The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 24, 1978 · Page 23
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 23

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 24, 1978
Page 23
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Sunday Morning, September 24,1978 (Elje <Snlbc*lan Patriots Return To Place Where Misfortune Started ByGREGAIELLO UPI Sports Writer The New England Patriots return Sunday night to the place where their streak of misfortune began almost two years ago. If they leave Oakland with a victory it could go a long way toward fixing a season quickly threatening to break down beyond repair. After the Patriots came alive in the 1976 season, winning 11 games after a 311 season the year before, they were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by Oakland in a disputed 2117 decision. The dispute concerned some questionable calls against New England during Oakland's last-minute winning drive. The Raiders went on the win the Super Bowl. Last year the Patriots, based on a wealth of talent, were picked by many to reach the Super Bowl. But early season salary holdouts by all-pro offensive linemen John Hannah and Leon Gray Chip Shots With Blackburn Rev. Damson Has Winning Way On Links, In Pulpit y JL By ORLANDO BLACKBURN IF FERDINAND DAWSON'S sermons are as sparkling as his personality and golf game, then he must preach to a full house every Sunday at the First United Methodist Church in Texas City. THIS IS Ferdinand's first year at Texas City. I had heard a lot about his golf ability but didn't meet him until about a week ago when we were looking for lost balls in the rough at the Bayou Golf Club. He was angling toward the third green and I was headed toward the fourth. Ferd, as his friends call him, was playing with Ralph Holm, Bob Eastman and Mike Cooper, all more than fiar to middlin' golfers. Ferd says he tries to play every Thursday but makes it only about half of the time. Something always comes up to interfere with his avocation and golf. Some of the other golfers who have the fortune to join in the play are Buster Waugh, Swede Sandberg, Garland Mchaffey and Jim Tarpey. It seems that the Texas City Methodist Church is on the right track, because Don Little, who preceded Ferd as minister, was also an avid golfer. Although he was never as great a belter as Mike Souchak, Ferdinand Dawson also matriculated (don't you like that word) from Duke University in North Carolina. He didn't take mashie in hand until 1961, when he was in the ministry at Freeport. He was an apt pupil but don't ask him what his handicap is because likely as not you : will not get the truth. SHERMAN McNOWN ! couldn't find his ball and small wonder, just another . version of the same old story. Sherman was playing with Joe Welk, Sonny Park and Larry Durland at Twin Lakes Country Club. It happened on the fifth hole, where a fairly good drive is needed to get over _ the drainage ditch. Sherman barely made it across the ditch and then leaned into a four wood. The ball left the club head so fast no one caught sight of it, but Sherman said it felt pretty good and should be someh- were in the direction of the cup. Jeo and Larry and Sonny didn't have any trouble locating their second shots, but Sherman couldn't find his. It had been raining for 40 days and 40 evenings so the grass in the raining for 40 days and 40 evenings so the grass in the fairway had grown right smartly and it had been difficult to get in and mow. They spent considerable time searching on the fairway and gave up. Well, not completely up. Joe finally looked in the cup and there was Sherman's ball. Probably the only eagle that was ever made on No. 5 at Twin Lakes. I also remember something about the three other characters in that foursome. A while back I was fortunate enough to be on the same team with Sonny Parks on the Wednesday night men's scramble. I recall two shots he made. I think the other members of the foursome were Ron Stone and Bob Burns. THE FIRST miracle happened on the 370-yard third hole. He came unglued on his drive, a great gliding fade. We couldn't believe it but Gog stepped off the distance and he was about 14 yards from the green. That would be about a 355-yard drive. His second sensational shot was on the ninth hole. As usual we took Sonny's •drive. I don't remember how far it was but I do recall he put his next shot on the green and between driver and seven iron that was 514 yards. And now about Larry Durland. During the Labor Day weekend, Larry was playing in the Galveston tournament. I looked for his name but only saw V. Durland. The only V. Durland I know is his ever lovin' wife, Vivian. I thought Vivian had sharpened up her game a stroke or two because their team was one of the winners. After it was over Larry admitted he was playing under an alias. Now for Joe Welk. That guy can hit the ball father with the shortest backswing of anyone I ever saw. It looks like Joe is just addressing the ball when he lets go and konks it into the next county. Now that could be either counties, Harris or Tallahassee. disrupted the team and contributed to a pair of early losses that wound up costing the Patriots the NFC East title. This season again began with optimism and serious championship hopes for New England. Then in an exhibition victory at Oakland wide receiver Darryl Stingley suffered a paralyzing spine injury when he was hit by Raiders' safety Jack Tatum. The Patriots haven't seemed the same since. Though unbeaten in pre-season, they travel to Oakland Sunday with a 1-2 record and the look of a team in disarray. "We simply must have better execution on the field," New England Coach Chuck Fairbanks said. "When things are going wrong, usually there are sweeping changes. I've changed things before, but I ; believe too strongly in what : we're trying to do out there." Fairbanks said he would start quarterback Steve Grogan against the Raiders despite Grogan's ll-for-33 passing performance and three interceptions in an embarrassing 34-27 loss to Baltimore Monday night. The Patriots were 18-point favorites against the Colts. "We are having breakdowns, missing assignments, dropping passes," Fairbanks said. "They are indications of why we are not scoring the points. We're doing all right between the 20 and 20 but we are not breaking the scoring zone." The Patriots are hoping tight end Russ Francis, who missed the Baltimore game with a pulled hamstring muscle, will return against Oakland. He is listed as a probable starter. Doug Beaudoin again replaces starting strong safety Prentice McCray, out with a knee in jury. Oakland, 2-1, is coming off a 28-3 win at Green Bay in which the Raiders rushed for a club-record 348 yards. Mark van Eeghen keyed the Raiders' ground attack with a career high 151 yards on 26 carries. The Patriots will be playing Oakland for the first time since Stingley's injury. Tatum will be a focus of interest because of Stingley but also because Green Bay Coach Bart Starr blasted the Raiders' veteran safety for what he termed a cheap shot against running back Terdell Middleton last week. Oakland Coach John Madden disputed Starr's charge and called it a cheap shot against Tatum. "We've looked at the film and there's nothing there," Madden said. "I just think it's pretty cheap to take take a shot at Tatum, especially at this time. "Jack is one of the hardest hitters in football ... but he is not a dirty player. He doesn't need that to be intimidating. His hitting ability alone is intimidating." In other games Sunday, Cleveland (3-0) visits Pittsburgh (3-0), Los Angeles (3-0) is at Houston (2-1), the New York Jets (21) at Washington (3-0), St. Louis (0-3) at Dallas (2-1), Atlanta (1-2) at Tampa Bay (1-2), Miami (2-1) at Philadelphia (1-2), Denver (2-1) at Kansas City (1-2), Green Bay (2-1) at San Diego (1-2), Baltimore (1-2) at Buffalo (0-3), Detroit (12) at Seattle (1-2), New Orleans (1-2) at Cincinnati (0-3) and San Francisco (03) at the New. York Giants (2-1). Chicago (3-0) hosts Minnesota (1-2) Monday night. Next Week Outdoors Below are sun, moon and tide predictions for Sept. 2430. Behind each tide listing is the height of the water in feet in relation to mean low tide. SUNDAY—SUN: rise at 7:09 am, set at 7:14 pm; MOON: rise at 12:31 am, set at 2:21 pm; TIDES: high at 1:36 am (1.6), low at 5:26pm (0.5). MONDAY—SUN: rise at 7:09 am, set at 7:13 pm; MOON: rise at 1:20 am, set at 3:05 pm; TIDES: high at 2:29 am (1.6), low at 6:33 pm(0.5). TUESDAY—SUN: rise at 7:10 am, set at 7:11 pm; MOON: rise at 2:10 am, set at 3:48 pm; TIDES: high at 3:02 am (1.6) and 11:20 am (1.3), low at 9:09 am (1.2) and 7:32 pm (0.5). WEDNESDAY-SUN: rise at 7:10 am, set at 7:10 pm; MOON: rise at 3:01 am, set at 4:27 pm; TIDES: high at 3:27 am (1.6) and 1:01 pm (1.4), low at 9:14 am (1.2) and8:21 pm (0.5). THURSDAY—SUN: rise at 7:11 am, set at 7:09 pm; MOON: rise at 3:53 am, set at 5:05 pm; TIDES: high at 3:48 am (1.6) and 2:08 pm (1.4), low at 9:32 am (1.2) and 9:03pm (0.5). FRIDAY—SUN: rise at 7:11 am, set at 7:08 pm; MOON: rise at 4:45 am, set at 5:42 pm; TIDES: high at 4:06 am (1.6) and 3:03 pm (1.5), low at 9:54 am (1.1) and9:39pm (0.6). SATURDAY—SUN: rise at 7:11 am, set at 7:07 pm; MOON: rise at 5:39 am, set at 6:18 mp; TIDES: high at 4:25 am (1.6) and 3:51 pm (1.5), low at 10:14 am (0.9) andlO:17pm(0.7). Don't be fooled by fancy promises. Your new car needs Positive Protection against rust, IT'S US. OR RUST. iZiebart Auto Truck Rustprooling 1110 TEXAS AVE. TEXAS CITY 948-1696 A*.*.***************************** DALLAS COWBOYS FOOTBALL presented by: * BANKERS SAVINGS & LOAN * RON'S KRISPY FRIED CHICKEN fc TEXAS BUS LINES 1 AND > J- ) > ) J > > 1400 DALLAS vs. ST. LOUIS TODAY - 2:40 P.M. j > > ) ) ) )• > > ) ) > ) ) ) ) J ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) • ) • ) )• LISTEN TO DALLAS COWBOYS REPORTS MONDAY - SATURDAY, 5:35 P.M. ***»******' COME TO THE in-tk-watcr BOAT OW The Largest Show in the Southwest Dreams come true every year at the Houston International In-The-Water Boat Show. The selection of power and sailboats is unequalled as manufacturers and dealers present their 1979 models ... in the water and on land ... plus the newest marine equipment and a special U.S. Coast Guard exhibit with required equipment, films and literature. This'is the boating event of the year. Seabrook Shipyard in Seabrook, Texas Seabrook, on Clear Lake, is just 30 minutes from Houston or Galveston. Drive 8 miles east, exit 1-45 at NASA Road 1 u, Highway 146 and turn left for free boat, show parking. Show Date and Hours Thursday, Sept. 21 and Friday, Sept. 22 ... 12noon-8p.m. Saturday, Sept. '2% and Sunday, St-pt. 24 ... 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Roat shoes required for boarding. Admission: $. r >.0(), adults or children. Tickets at the gate- or by mail from the In-Tho-Wator Boat Show office, 35110 Kirby Dr., Houston, T.X.77U5IS. Final Day Today! THE GREATEST RADIAL TIRE SALE EVER ON FIRESTONE'S FINEST RADIAL TIRE. STEEL BELTED RADIAL NEW STRONGER STEEL CORD Put a set of "721" Steel Belted Radials on your car today. If for any reason you are dissatisfied within 60 days, purchase another set of tires anywhere else, bring our tires back to us and we will refund your lull purchase price without question. We are so con/iden I ol (he quality ol the "721." we are o/iering ]/ou a lull 2-year warranty, when purchased between now and October 31. 1978. This mea ns we will rep/ace the tire free ol charge il it becomes unserviceable in private passenger ca/ use lor delect in workmanship or material within 24 months ol the date ol purchase. Jn se rvice abuse and road hazard damage are not covered. on our finest steel belted radial! BR 78-13 or 175/80 R-13 CR 70-13 or 195/70 R-! 3 $39.95 DR 78-14. ER 78-14 GR 78-14 or 215/75 R-14 JR 78-15. LR 78-15 or 235/75 R-15 GR 78-15 or 215/75 R-l 5 LONG TIRE MILEAGE SMOOTH RIDE Two fibeigtass bells stabilize the Iread to minimiz scrubbing on pavement for long Iread hie. Two polyester cord body plies pro vide a smooth, com lortable ride and real cord body si length. B78-14 C78-14 E78-14 BLACKWALL 178-15 L78-15 BLACKWALL 2 SMOOTH-RIDING BODY PLIES OF POLYESTER WHlTEWALLS ADD $ 4 Per TIRE H78-14 G78-15 BLACKWALL FIBERGLASS DOUBLE BELTED FOR LONG MILEAGE f ircstonc - f Ply, Polyester Cord A o DELUXE CHAMPION 9 * 60 6.00-12'. 5.60 13'. P155/80D-13-. 6.00-1."" 4I $ 76 o m Plus SI 42 lo $201 F.E.T. each B78-13. C78-14. D78-14. 5.60 15'. 6.00-15L-.685S-15V 645-14' 4^92 Plus SI 61 to $2 60 F.E.T A78-13 Blackwa|l. Plus $1 SO F E.T. each E7814. F7814. G78-14. H78-14. G78-15 H78-15. L78-15 4i $ 1164i $$ 132 PlusS2 13 to $2.93 F.E.T. each 6bto S1.69 F.E.T. each •Tread desian different than shown. WHITEWALL ADD S3. pet tire BRAKE OVERMAN. 88 69 : Any drum type Amer. car • We install factory pre-a.rced lining, new front seals a nd return springs. • • We rebuild all wheel cylinders, resurface drums, repack front bearings. • If needed, new wbeel cy linders S7 each. T SHOCK ABSORBERS $ 12 88 each installation ovoilable LIMITED WARRANTY Monro-Malics will last in normal use as long MS you own your cav or Firestone will replace Lhem on proof of purchase, chaining only for installation. LUGS AND CAP EXTRA American White Spoke WAGON WHEELS TTFOR jf ]j 14x6 or 15x6 Installation Available FIRESTONE STORE 2302 MOADWAY GALVESTON OFFICIAL INSPE^ION STATION! 765-77oi BILL MARTIN FIRESTONE 2024 61st STREET GALVESTON 744-5787 BILL MARTIN FIRESTONE TRADEWINDS SHOPPING CEOTEt TEX AS CITY 948-3417

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