The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 24, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 24, 1957
Page 1
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Monday—High non* — Low 6:42 p.m. Tuesday—High 2:»J a.m. and 11:1.1 n.rn—Low 8:56 a.m. and 7:21 p.m. zowonr TheVoiceofan Industrial Empire-trazeriaCount Weather Forecast rarlly cloudy with scattered shower? tonieht and Tuesday. 1^0 temperature changes. Low tonizht around 74 and hi'h Tuesday 86. . 46 NO. Six Accidents In Area Cities MONDAY, JUNE 24, 1957 streets over i.he past three • . • nw ospital rhi.« morn- tiny.', according to area police ] '"* * hm '". v "' ; er 9 an-,, when Units. :" hr injured her hand Only minor injuries reu'"' ;ni ' hap - I in a [pin.,.. resulted from the, half dozen accidents, hut the amount of damage was expected to go over the $2000 mark. Four of (he weekend mis- bnp< tock pla while Luke Jackson had a pair to report. Four of the six port, took place on Sunday. Frc-eporl police did ret ; n- •w-recks. three of them m Free- vpitijstp n 5:41 p.,,,. acc'ripn: rinrt t-een moved. The n-.isli.m Saturday main as hoth cir? took placp on Fourth Rtrn«t. In front of Sid's Market. Involved were Gilbert Ray Pohuslav and I.nrrv Good-: bread, both of Frer-norl. andj rlama^e was around 14MI. No tH-ots were i.-euod in this ac- eidpnt. arrorrlinif lo the Freeport deportment. A 'ideswinine. wh-ch apparently took place tileht. vvai reported to tv Frrprmrt police rsrh Sunday morning. T!ie auto hit hc'ot.^- ed In Tom Rnhles. who had it nirkerl at Ihe 0,,-h in th,, . it mrUerl at ihe aii-h in J40n block O f Sevlnlh. Mrs. Harold, who was making a turn Into her .home at 413 C>Pt»rway. bad a minor mishap with \Mrs. Rohm: Smith, of Bin Magnolia. Ft-poport. , ^"lase «••« light, accord- .ine to Lake Jackson officers. ,and no tickets u-ere Issued. Carl B. Ring V Dies Saturday Funeral service* v ere h«k! Sunday for Carl R. Ring, fls , of Jones Creek, who died at' i his home Saturday of a heart attack. Rev. J. H. Freeland officiated for the ritp.i which -.-ore conducted at 4 p.m. in Gulf Prairie Presbyterian Church. Interment ivj. in nrar.oria Cemetery with Hrar.ospnrt Funeral Home in charge. Ring was a retired pipeline foreman for the Houston Pipeline Co. and came to the area in 1929 from Michigan. He is survivpd bv his wife Mrs. Minnie Ring; two daugh- ' Mr». Nnrma Hughes of Freeport police ,ire i.n the loo'coiit for a blue car. as pninl nf this color w». lof ( on the Kohlos auto. Hesvv damaee ... . ' • 'I'lHirtjtr - •••'linn i 11 i ^iirf ^ o[ wai done >o the narked ear. ''"he Jackson. Mr.«. June Tester Around S200 in d.ircagej re- »f Jones Creek; three son- bulled in n parkins: lot acej " " " " Kenneth and Robert, both of Jones Cteek. and Harold of t Tyler; two . sisters. Mrs. Digs N'ygard of Kscfinsba. Mich and Mrs. Jenny Johnson of Detroit; and 10 grandchildr»n. Pallb,irers were Tom Palmer. Claude Pursley, T. P Rail. ey, Ruddv Zwahr. Henry Pe(S- sarra. and Leon Leonard. <ionf at the First "Bap"=t Church around li:07 a.m in rvceporfs third weekend accident. Invlovert were Tritett Wat»on and H. E. Peters.' hoth of FrcepcVt, No tickets were is- fueri. Th» finnl necirient ins,dp Frcenort city limits camp ai '2:12 p.m. and toe,!; place on South Avenue C and Division Sti-rrt. Jay Truax. nnpratine au ai:io belonsiiK to D. R. Hill. , n d Jinies Carroll Jr.. nf , „,„ Jackson, were the two drivers in'-oh-ed DurHjue in • tin. .'ifiashup • mounteri to si ion but officers reported that no one was in tr * ctor - tn * enijine-rn. jurcd. Truax >\as given , , 1P Commissioners Court PRICE 5 CENTS Biggest A Bomb jries Fired S -LATE BULLETINS- FT. WO.riv; — Ten young airmen from Carswoll Air Forte B«e irin-,i'..r.d to police today that the-, organized a bui-alary rinz anri ronbed many local business firms. MONTKRF. poisoned him.e^f Activities ('•> r , ; . CalC - The widow of the <c,= n ii«l who rsthrr than face the Hou:-e Un-American -i !P .. ,« withdrawing a s.-.nn.nno damaee ' By COLIN McKINL-AY United Prrss Cm-respondent ATOP ANGF.LS' PEAK. Nev. _.ir_ The Atomic Comrmwion unlf-nseri ihe fifth anr , heffjpst ntom IC cxplo sl on of n.s i3 f,7 cxpcrments todav 1 » h.asl ? n poworf-,,] it r ipp K l off a rln 01 - and C1 - acker j thp , concretp wall of tho control blockhouse- 14 miles away The AEC srud no om « a..- ..... - ------------- '-L .SANTA MARiA. Calif. _ Farmers and highway e n .«rf joined 10 i--> ir a n> tp . r ,, P halfl? P .., ms( ,.,.,„,, pe.ri. that h,v. Mrfaoy cater, jion.itOO worth nf crop- , n (he -roo valley .],;re- they invaded. mil C 4- » h '" *..u"« T 1 ","* f H ?° Ut ;' * nd ' f "' i «-.n7 !h b "Id- ? ' £UdiC " i , ,h. b « lldmg I, now buly „ ,„. ,..„. r~.i , M 10P ;° ndi ' i0n '° r "" bi ' d «7T r ,° ' H ;'• B ' R - Whi " " nd u «•! lor 11 ». m . , nd lh . barbecu. .1 noon .hi, ih> w, rk on WASHING ; r ,: Ei«enho'.<--*>r tod;". almost free of fa, WILLIAM5B!. plan i.« 'tots!!-. ! i Stanley in th? .. governor * ron • t< AUSTIN -. /. ploye* retir«m»r; hond irsup to f- ,-• . m tha election. — Thrp? top nuclear i- U. S. csn now make a isis (old ,,. horn! , hurt, in i h c 1's nuehtv po=t-dawn rnentarily V 'sound WHVP stratosphrrc h heard in Reno. awn;>. Today's del ihrated to ho test in the 20 ,-nnirni p OII ,t fia^h shamed thr ri 3 v!j- h , anr , n . 0 distant, ii; Hprl off t and •• nt •'., 3fl'i mile-- despite Mention. muslu ooin was twice " of rar 'ier. smaller nn?. Las Vegas watch- 'he ugliness of its . Va. Eisenhower - (criers! school aid ,a..i:eri- accoidmg to Gov. Thomas address today at ihe 4S, h annual Bridge To Honor Velasco -"'"' h °'- 5 '''' : - . maiion v.-a^ «al- the first m.-uoi . -hot su m ir,<:i ex. perimc-nls of Kiaml n"-v -i,-x| mole-like t . v i 1 i ; , „ „„,,„,. ground shelters. latlianon- protecti\-e clothins for snidie-r-- 3nri t-iyilian.s alike anr-: ihe effects of deadly radiation on .loodstdfis. 1 " s hlast fjf|,] lookeri iii-,. a Colony of E i hn , , rai ,. rinoi .= p:der d-vellincs. riotted a-; r «as with thick <r wrf ,,,, , inrr , = tnu-tiires in -.-inch hi,, T .ar aro intend.',-! ,„ ,„,,.,. - nri rv| . Via pop-up fieri cmo:.:. Hoar Shakss Nevada A thunderoiis ,ou- ,1- Funeral Held On Sunda For Final ritc-s for A. K. iCap» Aiiflisop. 8S. of An»loton. were held Sunday ,11 .? p.m., at the First Baptist Church, of Angle- ' ion. Ilev. John L. Shcmrd. pastor, officiated at thp services, and ljurial \v»s in the Analcton ('cmrUTi under oirection of FIESTA FISHERMEN TO NEED ROOMS tylEA DOES NOT HAVE to grant right ket for faiitire of wav. Lake JreUson't first n-i«rap ram? at 12:10 p.m. Sunday an ri took place- at the intersection cf Center Way and Cir"lp Way It involved L?e Henry R,i|| r r of Freepnrt. and Harry Nelson of Lake Jarkson. Rail wa.t given a ticket for failure to grant right of way in this $175 accident accord- r n (L/ n t Q 8k n Jllr "' on Poiir< - t-'"ef J. S. Rrown. 2 Deieaatbns Expected At Board Meetinq Unscheduled hut semi-ori(»n- t?.ed groups of parents concerned with thp band program at Frccporl Junior Ili«h School and the kindergarten piogram- In itenei-al are expected In ap- thp Mrajosport School Hoard. Oilier than Ihe possibility of involve no major decisions It will begin at ?-,tfl ,, ,„. j n t ne music room of the hi»h school, and will be ihe first meeting Since r.M-l-Mn) . All houTj tnnr nf l.anier School, hpfinnmji ct fl;3fi ,,. m ., «-il! piei-edc Ihe meeting. The aseiTl,. iiu-ludi's approval of the .school calendar for the I^T-^fl school sear; and a ronjtruction stHtu« report. ci Marine News IN DOCK S s Hilulru Phillipj, Do.-ks DUE S t Hiili-h Wsrnor I'hiiiips (locks Around B r a z o s p o r t MAliK H A T T r", U S O N - h:i^iiilliii i .i.-li-r a^-.iill \\lth fcii'.uicr l.-.-ui: of l!u> Dow '!"-! I" hi.!' . THKI.MA Wll. 1.IS luck on |ne .lob ;,Hoi d Iriji l.» Ati>tiil . . . V'1I{<;1NI\ HOI.MKS. Mill the inu.M e ,i th>i..ia.,lic Bouks. v. iiikri vi' knim . Lois of Hiar.o.s- [i.iitei-s lu.ik ID iln- be .idles over the .iiiKclld jnij tlu- Iliudlili-d c<indiii..n i)t toe Miif did little to disco, ii.-ijfi- tm in . . . COLEMAN HAMILTON i w ,-k from v,ii..ii,,n . ticcpoiK-us MR. ami MRS. SAM (JiiK.AK and family icli.i iied m-.-iHh fn, m • vacation iiH-nt MKln. : ci;'iiig ,n tns HI I'd- .111.111.,! MajsU/f, Afii, «nd Koiu!', Utili. l *"k. although it,m»i- b» a «eek or more before t"i« ,im. and can reach Ihe agreement n«rwary to open the iipan to traffic. "Velasro Memorial Bridg*" is the name of the crossing. which at the time it was be- Kun would have linked South Light Bulb Sale Starts In LJ Today the consolidation in ft name con .cant events monument ected will, signif- in the state s hi.,- « - of link the tm. halve merged Free-port. The uin-im? entrv u- g » „,,,. milled by Mr< Fred Oilli.-iv of llfi North Avenue D, Freeport. She will receive as .-. prize, the thr»e-pipcp set of lusKase donated bv the J. c Penney Co Thp name she turned in vi ,-,< selected from a total of ififi On* of HIP principal holdup* .' .. is-lhe lighting jltfldarcis, ;v hich Am.Hu the,, were the., e... Comnissioner JMV -Vorris told Mb'uhov-nt of For, V-lasco Ihe committee «\re nm 1,, oy the Mexican government m Ufactory. A letter from We,tl i.-e early Kith Century; th, mchouse agreeing to :»tt|pnient known as Velajcc. the standard- would ».on« the b-sch ridje. which mott of the difflcultv ' a< wiped out in the 1300 Norru said that h« "^' m - arrange a meeting of the ryr- Prtor to that storm, the . O r, mvoived in changing Thp Known a, \ fiasco before con- '.ride- from Dr ,va,e to public 'ohflatton wn« called New Ve- USP together for l.i-ro Fort Velasco and -he thi.« -..-eek. n"irby Brar.on Rivpr wa» also R»sides n ho uk . n » <:„-, k ,, p up vj , h , h> ..„„„,,,„ d> m.nd In th. p r «..n. .,p,n«i on bo , m . , nd Fr , , } »« «• r lr.ld ,h., „ wiu . fc. woff , dur , ^ T ; Fl«U »h. r will hold July 4.T. mi -ion was ric!nn,"i'd platform suspended «T. foot diametry halloon ia-1'ive a . 7 mi ,„„, Frrni-hni-ns Flat. I's po'ver was rxli, t of rjo.onn TXT, tn.nnii ii-oi- Hiroshima- movinz to n.inbury . . ^ I'.ere he 5fr\-ed ;»s Monda> of this and Tuesday nights | find Hor»ce Owinfts. chairman ol the Mlectlon commi'le*-. said that the thought of the tudses hers ol the Lake Jackwm Lions ''.'1 ch " osln «.the name wan tlv.t Club making nsiu to the ' npreo - v '"« hridse would Jackson tecond • <-'! nome§ of Lak» Jackson resident* an their tecond hghi hulb sale of the year ge.U un- ! der way. Thin s»le. which U r>n« of two held during the year, is thp I'onipltuofi of one which 1 as planned earlier but oost- poned becau«« or late arrival of bulb*. Th« hours of .V30 to 10 p m "ill be neioied 10 me ««lr and • w no Lionn Club members u-lll be .-filing tne assorted housenold Irom Ih* tale will go to Lions ehildien's and communiiy pro- je<-" in Lake Jackson. Jack Greeno.-rg i.< chairman of, the light hulh sale conin it z,n;;r,,r',';:—';;r™;^ . v The Cnamber i, nlan »«««. ^"^ cer P em the bridge itself, but sci th* d a i, until the caru.o count. Wleczyk Is Named 1st 'Beach Comber' The firsl in citizens of F •cues of luckv- » heie In- 'oria Cnunt.v i sumnifr. K • re in'.ctt's'.pd in keeping the area beaches clean received * real surprise this weekend Its all part nf the e('oit« of the Keep Bra?.ona Coumv Beautiful Association to n-.ake Ihe beaches more attractive for ev ervone. A lovuiji canieiainaii this lear- Area On nrks during tne his efforts—Leo sav s. hr spends his free time cleaning ihe beach — he \va.s ihe Mirpiise vMiinci- of a $5 m er- .-bandise certilicale from one of the puii-iam's two sponsors The i .uneranian the I.each each w< -nri to ri.ilin, fi,h, rm . n hoplns . B ,.. M p, r! „.„. w..kd. r ,. w •.. in brief Methodist Picnic A'iffixon w (t T uorii in Luuisi- H.'I.-I. ,-iml died in thp Angleton c\pin- Hr '-i""''l ("i June 22. He bad f,,,,,. .. hc'-n in ill health for sump nn,.V, ' 'im«'. He lived in Bra/..,i'ia I'ounly for 40 ymrs. and during aU that lime was in law cnioiL-cn-.enl work. Fie vvori.ed witii. the Fi-pcpi'r'. Sulphur Con.p.iny in plant protection ' lc " i! ! un: ( | his ri'iiivmrnt i n 19.;[>. hci, Variety Of Films To Be Presented The progra-ri this veett fnr the «ur. mer recreation reniers in the l)r»-o.nort .j. ,-, •, ,11 t fi . "ire a variety of rr.oi e en'er- The an Mnndaw. Autiie MI.IP'H s'ar in "Kid fro'r. Te\a«" on Ti-ewiav, "Let's Go ...„. .Navy «i|| b« shown with the'Pai Rower>- Roys. ^ r \, Wednesday's program will 'i-ature several cutoont, w"ile .. UK- main attraction for Thurs. on day will be "Mystery Submj- -ill rinr" with McDonald Orev ih'.neh picnic, sf .•o ;>> t., f Me,nodi-- Meih -11 injh! at 6.30 p.m. ,,, Ine i. a |, lion. Thp event is beic. lo welcome thp iu>\ Rev. U'eldon R Morton "ife. and "hri-p sons tor, hn 's making incline of someone v, ho For FYiday. the »„ extra effon to .hown movie to bi BEACHCOMBEn OF IHE WEEK-tb.r. th. lul. gi,. n to Bf..oip<><t H-»h Sckmi .ihUU L.e WUc.yk who w «. ipall.d by Ih. phglogttph,, daiug UU bil i« el.»n up Bi.. 0 »pon , b.*ch «<•• U.t witt,. Uo<»« th« »un>ic». of th. K..p BiMoii. Comilr BituUfuJ AiiOcUliofl, ta4 wuh lh. coop.,41101. of Ih« r»c»», t »i«c»w<»mb«t si th« W.«k will b. ausid .lea w*»k. ''Beachcomber of tbe Mil i ci t'lv e a $.S gift < t'l'tiheati' from either Wi'in- k.'iton.s or J. c. Penney Co. and will have their pictme in Thp Fads. Ihrough courtesy of Parly Flo-its. Inc. working ,„ coop'. i-.,-:tu)n with the KBCBA, and the c o u u t v i-omimsMimeiV I'ouii i, hit. mg the ban-els ••iiiptiHil weekly in an rffm-t to eliininau. ih K inn.,- aiui I tra»n le/i by pu-nickcrs on ihe ' The vi inner eould be t .|lhi?r of the barrels placing Int.,- T,t a ,-ack —innm-iiijj his icfu> K d>ii b.u-k nil,, lii... n au . r j n s, eo(i ' "t k-;,\uix ilu'in on the beach lu rui in thi" -mi. He nn.Id be doing am,.,,,.. of a uuaibii ,,f different Ihinas Ihe lilaitiuill.iil will l-.e lov ' Ulg «>.1 he will b,. luoM , ,, l*.r "Beaum, ubir ,,f Uu , ie«ve .in arc* dian fui the nexi pcrsoil. The KBCBA foel th,u the leoigiiiion and the uifi .ciiiti- uite combine to make a picllv nwd gift . |u.,i [,„ JuUijj Muiie- ,. t , tvctiuut- .--hould du — ivtiip Briuoiria C'ounly Bcau- pay (o,- dom.B M«uctiiin K for which a pcr..on is liable to a ill) to $200 line £01 NOT Officer Group Elects S. Ue Hraroria \iiorney Sd Jtaff Judge County nistrict m I.e* was elscted >t a r«- -' -•" ssociation The |uinci|>,i duties of the judge advocate are to serve a.' the legal advisor and legal of- iuvr for the ai«oci»lion for ihe coming vear. ! Lee rs« been active in Hie ! Aimed Farces Reserve of the United States for more th^n 15, and «„ recently oromoted 10 •!># r «nk o/ fi,!l Commardfr in the Naval Reserve — - - o Stolen Auto Found In Alvin A stolen car was foi.nj in Aivm about 9 a.m. today by M- vin city Policeman RODCI 1 til II1U11. Ciiiiimi s,, id tlut the i-»i- ls a black and white 1856 ford bearing Louisiana license plates and was leportod stolen in Houston June 16. Gisnun .said be found the car near the old fig pl»m in Alvin and that a check is being ui.nle in identity the owner. He said he h;a no informi- • on as lo «h, ihe car uas in Alvin or who iefi u there. I iniiiil I'MIIUU y.-ar. a sheriff's "i-liulv lor 10 VIM:-.-. lie was Ir.insfcrrrrl lo Anzlcion RS a ncp'jty in l!M!l. and marie bailiff of the Br.-i7.ori« County Dis!i if! Court in I fl.").-;. Survivors include his \>. jfi>, Mi:-, (.'nrrif AddHon: one steu- d.,ughtei-. Miss AUdolm Addi- FOII of Anplcton: a daughter, Mr.-. Leslie Cooper of Mouslon: four son;. Kn.mott. Doc. and Rert of Houston, and Jack Ad- divui or Suear Land. Pnlllirnrer.s were E. M. Hen- dcrsi-.n. Alton Arnold. Louie Guidry. Frank llciman Gcorse ".an. Mickey Walker. Honoiarv palliic,,rp| > \ t eie Ch.ulie R;>anci-, W. C. Mcl.rn- fion. E. L. Boston, Louis Min-.?. •I H. rov.s. S.un Jamison. ,lnp Bill.-inck, Walter Pclliei .lo» lludcrk. Ted Walker. Jim' Ke>. P, M. riiipton, Jud^e G I". Hardy Jr., W. A. KandlV Doe I..iFari;c. Capt. Chn^ Hi-! hint.!, nick He,-..on. and Hu^J- 11. Hicks. Rites Held Saturdav » F-imral ••.'!•, -iccf for .Vi- .-•ranees Zapalac. 71, of An -letor. «ere held Sa'urday at :he Aueleion Fm.-neral Horn- C'raprl. with Re--, p. p ru w .. op of the First Presbyterian Cb'.rcb. offli-Mtins. IniiTn.uni -.-. as in (he Angle. Jure 21 « include three M,-s. ijosu- Andreas 'Mllir.liiii. Mrs Fi ^n- Mrs HGFEFULLY LOOKING »1 F.cii Phoiogr. U>«m out wti. ,om. of th* r.iidtnu at the t »*eoid 44 dos« coughi in ont w»«k. Tht pl*nl oo lh. , 1C , lr »ck roa d, i t b*lw..n 4 and i p. m . « dch d , y „, sny , ims lh. dog OWMI can local, th. do s cttch.r. pnsr Don Wilion ai i powibl. fri«nd lo bail C JH dog pound. The pound rscsnlly held pound, which ii loc.Ud near th. i8w «r by tnt jnd dogs c.ny fa e unieved ther. u-nnj ih« day from I ».m. unlil S p.m. jf . H(-nr\ Zapalac of lu-. Kianl... Aiiolph. Albert 7.?nalac of -.1 i- i-,,,, can get, . L- la.-i-a.-ung, tu.i.'.i.-p.>rl Farts l '--' Af| -- "' .;„;. ;„ SELL. KENT HIRE. TRADE OR Want Ad ctt-kk in Kr.zo.spoi-t Facts 311 East Park. _ MAIL ynur V,atil Ad to Bia-.ojport Facts. Box !f'5i

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