Independent from Long Beach, California on February 4, 1960 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1960
Page 2
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Page A-2--INDEPENDENT L «TM "«"· «'"·' TM m " Flb ' * »" -L.A.C. S A Y Sr Airport Expansion Once again expansion of airport activities exploded in the City Council. Announcement that the Air Force was moving its training program to March Field near Riverside was the spark that started Tuesday's explosion. It was used as an argument to support widespread expansion of airport activities. The first move would be to get greater passenger service-which is not greatly opposed. But extension of freight service involving hundreds more daily landings and take-offs is the real issue. * * # One point made by Councilman Dooley is deserving of careful consideration. It is the argument used by supporters of extension of the runway to get the geople to vote for that project. Mr. Dooley says "the people voted these bonds for just one purpose--to help Douglas Aircraft." He demands that the people be permitted to vote again on the issue of greatly expanding the activities at the airport. Dooley can support his position by quoting "Bud" Ridings, who headed the committee supporting the bond issue. Ridings says "Long Beach has highly developed residential districts surrounding the airport and these people have been promised by many of us that the runway lengthening was done to insure a continued payroll at the Douglas plant and would not cause increased annoyance to them from other uses." * * * On August 25th of last year John Biby of the Douglas company reminded the City Council that his company had stated in a letter to the Council--before the bond issue vote--that the Douglas activities would not increase more than three flights a day due to the longer runway. He said this had been lived up to by the company. Those opposing the bond issue were vigorous in pointing out the extended runway would mean greater noise and danger. The people voted the bonds because they wanted to safeguard the Douglas payroll and believed those who promised there would be no extensive increase in airport activities. The record of these promises is clear. To ignore them now means breaking faith with the people who in good faith accepted them. * * * This writer has not opposed extension of passenger services. But he is opposed to the extension of freight service because it will ultimately mean hundreds of large cargo planes making this their terminus. It can mean an endless stream of these planes day and night over the city. It may be the people would approve of such activity. But they are entitled to the right to vote on such a vital issue. This is especially true when it was an issue when the people voted for the airport bonds. If the representation made them during the campaign is to be disregarded, how can they be expected to trust any future promises made them? It is their city and their homes that are involved. They have the right to clear up any misunderstanding over this issue. Anyone who supported the bond issue with any reservation concerning these statements was duty bound to make his position clear. We know of none of those now advocating wide expansion of the airport activities who did so.--L.A.C. (L.A.C.'i column, by L. A. Collins Sr., Ills other columns is an expression of persona! opinion and docs not necessarily reflect the con- liderod opinion of this newspaper.) COMPLETE WEATHER FORECAST Lono Beach and Vicinity: Partly cloudy today. Mostly cloudy tonight and Friday. Chance ot occasional tight rain laic today or Friday. Not much change in temperature. High today near 63. Mountain Areas: Partly cloudv today becoming mostly cloudy with chance ol light r3ln below and snow above 7,000 feet late today or Friday, Not much chariot In tern Denatures. Interior and Dtsert Regions: Variable cloudiness trd,w and Friday but con- iderable cloudiness At times with chance ol a few light showers In the north portion Friday. Slightly cooler in the south portion tonight High temperatures today, 41 to 60 In the upper valleys and 60 to 70 In the lower vaiievs. Ofhhort Wind and Weather Forecast (Pt. Conccpcion to Mexican Border): Mostly light varlnble winds becoming southwesterly l(Mo-20 m o b In the afternoons today and Friday. Partly clouJv today bu' increasing cloudiness again this afternoon. Occasional light rain likely in Ihe north portion tonloht or Friday. Little change In temperatures. COASTAL WEATHER SUMMARY Occasional rain, mostly light. Is reported along the coa%t from Southern California north to Washington. High-pressure area is centered in norlhcast Utah with a weitk ridge southwestward through Southern California to A weaK hloh pressure cemer located about 700 miles southwest of San Diego. SUN, MOON AND TIDES Sunrise: 6:4B a.m.; sunset: 5:76 p.m. Moonrtit: 11:25 a.m.; moonset: 12:13 a.m.; first Quarter: 6:27 a.m. Tides: Hloh, 4.4 feet at 3:4B a.m. and 2.6 'eel al 4:02 p.m. Low, 1.4 feel al 10:17 A.m. and 2.1 feet at 9:00 p.m. WEDNESDAY WEATHER REPORTS California H L H L Long Beach 59 55 Newport Beach 59 48 Long Beach Airport 60 47 Palm Springs 69 41 Los Angeles _... ,, 59 50 Riverside 55 XI Avalon 5 8 41 Sacramento . . . . 5 2 43 , Bakenfleld _ _ 61 42 San Bernardino _ 57 40 Bishop _ _ . 4 1 20 San Diego 63 48 Blvthe 66 44 San Francisco . SB 49 El Cenfro 70 41 Santa Barbara . 5 5 41 Fresno _ _ 56 40 Vlcorvllle _ - 5 5 32 (Continued from Page A-l) she might have another baby right away. "I thought it was just fear on her part, during the year 1953," he said. "By 1954, I had become more upset by it. "Our sexual experiences had resulted usually in Barbara crying and me frustrated." * * * * SHE SAID SHE refused to seek the aid of psychotherapy. By November 1956, he said, hey stopped having relations. Finch said the office manager employed Miss Tregoff o work in the doctor's West Covina clinic in 1955 but that t was three weeks later be- : ore he met her. Asked Cooper: "Well, when tou saw her, did you observe ier in any particular?" Replied Finch: "Yes sir. I certainly did." Cooper, in his statement, said the doctor first took her o lunch in January 1957 and hat their friendship ripened nto love. When Mrs. Finch filed suit or divorce in May 1959, Finch idvised Carole to move to Las Vegas, Nev., so she wouldn't e named co-respondent in the suit, Cooper said. * A A * HE SAID FINCH and Carole drove from Las Vegas to he doctor's home in West Jovina July 18 to talk to Mrs. r inch about a divorce agreement. Cooper told a dramatic version of happenings in the r inch garage when the doctor and Carole confronted the ihysician's estranged wife. "Dr. Finch will explain how he pulled the revolver and minted it toward Carole . . . low he made a grab, grabbed ier wrists and the gun. He vill explain how they strug- led with the gun, and how ic wrested the gun from her lands," the attorney told the ury. * * * * COOPER SAID that Finch lit his 36-year-old wife on the Albuaueraue Anchorage Atlanta Bismarck Boston _ Chicago Cleveland _.. . Denver CDs Molnes Detroit Fort Worth Helena Honolulu Indianapolis .. Kansas City Las Veoas . . MemDhls . . Miami 3 31 42 25 . _ . 11 14 35 15 31 30 . 3? 24 . . 52 30 66 44 77 62 I Orl New York Oklahoma City Omaha Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland Reno Richmond St. Louis Salt Lake Clry Seattle Spokane Washington H L Prc, 39 10 50 40 3S 27 -13 23 40 30 39 23 49 38 40 28 43 2? Lo ebt ternoerMure In the 48 adjacent states Wednesday was 10 below Pellslon, Mich. Highest was 82 at Brownsville, T t x WE SPECIALIZE IN "Everest Jennings" FOLDING WHEEL CHAIRS SAUS RENTALS LONG SEACH: 1 7 4 1 long B e o c n Blvd.... IELLFLOWER: 1 7 6 2 6 S. Btllflowtr Blvd. INGUWOOD: 2 l v S. to 6r.o Av. SANTA ANA: 2 1 3 0 S. Moln St HI 2-2973 TO 4-1714 OR 7-4171 XI 5 - 1 U I Finch to Tell Jurors Wife's Words as She Breathed Last DR. BERNARD FINCH shows how he used sketch to answer questions about his financial status at the time he married Mrs. Barbara Finch. The sketch shows location of five lots in West Covina on which Finch bujlt a medical clinic. lead with the butt of the wea- )on to stop her kicking a n d , , .. ighting and pushed the head *-'· ol Caslro Demands Balisla, Officials Return Salaries HAVANA (UP1)--The government has ordered 271 former government officials under the Batista regime to return all of the salaries they had received from 1954 to 1958 or face confiscation of their property. The order, issued by the Ministry of Recuperation of Stolen Property, affected mayors, governors, legislative representatives and government counsellors who liad collected pay under the Batista administration before the Fidel Castro takeover on .Ian. 1, 1959. The accumulated salaries of t h e 271 persons involved, total about 10 million dollars. OK Study of Beach Lease Plan SACRAMENTO (/?) -- The Senate Wednesday approved a study aimed at allowing private parties to develop and operate state beach and park f the Finch \nne Lidholm- maid--Marie -against the vail of the garage when she ntered, because he was afraid she might be armed. Later, Mrs. Finch revived, grabbed the gun, and left the ;arage with H, he said. Finch searched for her, fearing she might shoot Carole, who had 'led when the v i o l e n c e erupted. At the top of a flight of stairs leading down to a neighbor's lawn he found her, ;rabbed the gun from her, and it discharged, Cooper re- ated. SWEET MUSIC to you will Oral Polio Vaccine M I A M I (UPI)--The biggest mass feeding of oral polio vaccine in U. S. history got under way today with University of" Miami students gulping double shots of the pink liquid as they went through registration lines. Officials, hoping to completely stamp out polio local ly, were urging everyone in Dade County under the age of 40 to take the scrum. Dag in Parley UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. (UPI)--Secretary General Da; Hammarskjokl, who returned be buyers for the piano you last Sunday from a month's L - ·' ""·-- will hold a at 11 a.m. want to sell ifter you shirt an ad. HE 2-5959 to start it. who come!tour of Africa, Dial I news conference | today. 3 Haivaii Beach Homes Razed by Lava River HONOLULU UP) -- A lava river destroyed three weekend beach homes Wednesday. The lava from Kilauea volcano threatened other houses fringing the ocean shore. Seismologist Jerry Eaton reported the steaming lava extended · under water for a half mile beyond shore. lands. The resolution by Sen. John USSR Population A. Murdy (R-Santa Ana) was Set at 208,826,650 introduced, he said, because state tidelands oil revenues, which support state beach and park development, have been falling short of expectations. t * * * PRIVATE capital, Murdy said, is willing and able to take on part of the task of developing the lands, now developed exclusively by the state and leased to concessionaires. The resolution directing the state beaches and parks division to study the possibility of using private capital, was sent to the Assembly for vote. MOSCOW (/PI -- The population of the Soviet Union slood at 208,826,650 on Jan. 15, according to the latest census taken by the Central Statistical Board of the Soviet Council of Ministers, Tass re- jorted Wednesday. INDEPENDENT Published dally except Sunday at Sixth St. and Pine Ave., Long Beach 12, Calif. Entered as second class matter Mar. 27, 1943, at Long Beach 2, Calif. Adjudicated by Superior Court, Los Angeles County, Oct. 6, 1941, Decree No. C-10280. Per Per Month Year $2.00 $24.00 2.00 24.00 10C Carrier Delivery ._. By Mall Single Copy Maturity* is a bourbon called ANTIQUE *THAT GOLDEN MOMENT WHEN BOURBON REACHES THE PEAK OF PERFECTION, C /I CO "4/8 Qt BETTER TENANTS look 'or your "For Rent" ads in :iassificd Dial HE 2-5959. CAROLE TREGOFF, her once trim contours showing double chin after long stay in jail, takes scat in court.--(AP Wirephoto.) Motorists Hail Ike RIO DE JANEIRO W-President Eisenhower is being hailed here as the motorists' friend. The city fathers are finally getting around to long- needed -repairs on m a i n streets in preparation for th^ President's forthcoming South American visit. HUNTINGTON HOTEL 1290 E. OCEAN BLVD. ROOM, with prlvule tile both and daily maid service; also include! choice of our 95c club breakfasts , and choice ot all our S2.20 din. ners, 5.90 per day. Two peoDle* room with both, Including meals, $8.30 per day. This Is not a b?,irc"n3 house, but a Boulevard Hold. All roomi with private bnlh. We serve vcrv excellent food Special weekly rales. $29.05 per week, no, including meals, ai listed above. For reservations- Phone HE 0^6253 (Advertisement) Local Office Offers HeSp to Pensioners Senior citizens seeking nid in obtaining glasses under the liberalized California pension law find a conlinl welcome n t the ground floor office of Dr. J. M. Soss, Optometrist, nt 'M Pine Avenue. Dr. Sos.s, nt this location for .'{2 years, assists pensioners in delenniniiiK their eligibility for glasses and relieves them of all details after eligibility has been confirmed. All tile punsioner needs to do is bring the nnmc of his social worker and medical identification card. Comfortable, private facilities arc provided snd nr- rangemenls can he completed in Ihe shortest possible timo. .N'o a p p o i n t m e n t is ncccrsury. Dr. Soss rmphasixes t h a t those availing themselves of tnis assistance are placed under no obligation whatever, Soss optical services arc complete, including the grinding of lenses in his own laboratories. Phones are UK -)-f.219 mul HE 6-B73S. )pcn Ki'id.-iy evenings and all day .Saturdays. Offices in Tor- STRAIGHT i ········· ·· mm 9 ·»·····«·.* «.·.»· 3O MINUTES Rayco makes worn, tired seats look like i/zis.jj only A look as fresh as tomorrow! Colorful Rayco Orospun seat covers give your car interior the dazzle of Detroit's latest! Plastic-coated for wear...guaranteed not to peel or crack. Leatherette trimmed! · 30-minute custom-fitting is free! · Approved by United States Testing Co.! 95 complete set--for mosi cars Docs Ilie front portion of y o u r car get the mo it w r i r ? ir it^\ftr doci you can cover j j j j (he entire area lor *^ only No Down Payment...yoU.ean charge it AMERICA'S FOREMOST SPECIALIST M SEAT COVERS · MUFFLERS · TOPS · SHOCK ABSORBERS " NOW OPEN DAILY 8 A.M. TO i P.M. MONDAY AND THURSDAY NITES 'TIL 9 P.M. 'g CLOSED SUNDAYS · Member BANKAMERICARD CHARGE PLAN £ INTERNATIONAL CHARGE CARDS ACCEPTED · 1940 Long Beach Bl., Long Beach 1 Jusf North of Pacific Coast Hwy.--GA 6 - 7 3 1 7 · Otnrr Morn in LOJ Anoet", inowoflrt, Nonaai*, South Gat*, studio Citv. V*n Nim, Paiartenfl, RosemeM, . . Lftwnrtalt, Annntlrrv North Hollywood and Ssn Bernardino * Hmmmmmnnmttmmmnmm

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