Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 5, 1930 · Page 5
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1930
Page 5
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Vrffowlftf I* Midtfter m«t*t1ffie«lt ft c *» by «MM» neverftl Meat **»f. lra8P^Pn^^^ %%y fI^ ^l%pranB|iHHHINMHHWIWMHHiMi fcJli- DR* Bt Kt J.1JU.B. -m. • > , ». r =. w .Jo.^We aftived hefa at * a< tt, and 6WJ> first view Of the bay pte- aaft'ted a modetri port, the craft looking •pic and span, a number of battleships lying gracefully at anchor and nutner- cfiiS other passenger ana 1 Sailing Ve»- «sls, tugs, and row Boats, the wharf Is quite up to date, with many electric cranes moving along the wharf on a track; unHading ana loading cargoes like clock tforfc apparently without any . ettoft.-. Valparaiso la built in tile shape 6f an amphitheatre, and holds an Important, tosltlon on the Pacific Coast, hot albni for Its natural beauties, but also because.of the fact that it is the principal potft on the west Coast of South America. It enjoys a Climate second to hone in the world, snow and frost are unknown. It is, in fact, the land of almost eternal sunshine, With much rainfall in the winter, which Is our summer. But not enough to raise vegetables the year around, hence irrigation U used. It is the capital of the province and has a population of 200,000 inhabitants. As our first view bf the city was from the deck of our steamer, we were awe stricken by the wonderful panorama presented before us, the' Immense sweep Of the mountains extending as far as the eye can reach, witK; the buildings .of the city nestling at their feet, or clinging to ths hillside, apparently sticking there with little support, but on closer view *re held fast with great walls covered In most instances >lth .beautiful flowers and much other shrubbery, (vines, etc. The city; Impresses the visitor quite a u jt with its cosmopolitan nature. In Almost all the Streets can be heard Mngllsh, French, German, Italian and Spanish SpOken. The names above the shop doors and the name plates on the business houses attract the attention of almost every one; as almost every nationality, under the sun is '«P' e ? sented. < The people.for the mo"tjp»« look prosperous, healthy and smart, their Searing being, different fromi that of any other South American republic, so far seen. It has been asserted that Valparaiso presents grandeur an? varied of B^feheryfunsurpassed b£ n any citv on the • ^western coast of soutn; America; - The:' city has (numerous plazas with Immense .palms. The Plaza* Victoria is the. principal square In the city. It Is the favorite promenade of,, the young people. ^ A military band plays-In tnls plaza se*- eral 'times,*/ week. , There are .various notable buildings in this square, as the Church Espiritu Santo, Cathedral,' Union newspaper building and the public library.. Seaside park is a fashionable bathing resort. The villa is built right on .the,beach. There is a fine promenade and dancing hall which is a very fashionable rendezvous in . the morning from 10 to 12 and agalri in the late' afternoon and night. Dancing la indulged In on. various nights. Vina del Mar, the aristocratic suburb of Valparaiso, is built on the level ground on the banks of'the Marga Marga river, which enters the sea at Mlramar. One cahnot help being struck,by the wonderful exuberance of vegetation •hown on alt sides. The gardens are lovely, the climate salubrious and the profusion of flowers in bloom all the year around. Plaza Sucre is the principal square of Vina del Mar. a beautifully planted and well'kept public garden, entirely surrounded by palatial buildings. Valparaiso Bporting club, with its race track, is the chief attraction, and indeed it would be .difficult to find a better one bf the kind anywhere. The CJancha, as it is familiarly called here, /.» a beautiful piece of ground entirely tnurrounded by hills, except on one side Tfrhlch faces the sea. It is interspersed by broad avenues for walking or driving, lined with magnificent rows of poplar, willow and pine trees. In the center there are thirteen football pitches and during the summer season these are fully occupied every Sunday afternoon. The Polo, Cricket, Golf, Tennis and Riding clubs, have their club houses in the preclnot. The racing season starts on the 1st of January*\and continues until the last Sunday In March. targe numbers of people visit the Cancha on these days and the spacious stands are taxed to their utmost. All the elite of Chilean society assemble at the races and the ladles' attire remind one of the famous European and United • States race courses. There are .many monuments, such as the Columbus, erected to the memory of the great discoverer by the Spanish colony; Wheelwright, a fine monument erected to the memory of the famous American citizen who did BO much for the progress of Chile. There are three hospitals here. We visited the Women's and Children's hospital, which are combined. It contains 600 beds and treated over 11,000 cases during the year 1929. The wards are private and operating rooms are not furnished as In the United States, but they are domg fine work, from a glance at their reports. Their mortality rate is S per cent for all cases. They use spinal anaesthesia for all cases operated on the pelvis and many others using Lutocaine, never use chloroform, but ether Is used. There are three classes pf caaes. Number 1, or those occupying private rooms, pay 12 per day; number 2, $1, and number 3 are free caaes. The children under 1 year of age must be accompanied by the mother, who remains and helps care for the child all the while. They • are graded in wards according to age. Via., from 1 to 8 in one ward, 3 to 8 galley, «(ton*, asd wa* tak««f b privateer, lSt*i 61 He died ll«utena«t"ot . . • "Weymouth," A> tt. lt», a*ed 4t yearl. ttfl* tablet Is etgctfeff frtftr Selkirk's lookout by Cdigmftnder l»owell and tfie otflcefs of H. M. 8. "Lopa*," A. I). 18«S. After kis rescue he went to London and met Defoe, with whom he had many talks wmeh suggested the idea and background df his story Robinson Crusoe, which has been translated into nearly every known language. According to the narration of the captain, his ship had seen the flre on the lookout and rescued him. He was clad in goat skins' and running about as though crazy. His adventures were the topic of all London and after a time he published a pamphlet describing his wanderings. The cavern where he lived is about thirty feet deep and is said to have been the resort of the Buccaneers who once ravaged the west »M tit* t^tiitm^m^«m »'.< filea wlWh It wBl camp fo* crtmtnaW; that th« convicts ftftitl " tn«lr guards, ~ ite£0Tu)l Hijf flttrf* SOaU l« g*WH wh*t tt eBfttitferetf ft (f « B« CrtfldftDWd) and ffrttfcfl. * Dangerous Varicose Veins Reduced or Money Back Thii Simple Hone Treatment ti Ciring Amufe* Reink* Rub Gently > Upward and toward the Heart as Blood lit Veins Flows That Way. If you or any relative or friend Is Worried because of 'varicose veins, Or bunches, the best advice that anyone in this world can give you is to ask your druggist for an original two-ounce bottle of Moone'S Emerald Oil (full strength) and apply as directed night and morning to the swollen, enlarged veins. Soon you will notice that they are growing smaller and the treatment should be continued until the veins are of normal size. So penetrating and powerful Is emerald OU that even Piles are quickly relieved. Philadelphia Drug Store sells lots of it. $9 Saratoga $10.75 Lake mm I*. Alto*** .*••'.* *•** f» rrcci Penniylvania I ,1 "SERVICE WWII A SMILE" in another ward and .8 to 12 or 14 in another, Boys have" separate wards from the girls. They have a glass cased ward for contagious diseases. They don't Immunize for diphtheria,, of which there is plenty; Just curative doses are given after they are ill. Diseases for • most part are not different from ours. Tuberculosis quite frequent, little or no malaria, smallpox, rheumatism, contagious and infectious diseases, are very frequent, cancer quite prevalent. Met and saw Dr. Gulllermo E. Murwlch do an operation for cancer, a difficult operation because of the -extension to other parts In the region. He is quite a neat and dexterous operator, possibly the best on the southwest coast. He is quite a genial fellow, speaks good English arid talked quite freely of the various steps in the operation. Incidentally he Is quite a friend of-Dr.-John B. Deaver and spoke freely and highly of him, calling him one of his colleagues, and asked to be remembered kindly to him. The hospital is supported by the government, but the appropriations are not hearty sufficient for the proper operation and maintenance of the institution. ' ; Valparaiso is the assembling and distributing. center for all Chile. The exports are negligible but the imports are extensive from all the foreign countries.- There are many tourists from ports of South America and other nations, few and small manufactories^ of cotton and woole'n and some leather, etc. The streets are well paved with cobble or asphalt, which glisten In the sun. Street cars are (Jouble-leckers, high and very narrow. The upper Is preferable, but costs less. ' Tttere are autos of most all makes, trucks, etc. The horse seems to be the beast of burden and is used' in various ways, one, itwo orthree hitched to a cart and one on the side with a saddle and man on with a whip urging the steed to greater activity, or four horses attached two abreast with, saddles on the two front ones and men tm doing the urging. They rarely drive from the cart or wagon. They carry great loads on their backs with carrying affairs slung on either side and a man on top or walking by the side holding the burden on; men ' riding with blankets piled up as though carrying their bed and wraps for the night With them. Milk is delivered, with great tin cans on either side of the horse, with spigots attached to draw the milk. There are schools here of German, French, Italian, Spanish and America!) which opened for the first session on March 10, 1930, the first of the fall months. The hotels are modern and quite comfortable, accommodation consists of suites. Dining rooms are well r-^pointed with wonderful service and food par excellence, . One of the most popular dishes is the Valparaiso lobster, most bountifully served and'widely known for its 'dell- clous, taste. The city itself, founded- n 1636, has been destroyed by-pirates, twice, once-by the Spanish and twice by flre, once by flood, several times-by earthquakes, but, the city has been re- juilt after its past numerous destruc- .ionS and now, is the niost modern and up-to-date city to' be found, on the, Whole coast. Much to the regret of all, the time has arrived to take our departure. However, before doing so we wish to s'ay a word' about the island of the famous Alexander Selkirk >r Robinson Crusoe, as it may be* of interest to some. The island- is about 260 miles off the coast of Chile. Alexander Selkirk—Robinson Crusoe. There is a bit of land belonging' to Chile as well known perhaps as the republic Itself and rich in its association with English literature. It forms one group known on the map as Juan Fernandeg islands, and Is the place where Alexander Selkirk, the real Robinson Crusoe, was >cast away more than -800 years ago. It belongs to Chile and the government steamers go there several times a year. It is described is a paradise, with plenty of rain, and is covered with a luxuriant vegetation. Climate cool from the Antarctic current. The Island is only twelve miles long by seven wide. It consists of great, massive rocks rising •, to the height of more than 4,000 feet. It is made up of hills and mountains, with DR. I. EISENBERG Optometrist and Optician Eyei Examined; Glauei Fitted 220 CENTRAL TRUST BLDG. Hour* B to 5.80 Sat. 8 to 9 many ravines and short valleys, v Cumberland bay is a good landing place behind which Is a settlement of cottages and huts made of jcane wattled with straw. They have gardens and at one time an attempt was made at stock raising'which" .failed.' The island nOwMias wild shee'p and goats. There are wild fruits which have reproduced themselves from the trees planted by Alexander Selkirk, and from the same 'source there are wild grapes as.deli- cious as those-Crusoe dried for raisins. There is a monument to him, consisting of ft marble tablet set In the rocks en one of the higher parts of the island, which is known as Robinson Crusoe's lookout. ..Here Selkirk Is supposed to have kept watch, with flres burning to attract the attention of any ship that may pass' by. The inscription follows: In memory of Alexander Selkirk, Mariner. A native of Largo, in the county of IF YOUR Car is equpiped with a PurOlator it' should be -chanced every 8,000 miles. We have a PurOlatdr cartridge In stbc'k for every car. 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