Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 16, 1961 · Page 32
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 32

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 16, 1961
Page 32
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QC4_1NDEPENDENT.PRESS.TELEGRAM \ impl. Ag'cles, Men 26-A I ·mptoyttrtnr AqteclM e MEN CM«Jt CERTIFIED "PERSONNEL SERVICE AGCY. WS E. Bdwy., Rm.MS HE 46271 MEKO 1S/4S. Hw e«D. ..- .SW MANAGER Trnet. -- 21/2». Own car, Co. pay txo. ._ !o $360 ACCTNT.-- vrs. deo., 4 V" ; *xo. constr. On 90v1. conlr. . WOO uo CLAIM Adi. Trnee-U/35. Coll. grad. Co. car + em ._ $341 PRODUCTION Swwr.-- U/35. 4 yr. TEST Enor. Trnce-Jl/M. 3 vr. ESTIMATOR-^30/«. ED. weldlno (ob SN3D - -.«» UP IALES-30'55. Stveral vrs. em r«iJl paint . ....... **» SALES-2V35. Married. 2 Yr. coif. Co. pays car ep. ._ . -. S4M MECH.-- Motor. UMS. A-l e*D. cas 8. dlesei !oo!s 5500 uo MACHINIST-- Class A. Heavy e*p. . Turret lathe to S507 ERV Stal A1!trd.-- U/3S. 1 Yr. recent local SXD. , SSM UD MEDICAL DEPARTMENT cl Inlllallve SI, 230 mo. COMPLETE MEDICAL DEPT. A Thinking Man's Agency JUNIOR COST ACCT, _ .*X» Service ccmpl., II. expr. O. K. SENIOR ACCT. TRAINEE ._..$»Q 4-fi. dec. acding ma|or. COST ESTIMATOR .. . WM Trainee. 4-vr. dto. clerical. JR. BOOKKEEPER .... «« ^ Prcv ii- exocr. Abie to read . virile SoanV». JVM *3. PUBLIC RELATIONS ,,. . WOO Musi be i«l!red. poised, polished a'onltv 13 welcorre, fo M v r s . JWATK W I Z A R D .. ._ S4CO · 2 vrs. coll. Ability lo express SALESMAN - -M3 · Prev. leod excer. he'nlul. 1 vr. coll. U/33. Salary + car. HI oracJ., floor Insp . own too s. LEAD MAN .. $7.75 hr. + Set-L-p supv. e*pe- Mature ELECTRICAL ENGINEER ... .«00 DW. Cal. i:c. E*Dcr. power · erect, maintenance. STORE FIXTURE De'aiier. .woo Hdivy DTCV. exper U/50. ' STERLINGWOOD AGENCY i 7639 E. FIRESTONE, DOWNEY TOpa; 9-09M SP 3-0454 : CALDWELL PERSONNEL AGENCY 1? Pine Suite 212 HE 2-431 ESCROW Officer-- R.E. flc. WOO UP ACCT.-- Deo. + 4 yrs, txv, n canslr. cub. accto _..MOO up SALES Ins.-- To 4S yrs. . - S35 wk. SALES-- Know local elect, dealers · contrs., (o 50 . _. -MSQ up Comm. -}- SIM wk. BUYER-- Crude oil e*D. S700 uo MACH. Tech.-- Tool R, die . ,*5I3 SALES-- Chemical MM LD TRAINEE-- Elect, parts . .HOQ CHEMIST-- Decree 5800 LD ACCOUNTA NT-Cost 5500 up SALtfS-- Elect, backgrnrf. .SIM vrk. -· INDORSED r EMPLOYMENT AGENCY - IfittO BFLLFLOWER BLVD. BELLFLOWER TO 6-0077 M'cro Wave Eng'reer _ lo 5E60 '" BS-EE. 1 vn e»per. Ccn-pa.-iy pays fee. FEE JOBS Planl Enor. Ass! S150+ M.E. deo. Alii, Burfoet Aiflivit ,.I5CO+ D*o. Cost experience. Systems Analvs! ._ _ ,, U50 Deo. Acdina. 2 vrs. neper. In audjt. B.S. dea, Focd we\. exp«r. Gua-di _ . .. 51.40 hr. + Over 4Q yrs. (no «xo«r.). LAKEWOOD -' EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 4143 Norse Way HA 9-W3S LaVcwaod Blvd.. Carion 5t. Dlag. ELECT. TECH.-- 2 Vrs. exp. brpsd board X Iranslstor ...._. . 1520 ,c»p. Afr ccr^Mlcnlno . WOO UP SALES TRAFNEE-- 1 vrs. college. .Ortfer desk e?o. U/75 «J* JR. COST ACCt.-- Mfq. co?I..S7i ACCT. 4 vrs, const, backgro^md. Know Bflvt. ccntracli . . ?ACO (T)SPECTOR "B"-- 3 yrs. shop 8. Isl run «xo. ,, , . . . - . . . . SJI5 VOGUE AGENCY iia Atlantic GA 2 UT PREFERRED JOBS ' - FOR PARTICULAR WEN Ouislde Sa'es-- Seme coll.... .U30 Dinner Hcuse Cook SIB L El Exnd. rnsura"co Sales to MOO Cdmera Repair Tech. M30 '- PARTIAL LISTING ONLY .'GOLDEN WEST AGEKCY T9 PINE. RM.7I4 HE 7-0501 Gcoohvslcal Crew Supvr., cd. "'cxp. in e'ectj'onics geotoir.' help- ·'(ul. 35/35. Ship Iravel _. Si50 LD Radar 1ech. ODr. mainfa'n -equip'!. 2/35. Travel ._!SOOu3 Jr. Cosl Accfnl. L. 5. . fo SJ75 Acctg. ctfc.. (Kri. cfc,, t'te VP=. Xlnl coaly. U/2*. Local. _lo 5375 Oflice m«n r sorre co'lege ofc - cxn. U/M, sharp. Xln1 Co.. S^OO - EMPLOYMENT AGENCY JJ17 Atlanllc Ave. GA ^-«7I ACCT. 0(3. 4 vrs. erp. P.A ' cofiit. cr oovt. conlracls 5400 UP £LANT cncr. Deg. ma:nt. exp resume 1o SV,M WECH. des^on engr., hvy. ma cTnery. Resume .. to S6EO 6Tt=NO, S/H /. lvDS.._to WOO AUTOMATIVE brakeman SM wk TRAINEE .Tj'cmoliva bk(3d ' J2.T4 hr BENEFICIAL . EMPLOYMENT AGENCY T9 PINE. RM.208 HE 5-8911 ORDER DESK CLERK ^50 TRAINEE-- E!«c1r:cal Cmiir. S3K A'ABULANCB ATTENDANT S77 Surf. Bench Opli:al Grinder FINANCE MgT.l. Trainee . S34i Musical (njtri^nent Poliih«r 52-50 hr i MARINA -.=" PERSONNEL AGENCY 503 KRESS BLOG.. 5TH f. P HE , HE 2-8$ 1 i MANY TECHNICAL POSITION AND VARIOUS OTHER LISTING ..CANNON'S AGENCY Ws elk., plywood eip. H17 L- Pcv/er sVar _ 12.6 Faz-ory hefwr _ 11.8, R712 Flrcstane, Daar.ey TO 2-13T 42C7 Pacific. Hunt. Pk. LU 7 S» . A H R E L L PERSONNEL AGENCY Suilt J1J Tirol B'cJo. HE 5-S3S C A R E E R MINDED? LET US KELP YOU! VON 5375-A AUafltrc GA *«. f'ERSON't'EL Emplovn-.e^t A^cnclc OLDEST IN TOWN *502 E. 2nd Beln-^nl Shore 4U Krt« Eg. Open 6 HE 7-2E7 Hslo Wanted I Men) 2t RtAL ESTATE SALESMEN "A vxxi cJeal for voo he'e. pre'e an ixocr. man capable of ta*ln iyfl charge clur-ng rrv absenc K.H. Sterns Realty 1375 Vf, Wlffov GA 4-3933 ci ocnles; learn horse shoe'r.Q Wusl b* steatfv r*r;aDl« wH cood reference J . Absolute r.on drLifcer. Living oyarlerj fgrn"i?K Ssfarv ooen. TE S-5037. TOOL MAKERS TCP p ay. Job shoo «x«f : tr.c Apoly 9 A.M. fo 2 P.M. ALLIED PACIFJC MFG. 17325 S, Sanfa Fe Complo I'REAL E"STATE salesmen necdec TCD list;ng COITJTI;SSIOO p'u* floo \'.T.G. fAtrnbtt of 2 Beard ANDY'S REALTY, 14123 San Ar lonlo Dr., Norv;a')c. UN 3-3738. ROOFING S'altsma'n fc soi-c to Guaran'ts. L. B. area. 1841 P clf.c. Call between 1 3 p.m. TRINT SHOP-Offsel, 2 macri're cuiren, camera. Ccmo'efe. Rrr S7S. HE J/519. Help Wanted 2 GOOD «|| arcurd F-'CSJfr for s»y p shlir. Real sfeady A prm. f«oM pe/ion. Bsi T-1CW, Ind., PrcsiT»rro- Isi0 A it Ii, Floor da/i. HE 6-975 lelp Wanted 27 h ommuiltv Rehabilitation Imluslrles * now ofier exunded tra'ning And work ocPOf li^iMlei In eleclronk* R and bench sub oisembJiej to vocal ofiaJiy harKfrcappfd. APPLY IN NEW QUARTERS 1409 E. ANAHEIM, L. B. SERVICE PROGRAM HURCH ClwHr oroanlsl-d-reclor for k*. Jl» ptr monfh. ExpfJlerceci f oily. SuDmll apollcatfon li wril- *nc«s. lil Christian Cf-.urch, 1M3 C Summer la'Kl Ave., San PeiJro. RELIABLE cotpJe to manaffe h Bear Lake. Wife cock for week- 7 end orocpi. Yea/ around poillkm. Sa ary + home. Call Montfay, HE r 7-3SM lor a»1. Make approx. SIS wk. Mint be Lo* Altos Drive- In. 7200 Bellttr. Bl. C oxperlencetf or.iy. Salary 4- conv D HOTEL a«lslanl manajer. Char- L acfer relerencei rcculred 1 . Ref, Box M-4Wr, I-P-T. J Employment Inform. 28 t OB INFORMATION: H'oh oav. All Irades. USA., FortlQT coun- ir «s to travel. V/rlte ^ Dtal, 121 N atlonat, 1020 Broad, 1 Kev;ark, N.J. ·mptoymenf Prcp'r't'n 29 s ^ * WANTED IV ^V POLICE OFFICERS- Invisllgator* For ln!s write Nallona! Academy of Law Enforcerrwii, 7W S. Spring. L . A. 14 Phone dav-nitc or weekends. /AA 3-5913. collect. Property Management 30 TRANSFERRED? LEAVING AREA?? Mav we m^nasc vcur pi c pert y? We have clients wa'.r'rg 13 Ico^e YOVT home. Ca'l piocerly rnanagcmcnl c5cpl., !060 Bcllllov/er Blvd. GE: 3-OW^ THE WAN TO SEE 15 AT ... WALKER LEE EXPER. covn'e to ir.nage \t eD^s. Pay-- aol.. uJIU, group ins. + salary. 645 W. Ocean EXPERIENCED Coup'e to tranage 16 unlti Jn Sojlli Gate. Ffct Ren] RELIABLE cp!o., 14 Jipli., close in, 1-DR, (urn. apt. free -f ciea.n- Ing Choi. HE 63407, 1-6 p.m. WANT EXPERIENCED ccuole "fo rm-nage clo^e In apis, for apt, a M __ul'JJ_'Lei^_10« j j 1 ac[fic._Jwc. COUPLE to manacc J-s-na!l apts. $15 oil rent. GE 9-7133. COUPLE lo manase $ will aat. in Bcllflov,'er for Vi rcnf. WE 37411 COUPLE In mar-cSDE 7 Arnall apts. lor Vj of renl. HE 7-5075 LIGHT WORK*" rcnlir-O, un:k allow, on ap. rent. GA 2-W43 i Work Wanted 31 (Women) LOW CASH RATE FOR WORK .VANTED CLASSIFICATIDK Ai a public service, the Irde- perwJenl, Pr«*-Teie\7rr.m D!l«r» s low cash rala ol 30c cer J ne for ods to be placed «n the Work VJa,-\t CfoisHltalloo. PJoce yo-j/ ad at any cl cur ottlcts: DOWNTOWN «ti Z. Pine SELLFLOWER 9834 E Flower GARDEN GROVE, 9474 Ga/den Grove Blva. LAKEWOOD W5 f-acultv KOU"SEKEEPING for working rnalh- cr, child or malhcrlcss home. child. Noo-smoho or drink. Very deccrtfa^'t. i25 wk. Live In. Pefm. LFCEHSED pracl!ca' nurse give a\\ she?* med:ca1ions, Bel I (lower area preferred. V/A 5-1772 13 Y R S . flfr.e/al off.'ce e*p. Good lypisf, copablr, dcocnd. Per* 1. GE 3-4231. NURSE, Hospital trained. ben:or Cllncns. Any me(llc,it;or. Very ccmpelenf. HE 2-4777. IDUSTRIOUS capable wcrran. hi- GE 9-4724; GE 3-7918. EXP. Chl3d Care days, babv sit nMes, L.B., Rcss.. Lkwd., CVP- EXP, NURSE wanls day duty n p.'Iv, Ireme. Ref. Close fo vie. 4'h MATURE LADY wishes DOsHIo.i, asih. motel mar. r exDerle.-vced, ref. GE 4-0797, eves. VJOUAN 45 wculd like counter wor* cr bar, ^1rc 14, Bo A 1W03, MIDDLEAGE WANTS babyslllino 6y week, nr. Sfydebaker, Spring or Carson St. Gd refer. UN i-7073 TYPIKG IN my home. Elect IBM. rmscnts., Irnscrnls, clc. G A 3-9047 GEN. CLEANING by !he hr EXD. reFs. 6 1o 8 hrs. HE 6-10Z5 6570 Le-non Ave. GA 2-2?ti PRACTICAL NURSE, exixr. w/re v Elderly pref. GE 9-5318 CLEANITJG BY fhe hour, S1J5 + iTLNO. DESIRES cart tYne porm. etr.ploy., X2.25 hr. HE 4^1773 DAY V/ORK. Exo. Alio Ircning. ME 4-W32 HSWRK-- Tues, Wed., Thjrs. 41.75 hr., tare. 8 hrs, wht. car HE 6- 11 SI CtllLD OR ccnva'e^t., care-- mature, . don't cJrir.K, STiake; reft. HE5-75M ALL REG. special hse. cleanina S T E N O - T Y P I S r / full or par} 1lme Refs- GA 2-3331 PRAC. NURSS OR.'S REFS. HE 9-31 IS DAY WORK, i1.?S hr. f fare ! v,hile. GA 7-78M. //.on. for appl. GE 9 E6S9 HOUSEWORK BY THE DAY HE 5-7*71 BEAUTIFUL Ircning in tnv home. ll.CO hr. GE 37156 1116 Mo ino BOOKKEEPING for small business. Full or part lime. ME J-2tJJ. excl. red. HA 1-3S19. BABY sitttr.p, 3 yrs. old 7, UD. prel. Pick UP return. HA 9-A652 fRONING In my CTie," Si" hour. 1834 E. Ulh SI.. L. B. sVrls. Ph. GA 7-870!. f NURSING silting, li»ht djt PI DAY work Recular, irreo-jlar OCCAS. GA 7-3737 DEPENDABLE woman care For Invnlid while ycu vaca. GA 4-76S1 HE 7-4073 IRONING, my he me. Will pick UP IRONING AT home, vie. Paranwm Ave. B/JrHf hangers. ME 3-7D3S Work Wanted 32 (Men! vrs., BSSE degree, 4 yrs. tfsch ino c*o., 2 Vi- office exo., x?nt personality, deifres execulive or HE 7-5223 1 AM ?S years cf ace, healthy slrong, and depend, have w Ic and four chJWren and need sfe.idv Job. Exp. jn paint no, carcen^^v warehouse factory t del very Si9 Gofd Star YOUNG rwn, ace 19 wants sum rrer work, tfays or evenings Drivrng for 2 yrs. and have own car. Prefer mciilrvcer, clerical o delivery tvce work b-jf ro lyw wor: refused. HE 6-i858. MIDDLE age man tJeslres positron bond able, *teadv. Call Zigg'e, 42 V/. 8J.1 St., L.B. HE 7-9168. TRUCK DRIVER -- S vn tf esel Mack Ti-1-pfex, elc. Steady A reii able, Loc Of Line Anything con siaered. TE 3-9310. PAINTER -- Laborer -- Piaster Exper. Any hr*. Lite hauTnc. GA*017? 5 PAINTING. N3rw*o : an man. Lar-^ or small lobs Best of ref. GE 5 3-6S55. 1 PART-TIME bOQ(;««c!r.o. Extxsr L payroll, profit f. loss slalrmcnrs all (sires. UN 4-0091, NE 2-3277 J Bdrrr.s. 415 In or'cyt s'urco 1160 NEAT V;ORK. HE 6-815 r MAN 4i. mechnm rally Inc nfd y muit ^ave v,-ork-- A i r c r a f t asim e whse. Iruck he'ocr or ? GA 2-331 " HURSE XCEL REFERENCES REST CARE ANY CAS ,- HANOYMAM, work for roo-n t 11 board. Box M-1C39-I, Irvd. Press-Te PAINTING -- home resri. lit clas work. By hr. cr lab. GE 9-153. trimmlns. Pv^r, ecu'a. HE 2-7 4 - TRASH haulfr.g. Cement work. Tr _ FLOV/ER BED CLEAN UP, CD( - JOBS. HA tiS4 ; V/ASH"fc!fchen, bVlh". w;ndo«s, wa , llocri. Fred WrigMt. GE 4-3641. ' EXPER." Wrni-R-ciOnVo Iruck" dr ve TE 1-T455 GA ? 182 . SCIENCE " in'erested" t- summer ema'cymenl. TV; 7-237 . V%T.Van 7 rsteartv~errrpT."~Kfww'"CE Orance Co. "B" Lie. HE 507; r TEACHER needs summer |oi. Hr 7 YARD Work"-- Wall waiting 8, pa n Ina. Re-si. HE A-46 0 WALLSr~w:rM*ows waited." Flwv ^ cleaned, waxed. A'ten. GE 9-9i7 BOY*. 14, needs work Fo~surrirc Laboralorv work D/ef. GAX-731 Vofk Wanted 32 f AULING, palnllrxi vri:j waihlng. GA 4-JMS Vork Wanted 33 c Mtn, Womia} ELIABIE Mt. (dr, nd. r«l[r.. B dtilre to manage Bolt. GE 3-yjt7 :are of Children 33-B *· it Indtotnc'rflt, Pf«s-Te'eoram car* ul!y checked regaidincr bsby OVUIG 74-hour cw*. SutHjrban - hom?. Fully equipped. UN 8 MM C MILD care 3 ncnlhs i uo. Vic. " Cherry Dd Amo. GA 2-6631. AMILY want children 24-hr. car«. Lie. hcrr.e. Cypress area. JA 7-539? AKE chirdren L-D to 8 years. Norlh Long Beach area. GA 3-3262. rCENSED child care. Vic. AllanrW Soulh. GA 3-6535 4 HR. CARE of child. 2-5 vrs. Vic. Calif. Hgls. GA 7-W33. H LD C/iRE In my licensed hcme Good relerenc*i. GA 4-6MS. AY CHILD CARE -- VICINITY ORANGE CARSON. GA 7-7874 1C. baby care, 2 mos. to 4 vrs. waps 62 RADE A-l oa'ntrro, carpenter work, ceneral maJn'enance tor Pkkup Iruck, ata. wen. or tin. pymt. en house or car. GA 4-5WB. RADE GAS powered rotary lawnmower for Clllicn's Band ?-Way Radio. 17 EMU, H.L.B. GA 3-1835 Miscellaneous Wanted 63 Damtrai. Anilaucs, aivi.l'no unusual. "CRttT BETTY." 1805 E. Anahe'm Sf., L.B. HE 6-503?. WE BJY OLD NEWSPAPERS «c PER 100 LBS. IW1 DAISY HE JM19 U. S. COINS WANTED STEVE'O 1607 E. ANAHEIM NEWSPAPERS-- 0c De'r 100. 'pirlpd ur Me. 13!7 V/. Ulh. HE 2.3i«. PAPER. RAGS. METALS. RUBlfrR VANT s'dt ta'Ck box«J lor 3100 Machinery and Tools 65 -noli plus mrsc. equ'wnenl. S2S cash. KE 54063. RADIAL sa*. 2 h.p. Cornel. On JralFer. SZ50. HA I-KJJ. ATLAS bench" mill, 2 h.p.*~corl- Dr«ssor. 212 I41h, S. B. GE 1-8245. COMPLETE llwr landing equip. Vf/roor D3llshcr. Gf: 8-9660 TOOLS f. mflcJi rfanleo TO 7-A3M 17911 Bellflowei Blvd.. Bcllllcwci. rlachlRcry and Tools 65 ' era. Cost over «35. Musi lacrl. GA 2-OSA5 OMPRE5SOR -- ^i-Ji.o. Ir.tluslrlal - Tvpe. 4.1 CFM. AulomaUc, hoM. C ovrt. N«r n*-*, $75. HA T-3WI JILDERS transits US lo Mil. New . us IK). Sell - Renl - Repairs. 5 MJD BLAST equipment. Good end. | Reatanable. GE 1-1576 ·INCH Band Saw, stand mo!or. I Perfecl cor.dMlon. WS. UM4-1W7. " COMET RaWel sav; on trailer. Xfnl cortf. GE 1-ilW or UN J6S77 ' lameras, Supplies 68 S A V E o n FILM YEAR-AROUND PRICES 20 Exposure Reloads (PrEce include} processing) Kodacolor 3S-mm. (S7.IS Kodachrom* 35-mm. [MJO Ekachrcme 35-V.m. ($4.10 value) . _M.M An^^chrome 35 rrm. (S4.10 value) _ . S?.M (S4.35 valuf} _ $3.13 «-20 value) .V3.13 MOVIE FILM Price Jocfud«s croceis'na. 8 mm. Kodcchro.Ti« roll ^U.73 vAtiM) S1.AA 8-mm. Kodochrcme mao. 1i-mm. Kcdochrome roll (S13.10 value) JIO.SO {S8.B5 valuel _.'.'...... '. 17.10 First and Finest Color Lab In · Lcno Beach FAST SERVICE CITY PHOTO 1719 E. Anaheim HE 5-8928 'NEW L Exakfa VX2A w/1.9 avio *khne!d*r [er.s S1CT.50 Exnkla 1.9 aufo. lens, 135 m-n .5 tefe., w/case . _.. ,, 5111.95 PUBLIC NOTICE ZEISS Factory Demonstration in Our Store All Day Saturday, July 22nJ CAMERA SUPPLY I I I ? Pine Av«. HE 4-4720 The Biggest Came:a Bargains in the Area -- at Mercury Photo, 1030 Long Beach Blvd. HE 7-0601. -ameros, Supplies 68 J automatic. 35mm. Lea^tr cast. Flash allachmcnr. Gtrman pur- AMERA-- Arous C-3, p/okclor Mod. 3CO Arcui, screen life meter. Like new. $100. WE 3-l?M. PEED GRAPHIC 3Kx4%j kls of tEVCRE, 3 Iwis. Oripinal SJOU. ] Stll $60. TO 7-7719 T i4l$C., camera and dark room cqj ; p- f ment. HE y»42. Buildings to Be Moved 69 STORE bidding 30x90. Consisting of 1 slores. Fit narrow lot, «,900 delivered. Also 2 3-br. stucco homes. FII 4^ or W k1s. No moiey down. Co m pi eHon mane v available. Sterni Kousc Sales. GE 0-24W ^ Soil Conditioner 70 CHAMBLISS ORGANIC HUMUS )o It Yourself 71 -A ^ NYL FLOOR TILE -- B^esl Sfock -- Lowest Prices. SHUSTERMAN5 M» Atlantic Bldg. Matt. Lmbr. 71-C I bet/rce.n Aval on Wilminglon. 3?-3x*x9 f.. S25; $4-- ?x6x? fl.,S15. J Miscellaneous for Sale 72 CLOTHES POLE $6 GA 44223 USED RUGS. All i1i«, 510 A UD. 1835 Cherry HE J-S17C Drlscoll Carpet. OW E. Anaheim. COOKV/ARE, S.S. wlrlesi.., 17 pel. 3oly. Hew «9. HE 67722. Olr. SNOOKER tables. 5xID, PC?) Ible., 4Vixy. Bo1h w/access. LE 6-3163 WOOD la'^e co'rnp'ete. witrTtools. 1bf. malor, S90. TO 68561 » FT. Be'lfl* "draw Traverse rod. $50. If A 5-4071 alter 5 p.m. 3 LARGE AQuariums. ctiu-D., p'anls, (is\ $100. GA 7-9161, b«tw. 2-4. COOtWARE. Sinless. Fo-M, vrfrless. coma, sac. $75. VI 7-199^. D'.r. PLYV/OOD. all Ivpes sties 1851 Freeman Ave. GE 4-74VS. GA 2-J60?; GA 7-Z350 S90. Leo'i, 931 E. Paclllc Coasl" GO-KARF. LIKE NEY/. ALSO UNI- 4 PR. cL-st. made drakes, blpce, varda^e lor pallo dr. GE 4-W09. 4-RfA. eol. for rent. Turn Hurt fo sell, all or bv piece. HE 5-3597. COLOSPOT rcfrip. "7336 "Lerr^h". GA 21.13 V^ELBILT stove 4 bar slcs's. B A B Y L I W E twibv crib, like new S13. GE 8-03J7, Call an Expert 35 Call an Expert 35CaII an Expert 35 You Save Time and Money When You CALL AN EXPERT Cabinets PRE-FINISHED cult, cabinets wHh fuH-formad formica tcps. Call for free c^llmarc, TO 7-5053. Cab"j".cU and Carptr.lry GE 8-97 M WE 1-5812 Carpentry SPECJALIZIfJG in alierations f. re pairs, slld'ng flla^i docrt, ceS re1 -*dr~K. c! all kinds PosMive saf.s- FrtcUcn. GA 7-1176. LET US do your carpentry vrork ard save ycu mancy. Free est mate. GA ?-93W or UN 4k634. IFMErJT, carpenlry. pa!ch, Dlasler, Jcc Seerv- WE 3-WM ADD PATIO ROOFS SLABS F/cc «il. Call Bob. T W 3-7271 Ing. Free «t. GA ;M5W VINOOWS, doors, remodeled, addi* tions DdiKls. Reas. HE 7-4S3?, Carpeting PROFESSIONAL Carpet lavifnj Ceramic Tile FINEST workmaiiVp. Hew* re- msdel, repair -Free«st, GA7-1B75 REPAIRING ^inMs^iNiwcr.^rs., Concrete Work PATIOS, PLANTERS, BAR-B-Q, FLRPPLC. A SPECIALTY. FREE ESTIMATE. HE 6)735. r CE/AEM1 WORK. -- PATIOS i small. Free eil. HA V7-JW SPECIAL RATES-- CEMENT V.'ORK Palio, driveways, ek. L\c., ins Free cst. Bellllr, WA S-U56. PORCHES. Fret eil. GA3-15M PLANTERS -- PATIOS -- FENCES CEMENT, w!k slabs, walk? ALL TYPES CF.rVENT. Free esl. By hr. or lob. Guar. UN 3-0310. Planler flakes. Free «l. GA 74993 C RAY LUNDBLADE. i.certittl ce- STOTIE, brJck Dlailering. Kencei, fireoiaces, etc. GE 4 OWI. COHCRFTE wcrk. Pillos a SMCia!- ty. GE ^-0279 or OX 5-8316. S3 YEARS e/perlence cement- car- Denlry, free esllmafe. GE 4-3SM. Contractors-Builders Room Addition for Less RE'AnDEL'NG ResiCeotial Ccmrrt SLIDING GLASS DOORS. PATIO Frea isl Gen. Bldo- Ccitr. CHARLIE REID, GA CtBll 1 specialize In all home ccn, ., new or re-iiotlelina. Free Hat esl. on all clans. E. E. FeVlar (Nor- v^eof*n). lie. conlractor, CiA 3-12J6 THE HOME SPECIALIST EXPERT REMODELING Hlp^lv «xocrlcnced- Lie. - Ins. J.ALVIN HOWELL HA S-1721 CALL HA 9-4-297 far Eillmatt en vour Pallos Sliding G ass ADDITIONS new work. Free est 1 tak* orrtfe in mv wV. G A. 3-7337 FRAW-IMG conlr's Gen. Bldg REMODELING 8r new ccnslrudian For Free estini. c^^l HA S-3357 Draftsman DRAV/ p'ans DcoF. Adv. proc. D«r mils. GA 3-4337 «ves: 1E 7-716, Dressmaking DRESS'AAKIKG aUrrat;oni. Slip Electricians No lob loo small. 24 hr. icrvce U] 8-tWD COROAY Electric Co. Lkensed. V- 1 also do small lobs. GE 1-03? Excavating TOP SOIL A FILL DIRT TRASH HAULED BLACK TOP t CONCRETE removed. ME 0-4404 Fencing BLOCKWALLS, cb'n link, redwoot fences. Call GA 2-3347. Grace Stake, 11.47. GE 1-351 Flooring Tile BUD'S floor sac.cfino, old firs, mad like new. 1 day service-, fr«e es FLOORS santfed. finished, Ddlch* rep^'red. For fr« «st. ca G«o. MA 1-40?? REX Floor SandY.B b«aut:M niih clean?d and waied, 1-tJav service CJl!i anvlirr-e. HA t-593? PROFES'sfOHM. LINOLEUM Favc _ E d Meecc. GA J4S02; GA 3-174 LINOLCUM, «otia:i A v'nvl 1 t Ccnrract GA 7-Hi8. LIKOLEUM"," vinvJ W asohn ("jiri F/et est. GE |-i9iB anvllmt. SAND FINISH ROO'M'S FROM ir Llf 1r,i'ir«d 71V. ''·A ^-717^ Furniture Hcfinishlng ALL latest fin.sAcs. Wal-vjt ~prov!r B ffif »A M^ 1 res1cr ! c Garden Scrv. Supply E. R. LAWN SERVICE Front back power mowed. Walks, flcwer f r e e beds edced. Walk* drives vacuum sweot, cllppl.ios hauled av/ay. This scrv- ce 3 M-nes a rr.o. for S10 per mo. averfioc ins'de Id. HA \-\*M GE 9-7102 FREE ESTIMATE ON TRIMMING t CLEANUP landscaping 8. trardenv.g. Cleanup wcrk. Pcv/cr eo-jl . Free esl.'mafej. 13600 E. E»ce!slor Dr;ve, Saila Fe Spiino* UN -(6333 McDONALD'S lavm service. Lawns n'.nwrd ard edsetf, co-jrteoys rdiao'e seivke; reas. fdfci, GF- 1-37/8 9-3446 lawns mowed 1 edged, cower eoutp. Special care far vacationers. Cuttings hauled free. J3-H ivklv., S4 b!-wkry. L.B. only. HE 7-5167 Cleaned General Cleanuo, llcht rwullng. Call GE 961QS eves. Old Yard Looking Sad? Want It mad« locking rich!? MOWING, edglno, cfedn UD, v/aler- IAO. Pwr. cculD. « UP. Calt Jahn Ashley. HE 7-2181. GE M504 LAWNS mewed etiocd SIO rr.o. Ccma'ele maLit. iU. WA 5-1633. cleat up. Free est. ME 0-24U. Hauling, Express -ft GARAGE-LOT CLEAN UP fr ft TRASH HAUL-- TREE WORK * GE 4-1332; GA 7-8287 GARAGES CLEANED, trash EC $3 UP-- GA 6-1607 TRASH HAULING. VLiRY ECONOMICAL. GE 3-1K3; GA fr35i2 HAULING, ek. rV^jvi-io? 1 rm or 5 HAULlWG-Furnilurt Tr.isrt ;Vn,T hfave You? Guar. HE 2-5*0? LITE HAULIKG -- ODD JOBS ir CIS. Vefs. Gen. hauling, gar tied WJDS, Irash hauling. GA 7-9613 House Cleaners TAYLOR'S window wall washln service. Fre* est. Ca!l HA 1-354! If na answer, calk GE 3-2250, WALLS wflstea, TLOS UD^Oislerv CXD. Fr'ee eil. ' H£ ?-553 WALL WASH 1 KG. ilO RM. CARFFT CLEANING. ETC GE 3-001 EXPERT w*'l wa^h r no, M vrs. exn Insured. Fi'ee esf, GE 9-2579 J10. INSURED. GE 8 5S2 Insulation niafe. TO 7-3^1 Jewelry Buyers TED BROV/M, JEWELER Watches, Dfanrcixh/ Jewclrv "V,'e Give S8.H Gre«n Stamss Governmer.t Credit Terms. 413 Lcng Beach Blvd. HE 6-732 Mattresses V-ATTRESSES REKOVATED 17.9 Same cover, same soring?. 1-da service. Free esfimafes. Esl 193 Call GE 8-6753 cr In Sanla An ACME MATTRESS FACTORY 3J25 E. Ana v eim, Lcng Beit^ Moving Storage LOCAL AND WORLD WIDE MOVING AND STORAGE Mcst recommended Movirj HODGES MAYFLOWE HE 7-3533 DON'T MAKE A MOVE WITHOUT CALLING SECURITY VAN LINES J7.SO Hr.-- "A Man a Van Free eslim, snyti'mo. Deal (tree GA6-5M5 Southwest Van Sforag HE 6-0200 SPEC. SUMMER RATE. Fcr ilm-ted nme /Aarti.n v ; ra'es. Inl. frse est. en local long distance movts. N£ 9-26 LOCAL movlrvff W uer rm. Orar. Co. Fre« esl. Day or nlte. 1 8-0055. . HAWLEY TRANSFER - Lltt noui r hold nvivlno. HE S-144 i Painting, Paperhanging " PAINTER-- Integer, exlerlrw. v/o auaran'.tca. Call HA 9-33U. B c PAINT! i;c t. DECO'RATIN Free «l.tiale. GE 965 . HOUSE n.iinr'rt.j (infer. exler - UolOblsc sm F Free tit. GA 3 -tK PAINTING, tiawrlng. Lie. Do" ow v.ark. 25 vrs. cxo. Reas. HA 5-5) PAINTING Gu PAINTING R paMrhano«"vo. »va PAINTIKG bylab/"AI| wo'r}(~ou ^otccd. HE 79MJ. INTERIOR palnTEng very reas. Be refs. HE 7-W1; eves. GA 3-**4 . PAINTING rr.s'de cut. Free cs mat. Bv hour or |eb. HE 7-iS Painting, Paperhanging ALLPAPEH 2 BEDROOMS, $15. samples biouaht to your hcme. ConlracJor-- 10 years IP L.B. BOB PRIESTLEY HA 5-7609 AINTING -- Inlerior-- Exlerior. No fob too STiail. Try me fcr esl - ma'.t. "The best (or less." Atso nl. rfeccr. HE B-X113. 45 vi. excer. en inter., extr. HF. 7-73?8 days: GE 9-30M 5-7 p.m. APERHANGING, 51 Roll Palntina. Get my price. HA V-/065 AlN TING-- Snail fir "larcre Icbs" mares. Ht 7-7E2J anYlirr.e. AINTING - LABOR ONLY- YOU lurnish material. No lob loo small. Free esllrratcs CE 4-9076 SS PAINTS AVERAGE STUCCO HOME WITH TRIM. AVERAGE SAHDBLAST 45. GE 4-Vm. rlor exterior. ME 4-22A3; NE S0124 L. H. SPAINHOVJER Pa'r.ting and Oecoraling. GA 7-1093 Terms arra-twMt PAI U T 1 NG-- 20 vrs. exo. In, «jl. Nedt. Balli i]Q. Rccms $15. HE 6-618K Reas. rales. GE 9-3233. RELIABLE pa-'nTer. eculp;wd. Also rr.rst.. reoafrs. HE 2-15JB. PAIIUING, "pap*rlna^ reas/is yrs. exo. Free esl.. rels. HE. 6-3)81. PAINT 1 KG. DJperhana'r.p. o'nsicr catching. fA. Po«Jileln. GA X-0065 Dooivnv.arJt G A 3 - 4 5 1 0 a f f 6am JULY SPECIAL. V/ork g-jar. Free cilim.i!e. GF: 1-7001; TO 6-7437. PAINTING, papering, plastering. V EXPfrR painter. Neat. Reflsonah'e Best mataildit. HE 6-7937 eves *2.W HR. PAINTING, fnl. tfeco/. 15 vrs. exp., all eculD. HE 6-2944. Plastering LET ME GIVE THOSE CRACKED V/ALLS A CEILINGS A FACE LIFTING. Painl'ro, o^flifer palcJiir.o, drywall install, tile S. lirwlcu/n. ALL work loo ocalltv. Refer's. Call Ed. Slatier HA 5-3797 .iFJer fi p.m. ASK For Chuck lor Batch DlaiJenns octrotori can' I be bothered wilrk All vfcrlc ouaranteed. GE 3-^7il. O-.ick serv., reas'. Free esf.^LIc! GE -M5G6 QUALITY PLASTERING BY KENNEDY, Lie., fr.s. HA 5-5773. PLASTERING. TE 1-4460 PATCH p'asterlnu oyr soecla Iv. Kxrwrt wcrk, ouar GA 2-E06) PATCH plailerlng tnf.. #xt. Norve too stiaM, same diiy. GA ?S925. kl-vds. HE 6-0377; HE 7-2318. PATCH PLASTER"I)JG. KO lob Too riumhing t Heating Sfor-caoes. recalls. No travel !ime charge GA 2-4947 areas. Reas. HA 1-3476, 14 hrs. MAKLEY PLUMBING L HEATING Service, repairs. GA 7-3337--24 hrs. PLUMBING 56 hr. SfCDsase re- pa'r. Lie. ccntr. 7 hrs. TO 6-2347 Roofing "BbAT THE HEAT" REFLECTIVE ROOF COATING Free eslimate Summer fates. DEPENDABLE ROOFING CO. Blue CtVp Slairpf GE 9-4437. "REROOF NOV" TaVe adva.-itace ol summer rates Isi nvml. Ocl 15th. BILT-WELL ROOF CO. * Esl. 1?36 No dn. Pm't, Bark Terns. ALL types recover (14 hr. UN 4-7566 ROOFING \VORK: -- ANY KIND Free esl. GA 2*5154; HE 1-50X3 SANDBLASTING SANDBLAST, RESTUCCO, PAINT Chcice o( Colors. Lfc. Reas. SANDBLAST for rcpa'r.t or resluccft R«s. UN B-2W3; HE 5-930; 1ob, colors. Bank trms. GH 40772 Sheet Metal, Fans, Blowers A'.r ccnti'tfcners, sVet melal, v«n tjlaiino. restaurant cafe sinks noods. sla'n'cs slcel, reoalrir. wording. , UacCLOSKEY SHEET METAL 1315 V/. Ulh St. HE 6-4?7 RAIN GUTTERS, sh«e( n.etal woi SavB S S GA 7-OS25, GA 3-^72, Sprinkling Systems SPRINKLER SYSTEMS insla red repaired Jchn Gilt. TO 7-114 Tree Service LAKEWOOD TREE SERVICE Free est., Kc. Con-.pJe1e service TO 6-5347 TREE service coma'eFe. Iniur. P« Sudlos Bdmont Nursery. 431 __E. 2nd. GE 3-«10; GE 3-3J: T R E E S ren^aveo. lopKd, l".-irrjied Feed rtj. sorrtyi-vg. Lir irs frc _est. GA 7-83? NE 3-4N3 WA 5 351 Tailors FUZZ HARRIS F-r.ei! cuslom la kv.'ro Alter*t : Gfli ol a'l : : r^fs. _W E._3rd_St. HE 7-t4 Washer-Dryer Repair WASHER, d/vcr. tfiw. reoalr, Fnslal Fret eif. H4 ^-fww ; r,f. 0 4 1 7 Miscellaneous for Sale 72MIscellancous for Sola 72 '. A - U - C - T - Regular WE UE5-. JULY 18th. 8:30 A.M. oolt. hirdwart. garden tools, h«e goodi, box«i of mitccl- in«oui, TUtSDAY, JULY Miscellaneous bric-a-brac. WEDNESDAY, JULY Large lot of medium grade WEDNESDAY. JULY · w and uisd houithoftJ applt eposseuion. bankritpt sioclr, kite! rgan complete homo furnishings. BUY AT AUCTIC REPP MC AUCTIONEERS, APPRA ong Beach, California 2501 E. A Miscellaneous for Sale 72 Surplus Material on Bid DOUGLAS AIRCRAFT Long Beach Division Gas ug Ind.. trddors, 4000 Ib. Ciarlt Fork, man-jal ccmplorr.eler, ddd.'r.o madi'ne, radio-e'eclrooic tybes 4 crystals, fire extinguisher, c pclronic test eculptiEnt, Ics1 pressure larJcs. Sa'« by Dept. C-317, Gale 1 So. of Carson, east of Paramo-jnJ Terminus, via bid. HA 9-2U1, Ext. ?3S. Sales close July 18!r.-ieih, 1961, inspection W,on. thru Fri. 7:30 to 3 p.m. VACUUMS FOR SALE $5, 110, *15 up. Reccnd., TooV; I:ke ne^v. Hooveis, Elec rolux. GF, Rcxaire. Hundreds to crease from. Open J.iilv 'ill 7:33. HllChern. HE 56560 HOTPOENT deli/xc 2-dr refrlg. g, Ireczer. W-Hclly gas sieve. '60 Kcrwnore aulo. washer. Yellow thrcm* tabe w/leavei, 4 chulcs, server. Power mower, elec. edtresj Vi mower. 1 desks, misc. Items. 4528 Warwood. HA S-1976. TRASH CAN DELIVER METAL 50-oa). 13. Wood barrets. PACKING BARRELS GA W613. \Veldlng no kib 'co small. Pwr, mower sharpened $5. 5301 CHERRY EVENING dress, shcrt length w/ swea er to match, raver been worn, *20. BlacK velvet coat, never been worn lie, bclh size 12. men's si« 41 coals, 31-31 uants GF 3-5579. JSEO BUILDING MATERIA1S -Used store fixtures ccunlers. Lumber, class, nivwc Dlumoo. LONG BEACH Fence 3U4 E. Anaheim SI GE 9-XS09. ANTIQUE 3-pc. fllvtr lea set. Lovely crocheted bl. ;prd., popcorn s'Mch. Afrlca-n violets -f- 3-sheif vki'et stand. 60" lor.o; bVd case. Port. BBO. 344 Cherry. 3 DE LUXE cU3tcm mads swlvle bar itcols Sturd/ maple with vr h!e uotol stered scat and back, GE 4-HOS NEW TRASH CANS GALVANIZED t. STEEL USM cans. S1eel ft fleer, A-l 3031 Lo^a BeacJi Blvd GA4381' SILVER American PerfecKo.n E-llat clarinet, 525; like new HI -lop work boots, sire 4 SS; rubfccr cleat baseball sh:es, s i z e i'/j, S3 33? E. ^Slh 51. GA 7A6S5. FOR SALE or ? bicycles, wood turning lathe. Ken more wjsher, day bed. Desire good rp- Ir^perafor. Hb ?-S2$3. IBM E. INSULATION Rex* vrool batls. Below ccst. GE 4-7079 mat i 1 Cord, nr. new. X!nt ccnd. Wr le [ndc.-Press-Telecram, Box T-10J03. Hobart lenaerlier, rhrom. brk. set, re frig., compressor, tec mm acauarium rotrsscrle. HA 1-450 SABER SAW 515; ect. hand saw 7-ln. $30; 'A-b. elect, drill 530; model ?5 Polarofd cflrr.era $35, cr maVe offer. HE 6-0272. 3 vri. old, S«. Coldsiwt r*ldo. 9 cu. ft. $45. 6003 Olivi Ave., Lkwd. ME 3S573. NEW reducing lender lounoe ticca massage acircm, portable. Rtyjlsr HOWARD'S 5151 A1la/lKc STEP bu.-npers, 522.95; bumper cx- Icnslons, ra--ncer slcps 5. ladtfer racks lor pfcXup Irucks. ME 4-7176 Res., HE 5-1735 5-P ECE Breakfast Se1, yellow, msr- rrcol tcp, SJ5; Lav,n-Master mo«- ocod cond., S3. GE 8-44SA. A R T I F I C I A L flcwer materials bclcv; cost. Dr^lc. Smali rad'o. Violin. Crop-leaf table w/chalis. Stools. 2 e'ec. headers. HE 1-K14 Holds 5500 ol waler, $125 GA 2-17M before 1 p.m. NEV/ S. used 1u,niber; olumlTr.g f i x lures Pipe- Open Sunday GARAGE DOOR OPERATOR. Me radio controls fcr 2 cars, 310 1 GE 3-7S07 TRADE GAS powered rotary lawn Rad'o. 17 Fills. GA3-183S. 15" HOFFMAN console TV S3 3-pc. sect. S/.50 Dlr.elte iet. Si H« Bclmont. FOR SALE-- Go -c.-i rl, ?/? h.p. molo r,c* slicks, xlnt. condilion. HA 9-1572 after 5 p.m. WE BUY OLD GOLD, diamonds ewelrv. Don Leake, Ma. lewe ers. IU E. 3rd, r.e*l BulfL-m Hat ireezer $125. Easy termi. 1IBXQ E Carson, Arlewa. \VURLITZER p i a n o , mahcgan Short keyboard, b*nch, M50. EARLY Amer. maple dr.etle 3 el. metat cYoleaf ttfl. carr, 12 g-icoe shotgun. WA 5-34-31 \Vt CARAT tola! v.eTcM cnc^ccmcnt ft weddfrg ring (white cold), v / i soil at sacrifice. GE 9-3A9J COMPLETE HOUSEHOLD fUR- NISH1NGS drpi., carpets, elc. HE 2-49W. rnatts. Excel, cor.d. Cost S135 ^et. INTERNAT'L. sterling silver, /O PCS., scrv. of 8. Many odd DCS. 2 TYPEV/RITERS, stand f. port, record player, covered waocn, TV STAUFFER fe Fuxe complele. Sw:m pool, 9x30", overload spriro. Re- ATTENTrON club v.crr.en, Beajtifut 24-cuD iilver coffee urn se! 555. A.R.A. car air ccnd.tjcner. Very reasonable. GE 1-50J3 UNDERWOOD sfardatd IvDewrller. Tst S45 fO'«. GA 3-47il AIR Very c«xl ccnd: tlon S75. TA 8-63*0, FOR SALE-- Vrtieel chair. Like new 241 E. 53nd St. i BARBER Chairs [used] Misc" ¥'x U' Wilton RL-O. Good cor.d., Refrig. cially, I?0. HA 9-0*85. CAMPING equipment tenl col, cooking stovp. GA £-1174 liaues. V/A 5-151 BtKE for two, SJ7.50, racing blk* also 24" 20" 115 ea. LE 9-477 HAND carved bar, teak wood, (o information Call GE 0-2971. CONST or utility sTiacfc (8x3 port txl. ply.), S45. HA 1-713- WANT Doughboy Pool, II ft. c ROYAL Portab'e typewriter $37.M American 344 E. *«h HE 2-154 STEER FERTILIZER-- 3 b : g S*cks too C'adc-- 9Ac. 3301 E, An^f-pirr Bldg. Mafl. Lmbr. 71-C REMOVAL SALE ' Vinyl-Asbesios Tile GREASE-PROOF ' For Wood or Concrete Floors Marbles fft- -, Spotters ifiL J Tweeds 51f ed . 1 DarV Cork ** p 9x9 e i 1 ! Melt versatile lloorlno mnAtl Rub il with ifttl W09I * It lUntl! Hurry (or Best Selection! '- SHUSTERMAN'S £ 6 2 9 AMonfie A 3.7951 '. f ., -. - 0 - N - S EKLY Sales TUES., JULY 1811.. 10 A.M. New «nd utftl building ma* leriaft and old ippliancai. 18th. 1:00 P.M. c othi/ig. ITr.enl, dflKci. I9lh. 8:30 A.M. : urmtur« and applUncn. I9lh, 12 NOON meat, rugs, Ivrnifurt, ·ifdtet. en cdbinetj end sinks, «Fcctric N AND SAVE )TTJNC SERS, LIQUIDATORS GE 9-0277 laheim Sf. Miscellaneous for Sale 72 AMERA BH 1, 4-IIcht bar. S35; 2enlth redla-phanc; trlke, $i; par- ak«l caot, S3; 6-vr. crib compete; p!ay wn; hi chair; Tcltfey; bath; buoav; maternity ckilhcs, s it 17; man's iulls, 44-46, All too cwalitv. Misc. rimnrnace items Inc. latfW cNId's clolhcs, 25c 1o »l. Acceol any reas. ol* (er, GE 9-47W Sat. or Sun or affer 5 p m . 371 Carroll Park E. WOVtriG bv 2Clh, comptete house- no u lovely furnllure inclydirvg maple dmeirev hutch cabTnet. Full win size bd.'m. 5*ti, |ove!v pair Prov.'rrt-al w;ro c-hairs, 12x15 Evcrylhlng nr. rew. 5Si5 GarderUa 6 PC. d'lvier set, MS; uphcl. reel ninQ ctia'r; tori's 26" Schwinn Coivetr bike; 9x1? CKInese rug, plate glass mfrrcr, 1x3 ft.; ID pal, acuarlum pum0; misc. hio-jsthord itemj 4518 Harv«y Way HA 5-5301 catj.-lypE Hfcfe-a-lKd by Riviera! Aimoit new. Biaut. blond d-'on eat tebfe. Green formica oval drooleaf table W2 chairs. Blocd 17" Zenllti co/isolf TV. GA 3-ie£S freerer. ExceM. cor.tfit. Used 2 vrs. New In OQerar.'o.i, vHII dfirr.o. Cost 53700. WNI sac. Icr quick sa!s. Call days HE 6-3^97. V/eekends sftcr 6 o. m., c*!l GE ^-3IU. RIND NEW K~lRBY~cofnpirsT7£ Trade in allows given en your machine, Reocssessed Kirbv'i Fas! year's mctfel \vi]h all ,i1f3cnmfnts Hll* CHERRY HE 5-6560 c i, pa Mrs, flags, pennants ban-vcrs. ME. Tavlor SO.T Dtcoralino Co. 1501 Oreoon HE 5-5691 PAINTER ;y alum, plank; comaL team harness; 6 oaL motor bo.i1 ga-i tank; 2 flat heavy duty d3l* Ivi; n-.etat tcol boxes; oil mcas, cans; Bendlx lrcn«r. GA 3-3433. "WO 10x12 Prefab /Aefal b'tiss, new. kr.ocked down. «recl yourself. One 10x6 metal bttg. wirhi IS' attached carport. Aloha Steel Co., 1452 Gaylord. GE^ H6U. can style, Sa'cm maple llnlft, ihui'er t/pe front! Beautiful con- d:t:cn! 575. 220 «1h St., Seal Beach GARAGE sale, basstnelt B, malt., car bed, elect. Etiger, nat. Gec^gr maai. rifle, 38 carbine, polled cadi, recoid cab, mimy misc. 17? E. Alllnglon, N. L. B. CHOCOLATES, 89c LB. 2 Ibs. *1.75. ?r.di i mlstips. V/HFATOH'S, I3J5 W. Xtrt BM e'ec'rfc lype^rlfcr-- p;ca lypp, 12" carriaae. Mvst sell. 1210 E. 57r.d, Apr. 1?. WeewerwJs evrs. DANISH foam hi-bncV; chair. Cost 1120. Sell $45; like new. 4'x6' br.vjl. Lake Mounaln pict. Cost 175. Sell S?5. HA9C4SS. GIRL'S 26" Schwlnn b^Ve, 170. IS" Itnaw molar, S25. Seledo-ipeed cfrive, 512. 54" dla. redwood fab'e w/laiy Susan, S30. GE 9-8SS5. POWER lawnmower.Sll. Hand mcw- tf, 510, Baby swing, $4. Virtue Bros, dinette set, i60. GA 2-233i. 4 PAIRS of women's new shoes--assorted. Reai. 2 white cast iron aundry iubs SVIS. 1 silk nllegoun*. Ail M. Damboo seats. GE x-2969. NESCO elect, roister i grill, 3 locm txiswedd S15, play pen pad US. HA 14163. BLACK leather Jacket, worn few lirtws, outgrown. Siic 20. Sell or rade for bike,. Hie weigh! or middle wt. TO 7-9416. i CARPETS, 15x16 5x3. Rcvrrs Roso-rals!r. viO; Tv;*n roff;«d bed spreads, M ea. Car coaler, 170. HA 9-0*72 FANS- -All S'ze* Air Ccndit:cners. Perfect cor.dMlon, 53.Si vs. SAT7. Furnirure. 1900 E. Ana7\e=m vibrator reducing be IN BunR beds. Rcaionnble. GE S-4S3-1 MATTRESS re.-.ovated, ycur rover. 57.95. CleveJand Furn. 2. Uphct. DABY carrface 8. wardrcb*. Wise. child baby clothing Youlh bed, army cots, peril-crib. GA 2-4501 RM. AIR-Co.TdMicner, Weslinchou^e H e oWARC?S° r " CB ' Siil^AJiaVlfc BETTER QUALITY cfo rhino for a fraction oF Hi original cost. Almost Hew Apparel 1257 Pine BRAKES RELiNED 512.50 Tftiett'j, H31 H. 4ii\. HE 6-1402 Yardage fct any use. Bill-Rile Sallmakers. 13X2 W. llth,. HE 7-652* GE 8-B195 Open Sim. 7243 E. 17th ENGLISH-- Bavarian china-g l a s s . Red handbag, odrfs e.-wJs, p'afn REDUCING TABLES, RENT-- BUY Stauffer-- Relaxacisor-- Vib Bells Salon Vfslts Hf= 5-M70; GE 9-31S7 bar, step ttts, coffee Ibl.' Afler 10 a.m. GE -1-5436. stalling, rcna'rlr.g, r^hnln-j, removing. 210 E. Market. GA 1-3467 price or less, size B 10.' Ross- moar. GE 1-9515. KENMORE auto washer. Good cnif. S79. 6 mo. g-jar. Uptown. MATERNITY cFothes, size 12. n cood ccrdU : on, a'l foe S10. TE IS FT. DOUGHBOY pool, complete, w/fllter, laritJer, etc. Wen in coolest, never u^ctf.S«0 2H5 G-jndry QUICK sate, divans, newly nauga- hvd« wjtwlsterecJ, SW. KENMORE defuxe, 2-iceed autom. washer. Like now, 130; GH 9-cu. ft. Rafne.. W5. HA94MBS. recorder player, Irani, radio. HE 2-7M1. 1424 Chestnut Zirccn ring, BR set -- ca-npleie. GE 3-6535 WAKOG. Fre/iLh er.d laVes Feather matlress, syo larrp, ch : na o!a«. 352 Carroll Pavfc w. n-jtcm. S50. 14x16 v-ool rug pad «0. 9x1? rua S10. V/A 5-3SW. COMPLETE set, deeo sea divj.ig eauioment plus m^scellanous equip ment SSOO. HA 5-5030. STAMP Collectors: Or.e lot of min U.S. plate blocks at fate va ui of 5757 GE 8-B«3 af!er J P.M. REFRIG. 535, sfove WS, \a'.e 2T TV $75, Bar SNs *3S, Tires 7,60x 15, S10 ea. Screens 50c. HE 2-M77 BIG Rummage Sale Men. L.3 Ex cepliona! Oiildr«n's Four.tfa} ons House of Sales, 1154 Pine. PLAYHOUSE-- 6xj5it7 w/blt-fn cupboards. S»0 cr offer. See SUM 1 Jo 5-- 4950 MaybanV, La^ewood SEWING Mch. '60 AulcrnaliC Brolh cr, b'crvdc cabinet, rike n«w S175 Ph. HE 6-44W. MODEL L Posicre Rest, like n«w 1150. ME C-5^42. PADDLEBOARD. S15; l /i ra-*n m*r _S3; hobby hcrse, $7. HA 1-55S3. 1-VVHEEL frailer-- '.32 a-jlomallcrifr flnvnunillon. NE 9-3531. DELUXE Boodie Sforvline baby car rJace. S?0. 2703 Greenlop 5t. LVw W/trcfc tl-.«r. 5100 cash. TE 5-356 TV/IN beds, Maytag wrhoer-washer massage belt, mfsc. GE 4-4766 NICE ma'ernlfY clolrtes, exci. ccnd WILTON be;ce carpet, i?*T»w 6765 Orizaba Avr. ME- 0-;s? set, Nsver used, 535, GA 2-400 ; WAVY officers 8- C.P.O. Like nev GREY breafcfair set, 4 chs'rj, s« ' 9x10 wool ri/g, 1X5. GE ^-6735 BOY'S BIKE. Almcsl new p,WJ ' .board._ GE_ -MIC . GOLD Oredgt, coTty'ere eou^c EverVhtag ycu r.iert. TO 6-49', UED"vnKrORS-Ccarc1!e: cd-MJv 7 OP. W. W. Vendors. 1351 W. H1 HOSPITAL "BED-- Arflrt*Able,"~tt( BeeFer's. 2700 E. 7l*i. GE 5758 ; mi Mvrt'e GA / 758 · CVLIKDER Dtlco HoM tlint " j rjbbit hulovfi. ms_flh, AnStln 1 h i rtwlo?°' A '' T 1 FRIGI.KiNG c«r reffJa. Ujcd rvn. nnnrf rn-rl. JT^O TF 1 VW Miscellaneous for Sale 72 F STOP! We have 1ht largest asiorlrrenl of plyv;ood o and Ing In Ihi country! See III FLUORESCENT MOLDINGS CASINGS Streamline, dosr fr windows . . _ . - .-. « 3c \\. FIBERGLASS Ajjorfed colors 2Cc II. FORMICA Pirkwow), 3.000 II. _ « "K II. SALVAGE MASTERS "THE CHAMPAGNE OPERATORS OF THE SALVAGE INDUSTRY" 1685 SANTA FE OPEN "A DAYS ·rV CELEBRITIES APPAREL Get in Jhe Swim SPECIAL SALE ct Rose Marie Reid end Calal'ra bathrr.g mils Yt price. SUMMER COTTONS ALSO WEN'S SUITS 4 SLACKS CELEBRITIES APPAREL 1233 E. 4\h St., Lor.g Bcacii ^,- c-i 3 ORTABLE Phanota HI-FJ. aufcm. record player, U.SX.O. porl. pR* n c tb1., blond elec. ctcck, 3 eltc. . checkwriler, 1 Phllco pert, rad., ^ 1 -- 1' wide aluminum puller shades for trailer or Cflr, Revere chime manlle clock. Prcclor toaster, 8" an, chrcirve SEXIJIg*it filling, chrome bird cage staro. Vallec Tow -Rile iralTer conaeclor, Ige vv Tow pfcrtlc backel, Coleman 3- stove. Advanced Course records. GE 9-NS9. ^^1T QUE bdrm. set w/maibre !cp dresser, «S. L1k« r.ew FKIGID- AIRE aulom. Wds!i., 145. 2 fine v bdrm. sets, W5 ea. Salem male, dinet e iel, W3. LXncan Phvfc ccuch, J3S. 2;-' TV hi fi, S35. Ma B no vox Hi FI con. record payer, US. Pole lamps, $5. SJud'o touch, $12. Pfdures, table larr*s, ffwow runs, SOc up. Hcme Beau- liful, 2143 E. ICIh. GE 3-1135. BBQ FiTrn". "S-pc. 3l2.Tblor.cJ maple tbie, dist'd chairs, S35. Oble bed w/headboard, i25. 1 twin beds, . 525 ea. Box so. ma!L rnc. ' SooVcases (3), $3 to S20 ea. 1 freuer can. I'/i btef, cost »JC. GE MOBILEMAID dlshwflsher, 175 H -f-l records; field g'asses 10x50; 3 sal! v/afer reds; Marlin a a f f ; bo^t eTJipnit, pumos, lifes. I small motors, po^er take-off; co-Tipresiors; a!r horn, clc. 43 vo'. Book of Xnov/ledge. 4iS Daw- 1 son, Apr. 1. GE 4-90?S. RO,*AA ipt. M" bicycle; tckyc'e; swrmm^r.g pool; sVales; therrros outing kit; lantern; BBO w/o1is- serle; (luorescent lite bulbv 43"; alum, cooler, green uphol. arm chair, STO; croquet set. Cheap. TV, I4i; fording bed, S10; anlkwe desk, chair, a.itloue vihlte French Prov. bed set, lab'e, child's reck- ing chair, %10- ChlJd's de^V, lavely la-npj, Diclures n]ck*nacks. GE 1-0577. 80 YARDS grey nyfcn caroeKng; a:so 50 yds. n'nk nylon c.irpetfng. S3.50 yd. Hew hcrr.e. NEVEZR · USED. SS66 Moples Canal (tec SrvuJay). YOUTH bed wardrobe chest H5, ilroler S5. Irlcvcle 35, 3-oc. liv. rm. set 575, w,Vr,ul tb!. A chrs S10, desk; 125. lyptwrfkr J70. GA 7-7057 SETTLE ESTATE-- Uoilght piano. tread'e sewing machine . Radios, Wheel chair. Ord ptianograoh. Y^rd lourge. tee box, misc. ??7 4 LUCITE glasi-1op tab^ei, Icve Chrome cilncMe set, nauga- /iyde plaHorm rccker, rrvahco. master chair. Com dele set of SOLD HOME, Bargains. 18 pieces unused 4xB wallbaard. Flagstone, record player, typewriter, many TYPEWRITER stand, $23. Rollaway bed, S15; mattress, 310; TV, 515. Mower, M. S ere en (Joan , S2. HE 6-2312. JACOB SO K prclesslonal power mower; Kino O'La*n oo-wer cdg- er. Good condilion reaiona^'e. GA 7-S7S9. Svrlvcl Secretarv fha'r, S15,' Bed soreads, ^2. 10 bath mats. Lovely dr.ipei, 24xEO". HA 1-4751. NEW Or^enlal Sholl screen, 4".oane~ snllrf mat-ooany, fretwork cril e; hand-fitted; oo nails, 150. -4226 E. 4f.h. NFW dlx. Ccppcrtcr.c Gaffe/i-Satt;er range. 2-oc. «ve-'evel oven, SI35. Pr v. ply. ?« E. Barclay. GA 3-2345. 2-PC secllona!, $13; armchair, iS; sc a, $'; lovejeal, $/; bathroom s nfc, S^. 4226 E,i?t 4ti\, AnL 6. G.E. caod refrlq-- SJS, rnaate desk ch.esf -- «7.50. pair pood table amps -S7.50. HA 9-1383. I S NGLt Iron ^bed matlress. er. 1059 Lime Ave. ESTATE Sale. Aulo. washer, refrlg. Bdrm. set. Tables, chairs. Lamps. 146 Grand. GF. 8-4744. Rose beiflf. 133" wIO. 83Vi" lofig. 3SM Brav ton. GA 4 548?. POWER mower, 537.50. O'Keele Z. Mcrrjrf slove, S60. Co'e.Tian sfove a lantern. Other misc. G£ 1-4902. WE.BS7ER Intercom, bale or exchange for s'cvei, refr^gs., T.V.s, e!c. HE 2-5694, LIKE NEW eix. Wedgesvocrf, 1150. Good dineife set, US; Lashco IP refrlo., «S; tables. HE 7-7637. DUNCAN Phyfe dropleaf dirt. set. UorlghJ plans. Palio set. 4374 Snowden, Lkwd. HA 9-13S7. DRESDEN lamas, alabaster sta ue. GE 8-0664 bfitw. 10 12. 23" POWER mower, S45. Ladies' d amo-.d ring, SVrn diving cear. MIMEOGRAPHING, WlY HOME. Exocr. Reas. HE 6-15/5. .E. vacuvm, all allach, La1e motfcl. Gri. corwl. Sac. TO 6-2911. CA'R COOLER. 12-voTt, used once. ioiL-a-way bed f mall, for canio* I.TO, HO. Crib-- cma. 510. GA 7-6633 STAUFFER reducing table wilh irner, $75. GA 2-9183, BRICKS c. Stove. Wash. mach. 17 doors wind., $15. GE -4-6734. -- ROLLAWAY beds. L'Ve r.e*. 1 POWER mo^er fcr sale, 25" frlmrper. GA 3-8371, misc. fif4S Seaborn. HA 1-5764. .ARGE nsst. of watchmakers foe s. PRINTED envelopes, lelter head! or cards, S3.95 for 500. HE *-15« CANNING TIME. Fri/if [arj, ISc a doz. at 1301 E. 9th. Sporting Goods 72-A 6 IrJCH Dredge, a!l extras, 2 regu- latcrs. Dry suit - Power - Snipec * Ibs. welgM 8r many extras. My 5203 L. Spring St. HA $.W1. 9 Fror^, 3 woods. Reminder or'-o. S?5. GA1-3717. DHER RIFLE. 351 Wincheiter auto. Fine ccnd ammo. 125 W 12lh, Apt. 6, HE 2-431J. 30 W RIFLE Springfield Sportar 4 pwr. Bear Cub scope. Like new. 4443 Linden Ave.. Apt. 2. RIFLES sholcins. Che^n. Leach's UU3 E. Carscn, Aries'a. Mac's Tackle, 619 E. Pac. CcasJ. JC3 MOD. 83 V/in, rlffe Tfpoff 12-FT, ELECTRIC padd'ebo ard, VS h p. motor, controls. GE 3-8S3/ Kr.ig shells S55 -- G A 6-1416. 17 FT. ELECTRIC Paddle-bo^rJ Vr HP motor, controls GE 3-89J7 Furniture for Sale 73 TWIN SIZE foam ru!b*.- ma!rc« Xht. condlKon. S25. GE 9 CW3 765 Coronado Ave. Furniture for Sale 73 So. California AUCTION · Furnitur« · Appliances * Miscellaneous Wi Buy or Will Sell ! ' Your Hertliandisi j or) Commission (15%) |l Nittii iiiit--Thinfir iiJO r,u, : Dir iiiii-- sn. MO i.u. i« '' . ciuum i[f,«»FO i Aitl;il.r 1 17006 Ballflower Blvd., st Btlldower urnlture for Solo 73 Hj HOME FURNISHING · AND MERCHANDISE · CLASSIFIED H ADVERTISING CODE · An/ *dveft:semtnl which · conlalns misleading copy M Es not acceptable, ^1 Advcrllsements plared by ^1 c o m rn erctal advertisers'' B nMJil liKtud* ifte "FJim 9 Name' or word "Dea'er x " 19 Personal distress cFalms, 9 and personal pronovns tr* B not *«ep'ab from com- O inerclal atfverllsers. - B "Repossessed" m a v b«', H used when dealer CATI ityt- · · · *tanlja!e lh» claim. , . , · Phrases or clalmi Infer-": H rfrrg merchandise Is 'to-- - · signed are no! acctpf^bl*. · B F TRANSFER 1 STORAGE OUTLET 1 USED FURNITURE I Upfrin* «TO 0 C *·.?**. - . , ^7 9^ R«rft ti rm Innersprlna Mst1res«s .15.55 Setai |9fl^ Dinctlc Sets 1U.9S Roi avrays, complete su.9$ S-mmons HItfe-a-Bed «9.9S Baby Grand 325 00 Can't List Everytrurty '"' Ooen Dally to 5:30 p.m." . *.APLE fcdrm. se(. beautiful Eailem g-QUR Includes 11-drartcr tfrMser, large framed mirror, p'ne^sole paslcr bed, 2 large r.lte stands, 2 cute boudoir lamas, box springs matt, ft'itti 10 year tr.jar. A MOO value Paid down and l e f t In slcr- ace. Talte fcr balance of-W5./0 or pdymcnl;. of $11.40 per mo. PETERSON'S · - · 5350 L.B Blvd. - M L B Ooen dally 9 fo 9., Sun. 12-to 5 1 wa'r.ut or axed 9-c^"a*er dresser 1 with beveled mirror, bookcase 1 headboard, 2 nlte starts, 7'cule 1 boudoir larrps, box icr[ri?~ "arid ma(l. with lOyr. ouar. i?50 volue. Just out of sviiRall. Take for^b^r- arvce due S15S.W or essumt payments 17.50 * PETHRSOtJ'S, 5390 L.B. Bl., H.L.S. Ooen daily 9 to 9., Sun, 1 .fo 5 rtAPLE luxurious liv. rm. pfoup. Bis lay bnck divan, matching hl- back rccker, 2 maa!e afcp c.-wj tables, rnatcMng coffee table, 7 tab e lainos. returned from rriotfrl h.irne. A SiOO va'ue, take over *or SI6S.M cr assume S7.50 per mo. PETERSON'S 5370 L.B. Blvd. K!L B Caen dBily 9 fo 9., Sun 12 f o ' S ' /.OOEL h*me furnllure, ;-K; rnotf- ern living room croup, beautiful brown-be!oe divan ar.cj matching cha r, 1 walnut gra!ntd stetMnd tables, matcf-.inff.cocktari fable, 2 \'.\ decorator lamps. Brand new. Take over (or 1153.40 or payments of S7.50 mo . · Open dafly 9 to 9., Sun 12 fo 5 PARK FJSTATRS home sold. 7^fec» meh.ogany bedrosm set Solid mahogany dlnlno room set. Teacart, Vfrlue dlnelte s«L while 1 mvjga- hyde executive chair J, mlscei'a- r.coui ffocr lampi nilac. .Hems. GE 4-fWJl LOVELY Krochler green nylon (rire, (oam cushion 4-oc. mod. iect. 5110. Mod. w!nt. t,vin Sdbd^. Irple dresser stand SS5. faole bkc^sc hdba. dbt. dresser ? slr^Ii. *85. Lverlhg alrr.osl newGA3-6c5* NAUGAHYDE SPECIAL Have ycur club crulr c.o.-n3rc1rly reuphalstercd in your choice of co'cr A pallern JJ9 , . . . For free estimale ph. ME^-43CM n^dple; 8' custom built sdla"; *3 chairs w/rfown cmh'o.ns; 1 leather thalr; e'ectrlc ranse, "fcfrig., v.« dryer; lamas rhlic-. NAT FRANK'S ' " New used furnllur* "KO FANCY FRILLS"- M06 Gavlola -- HE 2-M^l V blk. So'jtrt oF East Anaheim St. 2 STORKLINE cribs, alike, matt.. 3 twin flat sprcs. Sc malt.; 4- drawer painted chest; 5-d rawer wood cr atile, misc. HA 9 41 13. 6013 Walton St. COMPLETH living rm fi;rnlFurt w ih blond desk chair Sewing machine, Famps S, klkhcn* set. Afso miscellaneous IJems.- HA 53755 4134 Heather. Rd. G. E. REFRIG., dWr.o rm tafi'c, 6 chaTrs, solid light oalc, bed divan, scv;in y m nc hf re, B -n · Q, lam'pi. Pictures, fr^ta Raymond, N. L. B. YOU'LL rind what you wnnfal 1he Wo LEO SHULTZ "ACRET OF FURNITURE," 7th L.B. Blvd. SOFA, J10; 2 UDfiol. chair*. 515'e^i.i coffee 1bfe., I7.M; lealhec loo VJA - iwt drL-m table, S25; coniole ie^- \ng machine "New Home", 375; 4 misc. 256 XIMENO GE f3WB ' f=URH. FOR SALE-- Maho. Durcari Phyfe d-n:ng sel, china -cab., mdho, bed rm. set, sorlrio 'rrlatt., orey, chron-.f klf, set, Drcpjedf, 2 chairs. HE S-1736 new or used furniture i arjottancei frv Leon a rd i War elioui e. - S164 Lcno ncach Blvd. ;,'.on. g, fr\ 't 1 9. Sun. 12 !o 4. Cred'f trttis. comol. S93. Cafl after S .week days or Saturday Sunday. .. . CURVED tM.-ch, SICOj 3 -ttwlrv mahog. chest, dresser, p!chfr stand, tier table, coffee Ibl., floor. farfir. 3916 Myrlle GA $-4374 MAPLE fu'rviture, stove. -- Frlff,, washer. Like new. Leaving -slalc. Pay balance- of contract. Horr.« Sfcefiends. 4038 Walrrjf, N,L.B FR G1DAIR mane re, 9 DC. d:«!no rm. set. other bland (urn. fviaVi offer. 9Wi Ave., .G.. .G. LE $-3561 . . TWIN i dble far. *c1s. Pha-w ffiie, port, typewriter, tcaif«r, ,poU, Furniture for Sale " - 7 3 OPEN SUNDAY 1 1-5. WEEK DAYS 9 to 9;;; Self-Service FURNITURE MART 5874 ATLANTIC' AVE.' ' NORTH LONG BEACH '\i · Furniture Returned" From Builders " , ; . · Model Home Floor' ' Samples ... . NOW BUY FURNITUREX SAVE TO 70% , $ 1 0 Delivers m ftp . 3 ROOMS ^lUh COMPLETE IVU- Yeort fo Pay ... ; ' No Better Termi. - . .. Anywher* ' Any Room Can B« / Purchased Separately Hollywood Hcme Outfits 3-Rm, »;:,;, $ 9iS7= Rn. S4S» InVJ 3-Rm. KSH S QQ7" K/%1. 1 " "" wPl; ,' ! 4-Rm, "«?:?:, s Cft7 I IS PCS. Hiw Ollr mlU f · R|[. il!S "»!· ' 5,6.Rm.W,M07: ; . 14 fti. »·· o,ir 'vQ ·· BlJ. STSO " W · CD EC DHIVERY rKTC STORAGt $i nn SESERVES I.UUANY GROUP :·· Out-of-Stale Credit OK ; "Wcit COA*I Lnrocst ((%r - . Crrrx'«l« Grouo O-jIflll''- See Our LAroe Dtspls/ '- . ' Ccmoarel Solf Sorvieo'- Fiiriiiturc 51171 All jiulf · NORTH LONG BEACH

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