Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 3, 1973 · Page 31
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 31

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 3, 1973
Page 31
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12* SAT.V FK 1, 1WS, TUCSON, AI, IMPORTANT: Check ; ypurad the first day it appears. In event of ' ; _fiy errors please call 622-5855 between 8 A.M. arid : 4 P.M., Monday thru Friday; 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. on Saturday; 10AM. to 2 P.M. on Sunday; to correct for ' second insertion; NO C L A I M S W I L L BE ALLOWED FOR MORE THAN ONE INCORRECT INSERTION. BUSINESS OPPS. Retirement .Income Rock shop rental on large .B-lf lot. On busy ' corner. :G.obd financing excellent potential. CALL ED TRUMAN'. . «B2-9!8S . · " ' '. /yo- · : ' '800 ··--' iKEAL ESTATE WANTED Protect Your Credit ° on 'l '"U.-Vour home equity credit Doris L. Smith Realty 880 S. Craverofl _ _ WE WANT .. . . and every · o her kind of house imaginable. Anything from an Igloo to castle can be sold when vou call us! WE NEED $ LI K STINGS! CalTToday, 792-4810 Safeguard , Realty INCOME PROPERTY SPACIOUS DUPL'EX UNDER CONSTRUCTION POLO BY BUILDER ,2 BEDROOMS EACH SIDE CO!'-" ·" '"MA-PAl.Q VERDE ROBERT Kin CONST. 793-7587 GR ZONING 200x250 Trailer park, .separate gas k 'lectrlc hook-Op. MM. Term;. Lu- jllle 'flitter. DIMS Realty, 325-2641 or 126-0780.. . .. ..; .;_ R CONSTRUCTION. Mint unit .U««^'n*» t : J . One ^ bedroom. UNDE stu: kltciieiiet1e7"Ylr-c'ondltioned." 725~" El Elm Street. Mr. Johnson, Lincoln Homes, 298-5772 after a PM. DELUXE MODEL This 23 unitsnlcely furnished motel fee ures nice owners' home, beautiful pool, patio and Rtc. hall, plus MU Jop. no. Excellent Income and fermi, only 40,000 down. Clll Larry Spencer, »7- BRAND NEW 4 two bedroom units In too northilde ares, all brick, refrlaerated . with many luxury features, 110,000 down, excellent terms. Exclusive with Lincoln Truit Co., 2308 S. Craycroft, 7939327; eves. 327-5364. CASH TODAY . REALT ' IM oMf Tfl^ Iw WMMl llr ..-: · 60' SPACES MOBILE HOME PARK . ACRES. TREES. SHADE. HALL. EASY TO MANING' S225.000. WITH ASE CALL-KEN JW-27JO E OR- HOME 296-84327 ROWENA SINCLAIR REALTY, 4641 N. E ASKI RMS.PUE Y- TIME :c ...SNA SINC FIRST AVE. A T ANY . MILgRA MACK, BJtOKER. 325-5022. TAVERN ' NO. 6 -- OWNER "LEAVING TOWN Aridfrpw Is your Opportunity to own this established business and real es- wlth good terms. Priced to sell at ~al for details. -- 885-2975 it Co. Inc. " ' r-4-bedroom home. Call 298-3358 =ves 325^434. Beal Real y/ fi°7 E. 2ind Street. o. . 8(1-3210 "CHARLES.*. GRAY -- IIS- 'Cummlnas Realty fc Trust C . REALTOR, 1725 N. Swan Rd. I .USED CARS, by owner, good S. 6th Ave. location.-Good business, potential even oreater, price Includes In' receive. Requires $5,- sect.USE ith Ave. I .entlal even greater, ventory iTwcti reci OOP. »2a-07l, M4-7644. B-l FRONTAGE 7JFront Feefpn 22nd St. Betwww tr»¥frott ·*«'Wllmot with a 1400 M. ft. Jpurwinq./T«;!n» availabin. Call crnli Graves, 325-2871 or at resl- "^Strunk'Realtyi .Inc. ·' .-' '303iVN;Swan SHOPPING CENTER 14 store units with covered mall, prim* Broadway: location, A suoerlor property. Qfttrw. bvAwner at very low price. P.O: Box «12, Tucson, Arizona, ··"· * · ' · · ' · · ' · ··' ' " · · EXCBLLENT INVESTMENT,·antique and china.shoo, wV plus Inventory..Ill «69r29J5..-...;.__ Boartment. S2.MO HAVE PROPERTY -WILL TRADE 'nterested in selling or exchanging the follow- ng property: 76 acres in Final County 6 unit ap. complex near Campbell Plaza 14 unit apt. complex near Speedway Columbus 3 Br home in Eastern Hills t.' $8.8,000 1st Mortgage" 6 units Downtown on Stone 3all Dan Murr, Denton Real Estate, 881-2590 eve 297-4921. ' 722 MONEY WANTED » ACRES IN THE heart of farm land near Columbus, New Mexico, $3500 or trade for van or car. 2M-5?M. englneti ars. Orli years. Original model has and proven Jit: ' $45,000,construction.money needed to build'-exclusive home.that Thlt patented home takes ful tasa of alhtbe.scenery and lov llvlnq »f its fullest. Home n-ent netr nl and development (or u ' -iwdel haj been buill 5 years. Return ot .,,, ... Interest within 6 month!. Secured .by, home under construction. Call Ed Kachnlc or Bruce Harding, 795-*597; Three mortoases at 50% discount. Two approximately 110,000 and one 120,000 face -- 10 year stop. Bob Irvln MARCHANT REALTY, INC 792-4185 766 REAL 1STATE LOANS NEED A LOAN? 777 Mortflog«s*Contractt HlftHESt'pRiCE PAID for axliUM rn wn ti«J i r r\i wh r«~*n»' i«» » *«. second morlsep;* ana contracts. 2«- 8207. " ' - . " · . ' ' Bill. WANTED -- 'buyer for Second mortQ»fle, Well fecyred and guar- ameeTby reputable firm, Favo : H.IH.WW · -- r ' Tr--- ' -- ·-- " , ' . . . rable tirms'-- excel ent nterest · - ^-^"R'te rate and 4! lc £ un ""' "IS or call'in person' at icson House. ._.. ""H«.»1SJOO . Geror 792-4B8S 12-4185 orTut rSfTtl ORf 6A6E . for « a l , _ cash. Pays 1216.71 per month. Doubly secured, Call Ralph Geror MARCHANT REALTY, INC. Best prices for your mtges -- Contracts. 792 1030 or 887-7545 eves McCann Real Sstate. ·USTI'NGS WANTiED MULTIPLE MEMBER Bob Roberts Rl. Est. 819 E. 22nd St. _^ 325-1552 FIX UP Nine units with extra B toned land near Alvernon and Grant. Asking $68,: TOO. Consider trades. _ DICK FOERSTER 296-5317 Cymmlngj Realty Trust Co. Inc. EALTOR, 1725 N. Swan Rd. 6tl-3210 Want a Bargain? ry these 6 blk unlti off N. 1st Ave., ur 2 br t two 1 .br, lovely furnishing: all, each duplex on Its own lot, FC wncr carry after,low down. Asking 68,000/total. ' RO-'BRCN DEV. CO. 228 5. Tucson Blvd. 624-6635 OWNTOWN duplex, loned business ed brick, s rooms, sultablp for home ccupatlon type business, -tf 1,000. Scl r trade up. Broker-owned. _OE NORJEGA REALTY 294-6123 UPLEXTone bedroom, central loca on. Assume balance, low down, or oconrT mortage. 327-6586 or 297-125 flerS. 810 REAL ESTATE EXCH( LMOST new -- 2 bedroom Exoando aller In beautiful Tucson Estates xcellent furniture -- will trade for - WANTED free and clear property for xchanoe, 140,000 and Up. Dioqs Real- ... JEPENDFNT REALTY 0 26j4347 4034 E. Grant ; RAILER PARK - by owner. 35% re- urn on $30.000 down. 68,000 spendable fter all payments expenses. Prlncl- MAKE OFFER! On this lovely 3 BDRM Vh bath h vely 3 BDRM Vh bath home large family room. Owner It In lot, acreage, car, PICKUP w/lovelv nteretted truck, mobile home. Try thinp. call (ionnlt Wade ui on any , 117-2121 or Red Carpet, Realtors L. J. "Van' 887-2121 ' Vanderwerf, Broker __ M7-2121 New Pueblo Beauty Exchanqe Specialists 149-W. Grant Rd. Alan R. Friedman 8, C. Rlchnrd Bloomfleld. 623-0511 HAVE: 523,100 equity in luxury duplex MO.OOO In seasoned paper and cash. WANT: home J40.000 ^- $80,000 .' Please call Mr. Hamilton 795-0344: or HENgl'RSON REALTY : .' .795-2195 4150 t. : Broadway 1 »R HOMB NBWLY DECORATED Mobile Horn* onl + Kre with boating ft fithlna privileges. WANT camplm waiter Hlli Ji;6^112 Purp"'s'aqt Rlty WHY NOT TRADE? Exchanging property could be the solution to your-problem.and save you.-time, money anc taxes at the same time For a confidential inter view call Dan Murr Denton Real Estate 881 2590, eve 297-4921. TAKE YOUR PICK COLONIA SOLANA bulldlnq lot. acre facing Randolph Park. Prestige area. CENTRALLY' LOCATED Duplex, 3 · i t bedr cooling. bedrooms and 2 bedroom, red brick posslblt bus I refrigerated ntii 6 'RENTAL UNITS. 1 three bedroom and 5 one bedrooms. Always full. TRADE ONE OR ALL FOR VACANT LAND NEAR TUCSON OR TUCSON INCOME PROPERTY. CAN ADD CASH OR OTHER EQUITIES. 296-7451 ANDY PHILLIPS 29M44 STANDARD Insurance and Realty 5720 E. BROADWAY, REALTORS REALESTATE Deluxe Mobile Home Trade for home or lots In Tucson arej trade includes 1 year free space I modern mobile park. E. A. Phillips Realty 1152 N. Cravcrolt J8.yi 800 RIAL ESTATE WANTED CASH TODAY FOR -YOUR HOUSE 598-1562, aneht -- Hendrlcks Realty. ' I HAVE .CASH And will buy properties and eault; davl Call Dick, 296-6145 eves. 298-: D-M REALTY*. TRUST CO. ___·· 2125 S. Cravcroft CASH FOR YOUR HOME TODAY CALL FRANK AT 885-1476 . HENDRICKS REALTY, LISTINGS^fEED Land anywhere I ED: on Lots, Raw in southern Arliona. Call Al Marks, Eves; 296-6524 SAHUARO REALTY M6-2576. WISH TO BUY FOR cash direct from owner. We,l built, hlc-h cclllna, 3 bedroom. 2 bath home. Between Norrls Ave and Wllmot. North of Broadway. Write -SHr-.r-ltlr.n Box 204-A. WANTED TO LEASE 4 bedroom home or 3 bedrooms with den or studio + family room. Located on the east or northeast side of Tucson. Privacy and seclusion on several acres desired Contact Katie Crouch Wl-2110 or-Me-0163 eves. Sthadron Realty, Inc. ^SHAPRON BLDG. 4439 E. BDWY. YOUNG coupla wlth-cash want rental property or land from owner -- size, condition unimportant No southsido property. 296-1186. LISTINGS WANTED Homes, duplexes, residential courts, trailer courts, business frontase, acreage. Experienced estimate of value and . counseling, promptly, at no charpe. We advertise and concentrate on selling our own llstlnqs. Please call Mr, Blute or Mr. McLane, 325-2678 or «VCJ., 299-6033. Strunk Realty, Inc. 3031 N. Swan I BUY EQUITIES A __ Lee ThomTson Broker, 297-3773 _ .WE NEED We desperately need nice 3 and 4 bedroom houses In all nelahborhoods. we have Qualified buyers waiting with cash. Pleaie help us locate these nice sew *. caiijtBGiNe VOISIN or TERRY THOftrit at «1-2W or 327-5334. Shadron Realty, Inc. _SHAD RON BLDG. 443* Jk _ INCOME PROPERTY WANTED. In rf.osf cases w» can doubt* your wulfv, keen your Income the sam* or in- Sreasf If and W* « all ffve wnrjt. Call 7»-|iS f»r appointment. MAfcCHANT 820 REAL ESTATE SERV. FOR new homes or foothills bulldln sites, call Ernie Cantrell, 297-244 Cantrell Rcalt". 888-2062, ' NEWCOMERS VISITORS IF YOU SON AS, HAVE CONSIDERED TUC v PLACE.TP. MAKE YOU ABOuTbu'R'CITY, LET U HELP'YOUI WITHOUT ANY O1ST ' QBLIGAJIC IGATION. WE HAVE THE MO! ^#4viL; N B^ CO W A f, S NC P L A U C C - · -«r * ».in I M G D D A A A T I O N C NTALS WEALS^PR'O" 'NH(SUS'ES','RL... HO^tANb.ANp. Shadron Realty, Inc 622.7627_ 825 Reiort-Voeation Prop. units, S. Clark, 524,000. $5000 dn. Ba units, S . 7th, t t 9 , 5 0 0 . ' : · · - . . ' · units, S. Tucson,' 537,JOO, on l oan. EARL'S REALTY 23-5425 294-257 Vhen you can RENT? n this, furnished 130 INCOMI PROPERTY BY OWNER, Twp-duplexe* on separate lat. All rented. n*er Speedway- Swan. 111X1534. · Easy To Do Flx-uo these 1 units incl a 2 br home, n xlent NE area, some with beam ceilings knotty pine paneling. Only 325,000/total. Low down. ·RO-BREN DEV. CO. 228 S. Tucson Blvd. 624-6635 SOLID VALUE Nice Brick Duplex with Bdrm Apt. Near Swan being transferred and _. only 127,500. To qet action a I 4 a Rd. Own et. Rr.lce . rred and set price al ..... '0 qet action! HURRY Call the Lucky #795-2030 Ask for weeda or Jack \GRAN7WAYl JUUUIK.ll 1 405C East Grant Road · fjo INCOMI MOP«TY INCOME ANYONE? 9 unit apartmant complex rnottly new or remodelled, A real money-maker with minimum care. All 1 bedrooms ·nd priced at 155,000 with $12,500 isked down. Owners ire aged and want to retire. Any reasonable offer on down payment will be considered. Seller carrv contract. An Ideal opportunity to start In Investments In real estate with maximum opportunity for leverage, T__ I 1. Elali small L._ ThlSJmal Ima -2590 ranch Includes north/south landing strip. A very poor ranch house with a fine Irrigation well -- 410 ft. deep with a 20" casino. Well has an International U-2 engine which pumps too eal per mln. This s the ^est well In the entire Sonolta Valley, ·xcellent corral and cattle pens. The louse Is presently occunled bv a ten- Price -- $334,000,00. Barbara OFFICE BUILDING A centrally located facility with good rental history. Totally leased to top echelon tenants. Will provide an excellent return on Investment. Reoulres $50,000 to handle. Call JIM COBS 7V5- 4740 (24 hr. phone), .. .. FIRST ; IEALTY INV. CO. ·UGOE. BROADWAY 795-4740 ·1.0-2 Bedroom Units Priced to sell, near U of A. Excellent Income property with extremely high Excellent Income Property Red-Brick Duplex, Furnished 2 tr 3 Bdrms. Centrally Located. Assume 7% VA. MtB. APPX. $24,600. Payable at ?217. Pill. Price $28.900. To see Today Call Jo Hubbard 3^-4422. Johnoff Realty '327-6009 return. th ea i heated Carport with each unit. Always full. Owner will carry with reasonable down at qoino " " ' ' Intel rate of Interest. Seller extremely Interested in any offer; For In' "-calf Jeff Martenien at Ml-21 BY OWNER. One bedroom'red Wick duplex, hear U. of A:, newly deco rated/ 124,500. 792-2177. :Call after ' p.m.. ______ S rmatlon or MS- own this, furnished 1 edroom duplex all ready appraised at 23.900 FHA. Separate 2 car garage. onvenient to U of A. 1732 N. Tucson ivd. Call Charlotte Reaver 325-1583 Ves 325-4292. KILE JARVIS REALTY WALK TO U. OF A. Inht 2 bedroom apartments with nat- ral fireplaces plus four laroe studio oartments with 'separate kitchens, nuiually nice owner's.two bedroom orne with private patio. New heated ool. Property In excellent condition. lancy, record, income IfleS askinq Orlce of xcellent ocCuO'. lore than lustl'.... ,, .. 160,000. For more detailed informa- on, pleas^ call BOB NATHAtiSQN. 2676 eves; Shadron Realty, Inc. SHADRON BLDG; 4439 E. BDWY. Be Your Own Landlord!! Live In the front house on this IVi acres at 4200 E. Glenn and rent out the other 3 houses on the property. Build duplexes on the 3 surveyed lo' ' * ._ . nil off. Cal lntmen retire or^ur- 8 3 INVESTMENT PROP. 844 Business Prop.-Frontoge ARIZONA RANCHES AND FARMS laln-Sonolle Are* -- 4*0 Acres with ill Ranch House -- Rain Valley rancnji/w-ayarler.horses. -. of hloh (5,000 ft.) and. In beautiful " ' " 4BO Acres of ,5,XO ft.) list grass Rain Valley. The onti mild long 2. Elgln-Sonolta Valley -- Ranch -- 1,MO Acres -This property Is 1,000 acres of beau llful, hlch flat grassland. The elevation Is 5,000 ft and Is approximately 20 , degrees coole t and Is r than Tucson. The ranch consists of approximately 541 acres of deeded land and 455 acres of state lease land. Railroad thru the east edge of the property. The pr onert"- extends ·Ight Into the town of Elgin. The ranch nouse Is really not liveable as is. The ilue here Is the land. The property could also be divided a subdivision: . ------------In this area are prlclna tlwlr property three to five times the $450.00 er . dcedeti acre on this ranch. I consider this property to be a bargain. Price -1243,450.00. Barbara Brock 881-2110, . Shadron Realty Inc. SHADRON BLDG. 4439 E. BDWY. -CLOSE TO COMMUNITY CENTER Convent Ave ..-,. Value is In the land -- 5«'x161' Zoned R-4. Priced to sell. Grantway Realty t Ins.,, Inc. 795- MEDICAL/DENTAL A well Jltualed Eaitjlde ft.clHtv. which wlii "provide «" pood," low-riik yield on invested capital for « new owne quires approximately $50,000 wi cellent terms. Please phone COBB 795-4740 (24 hr. Phone). Vn apoblntment to ther Income or i bara Stevenson f_. _.. _, see and to Qualify. Ideal retirement deal. 298-3328 or 885-3063 STRUNK REALTY Inc. Eastside 6920 E. Brdwy., Suite G 298-3328 FIRST REALH 4400 E.BROADWAY alsonlv. 'ox 11 : or further Info write 'ucson 85706. FIXUP SPECIAL .uplex 2 Houses (brick aY block). 2500 down owner carry. Only J19,- Home '-H 2 br home + *Bt +12 mobile Iwme paces Incl 4 mobile homes, xlent orlh area, good gross, ramada, BBQ, lundry more. Asking 172,000/total. !0,000/down. RO-BRiEN DEV. CO; 28 S. Tucson Blvd. _ 624-6635 500. "B" Farnsley. rrcwTltht Realty 792-3021 5 DUPLEXES On one lot, 1 2 Br., red brick, 12 vrs. ew. Low malnt. -- sood location N.E. ncome $1400 per month. Priced 6Vs X sart ves. iown payment. Call Bill Coon I25-44D4. SOLOT REALTY CO. 301 I.. BROADWAY 325-26J5 May Trade Submit your offer on this nice duplex unit, 'erms n north area, utll rm with each Is 2 br, Asking J29,500/tOlal. available. ·RO-BBEN- DEV. CO. 28 S. Tucson Blvd. 624-«635 Easy Money 5-M08ILE HOME SPACES $175.00 PER.MOV lus -- a lovely 2 Br-2 Bath Home .V: Acrcs-Corralt for horiei. Cook W3-1543 or 327-5*01. Home on . Call Cv gtgVAf MANGELS · KGAUVK MOBILE HOME PARK Large trees, pool, rec, hall, thre* bed- oem on Valt Hill , rec, e to , , , m house, close to icflMli. In city 3M'x5M' lot. .Zoned R-4 and R-l. lt Hill, 32H112 Purple Safle Rlty. NEAR U OF A There's a lot of comfort In an older home with homey atmosphere. This lean home in excellent condition hai , IR, i den with oueit houie. Cat tuth Mennlm 325.2611 or cvei. I Sun- 325-WI , thrat unlit, near U. of A. Apt + t toacei - INCOME UNITS 2 units for $19,000. Close to town and community center. Live in- one free-rant the other. 4 unlti, Northeast, priced at S3S, 000. Renting for »«00. ~ " torms laces Incl I mobll* rtonvis Mp-storaoe,' HcurlTy 3*poVt \ rente agreements, underground utll J more Xlent north area.; Only SeJWtotH with low down. RQ-BREN DEV. CO. 228 S. TUCton Blvd. '// '624^635 Excellent ooo. Renting torms. · Call jharon Shew, 296-5491, res 1081 N. Bedford -- off speedway JustEast of Camlno Seco 2 DUPLEXES REFRIGERATED 2 Bedrooms 2 separate, l year old, 2 bedrooms each, carpeted, refrigerated, com Biddy modern kitchens, carports. In excellent norm location near Prince and Mountain. Excellent return an rental record. For Information, cal Mr. Blute or Mr. McLane, 325-2671 or after hours, 299-6033. Strunk Realty, Inc. 3031 N. Swan BEAUTIFUL DUPLEX Large 3 BR, P.i bath, olyi den, nice breakfast bar -- other half Is.a 2 BR, bath, quite cute it modern. Adobe fenced. Amohl area. Priced In 30's Call Pat McAllister 325-3331 or res 326-4166. New Listing a good one, s call fast. Meet you there In 15 min. Peyton-Stevens Realty 727 N. SWAN 325-333 TUCSON'S FINEST 87 luxury units, top eastslde location no furniture, no problems, excellen return, substantial down. Llncoi Trust Co., 2308 S. Cravcroft, 793-9327 eves, 296-4191. Residential Income LAND VALUE on Ft. Lowell near Campbell -- Fai condition. Excellent lor Income. Po tcntial R-3 or B-l zoning. Cal Jim Caprlo, 795-6780 or .98-3296. COMMERCIAL DEPT. Western American Realton BY OWNER 2 DUPLEXES WITH CP., three 2 bed room and one 3 bedroom. Excellen property with monthly Income 1700 Call 297-3725, evenings or weekends principals only. Prime Area Neat clean 5 units incl one 2 br wit dining rm, BIRO, beam ceilings + more. Xlent NEW walk to area. A rented. Only $43,000/total. Low Down. ·RO-BREN DEV. CO. BY OWNER Efficiency wartments. On* I. bed oom apartment. One 2 bedroom house nd one 4 bedroom houie on two'/i cret and 1 acre. Cloie to St. Cyril's, :atallna, Ft. Lowell, Jr. Hlqh jnd 2 us service. Sell all or part. 4132 E. Le«. . _· CB-1 Income Corner North central area, 12 apartments plus 7 room house. Most of the apartments are new, others being refinlshed, all rented. Prelected Income fh- cludinq home approx. $20,000 annually; Owner will carry mortgano. Call Vlrqinla Williams, 327-7424, eves. Suh. ·624-ufly. KRONES REALTY, 71 IN. Swan. NETS 13.1 l. 7 fun rth of I leelallv . lale. Ca_nowjotee. .EWIS REALTY Just listed. 7 furnished units, less than mllei north of U of A Campul. 1 acre if land, jtoeclal.lv priced for Immediate .1M-7111 HERE IS.A BUY ENCHANTED HILLS:-4 Unltt, owner upervliad when built, f bed. each ide. ctntral Heating and Cooling Jrap*di..C8II.Mr. CetaWo 424-7050 for 327-6864 TRAILER PARK eautlful large park, pool, recreation wm. One of the nicest In Tucion, 90- »ce court Plui extras, aroiilng 14,0 »tr mentn. Oooo: location, slow-In. : or more Information, can Ray McAllister 325-3331 or res. 326-4166, Peyton-Stevens Realty nore"ln'fo?m»ffon. hessen Rlty 727 N. SWAN Producer O'UPLEX D Good rental area. · N*_vnfi»aljlt- orated. Jeth ildes t *20.000, f av- Owner wants ack or Sally - . ' JANDA- REALTY. REALTORS 296-8569 DUPLEX U OF A AREA . , pride of ownership, 2-bdrm and 1 jdrm unlti the belt of terms, priced to ied, lovely landscaping. Oil " rlH-OMI. :g REALTY sell furnl; Sam Mobile Home Parks 20 unit with IS rental*, North location -- Good Terms. 8 Space Court. 3 Bedroom home. Nortl location -- Owneri anxlou* -- Need an offer. 5 Spaces, 4 Trailers, 3 Bedroom home Otf Oracle Road near shopping. Or call if you have special needs, A Kotles 622-7627 or 185-6620. Shadron Realty, Inc. 216 W. Drachman The Walk in Offlc Mobile Home Park 51 Spaces lest than $2600. per slab Add'l Income even more potentla 21% return on Low down oood terms Call Russell Smith 793-9M9 oves. 795 4268. ARIZONA I NVESTMENTS CO. 2429 No. Alvernon ·RURAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Mercantile store, restaurant, bar an oas station. A growlnfl business In beautiful rural setting. Only $165,00 Call Barbara Brock 881-2110 or 885 5355 eves. Shadron.Realty, Inc. SHADRON BLDG. 4439 E. BDWY. 228 S. Tucson Blvd. 624-6635 "HANDY MAN" SPECIAL Duplex, 1 bdrm, 1 bath each side In Craycroft addition. 3 blocks south of 22nd St. bus service. Owner will carry first mortgage. Excellent opportunity for the "do-it-yourself eroup" and has nice Income as result. Submit. To see call Jim Frost, (res. 298-2122). 7 UNIT COMPLEX East of Tucson Medica Square Under-rented a $9000 yearly gross Will sell at S60.000 with the rlgh terms. EXECUTIVE PROPERTIES Mike Schoff, 624-2403, 792-4168 eves MT LEMMON, Mountain cabin on deeded land. 2Vs lots very secluded. Priced rlpht for cash sale. BU-2453.__ KESORT PROPERTY Fantastic business opportunity for couple that loves the qrcat outdoors This Growing bus ness consists of a 26 spice trailer park, 4 unit motel, grocery and concession store and a boat dock with 22 boats. Facility ha* own power svstem, own, wells and Is very well eaulpped and 's located In one of Arizona's most desirable areas. Shown bv advance appt onlv. Barbara Brock 881-2110 or SBS-5355 eves. Shadron Realty, Inc. SHADROJ1BLDG. 4439 E. so [ INCOME FROPtRTY J DUPLEX, $21,500, two »nd three bedroom, oood rental location, owner. 883- 2»44. AMPHI. THftEF iedroom, V.k bath, family roam, otos 1 bedroom aoart- --··---- · -· pool Will sell VA went, apprais otos.; fenced 1*7-6676. 19 N. Norris 624-2475 DELUXE 2 bedroom duplex, IVj vear old. For details call owner Mr. Kins 326-2592 or 326-2479. $20,000 INCOME Chain store plus buildlnp 80X120. East ·Speedway. $175,000, small down. Owner, 298-4242. immediate Possession Choice duplex each side over 1100 sg. ft. 2 bed., 1'A bath, refrlq. Large private patios. Great N, E, location cash to 6'/»% mortswie or juOmlt. Call M. Hock 795-2195 or 325-22*8. HENDERSON Rtalty Rtottor 10 UNITSolus owner's apt-pool; $85, 000, $25^06 dn. balance $700 mo. in- cludina 8%. S1470 m6. Income. Lloyd C. Hamre Realty, 622-9041,623-0087. 9-APTS CLOSE TO, DOWNTOWN within walking distance of offic OWS5. and stores. Shows a nice Incom year after year. Priced within reason small down payment. 2-SM'L 1 BDRM BRICK HOM'ES located on 1 lot. Always rented. WI pay out In less than 5 years. Priced 510,500. See or phone H. MACMANU 883-3618 623-636 2621 MIRACLE MILE Make Offer Owner »avln« I, wants w sell this spaco mobile park, incl 20 trailer sood cross, easy to car* for. Hurr Asking I4i,500/total. Fantastic terms KO-BREN DEV. CO 238 S. Tucson Blvd. 6J4-MC UNIVERSITY AREA Prime rental 3 units 1 bedroom eac drive bv 138 E, 61m then call Shor Neale, eves. 325-3793 far »ppolntm to inspect. BUTERA TRUST, INC WM872 N3» E. SPEEOWA 795-4740 TRAILER COURT Spaces near Palo Verde S. Benson wv. 10x40 ft pads, undernround utlll- BS. ' Currenf gross Income $280 ,per not N. Country Club entral-loca :harles62. GREY ~- nls It what you've taen loskiftfl for a bedroom home with 2 rentals In the ar fotailna J360 per month. Flnanc- · available with ent. Call Bob . · low down pay- Mayme Smith Realty 30 E. Plma M5-7211 QUALITY 2 BDRM DUPLEX St. Cyril's, Catalina lean, sharp malonry duplex, 2 bed- ooms each, completely well-fur- shed, carpeted, central heatlne, cool- g, flood ilied bedroomt, well con- rucred and appointed, cnrports, stor- 9e, laundry tacllltlei, carefree .and- caning with dlchondra and snrlnklino vstem In quiet ·ejtabllthed area, alklna dlitance.to Plma and. Alveron, shopping. Ideal for particular tsoli! iseklng comfortable, economic- living at well at Income. Excellen rice and terms. For Inform"* ""-call ir. Blute orwn, Kelly, · 315-2478 or fter tiours, 299-603) or 2W-4203. Strunk Realty, Inc. 3031 N. Swan DESERT CARMEL CASA GRANDE AREA We have several fantastic Desert Carmel prooertles. 1. 140 acre eep Inside this subdivision arcel -- frontaqt on Montqomerv .... . 40 acre parcel -- hlqhway frontaoe. All very rtasonably priced. Buy now nd take advantaqe of planned future evelopmenf. Call Barbara Brock 111 ZllOorU5-j355evei. COMMERCIAL Unimproved Property . MU Zonln» -- «.2 acres. Very rea- ionablv priced. Perfect for lots 01 ·enral park --175,000. 2. R-4 zonlnp, -- 23 acres. Fantastic foi ·astslde location. Superior location foi .hoonma center or apt complex. Close o DM -- M75,000. 1. R-4 uonlnq -- 4 plus co.mmerc.lal acres. Great for ,---"-·-- «. Mp/SH zoning oti for sale or r ·on«ibly orlcsd. -- SI matlon call Barbara 885-5355 eves. Shadron Realty, Inc. SHADRQN BLOC. 443V E. BDWY. 325-3331 HOME PLUS INCOME 20 ft. fronta«e on Ft. Lowell with a 3 idrooni apartment and dry cleaning ckuo station. This valuable business roperty has tremendous potential to ivelop now or. to hold for future lam. Priced at only 142,500. » ROY H. LONG REALTY 209E.22ND: 296-8525 Custom Duplex-Open im, lun- J tar- IEALTY INC. EASTSIDE OFFICE 8560 6. 22nd St. MOBILE HOME PARK 3 Spaces LU$ VACANT 5 ACRES: 100V. occu- ancy; all larva spaces; plenty shade Aaln 4 lane ro*d near schools, shop- plno. buses; adult lection. V10BILE HOME PARK 34 Spaces ncludes other r*-»al Income. Needs parading. Has 6Va',i mortpaec. - ome approx. 12000 per mo. Owner I nuit ""' 624-2387 ic Oflr*, Stroyt Rlty., Tucson House 501 Miracle Mile, new FREE Strou Catalog plus local llsllnas. MAKE MONEY!! Units on double lot near Stone )rachman, only 11650 down. These mlts are carpeted and clean, always ul.l..Call Jerry Thompson, MS-1917 o \ REALTY It TRUST CO. 2125 *. Craycroft 40 ACRES IN BIG VALLEY hpokuos Jto property -- t BUSINESS ZONING tM Ft.. Ft. Lowell cor ,, -- --rner lot ·*" A. Near new Grant Dept! Store. $25,000 "·-niHes assessment payoff. GREY REALTY INC. 32S-3319 270s N. Count''" r.'"b..- '....i_ 3 IMPROVED INDUSTRIAL LOTS Cl-l /.oning, chain llnK fence around lots, senile tank and leaching field In. Cypress trees across front with bubblers In. 3144 E. 45th Street, nice Indus-' trial aroa. Call Travis Slnole- ton, 327-7424, eves. Sun. Call 8833495. KRONES RE ,AY m N. Swan. SHOI Corner of . 6 ACR 'PING CENTER SITE .a Cholla Ruthrauff Rds.. =S zoned MU ... Beautiful, evel, clear land -- Across street from 250 new trailers! Call BERT NINDE at 835-3682 or FRANK.DEMMER at 7956-338 -- (Weekdays 296-5404) -RICKI RARICK 6401 EAST22NDST. MO FREEWAY INTERCHANGE APPROX. 44 ACRES BUSINESS frontaqe with utilities. Traffic count 50,000 people per dav and going up. All or part! Needs restaurant, motel, specialty retail. Ask specifically for PHIL BAUER, 327-5961 1710 E. Speedway, or EVES. 296-3033; "' 855 ARIZONA PROPERTIES L · - NEAR SHOW LOW 150 acres with stream.and ponds developed. Low down to rlsht party. (Prime for devr opment). Lyal Moore Realty, P. 0. ",ox 214, Show, Low, Arlt. Ph. 1-537 CHOICE eastslde { levelopcd. astslde homeslte lots, ready tor building, ci lomes onl'.. -See lots at 7Mf E. ene. 2«-616e .(eves 7W-WTM Si JeyelopmentCo. 860 OUT of STATE PROP. :er^-pplytJ9Si"ptV 0l L L1 'i l ii6"dS.J95 EM^ur?.'" V "' BY ·""" C °- IDEALS-ACRE RANCH. Lake Conchas, New Mex. I3.-175. No down. No Interest. t29/mo. Vacation Paradise. Money Maker. Free Brochure. Ranchos Lake Conchas: Box 2002CB, Ala- mcda, Ca. 94501. FULL ACRE mobile home lot, outstanding view, ready to move on, Sw; Liberal terms. ' · - C»:l Chester IB3-I554; M3-OM* Flckelt Realty, 297-1114 HILLS, California, 'n, l'-i bath,, large three fenced GRANADA bedroom, del _ yard, double aarnnc, w/w carpeting, iir-condltlonlnn. or trade for egual value In Tucson. 1-825-3771. . Price $153,000. promptly. · · 866 LOTS-ACREAGE, SALE] 1. S350 per acre -- 40 acres adjacent tc proposed Charlston Lake -- south of Tomostone -- cast of Sierra Vista -2 miles from San Pedro Rlv;r. Trv H1500 down approx.' $115 per mo. at 8% annual Inferest. 2. $650 per acre -- M*dera Canyon area -- south of Grcin Valley -- 10 acres -- try $800 down --· balance of =oprox. $70 mo. over 10 years at S^ annual Interest. Call Ed Moore at: SONOITA, ARIZONA 5 acres, right In town, 4200 ft, of paved road frontaoe. Real opportunity or enhancement. Price $75,000. Terms. , . . . Gordon Realty 326-3968 GORDON STRUNK '-- REALTO R_ Multiple Use Building. Approx. 4900 so. ft. u'seablc space. 2700 block on N. Campbell. Excellent for ^·3~pa'rcels close In, 8-80 units. 298- 922J, 296-5448, 325-5063. professional or retail. Attractive fro Will Jose. Call Jim Caprlo 795-4780 front. 298-3296. COMMERCIAL DEPT. tiilty, Inc. 2U W. DRACHMAN THE WALtCINOFFICF Excel lent Investment ,lce 2 bedroom home on completely enced B5'x260' R-3 Lot. Good north m In Amphl area. Call OPPORTUNITY UNLIMITED ' Excellent location near Glenn «. Stone. Is now Clothlna resale -- goes with or wUhout-consignments. Could be an- tique.store. Ample parking. 2 Bedroom apartment with workshop attached. Call MARY STROUD 298-1866 or Eves. 885-2763. 12. ~Y INt. l. Country Club 325-3319 I -- 4 Plus commercial r anything -- $265,000. ia --16.94 acres. Prime rental park. Very rea- Western American Realtor* Near National Forest Last 10 acres available for sale this year In most scenic vallev In Tucson area. Restricted to 2,000 sg. ft. homes or larger. Only 20 mln. to downtown. 1 mile from national forest boundary. Unlimited riding trails. By owner. 297-1196, 297-2456, 297-3114.,. 40 ACRE parcels. Grand Opening. New area, southeast Arizona, surveyed, cood roads. Free brochure. 624-3411. Chlrlcahua Trail Ranches.. 1117 S Sherwood Vlllaoe Or 22nd St ,ZONED B2-A Excellent business corneT.HIah traffic aunt. 300 ft. on Grant, JOO ft. deeo. .ccessiblc three .paved streets, win consider selllno ; pav( all or part. Excellent terms. All prospect* must make .appointment through 6780or29B-3296. Jim' Caprlo, 795- COMMERCIAL DEPT. Western American Realtor* 327-5738 . R. R. Frallev, Broke.' Ed Moore 297-4622 BEAUTIFUL FOUR ACRE Parcel. Fantastic building site, panoramic view, underground power. Ideal for custom home. Located on far East- slde. Asking 520,000, Call 2*6-5625. 100x125, S4000, $40 mo. $100 down. 4% on balance, no trailers, 326-5547. Are You Collecting WORTHLESS RENT REC'EI'PTS? Only $29.23 Monthly Buys A Beautiful Full Acre Fully Improved GREEN ACRES ·66 LOTS-ACMACi, SALE LOTS. AOttAOi, SAU lots. Fully lustom .. Lur- :obcrts 40 ACRES ON BDWY CR-1 Plan. Near Houqhton Rd. . J5% down. Act 40 ACRES LOCATED NORTH OF TUCSON, ACRE. 10% DOWN. IN . _ REALTY CORP. 326-4347 FOP 795-5512 EV. NW 2 acre parcel.. Just outside city imlts, zoned for horses and mobile homes. All utilities close. 1874317 rWO-1 acre lots In Arizona Sunsltes 1800 per acre, 10% down-terms. Write '.0. Box 312, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501. ... . AVRA VALLEY-Anway Rd. In line with Oranae Grave Rd. 5 acres on section 3 corner frontlna 330' on oaved Anway Rd. Zoned -GR. Great for present or future development. Office or eves., 298-3298. JOE NORIEGA REALTY 294-6123 Pearce, Arizona -- 320 Acres deeded 'and --17 Acres -- State Lease This acreage Is located In the heart of the orchard and farming country. It li lat land with about a A" drop per half mile. The water fable Is excellent -usually about a 50 ft. depth. The altitude Is 4,300 ft. Natural saj linn cross ·he property and there Is electricity to he edge of the property. Suitable for farming. Local crops In the area Include: lettuce, corn, alfalfa, sugar bccls, cotton, soy beans and orchard farming. Price -- S132.000.00. See listing for details. Call Barbara Brock 881-2110 or 8*5-5355 eves. ., 'Shadron Realty, Inc. SHADRON BLDG. 4439 E. BDWY. Tucson Mountains, NW Close In. Three scenic suburban ranch homesltes. Beautiful mountain 4 city view. Terms. Call 422-3149. WALLEri CONSTRUCTION REALTY. FOR INVESTORS . AND DEVELOPERS et on this 300 acres of beautiful, oent- rolling land close to Tortotlta Foot- ills. Abundant picturesque vegetation -- many saquaro.: Possible TQ.four- cre home sites. Borders three section ne roads. Four miles from 1-10. wenty miles from downtown Tucson. errltlc profit BOfentlal. PRICE ERY RIGHT. 20% down. Good ·rms. Cell Jim Caprlo, 795-6710 or COMMERCIAL DEPT. ESTATE VIEW HOME SITE! l.SJ corner lot zoned for hories. 299' E Broadway frontage, 372' on Stefan Rd water In, utilities available. ·QHN FINN EVES. U6-46I1 ^OYH. LONG REALTY 209 E. 22ND. 296-8525 3 - B-2A LOTS . 64 X 150 -- $4,500 each. Good'south- side location. Call Cy Cook -- 883-1543 'GREATER ARIZONA" REALTY, INC. 1078 N. Swan : PATH OF PROGRESS Compact shopping'center -- room to expand -- prime location % levtees wlfh ORACLE RD. FRONTAGE. Termi. For more Information call KnoxCort*tt, 299-1158. CARDINAL REALTY 4625 E. Broadway._; 793-9^38 Contractors Storage Yard .' - _\ Zonlnq with 2 bulldinot.suitable or shop and material itorage. 50' X 40' lot frontlns on West St. Mary's *oad. Owner askinq $15,500 with ex- cllent terms available. Call Bill Brand 327-5901 or 624-4545 *ves. 840 SUBURBAN PROPERTY .7 Acres Apnrox. Appraised 9/15/72. .ocated In fast growina Tanoue Verde area.'Call L. K. Spauldlna 795-5564 PERENNIAL STREAM, tall cottonwoods, 4 bedroom Mobile Home on 10 acres. Beautiful woodland setting. 3ood ttrms. Between Tombstone and - - - - ' - - · · - ·· /vir, vice at 1-458- Near National Forest Last 10 acre* available formate this year In most scenic valley In Tucson area. Restricted to 2/100 W. ft. hornet or larger. Only 20 mln. to downtown, Vi mile from national forest boundary, unlimited riding train. By owner. 2971196, WT-2454, .97-3114. 665 N. Swan HORSE PROPERTY Beautiful ranch type homes, 2/ 3 and 4 bedroomi from 134,800 with 1 full acre. ·· ~ - Bell Ranch, a cloie-in. community, loufhwcst feet higher than. Tucson with spectacular vlcwi, heated pool, Bar-B-Q and horse corral prlvl- ICS "', Co-developed by Southwest Properties, Inc. At Diamond Bt fast aeveloplnt of Tucion, 1000 1 available ~ low, low price Call Ed Lonostrcct BEN STOREK REAL ACRES of CM with 2 bedroom ousc, 40x30 oarage, fenced, northwest ·""ucson. 687-9685. 4 Bdrm Executive House on I acres -- far east .side. This place hai everything.-view, doq runs. Mack 296-31W or 1 Insurance and Realty 5720 E. BROADWAY, REALTORS _ : IVE aoartments newly decorated. leautlfullv furnished, In excellent condition. Also three bedroom double- wide mobile home on one acre. All priced riaht. Benson, Arizona. TAYLOR REALTY, 291-2114, 1-586-3100. ·586-3643. . JUMPING THE GUN Our homes are really not aulte ready for Insnectlon. however we are so enthusiastic about Rancho Oel Corro that we want to give the potential homebuyer the opportunity to compare. Construction Is bv Yale Construction Co., now celebrating 25 years of toulldlno fine homes In Tucson. Ma icstlc vlewi, clean air, peace and giiie' 1V4 acre lots, horse orlvllroes. riding trails are some of the amenities you can enlov, plus country living. Only 15 "" ..... - * ------ " ·INVESTORS MU Zoned for three Mobile homes. Al- vavs rented, Income of 1179.00 per mo., no work except collection of rent, gewlv paved street w/curb. Call VANCE DRYOEN 297-16S9 , minutes to d Mary's hosp|ta lowntown Tucson, St .ary's hospital. U of A, and Plma illeqe. Come on out Sunday between S S p.m. and see what we have to ir In 3 * 4 bedroom refrlgerv«rt homes from 533,500 to $42,750. Take North Sllverbcll Rd. to Camlno De flcrro, oo West 2 miles past Sll»erhol Jd. to Rancho Del Cerro. Bob Nathan on will be on hand to answer all vou questions. Sold exclusively by INDEPEt-iDFNT REA' TY CORP. 4034 E. Grant Rd. 326-4347 eves 325-8652 RIVACY, close to downtnwn, 2 acres zoned horses, sasuaros, view. 2 bdrm panolea, refrigerated home, 2 patios carport. Asklnn S31.500 wilh sio.roo down, owner may carry second. 327 7012. 2621 MIRACLE MILE 623-6356 No Vacancy Here Seven Retail Stores in close in loca- Ion. Owner has walling list of tenants. B-2H Zoning. S800 per month income. Call BUI eves. Brand 327-5901 or 624:4545 833 · --INVESTMENT PROP.J Southwest Area Horses --21^, Acres $26,900 STAN ATKINSON Eves. 885-423 Comfortable, neat 2 bedroom, 2 bain combination mobile home, burnl-adob cabana, Arizona room. Fenced, larg aarn, 5-horsc corrals w/automatlc wa fer fountains. With ss.ooo cash down owner will carry first mta. at 7% In tcrcst. Call CLARA BACHMAN Eves. 327-165 ROY H. LONG REALTY 8209 E. 22ND. 296-8525 3 BEDROOM ranch style house wit: corral, completely ready to move into Call Southwest Properties. Inc. 624 8E56. Land and Unimproved PROPERTY LISTINGS ;. Between Tucson and Noaalcs -- 1120 jcres -- all deeded -- Santa Cruz This is probably the laroest privately owned tract of undeveloped land on the western slope of the Santa Rita Mountains. Beautiful hlah grassland. Elevation, 4,000 ft. Panoramic view of ihe entire Santa Cruz Vallev from Tucson to Nooales. Encircled by the Santa Rita Experimental Rang* on the north and cast, Coronado National Forest on he south and west. One-half mile off ihe paved Madera Canyon Highway. =erfect site for ranch or subdivision. Price -- $560,000.00. See listing for directions and derails. .. Cochlse Stronohoid -- 57Vj deeded seres -- Cochlse County -- Pcarce ( Arizona Behind Arizona Sunsltes, and aaalnst He National Forest, this property Is deel as a resort or retreat property. Fantastic location olves panoramic view of Sulphur Sprlnos Valley. Hrjce -- £84.000.00. See llstlno for detair call Barbara eves. Brock Mi-2110 or 'Shadron Realty, Inc. SHADRON SLOG. 443* E. BDWY. * NO MORATORIUM *in Final County* We have 1000 »cre» iujt ever the Plna County line, Al! contiguous water electric natural fas on th* property, septic on lots smaller than 1 acre permitted. Excellent terms. C«ll Jim 2971196,297-3114,297-2456. 844 jsiness Prop.-Frontage (DIv of Blanco Estates) Live A Wonderful life With Your Famllv In Your *MOBILE HOME *HOUSE OR *RANCH Only Short Minutes to Downtown Tucson. Rich, .Fertile Land. Fully Improved With Water, Gas, Electricity 'ione to Your Lot Line. ..- , ^ - - r - - -. -Excellent School! (school busos .to doorV Churches St Shopping Nearby. Cash Price 12800. Deferred ravment Price S4.209.12. 8% Interest, 144 months. · Call Or Go To: BIG SKY REALTY OF ARIZONA 1019 W. PRINCE ROAD . Suite 201-- Phone 888'"" After. Hours -- 325-6533 or 10-40 ACRfcS NEAR Ryan Flefd. City \vatcr Available. 11,200 per acre, S3.000 down, J120'month, t% Interest. Aac- ton Rcaltv. 326-0964. -· - ABUNDANT soft mineral free water on 40 acre farm. $5990. $600 dn S61.65 per mo. rare opportunity. Aden!, 24 hr, ahong. 881-0220. Bin Valley Land Co. PRIME: 40,000 sq. . south of Tucsoi mo. + S350. Cal ,TY · v' A DIV. OF LOGAN REALtY TRUST 327-4218 850 INDUSTRIAL PROP. INDUSTRIAL LOT -1 corner lot In freeway Industrial )ark -- 23,7» jo. ft. -- Tilr utllllies ' · · 624-2443 JM5.S229 res. .LTY NORTHWEST Near 1-10 and Ruthrauff Road. 1200 so.. Ft. bids, on BO X 205 ft. lot. Ideal for laht mfa., business, warehouse, etc. Call Bill Wordon, 795-6780 (Eves., 296" COMMERCIAL DEPT. Western American Realtors BY OWNER, -- Industrial tor, vour commercial business zoned 1-1, all assessment paid, 100x185. Terms available. Mr. Jacob, 296-6239. ·LIGHT INDUSTRIAL 50x105 East of Alvernon off Tenn. on Irving, 881-0550 or 885-6193 FALCON REALTY 1V« ACRES, southwest, horses allowed, all ulllltlos, terms. 883-2258. ,, OWNER SACRfFICE ,, ,, . ft. lot In Rio Rico. 55 miles on. Assume bal. ot 135 " collect (408) 267-2176. FINAL'COUNTY FLAT 160+ ACRES, beautiful land Close to 1-10 and IS4. Short dlttance t( Plcacho State Park with view of PI cacho Peak, should make txcellen trailer park or Investment. »425/pi:i acre. FO;R INVESTORS Virtually undiscovered 40 acre plna parced lust off. linkaire road,..still, a' lust J250/per acre'.' 1 · · " · · · · ' ' Call for details! Suzanne Packer - , Shadron Realty, Inc. 216 W. DRACKMAN MARANA 1/682-4500 622-7621 PARK INDUSTRIAL AND ##· B-2A . Lots.' $15,000.' Easy access. Near highways and airport. also 120'x200' frontage on Valencia. 519,000 -- Terms, For more info call Bob , Morcy 881-2590 or 327-1732 INDUSTRIAL 5 acres on Nooalcs Hwy zoned 1-1. All utilities available priced at a LOV/ .19c ASF. FOR THIS AND OTHERS, Call Norman Hocggcr at 775-4936 or FIRST REALTY a, INV. co. 795-4740 4400 E. BROADWAY MR. INVESTOR CORNER LOT Zoned lloht industry. 84x157 + 10 fronllns on 2 streets Air conditioned, well hunt brick buildlna. 3200 sa. ft. with 2 BR apartment suitable for offices Convenient to frecwav -- railroad. Extra storaqc space. Very reasonably priced. Available on closing. Call Mrs. Burton, 887-4634. HOMELAND CO. Casas Adobes Plaza 297-0941 Tabulous Views' Enloy the cloan-tresh air --1000 feet above Tucson ·i- New leisure life center -A Heated pool ft Corrals ·it Underuround utilities ·d Deluxe model homes 1 Acre lots from 13395 DIAMOND BELL RANCH Co-developed by Southwest Properties, Inc. SOUTHWEST PROPERTIES, INC. FLYING SAUCER SPACEMEN For property out of this world, spl your spaceships over Silvcrbcll Es talcs 3 1/3 acre landlna sites, very so eluded. For Information call 882-0206 eves 882-0735. Hurry, your friends ar waiting for voul AVRA RANCHETTES I'A acre lot, on pavement, 140x360 f Power, water telephone to lot llni low down. Others * 2 acre lots lust o pavement for as little as $3,295. J9 down. $37.62 per mo., less than ren anywhere. -- New store filling sto tlon at corner of subdivision. Thes arc nice view lots, where the air clean, with no noise. 623-3459 VOIGHT REALTY CO., INC. Eves. 887-5815 or 298-228 RESIDENTIAL lot, 84x96, located in popular Wcstwood Hills sui^'vl- slon, on paved street, all utilities. Prlcori at onlv 55000. Call Ruth or Bill Truop 885-3565 (eves. 2961471). Union Realty *. Insurance, Inc. 5619 E. Speedway. WILL SELL OR TRADE equity In lo Call after 5:30PM. 792-4713. S39.05 PER mo. $380 dn. $95 per acre 40 acre ranch near 1-40. Survcve roads. Utilities available. Unllmlle supply of water. Call Big Vallev Lan Co., 861-0220. 24 hours. 1000' B2A Property Breaklna up this fine piece of land In 100 ft. narcels at !"»250 a front (t. -- 3QO ft. deep. 29!h Alvernon. 10% down, 7 yrs. to pay. Monthly ovrnls. flexible to needs. Leo Rich. 795-8190. nls. flc 1,793-7-'491. CHOICE B2A located at Ft. Lowell Fontana aoprx. 2 acres all or par!. Call Jack Pleason 795-2195 -- evenings 298-6550. HENDERSON Rtolty Rialtor S. PALO VERDE North of Alo Road. Desirable location for business requiring hiflh traffic count and visibility. Frontage Is 197 ft. depth Is 175 ft. Askino $43,500 with terms. Call Bill Worden, 795-6780, Western American Realtor! J495 ACRE/120 acre ranch/wafer. Close to Diamond Bell Oevel. Call K5- EXCELLENT CORNER Ft. Lowell Tucson Blvd., B-l. Room for S stores. Plenty parkins. Small down. Owner, 298-4242. NEAR AIRPORT CASH SALE WANTED Discount for cash. 5 comm. acres. Lt. INDUSTRIAL. No. side VALENCIA Rd, Just, east . o f TUCSON , BLVD. SLE'EPER. PRICED TO SELL! kcr/owner. Call_622-2013Jres). Bro- 2720 any time. Rowena Sinclair Realty, 4641 N. First Ave. 855 ARIZONA PROPERTIES IN SUNIZONA 1967 MOBILE HOME -- FURNISHED. 80X125 LOT, CALL: MARLYN PRIDE 325-1765 ROUNDUP REALTY 624-8339 ROOSEVELT LAKE In sportsman haven. 2 BDRM, 1 bath, furnished house on 75x100 lot. Very nice. For more info, call Vi Phinizv 887-2121 or 325-7115. Red Carpet, Realtors LJ. "Van" Vanderwerf, Broker 887-2121 887-2121 ARAVAIPA CREEK 545 acre parcel 7 acre oarcel on southern Arizona's onlv year round · - :otd. E» ·LOTS ACREAGE From trailer lots to 10 acre parcel Southwest area to Catnllna. Tell u vour needs. If we don't have it we' find It. Service Is our business. OASi REALTY 889-6351 eves weokcnc "Curlov" 883-3411 or Glenn 294-2338. B-2A rime Buslntit property In fast t row- o_area. 242' fronted on Prince ROM 30 block welt, next to Yellow Front !|DI " V OYH. LONG REALTY ' 1S2AE. 6th St. 13 ACRES G.R. ZONING North of Tucion In Canyon Del Oro Vaileyi Black top road past property also state land to east of property. Good water area. If YOU are looking for land let us show you this parcel. Pleaie ask for CLARENCE STEVENSON, 3275961, 1710 E. Speedway, EVES: 325-9924. · · - ; 29lh Street and Craycrott -- owntr will earrv -- Excellent terms -- Make offer. Call Tom' Mul LahVL.. bRBA 150. 'Y 29I-23M 'ANQUE VERDE AREA off Catolln ildhway. 4 acre ranch sites. Beautllu lews, all utilities, horse permuted wner. 298-0011. King Sized Lot: ; ACRES LAND IN SECLUDED SET 'ING for your future planning, jpanlsh Trail -- Houonton Road are Buy now, build later? Aiklng price S3 150 per acre. Call ·III Wor_tn 7T5-67 level., B6-5139). . · · Western American rUolton MU ZONED 'LOT ON KL6INDALE 20X100.' f,KO, ALL CASH ftl QUIRED, VANOVEft REALTY, 3J6 6472. ' INVESTMENT AND ' .RESIDENTIAL ACREAGE SAcwftTCw^ell/'V irawiToi n, payments Danlef.a^e*^ LOSE-IN IN Foothill acre, horM prlvfi- all- utilities, .Oraele-Oranfl* fee, U900 t«rm«, 32*-904l. ··"*·- 100 Acres--Vail Area = vallable In 10 or more acre pare*!*.* st than $1000 per acre, general rural inlng.. Excellent buildlno sites torture Investment In fajt\growfni_V«( rea. Call Matthew Aleman; |»9TOJ,- V N. C. TOMPKINS ^ REALTY, INC. S 01 E. Speedway Realtor' Developers-Builders · Aspiring Ranchers; ··: wo 10 acre parcels -- city water, new e. school V/2 blks.. GR-ionlng.- Tax* alencla Rd., west then south on Mark d. Tretschok Realty i Trust Inc. ill Skip Hellor, 325-5410 or.aves., US- 7.s x 230 ON BILBY n»ar Country lub. Zoned PI. 294-8302. Western American SEVERAL 10 ACRE PARCELS NEAR AN PEDRO RIVER, NORTH OF* ENSON. FROM $5,000 EACH. GOflQ TERMS, VANOVER REALTY, 3»-' 6472. ' . GREEN VA1UEY LOTS: wo lots In adult area aeprox. 'A left ach. Fully Improved and ready to 'wo lots In family area approx. 1/3 ere each. Fully Improved and ready o build. , ,.,. at TUCSON NATIONAL Executive homesite overlooking golf course; with 4 plus acres. Beau-) iful desert growth ,in restigious location.-. View of Catalinas, Tor,tCK · itas and Tucson Mount ains. Priced for immef diate sale. Call ·Walter Chaffee, 795-6780^ Eves., 297-5020. f COMMERCIAL DEPT. »° Western x American: . 4V. ACRES OK for trailers. Near Avra store. Only 5500. Call Anthony. John Badger Realty 2013 E. Broadway ' Realtor M3-S471 iVES. I SUN. · . . . _ *J5.7m Cochise Stronghold An unbelievable beautiful location lust jeneith the cochlse stronohoid -- this 57'/» acres backs Up to the Nat onal Forest wllh a sensational view of the valley, Great retort potential --'priced at only S86.000. For further Information call Barbara Brock (tl-2110 or M5-5355 evel. . : · Shadron Realty, Inc. SHAORON.BLDO. 4O9 E. BDWY. l^ ast"sububV." BeayFrfuj" hi some with all utliltli .... to 40 acre parcels of land In a apidlv develeolnq area of the north- · - - · - - l build no sites lltlet available. 2/3 acre residential plot on clevMed, loDlno oround In Tubac , . . 59.TW. - lall BUD LEWIS 397-OT77, evel. 296- TODAY'S LAND YESTERDAY'S PRICES ' Mobile or house -- 3 small lots -' ' i --12,200 'ombstone . HomeSite- -- S3.400 El Tiro Est. -- Marana . 'RANCH invest I n ranch land o . , , acres. Very rich Arliona »ol|.ind plen-,, ty of water to ralie your own food. Get., out of the rat race and live Where It I) quiet, Sllverbell Eitates. Call Ernie at" M2-07Q6 or eves at 32a-»0i«. - ' 33 ACRES ZONED for'condominiums., apartments and business. Beautiful. ? nert-locallojl Oft West*Sptedwav »t amlno de Oeste. 4 »7, -- --- ' erms. By owners, 423-; on North Olsen -- near Ft. Lowell 100* : X 300' 122,000. Terms. Call:Jim Can-' rlo, 795-4780 or COMMI R-2 - n«3r Terms. ( IRCIALDEPT. Western American Reahori One acre hone lot -- Improved -- 4. SW -- n«ar Park -- VA acres - R-2 -- 57,000 327-5977 BONNIE ANDREWS _.»ICKMDH._ 296-9301 DO YOU HAVE? r . A motorhome or late model Air- trcam? We might trade vou for on* r morel'A acre lots, paid for or not. Call STEVE UDALL32M347eves. 887- jfopEPENDENT REALTY CORP. WANTED: BUYER! For 4ollat acres, icxt to ptach orchard, minute* from scenic Cave Creek Canyon and Chlrl- cahua Mountains high country. 3269838. - ' lAUY INC. , ZONED B-l 60x140 South 6th Ave. Near Sunnvsldc SchopL Owner- 887-6673 FOOTHILLS VIEW Only three left. Priced to sell. One p--c plus. All utilities. Prestige loca tlon. Call Walter Chaffee, 795-6780. COMMERCIAL DEPT. Western American Ktalton 1/3 ACRE LOT -- Woodland Park, 2 miles from Lakeside or Plnetop. Tal pines, water electric. 43200 cash. 1 385-4119, San Manuel. R-3 LOT. By owner. 2909 N Wlnstcll 60'X120'. Asking $4500 cash. 885-1861 327-7748. THINKING of a summer hldc-awav'. White Mountain Lake. Lot size 142x161. 886-0542. CHOICE RESIDENTIAL lot in Willow Lakes Unit 1. Under market price Cal 1-625-3161 before noon or after 5. 10 ACRES, Green Vlsla Ranch Es tatcs. 3 miles south of Green Vallev Beautiful view. Good investment. 298 6490. ACRE. SKYLINE Bel Air. Near poo! CHv and mountain view. Reasonable 325-8229. R-2 lots near UA Medical Center. $50% each. 597-4550. AVRA VALLEY. Five acres. S7000 S2000 down. Convenient. Route 9, Bo: 590 W; Tucson. Phone 1-A82-3952, BEAUTIFUL 1 plus acres In Catalina : oolhllls No. 5 -- Camlno Juan Pals- ano -- anxious owner-- call to. seel Al or Mildred Keller, 297-2297-1983. iv to 36 or LAND, LAND, LAND Northeast S150Q per acre 40 acre* [West $9.000 up 4 acres ··· Southwest S750 per acre 10 acres ~ Southeast $5500 per acre 15 acrct Call Ed or Barbara 298-3885 or 885-4689 HERITAGE ' YOUR , ; Real Estate Co. . 10 ACRES --$9,900.;'_. LAST ONE.LEFT....; Only 15% down will aet vou a beautiful 10 acre parcel with water and electricity available. Hleh, flat land with a mountain view and lush with orowthi Call Barbara or Ed 298-3885 or 8856689. HERITAGE YOUR Real Estate Co. 8 ACRES : r ~;ZONED FOR HORSES- Nice view, utilities all around, Palo- Vcrdcs Saouaros. Priced at 531,000,. 25% down, terms on balance. Wilt split. In two 4-acre lots. Call Shlrlene Ncal. Harold M. Clark Rlty. 885-4727 6700 E. TANQUE VERDE RD. . 885 . eves. 885-4393 HOR O D P . area, u s . aail., t . Call Jules, 883-1130, Plckett RltV., 8830482. _ ZONED FOR 2 TRLRS. BODP Rd. area, utils. av SES erms. Bargain Frontage off 1-10 Interchange This 53+ acres Is only 1000 feet fro . exit iust half an hour NW of Downtown, but will sell at FAR LESS than Sl.OOO/acro lo the profit-wise Investor who sees Its potential. Call Rod Packer, Sales Associate Shadron Realty, Inc. 216 W. DRACHMAN 1-682-4500 622-7627 1 COMM. ACRE Grant Road frontage, Underground utilities In. Price reduced. 29% down J, owner -vlll carry. Call JO LAWLESS 327-3061. SSALTf ~fvfT C*. /r; Ml MIRACLE MILE 623-6386 creek. Beautiful A ruso TUCSON MTNS. Two 4 acre parcels adiolriino off Swectwster Oxbow, Power, water, las available. One lot .on high hill pa: bd xceiltnf beautiful view of city. Other ior has road, electricity, oood water area. Will view of mtns. S, vsllev. Both on Cul de sell ail or part. $350 per acre -- ex- sac. Walter Wilcc-x 327-4961 8Y owv * r W7 " 3 '' 14 ' ""'I BUTERA TRUST, INC. HUNTER ESTATES NO. 2 1 'A ACRES A thnt 28 mm. e"n'vi from Jownlown Tution pots you in Itiono'i mint un'«|ue cmmgtmtnt of IMPKOVEO P80F[R- TT; All utii l» preptrty liti« -- water, goi, tltc, primi.to fit o utrtlnj mini Ivdgtt. ntitora. HUNTtt : BTA1B MMANi 37M347 TUCSON 1 * "HORSES ENCOURAGED" !'/ ixni with vfil fw « In K Uin with jnt SIM fa I Ml.M rs iw. Imti f« 2 mebile kwnn erl Iwuvi »w to!. Drin nit tsfcy » mk fw Sf«« 0*H « ofl co!H(t 6JJ-34S1 nmn-S Set. t Son. MOfrfSWIT »i«TT CO ft. . m-nn

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