Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 12, 1962 · Page 36
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 36

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1962
Page 36
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SNIAGRAB . . . Spelled Backwards, Means "Bargains", . ·: Plus You Get F a s t A c t i o n , When Using F a m i l y Want Ads. i HUMBOLDT STANDARD Thursday, April 12, 1962, P. 36 LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 11314 In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for Ihe County ot Humboldt In the Matter ot the Estate ol CLYDE LAWSON, alia known as CLYDE N. LAWSON. Deceased. NOTICE i* hereby given hy the under-] E.ocutrlx ot the Las! Will and Testament and of the Estate ot CLYDE LAV; SON, also known as CLYDE N, LAWSON, deceased, to the creditors of and -ill persons having claims against Ihe said decedent, to file them, with !ne necessary vouchers within six months ,i:ttr the first publication of this notice, in the ottice of Ihe Clerk of the Superior Court of the stale of California, in and tor the Cgunty of Humboldt, or to exhibit them, with the necessary vouchers, within six months after the first THJhlic.nion of this notice to the said c '"cuim .it Ihe law offices of MORR i S O N MORRISON, at No. 1160 Madron" Slreet, in the City of Eureka, r aunty D( Humoaldt, Slate of California, which last named place said Executrix selects as her place of business !n all matters connected with said estate of CLYDE LAWSON, also known as CLYDE N LAWSON, deceased. Dntr-ti: April 2nd, 1962. NANCY LAWSON Executrix of the Last Will and Testament and of the Estale of CLYDE LAWSON, also known as CLYDE N LAWSON. Deceased. MORRISON 2. MORRISON Attorneys tor Executrix 4/5, 12, 19, 36 fS) No. 15327 Dept. 1 NOTICE OF TIME SET FOR PROVING WILL AND HEARING APPLICATION FOR LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION WITH THE WILL ANNEXED. Superior Court of the Slate of California for the County ot Humboldt. In the Mailer of the Estate of PABEL VIRGINIA SKINNER, also known as MAREL V SKINNER. MASEL SKINNER. MABEL SCOTT SKINNER and MABEL S- SKINNER, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that A L L A N D. PETTI NGILL has filed tiprpin a PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL AND FOR LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION WITH THE WILL A N N E X E D reference to which is hereby made for further particulars, and that the time and place of hearing the same tifls been set for Monday, April 30. 1747 at 9:30 a. m., In the Court Room of Department No. l of said Court, In th« Court House, In the City of Eureka, California, Daled: Anrll 9, 1962. FRED J. MOORE, JR.. Clerk ol said Court. Bv DORIS T. PATTERSON. Deputy Clerk. MITCHELL 8. HENDERSON, A t t o r n e y s tor Petitioner. 4/12, 13, 20 (S) No. 15310 Dept. 2 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Superior Court ot the State of Call- foriia for the County of Humboldt, Eilnte Of WILLIAM ARTHUR COLBY, ?lso known as WILLIAM A. COLBY ,-irr] WILLIAM COLOY, Deceased. Notkp is hereby given by t i e under- fim-d Adminislrator of the estate of ' V I L L I A M ARTHUR COLBY, also known j, W I L L I A M A. COLBY and WILLIAM COLBY, deceased, to the creditors of -nd all persons having claims against tn- 3,1 id decedent to leave them wlfh trir rvcessary vouchers wilhin six months -,n,. f the first publication of th s Nolice :,i the office of the Clerk of the above ritit!°d Court at the Courthouse, Eu- rvka, Calilornla, or lo exhibit them wilh th» necessary vouchers within six months nltir Ihe lirst publication of this Notice to tiio Administrator at the law offices 11 Mitchell i Henderson, attorneys for sii id Administrator, 814 Seventh Street, Eureka, California, the place for the transaction , ot the business of said cstale In said County. Dale of first publication of this notice: April 11, 1962- W. L. WALLACE, Administrator of the estate ot the above named decedent MITCHELL HENDERSON, Attorneys for Administrator. Vermont comes from French words "Vert", meaning green, ;iml "Mont," meaning a mountain LEGAL NOTICE | LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE | Sale No. 27115 1 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on May It, 1962 at the hour of eleven o'clock a. m. In the lobby of (he office Of HUMBOLDT LAND TITLE COMPANY, 611 "1" Slreet, Eureka, Cn 1- Inrnia, HUMBOLDT LAND TITLE COM- OANY, a corporation, as Substituted TniMce win srll at ni'blic auction to 1 1« nf thi} Unl'cd Slate*, all payable at 'np !!·*!» of th» sal*;. thi fnllfiwinri ·'-scribed real pronerlv In the City of Eurrka. Cotmtv of Humboldt, State of REG IN NINO un th" East line of "X" Street ol the Eridv Tract as nr Map recorded In Book 1. Paoe Si and conv In Rook *, Page 5 of Mans. In Ihe Office of the County RecnrrfT of salt! County, If said "X" Strict wr» extended Northerly. M * point ditnnt 3M (eel North of the North line of First Street; th«nc" E-ist. parallel wilh said Flrsl St'npl 2JO feet; to the Wi*st line of "Y" S'rcnt of said Eddy Tract, if s-ild "Y" Street were extended Nnrlhfrly; thpnrp South, nlono th* 1 West line of said "Y" Street, il extended. 181.5 feet; | thence We^t, parallel to said First Street. 3-10 f*Pt to Ihe East line of said "X" Street, if 'he same were extend":! Northerly; thrnre Nnrih, along the East line of said "X" Street, if extended, IB1.5 f*st lo the point ot beqinnina, together with Ihe right of way appur- ten-int thereto for a wagon road es convevnd by John M. Vance and wife to North Mounlaln Power Company by d«ed dated August 15, l?tM and r n rorded 'n Book 91, paoe 549 of De°ds in th.; Office of the County Rncordr-T of said County. SAID SALE will be made without covenant or warranty reqardlng title, rjossi'^Mon or encumbrances to satlsly he oblloations secured by, and pursuant to the power of sale conveyed in that certain Deed of Trust executed by JOSEPH DARDIN and LYLIAN HART OARDIN, htiMiand ant) wife as Trusiors, to LAND TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY, a California corooration, as Trustee, in favor of ANNIE Me- GARAGHAN. a widow and recorded February 21, 1955 under Recorder's Serial No. 2771, In Book 3BO, Page 114 of Official Records of Humboldt County, State of California. Dated- Aoril 10, 1962 . HUMBOLDT LAND TITLE COMPANY, as Trustee. By: M. E. ARNOT, President. A/11, 19. 26-5/1 (S) NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE Sale No. 27063 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on May ll, 1962 at the hour of ten o'clock a m in the lobby of the office of HUMBOLDT LAND TITLE COMPANY, 611 "1" Street, Eureka, California, HUMBOLDT LAND TITLE COMPANY, a corporation, as Substituted Trustee will sell at public auction to the highest bidder fnr cash in lawful money of the United States, all payable at Ihe time of the sale, the following described real properly In the County of Humboldt, State of California, to-wit: Lot 2 in Block 5 of Fields Land- Ing, according to the Official Map thereof recorded in Book 1, page 59 of Maps in the office of the County Recorder of said County. SAID SALE will he mnde without covenant or warranty regarding title, possession or encumbrances lo satisfy he obligations secured by. and pursuanl o the power of sals conveyed in that certain Deed of Trust executed by WILLIAM J. SMITH and MYRNA SMITH, husband nnd wife as Trustors. 0 LAND TITLE INSURANCE COM- ANY. a Cclilornla corporalion, as Trustee in favor of MELVIN YODER and GERTHA G. YODER, husband and wife as loint tenants and recorded June M, 195B under Recorder's Serial No. 8734, In Book *93, Page **1 of Official Records of Humboldt Counly, State of California. Daled: April 10, 1962. HUMBOLDT LAND TITLE COMPANY, as Trustee. By: M. E. ARNOT, President. 4/12, 19, 26--5/1 (S) Constantinople was the capital of the old Oilman empire. Turkeys are natives of North and Central America. BUNNY-APPROVED K I ONVERTIBIE C A C T E D WHITE ONLY CAj 1 uBV INFANTS' SIZES 5 lo 1 CHILD'S SIZES BVa lo 12 ^HOES MISSES' SIZES 12Vi lo 3 All PRICED ** "J-v ONLY A O O .^\ //\ 2 V ^-* - ~ Only 3.49 V .-g* |T * UTTIE GENTS' YOUTHS' SIZES U'A lo 3 0*3.99 BOYS' SIZES 3"i to 6 cs£fa£ ^-/T£dllQCLA/ STRIKE IT RICH IN THE X2\ 4 99 / J?J?%^.m* .u« «MD jf_ JR? // All OViR WHITE . . . /fT^-i^V ' WITH TDLO TOP LINE /jjJI%S*' . . . only 3.99 CS^" G01D SHOES ABE BACK ... IT Will MAKE TOUR FEET fEEL UKE A MIUION ^-Billffl 1 S^Bitf^ FOOTWEAR FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY BANKAMERICARD INTERNATIONAL CREDIT 401 .5th St., EuroU HI 2-9764 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE UNDER DEED OF TRUST NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT, n Friday, the llth day of May 1962, t the hour of 9:00 A.M. on said day it the main entrance of the Court to$e on Sth Street, In the City of ^urekrt, Counly of Humboldl, Slate of California, the undcrs gned CORPORA- r ON OF AMERICA, a California cor- 30 ation, as Trustee will sell at public suction to the highest bidder for cash n lawful money of thu United Stales 3f America, payable al the lime of sale, hf following described real property situated In the County of Humboldt, Call- orn a: T h a t property situate In the City af Eureka, County of Humboldt, State at Calilomla, bounded and described as o lows- BEGINNING on the east line of B Street it a point 43.5 leet north of the north ine of Clark Street as said Streets are established by the official surveys and monuments of the City of Eureka; and running thence norfh a ong B street 76.5 eel; thence at right angles east 11JV] p»t to n-i alley; thence south along the illey 7A.. 1 - feet; thence at right angles w,:rf I!? 1 ': feet to the place of beginning. Said sale will be made to satisfy the obi gnlions secured by. and pursuant to he power of sale conferred In and by certain Deed of Trust executed by ; UGENE W01 LPER and MILDRED ELAINE WOLLPER, his wife, as loint OF AMERICA, a California corporation, 5 Trustee, (or the benellt and security f FIRST WESTERN BANK AND TRUST OMPANY, a California corporation, Beneficiary, dated September 5, 19S7, and ecorded on Seatember 6. 1957 In the OH ce of the Recorder ol the County f Humboldt, State of California, in Book 58, at Paqe 322 of Official Records. Notice of defaults in and breaches of aid obligations and of the election of UNITED CALIFORNIA BANK, successor y merger with FIRST WESTERN BANK AND TRUST COMPANY, to cause real property to be sold was recorded in he Office of the Recorder of the said Humboldt County, Stale of California, on December 2fl, 1961, in Book 6S6, at Page 11. to which said record reference is ereby made. This Notice is given n comp lance with a demand heretofore made on the undersigned Trustee by said Beneficiary. Daled: Mnrch 29, 1962. CORPORATION OF AMERICA, 5 California corporation, as Trustee. By JOHN K. DERHAM, Agent SEAL) 4/5, 12, 19, 26 (S NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 15315 n HIE Superior Court of the State of California in and for the County of Humboldt In the Matter of the Estate of MILDRED 0. VAN DUZER, also known as MILDRED VAN DUZER, Deceased. NOTICE Is hereby g ven by the under- Igned Executor of the Last Will and Testament and of the Estate ol MILDRED O. VAN DUZER, also known as MILDRED VAN DUZER, deceased, to the creditors ol and nil persons having riaims aaainst the said decedent, to file hem. wilh the necessary vouchers, with- n six months alter the flrsl publication of this notice In the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of the State o California, In and for the County of Humboldt, or to exhibit them, with Ihe necessary vouchers, within six monlhs ifter the first publication of this notice o Ihe Executor al the law offices of MORRISON MORRISON, 1160 Madrone Street, Eureka, Humboldl County. Call- ornia. which last named place said Ex- cutor selects as his place of business n all matters connected wilh said es- ate of MILDRED O. VAN DUZER, also nown as MILDRED VAN DUZER, De- eased. DATED: April 2, 1962. T LEWIS VAN DUZER Execulor of the Last Will and Testament and of the Estate of MILRED 0. VAN DUZER, also known as MILDRED VAN DUZER, Deceased. MORRISON 8, MORR SON Attorneys tor Execulor 4/5, 12, 19, 2fi [S) No. 15297 Department No. 1 NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the Superior Court of the State o'f California in and tor the County of Humboldt. In the Matter of the Estate o H. R. WYMORE, also somellmes called Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned, RALPH 0. WYMORE, as Execu- or under the Will of the Estate of H. R. WYMORE, also somelimes called HARRY WYMORE, Deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against the said decedent, to lie them, with the necessary vouchers, vllhln six months after Ihe lirst pub- cation of this notice, In the ofl ce o he Clerk of the Superior Court ol the State of California, In and for the County of Humboldl, or to present them, will he necessary vouchers, w thin s x months after the first publication of his notice lo the said Executor at the aw office of Thomas Cotter, 837 14lh Street, Eureka, California, which last- named place the unders gned selecls as iis place of business in all matters connected with the estate of said decedent. Dated at Eureka, Californ a, March 19, 1962. RALPH 0. WYMORE, Executor under the Last Will and Testament and of the Estate of H. R. WYMORE, also sometimes called HARRY WYMORE. THOMAS COTTER Attorney for Execulor 837 14lh Street Eureka. California. 3/22, 29-4/5, 12 (S) Ihilley's comet is due to return about 1985. There are more than 2,000 different species of mosquitoes. President John Tyler was the father of fourteen children. Traveling Modes ACUOSS 4 Traveled over iv.hM.tahi. 5 *£r" ^DEATHS AND 1 FUNERALS - / ^ ~ » * COLSON, ARCHIE G. -- Wednesday, April 11, 1962, at Seaside Hospital. Father of Mrs. Lorcna Borough of Crescent City, Forrest Colson of Eureka, llu s survived by 5 grandchildren, 7 great grandchildren and numerous other relatives. A native of Klamath Falls, Ore. but resided in Del Norte County for the past 17 years, age 110. Services will be held at Ward's Funeral Home in Klamath Falls, Oregon at 2 p. m. Saturday, April 14, 1962. Interment at Mount Laki Cemetery, Klamath Falls. Local arrangements under the direction of Wier's Mortuary Chapel in Crescent City. MUNES, JOHN V. -- April 10. 1962. Ferndale. Husband of Mary Nunes. Father of Mrs. Jack Nunes of Ferndale. Brolh- er of Tony F. Nunes of Tulare. Calif., Frank Nunes of Azores Islands, Bento Nunes of Brazil, Mrs. Alvors Santos of New Bedford, Mass., Mrs. Louie Toste of Hughson, Calif., Mrs. Joe Fraga of Hanford, Calif. He is survived by numerous nieces and nephews,. 2 grandchildren. Member of S. E, S. 4 A. T. P. B. A native of Brazil, age 64. Recitation of the rosary at Chapel at the Citizens Mortuary Thurs., April 12, 8:00 p. m. wilh Rev. Daniel McCarthy. Requiem Mass at Church of the Assumption, Ferndale, Fri., April 13, 10:00 a. m., with Rev. Daniel McCarthy. Interment at St. Bernard's cemetery. Eureka. HENSLEY, MBS. ROSE ANN-April 11, 1962, Eureka. Sister of Thomas Foley and Mrs. Clara Gould both of Eureka. Aunt of: George O'Donnall o] Eureka, Hazel Strcctcr and Ruby Pottinger both of San Francisco. Clara Greenwood, Dorothy Baker and Verna Rowe all of Sacramento, Myron Goulc and Walter Ahendroughl both of San Diego, Willie Haney of Emeryville, Eleanor Whilcomb, Frances Dustin and Bertha Woods all residing in Maine She is also survived by severa other relatives residing in the east. Member of St. Bernard's Catholic Church. A native ol Eureka, age 91 years. Services will be held at Pierce Mortuary at 8:45 a. m. Saturday, April 14, 1962 followed hy Requiem Mass al 9:00 a. m. al St. Bernard's Church. Interment at St. Bernard Cemetery. MARRIAGE LICENSES 2 April 10, 1961 Michael Etcjene Pcle a, A ameda and Karon Mae Roch Itz, Arcata Billy Jack Latham. Arcata and Fay Irene Morr son, Arcatfl Olio Will 5 Petersen. Eureka and Lorra ne Mara Hudson, Forndale Roberl Franklin Ray, Bays de and Carolyn Faltn, Reynolds, McKInleyvllle Don Eugene Stanf eld, Eureka and Edith Jean Sharkey, Eureka Gary Leroy Anker, B ue Lake and Marilyn Jean Clark, Blue Lake Kenneth Marshall Maiors, Eureka and Jacquelyn Bern ece stull, Eureka. IN APPRECIATION 9 we wish to express our sincere thanks and apprec ation to our many Irlcnds for the sympathy and k nd- ness extended us during the loss of our beloved son. Charles and Sybil Nelson and Faml y Betty and Ed son McClung and Family A 5rl prj SB 1SW6/ *" 1r R!R 4^H Previous Ptm e T5M CQBN i5 5 S ofe" E= i.i- R it-s r D 5 REIN T mMMs^?\ 5 1'asscnecr ,, ?,,,..,, l p ltm!i'il,?, T^Wfi? S S a^liU vehicle caucno IA L ApfflWJ 1 T SHHglO V El "nSriira 8 Greek portico rfelETglBSiaglE S T gtglfj "Dill SIDnyieding '" ' ' I 1 TSESTig 1 ±±± *"-- ^=^e ss^TM I?E r »-- an " £gSr 20 Eludes *; nrcailfiil 22 ^;s±' »£"«"'- 3JMT ^~e,e« Sccnus"*" M »!S£ n willows apiim-mon 3."i Go hy aircraft ;iltl' , ? 37 Art (Latin) 38 Feminine ^ appellation 30 ('.rafted (her.) ^ p I M f-. A IS 1 Cot 32 Kna sea 14 Ilir 41 AR. 421're 13 I'iLc 14 Ain 4S(iir i T A ' T O - 2 MR i MS I stclla ion hoicd ·vcs losilion icrs 's name 13 1 I IS 4lll«atiitf! devices 1 1 ' ' -- f ~ 2 l 42 Stranficr \ \ WCom-stosns 2 K K " M M Born ·" Bfl ftfl Mountain r? B3r?T" Icoinli. form) 36 Kl 57 Dismounted -- BsisTr SBHiviT in 3a 1 .SwIUerl.inr! I--I 1 1 ff SO Matuniss 1* (II Lieutenants « * 5 46 " (12 Son of Sell) . (Bib.) M IIOWN 57 1 VoiinK-sters 2 Afresh CO .1 C.uosl Fp M bB Gl KH?0 FI \ L E ^ A V S N 4fi Damsc 47 Devotees ·10 Departed 50 Algerian seaport 51 Roman emperor 52 Covers with turf 55 Consume K 17 EH29 30 31 32 $935 HI KM 38 ^5 - M i l 49 50 51 52 56 59 62 1) NKWSI'ATKH KNTKHI'IIISK ASSN. LOST FOUND 15 CLASSIFIED LOST AND FOUND Anyone finding keys, glasses nr losl articles, may drlny them to the COURTESY SERVICE Counter at Eureka Newspapers where ^wner may claim! LOST-- Grey and while long haired tom cat named "Gimlet.". Lost April 9 vicinity ol California Cleaners. Family pet. REWARD. HI 3-J40B. Found: 1 small brown black dog. HI 3-S3B3 after 5 p.m. dren's pet. REWARD. VA 3-1993 Lost -- Small black female part Cocker and Basset. Very crooked front legs. Reward. NO 6-5016. Diamond Bracelet. REWARD -- HI 2-30.12. waders. Clam Beach Inn -- Crannell Rd. RA 5-3-103. AMUSEMENTS 19 Card Parly -- Given hy Dows Prairie Grange. Friday. April 13. Games at 7:30 p. m. Cards 8:30 p. m. Babe Ruth Benefit Turkey or Hen Shoot At Fleldbrook, April 15th. 10 - 4. Follow the signs. PUBLIC GAMES Friday, April 13, B p. m. Velerans Memorial Building, Eureka. CARD PARTY at Freshwater Grange-- Saturday, Apr 1 Uth. Games 7:30 -- Cards B:30. HUMBUl.Dl GRANGE, SPKUCE PUIN Card Party Every luesday Games, 7:30 - Cards, 8:30 DAY at 8 P.M. Eagles Hall, 13W California Slreet. PUBI 1C GAMES every Tnursday -- 8 p.m. Moose hall. 107 Fifth Slreet. Miniature bowling_ is fun. Ages 6 lo 60. WINI-BOWL 2575 Harris HI 2-5617 PERSONAL NOTICES 23 SUBSCRIBERS IN EUREKA If you fail to receive your Staii'lnrd by 6:UO pm., Ph. HI 2 - 1 7 1 ! . Lines open till 7 p m on Standard. If you fail to receive y o u r Times by 7 3 0 a m , phone HI 2 - 1 7 1 1 . 1 ines open until 9 a m . on Times FORTUNA -- it you fail to receive vour H'iniboMt T'nes by 7:30 a m , call Mike ("olptta RAnrMph 5.20/7. Complaint calls token until 8:0l)o. m ONLY! If Ihe Humbokit Standard isn't received by 6'()0 D m , roll Mike Colelta. RAndnlph 5-20/7. Complaint c a l l s t a k e n u n t i l 7-IJO p. m. ONLY' ARCATA If vnur Hnmbnld* Standard "A ?.'Mf2 not Inter than 7 nm If thn HumMdt T ; mes icn't ro'pivpd by 7-30 am, rail VA ?-W,7. Complaint com tnken until 8:00 a. m. l n Tros^onf Citv, if von do n ^ r proi-/e vour HumbnMt Ti.^.-r n|pot;o ph n nP C'V'P Ct,- nir jft IN/inrcoll ·"* VA ir nn oiK-i/or Phonp JNapr- r^n ^1 ^Pl rnmalnints are l "!rn 'intil 1 0 a m PROTECTION FROM Funeral Exoen^es Persons ages 1 to 90 are now eligible to rentier in fl plan (hat provides funds (or funrr-al sicnenses. In addition to providing lunds the plan enables the person to specify funeral plans. The plan costs only a few cents a day. For complete Information without obligation, write the PURPLE SHIFLD PLAN, Box 27B c/o Fnreka Newspapers, inc. Or Call HI 2-1079. TASTV HOMFMADE PASTRY! iiflRMA'S Murray Field Restaurant HI 2-6?ni Eurekc CONVERT NOW 1 ed 522.50. VAN'S TAILORS R. CLEAN Pacific Telephone construction man 1 Palo Alto would trarie wilh same ir Eurckn area. VA 2-UB2. 1 ENTFN SPEflAI S -Wee Bee Cale 3K F itreel, Eureka HI 2 lit Peanut brittle. . . Peanut hulter or lust plain PEANUT R A T E 1 DRINKING PRORI FU? Alcoholics Anonymous HI 3-3IB1. PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR B'lller'^ the friendly Texaco. -1175 Bnvfi wv S a m . to 9 T m. daily -- Sun days B to 9. HI 3-5100. FOR THAT E X T R A BIT '0 PEP MASlhR'S TOAST LOAF locks nwrt rcpnlrlna? Insure your s/ilnty with Security. Locksmith Shop, 531 6th St. HI 2-71/7. Across from bank. WIDE MOUTH GALLON JARS-* lor ISC -- flt Lltllc Joe's Burger Farm 1132 Bnatlwjiy. We now (live S R H Green Stflmns w th nil ripnlrs, Leon'sBr-iko nnd Muffler Stfi -- at Rroiulw.iy. HI 3-.1703. "TOAST to the TOURIST". . . ElrcnkfflU In Ihe FLAMINGO RO^W ,it WALT'S, 2331 B'dwflv, Ml 7-97*9 UNWANTED HAIR Rr-movcd pprmnnetlllv. Fslrlln Hemcn Wrty. R £·. W Henderson St. HI 309^1 A mrnl -- Ihnl'i | CHINESE OR AMERICAN 1 Canton Cftfr 61 W 4th HI 2-3154 !.'f.rcc,c, SERVICES BUSINESS SERVICES J'JS'NESS SERVICES WHO'S WHO : :r: - · in the Humboldt · Arts Cra f ts AREA · Professions Air Ambulance Air Ambulance comparable to ground ambulance rates. 3 new airplanes for 1962. Also airplane sales, leases, rentals, charter. HI 3-50K PIERCE FLYING SERVICE Alterations Dressmaking chine ErnhrolrierirtB. HemstlUcning, Bu ton and Buttonholes. The Cameo Fashion Shoppe 710 Fltth St. HI 3-2040 Auto. Glass McBRlDE MOTORS AUTO GLASS INSTALLED 16 Broadway, Eureka HI 3-73B9 !dil Bonds EUREKA BAILBOND CUT RA1E LOWEST RAU-S 8. FASIEST SERVICE Across the street trom the jail HI 2-5795 ANYTIME If you want to get sprung call RAY GENUNG HI 3-1606 )an Hays Bail Bond Agency HI 2-S789. Bottled Water Spring and Distilled HI 3-3023 INnerwIl 4 4411 LIST YOUR SERVICE IN THIS DIRECTORY ' 1 ines 1 month . . *' *v 3 Lines contract rate-1 month S1I./0 Phone Ml 2-1711 - Ext, 207 Icensed Cnlmney Sweep. Eaves trotigl cleaning, repairing and odd IQPS. Commercial Refrigeration BARKER'S REFRIGFRAHON Con raclors - Commercial Refrigeration 1119 4th St. "I 3-3003 Custom Farming PLOWING. DISCING, IEVEL1NG, back fi |, lot clearing, rotary cutting. F. 6 LEE, 1940 "S" St. Phone HI 3-3501. Dry Wall Construction Taping, texturing. Quality work reasonable rates. Free estimates. D. L. Breckner. HI 3-2917. Excavatnig SEPTIC TANK. EARL LEACH. HI 3-4457. House Moving HOUSE MOVING Our Specialty. Ca 1 HI 2-4511 for a Free Estimate. A. C. JOHNSDN, House Movers. 3134 North Highway 101, Eureka. PERSOi !AL NOTICES 23PERSONAL NOTICES 23 CUT RATE BAIL! ! KNOW YOUR RIGHTS If arrested you have a right to one-- but ONLY ONE-call to a Bailbondsman. Make that call where it wi be sure to get results-- the only bondsman in town who LIVti ON" THE JOB-- across the street from the jail-- 24 hours a day. YOU GET ONLY ONE CALL DON'T WASTE IT!!! EUREKA BAILBOND will always offer the LOWEST RATES. AND FASTEST SERVICE IN TOWN If you want to get sprung call RAY GENUNG Across the street from the Jail 924_4th St. (4th J)-- Eureka-- HI 2-5795 anytime CASH REFUNDS FOR CLASSIFIED ADVtRHShRS The fohowino Standard Times classified advertisers htve cash 'eturns due them They oaid cash with ·gof low rat^s for their act and re- c»lver1 lesulta before the expiration date of thPir art Here's nrool ot the fast, eftoctwf; refills ol Times st;m dard Cla^lfiprt Wants Ads. Is your name listPd here? 'rJPIETA BURCH 1200 Allard Ave., city "B Glade Camnbell 403 W. Pacific, city - 2.2B Prank M. Georae 853 Westgate, city 1.40 Cecil Green Rt, 1 Box 215A, Arcata 96 J. W. Johnson Pay H. McConnel P. 0. Box 94, Arcata 3.16 Herman Parton 959 D St., Arcata - 1-76 Philip Santa Rosa 20IB Jt St., City 96 Wm. Sheppard P. 0. Box J74, Fortuna 2.2B If your name is listen aBove please come Into the Times Standard Classified 0?ot , 323 E Street, Fnreka, within 30 days Upon nroper idpnll. ficatinn, we will gladly refund the monpy due you. GET WELL SOON, BEV. We miss you! The Gang! JOBS WANTED-WOMEN 50 Eureka -- Fortuna -- Convalescent care motel, ironing or what -have-you. Ex perience References. Own transporta tion. HI 2-4941 1 or write 239 Porte St., Eureka. Babysitting by hour or flay. Also pro fesslonnl ironinq-- my home-reasonab e rates. Call HI 3-4395. Day care tor 1 preschool child. My II censed home. 2S37 Calif. (Grolto SI entrance.) HI 3-2059. Day work night babysitter. HI 2-5628 Live irt as companion or housekeeper tc elderly lady or couole. RA 5-3027 Widow will do Bachelor apt. or nous cleaning. Experienced practical nursr HI 2-7570. Day carrr (or your small child In my homo. Also, home typing. Reasonable HI 3-5703 JOBS WANTED MEN 51 KIRK'S lAWNMflwrH SHARPFNINO 1 pickup nnd deliver. Cut like new ouaranlet'd. HI 3 H76 CARPENTER FOR HIRE. i2.SO per hour. Now construction or repairs TG 9-2180 .Iflcr 5:30 p, m. PLASTIC WALL TILE AND FORMICA Also houiO pfllnllmi. 12. 75 hour. Ill 3-734J. PATIOS, BARBECUES, BLOCKWALLS HOME R E P A I R , No lot! too small HI 2-7041 After S p. m. JOBS WANTED-MEN 51 Experienced Japanese Gardner. S2.50 per hour. CUSTOM LAWN MOWING and general yard work. HI 2-9394. HELP WANTED WOMEN 52 Experienced salesgirls wanted for Bistrin's of Arcata Eureka. HI 3-47B7 tor appointment. HEIP WAN1ED MEN 53 Tire Service Salesman Applicant must be able to first sell, then service his truck tire accounts. Potential Income S7000 annually and upwards. Compensation includes salary plus commission. Applicant should be between the aqes of 24 8. 35, and be a permanent resident of this area. WARD'S CALL HI 3.3!m FOR APPOINTMENT WANTED i: ioys 1 2 years or olrler in Cres "nt G'v area to Deliver Hm i Call Mr Clyde Stpnnett for n f o r m a t i o n c t INgetso! Several evePnrtf. THY) pay nr] rnutos nv'Oi'oh P ^non OPPORTUNITY OFFICE MANAGERS AND OUTSIDE WORK IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA SFE DON NIHHTINGALE. SAT. AT 10 A.M. 310 F STREET, ROOM ?C9 Solos- FACTORY REPRESENTATIVE Notional AAA-1 Mfq. Co. ir?eds representative to work eslcihl shnf trrrilory with Trfiat orowth nntontlil For nP aSln°tmcnt* C wHt 1C Box m^E* reka Newspapers, Inc. EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITY Opportunity In your own npitihhorhoori Hand!" Food Service Route. Earn S ner hour full or part-time. Car ner ossary Write to C. Mnsonholmcr, 451" Hollls St., Oakland, Calilornto. For retftll furniture - flmhlllous, enor gctlc salesman. Exnerlencod preferred Anply 602 Sth SI., Eureka. SPLIT M A K E R S WANTHD. ExiWknci" only ncfd ar-oly. Cnll OrkK -- tluntp BWi. 7 to 1 P.m. Wanted ! men to v,\ist me In my hi ' f nnr;s duties vnrlrrl S, Intcreslini. H .l-Sl-M for apnoinlmont. WANTED LOG RIPPERS. CANNONflALL LUMBER COMPANY A R C A T A , CALIFORNIA .awnmower Sharpening LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED EUREKA SAW WORKS 1B2? Fourth St.' HI 2-9160 Machine Shop Hansen Machine B, Welding Works Metali/ing - Gluer Roll Grinding 7th and Broadway HI 2-2917 'dinting ncluding Scenlcs Sanitas. Reasonable. John Boyce, RO 4-3/K RA 5-3845. l umps BAY FUMP 8. IRRIGAI ION For all pump supplies 8, reapirs VA 2-4J'0 days - VA 2«61 nighls. Tire Recap Sales Commercial -- 620 W. Murray PAssenger -- 622 4lh Street frirk Repair DAYTON MURRAY BODY WORKS Rebuilding wrecked trucks a specialty. Bth and B Streets HI 2-6295 Well Drilling RICH JOHNSON well drilling -- free estimates MCKINLETV1L1E DR1UIN6 CO. Gravel Packed Wells TE 9-1732 TE 9-7286 TE 9-136 HELP WANTED MEN 53 U / A M T E H -WAN 1 Lu- Corrier Boys Times and Standard Several excellent routes available soon. Out of town areos olease write the Circulation pt , Eureka Nowspopers. Inc T ving name. cHHress and age toys in Eureka, Arrota, rWKin i?yvi!le onrl Blue Lakp. phon r he O'rculation Deor, HiHsirfc Here ib an excellent opnortuni ty to earn your own snenrjino. t-nnev onH win many fine on 'filunhle prizes. WANTED: Exoerlenced service station ooerator. Full time, good pay. Rio Dell area.. State references, age, marital status, etc, by personal hand wrlften application only to P. O. Box 3DS Fortuna, Calif. WANTED 2 MEN 25--40. Dependable credit rating and reputation. Ahove average wages. Must be in position to buy or finance truck. Call Eureka Beverage Co. for information and appointment. HI 3-1212. Experienced Journeyman re-capper. Must be bondable. Union scale wages other company benefits. Apply B. F. Goodrich Re-Cap Plant, Short 8, Whipple St Ask for Mr. Chas. Still. WANTED MEN. WOMEN 54 JOB CENTER SHRIMP Pickers Piecework Experienced or inexperienced LOG TRUCK driver 25:; Experienced SAWYER S3.65/hr Experienced HOLLYWOOD driver Piecework Experienced California State EmDloyment Service Offering the area's largest source ot skilled, semi-skilled, and labor jobs 211 -- Sth St., Eureka HI 3-080 RAWLEIGH Business now open in Hum boldt County. Trade well established Excellent opoprtunity. For details se or phone G. Mattson, 381 A Street Ferndale, SU fi-«39 or write Rawleign 306 Adeline, Oakland, California. Experienced presser Tor cleaning plant Woman or man. NO PHONE CALL, PLEASE. Apply 101 4th St., Eureka NEW TROY LAUNDRY AND CLEAN ERS. CLARKE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 6BO - 10th Slreet Arcat VA 2-07J2 days. HI 3-4996 even ng ALLYN PLACKMENT AGENCY Specialists In office personnel 730 Fifth Slreet HI 2-167 SCHOOL INSIKUCTION57 HUMBOIDI BMSINhSS ( nil frGE Day Eveing Clashes 31? 6th St. Ml 1 / w KOOM BOARD 6C PEACEFUL COUNTRY SE1IING Room, home COOK ing care for elderly ladies. McCRANIE Guast Home. 1361 - Q, Arcata, VA 2-2004. iVo have opin-rigs ror nine' 1 men o women at ttie Harris Rest Home, 1/S K St., Eureka, HI 3-2944. ROOM BOARD TV LIVING ROOM Home atmosphere. Men only. 1303 Eye Street Have vacancy tor 1 elderly lady 1 HUrCHINS NEW licensed Guest home We have a vacancy for 2 ladies. License vocational nurse in charge. Over holt Guest Home. HI 2-5A5J. HOARD fj ROOM Gentlemen only. 2134 E St., Eureka. :(OOMS FOR RENT FURN. 6" Warm camtorMblo room on busline. I per week. 3312 E Street. HI 2-D65. SLEEPING ROOM on Jilnoy line. Net shopping center. HI 3-.11M3 1 Sirepinq Rooms. 130. Moil only. Si White house across from Mnnlh Mk on Sflmon Rrt. C can, comfortable rooms. M.ild, roon service, telephones, TV. wk., ui Hold Vanct. Jnd i G Sts. IOOMS FOR RENT FURN. 62 ICE CLEAN HEATED ROOMS. · Dally Maid service. 110 and up. Men only. 903 A St., Eureka. Gentleman: Furnished sleeping room in private home with prlvale entrance. Non-drinkars. 944 N St. CbNTRAL HOTEL-4th E Reasonatile-Downtown-Elevator-lV SLEEPING ROOMS -- WITH GARAGE. MODERATE WEEKLY RATES. Travelers Hotel, 6th and H 51s. Dally and week rates. Free T.V. in lobby - HI 2-2957. Clean heated sleeping room. Kitchen privileges. Men only. S3Q per mo. 1446 C St. Nice heated sleeping room In private home. Near Henderson Center. 58 per Clean heated room and apts. sr to SIS week. Men only. Club kitchen, T.V Room, - Colonial Hotel, 213 G Street. APARTMENTS 64 DEI UXE LIVING: Capri Surf Apartments 8, 2 ne-lroom units. 1 arge closet slot age. All electric kitchens, wall to wall carpel, swimm'ng pool and carports. Furnished or unfurnished. 230 Wahash HI 2-4940 or 1335 6th St. -- HI 3-iSH. Best for trie Money Very clean moaern sunny cozy f urn- shed apartment. Venetian blinds, two good gas heaters, dry store ro,m, garage. One or 2 adults. No pets, lt'5 a love nest among colorful shrubs. Peaceful surroundings. HI 2-3252. S65 -- Downstairs clean bedroom furnished apt. Closed in Sun porch. Private bath 8. entrance. Washing facilities, no pets. S10 deposit. 2303 Summer or nquire 1325 G St., Eureka. Modern Living Moderate Prices SAO -- Nicely furnished 2 room apartment with bath. 1 child OK. Utilities paid. HI 3-7107. IN DOWNTOWN FORTUNA Attractive clean fully furnished one and 2 bedrooms. McLEOD'S FORTUNA REALTY, 1741 Main, Fortuna, RA 5-3311. PARK PLAZA APTS. aoer. 1895 H St. VA 2-0203 or VA 2-1661. ARCATA LUXURY FOR LESS S120 -- Furnished 2 bedroom apt. Built- n electric kitchens. Wall to wall carpets. Free washing facilities. Water garbage paid. Older child OK. HI 2-2602. 1 bedroom furnished apartment at 1315 Eye Street. Carport; washer and dryer. Water and garbage oaid. Phone HI 3-0831, 6 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. S95. 585 -- 3 bedroom furnished apt. Automatic washer, dryer and Ironer. Vt block from school. Water and garbago paid. 904 B street, Eureka. $85 -- 3 large rooms bath. Wall-wall carpels, curtains, drapes. Etec. range ( retriq., garbage, water. 811 H. ST. HI 2-4947. Individual Cottages Adults, garages, weekly-- monthly rates. Bay View Motel - 3256 BROADWAY ON SAMOA ROAD range -- garbage and water furnished. Near Naiarene Church. HI 3-2962. 575 -- sharp, modern one bedroom apartment Stove and refrigerator. Good location. Water and garbage paid. HI 2-8091, HI 3-7371. Eureka -- Cute, clean coiy. 1 bedroom furnished apt. Garage. Water Garbage paid. $50. VA 2-2372. 1 bedroom apt. furcished. In Fresh- waier. 142 per mo. Water included. HI 3-2579. New 2 bedroom apartment. Wall to wall carpeting, drapes, built-Ins. HI 2-8342. 150 -- furnished 2 rooms and bath. Water and garbage paid. Washer and dryer. Call HI 2-3151. Clean, cozy and comfortable. Suitable 1 adult. 950 14th St. S50 -- 3 ROOM APARTMENT Private bath. 815 G St., Eureka 3 room furnished apt. H[ 2-2026 $60-- SMALL FURNISHED APT.' PrivatB entrance and balh. Good location. HI 3-5630 ON E NEAR WABASH 1 bedroom furnished apartment. Clean. S75. No pels. Adults. HI 3-4126. S60-- Downstairs small 1 bedroom furnished Apt. Clean and quiet. Private entrance. 1226 G St. Phone HI 2-7908. ? bedroom apartment. 1107 G Street. S75. Redecorated. -- HI 2-0075 -- FURNISHED APARIMEN1S For Adults inly. 2941 Calit S60 -- 1 bedroom apartment. Stove and refrigerator. Private bath and entrance. HI 3-2265. Attractively furnished 4 room apt. Just renovaled. At 822 E St., Inquire 945 D St., Eureka. Apt. Stove, refrigerator. Water, garbage paid. Garage. VA 2-0450. . S54. 3 ROOM APT. Elderly couple preferred. S75 -- 2 bedroom furnished. Fair Oak Trailer Park, Willow Creek. 627-2201 HANDINESS! EUREKA MOTEL APTS. By week-day--month. 4th L C H R l S l T S MUlEL AND APIS. Clean, mcitem, low rales by weeK.s day or rnrnlh. 4th and P. HI 3-0691. WO. 3 room unlurnished apt. Clean. Water, garbage paid. HI 3-7441 114 W. Cedar St. 175--1 bedroom furnished apt. Clean comfortable. Electricity, water and gar- Page paid. Adulls only. HI 2-1725 S45 -- l bedroom flat. Stove and re- Pine. HI 3.6119 S70 -- 3 room cte-in modern unlurnlshed except rulrltierator stove. Water garbage. Inquire 1002 C St., HI 2-1276. S50 -- Small 1 bedroom unfurnished HI 3 -543.3 apt. Near college nnd hospital. Adults or family wilh older children. No pels. 1100. VA 2-3286. 2 room nut. Furnlihod, 1443 Mil. HI 2-8H3 - HI 3-1070 160 i-urnisticd apt, Utilities paid. Private entrance. Hi 3-1909 $40 A t'p - 2 f, 3 room ipU. FurnlMied. ?« Grnnl St., ftirnkA

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