besl reas. oiler. 624 1019. HAVE YOU CHECKED YOUR SPARE LATELY? Many used tires lo clicose tram, si 5 up. Free niOLTiting. Western Stales S-£2jj?Bj=. 22nd St.. 790-29)1 H I T C H E S -- SiTs elFsTin stall Towbars J24.9S Oracle Rd. Rent-All 3909 N. Oracle Rd. 887-57?? LIFT--GATE ..»llcp electric hydraulic sell-closing 36x90 Inch platform. 3000 Ib. capacity SW f.W 110 "-." 00 or besl oiler. 50 CHEVY *1 ton Flatbed, engine jusl rebuilt, brakes overhauled, needs tlngplns. Best Q'ier. 746-1057. 65 CHEVY C A R R Y A L L . AC. new starter, 4 new Mlchelins, runs great, si.ioo. 298-7237 66 ' t TON CHEVY 6 cylinder wilh 4 speed plus camper shell, $650 After S PM. H . _ _ 67 CHEV, Vj T, LWB, V8, AT. PS. $6O or_ojfcr. 688-6831. _ 67 FORD PICKUP long wide bed V-8 3 spd power steering only $687.53. Just pay $10 for transfer fee and paperwork dncf make payments of $35.10 for 24 months. Annual percentage rate is 18.16% one) 1he deferred payment price is $840. Ask for Mr. Rich 748-0 1 07. Wholesale Motors 4602 E. ?9th St. 67 FORT) "7 ton pickup, compieieTV reconditioned. Must be seen lo apore- Supermarket bargains Polyeslers radial steels, nvtons, wide ovals 8. Iruck (ires, all sues. ISO) 5, aid Ave 622-1221. We honor Texaco. Master -harcje, BankAmericard. Free rn_ount[ng_5crvlce. Aulo Roys Texaco. TIRES AND WHEEIS SAVE ON PIRELLI MICHELIN BFG RADIALS CALL FOR PRICES P O L Y E S T E R W /W A78)tUSlS.95 F 7 8 X U S I 7 J S SSlSSwi 3£!!!8S W/W STEEL RADIALS 40.000 MILE - ^ _ _ _ 69 CHEVY Van vs, carpeled, pan- ags. Exlnf cond $1700. 327-6142 69 F600 FORD FURNITURE VAN, BOX 20x8x8. RECENTLY OVER- HAULE D. $3250. 298-7307 AFTER 6. 71 DODGE ' ton. Slant 6, 18 mpg, extra lono 3, wide bed, good condition. Priced very low! 325-9887 EL CAMINO. 307. standard Irans . CKcellent mechanical condilion, CB radio. FM wilh cassette. 79S-44m 71 FORD ": T SPORT CUSTOM VB, AT. POWER. NICE. S21SO. 623-5053 72 CHEVY '/, T. PU. VB, AT, AC. LWB. new tires. ExInL s?200 733 Sanla Ana Dr. alter 6 PM. WIDE TIRES 660x14 $24.95 F60xl5$2795 F60xH$2595 L60.1SS32:95 G60xt4 525.95 F 70x14 $23 95 G60X15S2695 E70xl4 |?2.95 TRUCK T I R E S 10X16.S $43.95 700x15 $23.95 IMS $47.95 10-15 $39.95 15x8 while spoke $25.95 RADIAL TIRE SPECIALISTS 882-8072 Open 7 ddVS 908 W. Granl TIRES. 4 used, I never "used 10:00x16.5. cpmblnalion highway/mud snow grip, used fires have over 50% treaa. $150 for all. 748-3500 weekdays,.748^766 after 5 weekends S SJ^Y. SuDC ,r. x ~*' ton PU, loaded" 21,000 miles w/75 8'.?' camper, refrig , 3-burner slove w/oven, 30 gal water lank. Both Immaculate. Must see to appreciate, 294-6015 aller S a m 74 CHEVY 'i TON 6 cylinder, musl sell. 296-3516. 74 CHEV '.* Jon, Cheyenne Super, Camper Special, lullv loaded. Mint cond. 86I-OM5.; 74 FORD SUPER CAB '/s ton 883-5455 74FORD_XLT Super Cab pickup wilh Ford bed cover, fully eouippea custom interior, 9,ooo miles, private owner. Call 686-50j9_ 74 GMC Van. excellent condition 747-3147 ^ 74 CMC V; Ion Sierra Grande. 30,000 miles. AT, PB, PS, A/C. new Micnelin tires. 297-2778 a f t e r ^weekdays 74 CMC s i Ion long bed van. Mini condilion. CUSTOM. $5,700. 886-7677. 74 LUV. R8.H, AC. LIKE NEW, $2608 OR BEST OFFER. 624-9S46. 75 DATSUN 4 WHEEL DRIVE PICKUP, red. Call 747.0281. 245 Car-Truck Repairs AUTOMATIC transmissions overhauled or repaired. Guaranteed Bab's Auto {, Trj FOREIGN AUTO REPAIR Complete brake work As Low As S Cqmpleie front-end work on all makes of foreign aufos 4 WHEEL DRIVE ENTHUSIASTS ·10,000 Mile Guaranty on All Brake Work · * * · · We Service All Makes of 4 Wheel Drives Comolote fronl-end work 4 Atignmenl Service, Western STATES Tire Co. Ask for DARREL 601 N. Stone TUNE-UP SPECIAL - $24 Tor V8, SM 6 cylinder. Coinplele service department. Cafn's A Wheel Drive Si/poly jT70_E.?2nd. 790-4442. VW OWNER'S We are overhauling vour vw engine Tor as row as S250, wifh a 6 month or 6,000 mile fjwranfce. We are professionals in Hie complete VW line. Brake icbs, *·«. Tuncups, $21,S3 Stullgart-Aufohaus. 6U E. Glenn 684-8800 .Wherc_se_rvice.makes the difference 251 Tires-Parts-Accessories A U X I L I A R Y gas tanks for alt vclit- EVERETT CUSTOM CAMPERS 7?75 E, 2ftid _ _ DPD Air-condilioning for VW tvRC II transporlef. 655^850 ENGINES, trans., rear ends, manv olhcr parts accessories. Perfeclion Auto C^a IL_?02 5. Plumer, _ . . _ ENGINE, rebuilt 31B Dodge, asking Autfniaji_c Irans. SSQ. _ ^ FACTORY-Air for Chew. Complcle. Brackefs jncjyrJccl. FOUR 15x10 6 hole fllazer wheels, chrome. Four n" OS Mags Mazda Bronco and Scout 4 WD Chrome rims w/caps others- 793-6009. 263 Recreational Vehicles MAXI Iracs on 5 hole rims lor Jem t-ord. etc. Also 4 exlra rims ?9Bj)m_ PERFORMANCE TIRES LOWEST PRICES A L W A Y S ON BFG T/A-S AND PIRELLI RACING TIRES RADIAL TIRE SPECIALISTS TWO siipor heavy dutv 6' axfes wilh Brakes lircs, 4" clroo. Not house trajrer junk. 294-627?. ^ USED Auto engines, used Iransmls- sion, used radialors, all makes. Terms on labor parls -- Shouse Body Shop 1632 W. Prince. 887-651L USED racJials, variety ol sizes, start- ·rifl af 55 each, ash (or flo6. Ken or David, Western Stales Tire Co. 601 N. 51onc.88J.aiOQ ^__ USED TIRES Many lo choose from. S3 8. up- Slop in sec our soleclion. Free mounting. Western Slates Tire, 5205 E. 2?iid S1, USED TIRES VJidc selection, lov; prices. Western Tfre. 3W5 S, Palo Verde. 3002 N. )$! Ave. 585? E. Speedway. VW engines, recondifioned. S195 up Many parts. Ray Motors 62J-S-176. VW REBUILT Engines exchanged Alt siies,. Also any VW, Toyota or Dalsun repairs. Los Amioos vw Repairs. 1037 5. 6th Avc , 792-TCfe4 WHITE spoke wheels 15x10. S36.95; 13x8, $32.95. Cain's 4 Wheel Drive Supply. 5WQ E. Z2nd_. 7VQ-44J?. 13' LOW BOY Irailer, Heavy duly 4 new tires. Dual eleclric brakes 8, ramps, Tongue cranks UD TINed 4500 lirm. 790-2905 K7ax1S used fires, S10 each. Ask for Bob, Western Sfates Tire Co.. 601 N Stone, 684-8100 2 SLIGHTLY used H7Bxl5 Goodvear fiberglass belled Bplv rating wfiilo- walls. Cflfl Henry or Mark at Wesl- crn SlalcstireCo.. 685-A759 2 USED 12x16.5 tires, good condition i!6 each. Western States Tire, M02 S Kplb Rd.. 296-7492 ?. 10x16.5 camoer 6-cly tires 4-B hole rims, excellent condition, must sec fo appreciate. $50 each. AsV for Henrv o r M a r k at Weslern States lire Co., 400 CUBIC inch Chevy big block engine- Runs good. Complete, $200 -U3J E. Seneca J 15xB',·'? used wire mags, excellent condilion, ^25 each. Ask lor Joe Huerte, Weslen Stales Tire Co, 601 N. Stone. B84-8100 fl. iSx? USED aDDliance wire mags, will tit full size Fords, Chcvrolel pickups wilh 5 hole boll pallern, $100 includes lug nuts Tree mounting. Weslern Stales Tire, 5205 E. 22nd, ask for E_yerett,_?VO-2971 _ _ 5? CHEVY Claimer, rebuilt 292, roTi " ?s or °" er 66 383 MAGNUM A j speed. Like new! will sell separale. Call Mon Iliru Frl tetwccri 6 8. i, Atk lor Mark. 79 258 Itility Trailers PICKUP bed utililv trailer 5125 rV.ust sell. 883-040. _ TANDEM A X E L CAR f k A I L E R 881-IJOO 4x. spare lire-shell-lockssjood lires. S200, 712 W. Llmbcrlost =30, 888-7455. 263 Recreational Vehicles CAMPER shell lor LWB, insulated, CAWVPERS S159.95 uprCalallna Martna 297 : 190t. closed Tucs Wed. CAMPING TRAILERS · S T A R C R A F T · APACHE · W I L D E R N E S S · C A R D I N A L Lillle Dealer 2U9 S. Alvcrnon Open Weekends Closed Wednesday CAMPKING coach cab-over camper, 1967, 10",'. sell-contained with cooler, CLEAN 67 KIT 21' tandem sell-contained, sleeps 6, new tile. You can null it FOR SPRING CAMPING Gel oil the ground in one of our now or used ten) Jrailers. ,,, n r Litlle Dealer, Little Prices 214? S. Alvcrnon 74S-1707 263 Recreational Vehicles Complete R.V. Center for all your travel trailer and motor home needs. TED WALKER 2632 S. 6lh Ave. 623 6345 DUO-THERM AIR CONDITIONERS 12 VOLT COOLERS M-amvftMMbRs P A R T S S T O R E COMPLETE RV S E R V I C E BUV FROM US FOR LESS Pjylspo's 2«_W^GIcnn_ 62J-O36S EXCLUSVE DEALER FOR Itasca Pace Arrow Vogue Motor Homes..PLUS El Dorado Dreamer American Clipper Lindy Mini Motor Homes complete motorhome parts service 4646 E. 22ND AT SWAN 748-lpqO FOR R E N T , 1974 Luxury'rimtoriloniel FOR YOUR MOTORHOME PAID FOR OR NOT BEAUDRY MOTOR HOME Center Where vou'll tinrj an experienced Duvcr on dulv . . . DAY NIGHT . 22ND AT SWAN 748-1000 J. R. Camper Sales Full line ol NlBU campers 302 E. Grant 6 2 4 - 3 1 5 9 MOTORHOME RENTALS7 SilCS^ijeSjj^lSSL NEED YOUR RV SOLD? NEW MILLION DOLLAR RV CENTER WILL SELI YOUR RV FOR YOU! LOW FEE CALL BOB D A N E W O R T H FOR DETAILS. JIMMY RV CENTER -- OPEN SUNDAY One Stop ·SERVICE, a a v i nigiir ·SALES, New used ' ·RENTAL DEPARTMENT ·Exclusive Dealer tor' GMC -- WINNEBAOO -OVERLAND -- LANDAU COACHMAN-- MOBILE T R A V E l ER TR A V E T T E -- SPORTSCOACH FMC -- SHASTA RED-- E-- KAMP "THE MOTORHOME PEOPLE FROM G E N E R A L MOTORS" "We Even Make HOUSE Calls" Open Sundays RENT LUXURY MOTORHOME Lowest rales available, 88-19J4. SENT w MOTORHOME. PRE- iPgJNG_SPECIAL g8-»;i TENT CAMPER--Ward's -1x7, sleeos 4 106. excellent conailion. 297-572;. TENT Trailer sales. New Steurvs. Wrlle lor tree brochure. Rent-camr 5125 E. Van Buren. Phoenix 85006 VW CAMPMOOILE. 74, Pop-loo. \ay. Call 88J-7S20 or WANTED: IB' TO 3J' exlra clean travel trailer. Call 1-W.9 4253 coilect. WINNEBAGODtB BRAVE, 1972 Manv extras. Earlv season special. MZDQ. 296-29S3. WINNEBAGO 1972 U' INDIAN, low milcaqe, tullv equipped, a lo 4 wecktfavs. 838-2323; evenings 8. weekends. 1959 VAN HOME tor sale, e«lnt cond" IMO. sea-wa?. ioa w. King Rg. »e^_ 1965 low CABOVER sell-conlaTned camper. Real nice. S900 or besl olfer. 1971 CONCORD 23 II landem "TxlT sclt-conlaincd. good condilion. S2150 pi'oi,28, Holiday Inn Travel Park, MOQ ffl. Orange QrciviLaO 1971 HOLIDAY "Traveler" 73' scTF contained, sleeps J, many extras, tandem axle, oxlnt cond, 790-9740. ''I You saw the RV show, | and the displays. I NOW come to O'RIELLY'S i AHO REALLY SAW 1 We didn't enter, I so we didn't go. | Come down to O'Rielly's and I SAVE ALL JHAT DOUGH! | A most complete RV Dealership offering i 1 PROWLERS: Travel trailers Park Models. 1 I COACHMEN: Travel trailers, tent trailers Park Models i |A!RSTREAM ARGOSY travel trailers i ISANTANA: Van Conversions | 1MOTORHOMES: Jamboree, Soiithwind, Diplomat, Executives. I SPECIAL SHELL SALE I IMPORTS-J239 6%' BEOS-$249 8' SINGLE WINDQWS-J259 I COMPLETE WITH BUBBLE WINDOWS SCREENS | FREE INSTALLATION WHILE SALE LASTS! f REMEMBER: Compare O'Rielly's before you buy I m... DON'T MISS mSAVIHGS! | Complete Parts Accessories Store I Propane Service Closed Sunday | O'RIELLY: for over 50 years a family name ij; synonymous with quality sales serviceH ·;·' RECREATIONAL VEHICLE CENTER I E. 22nd Swan 748-14141 1972 Kountry Aire 5lh wheel T r a v e l Tiailer, Bi.35 I txtrm . w.'w carpehiiB, 1975 AMERIGO camper. luTiv self- !v75~ARGOSY frailer, 2fl', fov private l a r t v Sleeps six, many e x t r a s , useti Iv7^c6i. EMAN Yorktown lent ca"mp COL EMA N~ f enMr aTjer ·' Wl le v r o r g p - y,'itll op(jons,)8S$ 7480145 19" "SFLF/CONr. 6" ForeVler ' ia'rv lein rtxty E xlnl cond. 4430 S Mission MO mile ol( Ajo lo righl. 25' K E N S K I L L « ~ " 29' S P O R T S C O A C H lor rent 30' NOMADr se7f-conTrX 737 "exlni. A C f T C Y C L E S 460 T . Prince 3 ul your rnacliinc in lirsl class shape enjoy liappicr cvclinq Painlincf All J^flyar^j .vll.tijic QKdctwcn ici,_ BRIDGESIOr^E: PARTS Country Cl.ubjlycjes _ __889-J.fiSO C A S E S welded nidchined, benl Broken parls tixM, uarls rriade. foik tube_ straightened p. \ycaver_63.i-SiB39 F OR ^aJVor "lr"ade"73. ISO Elsinore 3 bike ^railcr. slOOO or best otter. Oolh UL?^?^!?._ f : Pfttj.!!«i- BMjW?^ HARlffv biiwidswi 1W9 ElectiraolTde PPJ^ A ^i n 9 52000. 743-038-1, Hi" perlormance cams for sporliter's ' WED., FE«. H, \nt. TUCSON, ·IMPORTANT* Ch«ck your ad th« tlral day it appcart In even! o) any errors, call 889-5333 from S a.m. lo 12 noon on the first day to correct (or second day's Insertion NO CLAIMS WILL BE ALLOWED FOR MOKE THAN ONE INCORRECT INSERTION 263 Recreational Vehicles - - ^ . jfn Wheeler."13' 1975 HolirJaire E» ^J?.: J.p6?_v;._Miracle Mile s IB 270 Motorcycles Buy one of our seven most popular Hondas at MUSSLE MAN'S Honda Center and you will receive up lo $80 back from Ihe factory. You can still save BIG MONEY on one of our few remaining 1975 models and hil the toad with up to $80 in your pocket. HONDA CENTER 2302 N. Stone 622-7491 Open 6 Days Mon-Sat I rehuifd, recover cvcle seals, Free jjicl up. del. SM'fea. B^ryicKinnev. MUST SELL WJT' 250 VT^MAV^A ENDURQ. 5500. CALL R89-4397. HONDA 305 Dream. Looks good, runs equal. 326-6452 1965 Y A M A H A TRAIL BIKE *1» ALSO WE SELL THE LOWEST COST MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE IN TUCSON. KALDENQAUGH INj" _ ___ 19(57 SUZUKI, good con«rsT3sTifacJe for poor! 1 wheel trailer . 748-8072. 1971 RICK MAN MATT1SE MX~S!S06 T " 1970 MONTESA COTA. S350; J?*' W5 1_ AF TER 3:30 P.W,JjV KDAVS. 1972 HONDA CB50(f ______ 88-4201 ___ 1972 SUZUKt" GTlSOTtJiider'aOOO miles excellent condition, wilh fairina. oflcr over S6CQ takes. Call " . _ 197J BMW R9f6, mini" co*idi)ion ") fairings (1 full dress * i loo). Iqe oas lank, 3 luggaqc conioartmenrs, exlra chrome. 7-18-8693, attjr 5 299-307J _ .... HONDA CL-m immaculate condition, many extras. 29J-0133 197J SUJU KI RV125. "street dirt, 1200 rnijcs, extras. 5450, 297-6563. 1974 Y A M A H A RD350. S675, "i9JT'~ Honda CB5CO-I. lairing lisa 29*488* 1975 SUZUKI 500 5000 miles. 55 MPG, exlnt cond, ilOGO wilh extras. Call 748-3154 belore 4 PM 2 1954 Harlcv Davidsons 2 Har sjde cars. PERFORMANCE H ev ilul.- l.dr}. rEH*-UKIVlANL 33a3 rj. Richev Blvd. 795-5910 ___ 250 OSSA Phantom MX, flood Tondf- lion. plus pike trailer. Call 2984359. 71 NORTON, good shapeTlOG° = tread, grcal price. John, 29fr40flq 72 KA"W"ASAKI 350 - 3 cvl.. 2"heimcti inc. Good cond, s450. Phone BS3-3R20 72 YAMAHA 250 Enduro. Excellent condilion. S475, 62J.Q37J. 7] HONDA (TBJ50, like 73 K A W A S A K I 500. slidhfiv modified" SjMOor best ott^rJLall Dill. 32r544. 73 Y A M A H A '3MW1X, rover raced Exlnl condition S5M 294-W66 davs aisMs JSJ.ISJ. 74 Kawasaki. 175, excellent conctiliorT Lovj mileage. S650 or hes1 otter. Bflj-807?. SUZUKI 750 Holdover" Perfect jmjIes. S1650J.281-8369 74 450 HONDA. "Gbod'Conditiixr si5» 75 K A W A S A K I JOOCC --"OHC, "super 'l^a_n_.jysj lunccl^C_a|l 297 8742 $ Cash Bonus $ BUY NOW! S8Q Ca^h Bonus rtiroc! Iron* Amcrj can Hondo wht'M you ourchdsc CB360T CB400F CB500T Olher bonuses on olher hikes COME TO "~ LI-OND/ MOTORCYCLES ?1 IJ So. Alvornon fat the overpass t 748 7202 the bcsf Darts a 274 Bikes-Gocarts, etc. GRANT ROAD CYCLERY ·1032 E. GRANT 3 2 5 - 4 8 8 3 Opening Special! PR lubes - S I W e a c r i 7 loiwcckrlav^ 9 - 4 S a l U Sun FREE PICKUP SERVICE_ MINI BIKES -- GO-KARTS ^I39.9S Uo wolnr Soofls Sunolv A7J2 H. Sooetiwsv QP?D.'LL'?VVcckdav5 326-3105 MO"T6 CROSS Cikc: HflV SajTounicv frame, Allov rims. AsDIOula forks. and more. Exlnt coricl Aikinq s?s Ask for Rpclrw af^crjS^M^PM^r^O^. 197) YAMAHA f)0cc MX."sl7J, toTal CKlras, 2W-I1B7. 279 Boats-Motors, Supplies CANOES Unlimited, 75 Canoes on display. Write For Free brochures CATALINA MARINA Discounts, Mercury's, boals, tackle service. Campers s 159.95 Closer! TUCS A Wed. Wjogi. No city lax _ 15' GLASTRON. 90 HP" r3WririK]c E^lravJi2SO.JS9J273^ ____ '_ 17 FT Glass Gull or Lake boat 75 HP A M HP Evinrude ouMjoard mo for. 6*sy Joad trailer ancf ^ _ _ . _ _ . 17* Glasodr'iO, 110 MercfCrLriser . __ 1971" AVENGER." Tike new, complete sH coast fluflrcl equip, Call Jack, _____ _ _____ MP FVIN'RUO^ GOOD SHAPE CALL 68S-89A8 281 Sporting Goods GOl.F F R S save on new anrt used oolf clubs anrt equiomenl, Mosllv Golf Pro 5MOO..D25-485?. J9« E. SDe«l wav . POOL TABLE, all accessories, 3 -lonltis old 5300 Call 883 054S

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