Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 2, 1950 · Page 18
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 18

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1950
Page 18
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Canastajs Fun CATAUNA CLUB By GLADYS WIMTT P A l\ I I C I P A T t O From The Mail Bag J K^ f f) N T F "s T "Please explain to me the mean- ' ' ~ ^ ^ ' ~ · u °" ' ing of rule 36," writes Miss J.H. Actlvitieg j^teCatollTM Junior 'I mean in particular the part that| Won)en!s c]ub dm -jng the past few says 'It Is compulsory (when' the days have included, a harvest costume dance and decorating the stock is exhausted) to take the discard when it is legally possible to add it to a meld.' The other night we had run completely through the stock. I had a meld of Gs and my. opponent discarded I held only one card, at the time and since my opponent had just taken the pack the C he discarded was the only card in the discard. He said I had to take the G, put it on my meld, and discard the card I held. I said I would be all out of cards if I did that and wards and trays at the Pima county hospital for Halloween. The club's decorating is part of Mr. ana Mrs. William P. Cangh- Ian, 4925 E. Baker st., were enter, tained at an informal gathering Monday .night in celebration of their 45th wedding anniversary. The party was held at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Robert Heyer, 4931 E."Baker st. Attending were Better Community" contest, con its participation Jn the J'Builcl a j t h e couple's three daughters, Mrs. ,, ,, . ! _ . ,, . _ _ ,, ! _ _ . Roland Hicks, Mrs. Paul Greer, and Mrs. Heyer and their husbands, five grandchildren, Barbara Hicks, ducted in conjunction Tucson Woman's club with and the the Pueblo club. T h e ' Catalina members will decorate at the hospital on all major holidays. Mrs. Arnold L,. Grant is chair man, with cochairman being Mrs John E. Nordin Jr. and Mrs. Fred Robert and .Virginia · Heyer, · and Susan and David Greer. Mr. and Mrs. Caughlan were married in St, Alphonsus church, New York City on Oct. 30, 1905. They moved to Tucson from Staten Island, N. Y. in 194S.'Mr. Caughlan owned the Great -Kills Moving: Van Co. at Staten Island for over 32 years; Manny Bracamontc, son of Mr. and Mrs. Manuel V. Bracamonte, had a'party Sunday to celebrate his third birthday. Entertainment included, the breaking of an olla, followed by refreshments. His little guests were Genie, Billy and Bobby Martinez, Rosalie Ortiz, Martita Rivera, Armandito Membrilla, Vic- Balfy Cttfzea Thundiy Evening, Nov. t, 1IM J tor Ro'ych, Yolanda and Frankle Durazo, Eddie Ray Bracamonte * and Rosalie Alvarez, Also attending we're'Mr." and Mrs. Armando Yrbtt-| Jejo, Mr. and Mrs. Ranton Martlnes£1 Mr. and Mrs. Armando Membrill Mr. and Mrs. Angel Rivera, Mr. and? Mrs, Fernando Alvarez, Mmes. Sd-^ corro Durazo, Julia Ortiz, Tony'* Oclioa; Carmen Alvarez and Josef«* Alvarez. · ,, "» The weight of raw wool ls-v.r*-" duced 40 to 60 per cent by cleaning to remove impurities. ·$.*« I had no canasta at the time. I'm jj. Lowry. The committee includes sure that would be illegal. It.seems)Mi s s Bea Thomas, Mmcs. William to be a question here of which ixuilar, Henry Egbert and Walter rule should be ignored. Can y o u j f , Condon. straighten this out?" Must Have Canasta You may never play all your cards unless you have a canasta or can make one on that last play. Possession of a canasta is an absolute prerequisite for melding out. No exception to this. A play that - Couples attending were Messrs, would be perfectly legal if you had and Mmes. Fred J Gallagher, Paul a canasta may be quite illegal if *· McQuown, W. T. Holmes, War- it would leave you out of cards L en Walkei ''_ Gj] ^ ert .. 9:. ?_ es P e . n ' --Photo by Reggie Husscll 'MRS. GILBERT HESPEN (left) shows one of the frocks to be modelled this evening at the Gamma Phi Beta alumnae fashion show and dessert to be held at the chapter house. With her are Mrs. W. H. Hatcher, general chairman,, and Mrs. Thomas Eeaham, cochairman. S t a t e IOJD Organization I s S a t u r d a y The state organizational meetin of the -International Order of Job Daughters will be held Saturda at the Westerner hotel. The open Ing session'is slated for 9:30 a.m .and ths afternoon meeting wi open at 1:30 p.m. A public Installation of the firs · corps of officers will be held ir the Red room of the Scottish Hit cathedral at S p.m. Presiding Officials _ The presiding officer, .Mrs. Rutl E. Lawrence, is the junior pas ·supreme guardian of the order · which embraces the United States Canada and Australia. She will b( assisted by.Mrs. Sarah Johnson.0: California, -supreme deputy to Art zona; Mrs. -Enoia 'Henry, a pas supreme guardian, and Leon -Lar Eon, vice-associate grand guardian Special guests will be the pres ent presiding supreme officers Mrs. Beatrice A. H. Ross -of Rich mond,' Va:, and Jerry Kosar o: Chicago.. Mrs. Sharlot Avery Swem, who served as an honored queen of Bethel No. 1 of Chicago, and Is.pasi matron of-Butler- chapter JS T O. 36 0. E. S. of Illinois, will 'be in stalled as grand guardian of Ari zona, Louis G. Kohler, who served as associate guardian of Bethel No. of- Illinois and who is a 25-year member of True Blue lodge of ^Illinois, will be_ installed as.associate grand guardian. Three New Groups They have been acting as ap ppintive grand officers for the past fivo years, during which time.three bethels have been organized. Arizona now has bethels in Yuma, Tucson, Phoenix, Douglas and Ajo Two past honored queens of Ari- rona are eligible to the grand council by virtue of their membership on the guar.dian councils of'Yuma and Tucson. They are-Miss .Marvel Kissel and" Miss Hae Russell. The Tucson bethel · guardian council members are Mrs. Lucia Harvey, guardian; William Glenn, associate guardian; Mrs. -Margaret Johnson, secretary; Miss Russell.j treasurer, and Mrs, Janet Arm-i strong, director of music. Present queens "and fourth -mes-j sengers will be in the escort-for- Mrs. Swem. who was installed su-, preine 'fourth messenger at the supreme session held in August at Long Beach. Support Clinic The grand council will continue to support the Inside patio for re-| habitation of the_ Square and | Compass clinic which several o the bethels have been, supportin in the past year. This -is in keep ing with the bethel projec throughout the United -States fo charity in Masonic and Shrine in stitutions. . . . . . . . All Job's daughter?, their parents and friends, and all members o" the Masonic fraternity and affi iated -bodies are invited.to;atteni the public installation. Technically, white, is not'a color but a combination of all colors. Dessert - Fashion Show To Be Held This Evening At Gamma Phi House At 8 tonight Gamma Phi Beta p i n I i 'Scout B r o a d c a s t S l a t e d Tomorrow dessert-fashion show at .the 'chapter house, 1535 E. First St.- Styles for all ages will be shown by the Campus Lounge. Proceeds will be used to send underprivileged mer camps, an .annual project. Last year two girls were sent to he Girl Scout camp at Mt. Lem- ihon and three girls attended the In honor of Girl Scout week Scouts of troop 24 will broadcast a roundtable'discussion over KOPO and with no canasta. Such a play is the one that you describe. The hand was over when your opponent discarded. It is impossible for you to draw.'The stock is gone. To take the 6 would start "a chain of events--meld and discard--that would leave you with no cards and no canasta. So your play could not even start. Scores should be added and a new hand dealt. You may think, as many new players do, that you should be allowed to. take and meld the G that was discarded by your right hand opponent and then let t h e ' h a n d end. "Why not?" players asked me, "I should be allowed to gain that 5 points and then Special guests at the dance, held at the Shrine club, were Mr. and Mrs. Harold Doughty. Mrs. Warren Walker was general chairman, as- y Mrs. Ted S. Liles, social Kenneth McVey, David W. Howell, Arnold L, Grant, Monte Mansfield Jr., Arthur S., Thompson, Fred J. Krivel Jr., Henry Kaldenbaugh, Dan L. Fitchett, Arthur Grunewald, George A. Sheldon, Paul A. Ramsower Jr. and William 0, Rhinehart. Alumnae Of AGO H a v e B r e a k f a s t simply hand." not discard, ending the Rules Are Definite The' rules are quite definite against. that. You must discard at the end of each turn to play except when you have legally melded out. There is no question children to aum-i 'at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow. The girls speaking on the'sub-i o f legally melding out in this case ..Tiru » T , rs * f,- , e. Isince ' you have no canasta and ject, What Each Day of Girl Scoutj can , t ^, lke one . y oa cannot end Week Means to.Me?" are Sandra this.turn to play, as the rules re- \\-rt. rtn ,-amr, i Mount, Barbara Anderson, Patsy quire, holding one card, at least, wua oay camp. , | Willett, Patty Woodruff, Sandra (after your discard. Therefore, you Alumnae Models , · [Ames and Patricia Dawson. jniay not even begin this turn to Models from the alumnae organi-j Special emphasis will be givenlplaj'- The hand must end with the Alpha Gamma Delta alumnae liv- jlng in Tucson met for breakfast Sunday morning at the Arizona inn. Special guests were Mrs. Max Millet and' Mrs. 0. C. Stallings, both of Phoenix. Tucson members attending were Mmes. H. E. Robbins, J. E. Witner, James D. Lambert and H. C. Barker. Other AGO alumnae living or visiting in the Old Pueblo are invited to contact any of tliese' women if they wish to attend the group's meetings. ation include Mmes. Fred Stofft, ; ilbert Hespen, Charles Patterson, H. P. Beachy, and Miss Evelyn feeley. Models from the Gamma Phi ieta Mothers' club are Mmes. Omer Larson, W. F. PennJngton, Lee 3owner, 0. T. Norton, and A. F. 3urke. Misses Myra Bailey, Louise Grafe, Elizabeth Parrish, Yvonne Anderon, Sherri Pinkerton, Janet 3randt, Cathy Dilias, Barbara Baldvin, and Cathy Brown from the ac- Jve chapter ·will model clothes for the younger girls. Committee " Chairman-for the fashion show s Mrs. W. H. Hatcher with Mrs. Thomas Beaham assisting her, heir committee Includes Mmes. ·Tenry Egbert, Gerard Mundinger, ames W. Murphy, Robert Barton jsses Ann MacPherson, Margaret Vindsor, and Carol King. Presiding at 'the refreshment tale will'be Mrs.. Byron McCormick jid Mrs. Moss Ruthrauff.' - to Saturday which is Outdoor day, for Tucson Girl Scouts 'are observing the day with games and ceremonies from 10 a.m. until noon at Santa Rita park. Mrs. G. C. Willett is leader of troop 24. R Sahuaro co 1 ' D. Loper. Radii iuaci :o chairman of the .cil Is Mrs. Clermont discard of the previous player. Daily Reminders Women of St. Cyril's church will have a rummage.sale at La Plazita tomorrow. Those iWho volunteered j to take charge of the sale are Mmes, Andrew Marum, Carlos Urquides, Dale Meyer, O.'L. Koepp'Jr,, A. C. Aigner, "Francis McGrogan, Clarence Martin and G. W. Nimerfroh. P I A N O S EASY TERMS t HARMONY HOUSE 204 N. STONE At the New Consumers! Here's Your Baby's Friend for Health and Energy-Sunset Milk! ATTENTION MOTHERS! EDUCATIONAL COLORING KIT ,. lltl ., r inC «"id 2 Lob.!, from 5DC VALUE IU Br.n.l O- Chick.n Tun. Woihablt Crayons, Evil-biting Cslor Calif] NEW, DIFFERENT,')TM for tho childrtn- »of»ty for your floors and wolb! S» ovt Advertisement. Page 12. BREAST-O'-CHlCKENru/u There, were · 2,803 C h r i s t i a n hurches In Japan in 1949. Chi Omega alumnae will have their, monthly meeting at 7:30 tonight at the home of Mrs. James Macia, 4220. E. Whittier st. Mrs^ Leonard Halpenny and Mrs.. Kayj Journey will assist the hostes Visiting alumnae are invited to a tend. BUY NOW ON LAY-AWAY 2 2 - I n c h B A B Y D O L L She cites; her ?yes move; her arms and legs are lifelike latex; her lead, plastic; and she's teautlfnlly dressed. Don't miss this value I GRABE'S 26 E. Congress Dial 3-0514 Mrs. Guy Lombardo Compares Blue Bonnet -Always Puts It On! Here's a h i n t from Mrs. Guy Lombardo. Compare Yellow BUDE BONNET Margarine with any spread at any price. Like the band .leader's wife, you'll love BLUB BONNETS fresh, *weet flavor! Rich ·nutrition! Real economy! BLUE BONNET is fine-quality all vegetable margarine. But it costs only about half as much as the high- · priced spread for bread! 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