Independent from Long Beach, California on March 22, 1976 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 22, 1976
Page 22
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B-8-INDEPENDENT (AM) TeleVues PRESS-TEIEGRAM (PM) Lcn.) Beach, C»II1., Hon., Marrti M, »7 Ratings hint viewers shun 'better' fare By BOB MARTIN TV-Radio Editor On Itie e v e n i n g of Wednesday, M a r c h 10, NBC presented a n e w , two-hour TV movie, "The Entertainer," which will be shown in motion picture theaters abroad, The film starred Jack Lcmmon, o n e of A m c r i - . ca's m o s t popular a n d most distinguished movie actors. H d r e w h i g h p r a i s e from all the critics I happened to read, and, even if one or two of them seemed to me to go too far with t h e i r raves, 1 certainly would agree t h a i "The Entertainer" was different from and superior to the SARA, 8 p.m., Ch. 2. CBS Friday night series : l sfarring Brenda Vaccarp as a frontier schoolteacher is 'tested in new time period; it preempts "Rhoda" and ' "Phyllis." 'MOVIE: "Buster and Billie," 9 p.m., Ch. 7. TV 'debut of 1314 drama of teen-age romance in the rural Georgia of 1918; Jan-Michael Vincent and Joan Goodfellow star. SING A M E R I C A SING, 0 p.m., Ch. 28. John Raitl and Oscar Brand star in Bicentennial musical salute . MAUDE, 9:30 p.m., Ch. 2. Repeat of episode in . which Beatrice Arthur, as Maude, has the only speaking part in a session with a psychiatrist. · CUFTON DAVIS SHOW, 11:30 p.m., Ch. 7. Redd Foxx, Jose Perez, Loncttc McKec and John Byner are among the guests on 90-minutc variety special. I l l l l l l l l l l l l l H l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l H l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l i l l l l l l l l l l l ordinary TV series. So, you might ask, how did it do in the ratings? Not very well. A m o n g 65 prime-time programs on t h e t h r e e major networks f o r the week ending March 14, "The Entertainer" finished in a tie for 41th place with a 16.7 rating and a 27 per cent share of the audience in its time period. It was badly beaten by the reruns -- reruns, mind you -- of the pilot movies of two ABC series, "The Six Million Dollar Man" and "Starsky and Hutch," which overlapped the NBC movie's time period. "Starsky" had a 23.5 rating and a '19 per cent share of tlx; audience to rate No. 11 in the Nielsens, and "Six Million Dollar Man" finished 14th with a 23 rating and 36 share. On CBS, the competition facing "The Entertainer" was a "Cannon" rerun and "The Blue Knight." "Cannon" tied the NBC movie for 'Will place, and "Blue Knight" attracted the same percentage of viewers (27) while finish- ing 51st. W H A T IS the s i g n i f i - cance of all these figures? To me, they offer further evidence t h a t m o s t TV viewers do not want the "higher quality" and "different" t y p e of programming that many critics delight in demanding. This is n o t meant to imply t h a t I think the c o m m e r c i a l n e t w o r k s should never present high quality programs. But, for the m o s t part, t h e n e t works -- by the nature of the economic system in w h i c h t h e y operate -must attempt to present programs that appeal to the average American. In the same week, the Nielsen ratings provided p l e n t y of additional evi- d e n c e t h a t viewers go more for the regular TV d r a m a t i c a n d situation comedy series than they do for the "different" programs that critics clamor for. Winding up in 65th -and last -- place was the CBS drama special "Song of Myself," a b o u t poet Walt Whitman. It got a 7.7 rating and attracted only 13 per cent of the viewers in its lime period. Finishing 64th was "Papa and Me," a d r a m a special hailed as a children's classic by at least one critic. The widely praised new TV movie "Farewell to Manzanar," about the in- t e r n m e n t of Japanese- Americans in World War II, was No. 48 on the Nielsen list; "James Michcn- cr's Dynasty" was No. 52; the Lola ' Falana variety special was No. 56; the Jacques Cousteau special was No, 57; the GE Theat- e r d r a m a s p e c i a l " 2 0 Shades of Pink' : was No. FM Stations KLON. KSPC . KXLU. KSUL . KPFK. KUSC. KF»C. K N X . . KPOL. K T B T . KMET KLOS. KRKO KWIZ. KCBS. . M.7 . B.I . »1 . n.t . 11.5 . n.i . n.i . n . MJ . w.7 KDUO KNOB K J O I . . KFOX XIU .. . KUTE .. (CICDJ... HOST ... KBIG . . . K X T Z . . . KBCA... X N A C . . . KWST... KYMS .. KE2M .. .. . . 11.1 .. it.i ..100.) ..tou ..Ml.) ..Iffl.l .. 1MJ . . 1 M B ..104.3 ..1(61 ..IOV5 58, and (he "Salute to William Wylcr" special was No. 61. TWO SERIES made their debuts on ABC the week ending March 14, and they both did well. "Good Heavens," which airs Monday nights, and "Family," a T u e s d a y night offering, tied for !2th place in the Nielsens with 23.3 r a t i n g s . "Family" drew a bigger percentage o( viewers in its time period, however, with a 40 share compared with a 33 s h a r e for "Good Heavens." "Sara," a CBS midsca- son replacement series which hasn't been doing well on Friday nights, will be tested in tonight's 8-to-9 slot on C h a n n e l 2, preempting "Khoda" and "E'hyllis." THE NIELSEN leader in the week ending March M was "Rich Man. Poor Man" (a scries I liked), in its next-lo-lasl episode. It had a 28.5 rating and a -13 audience share. Following, in order, were "Welcome Back, Hotter," "The Wizard of Oz," "All in the Family," "Happy Days," " H i g h P l a i n s Drifter," "Lavcrne and Shirley" and "M-A-S-H" (tie) and "Barney Miller" and "Police Woman" (tie). G I L B E R T BOBBINS, formerly of Long Beach, is a featured singer on "Sing America Sing," which airs from 9 to 10 tonight-on Channel 28. John Raitt'and Oscar Brand are the stars. Robbins, who lives in New York, is a former drum major at Poly High ami UCLA, and he used to t o u r with t h e s i n g i n g group The Highwaymen., Towers over r] ~M*: 1C rv; iKWre av. pc runic bf F I C r.e:!3d. Tall, white and handsome Not just extra puffs but extra tobacco. And costs no more than 100s. Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined lhat Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. SAVE AT RELIABLE TV Over 52 yean In Long Bejcfc MAYTAG DISHWASHER Power Module with Micro-Mesh '" Filter 5 Yeari on Motor, Pump, Filtering Syitem ? Vcori All FatH l-Y«or Home Service $338 CHROMACOIOR1I COLOR TV 100% SOLID STATE Brilliant chromacolor , picture tube , 100% solid state · Uses less energy Many other exclusive Zenith features i Other models to choose al our special prices IN MAJOR APPt. BWG. DOOLEY'S I I \ K I ) W \ K K M A R T ·.. 5075 LONG 1IACH IlVD NORTH LONG tIACH EXKKTTVSBtVKE 436-9897 UMI DAY MVKI * TOU JU RELIABLE TV Ov*r 51 y*ors in Long B* SALES -- SERVICE Phone - 43-9B97 401 long Beach Blvd. Mon.THru Fri. 9:30 lo 6:3 Sat. 10 to 5 LOG- KNXT KNBC KTLA KABC KhJ Channel Clxuinel Chaiuiel Channel Channel 9 KTTV Ckjnno KCOP Chaimo KWHY Chanrm KCET domic KHOF Qianne KMEX Channe KLXA Channel 40 KBSA Channel 46 KOCE Chonncl 50 KBSC Channel 52 KVST Channel 68 MONDAY, MARCH 22,1976 2 Love of Life ·1 Hollj'wooci Squares 7 Happy Days 11 Thai Girl 13 Comer Pylc 22 Market Coverage ·10 Praise the lxrd Club * PAID ADVERTISEMENT An * indicates B/W. Other shows in color. This [H-wsr/'ifHT nssunies ix n'sjxinsihilit.v for bsl- minute pro^mm ckint;^ hy m'Uvorks ur sl;ilmns. 5:55 4 Knowledge. legacy of the American Revolution. 6:00 A.M. 2 Sunrise Semester 7 Chant lo Chance 9 Community Feedback 11 University of the Air 6:25 ·S Not for Women Only. "Bisexuality" 6:M 2 The Words and Works of Man 5 Earlh Lab 7 Michael Jackson Show 9 Youth 4 the Issues .11 'My Favorite Martian 13 Gumhy 6:55 4 NewsCenter.4 7:00 A.M. 2 News, Hughes Rudd ·1 Today. Guest: actor Rod Sleigcr portraying W. C. Fields (8:30) 5 700 Club 7 Good Morning, Amierca 9 Super Talk 11 PorkvPig 13 QUICK Draw McGraw 22 Market Opening 28 Mister Rogers 7:30 f) Romper Room 11 Bugs His Buddies 13 Popeye 22 Market Update 28 Sesame Street 8:00 A.M. 2 Captain Kangaroo 9 Davcy k Goliath I I FHntstomcs 13 Hercules 22 New York Exchange 8:30 S Life in the Spirit !) Jack LaLanne I I Yogii Friends 13 Gomer Pylc 22 Commodity Line 28 Villa Alcgre 9:00 A.M. 2 Price Is RiRht ·1 Celebrity Sweepstakes 5 The Gallery 7 A.M. Us Anceles " 9 Tommy Hawkins Show 11 I Love Lucy 13 1 Dream of Jeannie 22 New York Exchange 28 Sesame Street 50 Consumer Survival Kit 9:30 4 High Rollers 5 'Movie: "Crosstrap," Laurence Payne, Jill Adams (Mystery '60) 11 Green Acres IS Woman: Real to Reel 22 Executive Report 40 The Word 50 Home Gardener 10:00 A.M. 2 Gambit 4 Wheel of Fortune 11 Hogan's Heroes 22 New York Exchange 40 Captain Andy 10:30 5 Movie: "Destination Miami: Objective Murder," Claudio Goro, Bella Cortcz CiiS) 10:55 2 News, Doug Edwards 11:00 A.M. 2 Youni; Restless ·1 Marine Machine V Rhyme Reason !) Movie: "Seven Hills of Rome," Mario Lanza, PcRgie Castle C5R) 11 News, Terry Mayo 13 Nannv the Professor 22 New York Exchange 28 Electric Company 11:30 2 Search for Tomorrow ·I Take My Advice 7 The Neighbors I I Let's Hap 13 Hill Cosby 28 Book Beat 50 Electric Company 11:55 4 Nesvs, Edwin N e w m a n NOON 2 Noontime, Machado 4 To Tell the Truth 7 EdKC of Night 11 'Movie: "Navv Blue and Gold." Robert Young, Lionel liarrymore, James Stewart (Comedy '37) 13 I Dream nf Jcamiic 22 Commodities 28 Kup's Show ·10 Jimmy Swaggart 50 Sesame Street 12:30 2 As the World Trims 4 Days of Our Lives 7 All My Children 13 Courtship of Eddie's Father 22 Market Coverage 1:00 P.M. 5 'Movie: "Kinttof Gamblers," Claire Trevor, Lloyd Nolan 7 Ryan's Hope 9 News, Steve Fox 13 'Major Adams 22 Market Closing ·10 Tree of Life 1:30 2 Guiding Light 4 The Doctors 7 l-cl's Make a Deal 9 The Lucy Show 22 Charting the Market 40 The Acts 2:00 P.M. 2 All in the Family 4 Another World 7 The $-20,000 Pyramid 9 Beverly Hillbillies 13 News. Huch Williams 40 Wonder of the Word 50 Literature and Arts 2:20 I I Ben Hunter Interviews 2:30 2 Match Game 16 5 News, Stan Chambers 7 One Life to Live 9 Movie: "Apache Drums,"Stephen McNally. Willard Parker,' '51) 1! 'Laurel i Hardy 13 Get Smart 28 Villa Aleprc 34 La Senonta Elena 40 Sidney Helen Correll 50 Consumer Survival Kit 3:00 P.M. 2 Taltlctales ·1 Somerset 5 Please Don't Eat the Daisies 7 General Hospital 11 'Mickey Mouse Club 13 I Dream of Jeannie 28 Chant to Chance 40 Praise the Lord Club 50 Book Beat 3:30 2 Dinah! Guests: Terry Bradshaw, Lola Falana. John Byner, Frank Gifford, Tom Sullivan I Mike Douglas Show. Carol Lawrence co- hosts. Guests: Peter Foy, Broadway special effects artist; Rocky Mnrciairo, former Middleweight Boxing Champion; actors Ted llaynes.Ted Ross, Hinlon Battle Jr., Robert Morse, Walter SIczak; actress Stephanie Mills. 5 'O/.zie Harriet 7 Movie: "Batman," Adam West, Cesar Romero Burgess Meredith. Lcc Meriwether('fjfi) I I I/osl in Space 13 'The Munsters 28 Clothing Corner 30 Praise the Lord Club 31 Ui Gala 50 Mister RoRers 3:15 22 Alerta ·1:00 P.M. 5 'Father Knows Best 9 *Rin Tin Tin 11 Yoiri and Friends 13 Gilhgan's Island 22 Nino 28 Mister Rogers 34 Una Muchacha Llamada Milagros 50 Sesame Street 52 'My Little Margie ·1:30 5 'Dick Van Dyke Show 9 'The Lone Ranger 11 Hues Mlis Buddies 13 Mcllale's Navy 28 Sesame Street E2 Rocky and His Friends 5:00 P.M. 2 News, Pat Emory 4 News, Jess Marlow 5 Big Valley 7 News, Lund/Henry 9 'Maverick 11 Klinlstoncs 13 Get Smart 22 Hucgie Boy 34 l/ Impcrdonablc 40 Backyard 50 F,leclric Company 52 'Three Stooges 5:30 11 Bewitched 13 'Three Stooges 2S Electric Company 30 Film 34 Mundo de Jnguete 40 Behind the Scenes 50 Villa Alegre 52 Underdog 6:00 P.M. 2 News, Benti-Hill I News. Paul Moyer S Bonanza 7 News. Dunphy/ Hambrick !) Ironside 11 Partridge Family 13 Adam 12 22 Rosario 28 Advancing Dentistry 30 Blue Ridge Quartet 34 News, A. Aguilar ·10 News 50 Chant to Chance 52 'Little Rascals 6:30 11 Andy Griffith Show 30 The Story 40 The Acts 50 As Man Behaves 7:00 P.M. 2 News, Walter Cronkitc 4 News, John Chancellor 5 Bowling for Dollars 7 News, Harry Reasoner 9 Concentration II *I Love Lucy 13 The FBI 22 Manuela 28 Rcalidades 30 Christ, Living Word 3-1 El Milagro dc Vivir 40 Tree of Lite 52 'Addams Family 7:30 2 $25,000 Pyramid 4 Wild Kingdom 5 1-ove American Style 7 Match Game PM 9 Celebrity Bowling II Brady Bunch 28 Ini Cultura "Los Romeros Quartet" 30 Pattern (or Living 40 Prayer Meeting 50 Focus 8:00 P.M. 2 Sara. When Angelo, an expert at dynamiting, comes lo town to blast open a new vein of a silver mine, he threatens to sweep Sara off her feet as well. ("Rhoda" and "Phyllis" arc preempted this date only.) ·I Rich Little Show. Bob Hope makes a special guest appearance. Also:Cl ' " : Chad Everett, I-arry Groce 5 'Movie: "Mr. Skcffington," Bctte Sidney I'oilicr (Drama) 7 On the Rocks. While returning from a civilian hospital where he is sent (or medical tests, Fuentes tries to make a break for freedom in the desert. 9 Movie: "The Defiant Ones," Tony Curtis, Sidney Poitier (Drama '581 11 My Three Sons 13 Mod Squad 22 Noticiero 22 28 USA: People and Politics 30 Family Come Together 34 l,os Polivoces 50 World Press 52 Urikpcn: Kuishinbo 8:15 52 Okara No liana 8:30 1 Good Heavens. Harold, a shy bank teller, is too claustrophobic to use elevators, but Nancy insists on a 26th floor restaurant (or their date. I I Cross-Wits 28USArl-ThcGUtof Ourselves 30 Meetin 1 'time at Calvary 40 Oral Roberts 50 Mosaic 9:00 P.M. 2 All in (he Family. After five years of suffering Archie's bluster and insults Mike declares his and Gloria's moving d a v a s "Michael's Independence Day." (R) 4 Joe Forrester. Forrester tries to arrest a deranged and dangerous veteran peacefully, but Lt. Sullivan insists that everything be done "by the book.' 7 Movie: "Buster and Billie," Jan-Michael Vincent. Joan Goodfellow. A gentle romance between "the most popular boy in town and a plain friendless eirl. TV MOVIE PREMIERE. II DM Musk I FHhion * witti Frantic Avakm and DICK CLARK Merv Griffin Show. Guests: Dick Clark, Steve Allen, Krankie Avalon. comedy team Baum Estin. 13 The Bold Ones 22 Futbol Soccer 28 Sing America Sing 30 Gospel Hour 34 Muy Agradecido 40 Praise the Lord Club 50 David Susskind Show 9:30 ! THE MAUDE EPISODE * YOU'VE HEARD ABOUT Could love of Walter be faltering? Maude sees an analyst and reveals all in a unique, one- woman tour de torce. (R) 34 El Chofcr 10:00 P.M. 2 Medical Center. Gannon is faced with the dilemma of blindly trusting a valuable colleague or taking the word of a dying man that a doctor on his staff was involved in a shameful incident. (R) Uninhibited," Mclina Mercouri, James Mason('6T) " I! News, Howe/Ashman 13 Get Smart 28 USA: People Politics 40 Behind the Scenes MIDNIGHT 5 "Twilight Zone 11 Girl from U.N.C.L.E. 13 'Movie: "You Pay Your Money" 12:30 5 Mayberry R.F.D. 1:00 A.M. 4 Tomorrow 5 *Genc Autry 7 Eyewitness News 1:30 2 News 5 News Headlines 1:45 (Approximately) 2 Movies: '"Scream of Fear"; "Mystery Island" (3:30) 2:00 A.M. 4 NewsCenter 4 LB. HEARING. AID SPECIALISTS Formerly VChiruhcaJ Acousiicnn WE FEATURE AT SENSIBLE PRICES ACOUStlCON AUDITONE AUDIOVOX COMPUTOR DANOVOX HDEIITY OMNITONE OTICON QUALITONE SIEMENS STARKEY CE . RADIO EAR TELEX VICON WIDEX Cords Batteries, Accessories Repairs-far aLI makes ,-- -- ! n "I 1 -T. I Open Monday.tW Saturday 9;30 to 5:30 P.M.-J 207^E. 4th St., L.BT 432-8961 I Jigsaw John. Jigsaw's investigation of The sniper slaying of a woman al a weekend singles party reveals some ugly truths about the single and nol-so- single swingers. 5 News, Fishman/ VcCormick 9 Earthquake. Religious 13 John Schmitz Forum 28 Search for the Nile "Conquest and Death" (Scries ends) 30 Rack to Faith IO-.30 II News, Joncs/Rowe 13 News, Hugh Williams 34 Noticiero 11:00 P.M. 2 News, Pat Kmory 4 News, John Schubeck 5 'Best of Groucho 7 News, Dunphy/ Hambrick 9 News, PutnamyKahle II M a r y H a r t m a n 13 'Burns Allen 28 Robert MacNeil Report M Cinema 34 11:30 2 Movie: "Where the Boys Are,' v George Hamilton. Dolores Hart.Yvette Mimieux 4 Tonight, Johnny Carson. McLean Stevenson, guest host. Guests: opera singer I/uciano Pavarotti; Krcskin: Adrienne Barbeau. Minnie Pearl, Harvey Korman 5 The Honeymooners 7 Monday Night Special: "The Clifton Davis Show."Guests: Redd Foxx.Jose Perez. John Byner, Lawanda Page, I^arry Ragland. 9 Movie: "The SENIOR CITIZENS SPECIAL TUESDAYS WITH THIS AD CAR 5149 WASH I 3rd SI. CAR WASH 3RD ALAMITOS, L.B. HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS' If you're thinking about a career in aircraft, engineering or/nechanlcs you can do your future employer a favor. . 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