Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 16, 1961 · Page 33
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 33

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 16, 1961
Page 33
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Furniture for Sale 73 Fi ' FIRE SALE Eirlv American Furnltur* From tht Warehouse of Bohy Ross Maple Shop CASH AND CARRY Doon Opin at 10 A.M. Sunday, July Ifcrh 1326 ALAMITOS A'l furnlfure tuit a fraction '-' fcnoinal cosl -- come eartvU lactic rials, sofas, rocVers, club chair*, end tables, lama table*, braided nnjj, Sea!v mattresses. Sealy txrk Dln-formi, amoVera 5 ROOM GROUP Rtpoit. Tradt-int FURNITURE Include! STOVE-REFR1S. LIVING ROOM SET - BEDROOM SET TWIN BED SET -AND WASHER $298 · ' · 55 DELIVERS .'·'." $3 PER WEEK THIS STORE ONLY HUB-- 6190 ATLANTIC INLB. 2 bill. So. of Arteila SI.] SERVICE MEN WELCOME ,OUT OF STATE CREDIT OK * * * * . - · · - -RE-ENLISTED Furniture f- BDD'lar.ces feft in jloraea. balance dvt finance co. S?M. RellabJs , becata JaXe over oayrnenls 13.50 w(C. '/od. llv. room sef, ccmDl.: bdrm. 5-Jitr, ·· compJ.; 5-ple« din en*; · r«frlg. f sieve, auto, waher, Shawn at wareh.wi«. , -TIMES CREDIT CO. £151 ATLAMTIC AVE., L.B. Open eve* Mon *. FrI., Sun, 12-5 ·' ^\ TM ^^ ^^ YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD HFRE Down payment not Important Larce sclec. new/ irsed reposs. 3-4 5 ROOM GROUPS START AS LOW AS $149.95 HUB-- 806 So, LB. Blvd. · ALONDRA (only 1 mile No, oP DISCOUNT HOUSE We Are No! WE UNDERSELL 'EM! Thu week's special -- (Reoular «9.55) 4-pc. bfdroom giwp. Mar Proof lops -- at 545.95. B'o Savings tn all Item*. Tratfe-Ins a etc pled. Alto used furniture appliances McKINNEY'S Occn Sunday 11 to 5 2430 E. FftcltlC CJt Hwv GE 3-5#W V MUST VACATE V LANES MODEL HOME 5 Roo.-ns turn. appliances at dive away prices. Groua incls. 15 rc. llvmo rm., dfnele. 13 PC. betfrm., twin bedrm eniemb'e, stavr, rcfrlg., co m ho -wastvc r, TV- HI Fl, runs, dishes, oiclures. lamps Sr elc. ALL thfs lor S237. P«y- mcnli Si «r wk. 10?W S. A1- l«nirc. Soclh Gflfc. REPOSSESSED i room* ecmplrle -- (INCLUDES ranee, refrig., iivino rm., bedrm.. IflrrDi- drthes, silverware, pictures. JJJ9.95 -- down pyml. nol 1/rporlar.i HUB-- 806 So. L.B. Blvd. at ALOKDRA (only 1 mil* No. of Artesia Blvd.) ComDton Slore cnlv OPEN EVENINGS TIL 9 P.M. # PUBLIC NOTICE # Furqrture Appliances NEW AND USED EVERYTHING WILL BE SOLD BUILDING FOR LEASE 45'xI3Q' '1900 E. ANAHEIM SATZ FURNIIURE S. APPLIANCE m Voffi 1 mean younll -- you're los'rta money If YOJ don't come lo . . . WcKIKNtY'S RJRNITtfRF CO. Liv i rvo-'oc m sell from S79.95 BcdrGcm sels .froni 165.75 Slovsi f, relrigs. from S3?.9S A l s o usfd lurnllur* al your or cr. tables, 2 mehag- coifee Ubles, 1 · rnaKop. h« a rt-sri a iv-d table, mahcg. ric'k, absorled nirihoc. tablQi, maple knitting basfcel. rrwo'e mo* table, maole twlelcp table ,w/2 leaves, maple desk-, ? mapffr rarJrier-b^ck" chairs. mahca. pto crmf table- inahog. lefeohcne table. GE 8-3383 RECONDITIONED refrigerators, aH m^Xes SUDS from SA9.95~S1.87 ranges f. washing machines ril lowest discount oncei. LONG BEACH FURN., 6*.h Long Beach Blvd. BEAUTIFUL Antique s'de boa/d matching souarc dining table In Walnut, M50. 9x17 cval braided rug, S-15. Unusual SccrcEarv. SSO. Lovely V, hat- Not Shelf, 525. All In osrfecf cor.dition. Call a l«r Sunday GA 4-1940. BEFORE VOJ buy used [iirn ture, see cur larce selection of floor sampler, furnllurr, appliance;, TV; carpeting at close to used cr terms. Lorip Beach Furniture, 61 h Loao Beach Blvd. HE 6-2573 DIN1NG-RM. set -- By Cal-Sty e. Tible, 6 diaira, Tow buffet, Fnr- mica naugahyrfe. ^150. Lue. 3 DC s«ct'l Contemporary WAsti- ab'* "nylon fabric ^750. All like new. GE 1-3N9 COM P LE T E fu'rni iW rib's " ol" LB k e- wood 2-br. den home Including c^V meJal offlr« desk, large riecn ifflere, m^ic. 43?9 A'lmrv SI., ol Harvev Way HAY WOOD V/akefield Bedioom sel. including box soring malfresv Li vino [ocm set, cclfee g. end tablet, o-cas ! cnal chain, In-rns. · ' Call GE 3-4CAO DELUXE" Jtove, fwln Hallyswd, bed'-, rilnelle; vacuum, wfls^-e^, T.V.. coffee end tables, qirctn si/c bed. rr.ower. Jimmy. WA 5-1503 buNCAH Phvfe dinlno roorn tnb'e f. chain. Gocd cond; ; on, 145. GA 7-E033. Dl N . ROOM 5«t. Dvr-c^n Phvfe dron Feaf. Like new. Buffet'. 10124 FAvwood, Beirrcwcr. Kit. DINETTE sef, *hi!e formica ton, sire Xfl'x30"; 4 luxury v r.vl Hack chn. Like new. HE 1-«1? FOR SALE, liv. rm. firm*, Danlsfi Modern, xlnt., couch, 3 t NEEDLE Arm Chair* fAahoa rcprocluc^on, T dust/ Rose, W;fi« Cotor, 46 Lscs Ave. Gf= 1-3515 MAPLE chesl, nlte stand, Hollywood bed. wedcewood range Si 00 Made* 21" TV, M5. HA 9-9537 MODERN 5 p ; «c« ash din. rm. set. 2 -ext. leaves open to 74 . si20, . . GE 1-0570 "NEW i USED at prkes that can't be biat! Surplus Wdcehcuse. 2235 E. 'Anaheim. GC 4-8920. MODERN Bdrm. sel. La1e mode z'c,vf f. refrlg. Coffee end fab'ei. Mrs. V/eaver, ME 0-M31 green carpet -- 1arpt chair, china cabinet GE 9-7643 1 BEDRM. set como., mBtiog. d«sV 7033 Golden. HE 5-5?10 DUNCAN Phvfe table, 6 cha rs twllet. Xlnt. cond. ME J-W03 SWALL chrome dlncrfe sel w/4 chain,. Gocd eond. GE 3-7D?a. KURCJ1AN,23a3E.41h GE 9-2234 IIXc new, cost J79, *50, TE 4-7656 rabi*, 410. HA SiS 1 ) end 1W*. Gd. cI. Reas. GA 7-73M olrf furn, 771 Raymont r.cwv nus. 1791 Linden, L.B RDLL-A-BED-- Drapes. GA 7-3742, GA 4-2774. 3735 Cerritc*. Needi reuofwlsferrno. GA 7-1477 Davenoort. Priced to sell. GE 4-202* throp desV. Xlnt con., S35. TO 6-530, Wearlr fltw. 134 E. 15rh »». 5. btds and staves. TO 7-5910. HA 9-6624 ?3S EleSflor Lane NE 9-3A74 SERVICE fam^lf movlno, furn tur lor sale. ME 4-196C 15.95 EA. Inr.e/Jpc'na mall, bo* sprinoi, B F, 1131 Gavlo a, L B STOVE, rclriff., kitchen tribfe ^ chairs, excel, conrl., 535. GE 9-W7 chHlrA. M/r. ccnd. S5S. HE 4-SU1 MAHOG. din. rm. sit "w/hu ch hit* new, w/4 chairs. HA 1-5/M SD. ovtrituffed daveno chair RettWl, IM4 E. Hlh St, {rnfture for Sale 73 h 3-ROOM OUTFIT $299 16 YOU SAVE 25% 7'P ec* Fiving roonn ial com- p'«t. with ae»s;orii. 7-p tea bedroom t*t com- __ pU « with matlren ipringt. Y 5-pi«ce dinett* IBt (rang« [·frig. 5100) ONLY $30 DN, DELIVERS OUT OF STATE CREDIT O.K. LONG BEACH FURN b 6TH i LONG BEACH 8LVD. MOVING EAST O'jr 'o» your gaJn. This fine group needs responslblu parly to asiirri llabUity. includ'no 11-Pc. i v ng room seE wLlh tables i 'arnos; modern dinette; 10-Dc. bedroom icl with box sprlnu and mailress; b-jnk beds; crow* too re- fr^fl,; T. T. range; autom. washer; rugs, p!clur«; pots pans, dJjh- ES; smoSclig sfand. Manv m!sc. Items. Paymts. S3.f5 «MY. Full price $374, DEALER. C^n be seen n act., 5921VJ Allantlc, N.L.B. (Key at 5921 Aflanllc, K. L, B. -^ NO GIMMICKS REPOSSESSIONS Or.e item or a houseful 5 COMPLETE ROOMS Includes ra^c«, r;F«-ig., washing, machlrve, ll-pfece 11v;no room sel. and complete dlnelfe. Full price $259 Pay S3 weekly. Free delivery. Oul-oi-slate credit OK. ENCORE FURNITURE U4 W. Alor^ra Blvd. Uormeriv Comploo. Belwcer. Wil- O(V!n eve. '(II 9; Sat. i Sun. 4, JEAUT. DIN. set. Deik. Radio, TV. 2 Flresld* Chain. Bdrm. set. Elec. 2-oven rai»ce. Gocd. porch furn. MISC. GA 4-7179. 325 W. 31st. RMS. fuirilfure, elect, stove/ aj- tom. washer, patio furn. 109 Cla/emont, Bel. Sho^e. KENMORE Aulomatlc waiher. Gtf. ccndllkHi, WO. Kenmor* Vacuum. 112. GA 2-5733. Dlr. ANTIQUE firrnilure g, knicXknacks; mlsc Herns; Frlgldalre washer, rug., desk, «rc. GA 2-0663. ANTIQUE book: shelf, class doors; love y vanity i beftch; ove/iluffcd char; bed, *ran-.e only. HE 6-8139 JCAR-new French Provincial Irull wood coffee end tabie, cost 5315, sell 5140; lamp. GA 4-933S Z TWIN-SIZE mallresses, never used. Very reascnable. Call af er 6:30 p.m. GE 3-1S12 3 RUGS w/pad, yxl2' r MO; Italian din ng tdbfe, 6 cha:ri, 350; roffce A rrd tables. GE 3-W61 household 'lurnitur*. GE 8-5620. 1 4 Termrno. Call between 10 6 SOFA BED chair, SSO, bed, SJO Ra-we, $35. Maple desk, 530. GA 3-77EO a)(ei 12 S30. 3 OLC. tbls. S35 Dr Goss]1"b*! Un venal coffeematrc. HA 1-/05S PAINE FURNITUKF OF BOSTOt Bedi. etc. cliea?, 2923 SouFh SI., N.L B. MP. 3-7054. brocade, armlei-.. GE 4-5135. ROLL-A-WAY bed Like new RIVIERA SOFA BED. GF 4-0655 rug, 6x12 wool n.-g, HE 7-361S RUG, cotlon twcrd, 5x12 Sfi; betf DROP-LEAF fabfe SIS; maple chair, bdrm. chair, misc. 245 Vtnetra Dp . TWIN"~BED"« t ~cwnpl.~ 2 bo* SDQS. A malt. Like new. HAv-9433 Antiques 7' BEAUTIFUL solid oat; hand carved cha-ri A buffef. [n ocrlcct CD.I d-t:cn. »200. GE 9-7362. LGE. ·soird mphag. com bin a lion bcokcae tfeik. Rare old p cce rom Midwest. GE 9-817?. ANTIQUE rocker, sse to aopreclate. 811 E. Ocean, ^12. Furniture Wanted 75 TOP PRICES PAID! OT.B piece or a houseful. Estate*, hjslnesi Invenlorv, furniture rn storage, REPP MOTT, INC. 2501 E. An^«lm GE 9-D277 r HIGHEST PRICES PAID1 FOR FURNTTUP.E f. APPLIANCES SO. CALIF. AUCTION TO 7-2537 -- JA 7-2456 LET'S TRADE We r.sve irwny nev; useo mo- fa le hwn«. env size, to Iradf for fuinilurc. CERTIFIED TRAILER SALES 9)11 E. Artu'a. Bcllffc^er C 1 i S-- MORE MONEY-- S S S I FOR FURNITURE-- STOVES REFRIGS. WASH. MACHINES 7 DAYS A WEEK-- SCHWENH'S 1730 E. ANAHEIM HE 5-9393 USED FURN. APPLIANCES "CRITT BETTY" CA3H in a HURRY for sieves, ref rice ratars furniture. Call Jim aE McKfnnev's Furn. GE 3-«M BEST P'JICES pafrJ lor oood furn. 2100 E. Anahe?m GE -Sli SPOT CASH HE 2-3038 CASK for rafrici. ffCfiiers/ rar.ces. NT: ED oood furnilure. Oons Usec4 Furn. UiS Cherrv. GE 80633. CASH $1 in 30 min. (or your turn · lure, aoDl., nnllaucs. GE 9-2107. ! Casri, Surplus. GE 4-8V20. HIGHtSTrrc«i for'TV, aoaliancfti, fui-nitirre-. Phsne HE 6-3240 Dlr. .·^AL- size rnshog. bulfel. Pr v. NLEO furnllure for 3-fadrm. home *H or Diirt. WA S0102. Household Appliances 7£ STOVE (Gaffers SatNer), 3ar5« tiai ra9e. Good condition, iii GE 3-5050, 349 Tivoll Drive. PHILCO relrfg.. »75, Chrcrr.e tabfe VO. GE 36709. NORGE aufcrralic v/asher. 1 vr old. Xlnl. cond. GE 1-5191, REFRIG. wanled -- Klaticst c-'h working or not. "Ben" HE 6-2JH S39.55 STOVES i REFRIGS. B Sr F 1)31 GAVIOTA. L.8 cord. $100. GA 2-?4si WeDGEWOOD gas slove, exce len COficf., 553. GA 2-697 O'KEEFE «errlt[ chrome-fco oa, oerf Grill. Broil. HA S-SCtf 30-INCH stove, S30; apt.-sfze re r B WO. GooJ cor^J, 1314 TL- ane Household Appliances 72 E CONOMY CONOMY ! IN · STOVES l . · Refrigerators · Washing Machines Freihfy Reconditioned and GUARANTEED Over 54 recondiliened r^ngn To cho^te from an maktt ind : m a d e l t . Also new raneei, , a u maVe* and mart* Is. l Apartment Srii Range*. Clc^n, M»gic Chef, f i l g h swing-out brciler, flrlddFe, claclr, e*nve- n'tence ou'ltt, lights.... juf Weifern Holly, CP, JiMniltr, crkldre, a glass doors, au ». clock and Ffchf ju? broiler, signal timer doc*, au o v*nr«nc« oullet J» *-tyrner _ ._. _ _.S5» grkfdfe, iVnmer burner . VS 70 Clean, Reconditioned Refrigerators. Sit and uo Exoerl and Guaranfeed j Repair 5ervk* and Paris | Dalv lo 6. Sun. 13-5. :;;·;. Bond ''.,",',:·. STOVE WORKS QCB f Sit 41 h SI. ^ Oi * OE J-SM? ousohold Appllancci 78 R CD. FT. FREEZER, "Maolc- Ma! c," Cost WOO new, IVi years soc-- $200 For Quick 5a1«. It's n Excellent ryAnirvo ordtr and t (ruaranrceo. Picas* calf GE 94117 £ B«twetn ? ajn. and 4 p rn. ' CICTRIC polisher, mad» in ior waihJnq and waifng, perf. concf., naw $120, IAC. $65, HA 1-2747" V/eMi.iff ho u s e deh-jmld'Ter S50. Bom xfrt. cond. 17791 Chrljlv, 2 ' OUHD ·oalc table S4Q, 4 rnaolc ft chairs S10 ea., 3 cr. draocs w flounces, 8!xW, S8i. Whirlpool _ Wfljhier, aulo., (65. FR 5-«53. p EHTAL-- AuJcmaHc wosher. Rent -- w II anply toward purchaie. AA L Ambiance, 715 L.B. Bl. HE 6-32J3 r 0 KENMORE QdL raroe. Broiler, 0 orlddlr, therm o. LIXe rttw, S100. GA 7-10S4 UTOM. washer, W9; crosstoo M freezer r«lrig., S59; (reeier, W5. A l «uar. Coait Aopll., HE *-2136. AALL G.E. refrlg. w/fre«Er, xlnt. cond., 2V» vrs. ofrf. O'Keefe MerrFtt slove. TO «-955^ WESTERN HOLLY STOVE ORGE automatic washer, 4 vrs. old, oood cond'it'on. Keascnable price. HA 9-7557. 5? Amana IB cu. ft. chest freezer. Like new. Exlstfr.s 3-vr. warranty. ELUXE O'Keefe Merrltl stove. Like new, V)5, 27W Green!cp 51., LaKewocd. HOT PLATES-- Exctolux dnr. 1 toasters, 1 scale, 1 lion. As Is. ArFERS Satllers 36" range. Chrome lop with flrlll. Clean. Like new. WD. MA 9-8SJO. 540 Scrivener 10-INCH Wcdjcwood s'tove SSO, or make ofler. 792 Termlno. GE 3-2W8 CU. FT. 2-doVr re1rig.-fr«zer, *75. GE 1-3839. WHIRLPOOL aulom. w,ishcr. Clean. W5. mi Redcndo. GE ^3517. SERVEL 7' wilh cron-top freezer, V.5. NE 8-3G65. ELEC. RANGE-- Used 8 mos. HA 9-U78 LARGE Noroa refrlgerafor, S15. -759 Pixie. GA W213 WEDGEWOOD Stove w/clirome too. ELECTRO-V/ay carbase dTsoosal. Never used, Vj off. GA 1-4708. OLD Coldspot refrlg, Isl 515 cash lafces It. See 111 "2354 Pasadena Av. 5 FT. KEHMORE relrfg. w/free/er APT. size r^nse refrig. Gcctf con. 2060 St. Louis. GE3~5cOZ. MAYTAG wfifiocr-waiher. GrJ, cono*. Reas. Priv. plv. GA £4375. O'KEEFE !. Merritt, crill, 6 burners, 42". MS. GA 3-83S9. 19i60' MAGIC-CHEF. *3Q" w/30" oven. UN 5-3969 17603 RoselMi, Arlesia Musical Instruments 79 BANJO -- Ludtfig ureclrum lenor. tn good ccndrtio.1. Case, exrra i rjng^ incfuded. 575. 5443 Coratlle FIRST S150 lakes, never used. 1TO tass acccrriicn A case. GA 3-74 0 8 VIOLINS, « ca.; 5 at JI4 en. 851 Via Wa-.da GA 1-5373 ACCORDION, 1M base. Slratavari. Pianos Organs 79-A RLHTAL PIANOS B. ORGANS Low prices f. del.-no time limit 1? Grand Plrtnas i3« lo I3,vM. Mason Hamlm, Wurlilwr, Knabe, Aldrlch, Gu^br., e1c. 78 New f, used, Snlne!-tvpc, uorile cia-.oi from S275, 5395, etc. V/u/lllzcr. Cable, Sforv 8. Clark. Evcrelt. Winfer, elc. Evereit stL-dlo-- like rcw -- save S300. Used WurlitKr ip ; *iet « New" used organs SW f S?cOO. SEE THE WURLITZE Irn.-n «55; Hammond Solnet-- n^'cnc, now SW. 25c«fa1 organ, java 51,300 ch o r d -- lop r.olch W95; V395 Solavox, fine con- dHfon, S?9. $10 DOWN McCRERY'S 3M Pine, I wig Bea:h HE 6-922 OPEN WON. 8. FRI. NIGHTS BARKER BROS. RENT A NEW PIANO 3 monlhs lor 56.00 PER MONTH Plus dravAge. Choose frcm many styles. Ad now. Children grow up 30 last. Barker Bros., Long Bead Rroarfw-iv at Lccuit HE 6-925 OCEII Men., FrL, 9:30 lo T D m Ofher days S:30 lo 5:30 p.m PIANOS KlmDatl. Slary f, Ctarlt, ;Vin1e; ALL 5TYLES COLORS Bio Savings in Floor Samples CONN ORGANS America's Fmtii, SW5 up FOLK'S ·2119 N. Long Beacti Blvd. Comnlon ME 1-Wt?: NE 5-OM Qctn DaJIv 9-9 ·£·; NOTICE ^ H NFV/ SPINET PIANOS · Direct blew action · 3 Pedals · Full keyboard, SB roles · Walnut or Mahogany · 15.00 delivers, 3 vrars (o pay. GOLD'S i!53 HAZrLBROOK, LKWD. MEX-56M IMJMOHO SPINtTS 5995 Real lew prlcei on tradt-ln pianos organs. Ell makes. HAMMOND ORGAN STUDIOS OF LONG BEACH 71SE LAKEWOOD BLVD. G^ 9-0918 PIANOS ORGANS PIANOS SW.SO - SECOND. GRANDS-- WJi UP CONN ORGANS-- 5795 UP PIAN05 RENTED W. S7. $10 MO MORtY'S MUSIC STORE 343 Pine Ave. HE 6-»2« manual chord combina'tfoni Used f month j. Save JISO. TAILFORD'S T«?01 Bellllcwer Blvd., Bellfrow* TO 7WS? OPEN HOUSE Enler^innriCfit on Lowerv Ham rnond orcans. Men. «. Tues. «ve CALLAGHAM MUSIC «34 ATLANTIC GA 7-7/ft THOMAS ORGAN «39 KIMBALL STUDIO Wa'jiut ^3? nAi.OtVlN GRAND Relinished S79 Drasfic Reduction Flaor Same e S=ive J?00. Nlki rVu^^c. GE 9-093 MOVING SALE 2 Manual O.-gans SJ5 STONERS MUSIC CENTER 5404 E. 2nd SI GE 4-729 Caih fcr used pianos Pia^-os tuned, rented repaired MOREY'S MUSIC STORE 3J2 PIr.e Ave. HE 6-2W WE Pav Caih for Used Pianos L.B. PIANO CO 4H4 Orance Ave. GA X-703 MAGNUS Organ reoos. Goad cond lion. Sold for il?9.95, only SSS HOWARD'S 5151 Allanti BeauMuH (Irtish !. lent 1945 1 HF 6-S4tf. : ELECTRONIC orcan lining t, re pair. Minshair-Eilev-Thoma* (etc. RE-STYLED uprioht. KIrnba"ll _ w PRIVATE~oIrty~wdn!no""b-jv pTarw cidloj Televlsio/t 80 [Pets 91 R RENT A TV *· RENT WILL APPLY Let us establish ycHjr cr«dlt, A A APPLIANCES HE 4-3W3 AC"kARO BELL console combination radio, p^ono. a.~.d oho. record r 1fc« Icr 575. Will deliver. TV's FOR RENT WEEK OR rh MONTH MAI-1W4 TV reoalr, 1«1 E. 7lh, HE 5-3120. " TV CONSOLE, M5, reccnllv rcoafrcd. TO 7-1133 O'FFMAN 21" TV in good to'nd. R1V. ptv. H" tbte. mcdcl TV, rew plct. lube. J25. GE S-4K9. li-Fi Stereo S Q - A LYMPIC comb. HUFI, 4 s^crd. chanaer, FM-AM, 21" TV, Provincial caVnel. M91. GA 3-4SB7. E'.V stereo HI-FE console AM radio, 4 speed record changer. Sacrifice 5125. ME (W423, Lakcwocc? TRACK Ster o-T aw recorder. Vi nrice. GE 4-4574. "V Radio Repair 81 :RVICE call ytJSO 9 a.m. - 10 p.m. 2 Su.n. Glass cHct. lubes 11 Inch. 7268 Rosecrans, Prmt. ME X-2495 .50 HOfAE calls. Sell uied TVs Ed's TV, GE 9-5434, 3004 E. 71 h. J1MEDIATE TV service. 52. X433 Deebover, Lk.wd. HA 9-1790 j ewing Machines 82 10TK (. PINE, SINCE 19» Sales, renrs, repairs, parts. SUWING MACHlNt EXCHANGE ~ V13 Ph*w Ave. HE 6-4975 Also repairs. Parks Sewing Cenler, 5341 L. 8 Blvd. GA 33007 NEW elect, scvr. trwch. Frciah claims, scralched oo!v- Rfg. 5129. Sac. S2J. Call wrise. \VA 3-2171 Office Sup., Equlp'r. 84 PRACTiCALY new store flxlures. R. C. Alien: c.iih rcalster. To!a - DESKS, FILES, REFRIGERATOR i PAYMASTER cnecK writer w/covcr. Livestock 88 mine, llcht niant rail, 1 strawberry roan. GE 9-119 !enl condjfon. 4 new wn!te wail tires. S950. GA 7-1755. TWO oeirn. quarter marcs, 3 yrs. Bars. 2 vr. 'old filly. FA 0-71SS 'LEAN 1 HORSE MURRY HORSE TRAILER. FAfrfax 8-2641. ENGLISH SADDLE. Near new, S90. 3720 Goltien. GA 7-175S GENTLb BROWN GELDING. $150. HA 9-0550 capers. See al Ward lew Slab'*!.. pxclusively. The Reef. 2415 C. AKC. Cute Poodle wj pales, 6 v/ks. MO. 14032 Edwards, Wes!m : ns1er, BEAGLES--AKC cups. Field f. show chanip. Studj. 123J2 BrittaJn. Ar- SCHNAUZER miniature. Fcma!e, 7 wks.^Slrc^d by Charro. AKC reo CHIHUAHUA Stud service. AKC. Lor.g nr stwrl ccat. 7'/i Ihs. LEAVING C I T Y -- Must sell love able female Cairn Terrier, 1 yr. AKC. SCOTTISH Terrier. 2 ntos. AKC. Garlu Mcdrlck slocV. 4100. GE 4-Mi9. OOG GROOAMNG. ALL BREEDS. SUDS A SCISSORS. GA 8-1564 POODLE PUPPIE. HA 9-4620 Sun. PEKE PUDS, no DA^erj, rcas. Slr AKC pckr. Dam AKC, J.ip ipanlal. GA 7-3i52. BOSTON terrier pusofes, AKC ch. ah stud. ValKerc's, 10118 L. B. BSvtf., Lvnwood. LO 6-2074. POODLE FUEDles. Black M!n. Afso mdlure female. J75 up. Term?. Grooming. TW 3-5196 POODLE GROOMING XLNT DOG BROKER. SERVICE HX- CH HUAHUA pijQples, A K C . Tiny tvp* -- lno or 3hM-t coat. Reason- abre. LaXewcod a/ea. TO 6-1635 alt. male cats free ro ADUI TS SAMOYED PUPS. Champ slk. Re- 1-2261. PURE-BRED fox "ieriier" 'ulrbblcs". 3314 Country CfLb fir. HE 6-4SJO; GA J-1727. DACHSHUND pups. S'anddrd red. AKC. Champ. i!cck. S50. AU. T2:30 Sunddv, HA 1-?03S. PALAMINQ mare 3 yri clrf. Excel. ridina. TO 6-6624. S4^i. BOXER PUP-A. K. C. FAWN. PARROT-- Good tdlker. RIMS, Private. GE V6E57. POODLE, TOY-- Rea! or able to ocod home. GE 1-6397. POODLE PUPPIES- AKC. Parer Irained. Reas. TO 7-5351 FEMAIE BASStT, wlc». Paperi. GA 4-7371 MALE PJ, 7 MOS. . S75 HA 5-391 POODLES-- AKC; S50 us; l m n a- tcre. 2 toys, 1 Hny toy. JE 4-4327 SIAMESE kirteni, lovable, weaned. K TTcNS FRiiE TO GOOD HOME GA 3-59^5 mo. old. Pure white. ro 7-0653 DACHSHUND DCP? -- AKC. Small V,ic. bnd. /-^st sell. S35. WA 5-1600 BOSTON TERRIER PUPPIES DACHSHUND puppies, 7 wks. .Sm itarxJard. AKC. HA 5-0010 DACHSHUND, mfn. p-jps orown dcas. Re,is. AKC. slud. UN 5-MM 7033 San Luis St., Paraniount filSH Setter, 6 mo., shots oap*rs. GE 1-0076 GbRMAN Sheadrd CUDS. AKC WHITE stiir.tfard poodiei. PUDS _ EXPERT CLIPPING. UH 56376 DOG BEAUTY-sa'crTecnJip for'sa e 446 E. Pacific Coast Hwv. ' BEAGLES-- AKC. pedigreed Lev* · children. Good hunters. GA 3-855 PEKE PUPS, AKC. Charrp slud Good quality. Reas. ME 3-4 u DALr'AATlAff puppies « weeds old AKC. GE 1-9SW WIRF FOX Terrier AKC ma e. · mos. TW 3-513 ENGLISH Buli CHJP. 9 weeks o d Fearnought line. HA T-53S; GREAT Dane Duosy. Fcm,. brlnd'e Charrp sired. GE 9-43X r FREE kilfcns to eocrj 5 ?C62 Alb-jry Ave. GE S-341 S JAPANESE Spaiiai: have all des're t able traits of s pel. GE 0-l3 Reas. Stud service. TO 7-593 ,, DARLFNG Toy Min. PoMffe. fem. T 5 vrks. Leaving. Sac. S35. GA 7-724 . FREE-Cute healthy olacfc kitten * lo good rio.-ne. GE 9-H33 PEDIGREE PERSfAN KITTENS GE a-2172 j BOXER PUPPIES AKC -- FFash ' Fawns, reas. TE X-CX31 LHASA Aaso femafe. I'-h mo., pyre j bred, no Daoers. 4», TO 6-JS36 - SILVER Pocd'e "mother," 2 puo* Intern nail, ch, bfccrnd. HE 7-6355 c j S C b l ' T l E WJDS. AKC. Black, male I 1-3701 POODLES. AKC. Toy i srnnll min crea-n whiie. KE 3-1237 - SIA.VESE Kifler.s. All colon. Reas G A 4 497S / Walarrwre, 3 vrs., free. HA 5-4758 _ POODLES Silver min. AKC Champ o Mock. Reas. JA 7-A539 TA i-415 d black silver 170. NE 1-Vt4 PRtGHT PIANO j 95T6 Cedar, Bellftower. TO 6-05W 1 «.*.- -n-w j . ot4-J666 POODLES-- Tcv Wk. rna'cs. 12 wVi PRI. PTY. wals to buy wnalf piarw. old. AKC. Reas. TO 7-4706. THOMAS Organ-- Like new. Tak j Beautiful solTrj oak Esty elec, crga STUDFO usr!oht, corr.o. tecond H AV^ W.OM b HOME 0 RG AN V _5PKR. SI ,550. GA 7-74M, Olr, PLAYER "pTANO WITH ROLL* Radios Television 8 TV RENTALS $6 MO. U Beacft TV 225 E. 4th. HE 4-543 schematics some oari*. Se 1 o Irade. Call HE 7-5034. 17" TV. New lubei. Good com Vrtlnut cabinet. J50. GE 9-33J 43? Prosnecl. TV SERVICE AND RENTALS Used TV iets bougM sofd Ve! TV ^J09 E. Arahelm GE 4-M\ ! COMBINATION Wesiina.'-o-jie TH phor-o. 3 vrs. clrf. B'ond cabJne Xfr.t. ccrxJ SIM. GE S-?*30. 21" PACKARD Bell." Verv gd. tan 470, 831 W. E St.. Wilm. Pff. c! TE 4.9340 MUNTZ TV console, 2M/Kh. MSTKH ah. HE 20794. WAPfTE'D-TVs, WORKING or NOT f Hionesr pr(:ei pa'd. GE 4-57 f tan, 6331 El ProgreM. GE 0-331 '· POODLE ouppies, 6 wk-s. A.K.C T Reasonable. V/A 5-277 : Y/HITE TOY POODLES. AKC. CUD DLEY FErAALES. TE 4 314 COCKER-Lovable black fema e / S50. GE 1-4873. . DOGS BOARDED-- Shraderi Kennel , 9022 E. Ced.v, Bellflr. TO 4-396 SCOTTISH Terrier, 7 mo. o d. AK ) Garlu-Mtdrick stoc*. GE 4-«U - LITTLE Arljlocrafs J^D. Spaniel p Lcv'ng Lovable. GE "8-70 , POODLES, black mlnlatuTe, AKC b? Reasonable. TO fr«08. ; i MO. old Basset, ma'e, AKC, U r whif«, «0. TE 3-7655 ev - BASSETS, scfl or trade for b'k or ? GE 9-363 A.K.C. EKG. Sca.i:ftl. Hunter, ,ke GOLDEN Reirlever DupDies, AKC 3 Gocd hunllTfl rtogs. GA 7-»7 f. PUG MA'e, very »mal(. Reg. A K f t f Rev,. GA 6-5)7 'POODLES. AKC. Chamo'ort- href f GF 0-1695 n m.'s. Reasonab e {. SCHNAUZEP D-JD5. femafc, AKC All ^o1i. ? wk*. GE 3-9775 s. GERMAN stiEp. tMJpj. AKC. Ch»ti btood fine. TA HIM . POM DUDJ. AKC. Also TMb. ma W at arud. . CA 3-?*.H. PUPPY SALE Basitt hocndi f _ AKC 140 Ponii, Unv, oranve AKC «3 SheMlej, [oy co!i'« ilS INhuah'jas. al! colors _AKC Y75 D*chihur*d?, m!r., red ....AKC «5 DachihuncH, n.ln., black AKC S35 Poodles, wrote . AKC 135 Saniovdis. beavll'ul ,, ^20 Poodles, btatk, mrn. .._. AKC 550 Toy io* terriers, llnv 530 Mexican. CNneu hjidesi WS Pagi, champ, slock AKC $50 *.- Dabermans, wakh docs . AKC 135 " WE SELL FOR CASH N Thai'* V/fiv We Sell lor Less OPEN 7.6. Including SUNDAY . 10J31 L.B. Bwj'evard lo 9-74^8 r Campaigner Kennels « BOARDING, GROOMING - OR TRAINING R 9Hi E. Ccmolon Blvd. TO 7-7001 BABY GIBBON APES = SIAMESE KITTENS. BABY MYNAH BIRDS. AKC. Pron'es. Grr- ma.n Sh«cfierds, Bcacles, Boxen, Pekinese. KING'S PET SUPPLIES c T1A5 E. Pac. Csl H#V. GA 6-3375 a fema c Poodles. Parents bolh frcm ^ Enolartd. ilOO up. Gray poodles, J black pootfles. fiorn SSI. Both m'n. 1 loy. PeVlnese, tlascnunrii, ch(- 2550 L. B. BLVD. 4 moi. oltf. S1III has daws i T fangs. Sac. JIM. Make ffna and unusual pel for righl perscn. TO EXPERT DOG GROOMING DOG TRAINING CLASS KING'S PET SUPPLIES 116S E. Par. Cit. Hwy. GA 6-3375 2 beaut, cncc. tinv tr\n. MiF, 3 mo. AKC. ChcimDten brec5 Cosl S200 ea. Sell S1CO ca. HA 9-ftJ35 TOY POOnLE /AATING SERVICE Proven males. In silver, black, while, orev or caf* au IA!!. 3376 E. Anaheim GL 4-B3U Offer fjtqulflle cups by her i'A" Silver thainp. other colori. Alio Blk. tov ilud. Anaheim TA 8-7074 3 mos. Beaut. trl-co!or Sired by Chanw!on Kris. Krlngle. Pfck: of the Illter. GE 8-4473 POODLES! T t N Y MIN. REG. Choice of coicrs. GE 9*124.? 2 MO. XLNT.' REAS. GE 9 R 74?4 OOG TRAINING SCHOOL 34TH OF JULY GE 9-7424 offer. To gocd home. HA 9-8574 BOSTON terrier puos, AKC. champ Pd. Also slud scrv. TO 7-9509. CAT FOOD All brandi by Case Kat Lilier Pir.e scent. 50 Ib. i3.75 Miscellaneous for Rent 96 ilS-- GARAGE, plasfejedr car or slorate. ]4S4 Warren Ave. Inaulre 1472 gr Call HE 7-5391. 755 SQ. FT.-- C-3 ZONE Gcod for slx)o or storage rm. KUTCHINSON GA 2-6129 GA 76216 SMI., garage sloraoe, alfev enter. 6 moi.@S30. i? per mo. HE 5-1956 Mo. 31 E. rAARKET. HE 6-3492 GARAGE ilorage 510. Dry. Mr. Car- Hotels Motels 97 SEAVIEW HOTEL ADJACENT 70 NAVY LAUDING, FUN ZONE AND BEACH ill VI. Seaside Blvd. HE 7-44S HOTEL GRAHI $7, SB week. Maic seivlc*. 117 W. 3rd, HE 7-97SO 52 UP WEEK RATES, DNTN. TV Admiral Hotel 612 y; OCCFVT, HILLVJEW HOTEL - 58 wiekly. C ea.i. Street oaiklna 1875 Cherrv 18 A S10 3712 E. Ana^'m GE 3-9 6i Rooms for Rent 98 LAKEWOOD VILLAGE EXCLUSIVE Larce, clean, culet room, p rival -3 balh, entrance refrio. Telephone, palio garage. Close to schools i Dsuefas. Prefer executive or ous'ness pen on. HA 5-2231 gentleman. Will take c ens Inner. Good nomt, well located on bus line. Call GA 7-3907. BELMONT SHORE summer rentaF. Room, 1 beds, priv. balh. Near beach 2. bay. 2 or 3 adXills. GE 3-463? PV. s; wk. UP. TV, maU kit.. (Ijrer. 117 Brvnn 1 * Brae. Ht 7-9321 HAPLFS, LGE, SLEEPING rm.. cite, linens. GA 7-35M. 138 PER MO. Lg. rm. f. palio, Hkh. orlv. gar. ccrlonal. 3105 NEW Jrvd Fir. rcx;m, a'l ncr hecn wintlaws sulrsfclc draflsniiw elc LG. rm. cri. ent., baUi, shwr. nr. Complcn J.C. 15H S BurrJs. Ph. LARGE clean frcnl rm. ClOJi fn. PJ-onft serv. RcffJg. Man. 18. 15?0 Locuit HL 2-7144 PRIVATE entrance shower. Gar. aval]. Near Atlantic fc Wi ow. RU. for men. Has hot plate relrlg. S8.50 wk. 532.50 mo. 1148 ChtSlnut HE 6-6779 56 fc S8 -- WEN. Larce, clean rms. Goad bed. P*t, enhance. Close In. 133S L'nden. 3-ROOM BACHELOR COTTAGE rV^dcrn, oulci; pleasantyd.: utlls., Inens. Belrr.ixit HelDJits, GE 9-6634 S8 WK. Lcvely Iron! ciean rm., suitable for cmpl. man, nr. 2 bus lines. 1423 Atlantic Ave. SLEEPING room, or lv. house. Ladies only. Kit. priv. NICE RM., priv. enlr. ball.empl, man. 510 wk. 3470 Gundrv. SV.ALL apt., clean. Perm, err.ol 5 ladv. Nr. storei. bus. GL- 8-77TO PXTRAr.Ice, C!CFW, i/iler rm. Emn man. Days. Gd. hablii. HE S09W ROOM, in 1700 blk. o(f E. F-irsI St Em. man. 117 Edison PI HE 5-9443 Vi ba'.h. Nr. beach. GE 4*535? NR. Douclai, Lflktv.'OStf. /.Itn only Sop a rale en Ira nee. HA 5-9D93 DNTN. Priv. entr., liskcg., re r g NR. Bav St ilorcs. Empl. refion or BEL. HTS. criv. hme. Clean, au e rm. nr. golf Sr swim. GE 9-5310. CLEAN room, next to b.ilh. Priv ent. f f maid service. 1130 Lime TRULY NICE. JOT. PRIV. MAN 4S4 MAGNOLIA. WO. QUIET. FURN. rm. for 1 or 2. Prlvnre home. 151 Prosnecl. GE 8-793* 17.50 $10 wk. Priva'e entrance i urlv. bam, Cleaiconv. 1454 P ne WAN-- THIS IS 3IG. KIT. PP'V 476 W. 8fh. S10.50. HE 7-9T6( WAN, YOU'LL LIKE THIS. Hi*? 4?6 LIME. S33 mo. HE 7-763 MEN--J7, clean, ouiel. Close n Parkfrg. 93J E. «i 13^0 V/K SLEEPING ROOMS for men. Kit. pflv. 15^6 LOCUST ROOM, privare ba:h, Lakewacc Hotel, 44» Grrenmcadow Rd. NICE room n cnHel private home $10 v/r-r. HDrwalk area. UN 3-111$ DHTN. Hskpg Priv. enlr. S^vcwer Refrio 57.50 wk. Man. 326 W. JOU DNTN-- S150 H5kog.. PJ-IV. enlr. wtr., shwr., ph., oko, 1200 Alam lo CLEAN room. Lge. cioiel. Pr v a f enfrance. 19» E. 7Jh ST. Jdrv., sh.ower, man. 1436 E. Jlh DNTN.-- Hitkpg. priv. entr., sh.wr S3, 19. Prkg. Man. 431 Chelnut NICE Fg. rm. oar. BrcaMi'l.. M DWNTN., nice hskcg., priv. ent. refrig. 53.50 wK. Man, 952 Cedar 17 V;£EK, Room. Emol. man o BACH. Apl. Refrio- shwr., ouii'd ATTRACTIVE rm. TV rad'o. Ad $8 SO WK. Ci.i., .cool, linens, sliwr - Room and Board 10( 5 AMBASSADOR Hotel Sori.ngs unde net/ manaxment, offer* for th I first time a r^ermanent home, fo furnished' with ' criv^le' balh. dciicicus'v oreoared meals dal i for as litUe al $55 ma. Rales 1 ? couples. rntereiling activil es o or call MAIn 1341 for tie falls , 9 rms., milk rreat; any sh f lu.nches pkd. Member of boardin house assoc. "Mom," 1148 Mahanna HE 2-J3? n YOUNG employed men. Ref re home. Good meals. Lunch e e uacked. Llghllaundry. 715 Term n 0 PRJVATE hcrre for elcferl* a-nbyU s lory lady. Personal allrnlion. ^ GE »0717 . PRIV. rm. 8. board, tn priv. hrxn 5 for relired genlleman. HE 6-743 . MEM, fdm, sly!e. TV. Any shll 9 Priv. ho.-ne, lunettes. L.B.GA 4-0*4 . MEN-- BD. % RVi. THE BESTI TV. NR. TOWN 73-1 ATLANTI . NR. BEACH, nice tfN.. x[ftt. mea P!«no, TV, into. TM3 E. Ocea n FAMILY s1v1e mejli. Lunchv wcked. 636 E. IStfi. KE 7451 e GIRLS-BOARD ROOM HE 6-3135 Dom end Board T O O D The Hunting ton Hotel 1290 E. Ocean Blvd. Lore Beach, Ca'if. ' *'4 ol « bfock tcng. t Treorgof-- all rooms hv* orlvflle ' a^h, Room, wErh twivad b»lh; I ncliKlirro excel fent meals, 530.00 per vrcck w. comoiele hctel ierv- t ce. We buy choice mealj »rd, he besl ol everylh'rg. Individual service. 15% discount orr laundry NE arrj dry cleaning. / PHONE KE 64753 CE roOTn w/rr.eali Uroriv. home. R. beach, Phlv. ims. TV. 1430 E. -1st SI. GE4-40VI; GE 8-4S53 ousekeeping Rms. TOO A wk. -parking Llnrm. KUch , Shwr, close In. 909 Ca'.lf. entais-- To Share 102 1urn, cr|y. entrance, elevator, all ullr. pd. Stiare kllchen bftlh. Downlowft, 800 Pacific Ave., Ant. 404. HE 554S7. OUNG man (In 30's] wants to n Bclmcnl Snore, w bit. ro Beach. Pierily closer soace. 547.50. GE 4 8772 EAL Beach altr. new house, pH. rm., bath, full kit. use of house. MEN 22-30. Need a 4th to iharc dirge home near State College. TV, alered, palio, den. GE 0-2673 same. U Millies, Laundry, garage nc . Westminster. TV/ 3-5443. BR. w/*1!ch. i Uv. rm. nriv. S Preler worKlnc, mother w/child. Will babysit. GA A-5074 ladies, col. or molher children, or will board. ME 4 5036 JACHELOR will share bcaul. ice. Seal Beadi apt. w/iamc, Mr. - 3IRL 21-74 lo share ?-Bdrm. furn. Jipl. with 2 o'her girls. Lkwd , I WOMAN with gfil. 4, wants to Will do thllJ CATC. HA 9-W4I. YOUNG Van will share aflirac. bench home on AlamMcs Bay. GE 3-3S27 monl His. 3638 E. 51h. GE 9-351 Duplexes and Flats 103 (FURNISHED) dinlpg room. Lots of iloragc; d s- posai; ne* living ron.-n furnltuie. J70-- UT1L. pd. Au!o. wrtsher, oar- dener, llv. rm., cHnlna rm., bdrm., ex ra ted davenport 1 child O.K. Phcne HA 9- 5434 a m. DUPLEX--LOWER 2-BDRM. 1100. Ne*'y decor., gar., W, r y. rm., fenced yd., 7 children accepted. ???5 EUCLID GA4-39J4 wood floor*, washer, carage, yard Waler pd Nr. schools 2 chllcfrci TO 6-5417 aulom. washof, baby OK. 1217 St. Louis GE 8-3181. T-BR., w-w carcellng. Immaculate. Home-like. Ample slnraoi space. Garage. 1330 E. 1st. beach shops. Clip,, Fan, washr. 230 Nl«!o. GH 8-1253 $47.50 -- SUNNY UPPER II3S ORIZABA GE 3-49(1 LIVING RM., kltctt., bdrm., balh, tile, disD,, fan.j cull man, clean, nr. bus. 5847 Gardenia, N.L.B. l-br. duplex. Child or pet O.K., 4324 E. 4lh. GE 1-7M6. $75-- INFANT OR TEEN O.K. BEL. HTS. Cute l-br. Yard. Gar. Nr. bus, shops, beach. 1 (cam ok. M9.50. 34?S Calor,ido. GE 4-5474. CEAN BLVD. 2br. Beaut, turn. S500 summer mos. S200 perm. 5377 E. Ocean- GE MIDI $57-- NICE l-br. dplx. Yd., washer, fn anl OK. 878 Hoffman HE 5 2953 VIEW-- 2 BRS., 1 bains, rfiso., utl s.. MOS. AT $110-- 1 talks, ocean, TV, adults. GE 8-2009. GO -- Friclwi. uML, Infant ck. 729 ROSE (r'r). By ai:pt. GE 1-5508 S70-- BEAUT. LGE. 1-RR. Child OK. 2548 Pasadena. HE 2-4636 a.m. 1 BR. duplex gar. *5. 2104 Arlington. TE S-9929 alter 5 p.m. oordi. Gar. Selact Loe. "il25. $75 MO. DUPLEX 2-BDRM. CHILD O.K. 1134 E. HTM, GE 8^673. T-FJR. FLAT. Utll. pd. Child ok. J50. 1363 Alarr.ltos, Apl. 15. CLEAN bachetor apt. 550. Ullt* pd. 413 Plcasanl. N.L.B. HA 5-4M6 ^70 -- 1-BR. duDlex, lower. NLB. Ulls. cd. Call Mgr. GA 2-8775 LARGE clean double cppcr. On E. M-l -- 1-BDRM. Pulldown, nice t. clean A nke vard. 1410 Gundrv. NEW 2. "mod! f-B'R. "Kite vd. C oVc 555 SiS. 1 tdims. Fenced vard. 5946 St. LouJs GE ·«*? duplex. Ina. 403 Chcslnu). f-BR. Adulls, J;S^ 349" Wisconsn. S57.50-COZY 1-BR. collage type. Cln. 123CV? APPletO^ tlE 6-4354 CLEAN, roomy l-BR. Ground floor Palio. 2115 Gavlola. HE 7-2« «?.SO-- 1-BDRM. + Dulidn. Ch Idrer Duplexes and Flats 104 (UNFURNISHED) 2-BR. dlihwasher, disp., v/.-v;. ca r«t, o"racE5, Igc-. closets. Avail r frig., stove Bendlx., 3717 £ 2nd. GE 3 27S9. PRIV. palio. Ne* l-br. duple diso. »?.». 1393 E Hill, G DUPLEX-- Wrlgley district. 2-br./ w vi carpet, disposal, tile bath. K oeii. 1936 Maine. HF 7-7231. · gar. Nr. Bch. store. Adu t 161 Nle!o. FUN far klcJi, Ige. front vd., D a hD-jse. pat.o, 2-bdr., rev.-iy cfecc Ulifs. nd. HA 1-4485 e:«drlc kitchen. s?0. 9195 ??nd St.. Weslmlniiler. TW 3-?4Ctf. 2 B'R. cfcc'lex. " G'arace V garbage tfisnosal, S3S. Water furnished. BELMONT Heiohlj, spacious fewer 3 BR. 2 full ba., gar. Adults on y 1160. GE 9-6316. 310 Roswcll. PARTIALY furn. l-BDRWi. upper Clean roomy, 570. Gas waler raid. HA 1-7194 or 1904 E. th 16329'/i Euca1vptu», BelUlower. Ir.QuIr* at 9311 O^lc SI. j£5_$p/,riOUS T-BR. Hat pu I rfown bed, stove relrig. Ava 1 able. 257 Cerrltos. HE 7-8343. 570 2-BDRM o*r?.Qt. Sfedrns and Lake^ood. Reg. S50 but neerfs paint. 2361 Termmo. GE 3-0386 BEAUTIFUL new upotr, 1 aroe bdrm., w-w, draceri«, eler. kit g^r^BC. M'cJdlCraped. 4624 E. 6th 3-BORM. duplex, reclecor. Wa er trash pd. AduMs. No cet%. 4322 E. Antf/. Lkwd. Plenty closets. Close to stores bus. Advlts. S57JO. TO 2-0620. N.L.B.-- Clean 2-br. djplex. JS5. 1 children oK, Garace. V/a?er pd NE 8-4353. 153 W. 43lh St. S70-- FRONT duplex aat. 1-boVm Disp. Garace. Newly dec. AcuMs only. 163 E. 6/lh. NE 8-1201. S8S_FRONT tJuolfx A oar. Trash i yard care, water Dd. AtJu s. No pets. 117 W. Plymculh. GA 3-2234 15S--ADULTS. 1-hdrm. H^wd., tile ^ir.V, elc. 1364 Mo lino. if- BDRM. tfuolex. S85. 777 Wa'nu Redecorated. NEV/ 2-br., garase. 4527 E. 14lh Sf AduMi. SIOO. GE 83310 . i$0-- NEV/ 2-bdrm. DJso, Gar. op ttonal. 1720 L1rcJer. HE 5-23X 1813 E. 7lh DUPLEX -- Corner. Garace. WO BaSv welcome. 1938 Casaian. , dec. AOIt!. 3?3 Orliaba. GE 8*80 - Child OK. GA 6-IX* 3!S E. Slst. HA ?-5«»; GA 3 » i 2400 E. ttb. GE 8-S50 1 , Astl Sat. 8, Sun. GA J-3541. · W5-- CLEAN l-Bctrm. Duolex. 132 E r 57th St., N.L.B. TO 7-$535. ] PARA/^OUNT, New IM. 2-BR.. J Gar. 590. Hr. school!. ME 3-861C 3 WE5TS1DE-- Car., fencwj yd. DisD J79, no p«t!. GA*79 5 WRIGLEY. lo. 2-Br., dinlno rm gar.. suncHc., adlii. lfl?0 Magnol! 1 LADY ALONE or middle aoci COUBle. 1075 E. Ini HE 5-394 B LARGE UPPER 2 8R. t. garacc » Adulti. $95. 19i PIr.e Ave. ;, its 1-BR., Calil. His, water K ° Baby ok. 3549 Cherry Ave. o BABY OK. Nr. new 1-Br. Ouote Duo. ler.ced vd, $u. VM San a F I7»-1 BDRM., cri. vd.. din. rm oar. litt Cedar. 1 To) OK. , 585 Modern opoer 7-br. y/w, drps 1 diu. No oets. Adlrs. 1»U E Brfw t. MS -- "J'BR. ADULTS. NO PET S 1KI ROSE. HE 4-EW »«5-- 1-BR. lower 2 1g. eloieli. Tl C diso. 1206 GnvlolA, r«ar. t- 1 BDRM. ~ OuDlx. E.L.R., new i. tfecor. 55. G^r. TO 7-^u s fcft-- I-BR., dup.. wafer ocf. Adult 15 S9U Orano« Ave. H£ 7-49i 2BEOROOM Aol. S'o'/« Serve S75. 2911 Marauira. jplexes and Flars 104 VIEW OF THE CITY Fi 115-- BeAulltuI deluxe extra larp* ra-vd rev/ 2-DR., bIMn oven i anof, w-w., drflpei, birch c«b- rttU, large cloiell, wfliher, dryer n klkfttn, oal'o, sarot. Infant r tc*n. ?MS Gavlola GA 4-1773 or NE MS25 W 2-br. duplex, hardwood lloors, so., colored bsihrocm flxlures, uh cnb'neli, colored kitchen link, i-ilrcw* while drao«s IrirouoTiouV HO, Prefer couple wtlri Infani. H W. 49th 5t. GA 3 MCA N NAPLES NR. CANAL Lo*cr, n'ce Iwoe 2-BR. Stowe f. r e f r l g . avail. Gar. Sm. yard. $115. BEL. 5HORE-145 ROYCROFT ' Spacloui 2-BR. Lcoer o«ar shoo} beach. Only IUO Includ'na c^rvige. Eves call GE 3-2S73 2075 PINE BuuiMul 2-BR., w-w, torotr hood, ginss end. tub, p^1iO r BBQ. Cllid ok. $110 mo. BLK. TO OCEAN IT Bel. Shore. Ground fl. Cnarm- irvo i-BR.; w-w carpet; par. v?0. REME REALTY GE 4-09M FREE, 5.0M BLUE CHIP SW.50. 2-BDRW. GARAGE CH LDRCH O.K. 3J7I ADRIATIC r HUNTINGTON BEACH -ti New 2-bdrm. duplexes, W-W carp., drriD*5, dlsD. Car ood. 418 Geneva, Apt. B LE 6-2415 TUDIO dua'ex 2 br. Sep. dm. rm., h*d. f oors. Waiher waler (urn. Newly decora'ed. See lo ap^rcc. Ackjlls. S7S. 3613 E. 10*h Everything Furnished 1 becYocm, also roll-away. Ad^Uj, no eel;. 16/3 Apalelon SI. venient. 1066 Dawson. GU 4-oilS 1^-- Red^c.^'oMr db'. Corner. Kear bus. 1096 Gavlota HE 2-1695 UPLEX -- 2-br., tile. dijp. 535. GF 41176 44« E. ISIh TWO 2 BDRM5, Large roomi. 114 A'Jra Mtv AL. Ht?.-- 2-br. up^er, \v-w earn., d iD. Adulil. 1430 E. 36^h LGE. rir.s., den. (urnace, rcdcc., 1 adjUs. No pels. 1070 Cerrllos. VRIGLEY. Frcnl, uooer, 1 bdrm., dupl. Nr. biis 8t mrkt. 2661 Daisy. EW-Lge. dun. 2 br, [drv. rm., cnr. Perm, adults. No eels, J331 Prospecl BR -l- tHJirtfswn, 1 child O.K , 1054 Matianna. HE 5-7343, GA 6-S7H. BR. unfurnished upper duo!ex, H.irrv Jcnts, 355 Termlno. LARGE l-br. uocer. Immacula^*. Near St. Anlhony'J. 718 Olive. $85-5x0 BRAND M-H 2-Br. 1 W«t- mlnslcr, 1 Los Alamilos. TO 7-3473 : urnished Apartm'nfs 106 IN BEL. SHORE Charmlno. larse. Iron* single-- accQi:viiadates two. Close lo bav. ALL THIS FOR ONLY $59 Ctean, aulel. \vell turn., cool, deluxe act. All ulil. QcVtf. Close in. Come ice. TW Atlantic. Hfc 2-9357 Bulll-'n rarvge oven. 11 fco refrlg Children welcomp, AT A PRICE YOU CAN AFFORD. 70S NEW DELUXE Paramount. 1 btfrm.. Medallion elec. ML, small b.iby OK. Url i Dd. Wk or mo. WE 3-1661. roomy tower ?pt. Well turNshed. bedroom, laundry. Ouiel couale cnly. Service people wekcme. 134 Lime. GARDEN TYPE APTS. (3u er, ahrsclive. Blk. lo ccean. 1-BR Ant. 2-BR. Pcnfhsc. S5S UD. Mar, Anl. C, 917 t. tst. HE 6-W15 2 9 1 Chestnut $80 Adorable iKn*hoj5E. UNI, paid. Loe. modern sol. S16 week. tAo sn PWII n CiV. Mod. newly decor. 1-Brirm. 1C2 Loma Vlsld Dr. W. of tu'h Ms n. Modernized -- Sgls., l-Brs. Now readyl -- Deroralors choice of furnlluri. 151 E. 21st. 3 1 8 TEMPLE, $60 $60 -- 1710 E. 4TH Sole. irv. rm., lovely kit., t i e Navy - Child OK - Men J13.-- COZY SINGLES. UTIL. PD. 967 E, Bro-vtwav HE 7-3S93 SEAL BFACH -- OCEAN VtEV/ Modern dlx. wl. fc'«c. kit. Gd so. w/w. Lnrtrv. fflfll. Parking. 1A03 Ocr^n. GE 1 R603." tS5 rno. ADLTS., l-br.. liVe new, 1 blk. sto-'c, tretwtiv bus, SS5, O'i? A w.Her nd. 14337 Adanlic PI. M£ 4 7996 f889 RAYMOND Lflp. l-br., small child OK, Inrtry. BEACH COTTAGES 41S PAST SEASIDE. 3?5 POMONA. Adulls. l tee. tr. Beaut, furn. w/oar. i!30. Also l-br. furn., WS. V/aJIcr. GE 8-2212. 2-E1DRM., iM t rler-mrm ee. Laroe r«mi. 1337 W. 201h, Ant 3 or 4. $37.50-- Small, cute single. Uti . nd Priv. cnlrartcer 3 bus lines. 1033 Alamilos HE 6-6632 S4S MONTH, S12.50 WEEK Dntn. N«ar teach. Ulil. oald. 50 Surlllns Ft. HE 7-9716 waman, at Easy near V/iltcw GA 6-4n. DLX. SGL. NR. BEACH Redecorated. S52.50. 1323 E. "2nd 842 ALAMITOS. Clean sgle. UtM od. Wash fac. 1 adull. s«. Adulls. l« E, X7lh. GA 2-3764 WANTED-- All bldcV PerjiaT kitlen Xir.t home. GP 4-y6 Mi-CLOSE In 500 Maine Mod CLEAN coiv 1-bd/m. act. Wash ing SSO. Adits. 11« Hof(m3_ BELMOHT" Ht's. T or 2 br., sas 220 Ouincv. GE 4 455 J14.50 V/K.-- Lwr. coz/ sgl. Adult* UMI. Dd. 19li Atlantic. GA 6-3277 BACHELOR APT. Walking disf. lo , own. Mo drinkers. Ol W. nth BELLFLOWER' Bachelor i"ti. ws util. paid. J.Q_^. 2s r UliriMes pd. ' 4\t Elm Ave DOUBLE SINGLE APT5- SU cerv/»c/uo. 39 S. Map. HE 7 7i V)5--LcK!. i Immac. Lower sung'e Adulls. 4377 E. 3rd SI 725 CHESTHUT-DOV/NTOWH Children o.k.-- Navy welcome- 73Q1 E, lith-- SINGLE S5S. Utl 5 Dd. ChlfoVen OK. GE 4-2657. ' S67.50 -- 2-BDRM. APT. INQUIRE j APF. 8 630 ELM ST ii CLEAN 1-BDRWi. FRONT APT 1 IflW E. 3RD. I J4S, CLN. uopcr, sci., ernp. man $50--1 BR. (urn. Lee. Idry- V^ate pd. 23*1 E. 5th. GE 3-71S BEL. HGTS. Single. Adults, 3713 E Broadway, GE -123. 549,50, NICELY (urn. sing., waihcr re fro., ulifs. pd. Adults 52S Golden SSS-- REDEC., perm., ouiet, aib\j ti 445 Loma Ave. l SW, SING. uTper. newly decor., ulil j oJ. I44CTA Atlanllc. GA 7-351 j S/5-- BEL. Shore Artistic, sgl., nr everylh : r,g. HE 4-3131; GE3793 IfliM L UP,* SCl., ulil. Cd., Ch:l OK. NO driers. 1050 Newport Ave COLORLD AREA. THIS IS NICE 1-BR. ADULTS. 573. *»7 OL1VE 4] ROSWELL-- SINGLE S57.50 HEiillS; HEt-44Z4 LEWIS. HE 2*634 A. M. 567.50-- LGE. clean welt furn urc't ·;IMC ctoels, Adi Is, 312-D Temp e t S70, SGL., disD., altrac. (urn. Maale. Adul1(. HE 6-270 ^ Furnished Aportm'nts 10^ ; NEW! ^-s^vv*_~% n 1 K- -^-^^^-^^^^, s i Conditioned J 3 a I Bedroom Singles FROM $95 · Exaulsite'v decorator furnished r - Dool · Privale oalio · 5tm e rtecfc · HI-FJ · Carpets , ; draoes * Buill-lr.s · Encfoi-d oar-Aoes · Shopi, s c h o o l ! · Sifd-ng cfoor wnrdrobes. X ! MOST BEAUTIFUL ^ 1 APARTMENTS IN THE AREA 'i Southwood Apis. ,' gOQQ SOUTH ST. *· (Ntar WoorfTuM) f j In L«kM«od TO J.f«M INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELESRAM-- D-5 irnhhed Apnrtm'nts 1 06 Fi NEW 1-BDRM. HEATED POOL SEA NYMPH 3020 MARQUITA [Bl w 3rd fi'dwav oFf OblsIM)) ft Danish modern furn ft FM music In each ant. £ Outdoor living yr Walk'TO dlit. to buj. beat*. CE 5-7551 Octn-SM unvt'me NOW OPEN SPARKLING NEW APTS. Pool. Air cor.dilkMied. 24-hnur iv. lich board. MaJd service. AH uiii- itlcs pd Adlarcnl lo LaVewocd Shoppfnp Certler. From *!30. 5S57 LsSe-.YMd Blvd. ME 44510 "BELMONT'SHORE" Brar.c! new, ccmpletclv furrrsheo. bronze buitt-lns. birch csWncis. l-bd'nu., 2. boVmi.. f* single?. Open Sat. Sun. aiternocni. ALAMITOS BAY Ultra modern l-br. aols. 5S) Ti e kit. bath. Ideal Ice., nr. tramp., marked, etc, Aulom. fdry. AST StDE 1-BR. apt, $65.75 mo. Also 1 slno. Clean i quiet. Garb. dlsn. Lr.arv facilities. Nr. markets Ira.-^porlatten. Atfulls MM Gavlo'fl 2-Bc!rm. Beautiful (urntture ft carpel. Child o.V;. Gas water na?d. 5B5. SPruce 3-1378. 4256 LAKEWOOD BLVD. K DC luxe single. D-j^IMn cuen r^nse. w-w carocls. draoes, Nice lurnMure. Mor. Act. 2. NAVY CHILD O.K. MEN IS 5 mo. S?I ·MrV. HIM. rd. Di^o.. ARGE de luxe 1-bdrm. aoh. W-w carpet, dispesal, garage, l?rgc wardrobes. Cloie lo freeway and *1ore. 575 uo. ME 4-J19?. PENTHOUSE $60 Nkely turn., carpeted, ga^ (fee. 1020 Freeman GE 9-4477 sfcrv. Hdwd. dcorr. Ccol, de^n, c Quiel. Nr. ArJ«ila-L.O. Blvd.-Frce- w,iv G A 2-3794 ; N E 3-0023. ilXBY KNOLLS. l-Br, twin bods, clean, allrad. furn. i8S. AdMs. 719 E. C^r^on GA 4-7/20 ' LARGE. Sql. Nlcel/ furn. New GE reFrig. *70, uMI. pd. Adult;. 1644 E. Slh HE 7-6794 frig., drapes rug. H?S Pine HE 2-OJ73. SPARKLING clean sln^e. UM. pd. Adulls. No pers. Close In. S14 wk. 1-BR. WrlcSev Area. BEAUTIFULLY FURNISHED, Spactcys CWscls. HE 5-557 } LIVE IN KOOL NAPLES 'TWEEN OCEAN BAY S75. SINGLE. DIM' REAL CLEAN. 53 «MD PL. GE 3-G611. I49.SO-NEWLY cTeco. TV Sr pt-onn hockuo. Pool. Oir-slreat oaiklng. 321 D Bur ten, Lvnv;ood. NL 8-6839 doisli, Ir.drv. facilHics. 10015 Alor.tlra, BcHf lower. S4S-SGLE. furn. apl. Utll. Dd. Ldrv. fac.ll. Nr Iransp. 1 chl'd ck. 1515 Stantcn PJace. GE 3-035i -BDRM. Nlceiy furn., rocmy an . Near stores bus. ntat. Adulls. U34 E. 51h AOD. 1-Bdrm. Garb. d)su. Fenced Vd. Child, pel OK. W3 Lcma Vista Dr. GE XtMW, HE i-2653. -BR. cn bus line. Newlv rtdec. N«',v furn. infant accepted. ZSlA'/i E. 10'h. Kev @ ororcry store. 1SS-- CLEAN 1-BS. FRONT APT. Lge. fc-Tccd vd. Washer. Nr. ilorcs f. tHJ5. 1 bflhvr OK. GA7-63J8 1-BDRM Nicely furr. Inclds. aulo. waiTwr. ·sn.SO. 1570 W. Ward'cw Rd. GA 7-71*3; GE 9-07W. 3 4 ATLANTIC SINGLE 1- ?-BRS. ADULTS. UTIL. PD. $50-- SGLE. APT. ADJLTS. Util. pd. 2644 E. 41h. GE8-^» S 5 WEEK-SINGLE. UT(L. PAID. 1929 L. B. Blvd. GE40A65 OV/N£R ~ HE 5-9723 4ICE 1-tedrm. SSS, 2171 Pine, UP- 523 WK., 1-BR., Ull(S, pd, 185 mo. 313 nili St., Seal Beach. Lcng N.L.B very dtkatt. scle. act. A'lio l-br. Aciulli, r.o pel?. 5445 Da rv $5i -- UTILITIES paid. Baby o.k. 421 E. I41h ST. HE 5-1073 W5 -- CLEAN 1-BR. Utlt^. pd. ArJIIs. 2735 E. Broadway, Apt. 6. gar., ad-jils, r,o cets. GA 3-7664. S50 -- CLEAN SINGLE. DOWNTOWN, NR. OCEAN. ?4 S. Oalsv. Ohio. GE 3-4+25 or GE 1-3S10. NICE iivina airs! s; wk. 113. ' 4B20 1-BDRM. pull dren bed. I Blk. N. Of PolV HL GA 4-5M1 1101 ELM-- Large double 2, srKj'cs.- W-w cdrpcl. Ulil na!d. Atfu Is. i90-- LARGE 1-BR. LIKE NEW. 1115 E. 71h ML 7-0937 CLOSE IN. 1-BR, NICE FURN. 841 'A E. 5!h HE 2-4531 $71, S6£, UTIL. Dd. I tf. v;all bed, fnc*. 1424.Ctwifnul. HE 2-2341 $55 1068E.BDWY. UTIL. 1-BDRM CHILDREN OK. UTILS. PD. GA 4-SS41 BIXBY KNOLLS. Newlv dtcor. furn. or unlurn. l-br. GA 6-1071 MS-- NICELY lurn. 2-BR. upcer. CLEAN sgle. ^50. Util. pd., adits., 11?2 Gladys. GA 4 3375. 57-- V/. 61J1, ground fir., 4 rms., w/ 2 DorcJrtS. AdJts. KE 2-i2/3. HELLFLOWER-- 549 50. 1-BR. Utill lies paid. TO 7-H33 s?i-- l-BR. c-jjkln., oar.. adul!s 1111 ORI7ABA GA 7-W15 PLEASANT I-BR. aa1., garage t5IO PACIFIC AVE NICELY F-URN A P T . Sli VIK UP CHILD OK. 1SZ5 CHERRY REDEC. 1 S, 2 Brs., nr. Dart BHL. HTS. Lee. l-br. Nr. bsnch Gas pd. 173. 203 Bclmtr.l. S13 WK.-- SS2"mo."Chri(Jren we come Util. pd. 25 So. Oa Av LcW. Children. 1854 Junlporc S40JO LGE. nicely rurn. Sgl. UHI pd. Adits. 1134 Stanley GE {-6214 A\OTEL Vltfh. aals. w/ DOOl, S17.50 wk. uo. 1777 CUcrry. HE 5-1431. W5-- LOWER SGL. Near 6Th t. Pine Adulls. HE 6-tX t«-- SINGLE, UTILITIES PAID HSt CORONADO 157.50 SGLE.. util. Pd. Across St Ma/Y's HossUal. 1033 Llndfn. MOTEL APTS. day. v»k-, mo. Rms S13.50 WX UD. S22 fteTGU*. 2-BDRM. 6941 L.B. Blyd. Nev/ Furn. Children ok. ..c 9-2i33. Nr. bus stores. 1071 Ohio II 37 GARDENIA $50 LKV/D.-- l-br., w/w cat., mod., gar vshr 535 UD. HA5«H; HA 5^857 ' wise-- 1449 EL//, No. E. 1-Br. In lanl ok. HE 5-9235, KE 5-1760 1 2-BEDRM. WELL FURNISHED 1400 CEDAR HE 5-130 ; SINGLE. 542.50. Util. (laid. Pkr.5 b 1143 Alamilos. ADt. IS · V/RIGLEY-- Large tibl. i cor/ sin gle. 1974 Chestnut. H£ 2-539 J CLEAN reclec. Util. Dd. Rea = BACHELOR APT. J50, util. ce. UNOERprlced modern lower. Adll S47.SO. 1133 Raymond. GE fX * 542.50-- 1-BR., elec. Baby. Free WAS J 1-BR. UPPER. 1 small bachelor ao j 710 E. «!h. HE 6-73? " MO-- GCOD 2-BR. APT. LIKE ' HOME. ADULTS. 1050 ELft i 555-- SINGLE. NICE CLEA I44 A\AGHOL|A KE 4-349 jrnlshed Apartm'nfs 106 DELUXE APTS. '* BIXBY KNOLLS I-BDRM. LOW AS J64.SO ' FURNISHED BACHELORS 1 I-BRS. FURN t UNFURN. . NEWLY DECORATED WARDROBE CLOSETS TILE BATH «r.d KITCHEN ' Ltundrv facilities. Geragel 4485 ORANGE $79.50 PAY WEEKLY OR MO. LUXURIOUSLY FURN. SINGLEj lor 2. HEATED FOOL-GARAGE SUN DECK "THE BERMUDA" 1601 N. TEMPLE COMPTON (1 blor-k N. of Rosetrdis) il b'cck E. ol LB. BlvS.) " NE 2-89 19 THE TOWER-- $69.50 DOWNTOWN BELLFLOWER Ti DELUXE FURNISHINGS 0 LIV. RM., BR., KIT. i BATH * TV f. PHONE HOOKUP * POOL. * FOUNTAIN 97-JO FLOWER, BELLFLOWER TO i-4349 B) WEEK--5LCC (no. F-um. 'i Dra. J4740 UNFURN. Near FrMwav a/id Highway »1. Harbor City. MRS WAKEF1ELD MGR. 131A w. Anaheim DA 6-7390'. MRS SAHSBURY MGR. 1319 W. Anaheim DA 4-114J C LA^^BER1 MGR. HEATED POOL $30 -- $60 -- $110 WEEK MONTH FiEl.UXE 1-Br. D-ioos.ll. garage. A I uti.Hlcs paid. Goofl local/ cool* undcrcrcurvi rec- room. 33M E ARTESIA ELUXE siudlo type apis., furnished or unfurnished 1 i 2-BR.. heated pool, tarlrcue, carpeHrg. L^rgr close Is, ot,r, BUS service at (ronl door. W-7.50 and up. 7?7 Allanllr, L.B. GA 3-«iW LARGE I-BEDROOM . Furr. 'S16.U wk. or unfurn., S13.75 v,ic. Adylli, ,-KT twls. 7800 Madt- BELMONT HEIGHTS , W). V.tin 3-rccrp single. UH'3, nd , 1ndry rm. 1 ?*jlt. Mgr. BELLFLOWER Furn laro* 1-bdrm 175 - 579.50. Heart ol ia«r. TV lack, dlsooMU Irtdrv. rm. 9323 W^lnul. TO 6-0315 $62.50 MO. OR $17.50 WK. Xrra Ige. sole. 1 blk. In beach 937 MAGNOLIA WA krna d-slance frcm downtown: S nni« ^ doubles, SW-M.S. New turn! run?. HE 7-5S97 Sg. w/v; cn1-. dfRoei. dlso-i ilovc, re f r[g., wihr., ^r'£r. 40 ALAMITQS -- F're dniiarulj«l» single. nc-i r ocean end buslnesi d'Slritl, alt uli1iiie paid. IBS. own acf. AM e?ec. l-br. (twin herts}. Comnlclclv furnbhcd. Gs- race. Adulls. 6to Elm Ave. S1W. SINGLE ON REDONDO ADULTS. GE 8-0518 532 E. ESTHER ClEAN NICE SGLE., i55. MEAR BUS SCHOOLS. CHILD OK. ' 1520 E. 2ND C'ean. attract, igles. dWes.V ulM. fur^., w/w cpl.. Irfry facll, SILVER BOW APTS. Sglu, frcm 155 UP Ulil, od. Elt- vator Arlulfs No peta. 330 Cedar, $25 WK. UTIL. PD. BAHAMA APTS., H30 SOUTH ST. BRAND new mod. 1-br, Slidfr.d o'ass doors, bar, disp., pell tirps. 579.50. GA 7-6987; GA 7-8400. Lovely, Quiet Dlx. Sgle. M.L.B. Ifii? Soulh SI. U!!], oa'd, S».. Call GA 3C971 or GA 3-5752. JS5--S90. ULTRA modern I-BR. W-w cpt., dracps, brc,iVlasl bar, disDosal, laufidry ream. Atfulli. 30)1 P. 7Jh GF 9-?.^M DE LUXH 1-BR. nr. 4rh Orange. USD. Birch kilcrv,; disp.; pullman hath Adulh 476 A'mond. . S MIN. TO DNTN. LB. Slnole, lir,viy decora fed 1 . Inq. I?3S Fra.TdiU) POOL Luxurv l-br. apl nr. Wtmorl?j Hosollal. Ford Ritv. GA WOT 1-BR. 170 -- 1920 W. Cameron Child O.k.-- HE 2-W2I, GE 1-7530 UNUSUAL SINGLES , Pool-- Bais Stools, HI-FI, Quiel. ·BR. apf. Icr rent, newlv palnkd/ g.^.rb. diip 1 cNkJ OK, ulilillej paid. 1368 Cherry. LGE. SGL., $45, UKI. Pd. 10S5 Hoff.Tian HE 7-9101 S70--FROMT Db'e., 1-Br., w/w cot. Ctcie in. Nice clean. Autom. wsrir. d-vsr. 830 Chesfnul BIXBY KIIQLLS- $75 lo W5. P/ewlV Furn. Profesi!onsliy rfecor., w/w cot., draccs, Idrv. fdcil. G A 4-7274 RENT wi'fi ODtiofi. Hxlrn Ice. ilngle, GE 3-2721 'III nocn. NAPLES-- I-BR.-- *60 MUNTZ REALTY GE 9-7 f 61 carcc!, drflMJ. Good locat'oo. Children OK. 1071 Linden, No. 6. «S GRAND, BELWONT KT5/7 Do voj wflnl a-jret ^ crlv.? Lovely SEAL ^EACH. flew l-bdrm., w/w carpcf. A^M cab., disp., drapes. 361 13lh Sf. GE l-22« S75-^LGE., COZY l-br. aot., hdwrf., lil«, ajtom. wa^tr, fervced yd. You'M (JVe 11! 1050 Cfirrifoi. 133J PETERSON Clevi, rcj»ly decor, s'r.g'*. 155. INPAHT OK. HE 2-1S29 N.L.B. -- OUIET 1-BR OArdae apt. Seam celi'iv?. Disposal. Lois ot tile. S75. GA 2-2721. 1-BDRM. frcnl. Cl«n wief, 719 Obispo. GF 1-21SS. NEAR VAY CO. 1-BDRM. S7D. GE 1 -96^.1 PREFERRED. lOSSVi EUCLID J50-- BELM. HGTS. sng:e. * shower. Man. UtJI paid. GE 9-67M , $55-- N EAT 1 -B R. Near Memorial * Hosp. Yard GA7-04W; GA 2-69M. · M7.50-- UTILITIES PAID. ADULTS. LARGE DOUBLE. 601 LINDEN . ' H7.5O-UTILITIES PAID. SINGLE. 3 )342 OHIO GE 3-37A7 . REDEC. sing'e- 1 J-Bdrm. Baby or I«enwer olc. 209 E. 12th. K W7.50 UPPER frort sno'e. SuTabli 5 1 oerson. INO. 51 Atlantic. J40-- 1-BR. Child, ok. uiii. included. BEL HGTS-- 1 or 2 Br.-- 1 intertiltd rn ma.TSQing aolj.GE --*557 afl 4. J 550 SGL., utllt. pd. Adults 7 WVJ. !i E. o[ Oierry, 332 O^o. ^ no Dels. 935 L.B. 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